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Bead sprite patterns: Upload your designs

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Are you a bead spriter? Do you make your own patterns from sprites you found online? Upload them here when you are done, to share with other bead spriters like yourself!

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Inspiration and patterns for beadsprites made with fuse beads (Perler, Hama, Artkal, etc.)

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A blog/archive/community for free patterns made by Jack of all Threads.

2023.05.29 08:11 FluBuddy 27M (NY) Looking for a forever friend.

(27 M) Hi, stormy here! How do I even begin? Well, music is my most favorite thing in the world. I sing for the goregrind band Corpse Ooze and Metalcore band Lights Over Nevada. I play a lot of games, but lately Rust, Rainbow Six Siege, and Pokémon GO have been my favorites. I love walking, Bead Fusing, crafts and bored games! I like anything that is spooky or has a horror vibe. I'm not sure what else to say, but I do hope we can talk soon! DMS ARE OPEN TO 18+
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2023.05.29 04:32 watercolorvampire Adding Weight to BAB’s

Hi! Does anyone have any advice for adding weighted beads to bears?
I just bought 3 bearliens. One for my best friend, one for myself and one for my partner. We’ve all lost people very close to us recently, and when I saw the bearliens on sale the other day, I knew we needed a set of triplets.
Anyway, I’m old, so the BABs I have are from the early 00’s and back then they had beans in their bums and feet.
I’d like to give our new bears some snuggle weight before I gift them to my people.
I’m also making little shirts out of our lost loved ones clothes for them. Shout out to BestDressedBears on Etsy for having awesome patterns.
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2023.05.28 20:58 yournailsupplier 7 Nail Art Design Inspiration For 2023

7 Nail Art Design Inspiration For 2023
Introducing our newest collection of 34 stylish and original nail art designs for 2023. These ideas will have your nails looking young and stylish, from traditional French tips to vivid and vibrant nail arts!

1. A metallic nail design with a blue aura

The first nail art inspiration we have is what's the best gel nail polish brand called Blue Aura with a Touch of Metallic Chrome. This gorgeous color is inspired by the water and has a cool, refreshing feel that is ideal for summer. The addition of metallic chrome gives this nail a hint of glitz and edge, making it absolutely distinctive. This pattern is guaranteed to draw attention, whether you're going to the beach or just want to add a splash of color to your regular outfit.

2. Secondly, Silver Chrome Nails

For anybody wishing to inject some fashion into their everyday appearance, this stylish and understated colour is ideal. For individuals who seek a simple, contemporary appearance, the plain silver chrome is the ideal option.

3. Present-day Aura Pink Nails

For anybody wishing to inject a little glitz into their everyday look, this feminine and contemporary nail color is ideal. The subtle pink color is both classy and fun, and the faint glittering gives it an air of glitz and shine. This pattern is certain to be appropriate for the situation, whether you're going to a special event or just want to add a splash of color to your regular outfit.

4. Four. Spring French Advice

The spring and summer seasons in New Zealand are ideal for these light, jovial French tips with a hint of spring flowers. The blue French tips serve as a timeless and sophisticated foundation, while the addition of spring flowers brings a splash of color and playfulness.

nail store supply near me

5. Aura Nail Design

The vibrant Modern Aura nail art is for people who aren't scared to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. This design is ideal for those who like to think beyond the box. The striking hues of modern aura will draw attention to you and make you stand out in any environment. Anyone who wants to make a daring fashion statement and is feeling adventurous should try this nail art design.

6. Yellow Mix in Summer

You'll feel like you're in the mood for bright sunshine and long days with this nail art design, which is ideal for the spring and summer seasons. The combination of light butterfly nail art, ombre, and French tips.

7. Cow and Tortoise Print Combo

This one-of-a-kind nail set combines cow and tortoise pattern designs for a stylish appearance by fusing traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The combination of patterns gives any ensemble a whimsical touch, and the neutral color scheme makes it adaptable and simple to match with any cowprint clothes. Perfect for people who enjoy giving their fashion choices a little edge

8. French Nail Art by Chlo

This nail set has a golden chrome finish and a nail art supplies near me contemporary take on the traditional French tip design. This set is ideal for special occasions or for people who wish to add some bling to their everyday look because star-shaped rhinestones have been added.
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2023.05.28 13:26 Falinor [TotK] I didn't like BOTW but I am enjoying much more TOTK

Hi everyone! Ever since my last publication on why I didn't like BOTW (link here: https://www.reddit.com/truezelda/comments/13ej8ai/i_didnt_like_botw_and_i_hope_totk_will_solve_the/) I have since received messages asking me what I thought about the sequel and whether or not it fixed the issues I had with BOTW.
For me BOTW was a 7/10 (good game with issues). I am now 50 hours in TOTK and I feel like it is a solid 8/10 (very good game with some issues). I would like to start with reviewing the flaws I perceived in BOTW and how TOTK has changed that. But first a little disclaimer. Obviously there will be a lot of spoilers ahead so don't read this post unless you have finished the main story. Besides, I don't know what may be your sensibility towards spoilers so I won't hide anything. Read this critic at your own risks.
In my point of view, BOTW had 4 main flaws: the lack of stories, the lack of diversity, the lack of challenges and an overpraised originality.

1) Stories in TOTK
In terms of stories this is where TOTK clearly shines above BOTW in my opinion. Personally I love the main story so far. Ganondorf has never been so epic and the master sword's obtaining may be the best iteration of the whole series. The only aspect where TOTK underperforms compared to BOTW is with the champion cut scenes after the boss fights. It was a mere copy-paste with no personality when BOTW was highlighting the relationship Link had with each champion and their own regrets.
In terms of side quests TOTK clearly blows BOTW away. The secondary characters react to their environment being destroyed or restored. They also have much more appropriate rewards. Saving Lurelin village actually gives you the eternal gratitude of its inhabitants (free salt baths, let's go!!) . When you save the Rito Village they actually put themselves back to work in order to rebuild what has been damaged. Even the Gerudos make an exception on their ancestral no-voe rule for the guy who saved them from destruction. Hell even the Hylians are now actively fighting monsters! And you unlock the great fairies with a whole quest instead of a bunch of rupees, etc.
So yes, if you are like me waiting for some interesting interactions with NPCs, I feel like TOTK fully remedied this problem.

2) Diversity in TOTK
BOTW had the weakest catalog of enemies. Even a game like Ocarina of Time which was released in1996 had roughly 2x more enemies. In this category I feel like TOTK improved on this issue but doesn't fully solve it. Yes, the enemies can craft vehicles just like Link. Yes there are flying creatures now, cave-dwelling creatures, mobile Goblin bases and Gleoks. But it still lacks some regional specific monsters. I was actually very happy to see the Gibdos in the desert as this is the kind of interesting and localized enemy I wanted to see. But unfortunately all the other enemies, including the new ones, are declined in difficulty/elemental patterns just as before.
The quests are only slightly more diverse than BOTW. Their real strength is not in their diversity but in the contexts that motivate them. Yes, most of TOTK's quests can basically be summed up as "go there and find this". But the motivations are numerous: some traveler(s) who didn't make it to the stable, some odd local story to investigate, a person who needs medical help, etc. Addison's quest is still unnecessarily repetitive and the Koroks are back to annoy us though.
In terms of shrines diversity it's the same formula as BOTW. It neither adds nor removes anything. However, to me TOTK's shrines feel overall more interesting than BOTW's but we'll talk about this in the next section.
Finally the bosses in TOTK have much more personality than in BOTW. Better even, you can refight them in the depths!

3) Challenges in TOTK
Overall TOTK feels harder than BOTW. Even with 20 hearts I still encounter some new declination of an enemy which destroys me in 2 or 3 hits. Also, now that they have removed the bomb runes my resources feel much more valuable and I clearly think twice before using a flower bomb or anything else on an enemy. Furthermore, the fuse power clearly incites you to build more powerful weapon to fight enemies which would have been considered as bullet sponges before.
In terms of dungeons and shrines there is a lot that I could say. I could actually write a full other post to talk about this. I will try to remain as concise and as on point as possible.
Let's start with the shrines. Overall I feel like the shrines in TOTK require more creativity and skills than in BOTW. Building contraptions help a lot in this regard, you have to be more observant of your surroundings. There are also more shrines where you are strip naked and have to find solutions to fight powerful enemies.
Some shrines however remain trivially easy but hey... It's a game meant for an incredibly broad audience. I can't even imagine for a new gamer or a kid how complex some shrines or quest hints may feel. Looking backward the riddles of TOTK require much more imagination and thoughts than most of the riddles of Zelda Ocarina of Time (yes I am criticizing my baby here). I remember being in a shrine with a spinning gear, two sliding platforms and two cylindric bars. My initial thought was to glue the cylindric bars together and stick them to the spinning gear so that it would push the sliding platforms all the way up. But instead I had jammed the whole mechanism, closed a door behind me and I was almost afraid I had soft locked myself. The solution was actually to stick one cylindric bar to the large sliding platform and the other one to the spinning gear. I remember when I was 6 years old, playing OoT and being stuck in Jabu Jabu's mouth because I didn't think about bringing a box and putting it on a button to keep it activated...
For the dungeons I also feel like there has been improvements. Accessing the dungeons are overall a much more epic journey with several quests to solve before. However, TOTK's dungeons themselves suffer the same flaws than BOTW's ones:
  1. TOTK's dungeons are linear. Let's think about the way the old dungeons used to be designed. The old dungeons were usually solved by the players with a depth first search. You enter the dungeon and you have several paths you can follow. You start with one path, go as far as you can and find yourself stuck at some point. You backtrack and explore a second path where you may or may not find an object that will help you progress in the previous path. This object was usually a small key or a new tool for Link. In BOTW/TOTK there is almost no backtracking (besides the goron dungeon). There is an unordered sequence of paths that you can take with each path leading to straight to a part of the solution.
  2. This point derives from the first one. Why would backtracking be even an interesting thing for a dungeon? Because it gives a feeling of solving an overall puzzle. The paths feel more intertwined, there are dependencies between the rooms. Solving the overall puzzle is what some players are looking for. It is what motivates them into solving all the intermediate puzzles. These players then feel rewarded by the boss fight.
  3. Another flaw sticks the nail in the coffin of the new dungeons for me: as soon as I am starting to have fun the problem is over. This is true for almost every dungeon/shrine I encounter. Yes I had some "Eureka" moments which filled my brain with Dopamine and some narcissism (better be self-aware right?). But almost every time I had this "Eureka" moment the whole thing was over. My hypothesis is that because of the broad audience and the increase in the puzzle's creativity they don't want to take the risk frustrate the new players. But for a 25 years gamer of course it falls short.

4) Originality in TOTK
There isn't much to say here. TOTK is basically an improved formula of BOTW. Magnesis is now Ultra-Hand, Stasis is now more or less recall with more complex vectors, the bombs have been scraped off (they made the game trivially easy anyway) and the useless cryosis has disappeared. By the way, I heard a Youtuber saying that the attachment points displayed with a dotted lines were a genius idea. I mean come on... Has he played Kerbal Space Program?
With the depths TOTK seems to get some inspiration from the dark souls series. Maybe more specifically lost Izalith from DS1? At least for the goron part of the depths.
What Nintendo is clearly good at is keeping track of what systems major games have implemented and bring them to life in a coherent way into Zelda's universe.

