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2023.06.10 03:18 dealgad [Amazon] Crocofair Queen Size Bed Frame with Wooden Headboard and Footboard,Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame with Storage, with 10% off, for $116.99

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2023.06.10 03:10 MrTwoKey My most ambitious weapon concept for a new PDA

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2023.06.10 03:03 theartistduring Poodle owner looking for advice

Hi brain's trust!
I'm the owner of a 2.5yo toy/mini poodle (roughly 9kg). He's a sweetheart who is super chill 99.99% of the time. Then there is grooming.
For the first 2 years, he was a good boy for his groomer. Even after long lockdowns that made his first year grooming very irregular and up to 3 or 4 months between, he was well behaved and compliantfor his groomer. I admit that I didn't really know how to take care of his coat properly back then so he was probably quite matted for grooming but after visiting this sub, I learned how to do it right to prevent pelting and I make sure I'm getting right down to the skin where the fur matts.
However, the front of his back legs, the back of his front legs, his tail and his rump do get a bit less attention as he has aversions to these areas (wiggling away and sitting down so I can't get at them) but I do manage to get one good pass over each of those areas. He will stalk me as I do those areas, but he has never snapped at me.
About three grooms ago, he bit her for the first time when she was brushing his tail. In the months preceding it, he was getting more fearful of going to her so I decided that perhaps we needed to try someone who took more time (she'd only take about an hour to groom him). But he bit the next groomer when he did his teeth. I wasn't happy with the service with that groomer so we tried a third a few days ago. Extremely experienced with a shop and team behind her.
I explained all his issues and areas he has bitten at and we discussed going slow.
Then he went and bit her THREE TIMES! Once when she was washing his butt (that was the worst one), once when she was trimming around his mouth and once brushing his legs.
The legs was an expected area of possible snapping and the groomer admitted that was her error as she knew but still took his muzzle off. But the face trim and during the bath caught us both by surprise. Especially the bath because he normally enjoys that bit the most.
So, experts... what can I do at home to get him more comfortable with being groomed? I've been focusing on making sure I brush and brush and touch and treat and praise for the areas I know he doesn't like. But he's reacting to different areas each time so what do I do now?
My brushing technique - slicker, dematt rake thingy, metal comb wide end until it can be dragged smoothly through. I do a big brush/comb the night before he is groomed (in two sittings so it isn't too much at once), and another basic brush through in the morning of the appointment.
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2023.06.10 02:58 MountainMen23 Under the Mountain [1]

AN: To preface this, I've never tried my hand at any kind of creative writing. I've just kinda finally decided I wanted to take the world I built in my head and put it on paper and actually get the ideas out there. I'll take all the criticism I get, but also pls be nice :D
The sound of a mana-charged mining explosive echoed through the large cavern, revealing the figures of the dwarven mining team through the newly opened gap in the collapsed entryway. As they stepped through the gap in the rubble, the dwarves looked around the chamber in awe. Flanking them on both sides were lines ancient moss-covered machinations, no doubt creations of the ancients. These ancient structures were sat upon circular pedestals embedded into the ground, withtheir main bodies being cylindrical in shape rising from the pedestals. Near the top of their cylindrical bodies, long, thin, and hollow rods protruded from vertical slits in their bodies. For what purpose these ancient machines served, the dwarves could not guess, except that these structures no longer functioned as they completely lacked a mana field. In fact, the dwarves noticed that the entire cavern lacked mana, a true anomaly in this world of magic.
After the dwarves had their fill of admiring the intricate craftsmanship of the ancient structures, they moved towards the smooth, metal-plated far wall of the cavern. However, it was not the exotic nature of the metal that adorned the wall nor how perfectly cut the panels were that attracted the attention of the dwarven group, but it was the very large and hefty gateway in the middle of the room. A gateway that could have easily accommodated multiple orc siege towers moving side by side through them with room to spare.
Nearing the gateway, the lead dwarf, Gloria, noticed two identical pedestals on either side of the gateway. While the left pedestal appeared non-functional, the right pedestal had a small red light emanating from a button on the side, near the top of its slanted surface. The dwarf approached the pedestal and, letting curiosity get the better of her, pushed the glowing red button. Instantly, thebutton switched to a green color and the slanted top of the pedestal began to emit a glow from beneath the layers of dust buildup. Using a nearby rock, she was able to bring herself to a level where she could peer down on the slanted surface with ease. Wiping the surface clean of dust with her arm, the dwarf sharply inhaled as she was presented with an artificial brightness she never expected to see from a mana-less device that was projecting the language of the ancients at her. She quickly pulled the only member of their mining team that could partially read the ancient language and had him translate what it said:
We-come to Hephaestus-1. P-ease sca- you- cre-e-t-als.
Gloria stepped back and considered to herself what the ancient pedestal could be trying to tell her. While she was sure that the name of the fortress was Hephaestus, she was not sure how to enter and began to ponder how one might activate the pedestal; however, this did not last very long before the rookie on her team waltzed up to the pedestal and begin to channel his mana into it. To his untrained mind, all artifices needed mana and this pedestal was no different from a mana-interface used toopen the great gates of their capitol, Limdor. While he may have been right, the methods by with each interface accomplished their tasks differed greatly, as the pedestal was created at the beginning of the mana-corruption that infested this world thousands of years beforehand.
As the mana flowed began to flow from the top of the pedestal and along the wires within, ancientsensors embedded within roared to life. Their purpose finally being fulfilled, a signal was sent to the AI core housed within Hephaestus, rousing it from its deep slumber. Automated systems began to kick into gear, most notably the defense turrets strategically placed throughout the chamber.
As they whirred to life and the chamber began to illuminate with unnatural lighting dispersedthroughout the walls, Gloria looked up from her thoughts and saw the ancient machinations in the room begin to move of their own accord. She looked back at the pedestal to the young dwarf channeling his mana into the pedestal. She yelled at him to stop, but it was too late. She looked at the machinations that were no longer pointing their barrels towards the ground, but at her groupinstead. She gave the order to retreat, and before long the group started to run towards the way they came in.
As they ran, she heard the gears within the machines activate as they tracked the movement of the group. Gloria ran as fast as she could before a single deafening boom emanated from one of the machinations. They all fell to the floor and saw smoke rising from the barrel of one of them, before hearing a thud as the dwarven miner the aforementioned barrel was pointing at fell to the floor with an unnaturally large cavity in the middle of her torso. Seeing their comrade brought down in such a way was, to say the least, too much for the rest of the dwarven team, save for Gloria. While the others remained frozen in place from pure shock and blown eardrums, Gloria pulled herself up by her bootstraps and booked it to the exit. Four more thunderous booms echoed through the chamber as she clambered through the gap into the ancient artificial tunnel system that they had originally been tasked with exploring. She dared not look back, for fear of being picked off by one of the ancients’ machines. Gloria steadied herself from her panicked breathing and began to make her way to theexist. She had to inform the council of this at once.
In an ocean, far removed from the beaches of the kingdom that Gloria’s team were located on, an Elven fleet lay in waiting. All had been quiet up until the moments following the dwarf’s escape from that cavern, when suddenly the elves sensed a large buildup of energy far beneath the waves. Fearing an attack from a creature of legend, the Elves ran to battle stations. Before long, a series of large capsules, a little bit larger than a sailboat, shot up from the ocean floor over a short period of time. The capsules continued to fly high into the sky before igniting a flame beneath them and proceeding to fly into the heavens. While the majority of the elven warriors attempted to recover from the shockwaves created by the capsules launching from the water at such a high velocity, the elven generals and admirals ran to the communication orbs to confer with their leaders in Elymia.
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2023.06.10 02:56 HighwayCorsair On June 12th, /r/DeathMetal will be joining the subreddits shutting down to protest Reddit's API changes that will kill all 3rd party apps.