To conclude, TOTK clearly shines with its new more sensible side quests and even its main quest as far as I am concerned. It improves the initial formula by bringing more creativity in the puzzles you solve and more value to the resources you gather. I am now motivated to explore the inhabited parts of the game because I know that there will be an interesting quest to do. However, it also misses some occasions to make this game a 9/10 (excellent game with minor issues). Namely, there could have been more localized enemies and there could have been more optional dungeons with more intertwined paths and longer sequences of puzzles. I feel like the Zonai tech was the occasion to bring back this mechanic of finding a new tool/blueprint of a tool that unlocks some problems of the other rooms (they more or less did it with the mirrors in the Gerudo temple). Finally, I didn't mention it in the points above but I find the fuse power to be a bit tedious to use. Despite these flaws I am enjoying TOTK much more than I did with BOTW.
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2023.05.28 08:59 adilahmadbaba GI Shawls in Kashmir: A Tale of Authenticity, Craftsmanship, and Cultural Heritage

GI Shawls in Kashmir: A Tale of Authenticity, Craftsmanship, and Cultural Heritage
Kashmir, the picturesque valley nestled in the Himalayas, has long been renowned for its exquisite shawls. Among these, the GI (Geographical Indication) certified shawls hold a special place. With their rich history, impeccable craftsmanship, and assurance of authenticity, GI shawls in Kashmir are not just fashion accessories but embodiments of cultural heritage. This article explores the significance of GI certification, delves into the intricate craftsmanship involved, and highlights the remarkable journey of these shawls from Kashmir's looms to the global market.
Gi Pashmina
  1. Kashmiri Shawls: A Legacy of Elegance and Craftsmanship
The art of weaving Kashmiri shawls dates back centuries. These luxurious garments are known for their exceptional softness, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. Traditional Kashmiri shawls are made from three main fibers: pashmina, a fine cashmere wool; shahtoosh, derived from the downy undercoat of the Tibetan antelope; and raffal, a blend of wool and silk. The skillful artisans of Kashmir, known as weavers, employ handloom techniques passed down through generations to create these masterpieces.
  1. Understanding Geographical Indication (GI) Certification
Geographical Indication is a form of intellectual property protection that recognizes and establishes the unique qualities and characteristics of a product originating from a specific geographical region. In the case of Kashmiri shawls, GI certification ensures that the shawls are produced using traditional methods and materials, thereby guaranteeing their authenticity and maintaining the integrity of the craft.
  1. The Significance of GI Certification for Kashmiri Shawls
GI certification for Kashmiri shawls serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it protects the heritage and cultural identity associated with these intricate textiles. By safeguarding the traditional weaving techniques, motifs, and designs, GI certification helps preserve Kashmir's rich textile legacy.
Secondly, GI certification assures buyers of the shawl's authenticity and quality. It acts as a mark of distinction, differentiating genuine Kashmiri shawls from imitations or mass-produced replicas. This recognition fosters trust between artisans, buyers, and the market, thus ensuring the sustainability of the craft.
Furthermore, GI certification plays a crucial role in the economic upliftment of Kashmiri artisans. By establishing a unique identity for GI shawls, it creates a competitive advantage in the global market. This, in turn, leads to increased demand, fair pricing, and better economic opportunities for the weavers and their communities.
  1. The Craftsmanship of GI Shawls
The creation of a GI certified Kashmiri shawl is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It involves several stages, each requiring exceptional skill and attention to detail.
a. Fiber Selection: The finest quality fibers, such as pashmina, are meticulously chosen. Pashmina fibers, derived from the underbelly fleece of Changthangi goats found in the region, are renowned for their softness and warmth.
b. Spinning: The selected fibers are carefully spun by hand to create fine threads. This delicate process ensures the strength and quality of the yarn.
c. Dyeing: Natural dyes obtained from plants, minerals, and insects are often used to achieve vibrant and enduring colors. Artisans expertly apply the dyes to the yarn, ensuring colorfastness and precision.
d. Designing: Kashmiri shawls are known for their intricate and elaborate designs. These designs are meticulously handcrafted on a graph paper-like template known as a talim. The weaver follows the talim to create the
desired pattern on the loom.
e. Weaving: The weaving process, done on traditional handlooms, requires exceptional dexterity and patience. The weaver meticulously interlaces the warp and weft threads to bring the design to life.
f. Embroidery: Some Kashmiri shawls also feature exquisite embroidery work. This involves the skilled application of threads, beads, and sequins to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.
  1. Global Recognition and Future Prospects
The GI certification has not only protected and promoted the authenticity of Kashmiri shawls but has also elevated their global recognition. These shawls have garnered appreciation and demand from discerning buyers worldwide. The uniqueness of the craft, combined with the meticulous craftsmanship and intricate designs, has made GI shawls a coveted fashion accessory.
Looking ahead, the future of GI shawls in Kashmir appears promising. Efforts are being made to train and empower a new generation of artisans, ensuring the transfer of skills and knowledge to preserve this ancient craft. The introduction of modern techniques and technologies is also aiding the production process while maintaining the essence of tradition.
The GI certification for Kashmiri shawls not only safeguards the authenticity, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage associated with these exquisite garments but also uplifts the artisans and their communities. By ensuring quality standards and fostering trust among buyers, GI certification contributes to the sustainable growth of the Kashmiri textile industry. As these shawls continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, the legacy of Kashmiri craftsmanship thrives, bridging the gap between traditional artistry and contemporary fashion.
Visit Pashmina Vogue to buy authentic pashmina online.
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2023.05.28 03:18 VeterinarianKobuk Making cane/millefiori through fusing or casting

Is it possible to make cane or millefiori/murrini without a murrini kiln or blowing it or lamp working it? I did some intro level glassblowing glasses before I found my real love of casting and fusing, and I make cane etc in ceramics using stained clay for colored clay work, and I feel like I really want to make it in the original medium of glass since I do it in clay (real clay, not polymer). But I work mostly out of my home studio now, and the glass studio I used to belong to and can still rent time in never has classes on this technique. I see people selling it, but would much rather make patterns myself, plus I use 90 COE glass and a lot of the cane I see for sale is 96, although not all of it. I make pattern color bars for fusing/casting, so it seems to me like it would potentially be possible to do it with fusing if I could just get some basic info. I’ve thought about doing it similarly to the big blocks I make out of clay, where I layer (in this case strips of glass) and then cut after fusing and then rearrange the pattern bars and fuse them again, until I get to a state where I could take slices of the block/bar with my tile saw and use them in fusings and castings. Does that sound doable? Would you suggest I just try and find a place that has a murrini kiln and learn from them how to do it the traditional way?
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2023.05.28 02:38 TheeBagelQueen NeoDys Drag Race S1EP08 Snatch Game

NeoDys Drag Race S1EP08 Snatch Game


[The queens return to the workroom after the intense elimination. They gather around Pickles Bagwell's mirror message, reading it with mixed emotions.]
Kika Lorace: "Stay fierce, my queens! I'll be cheering for all of you from the sidelines. Love, Pickles." Aw, she was such a ray of sunshine. We'll miss her!
[Gromette Mugler, with a heavy heart, sits quietly in her corner.]
Dee Pression: Hey, Gromette, I know losing Pickles was tough for you. We're here for you, okay? You're not alone.
Gromette Mugler: Thank you, Dee. Losing Pickles has been devastating, but I won't let it break me. I'm going to honor their memory by giving it my all and devouring this competition.
Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei: Speaking of giving it your all, can we all take a moment to celebrate Manila's win in the last challenge? Girl, you slayed it!
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: Thank you, darlings! It feels incredible to come out on top.
Gromette Mugler: (confessional) Losing Pickles has ignited a fire within me. Their departure reminded me that time is precious, and I won't waste any more of it. I'm ready to devour this competition, push my boundaries, and show the world what I'm capable of!
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


[The workroom is buzzing with anticipation as the queens gather for a new day of challenges. A confessional shot shows ManilaButterflyzzzXX smirking mischievously.]
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: (confessional) It's a new day in the workroom, and we're all ready to see Dee in the bottom again. It's becoming a familiar pattern.
Kika Lorace: Dee, you better step it up today! We can't have you in the bottom every week, honey.
Dee Pression: I hear you, Kika. I'll do my best to surprise you all.
[The queens exchange excited glances as they eagerly await ChatPaul's arrival. Moments later, ChatPaul enters the workroom, exuding charisma and confidence.]
ChatPaul: Hello, hello, hello, my fabulous queens! Are you ready for the ultimate test of your wit and impersonation skills? It's time for the legendary Snatch Game!
[The room erupts with cheers and gasps as the queens realize the gravity of the challenge ahead.]
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: (confessional) Snatch Game, baby! This is where we separate the stars from the also-rans.
ChatPaul: For this week's runway, the theme is "Fantasy Fusion." I want to see looks that seamlessly combine two distinct elements into one stunning ensemble. It's time to take your creativity to new heights!
[The queens nod, already brainstorming their Snatch Game characters and runway looks. The anticipation builds, knowing that the Snatch Game is a make-or-break moment in the competition.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


ChatPaul: Welcome to Snatch Game! Let’s meet our celebrities!
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX takes the stage as none other than Marilyn Monroe. With flawless makeup, a seductive voice, and impeccable comedic timing, Manila embodies the iconic Hollywood starlet. She delivers witty one-liners and captures Marilyn's signature breathy tone, leaving the judges and audience in stitches.]
[Lady Yomamalaid brings the legendary Dolly Parton to life in a truly memorable performance. With a larger-than-life personality and impeccable Southern accent, Lady Yomamalaid embodies the essence of the country music icon. Her comedic timing and quick-witted responses have the judges roaring with laughter.]
[Kika Lorace channels the iconic Frida Kahlo in a performance that is both captivating and thought-provoking. Kika flawlessly captures Frida's strength and artistic spirit, showcasing her knowledge of the artist's life and work. However, her comedic timing falls a bit flat, leaving the judges wanting more humor.]
[RuPaul takes on the challenge of impersonating the legendary Tina Turner. While RuPaul embodies Tina's energy and stage presence, her comedic performance falls flat. The jokes don't land as expected, and RuPaul struggles to capture Tina's unique charm.]
[Sayu Hime attempts to channel the iconic Beyoncé but falls short of capturing her essence. While Sayu exudes confidence and delivers Beyoncé's signature moves, her comedic improvisation falls flat. The impersonation lacks the humor and wit necessary to shine in the Snatch Game.]
[Gromette Mugler takes on the persona of the enigmatic David Bowie. Their commitment to Bowie's distinctive style and androgynous presence is commendable. However, Gromette struggles to bring the character to life with comedic flair. The performance feels a bit one-note, lacking the humor and quick thinking required for the Snatch Game.]
[Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei stuns the judges with their portrayal of the enigmatic Björk. They fully embrace Björk's eccentricities and deliver a performance that is both captivating and hilarious. Oshi's impeccable comedic timing and witty improvisation have the judges and audience in stitches. They flawlessly capture Björk's unique vocal style and mannerisms, making their performance a standout in the Snatch Game.]
[Dee Pression takes on the challenge of impersonating the beloved comedian Ellen DeGeneres. With spot-on mannerisms and a charismatic stage presence, Dee captures Ellen's charm. Their quick-witted responses and comedic timing have the judges laughing along.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


ChatPaul: Category is Fantasy Fusion!
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX graces the runway in a breathtaking ensemble that seamlessly fuses the elements of fire and ice. Their look features a fiery red gown with flowing ruffles and intricate beading, symbolizing the passion and intensity of fire. The gown gradually transitions into a shimmering icy blue, representing the cool serenity of ice. ManilaButterflyzzzXX's masterful execution of this fusion creates a visually striking and harmonious combination, showcasing their creativity and impeccable fashion sense.]
[Lady Yomamalaid captivates the judges with her "Nature and Technology" fusion ensemble. She combines the organic beauty of flowers with the sleekness of futuristic technology. Her gown features a voluminous floral skirt with vibrant petals, adorned with circuit board patterns that illuminate with LED lights. Lady Yomamalaid's look celebrates the harmony between nature and innovation, commanding attention with her striking and innovative fashion fusion.]
[Kika Lorace takes the runway by storm in her "Heaven and Hell" fusion creation. Her ensemble seamlessly combines angelic grace with devilish allure. Kika's heavenly side is showcased through an ethereal white gown with billowing feathers and delicate lace, while her devilish side is expressed through a fiery red corset and dramatic horns. The contrasting elements create a captivating dichotomy, highlighting Kika's versatility and bold fashion choices.]
[RuPaul wows the judges with a stunning "Past and Future" fusion look. Her ensemble elegantly combines vintage glamour with futuristic elements. RuPaul's gown features a classic silhouette reminiscent of old Hollywood, embellished with futuristic metallic accents and neon lights. The juxtaposition of vintage elegance and modern futurism creates a mesmerizing visual impact, demonstrating RuPaul's ability to transcend time and embrace both the past and the future.]
[Sayu Hime graces the runway in a captivating "Land and Sea" fusion ensemble. Her look seamlessly combines elements of a lush garden with the ethereal beauty of the ocean. Sayu's gown features a vibrant floral print with cascading layers that evoke the essence of a blooming garden. The lower half of the gown transforms into a flowing blue mermaid tail, embodying the enchantment and mystery of the sea. Sayu's fashion fusion transports the audience to a world where land and sea collide in perfect harmony.]
[Gromette Mugler stuns with a unique "Vintage and Futuristic" fusion ensemble. Her look beautifully blends elements of retro glamour with futuristic aesthetics. Gromette's gown combines the elegance of a vintage ball gown with metallic silver accents, holographic details, and sleek geometric patterns. The fusion of old-world charm and contemporary edge creates a captivating and thought-provoking fashion statement, showcasing Gromette's daring and innovative style.]
[Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei graces the runway in an extraordinary "Celestial and Terrestrial" fusion ensemble. Their look combines the elements of the cosmos with earthly elements. Oshi's gown features a celestial print with shimmering stars and planets, elegantly merging with cascading layers of earth-toned fabrics that resemble the beauty of nature. The fusion of celestial and terrestrial elements creates a mesmerizing and otherworldly aesthetic, reflecting Oshi's ability to transcend boundaries and create fashion magic.]
[Dee Pression wows the judges with their striking "Light and Darkness" fusion look. Their ensemble seamlessly combines contrasting elements of light and shadow. Dee's gown features intricate laser-cut patterns that reveal glimpses of shimmering fabrics underneath, symbolizing the play between light and darkness. The fusion of these opposing forces creates a visually captivating and thought-provoking fashion statement, showcasing Dee's ability to create beauty from opposing elements.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

Ladies, after careful consideration of the snatch game performances and the stunning runway looks, I have made my decision.