Read below for the generic explanation other subs have been using. We've talked this over in the subreddit's discord server, and we will be going dark until there's a change, joining other major music subreddits such as /metal and /music. Is that going to be permanent? I don't know. Boycott Reddit for a few days and do your part to see if it'll stick.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
-Mod Team
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2023.06.10 02:53 Darmanarya Hunting Pack chapter 12

((Credit to u/spacepaladin15 for creating the story “Nature of Predators” which light a fire under me to write. This is also a fanfic of that.))
Memory transcript subject: Krakotl exterminator team lead Taita Date [human standard time]: October 24, 2136
Breathe in.


Breathe out.


An exterminator must stay calm.

An exterminator must stay focused.

An exterminator must do their best.

Failure means death.

Death for the exterminator.

Death to others the predator will hunt.

Breath in.


Breath out.


I watch as the town turns to grass, then water and trees beneath our shuttle. It was flying low as we prepped for todays extermination.

I went over the mental checklist I had prepared. We were dealing with an amphibious predator species that specialized in hunting in the water. While less lethal on land it was still dangerous due to massive teeth, sharp claws, and armor plating.

Equipment check:

Pistols left due to being unable to penetrate plates: check

P4 based solution to ensure burn on and under the water of the wetlands: check.

Heavy duty firesuits to protect against claw and P4 solution: check.

Long, thin variant of knife to get between plates: check.

Soon we were over the den of the predators. This group had killed a venlil male and… removed the arm of a female with him. They had gone out to the wetlands to be together in secret only to have been attacked. This species did not normally eat venlil and typically lived deep in the wetlands, so this den I deemed to be highly dangerous and needing an extermination. The doors flew open and I readied my flamethrower for part one. Owit and Tiha behind me readied their own looking out the other side's doors. No signal needed to be given, they knew what to do.

Owit's flamethrower hissed as his solution sprayed out unlit to provide extra fuel for a longer burn while Tiha's roared to life. I winced just a bit with the flames so hot and bright that both still slipped a little through my suit. It was some of our most powerful stuff and only those more experienced exterminators like me were even allowed to request it.

The shuttle slowly started to make a full hoof around the back of the den. This was a maneuver I learned from very old exterminator manuals that was rarely done anymore. Most hated the idea of funneling predators right at them, but to me it HAD to be done. None should be allowed to escape.If that meant we must stare down the jaws of a predator then it was our duty to stand firm.

Finally they started to come to the surface and head for the shore while we were halfway done. It was my turn. Safety off, aim above the target to allow for drop. Aim in front of target to allow for travel. Finger on trigger. Breath in. Hold. breathe out.



The flamethrower kicked back more than normal, but it was expected. The special P4 solution was thicker than most with it being only a little thinner due to stabilizing compounds and some oils to ensure it floated in the water. I made sure to hold it steady and guided the spray onto a few predators that were clustered together. As soon as they glew like a sun I shifted to some that were on their own.

All my stress, all my worries, everything was purged by the fire and the roar of my flame thrower. I started to do my breathing exercises as pred after pred caught on fire.

Thud thud.

The signal. Funnel complete. I stopped my fire and waited as we went a little ways from the funnel's exit. While it would be safer to stay in the shuttle in theory the smoke would soon make it impossible to aim from above. We all jumped out and ran towards the fire.

One by one the beasts came out of the water, only to thrash and die as the flames consumed them. Four came out unscathed. There was no need to discuss or even signal who did what. My two teammates went after the two that were going to the left and right of us. I, however, got ready to fight the two coming down the center. It was my duty as team lead to do the most dangerous part.

I readied my flamethrower and swallowed down my fear. Just two large predators. I've done worse. One was consumed by a wall of white fire as my two teammates burned away their targets.

My eyes snapped to the last one as it lunged at me. I could see them. The tiny claw marks on its face from the Venlil it hurt. My brain wanted to get mad.

But I stayed calm.

I stayed professional.

I stayed alive.

And I did my duty.

There was a crunch as I swung the reinforced frame of my flamethrower hard, slamming it into the side of the predator's head. While it struggled to shake off the impact I took aim. Breathed out. Held. And squeezed the trigger.

This one was the most dangerous of all so I made sure it was burnt to nothing. Both to ensure nothing could come from it and to make sure the venlil could find peace in whatever afterlife they went to. I glanced at my teammates and they did the same to the other predator bodies. Their roaring flame throwers burning away everything.

This was my favorite part. The part where the sweet, rich scent of burning predator filled your beak. Where the danger was gone, nobody was hurt, and everyone was safe. Most said they hated this part, that it made their stomachs hurt or their throats itch. But to me the smells of victory were unmatched. It was an aroma one could only get after victory as an exterminator.

I then looked at the remains and thought for a bit. These were the bad predators. The sort that hurt others for no reason, not even for just food. This wasn't their territory, there were no cubs, and venlil were outside their normal prey. They were evil.

Then thought about my two predators. And I realized that even the arxur was nothing like that. She tried to help the human, talked about how she didn't like the idea of baby animals dying, and any word she had to say about the arxur was far more… violent than even most exterminators. She kept calling them "betterment" though which must be the main arxur faction. Another notch into her being arxur, but the mistake was just so innocent that it felt even more authentic than some HUMANS.



Maybe… maybe there was something else to call them than predators. I mean, the humans had a word that felt good. Monster. Some beast with little thought or care that attacked and killed for no reason or for cruelty. Like these piles of ash. There were also prey with TRUE predator disease, not the fake stuff they accused Tarlim of. Like the yotul "researcher."

Some predators were good or even innocent! I refused a call to kill a shadebeast den just a few paws ago. I saw no need. I pointed out how much effort would go into just getting there, much less fire control to avoid burning the forest down, finding them in the woods, and more. They were living so far away from anything, even the venlil that found them only saw them from a shuttle! The expedition was called off. We need to focus on protecting, not just chasing things and risking ourselves.

It is what let the arxur onto my kind's….

I shook the thoughts from my head. No need to think about that. It was probaly going to be one of the darkest spots in exerminator history someday. Alright, lets just collect thoughts for a bit. Predators that were actually bad were now monsters in my book. Not going to let my two best friends be lumped in with them. I enjoyed the smell one last time before I followed my teammates onto the shuttle and relaxed.

I slipped off my head protection and watched the wetlands vanish under me as I brought out my datapad to fill out the report. Mine were always so simple: Predators eliminated, little to no chance of surviving predators, no injuries, no further actions needed. Sure filling out the other forms took awhile, but it was doable. It was just a little bit harder than normal thanks to notifications popping up.

My datapad was still being spammed by apologies from cuddlepunk as well. I had already forgiven her but she still felt bad. An arxur. Feeling bad about upsetting me?

Today was truly a great day to be an exterminator.
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2023.06.10 02:52 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 02:49 BowenForster Galactic Arm. Part.1