Kika Lorace, Lady Yomamalaid you are both safe. Please, leave the stage.
Now let’s hear the critiques.
Oshi, your portrayal of Björk was truly remarkable. You fully embraced Björk's eccentricities and delivered a performance that was both captivating and hilarious. Your comedic timing and improvisation were spot-on, and you flawlessly captured Björk's unique vocal style and mannerisms. You had the judges and audience laughing throughout the snatch game!
Gromette, while your runway look was visually striking and showcased your creativity, your snatch game performance fell a bit short. You struggled to bring David Bowie to life with the comedic flair needed for the challenge. We could see your commitment to the character, but the performance lacked the necessary humor and quick thinking to make it truly memorable.
Dee, you truly embodied Ellen DeGeneres in the snatch game. Your spot-on mannerisms and charismatic stage presence had the judges and audience laughing along with you. Your comedic timing was impeccable, and you delivered quick-witted responses effortlessly.
RuPaul, your Tina Turner impersonation had the potential to be amazing, but unfortunately, it fell flat. While you embodied Tina's energy and stage presence, your comedic performance didn't quite hit the mark. The jokes didn't land as expected, and you struggled to capture Tina's unique charm. We know you have the star power, but this week, the snatch game wasn't your strongest moment.
Manila, your portrayal of Marilyn Monroe was a delight to watch. You captured her iconic persona with flawless makeup, seductive charm, and impeccable comedic timing. Your witty one-liners had the judges and audience in stitches. You managed to embody the essence of Marilyn Monroe while adding your own unique flair. Another strong performance from you this week.
Sayu, your Beyoncé impersonation had moments of confidence and showcased your knowledge of her moves. However, the comedic improvisation aspect of the snatch game didn't quite translate. Your performance lacked the humor and wit needed to stand out among the competition. It's clear you have talent, but this week, it didn't shine as brightly as we had hoped.
When I call your name, please step forward.
ManilaButterflyzzzXX, Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei, congratulations on delivering a standout performance in the snatch game and showcasing your creative fashion fusion. You are safe.
Dee Pression, your portrayal of Ellen DeGeneres was nothing short of exceptional. And your "Light and Darkness" fusion look on the runway showcased your unique style.

Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge.

Gromette Mugler, while your runway look was captivating, your snatch game performance fell short in terms of delivering the humor and wit expected. You are safe.
RuPaul and Sayu Hime, I'm sorry, but you are the bottom two of the week.
It is time for the lipsync for your life. Good luck, and don’t f*ck it up.
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————
[The iconic song "Toxic" by Britney Spears begins to play as Sayu Hime and RuPaul take their positions on the main stage for the lip sync for their life. Sayu embodies the fierce spirit of Britney, bringing a mix of sultriness and powerful dance moves to the performance. RuPaul, known for her stage presence, delivers a polished and energetic performance, showcasing her years of experience. Both queens give it their all, captivating the judges and audience with their respective interpretations of the song.]
[After an intense and captivating lip sync battle, ChatPaul announces her decision.]
ChatPaul: “RuPaul… shantay you stay!”
"Sayu Hime, your energy and dedication have been undeniable, but this is not your time. Now, sashay away."
Sayu: "As I leave this stage, I carry the spirit of Britney within me. Remember, darlings, always keep the fire burning and let your true selves shine. Sayu Hime signing off, but my love for drag will never fade away!"
[Sayu Hime exits the stage with grace, leaving the other queens to reflect on the loss and prepare for the next challenge.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

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2023.05.27 23:02 BigPlunk Whether you go looking for positivity or negativity in the world, you will find it. Cynicism is a choice and there are some proactive steps you can take to lead a more positive, happy, and fulfilling life. (x-post)

Social media and particularly large portions of Reddit promote a jaded, cynical, and pessimistic viewpoint. If you find yourself hating on yourself, others, or the world, try unplugging from Reddit and social media as an experiment and see how you feel. The same is true for the 24x7 news cycle.
Alternatively, try curating your subreddit subscriptions to only focus on healthy, funny, positive, supportive, inspiring, and positive subreddits, and trim away the cynical and politically charged subs. Run that as an experiment for a month and see how you feel. randomactsofkindness and progresspics and contagiouslaughter and randomactsofmusic and happycrowds and randomkindness and mademesmile and decidingtobebetter are some great examples to get you started.
Similarly, the people you spend the most time with will influence how you think and feel. If you're running with a doom and gloom crowd/circle/primary influence, you will see the world through ash-colored glasses.
Maybe you have cynical, angry parents and can't get out from that, or other negative people you find yourself unable to free yourself if at this moment. Many of us have been there. But there are still ways to find happiness and refuge from the negativity.
Find the kind and optimistic people at school, work, within your extended family, friends, and in extracurriculars if you have them. They're out there and should be fairly easy to identify.
Talk to a school or community counselor or a private one if you can. Talk to a good coach/mentor if you have access. Talk to a social worker and ask for resources to help you find positivity in the midst of a tough home life.
Try to connect with nature if you have access to it. Sitting and staring at the beauty and simplicity of nature and just being present with gratitude for it can do wonders for your mental health and perspective if you have access to and enjoy nature. But find whatever place that brings you peace and joy. Maybe it's nature. Maybe it's a coffee shop or the school library or public library or a music venue or a park bench in the city or on a bike or on a mountain or a favorite childhood spot. Identify the place(s) that bring(s) you the most comfort and happiness just by being there.
On the subject of gratitude, it is an amazing antidote to pessimism, worry, cynicism, and despair (not clinical depression where medication/therapy are indicated, but I'm talking about the general blues and cynicism/environmental pessimism). If you look hard enough, there is always something to be grateful for.
Gratitude is a conscious choice and one you can choose to make every day. It is impossible to hold opposing emotions in the body at one time. You can't be grateful and angry at the same time. Nor can you be anxious and grateful or resentful and grateful at one time.
You can have gratitude for simply waking up in the morning and having the opportunity to experience the rollercoaster of life another day in a very limited window of opportunity. You can have gratitude for a friend or family member or teacher or colleague that really has your back. You can have gratitude for a blue sky and a warm breeze or the taste of your morning coffee or the feeling of your warm shower or bath. You can have gratitude for the sound of a bird singing, someone laughing, a funny movie, the comfort of your bed or pillow or couch, or a personal or professional win. If you look at the world through the lens of appreciation and gratitude, I'm not suggesting you can overcome clinical depression or other severe mental health issues, but I am saying it is a step towards optimism and away from cynicism and will at a minimum make your life just a little bit better than it was. You can also try combining a mindfulness meditation practice with gratitude, just sitting there with your eyes closed in a peaceful place, thinking about all the people, events, places, and other things you're grateful for. Just 5 or 10 minutes of this do wonders for your mind and body.
Find movies, shows, online videos, and music that make you laugh, inspire you, make you feel connected to others, and make you feel hopeful. Listen to someone speak who is pathologically, passionately, authentically kind, and accepting of others.
Go watch old Mr. Rogers clips as an example of this (he, among others was my shining light through my rocky childhood and broken home, but you have to find your own version). Simon Sinek is another personal favorite of mine for inspiration and positivity (I can suggest others if you need). There are so many caring, loving, kind people that you can listen to from anywhere with an internet connection that will make you feel better about life and yourself simply by listening.
Self-love is another antidote for cynicism. If you're saying and doing self-hating and sabotaging things, you're going to compound cynicism and pessimism in a vicious cycle. Taking regular time to do something kind for yourself where you can find peace and joy, even for just a few minutes is critical. You have to take an active role in loving yourself and treating yourself in the same way you would care for someone you love very much - someone you only want the best for.
You know what you like and enjoy and need. Write down a list of those things that bring you joy and peace and gratitude and try and do one or more daily. You can write down things that are quick (5 to 10 minutes - texting a good friend, reading a few pages of a good book, listening to music, meditation, deep breathing, massaging the tension out of your jaw bones, etc.) and things that take longer (e.g. going on a hike, going for a swim, watching a comedy, listening to a positive podcast, going for coffee or an adventure with someone you care about).
Research open vs closed mindsets or growth and fixed mindsets. I love the book 'Mindset' by Carol Dweck, Ph. D. Also look into the term "neuroplasticity" and see how the brain can be changed and rewired by disrupting negative thought patterns. This is why cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is so effective at treating many mental health issues.
On that note, check into CBT. If you find yourself super cynical and you have the means, try a few CBT sessions as an experiment. If you don't have access to CBT counseling resources, then watch videos online, listen to audiobooks and podcasts about it and look into how you can challenge your beliefs and negative thought patterns using evidence from your life and externally.
Before suggesting that maybe I have led an easy, privileged life, and maybe it's easy for me to say all of this because my situation isn't as shitty as yours or others, let me first assure you that I've had a life wrought with trauma, abuse, neglect, tragedy and significant adversity. Mine might be different or less or more severe than yours, but that uniqueness is part of what it means to be human. I've gone through life without much in the way of support from my family. All of the tips above have come from a place of adaptation to my own unique situation and the belief that I deserve happiness and joy and peace, no matter how bleak things might have seemed.
Try giving a bit of your time to helping others in big or small ways and see how you feel. Pay someone a compliment, even a stranger (just be kind and authentic). Volunteer for a good cause, even once in a year, and see how you feel. Do something nice for someone who is not expecting it. Use your own experience to teach and help others where you can. Cut your neighbors' grass or shovel their driveway and don't tell them it was you. Say hello with a smile to one or two strangers when you're out for a walk. Check-in with a friend to tell them you are thinking about them and we're wondering how they were doing. Be the shining light for someone else as an experiment. Make someone in your life feel loved and appreciated.
Notice how I keep saying "experiment" and don’t tell you that anything above is your sure-fire way to find happiness and optimism? That's because you have to be proactive, try different things, observe the results (i.e. positive or negative changes in your mood and attitude and mental and physical health), and find what works best for you and your unique situation. What has worked for me, might not work for you. We are all so different (but also similar in so many ways).
Recognize that you deserve hope, connectedness, optimism, joy, love, and peace, no matter what is happening in the world or in your life. We all have limited time to experience life. It isn't about avoiding adversity, change, difficulty, tragedy and loss, conflict, trauma, abuse, neglect,etc. For me anyways, it's about finding joy and love and positivity and optimism by looking for it and trying to create positivity for others where I can and leave this world just a bit better than it was when I came into it.
Take a look at my comment history. I am not all sunshine and roses every day. You'll find plenty of posts with me pissed off or outraged about many things and that I have super strong views about certain things (which you may or may not agree with and that’s okay). I do not profess to be a 24x7 optimist, not by a long shot. I struggle to find positivity and joy at times, like everyone. I get caught up in online drama and conflict sometimes. I say unkind things in anger and have a short fuse at times and I regret that and am sorry for it. I too lose optimism and hope sometimes.
But this LPT isn't about being blameless or perfect. Those things are not possible. It’s also not possible to feel like an optimist 24x7. It's really just about recognizing that you deserve and have the power to find and create optimism and positivity in your life if you're willing to be proactive about it, create the right environment, and have the right mindset.
If you read this and you're stuck on where to start or are struggling and just want to vent, respond to this thread or shoot me a DM and I'll do my best to respond and support you if I can. I'm not selling or promoting any services or products here. I honestly hoped to reach just one person who needed to hear this today and that it might put a bit of positivity into the world. I hope it brings you some value.
EDIT: Your mindset is the sum of the people you spend time with and the information you take in as well as your own life experience. If you spend your time taking in negative information and being around negative people, you will find yourself feeling and thinking more negatively. The same is true if you take in positive content and be around positive people and places.
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2023.05.27 21:28 bookwormsfodder The invisible zip that caused so much annoyance that had nothing to do with the zip itself

The invisible zip that caused so much annoyance that had nothing to do with the zip itself
So I've been making a bunch of new clothes for work (posted about that before) and thought I'd regale you with an entertaining update. I've got a lovely old McCalls pattern with 6 skirt variations, reasonably quick sews from what I remembered but was mildly confused why I hadn't made lots of these (just you wait). I decided to make a straight hem option with a wide shaped waistband from this lovely double gauze fabric, and a couple from blue chambrays (though may make a high low hem on one).
I iron the heck out of this dragonfly fabric to get the waffle style crinkles out so I can cut and sew straight and accurate. Great! Double gauze is very loose weave but has a lovely handle so wasn't too tricky to cut out, but my goodness was it weird at the edges. Half fraying half not. I decide to overlock the side seams. I then decide I should overlock the hem edge. I decided against overlocking the waist edge as need to put in a lot of gathers. I come to regret this. After gathers and basting and sewing final line I run the whole thing through the overlocker anyway because the muzzy edges are killing me.
I ignore the zip instructions as I nearly always prefer an invisible zip and go wild. All my seams match, it's wonderful. I attach my waistband and then attach the waistband facing without putting my walking foot back on. This is a mistake because the fabric is so mobile in the weave. Much cursing. I go to try it on to double check fit and realise the zip area is too weak by half for long term use. Even with me doing a double stitch line for the zip. So I rip out the zip. In doing so I accidentally destroy the zip whilst trying not to wreck the double gauze. But, I have spares!
I dig out my fusible interfacing and fuse a bunch to the zip seam area. Over the top of all the seams I've already sewn in because I am not ripping out anything in this fabric if I can help it! Don't want any extra holes. New zip goes in lovely (as you can see) and I sew an extra reinforcement box around it through all layers to help stop it from pulling and getting wrecked. I could have found matching thread but white seems fine. The waist seam doesn't match anymore - assuming from the while fuse interfacing on top of seams malarkey but no one will care and I am SO DONE with this skirt now because:
The entire waistband facing must be HAND STITCHED to the waist seam allowance. I HATE hand sewing. This explains why I don't appear to have made many of these lovely skirts.
I have cut out three. I am very cross. There are high odds these won't be finished in the next three weeks 🤣
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2023.05.27 20:30 Ecuadorable Comprehensive Timeline of Roshar - Answers to questions around Ba-Ado-Mishram, the False Desolation, the Scouring of [PLACE], the Fall of the Silver Kingdoms, the Abandonment of [CITY], and the Recreance - The importance of [CHARACTER] and events around ~800 BCE

I've been hesitant about whether or not to post this here, because if my timeline is correct then reading this post will ruin many of major twists and reveals of the next book. I'm likely wrong on a few things, but even so; If you want to keep Stormlight's amazing "Oh shit!" moments for when the books come out, then please DO NOT read this post.