Introductions. Shuttle Engineer Drivtet Ol'gashi POV
I was working on some routine maintenance of the Black Spots shuttle when the Captains voice came over the ship wide intercom.
Ping "All crew report to assembly in bay 3. There is critical information that has just been relayed by GC high-command. I have been given permission to show all of you just what we found 4 rotations ago on that unknown wreckage." Ping
All noise in the normally busy shuttle bay had ceased following that announcement. Quickly packing away the inspection sheet I was working on, I proceeded to the doors with my fellow crew.
"What do you think that recording was?" I turned and looked down to see shuttle pilot Fen'hozy hopping up beside me. Fen'hozy is a Kanhiv one of the smaller races being only 2' feet 6" inches tall, with short coarse tan fur, and powerful hind legs that are used to launch them into the air. He was nervously tapping the claws on the fingertips of his wings against the floor.
"I don't know, but by the sounds of it the captain is about to show us." I reply trying to calm his nerves.
When we discovered the wreck 4 rotations ago the specifications that came through scans were absurd. Being a member of the engineering crew I was part of the team that was assigned to study the crafts scans when not doing regular tasks. For starters the ceilings were 10' feet tall, 2' feet taller than the tallest know sentient race, the Phyth. Then there was the material composition of the ship. Metal alloys far denser than we have ever made coming from materials so strong our hottest welding equipment barely made it glow. Whatever made that ship was something the GC isn't fully prepared for.
"What do you think destroyed it?" Fen'hozy asked, snapping me from my thoughts.
He was right. What could destroy something our best tech can't even cut through?
"I don't know. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been the Vizan. If it was then there is no way we would have lasted this long against them." I replied, "Hopefully, we will get some answers from this assembly."
I picked up my pace towards bay 3, forcing Fen'hozy to switch from his quadrapedal walk to upright hopping 'run' with his wings tucked neatly against his sides to keep up. We quickly pull ahead of the group leaving the shuttle bay with us.
"If you're gonna run there mind if I just hitch a rid on your back. You know I can't keep up if you go any faster." Fen'hozy remarked, struggling to keep pace with my brisk walk.
"Sure, so long as you promise to clean out the shuttles docking port for me tomorrow." I cheerily replied.
"Done!" He shouted, hopping high into the air towards my back. "I've seen how clean you keep that shuttle it will take me all of 5 tacks to do." He said, landing on my back with a quiet whomp. Holding onto my shoulders with his clawed fingers and proping his hind paws against my hips, I leaned forward and started jogging down the corridor.
We reached bay 3 well ahead of most with only the Captain, bridge crew, and research department present. The bridge crew sat on stage behind the Captain, sullen expressions shadowing their features. While the researchers sat in the front row were restraining their excitement with visible difficulty. The tension was already palpable with the brooding expression on our Captains normally stoic face.
Letting Fen'hozy drop to the floor we made our way to some seats on the far side of the bay. The standardized stools were not very comfortable but were built to accommodate many different body types. I plopped myself onto a stool while Fen'hozy hopped up onto the one next to me resting back on his haunches. Seated like this with him sitting upright we were almost eye level.
"You know, as scared as I am for what this species may be. I can't help but be excited for a new potential ally. Especially with the technology we have already seen." Fen'hozy voiced my own thoughts as if reading them right from my mind.
"I couldn't agree more. Especially about the technology if we had access to some of the materials they use I would put credits on turning the tide of this war." I stated smugly. Our shiny golden metals were nothing compared to the stark grey and black materials that ship was composed of.
We chatted aimlessly for a few tacks while the rest of the crew arrived. It seemed we didn't have to wait long as more and more cautiously optimistic crew members filled the seats. I could catch snippets of conversation all seeming to denote a level of excitement based around what we discovered. If it wasn't for the still sullen Captin and bridge crew I suspect the low chatter would have been a full roar of excitement.
"What do you think has the bridge crew so worried?" Fen'hozy asked, breaking me from my thoughts on the room. Looking back towards the stage where Captain Yillfit Carver stood awaiting the last of the crew. I take a moment to study his expression before answering.
"Well he has always been rather stoic by his species standard, I've only ever seen him make that face when talking about his friends lost on the battle field." A voice clicked from behind us before I could answer. Both Fen'hozy and I turned to the newest addition to the conversation. A Goshran swarmed over the stool making barely audible scratching sounds as the workers of the coloney were busy handling all the needs of their 'body'.
"Well you would be the one to know." Says Fen'hozy, "How long have you and the Captain served together Security Chief Grivla?"
"We have known eachother sense the academy." Grivla clacked in response, "We didn't see eachother for 4 cycles after the academy. Finally meeting again on a Ho'vat battlefield. Our two units had been cut in half by the Vizan, so deciding to work together under Carvers lead. We managed to hold our position until relief forces were able to arrive and take over. I've been serving under Carver ever sense."
"I'm a little surprised to see you down here and not up on stage with the bridge crew?" I nudge, hoping she will have some information as to why they look so sullen.
"Well my assumption is that they have all already seen what we are about to be shown. I just came from my rest shift, if that's their response I think it won't be all good news. Either way I haven't seen anything yet, meaning whatever this is was played over the bridge then immediately deemed of critical importance for the entire crew." Replied the Security Chief.
Sharing a nervous glance with Fen'hozy I turned my attention back to the stage.
Not 2 Tacks later the doors closed behind the last of the crew. The entire crew of the Black Spot all 350 of us stood or sat waiting for the Captain to begin.
After a moment of silence filled the room the Captain began.
"Thank you valued crew of the Black Spot for assembling so quickly.
I know some of you are on rest shift and will be allowed to continue it once we are done here. In fact, all crew will be given half a standard rotation to rest and deal with the news." He stated.
A subdued applause greeted his statement. The excitement in the room quickly fading. Before my thoughts could run away with me the captain resumed his speech.
"As you are all aware, our mission is to find and confirm what has caught the attention of the Vizan.
"We have succeeded in the first part, now we just need to make contact and confirm the status relayed in the message that we sent back through subspace." He assured.
"The GC senate has translated and reviewed the footage recovered from the wreckage we discovered and to say it has confirmed some of our worst fears would be an understatement.
"I have been given permission to show everyone aboard the Black Spot exactly what we will be heading into in the coming rotations. Without further fanfare Comms Officer Renfai, would you do the honors?"
Stepping back from the front of the stage with a small flourish of his manipulator tentacle the Captain ushered Officer Renfai forward. Sliding up to the front of the stage Comms Officer Renfai appeared sad and disconnected from everything around him.
Lifting his eyestalks to look at the gathered crew he began, "Fellow sentients, the message we recovered from that wreck is an old warning and a plea for future aid.
"Through the confirmation of time stamps on the message and Vizan activity we believe the wreck has been adrift in that nebulae for roughly 250 standard cycles. Far longer than was initially estimated due to lack of any kind of wear to the ship.
"This should be kept in mind as we have no idea what the current situation is in this section of the galaxy. I'll now play the full translated message before turning things back to our Captain to answer any questions and give us the plan moving forward."
With a wave of his prehensile tail the lights dimmed and the back wall of the stage lit up showing an image of an unknown sentient. The recording bagan to play.
"Hello. If you are receiving this, this is Capt. Fos of the USSF Nutcracker.
"I am a human, and our United Systems of 14 species are under attack by an unknown threat. If found please, bring this message to my family on Earth."
Co-ords attached
"Before that, I must give a warning for any who discover this ship. We were unprepared for this threat, and they couldn't have timed their appearance for a worse moment.
"The United Systems haven't always been such, in fact it wasn't until these 'husks' attacked that all 15 known sentients finally set aside our differences to come together and fight back. A mutual enemy does wonders for setting government priorities." The Human shook his head, looking to the floor.
Taking a steadying breath he continued. "We were too busy fighting with eachother to pay attention to unknown space. From outside known space these 'Husks' came, they launched a simultaneous attack across every inhabited world and system we knew of. Being too preoccupied at the onset of this, plague our respective militaries struggled to push them off our worlds. Over 100 coloney worlds were lost, unable to receive reinforcement in time." A collective intake of atmosphere could be heard throughout the bay.
Before anyone could voice their concern the Human lifted his eyes to stare directly into the camera.
"It took the complete extinction of the Motuck before the remaining 14 of us came together." He spat.
"They had pled for help broadcasting to anyone that could hear. Humanity couldn't just leave them to extinction all alone. At the time humanity was fairing the best having pushed the Husks completely from 6 of our 8 systems, we sent what we could spare." His voice softening as he spoke. "We were too late. The last bunker on their homeworld had been breached.
"The final transmission coming just two hours before our response fleat dropped into the system. The fleat was met with a fresh Armada of Motuck ship husks coming from their homeworld.
"The Motuck were gone. Our Government at the time not wanting to fight our former friends made the decision in line with the last wishes of the Motuck Ambassador.
'I would rather my system be wiped from existence than let my entire people become you!' Were his last words in that final message and subsequent detonation of the shelter." The human spoke with a cold detatchment.
"We glassed the few remaining former Motuck worlds. The Motuck home system was fully colonized with both mines and terraformed worlds. We decided to collapse the star erasing the Husks completely from the sector with minimal losses on our end." A faint buzzing could be heard from the video but nothing could be seen on screen.
"My ship the USSF Nutcracker was sent on one such mission to an unrecoverable Gorchev system. Just before our localized gravity collapse could destabilize the star and initiate a supernova the Husks hit us.
"The supernova has been successfully induced and will occur in approximately 20 minutes. I'll be dead before then, we have moved to the edge of the system but will remain here. 95% of the crew has been killed or consumed by the Husks, I've rigged the reactor core to vent into the ship when I hit this button." The Human held up a small black box with a grey button on the top.
"That should incinerate anything living on the ship. This message will be tethered to the Blackbox, transmitting to anyone close enough to hear. Please go to Earth and help us save all the people of the Milky way.
"We will not go quietly into the night and I pray that you won't either." At those words the human appeared to shrink.
"A final message for my wife and daughter." The buzzing got suddenly louder and a light begun to shine on the humans face.
"Sorsha my sweet girl, don't worry daddy will always be watching over you. Marry, I'm sorry I won't be there with you when you get old. I love you both more than can be expressed. I'll miss you." Taking his eyes off the camera to look off screen he pushed the button. A loud rushing of air could be heard before the video cut out, freezing on an image of the human looking sadly into the camera.
—Authors note—
Hey everybody!
Thank you all for reading! I was blown away by how well the prolouge was received, I wasn't expecting such a positive response and would have been happy with just having feedback on my writing. As it is I am blown away and will strive to do my best going forward. I'm doing this by myself in my free time please don't expect every update to come this quickly, I will be aiming for at least one part a week for as long as I can keep the ideas flowing. Once again any constructive criticism is more than welcome! I look forward to lore discussions over on my page. Thank you again everyone for reading!
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2023.06.10 02:49 whereissav I told my manager I don’t want to participate in “fun” work competitions

Hi all, I’ve posted on this sub before and you all were extremely helpful (thank you and shoutout to the millennials). As a recap, I’m 22 and just got a full time position at a company where there’s always volunteer stuff going on, people asking for donations, mandatory learning modules, and “fun” activities. I don’t mind some of these things (minus constantly being asked for money), as long as they’re within working hours.
Recently, my company created a competition where everyone can track their daily physical activity and put it into a public log for points. My department decided to join as a team, but whether I enrolled or not wouldn’t make a difference for their score whatsoever. My coworkers are in there late 30s and 40s and seem pretty into it, but I honestly don’t care to join or participate. I know it’s a small task but I still don’t want to do it. I don’t even have time to think about it while I’m at work because there’s always so much to do, 100s of emails, and I’m still being trained. For the past 2 weeks my manager’s been constantly asking me to join. At first I just avoided signed up but after she kept bringing it up I just brought up that I was going on vacation soon and won’t be tracking my steps or logging my physical activity. Again today, she said “I emailed you an invite to join, you should be checking your emails and always outlook open in a tab” (she sent me like 4 invite emails just this the week).
I told my manager I didn’t want to join the work competition and reiterated that I was leaving on vacation and won’t be thinking about logging my activity. She then explained how I could log all my walks while I’m there and went on and on. So I straight up said “I don’t want to be thinking about work while I’m on vacation.” And she was like “it’s NOT work, it’s a competition,” and was clearly extremely offended and shocked. I then just said, well yes but it is still work related. Anyways, to me this is just setting boundaries. This whole thing is optional, but it seems like a consistent pattern w this manager in terms of expecting/pressuring us all to join the “fun” activities instead of working on how she can support us through managing heavy workloads. Work is not my life. I’m 22, I want to party and have fun while I’m gone, not think about logging my physical activity or anything work related 💀 I know she’s not happy about AT ALL and I probably seem like one of those employees. Am I an asshole for this?
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2023.06.10 02:47 SiteRelEnby Achievement Unlocked!