Note: Though I'm pretty confident about the key points above, the following timeline also contains a few of my less-certain theories (e.g. whether Honour was a dragon), so there are likely a few things wrong below. But even so, I'm confident on much on it, and would love to hear your critiques.
Also: I'm using BC and AD as stand-ins to denote the passing of years on Roshar, because we all know what they mean (even if there wasn't a Jesus on Roshar).

The end of the timeline, for now. To be continued.
Queen Tsa is a character in one of Wit's stories (Oathbringer Ch. 67 to be exact). You can read a summary of her story here: https://stormlightarchive.fandom.com/wiki/Tsa
For her whole story straight from the book, see my comment here: https://www.reddit.com/Stormlight_Archive/comments/13temny/comment/jlvk404/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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2023.05.27 20:27 TheeBagelQueen NeoDys Drag Race S1EP07 Slay-O-Matic

NeoDys Drag Race S1EP07 Slay-O-Matic


[The remaining queens enter the workroom, their spirits a mix of excitement and sadness after Amber Osha's departure. They gather around the mirror, where a heartfelt message from Amber is written.]
Dee: "To my fabulous sisters, keep shining and slaying the competition. Remember, love and support each other always. Amber Osha." Aww, Amber, we'll miss you, sis. You brought so much talent and light to this competition.
Lady Yomamalaid: Here's to Amber, a true queen who left her mark on this show. We love you, girl!
[The queens raise their glasses, toasting to Amber and her time on the show.]
Kika: Can we take a moment to appreciate that RuPaul and I won this challenge? Finally, I escaped the bottom! It feels incredible to receive such positive feedback from the judges.
RuPaul: You were fabulous, Kika! It was about time we snatched a win together. Let's keep this momentum going!
Dee: Hey, did anyone notice that I won the lipsync? No congratulations for me? I worked my padded ass off up there!
Pickles: Dee, darling, don't worry. We know you killed it! You've got the lipsync skills on lock, no doubt. You slayed, and that's the tea!
Manila: Okay, let's address the elephant in the room. Oshi, darling, what happened in that challenge? We needed you to bring your A-game, but it fell flat.
Oshi: Oh, please! Don't start blaming me, Manila. I gave my all, but maybe you weren't there to support me enough.
Manila: Support you? I was doing my own thing, sis. We both messed up, but let's not throw shade. We need to learn from this and step it up.
[The queens engage in playful banter and laughter, eager to tackle the next challenge and continue their journey towards the crown.]
Oshi: (confessional) This competition is getting intense, but I won't let anyone bring me down. I'll step up my game and show them what I'm capable of. It's time to shine, baby!
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


[Cut to the workroom the next day, where the queens are getting ready for another day of competition.]
Dee: (confessional) It's a new day in the workroom, and I'm ready to slay. These bitches better watch out because I'm here to win. Let the games begin!
Gromette: Pickles and I have some exciting news, everyone. We're officially dating! We couldn't keep it a secret anymore.
Lady Yomamalaid: Oh, honey, that's fantastic! Congratulations to both of you. Love is in the air!
[The queens share warm smiles and congratulations as they celebrate Gromette and Pickles' newfound love.]
[Just then, ChatPaul enters the workroom, capturing the queens' attention.]
ChatPaul: Hello, hello, hello, my fabulous queens! Are you ready for your next challenge? It's time to put your branding skills to the test. We've got a special product for you to promote, and it's none other than "Slay-O-Matic," the ultimate drag transformation kit! Get ready to show us your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent as you sell the magic of "Slay-O-Matic" to the world!
[The queens gasp in excitement, intrigued by the product choice.]
ChatPaul: But that's not all! On the runway, we're dialing up the intensity with an "Orange Alert" theme. We want to see avant-garde looks that incorporate the color orange. It's time to ignite the runway with your creativity and wow us with your bold and daring fashion choices.
[The queens gasp, their imaginations sparked by the vibrant runway theme.]
ManilaButterflyzzzXX: (confessional) "Slay-O-Matic," huh? I can't wait to sprinkle my magic and show the world what true transformation is all about. Get ready to be amazed, darlings!
[The queens gather in the workroom, buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the challenge. They engage in lively conversations and exchange ideas as they prepare for the day's task.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————


ChatPaul: "Welcome to a brand new episode of NeoDys Drag Race! Tonight, we challenged our queens to show us their branding skills, as they make commercials for the "Slay-O-Matic", a drag transformation kit! Ladies, it's time to see what you've got!
[Kika Lorace embraced the challenge with her commercial, delivering a captivating performance that showcased her unique style. Her storytelling abilities and charismatic presence shone through as she demonstrated the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic." The before and after shots were flawlessly executed, leaving the judges impressed by her attention to detail.]
[RuPaul commanded the screen with a larger-than-life performance in her commercial. Her iconic presence and powerful voice drew the viewers in, making them believe in the magic of "Slay-O-Matic." The before-and-after transformations were showcased in a grand and theatrical manner, leaving a lasting impact.]
[Pickles Bagwell brought her comedic talents to the forefront in her commercial. Her vibrant personality and impeccable timing had the judges laughing throughout the entire performance. While the execution of the before-and-after transformations may have had a few minor flaws, Pickles' infectious energy and natural comedic skills carried the commercial.]
[Gromette Mugler's commercial showcased her versatility and creativity. She took a bold and avant-garde approach, presenting the transformations in a visually striking and unconventional manner. While the judges appreciated her artistic vision, there were moments where the connection to "Slay-O-Matic" felt slightly lost. Nevertheless, Gromette's willingness to take risks and push boundaries was evident in her commercial.]
[Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei embraced their unique style and pushed boundaries in their commercial. Their avant-garde approach showcased the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic" in unconventional ways. However, the judges felt that the message got lost in the conceptualization, making it difficult to fully grasp the product's potential. Oshi's commercial was a bold and creative attempt but didn't quite hit the mark.]
[Dee Pression struggled to connect with the audience in their commercial. Despite their best efforts, the performance lacked the charisma and impact needed to sell the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic." The execution of the before-and-after shots felt disjointed, resulting in a less impactful presentation. Dee's commercial left the judges wanting more and questioning their ability to effectively sell the product.]
[Lady Yomamalaid captivated the audience with her individual commercial performance. Her commanding presence and impeccable delivery showcased the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic" with grace and elegance. The before-and-after shots were flawlessly executed, highlighting the dramatic changes and leaving the judges in awe.]
[Sayu Hime took the stage with her individual commercial, exuding confidence and star power. Her magnetic personality and engaging storytelling had the viewers hooked from start to finish. Sayu beautifully demonstrated the transformative effects of "Slay-O-Matic," emphasizing the journey of self-expression and empowerment. Her commercial was a captivating display of talent and charisma, solidifying her status as a fierce competitor.]
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX stole the show. Their commercial was a masterclass in branding and storytelling. ManilaButterflyzzzXX effortlessly conveyed the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic" with a perfect balance of glamour, humor, and emotional depth. The before-and-after shots were executed flawlessly, leaving the judges speechless.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

ChatPaul: Category is Orange Alert!

[Kika Lorace sashays down the runway, exuding vibrant energy in an avant-garde ensemble inspired by an orange alert. Her daring look combines elements of high fashion and futuristic style. The asymmetrical silhouette features bold geometric shapes in striking shades of orange, reflecting the urgency and intensity of an impending alert. Kika's fierce confidence and bold fashion choices make a powerful statement on the runway.]
[RuPaul commands attention in a regal gown that embodies the essence of an orange alert. The flowing fabric in shades of fiery orange creates a mesmerizing ombre effect, capturing the intensity and power associated with an alert. The gown's intricate embellishments and sparkling details reflect the glamour and elegance that RuPaul is known for. With every step, RuPaul radiates charisma and demands the spotlight, proving why she is the ultimate queen.]
[Lady Yomamalaid struts confidently down the runway, exuding elegance and sophistication in an orange alert-inspired ball gown. The voluminous skirt, adorned with intricate embroidery and beading, creates a stunning visual effect reminiscent of swirling flames. The fitted bodice, featuring strategic cutouts, accentuates Lady Yomamalaid's curves and adds a touch of contemporary edge to the overall look. Her impeccable styling and regal poise make her a standout on the runway.]
[Sayu Hime stuns the judges with her orange alert-inspired ensemble, showcasing her unique fashion sensibilities. She glides down the runway in a structured jumpsuit adorned with reflective orange panels that catch the light with every movement. The intricate detailing and avant-garde design elements create a visually striking effect, conveying the urgency and energy associated with an orange alert. Sayu's confident walk and fierce attitude amplify the impact of her runway presentation.]
[Pickles Bagwell brings a burst of playfulness to the runway in her orange alert-inspired look. Her ensemble combines vibrant orange hues with unexpected elements of comedy. A voluminous tutu in bold orange tones is paired with a quirky top featuring neon orange accents and comedic prints. The outfit is completed with whimsical accessories, including oversized sunglasses and a vibrant wig. Pickles' lighthearted approach and unique style bring a smile to everyone's faces.]
[Gromette Mugler commands attention in a high-fashion orange alert-inspired ensemble. Her avant-garde look features a structured, sculptural silhouette that embodies the intensity and urgency of an alert. The striking mix of orange textures, from glossy patent leather to sheer organza, creates a visually captivating effect. Gromette's fierce walk and impeccable styling elevate her runway presentation, leaving the judges in awe of her fashion-forward approach.]
[ManilaButterflyzzzXX takes flight on the runway with their orange alert-inspired look. The avant-garde ensemble features intricately layered butterfly wings in vibrant shades of orange, creating a mesmerizing effect as they flutter down the runway. The ethereal gown, adorned with delicate orange embellishments, adds an element of romance to the overall look. ManilaButterflyzzzXX's graceful movements and unique interpretation of an orange alert make for a breathtaking runway moment.]
[Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei embraces the avant-garde in an orange alert-inspired ensemble that pushes the boundaries of traditional drag. Their look combines unexpected textures and unconventional shapes, capturing the intensity and unpredictability of an alert. The voluminous orange feathers cascade down from the shoulders, creating a dramatic silhouette. Oshi's fearless approach to fashion and bold artistic choices make their runway appearance unforgettable.]
[Dee Pression makes a statement on the runway in an orange alert-inspired outfit that combines glamour with edginess. Their asymmetrical gown, featuring bold orange patterns and metallic accents, exudes a sense of urgency and boldness. The strategic cutouts and intricate detailing add a contemporary twist to the overall look.]
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————

ChatPaul: Based on the performances and runway presentations, I’ve made some decisions.

RuPaul, Sayu Hime, Gromette Mugler you are all safe. You may leave the stage.
Now it’s time for critiques.
Dee Pression, your commercial failed to resonate with the audience. The charisma and impact needed to sell the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic" were lacking. The execution of the before-and-after shots felt disjointed, leaving the judges wanting more. It's time to reassess your branding strategy and find a way to connect with the viewers on a deeper level.
Lady Yomamalaid, your commercial was a regal affair. Your commanding presence and impeccable delivery showcased the transformative power of "Slay-O-Matic" with elegance and grace. The before-and-after shots were executed flawlessly, leaving us in awe. You continue to impress us with your branding skills and impeccable style.
Pickles Bagwell, your commercial had some entertaining moments, and your comedic skills were evident. However, there were some minor flaws in the execution of the before-and-after transformations, which affected the overall impact. The judges wanted to see a stronger connection to "Slay-O-Matic" and a more cohesive presentation. It's crucial to refine your branding and focus on delivering a clear message.
ManilaButterflyzzzXX, your commercial was a tour de force. You beautifully captured the essence of "Slay-O-Matic" and delivered a flawless performance. Your branding was on point, and your before-and-after transformations were executed with precision. You took us on a journey and left us wanting more.
Kika Lorace, your commercial was a strong showing. You demonstrated your unique style and storytelling abilities, effectively showcasing the power of "Slay-O-Matic." Your attention to detail and charisma were evident, and you left a lasting impression on the judges.
Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei, your commercial didn't quite hit the mark. While your avant-garde approach was commendable, the message got lost in the conceptualization. The judges were left wanting more clarity in the connection to "Slay-O-Matic." It's important to find a balance between artistic expression and effective branding. Step it up in the next challenge.
When I call your name, please step forward.
Lady Yomamalaid, good job, you are safe.
ManilaButterflyzzzXX, Kika Lorace you both slayed this challenge, but only one can win…

ManilaButterflyzzzXX, condragulations, you are the winner of this challenge!