Some of the people on the Discord created a lit of achievements. How many do you have? Will update this list with the best suggestions (some achievements also still need names), but also feel free to track your own ones.
Copyable version of the Discord's list: https://pastebin.com/7Bjup2D3
And my achievements, this one is a working list I will update as people suggest more good ones:
[X] No other way to test it: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face with a light within 5 minutes of using it for the very first time.
[X] That's not a light... that's a light.: Have someone show you their new ULTRABRIGHT 50,000lm TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT and promptly blow it away with your EDC.
[X] No, you don't get it, CRI is important too: Show someone a high CRI light (e.g. 519A), explain CRI, only for them to be more impressed by the output
[X] Will ship accordingly: Order a secret menu Hanklight
[X] Many important things to do: Ask a light maker 2 or more questions in one email and receive an answer that could have applied to two different questions without specifying which it is for (e.g. "yes that is fine")
[X] ???: Order a light autographed by its maker
[ ] Day at the zoo: Order a Zebralight
[ ] I didn't think it'd happen to ME!: Get burned by bad customer service from nealsgadgets or armytek
[ ] ???: Receive an incorrect order from Fireflylite
[ ] There are at least two of us!: Meet another light enthusiast in person at random
[X] Bacon mode: Burn yourself on a powerful light
[ ] They said money would do this, not lights!: Burn a hole in your pocket with a light
[X] Infinite loop: Buy more batteries because you don't have enough for all your lights... then buy more lights since you have spare batteries.
[X] I'm helping!: "When I said turn a light on, I meant a ceiling light!"
[X] Initiation: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face
[X] Happens to everyone: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face 10 times
[X] You get used to it: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face 50 times
[X] You should buy sunglasses: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face 100 times
[X] Seeing spots: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face with a light with 10,000lm or more
[ ] ???: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face with a light with 25,000lm or more
[ ] Like staring at the sun: Accidentally turbo yourself in the face with a light with 50,000lm or more
[ ] ???: Own 50 batteries
[ ] ???: Own 100 batteries
[X] Two is one and one is none: Own 2 lights
[X] ???: Own 5 lights
[X] Prepared for anything: Own 10 lights
[X] ???: Own 25 lights
[ ] Well, I had to complete the set: Own 50 lights
[ ] Collector, not hoarder: Own 100 lights
[X] Hotrod: Own a light with 10,000 lumens or more
[ ] ???: Own a light with 25,000 lumens or more
[ ] Portable floodlight: Own a light with 50,000 lumens or more
[ ] Top 3: Own a light with 75,000 lumens or more
[X] No, your Maglite can't do this: Own a thrower with 100,000 cd intensity or more
[X] Kilometer: Own a thrower with 250,000 cd intensity or more
[X] Food-delivery beacon: Own a thrower with 500,000 cd intensity or more
[ ] Giga-thrower: Own a thrower with 1,000,000 cd intensity or more
[X] Lightsaber: Own an LEP flashlight
[ ] Unlimited power: Own a light with 3 or more SBT90.2 emitters
[X] Showerhead: Own a light with 15 or more LEDs (edit: No, aux don't count)
[ ] ???: Own a light with 30 or more LEDs
[X] ???: Reflash lights 5 times
[X] ???: Reflash lights 50 times
[X] ???: Reflash lights 100 times
[X] ???: Run a development build of anduril on a light
[X] ???: Find a bug in anduril
[ ] Restomodder: Make a light run anduril that did not originally come with it (driver swaps count)
[ ] It's just like DOOM: Mod a light that did not originally come with anduril to run it, using the original driveMCU
[X] Firmware developer: Provide a bugfix or new feature for anduril
[X] 31337 h4x0r: Run a modified version of anduril on a light
[X] Cosmic ray detected: Have a bad MCU flash even with with perfect contact with the flashing pads
[X] Shelf queen: Run a battery from full to 3.5V or less in a light of at least 18650 size without once bringing it outside
[ ] ???: Emitter swap a light
[ ] Hydra: Convert a single emitter light into a triple
[ ] Surgery on a LED: Modify an emitter by slicing/dedoming
[ ] Steady hand: Assemble a light with RGB auxiliary LEDs.
[X] White, with extra steps: Own a set of three throwers in Red/Green/Blue
[X] Toner: Own a set of three lights in Cyan/Yellow (inc. amber)/Magenta
[X] I didn't think they still made those: Have someone mistake a warm LED for an incandescent
[X] Warmer than a candle: Have a light with a CCT below 2000k
[ ] Old-school: Have a high powered incandescent flashlight
[ ] They don't make them like they used to: Buy/assemble a light with a discontinued LED (219b, XHP35HI, MT-G2, etc)
[X] Forgotten something?: Go back home after leaving specifically because you forgot to bring a light with you
[X] Time to get the lube out: Spend 30 uninterrupted minutes lubricating and maintaining your lights
[ ] Micro-celebrity: Get a light modified by a well-known modder (Vinh, Bob, Cheule, Artie, Adair, Sakowuf, etc)
[X] Don't use it in a hotel: Own a light with a UV-A emitter
[ ] Blindness beam: Own a light with a UV-B or UV-C emitter
[ ] ???: Own a light with an IR emitter
[ ] ???: Own a light with a far red emitter
[ ] Sleeper: Install a high powered LED and li-ion power inside a low powered 1.5V cell light (maglite, child's light, etc.)
[ ] Swings both ways: Own a AA/14500 dual-chemistry light
[X] Efficiency: Own a light with a buck or boost driver
[X] Special materials: Own a light made out of something other than plastic or aluminum: titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel
[ ] Four elements: Own at least one light made out of each of Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, and Zinc (brass).
[ ] Heavy metal: Own a light made of Zirconium
[X] Best friend: Volunteer to walk a dog specifically because you get to use your lights
[X] Gateway drug: Gift an enthusiast-grade light to a non-enthusiast
[ ] ???: Buy a light from another community member
[ ] ???: Sell a light to another community member
[X] Unfortunately fortunate: Get to use your lights in a power outage at night
[X] Worst case scenario: Experience a power outage during a sunny day
[X] Elite Four: Own at least one light using LEDs from each of: Nichia, Cree, San’an (inc. Luminus), Osram
[ ] Just as good: Own at least one light using LEDs from each of: Samsung, Seoul, Lumileds, Getian
[ ] ???: Own a light with chinese mystery emitters (eg: SFH, SFQ, SFS, L50 (round die) series)
[X] Beta-tester: Own a prototype light from a well-known brand
[X] It's who you know: Own a special/limited edition of a light that was not offered to the general public (e.g. BLF versions, limited-run lights)
[X] One light: Read at least 10 different "if you could only have one light..." threads on /flashlight
[ ] Patron of the arts: Commission a modified version of anduril from a community member
[ ] Exotic chemistry: Own a light with a battery chemistry other than alkaline, lead-acid, zinc-carbon, lithium primary, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, LiFePO4, or Li-Po (e.g. LiMn, LiCoO, mercury oxide, solid state, etc.).
[X] Lights and light accessories: Purchase community-made accessories for a light (diffusers, new parts, etc.)
[ ] Creator: Design/create flashlight accessories for the community
[ ] Recycling: Harvest lithium cells from a laptop, vehicle, or powertool battery
[ ] Enthusiast favorites: Own at least one light from each of: Emisar, Noctigon, Convoy, Sofirn, Wurkkos, Lumintop
[ ] Mil-spec: Own a light from any one of: Surefire, Modlite, Streamlight, Armytek
[ ] Mil-spec at home: Make your own potted light, from a convoy host or something similar.
[X] Adopted: Add a cheap no-brand light to your collection
[ ] Windy: Own a fan-cooled light
[ ] Like a PC: Build a watercooled flashlight
[X] Right tool for the job: Use one light to look for the different light you wanted to use for another task
[X] Should have brought two: Use a light for the opposite of its intended purpose (e.g. trying to read a book in the dark with a large thrower)
[X] Datalogging: Own measuring equipment to record the CCT, DUV, and intensity of a light
[ ] Texas-Ace: Own measuring equipment to record the lumens output of a light (integrating tube or sphere)
[ ] Tint snob: Own measuring equipment to record the CRI and R-Values of a light (eg: Sekonic C800)
[ ] ???: Go caving, visit a mine, or otherwise explore the underground and bring lights with you
[X] Dual wielding: Stick two different lights together end to end using magnetic tailcaps
[X] Meme value: Take a photo of your lights with a crab holder
[X] ???: Repurpose something not intended for lights as a light accessory
[ ] Some people get to have all the fun: Attend an IRL light enthusiast meetup
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2023.06.10 02:45 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] Get: ✔️Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] Get: ✔️Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System ✔️ Full Course Download

Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] Get: ✔️Kim Krause Schwalm – The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System ✔️ Full Course Download

We can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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  • Real-life split tests that reveal which headlines worked (and which didn’t).
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Module 2: Secrets to Killer Leads

Discover how to captivate your prospects and keep them reading with established and proven techniques. Take your leads from fluffy to first-rate as Kim shares the 6 types that keep prospects reading, how to open with a bang and what NOT to do!
But that’s not all. You’ll also…
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Fascinations might just be one of the best secret weapons in sales copy…if they’re deployed effectively! In this module, Kim not only explains what they are and why they’re so important, she gives you one of the most comprehensive explanations of how to write them you’ll find anywhere. Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:
  • 10 rules and 27 formulas that make writing fascinations a cinch!
  • How Kim writes fascinations with this exercise that will also test your skills.
  • How to take your fascinations from good to great as you watch Kim improve real-life examples while sharing her rationale behind the changes.

Module 4: Powerful Offers and Closes

You’ve done all of the heavy lifting, now it’s time to seal the deal! Find out how to make your offers irresistible with proven examples. And put to work the 10 close copy techniques that ensure prospects see your offer as a “no-brainer”. Plus you’ll also discover:
  • Ways to boost your average order value with upsells, cross-sells and down-sells.
  • How to create a guarantee that feels ‘iron-clad’ and risk-free.
  • Offers, closes and guarantees in the wild, plus a deconstruction of Kim’s winning Circ02 promo offer and close (and the full promo PDF you can go back and review).

Module 5: Bodacious Body Copy

Keep the pace up with unrelenting techniques to nurture your prospect through to the solution you know they need. Here you’ll discover the 10 types of sidebars to use throughout your promo to pull your prospect into your copy, overcome objections and prime them to buy, and/or send them to your order page.

Module 6: Crafting Compelling Emails (or Lifts)

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You also get to see Kim break down two of her successful controls (promo PDFs included). The first breakdown, that she did at her LIVE Copywriting Velocity event is on her control sales page and email for Green Valley’s Triple Joint Relief supplement.
The second breakdown, that she did with a small group of mentees, is on her control sales page and email for New Market Health’s SetraVida anti-aging supplement.
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2023.06.10 02:45 adiksaya I have no idea what any of these acronyms mean and WTF is a Blueberry startup?