Kika Lorace, you are safe.
Oshi Rellee Cayme Dat-Wei, we know you can do better. You are safe.
Pickles Bagwell, Dee Pression, I’m sorry but you are up for elimination.
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————
[Ariana Grande’s song "Into You" starts playing. The stage is set, and the queens are ready to give it their all.]
[As the music starts, Dee Pression immediately taps into the emotional depth of the song, using every movement to convey longing and desire. Their performance is intense and raw, capturing the essence of the lyrics. Dee commands the stage, delivering powerful lip-syncs with perfect synchronization to the music.]
[On the other side, Pickles Bagwell brings her signature energy and comedic flair to the performance. She infuses the song with playful gestures and unexpected surprises, captivating the audience with her charismatic stage presence. Pickles showcases her versatility, effortlessly transitioning between high-energy choreography and moments of soft vulnerability.]
[As the song reaches its climax, both queens give their all, leaving the judges and audience captivated by their performances. It's a close and compelling lipsync, with each queen bringing their unique style to the stage.]
After deliberation, ChatPaul addresses the queens with a serious tone. "Ladies, I've made my decision. The queen who will stay and continue to fight for the crown is..." ChatPaul pauses, building anticipation.
"Dee Pression, shantay you stay!"
[Dee Pression is overcome with emotion, relieved to have another chance to prove themselves. Pickles Bagwell puts on a brave face, accepting the decision with grace.]
ChatPaul turns to Pickles and says, "Pickles Bagwell, your charisma and comedic talent are undeniable, but this is not your time. Now, sashay away."
Pickles nods, holding back tears, and delivers her exit line. "Remember, darlings, laughter is the best medicine. Keep shining, and never forget to spread joy wherever you go. Pickles out!"
———————— ッ NeoDys Drag Race ッ————————
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2023.05.27 20:06 Frank_Leroux Molossus, Chapter Thirteen

One nice side-effect of the lifting of secrecy was that the entire team (human and alien) could now be reassigned to somewhere more palatial than a sealed-off side-entrance into a hollowed-out mountain. But where, oh where, to put them? What was needed was someplace A) which was much nicer than a tunnel (humanity must treat our alien guests properly, after all) and B) was already set up with the necessary security precautions and secure communications in and out.
In the end, there was, really, only one choice of location…at least if they wanted to stay in the United States proper.
Camp David.
Corporal McCoy spread her arms out along the back of a very nice red-leather sofa, in the middle of a room dominated by a red-brick fireplace in one corner. Along the two far walls from the fireplace stretched multiple windows which showed, at the moment, the denuded stick-like forms of leafless trees. She knew that in the spring and summer they’d be a veritable explosion of green; somehow, she didn’t mind that she wasn’t able to see leaves at the moment. Off in a far corner of the room sat a wet bar that she also eyed with quite evident lust. There was at least one nice single-malt scotch there that she wanted to get ahold of. Just for a taste, mind you.
Not everyone was there; Chao and Grakosh were off in the midst of some giant nerd mind-meld with some Lockheed Martin Skunk-Works types, trying to figure out how to lift what materials were needed into orbit so that humans could help fix the Rithro and show the Coalition that we are very good and oh so helpful little sapients, yes indeed we are, please help us out just in case we get discovered by some genocidal robots who want to do a little bit of trolling.
Moquon, the knuall-toua who was the ship’s lifesystem engineer, coiled around her shoulder as the latter looked with interest at the wood paneling which made up the rafters and roof.
“Now this is more like it!” McCoy exclaimed to all and sundry.
“Yes, indeed! It does seem much nicer than our previous lodgings,” said Mouquon.
“This is not a vacation, corporal.” Sergeant Shaw stood next to one of the nearly floor-to ceiling windows, looking out over the grounds below with a practiced eye.
“You need to relax, Sarge,” said Martinez. “We got something like a million Secret Service agents prowling around here. I went shooting with one of ‘em once, trust me when I say those people are no joke.” He chuckled. “First time I got my ass kicked in a shooting contest by a woman.”
Shaw let out a grunt. “We are the last layer of the onion.”
“Sir?” asked McCoy.
“Someone can figure out we’re here pretty easily.” Shaw pointed out into the wintry woods. “If they send a determined and well-armed force, they might just make through those million agents to here.” He turned away from the window and stared at his team, who, at the moment, sprawled or sat with evident relief on the furniture within the room. “The OPFOR might get taken down. But then again, they might not. What do we do then?”
McCoy felt Mouqon coil herself tighter around her shoulder. Almost on instinct, she reached up and patted the snake-like alien’s head. “Don’t you worry. I’m here.”
Shaw pointed at the corporal. “Exactly. We are the last, and I do mean the last, line of defense. We are gonna run some drills at a time and place of my choosing. We are going to protect our esteemed guests to the very last…and yes, I do mean the very last. Make sure your gear is ready and that you are ready, or I will give y’all an ass-chewing they’ll feel clear out to the Coalition.”
Agent Milton Vila strolled into the lounge at that particular moment with a grin on his broad face. “Sounds like we’re getting an upgrade to our security, Mack.”
“Aw hell, you know how it is. I gotta keep these assholes on their toes or everything breaks down into chaos.”
The Secret Service agent grinned. “Anyways…we now have a new member of our merry band of misfits.”
“Misfits?” Martinez looked appropriately indignant. “I’ll have you know I am a perfectly normal functioning member of society!”
The agent and soldier held each other’s gaze for a few moments before they both busted out in laughter. “Anyways,” continued Vila, “He’s the medical expert that the general requested.” He turned to one of the entrances to the lounge. “Come on in, sir.”
A dark-skinned, lean man with an uncertain air entered. “Zawahir Ibn Harith,” he said by way of greeting. His eyes widened upon viewing the various alien forms now stretched out in various relaxed postures before him.
McCoy decided to throw him a bone. “Welcome!” She gave a wave of her arm…the arm around whose shoulder Mouquon was currently coiled. “Welcome to our…merry band of misfits!”
“Thank you!” The newcomer still looked a bit at sea.
“Hey, Dhuz?” McCoy called out.
The auhn turned from her gazing out the windows. “Yes?”
“I figure you and this guy got a lot to talk about.”
Dhuz met Zawahir’s eyes and smiled. McCoy was still getting used to that; it was a gesture of happiness just as with humans, but auhn teeth were very numerous and very sharp. “I imagine so. Mutual exchange of medical data, yes?”
Now that he had a task before him, Zawahir looked a lot more focused. “Of course! I mean, from what I’ve read thus far all of your species use some method of metal-oxygen bonding to deliver the necessary oxygen to your tissues, but not everyone uses hemoglobin!”
Dhuz lit up. “Exactly!” She touched her forearm and a big old wall of text and diagrams formed above it. “Here, let me show you…”
McCoy chuckled as the pair moved off into a far corner to continue their conversation. “Another nerd mind-meld,” she said to no one in particular.
“Pardon?” asked Mouquon.
“Oh, sorry. Just…Chao and your engineer are now off doing a big old nerd mind-meld with our best and brightest. The last time we had that much talent in one place, we wound up dropping the sun on some people.” The corporal regarded the pair now in the midst of an animated conversation. “I hope this particular nerd-gasm results in something more constructive.”
“Oh!” Mouquon perked up. “I should be a part of this ‘nerd-gasm’. At least, if they start talking about what foodstuffs are viable for the various species.”
McCoy sighed. This was a very comfortable couch, after all. “You’re right, Mouquon.” She hauled herself up and off of the furniture with a bit of reluctance. “Let’s get you involved.” She walked towards the pair, who were both still gesticulating at the display over Dhuz’s forearm.
Milton Vila had, much to his annoyance, been pulled off of President Correa’s detail and assigned to a new one…one to protect the alien captain. Sure, Agent Keynes had taken his place…and if he was forced to admit it, the guy was as good of a shot as he was…but Keynes wasn’t him, and that knowledge ate at him.
Still, he supposed that at least he wasn’t alone in his misery. Sergeant Shaw (who had finally admitted to Milton he was a Green Beret, which helped nail down exactly which branch of the armed forces his team worked for) was also pulled into the task of guarding Sadaf…upon Milton’s request. Not that he would tell the Green Beret that. The sergeant had also gotten the tailoring treatment from Milton’s wife, and now he wore a navy-blue suit which complimented his red hair quite nicely. But the Secret Service agent could tell that the man still wanted to be clad in full battle-rattle and toting a rifle instead of a mere hidden handgun.
“I still say I should be able to wear my normal shit,” said Shaw, not for the first time. At the moment, the three rode in a limousine, on their way to some gala luncheon event held by some upper-crust DC types who wanted to get a speech by one of the brand-new alien celebrities. Milton hoped that they’d also decide to open their damn pocketbooks to help fund the repairs needed for the alien’s ship; in the short time he’d known her, the agent had become won over by Sadaf’s no-nonsense and in-charge attitude.
“We’re trying to not scare the normies, Mack,” replied Milton.
Sadaf, who sat next to the hulking red-bearded man, looked over at him in curiosity. “You want to wear your usual fecal matter?”
“Frinxing translators,” muttered Shaw. As was usual, the various profanities of alien language were the first things to percolate into human speech. “Sorry, ma’am, I meant my normal gear. Yeah, I’m wearing body armor but this stuff is class two at best.” He plucked at his jacket. “Plus I’m not used to moving in this monkey suit.”
Milton grinned. “You’ll get used to it soon enough, Mack. Hey, my people have cleared the place beforehand. Our job is just to stand there behind the good captain and look menacing. And then when she’s doing the meet-and-greet afterwards we need to look extra menacing…and, of course, keep an eye out just in case someone makes a false move.”
“I don’t want to get used to this,” grumped Shaw. “I don’t want to get used to any of this. I want some proper goddamn body armor and a proper goddamn rifle with some goddamn extra magazines. A rifle with an M203 launcher, just in case someone gets really squirrelly.”
The agent winced. “Um, Mack, we civvies do have to worry about things like ‘collateral damage’ and such.”
Shaw’s normally cheerful demeanor fell into a somber look towards the agent, one that brought Milton up short. “Agent Milton, have you ever fallen victim to an RPG attack?”
“Um, no?”
“I have. Trust me, there is never such a thing as overkill.”
Milton sighed. He reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out a city map. “Okay, I suppose that’s as good an excuse to go over everything again. This is the courtyard for the shindig.”
“Shindig!” exclaimed Sadaf in pleasure. “I don’t know why, but that word brings me joy.”
The agent smiled at her. “You’re gonna get used to it, believe me. So, we’ve got the whole area blocked off here, here, and here. Full-body scans for everyone going in, and believe me they’d better have the proper ticket to be there or they’re in for some looong questioning in a little dark room somewhere. No outside translator beads allowed, we issue ‘em after they get through the perimeter. We have snipers located here, here, here, and here. Each one has their own designated field of fire, the four of ‘em cover all angles. Anyone who pops their head up on any of the surrounding roofs will get a fifty-cal bullet right through their noggin before they can even blink.”
“What about the courtyard itself?” asked Shaw. “Before you set up the perimeter, I mean.”
Milton grinned. The sergeant had the makings of a first-class agent. “A very good question. We swept the area prior, using metal detectors and dogs. Especially for the dais and podium where Captain Sadaf is going to make her speech. If I was gonna try for a hit, that’s how I’d do it. Plant some explosives in the podium and trigger it remotely. But we didn’t find anything.”
The sergeant smoothed his beard in a nervous tic. “Drones?”
“Jammers for a thousand-yard radius around the podium. Anything remotely piloted into that space will just fall to the ground. As a bonus, just in case someone decides to try something cute using their cell phone, those won’t work either.”
Shaw grunted in grudging approval. “Sounds good.”
“This is how I earn a living, Mack. Relax.”
Sadaf rubbed a hand on her forehead. She was now clad back in her black-and-silver uniform; somehow the powers that be had determined that it was now okay for her to wear the supposed ‘militaristic’ uniform in public. “Is all this security strictly necessary? I mean, thus far most of your world’s nations seem to be behaving rationally.”
“Oh, we’re not worried about state actors, ma’am,” said Milton. “Well, except for a few. There’s always North Korea, after all.”
“Frinx, don’t get me started on those assholes,” muttered Shaw.
Milton continued, in what he hoped came across as a soothing tone. “Look at it this way. Does your kind suffer from mental disease?”
“Originally, yes. But thanks to medical intervention we can catch almost all of them. At present, we suffer from less than one in three hundred million who have an incurable derangement of the brain…” Sadaf’s eyes widened as she trailed off. “Oh. I forgot, you don’t have access to our level of medical technology.”
Shaw sighed. “No, ma’am, we don’t. Not to mention there’s almost eight billion of us on this here planet. Even assuming only one-hundredth-of-a-percent of those people wish you harm, that’s far too big of a population for us to relax.”
Sadaf seemed to shrink into the cushions of the limousine. “But we come in peace. We don’t mean you any harm.”
Milton knew that it was a breach of protocol, but he reached across and patted her knee. “I know that, ma’am, and almost everyone on the planet knows that. But there are some…well, there are some you just can’t reach.”
Shaw rubbed his jaw as he regarded the map again. “Damn. Wish I had Toke here. That guy could sniff out something hinky like nobody’s business. Plus if something did kick off, he could sort it out no problem.”
“He’s the skinny, taller guy, right?” asked Milton. “Marine Force Recon, I do believe. I know they are double-tough. Yeah, I admit he’d be good for something like this. But the powers that be want to keep him back at Camp David.”
The sergeant grunted in annoyance and looked out the window of the limousine. Then he looked up with a quirky smile. “I guess so. Look at it this way, if something does kick off, then having him at Camp David means that whoms’tsoever tries an assault there is gonna die.”
Milton replied to Shaw with a raised eyebrow. “All right, Shaw. Just between you and me, we deal with very dangerous people by being very dangerous people ourselves. Don’t try to feed me a line of dramatic bullshit.”
For once, Shaw looked flustered. “No, you don’t understand! Toke was the guy you’d drop into the shit, into the middle of any utter hell on Earth, and he’d get you your grid coordinates for arty or drone strikes while escorting two other guys and, oh yeah, he’d kill ten enemies at long range while doing all of that. And not just long-range. He once took out five guys in ten seconds with a knife…and he’s supposed to be a fucking sniper!” The sergeant shuddered. “I can’t tell you about the mission where he got his knee messed up, but let’s just say…he earned every single one of his medals during that action. He’s a throwback.”
Milton tilted his head, as did Sadaf. “Explain,” said the Captain, and not as a question.
“I mean, mentally, in some ways, he’s kinda from way back when we humans were all ooga-booga and lived in caves and smacked each other over the head with clubs. Toke just…ends things. Nice guy, hell if I had kids I’d let him watch ‘em with nary a care in the world. But you press one particular button and he…well, he reverts. He reverts to what we used to be.”
Most of Camp David’s staff was still in bed; Matt had to admit that they’d adapted with admirable speed to having a motley crew of human knuckle-draggers and literal fucking aliens plonked down amongst them. But now it was early morning and Toke was hungry. If he was an asshole, he’d rouse one of the staff to assist in that but he’d rather slice off a toe rather than bother some hard-working person just to make him something to eat. Thus he headed for the kitchen to rustle up some grub for himself.
As he walked through the lounge, which was fast becoming the go-to point for everyone, he saw Kexal, the other udhyr, standing in front of the windows looking out over the wintry scene outside. The massive alien’s head just brushed against the auburn-colored wooden rafters that stretched upwards to form the roof overhead.
“Morning,” said Matt, trying to keep it casual. He’d never spoken much with the planetologist.
“Good morning, Matt!” replied the big alien, with enthusiasm. “I was just in the midst of getting my feel.”
The statement brought the Marine up short. “Feel?”
In response Kexal motioned him over with one of his lower arms. Matt had picked up enough alien social cues to know that such a gesture was intended as something more intimate. He stepped up beside the udhyr, who then proceeded to steer him around in front of him using his big upper arms.
He looked out over the wintry scene. Dawn was just starting, and the sun was beginning to peek over the leafless trees. “Okay, what am I looking or, should I say, feeling for?” he asked.
“The voice of your planet,” replied Kexal. “Being a planetologist is indeed a matter of knowing about weather patterns, about how the types of water, methane, and carbon dioxide ice react under various temperatures and pressures, of how a planet’s entire atmosphere changes when life is present. But there is also this.” He pointed with one big, three-fingered mitt out the windows in front of them both. “If you simply allow it, this planet can speak to you. Those in my profession call it getting the ‘feel’ of a planet. It may sound strange and mystic, but…I am getting my feel.”
That made Matt ruminate on his own view of his planet. Up until now, as far as he was concerned, it was just…there. “So, what kind of ‘feel’ are you getting thus far?”
“This place is wonderful, a lovely oasis. It welcomes me and my colleagues. This is a bastion of life in the midst of an unfeeling dark, much like other life-bearing worlds we’ve encountered…all too infrequently, sad to say.”
“So you’re saying we should treasure this planet?” Matt smiled. “I sure can’t argue with you there. We are trying to be more appreciative of it.”
The pair watched the sunrise in pleasant silence for a few minutes, until Matt’s stomach growled again. “All right,” he said. “This is nice getting our feel and all, but I gotta eat something. You hungry?”
“I could consume something.”
“Good, because I’m fuckin’ starving. Follow me.”
He led the big alien through to the kitchen. Thanks to heroic efforts by Dhuz and Mouquon back when they were sequestered in Cheyenne Mountain and then by efforts by those two and Zawahir in the last few days, all possible poisonous or allergic foods had been removed from the premises. That did limit the meals available, but as long as he didn’t have to eat it out of a pouch Matt was content.
He opened the fridge, surveying the contents. “I was just gonna do a sandwich. You want one?”
The udhyr sat at the nearby table; both of the big aliens had long ago forsaken chairs and simply sat on the floor. They claimed it was just as comfortable, and Matt for one was not going to press them on the matter. “Yes, I would like a ‘sandwich’. If it’s not too much trouble.”
Matt scanned the fridge interior. “No trouble at all. Okay, bread, we got.” He pulled a loaf out of the fridge; it had confused him the first time he’d seen it stored like that, since he’d grown up in northern, drier climes. But even in mid-winter this was a humid climate and it was way too easy for bread to go all moldy far too quickly. “Now all we need is filling…” His eyes lit on a big tub and he let out a little ‘ah!’ of pleasure. “Pimento.”
With reverence, Matt removed the tub from the fridge and set it on the counter next to the bread. “It’s a cheese-and-pepper spread. They call it the caviar of the South. I got addicted to this stuff back during my basic training days.” He shut the fridge, opened the upper cabinets, and was again pleased to see plates right where he expected them. He took down two.
Martinez strolled into the kitchen as he stretched his arms over his head. He was clad in sweatpants and a hoodie. “Morning, folks. Nothing like a nice little 5k to get the blood flowing in the morning.”
Kexal clicked his mandibles in puzzlement. “Five Kay?”
“Five-kilometer jog. Gotta keep fit, my man. Otherwise Sarge is gonna come back from his deployment and kick our asses.” The corporal’s eyes lit upon the foodstuffs laid out on the counter next to the fridge. “Hmm, breakfast?”
“Just pimento sandwiches,” said Matt as he took out another plate. “You want one?” It was a bit of a trick question; if you ask a soldier if he wants something to eat, the answer was always ‘yes’.
Martinez did not disappoint. “Oh hell yes. Not quite breakfast food, but I’ve for sure eaten way worse way earlier in the morning.”
The corporal shuddered. “Shit man, I somehow wound up with one of those once in spite of it being way out of date. Nothing but a solid orange brick of nastiness, even with the salsa added to it. Are you tryin’ to give me PTSD?”
Matt pulled out a drawer and found a convenient knife. He began laying out the sandwich makings on each plate. “Could be worse. Could be the dreaded Four Fingers of Death.”
“Oof, I only heard about those. Were they bad as they say?”
“Oh, yes, they were,” replied Matt.
“Four Fingers of Death?” asked Kexal.
“Hot dogs,” replied Matt. “Um…little sausages. Ground-up meat, put it in a long casing, boil it or steam it or smoke it. It’ll last for a long time.”
“Ah!” The giant alien looked pleased…at least, Matt was pretty sure he looked pleased. “We have a similar cuisine involving smoked fish, ground up and molded into cakes.”
“Interesting. Then you should know that it should be a no-brainer to make good hot dogs. I mean, go to any ball game and you’ll see ‘em getting wolfed down by the ton. And yet, somehow, someway, Uncle Sam figured out how to screw up damn hot dogs. Four to a pack, and it was the nastiest shit you’ve ever ate.” He held up a hand, showing his fingers held together. “Hence the Four Fingers of Death.”
Kexal let out a pleased click as Matt continued assembling the sandwiches. “I really do feel like I’m getting a better feeling for human society.”
“It’s a very weird and small cross-section of human society,” said Martinez as he seated himself at the table. “We need to get this guy out to Yosemite or, or even better Yellowstone. I was out in Yellowstone once as a kid, it’s really damn cool. He needs to see some proper scenery. Or hell, just drop him into Times Square to chat with the locals.”
“We will do so, once we’re sure that the rest of humanity hasn’t lost its collective shit,” Matt replied. He finished putting the top slice of bread on each sandwich, then turned and fixed the two at the table with a gimlet eye. “Now. We have two important questions to answer. Crusts on or off?”
Martinez blinked, then responded. “Crusts on! Hell, I would always make sure to get the heel when I was a kid.”
“You’re a man after my own heart, Martinez. Kexal?”
“Um, as long as there are no allergens, then I will also go crust on?”
“Good. Next important question. Horizontal or diagonal cut?” Matt hovered the knife over one sandwich, showing each potential slice.
Martinez opted for horizontal, while Kexal requested diagonal. Matt cut each sandwich as requested, then placed each one in front of its recipient with the appropriate regal air. He then took his own, uncut sandwich and sat at the table.
“You don’t cut yours?” asked Martinez.
“Nope. That’s because I’m a savage.” Matt held the corporal’s eyes while he took a big bite out of his own uncut sandwich.
They all munched happily for a few minutes…right up until the alarm went off.
“…and so I am humbly thankful to receive this honorarium on behalf of my crew and all of the Coalition…”
Milton figured that he had the easier job; just stand there and get across the message of ‘if you bum-rush this little blue-scaled person, you will die, and it will hurt the entire time’. He didn’t envy Captain Sadaf her newfound position as Representative Of All Of Alien-Kind, but then again he’d always been more of a wallflower-type anyway in spite of his impressive size. How he’d landed a dreamboat like Teresa was still a mystery for the ages. Although, if he was honest, she had approached him rather than the other way around.
He smiled internally at the memory of her walking up to him at the Sadie Hawkins’ dance and asking if he wanted to go for a spin on the dance floor. Something in her smile and direct gaze had awakened a more confident version of himself, and he’d accepted her request with the requisite gravity.
However it had happened, he now had a family. A wonderful wife and a son, the apple of his eye. But that wasn’t enough. He and Teresa were working hard on adding a daughter to the mix. If it turned out to be another son he wouldn’t be put out, but in his heart of hearts he wanted it to be a daughter. Just so he could spoil her rotten. But then again, if the Breakers arrived, whatever sex his next child turned out to be might be irrelevant.
Milton stopped his woolgathering and focused back on his job. Thus far his earpiece was silent save for periodic check-ins, which was good. No news was good news, after all.
Beside him, Sergeant Shaw constantly scanned the skies. That was fine, since Milton was busy scanning the people arrayed before him. Most of them were older blue-hairs who he could take with a pinky finger, but you never knew. Even an old person could wield a knife with deadly intent.
“…you must understand, we never intended to be here. It was sheer dumb fate that landed us in your, if I’m honest, quite generous lap. I understand that there is, amongst you humans, a lot of concern that we did not approach you directly. But I would invite you to look at it from our point of view. We had fragments, a few little transmissions and video images without context. We had no idea if you would respond to our presence with reflexive hostility. We were only here to gather data, to determine if a follow-up First Contact fleet would be welcomed.”
Sadaf paused and shook her head, a gesture she’d picked up from her time amongst humans. “As you well know, we were not given such a chance. But thankfully things have worked out well in spite of those circumstances…”
Milton’s forehead wrinkled as he heard a weird noise. It sounded a bit like ripping cloth, descending in tone. He reached up towards his ear to ask his team if they heard it as well…
Shaw straightened up, looking like a navy-blue wall of flesh. “INCOMING!” he bawled, just before lunging towards Sadaf at the podium.
The agent suddenly realized the source of that noise. “EVERYBODY DOWN!” he yelled in return as he threw himself at a few VIPs seated near him on the dais.
The huge sergeant simply yeeted the diminutive captain off towards the far end of the dais, before throwing his own considerable bulk at the other VIPs off to the other side.
Then the entire world seemed to explode. Milton’s ears just shut down at the resulting noise. After a moment, he picked himself up and looked over towards his principal, his ears ringing. He knew people were shouting, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying.
The small alien was out at the perimeter of the blast, and as she got to her feet she patted herself down in an automatic maneuver that Milton knew very well. She looked up, met his eyes, and gave him a thumbs-up.
“One thing gone right, at least,” he muttered to himself as he hauled himself upright. Okay, damage check…legs okay, feet fine…get moving, you asshole, get to your principal, keep her safe. As he lurched forward, he realized his right arm wasn’t moving properly.
He looked down.
His right arm was gone below the elbow.
“Fuck,” he muttered. “Am I supposed to learn to shoot left-handed now?”
Then he realized there was quite a bit of blood streaming out of his new stump…maybe he should sit this one out?
Fuck that.
He was going to reach his principal, if nothing else he’d act as a meat shield. As he continued his determined lurching, in some distant corner of Milton’s mind he wished he could have given his beloved Johnny a little sister to torment.
Someone tackled him to the ground, and he performed an automatic hip-throw before jamming his still-existing left forearm across the throat of a terrified…wait, this was just a kid.
“MEDIC!” screamed the kid. “I’m a MEDIC!”
“What…oh.” Milton looked up into the astonished face of Captain Sadaf; he’d managed to made it all the way to her. “She okay?”
“SHE’S FINE!” yelled someone else.
Then another thought came into his adrenaline-fueled brain. “SHAW!” he all but screamed, looking back towards where the sergeant had been before this whole horrible business had kicked off.
What he saw was a big man, clad in navy blue, sprawled over several blue-haired gentry who looked appropriately terrified. And that big man’s leg ended just below his left knee, with blood streaming out of it.
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2023.05.27 10:25 JoshAsdvgi Southwest: Contact

Southwest: Contact

Southwest: Contact

Centuries of Change: Shaping Southwest Style
Life in the Southwest changed dramatically when Spanish colonists arrived in the 1500s.
With violent force, the Spanish claimed the land and tried to convert Native villages to Christianity.
The people resisted.
In the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, they rose up and drove the Spanish out for the next 12 years. Along with such conflicts came sweeping cultural changes.
When the Spanish conquered the region once more in 1692, some Pueblo people took refuge among the Navajos, passing on techniques for weaving and pottery-making during their stay.
In the 1700s, the Navajos acquired sheep and horses from the Spanish and gained strength as successful herders and raiders.
In 1821, the Southwest came under Mexican rule, and in 1848, it was ceded to the United States.
More hardships followed as the U.S. army launched a campaign to subdue the Navajos.
Those who surrendered were forced to make the Long Walk—a 300-mile march to an outpost in eastern New Mexico called Fort Sumner, or Bosque Redondo.
After four years at this bleak reservation, the Navajos returned to their lands.
Like other Native groups of the Southwest, they held onto their home, using art and ingenuity to adapt to the changing times.
Early Metalwork
As Spanish and Mexican settlers entered the Southwest, they brought iron tools, copper and brass cookware, and bridles and belts trimmed with silver.
Native people acquired metal objects through trade at first, then learned how to make their own.
In the mid-1800s, many artists formed bracelets from heavy brass and copper wire.
The Navajos learned to work silver from Mexican metalsmiths, later passing the skill to the Pueblos.
By the 1880s, silver jewelry made by Native smiths was earning renown across the Southwest.
Patterns in Silver
New styles of jewelry developed as artists tried out different tools and materials.
Starting in the 1880s, artists crafted their own metal stamps to punch designs into silver, borrowing a technique used on leather for saddles and bridles.
U.S. and Mexican silver coins were heated, pounded, and stamped to make beads or ornamental buttons for leggings, leather bags, and moccasins.
These blouse ornaments were made of slugs of silver known as ingot, supplied by white traders.
Silver also came from readymade objects such as serving platters or spoons.
Classic Combination
Around 1880, Navajo artists began setting turquoise in silver rings and bracelets, using recycled stones or raw nuggets obtained through trade with Santo Domingo Pueblo.
Trading companies later supplied artists with cut and polished stones for more refined settings.
The ketoh, or bow guard, was originally worn to protect the wrist when shooting with a bow and arrow.
In the late 1800s, Navajo jewelers started ornamenting these simple leather bands with a silver cap, often richly decorated and studded with turquoise.
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2023.05.27 03:31 Pravandr Pattern for beaded fire 🔥

Pattern for beaded fire 🔥
Tutorial for beaded fire step by step
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2023.05.27 02:41 Badgesuk What is Vitreous Enamel?

What is Vitreous Enamel?
What is Vitreous Enamel?

Vitreous Enamel
Vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel, is a type of glass coating that is applied to metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum, as well as other materials such as ceramics. It is a very hard, glossy and durable surface that is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. Vitreous enamel has a long history of use in many industries and is particularly popular in the manufacture of cookware, sinks, and bathtubs. It is also used to decorate ornaments and jewelry, and to protect surfaces from damage.
From the ancient Egyptians to the craftspeople of today, the use of vitreous enamel can be seen in everything from luxury goods to everyday items. But what exactly is vitreous enamel and what makes it so special?
The term "vitreous enamel" describes a specialized process of fusing finely powdered glass to the surface of metal objects. Vitreous enamel is made from glass and metal oxides, which are fused together in a kiln at high temperatures. This process creates a glass-like coating that is applied to a metal substrate. The enamel is then polished and glazed to create a smooth, glossy finish.
The glass powder is heated to high temperatures, melting it and creating a glass-like coating on the metal. The result is an incredibly durable and glossy finish that will last for years.
The process of creating vitreous enamel is known as enameling, and it has been used for centuries to decorate metal objects. The earliest known examples of vitreous enamel are from the Byzantine era, where it was used to decorate church artifacts such as crosses and chalices. Since then, it has been used to decorate a variety of metal items, from jewelry to cookware to bathroom fixtures.
Vitreous enamel is a popular choice for cookware and sinks because it is resistant to heat, scratches, and corrosion. It is also non-porous, which makes it very hygienic and easy to clean. In addition, the glossy finish makes it highly attractive and eye-catching. Vitreous enamel is also extremely durable and can last for decades with proper care.
Vitreous enamel can also be used to decorate objects, such as jewelry and ornaments. It is applied to the surface of the object in a few different ways. The most common method is to apply the enamel in a thin layer, either with a brush or a spray gun. The enamel is then fired in a kiln to fuse the glass and metal oxides together. This creates a glossy, hard surface that can be further decorated with colors and metal leaf.
In addition to its decorative applications, vitreous enamel can also be used to protect metal surfaces from damage. It can be applied to steel and aluminum to prevent corrosion and rusting, and to copper to prevent tarnishing. It can also be used to line the inside of chimneys and flues to prevent corrosion from smoke and soot.
Vitreous enamel is a versatile material that has been used in a variety of industries for centuries. It is an attractive and durable surface that can be used to decorate metal, ceramics and even glass. It is also heat-resistant, non-porous, and highly resistant to corrosion. With proper care, vitreous enamel can last for decades, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of products.
Vitreous enamel has been used in many different ways throughout history. It was first used to coat swords, shields, and armor to protect them from rust and corrosion. Later, it was used to manufacture jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, and to decorate objects like clocks and watches. Today, it is still used in many of the same ways, but it is also used to create cookware and other kitchenware.
The main benefit of using vitreous enamel is that it is a very durable finish. It is resistant to scratches, chips, and other wear and tear, making it ideal for use in many different applications. It is also resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemicals, making it a great choice for items that need to be durable and long-lasting. Additionally, vitreous enamel is very easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for busy households.
Another advantage of using vitreous enamel is its decorative nature. It is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, allowing it to be used to create stunning and unique pieces of art. It can also be used to create intricate patterns and designs, which can be used to add a personal touch to items like jewelry and cookware.
Vitreous enamel is a popular choice for many types of jewelry and other metal items because of its durability and shine. It is also an economical option for creating beautiful and unique pieces. The process is relatively simple and inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create something special without breaking the bank.
Vitreous enamel is also popular for its versatility. The process can be used to apply a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to metal objects. From bright and vibrant colors to subtle and subdued designs, the possibilities are nearly endless. This makes it a great choice for those who want to create something truly unique and special.
The only downside to vitreous enamel is that it is a bit more expensive to manufacture than other types of finishes. It also requires specialized equipment to apply it to metal, which can make the process a bit more expensive as well. However, its durability and beautiful finish makes it well worth the extra cost.
Overall, vitreous enamel is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and attractive finish. It is resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, heat, and chemicals, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Additionally, its decorative nature allows it to be used to create stunning designs and patterns, making it perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to the items they own. While it may be a bit more expensive to manufacture, its beauty and durability make it well worth the extra cost.
At Badges UK, we specialize in creating custom badges, coins, and medallions using the vitreous enamel technique. Our team of expert craftspeople use traditional methods to create beautiful pieces of art that will last for years to come.
We offer a wide range of custom design options including full colour, etched, multi-level, and digital printing. Our experienced designers can work with you to create a unique design that reflects your brand, organization, or event. We also have a range of ready-made designs available for quick turnaround.
We use only the highest quality materials and processes to ensure that your badges and coins are durable and of the highest quality. Our products are perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies, and promotional gifts.All our products come with a satisfaction guarantee and our friendly customer service team is always on hand to help with any queries.
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Vitreous enamel is a classic and timeless metal finishing technique that has been used for centuries to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, cookware, and more. With its durability, shine, and versatility, it is a great choice for those looking to create something special and unique without breaking the bank. At Badges UK, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality products using this technique. Visit our website today to learn more about our range of vitreous enamel products and how we can help you create something truly special.
We are committed to providing quality badges, coins, and medallions that are of the highest quality. Our experienced craftspeople use the latest technology, premium metals, and specialist enamels to create exquisite pieces that will stand the test of time
We also offer a range of other services such as engraving, stamping, and embossing. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all of our products are delivered to our customers on time and to their exact requirements.
Our products are perfect for awards, recognition, corporate gifts, and commemorative occasions. We can also create custom lapel pins, keyrings, and cufflinks.
If you’re looking for a unique way to show your appreciation or reward achievement, then look no further than Badges UK.With years of experience in the industry, Badges UK is your one-stop shop for all your custom badge and coin needs. Contact us today to discuss your custom design needs.
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2023.05.26 23:58 theGrassyOne [WTS] Crazy money forms from Malaya! Boats, twisty rods, coils, cones, you name it! Priced super affordably for proto-money

These cool money forms are usually attributed to the Srivijaya or Majapahit empires in Malaya and the Islamic sultanates that came later. They are nominally tin, but there may be some lead and other metals mixed in. I am very excited to offer these at half the price on average of the cheapest other seller I could find.

Hairpin Bidor

Long, skinny pieces of tin, thicker in the middle and sometimes hammered into a squarish shape, with twisted ends.
$6 each


Mostly hairpin bidor with the curled ends broken off, but some that look like they were meant to be something else.
$2.50 each

"Classic" style clasp money

The earliest type, dating as far back as the 900s. Folded over and crimped at the ends for stringing.
$7 each for nicer
$5 each for the odd, fused, or beaten up

Later Tin clasp money:

These are more developed than the "classic" style.
$7 - large and flat, missing one clasp Sold
$5 - smaller, missing one clasp

Tin boat money:

These tin boats are likely a later version of clasp money. Some sources say 800s-1200s, but probably not that old. Certainly before 1800. They have three holes for stringing like clasp money. They may have been used as wearable charms in addition to money. Might make cool jewelry (if you're okay with possible lead exposure). These are the variety with a fish on both sides
$10 each


Many shapes and sizes of metal coils, likely traded as money by weight.
$3 each for nicelonger
$2.5 each for mid quality
$1 each for broken/tiny


Nice big cones, usually with horizontal striations and a hole down the center. Some holes are filled with sediment.
$8 for largenicer
$5.5 for crustieworn

Bead cones

Short conelike beads with a large hole down the middle
$6.5 for largefancienicer
$5 for mid-quality
$3.5 for smallecrustier

Random bits and bobs

Weird shapes. Maybe also traded by weight, as these are in the same metal and were probably found together. Or just random stuff.
Free with purchase while supplies last.
If normal coins are more your thing, be sure to check out my other sales! I have Asian Cash Coins and some Colonial Coinage and Contemporary Counterfeits. I also have tons of native coins from Palembang and other sultanates.
Terms: Shipping is untracked envelope ($1.50) or tracked parcel ($6) via USPS to the CONUS. I'd prefer a minimum order of $10 in stuff. Can't ship international at this time. Other shipping options (priority mail, insurance, signed delivery, etc) available at cost, just ask. I take Zelle or PPFF. I take no responsibility for mail lost by USPS. I pack securely, but stuff happens. In the unlikely case of lost mail, I will see what I can do to help.
Will ship by Wednesday.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.05.26 22:39 fizzysoda1963 Melty Beads Art Meme

Melty Beads Art Meme
So it looks kinda bad, but I had some of those beads you melt into a pattern and I decided to make the meme of Fry saying shut up and take my money😂 The eyes look so bad🤣☠️
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2023.05.26 19:43 CottyCheese [FO] Really loved the colors in this so I had to do one. The 2nd project I did after some little starter kit my gf gave me for Christmas

[FO] Really loved the colors in this so I had to do one. The 2nd project I did after some little starter kit my gf gave me for Christmas
Perler bead pattern originally found on Pinterest. Took around 30 hours to complete
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2023.05.26 17:27 TheBorealOwl Finally!! My 1st finished Hanafuda set 💕(11s & waxed nylon thread) [Completed V.ßñ77]

Finally!! My 1st finished Hanafuda set 💕(11s & waxed nylon thread) [Completed V.ßñ77]
Self drafted pattern cause I needed the practise processing patterns and also because I got very perfectionist-y about the whole project. It took months to perfect and work on between burnout spikes and life. My spoons tanked on the project for a good long while too, and it took ages to get back to.
But the pattern is done, and I'm finally happy with the outcome (mostly... Some bead size issues I'm still weird about lol)
Thank you all for your support and encouragement in getting this completed. I genuinely feel accomplished and proud of myself for seeing it through and not giving up all together.
You're all incredible💕
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2023.05.26 15:06 CiyapaOfficial How can I make a no-sew shirt from an old t-shirt?

How can I make a no-sew shirt from an old t-shirt?
Finding creative ways to upcycle and recycle old clothing has become a fashionable trend in a world where sustainability is gaining momentum. One such fascinating project is changing an old t-shirt into a fashionable, unique no-sew shirt.
This easy step-by-step DIY instruction blog will show you how to build beautiful clothing without picking up a needle and thread, whether you want to refresh your wardrobe or unleash your creative side.
  • Gather your Materials: To get started on your no-sew shirt project, gather the following materials:
  • An old T-shirt: Choose a T-shirt with an interesting design or color that you want to repurpose.
  • Fabric scissors: These will be essential for cutting and shaping the t-shirt.
  • Fabric chalk or a washable marker: Use this to mark the areas where you will cut the fabric.
  • Measuring tape or ruler: To ensure accurate measurements and a well-fitted shirt.
  • Embellishments (optional): If you want to add an extra flair to your shirt, gather any accessories like studs, beads, or fabric paint.
  • Select your Design: Before cutting into your t-shirt, decide on the style you want to achieve. Here are a few popular options:
  • Crop top: Transform your t-shirt into a trendy crop top by cutting it to your desired length. Experiment with different shapes like a straight line, asymmetrical, or even a knot tie-up.
  • Off-shoulder or cold-shoulder top: Create a stylish off-shoulder or cold-shoulder look by cutting off the neckline and sleeves.
  • Fringe shirt: Add some boho vibes by cutting vertical strips from the bottom of the shirt to create fringe.
  • Cut-out design: Get creative by cutting out shapes, such as hearts, stars, or geometric patterns, on the back or front of the shirt.
  • Measure and Mark: Once you have decided on your design, measure and mark the areas where you will make the cuts. Use a measuring tape or ruler to ensure precision. Fabric chalk or a washable marker is great for marking because it can be easily removed later.
  • Cut with Precision: Carefully cut along the marked lines using fabric scissors. Take your time to ensure smooth and clean cuts. Remember to cut through the front and back layers of the t-shirt unless you want specific parts to remain intact.
  • Create Additional Details: If you want to add some extra flair to your no-sew shirt, consider incorporating additional details:
  • Ruffles: Make horizontal cuts along the bottom of the shirt, leaving a few centimeters of fabric intact. Stretch these strips to create ruffles.
  • Braided straps: Cut thin strips from the sleeves and braid them to create unique shoulder straps.
  • Studded accents: Use fabric glue or adhesive to attach studs or other embellishments to the shirt.
  • Refine and Personalise: After completing the main cuts and adding desired details, try on your shirt to assess the fit. Make adjustments as needed, such as trimming excess fabric or refining the shape of the neckline or sleeves. This step ensures your no-sew shirt flatters your body and reflects your style.
  • Finishing Touches: Now that you have transformed your old tee into a fabulous no-sew shirt, take a moment to admire your creation. Consider adding some final touches:
  • Ironing: Iron the shirt to smooth out wrinkles and give it a polished look.
  • Washing: Launder the shirt according to the care instructions to set the cuts and remove any leftover markings.
  • Styling: Experiment with different outfits and accessories to create unique looks highlighting your new garment.

Advantages of Upcycling an Old T-shirt

  • Environmental Sustainability
Reusing an old tee helps to reduce waste and is a necessary step towards sustainable fashion. Utilizing an existing item lessens the demand for fresh resources while lowering textile manufacture's environmental effect.
  • Personalization and Creativity
Reusing allows you to express your creativity and personalize a t-shirt. You may personalize it by transforming it into something unique. Repurposing allows you to make it unique by adding embellishments, dyeing it, or cutting it into a new pattern.
  • Cost-Effective
Upcycling an oldie goldie tee is a budget-friendly option compared to buying new clothing. Instead of spending money on a new shirt, you can repurpose the one you already have. It saves money and prevents you from contributing to the fast fashion cycle.
  • Preservation of Sentimental Value
Many t-shirts hold sentimental value, representing memories of events, places, or people. Reusing allows you to preserve the emotional attachment associated with the t-shirt while giving it a new lease on life. You can continue to cherish its memories by transforming it into something usable.
  • Skill Development
Using a t-shirt again allows you to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. It encourages you to explore your creativity and develop practical skills, whether it's sewing, embroidery, or fabric painting. It can be a fulfilling and rewarding hobby that enhances your self-sufficiency.
  • Textile Trash Reduction
The textile business generates a substantial amount of trash. You can help to reduce textile waste by using an old t-shirt. It helps to decrease the negative environmental impacts of clothes disposal in landfills.
  • Circular Economy Promotion
Using old things adheres to the ideals of a circular economy, in which materials are reused for as long as possible. You may extend the life of your t-shirt and eliminate the demand for fresh produce by repurposing it. It encourages more sustainable and efficient resource use.
  • Social Impact
Reutilizing can have positive social implications as well. It can provide local artisans and small businesses opportunities, supporting local economies and communities. Additionally, by upcycling and promoting sustainable practices, you can inspire others to adopt similar behaviors and contribute to a greener future.
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption
Using old articles requires fewer resources and energy compared to producing new items. Reusing and repurposing materials saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing processes.
  • Encourages Mindful Consumption
Reusing promotes a shift in mindset towards more mindful consumption. Instead of constantly buying new clothing, reusing encourages individuals to think creatively and make the most of what they already have. It helps foster a more sustainable approach to fashion and consumption habits.
In conclusion, changing a t-shirt into a trendy no-sew shirt is a fun and creative way to update your wardrobe. Without a needle and thread, you may obtain a distinctive and elegant aesthetic with simple steps and minimum supplies.
Whether you want to upcycle a worn-out tee or experiment with a bold design, this no-sew technique has many applications. So, grab your scissors, get creative, and show off your fashion sense. Embrace the eco-friendly approach and add a personal touch to your clothing while minimizing waste and exhibiting your DIY talents. Happy crafting!
Original Source:
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2023.05.26 13:42 Ok-Instruction9373 Unique 22K Gold Long Haram with Guttapusalu: An Opulent Blend of Tradition and Elegance

Enjoy the timeless charm of our 22K Gold Long Haram with Guttapusalu, a magnificent piece of jewelry that emanates grace and majesty. This necklace, created with great attention to detail, exemplifies the right balance of traditional workmanship and contemporary design. This haram is made of shiny22K gold and has a sequence of meticulously handmade guttapusalu beads, which are noted for their stunning beauty and elaborate workmanship.
Each bead is precisely created to highlight its distinct pattern, resulting in a captivating combination of texture and brightness. The haram's length has been meticulously crafted to enhance your neckline, making it an ideal accessory forspecial occasions, weddings, or cultural activities. Because of its adaptable style, you may wear it as a standout piece or stack it with other necklaces.
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2023.05.26 11:12 hsmithakl I asked ChatGPT to design Miss Universe-style costumes but for Auckland suburbs.

If anyone has mid journey, I would LOVE to see the results 👀
Certainly! Here are some conceptual designs for Miss Universe-style costumes inspired by different Auckland suburbs
  1. Parnell Paradise: This costume embodies the elegance and sophistication of Parnell, one of Auckland's oldest and most prestigious suburbs. The costume features a floor-length gown with a structured silhouette and delicate floral embellishments, representing the beautiful gardens and parks in the area. The gown incorporates shades of green and soft pastels to symbolize the lush environment, while intricate lace patterns add a touch of refinement. The costume is completed with a statement headpiece inspired by the iconic Parnell Rose Gardens.
  2. Devonport Dream: Inspired by the charming coastal suburb of Devonport, this costume captures the essence of the seaside atmosphere. The costume showcases a mermaid-style gown adorned with iridescent sequins and pearl accents, reflecting the shimmering waters of Devonport's surrounding beaches. The gown's bodice is reminiscent of coral reefs, featuring intricate beading in vibrant ocean hues. The costume is accessorized with a seashell-inspired headpiece and a flowing cape that resembles crashing waves.
  3. Ponsonby Extravaganza: Reflecting the trendy and eclectic vibe of Ponsonby, this costume exudes a bold and vibrant aesthetic. The costume features a form-fitting jumpsuit adorned with sequins, feathers, and shimmering metallic accents. The jumpsuit incorporates a mix of bold patterns and geometric shapes, representing the diverse range of architectural styles found in Ponsonby. The costume is accessorized with oversized statement earrings, a feathered cape, and a dramatic headdress inspired by Ponsonby's lively nightlife.
  4. Mission Bay Serenity: Inspired by the picturesque coastal suburb of Mission Bay, this costume embodies tranquility and natural beauty. The costume showcases a flowing gown in shades of blue, reminiscent of the ocean waters, with delicate ruffle details that mimic gentle waves. The gown is adorned with subtle beadwork and sequins, representing the sparkling sunlight on the water's surface. The costume is completed with a floral crown featuring native New Zealand flowers and a cascading cape that symbolizes the serenity of Mission Bay's parks and beaches.
  5. Mount Eden Enchantment: Drawing inspiration from the iconic dormant volcano, Mount Eden, this costume combines elements of mystery and enchantment. The costume features a structured bodysuit embellished with intricate beadwork and metallic accents, reminiscent of volcanic rocks. The bodysuit is accompanied by a flowing, ethereal cape that mimics billowing volcanic steam. The costume is accessorized with a crown adorned with crystals and feathers, symbolizing the magical allure of Mount Eden's natural beauty.
  6. Takapuna Twilight: This costume draws inspiration from the stunning coastal suburb of Takapuna, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant sunsets. The costume features a flowing gown in shades of orange, pink, and purple, resembling the colors of a breathtaking Takapuna twilight. The gown incorporates intricate beading and sequins that mimic the shimmering reflections on the water. The costume is adorned with seashell and starfish accents, symbolizing the coastal charm of Takapuna. A delicate headpiece resembling a setting sun completes the ensemble.
  7. Newmarket Glamour: Taking cues from the upscale shopping district of Newmarket, this costume exudes sophistication and glamour. The costume features a form-fitting, floor-length gown in a rich jewel tone, such as deep emerald or royal purple. The gown is embellished with intricate beadwork and Swarovski crystals, reflecting the luxurious ambiance of Newmarket's designer boutiques. The costume is accessorized with a statement necklace, long gloves, and a dramatic feathered hat, evoking the elegance and style synonymous with Newmarket.
  8. Henderson Heights: Inspired by the diverse suburban area of Henderson, this costume celebrates the cultural richness and natural beauty of the region. The costume showcases a vibrant, multi-layered gown in bold colors, representing the diverse cultural communities within Henderson. Each layer of the gown is adorned with intricate patterns and embroidery, symbolizing the heritage and craftsmanship of the residents. The costume is completed with an elaborate headdress adorned with feathers, beads, and elements inspired by indigenous Māori art.
  9. Howick Harmony: Reflecting the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of Howick, this costume exudes grace and serenity. The costume features a flowing, ethereal gown in pastel hues, symbolizing the tranquility of Howick's parks and waterfront. The gown incorporates delicate lace and chiffon layers, giving it a dreamlike quality. The costume is accessorized with a floral crown adorned with soft blooms and cascading ribbons, evoking the beauty of Howick's gardens and natural surroundings.
  10. Albany Aurora: Inspired by the modern and vibrant suburb of Albany, this costume showcases a contemporary and dynamic design. The costume features a sleek and structured jumpsuit in metallic hues, representing the urban landscape and commercial centers of Albany. The jumpsuit is embellished with geometric patterns and sparkling sequins, symbolizing the energy and liveliness of the suburb. The costume is accessorized with edgy jewelry, a dramatic cape, and a futuristic headpiece, reflecting Albany's innovative spirit.
  11. Karangahape Kaleidoscope: Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of Karangahape Road, this costume bursts with colors and patterns. The costume features a playful and asymmetrical cocktail dress adorned with sequins, feathers, and beaded fringe. The dress incorporates a mix of bold geometric shapes, graffiti-inspired motifs, and rainbow hues, representing the diverse arts and culture scene of Karangahape Road. The costume is accessorized with chunky statement jewelry, neon-colored boots, and a headpiece inspired by the street's iconic neon signs.
  12. Manurewa Maori Elegance: Celebrating the rich Māori heritage and community of Manurewa, this costume embodies elegance and cultural pride. The costume showcases a floor-length gown in deep earth tones, embellished with intricate Māori-inspired designs and traditional weaving patterns. The gown incorporates feathers and paua shell accents, symbolizing spirituality and connection to nature. The costume is accessorized with a carved pounamu necklace, a traditional Māori cloak (kahu huruhuru), and a beautiful korowai-inspired cape.
  13. New Lynn Nature's Symphony: Inspired by the lush natural surroundings of New Lynn, this costume captures the beauty and serenity of the suburb's parks and reserves. The costume features a flowing gown in shades of green and blue, resembling cascading waterfalls and dense forests. The gown incorporates floral and leaf motifs, delicately embroidered or appliquéd, representing the abundant plant life in New Lynn. The costume is completed with a leafy crown, cascading vines, and a cape that mimics the graceful movement of tree branches.
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