I have no idea what any of these acronyms mean and WTF is a Blueberry startup? submitted by adiksaya to LinkedInLunatics [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:43 DropTeaNotBombs H: Trade List W: Items from Wanted List

Wanted List:
B/E/15r Light Machine Gun
B/50c/15c Bow
B/E/25 Handmade
B/50c/25 Laser Rifle
OE/AP/Cav Marine Left Arm Priority
Uny/AP/? Forest Scout Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg
Red asylum dress
Groll Enclave Plasma
Lead offers Low interest
Small guns bobbleheads Low interest
Live and love #3 Low interest
Guns and Bullets #3 Low interest
Tesla Science #7 Low interest
May consider other items similar to what's on this list
I have:
Leather Coat
Deathclaw Mask
Gou/E/25 Fixer
Jug/50c/15c Fixer
Ext/VHC/25 Fixer
TS/50c/15c Fixer
TS/E/15r Fixer
Q/50L/25 Fixer
Q/E/1P Fixer
F/VHC/25 Fixer
F/50c/25 Fixer
T/E/25 Fixer
Mut/E/15c Fixer
V/VHC/15c Fixer
Aa/FF25 Railway
Ari/E/25 Railway
Ari/E/15c Railway
Ari/VHC/15c Railway
B/50c/25 Railway
B/E/1P Railway
Be50c/25 Railway
Q/E/FMSWA Railway
Q/DWA/25 Railway
T/FF15c Railway
Q/DWA/15r Handmade
Gou/E/15c Handmade
Jug/50c/25 Handmade
Junk/DWA/15r Handmade
F/E/25 Handmade
F/DWA/15r Handmade
Aa/E/DRWA Handmade
B/E/- Handmade
B/E/15c Handmade
BeDWA/15r Handmade
Gou/FF15r Handmade
Mut/FF25 Handmade
Mut/50c/25 Handmade
N/50c/15c Handmade
Aa/50c/25 Combat Rifle
Aa/VHC/25 Combat Rifle
TS/FF15c Combat Rifle
TS/RAP/25 Combat Rifle
Jug/FF15c Combat Rifle
Jug/E/15r Combat Rifle
Med/FF15r Combat Rifle
Aa/50c/25 Radium Rifle
Aa/50c/15c Radium Rifle
Q/FF15c Radium Rifle
Sta/50c/15c Radium Rifle
Aa/50L/25 Plasma Rifle (Non Enclave)
Q/50c/15c Plasma Rifle (Non Enclave)
Ass/FF15c Enclave Pistol (Reflex, aligned short barrel)
Z/50c/25 Enclave Flamer (No reflex, stab flamer)
B/50L/25 Gauss Rifle
V/DWA/15r Gauss Rifle
Exe/50L/25 Gauss Rifle
Ari/FF15c Ultracite Laser Pistol
Jug/FF15r Laser Rifle
Ari/E/15c Assault Rifle
GS/FF25 Assault Rifle
Aa/FF15r Auto Grenade Launcher
B/50L/15r Auto Grenade Launcher
BeFF15r Auto Grenade Launcher
Aa/FF90 Missile Launcher
Sta/DWA/90 Missile Launcher
B/FF25 Light Machine Gun
Ext/E/90 Light Machine Gun
F/E/90 Light Machine Gun
Jug/E/250 Light Machine Gun
Junk/FF15r .50 Cal
T/FF90 Flamer
Ari/FF15r Cryolator
B/50L/15r Cryolator
F/DWA/15r Cryolator
MS/DWA/90 Cryolator
BeFF90 Gatling Laser
TS/FF90 Gatling Laser
Gou/DWA/90 Ult Gatling Laser
Aa/DWA/- Gatling Plasma
Med/FF90 Gatling Plasma
Mut/50c/25 Gatling Plasma
MS/DWA/90 Gatling Plasma
Q/RAP/90 Pepper Shaker
B/DWA/250 Pepper Shaker
B/DWA/25 Pepper Shaker
V/50c/25 Pepper Shaker
B/DWA/90 Minigun
Q/E/- Minigun
F/Bash/- Minigun
Jug/Bash/15c Minigun
Jug/FF90 Minigun
Junk/FF90 Minigun
MS/Bash/90 Minigun
MS/FF90 Minigun
Ass/E/15r .50 Cal
BeFF25 Tesla Rifle
I/FF15r Tesla Rifle
Exe/FF90 Tesla Rifle
Sup/50c/25 Tesla Rifle
Ari/50c/15c Submachine Gun
B/FF15r Submachine Gun
N/FF25 10mm Submachine Gun
Jug/FF15r 10mm Submachine Gun
Mut/E/25 10mm Pistol
Sup/E/25 10mm Pistol
B/E/15c 10mm Pistol
Aa/50c/15c .44 Pistol
Gou/E/25 .44 Pistol
Mut/E/25 .44 Pistol
Ari/FF15r SA Revolver
Ari/E/15r SA Revolver
Gou/FF15r Pipe
TS/FF25 BA Pipe
Q/FF15r Pipe Revolver
N/FF15r Gamma Gun
Aa/E/25 Double Barrel
B/VHC/15c Double Barrel
F/E/15r Double Barrel
Q/E/1A Double Barrel
TS/E/90 Pump Shotgun
B/50c/25 Combat Shotgun
Ass/E/15c Lever Action Rifle
MS/FF15r Lever Action Rifle
Q/DWA/15r Lever Action Rifle
T/E/25 Hunting Rifle
Sup/E/25 Hunting Rifle
Ext/50c/15c Bow
MS/50c/15c Bow
I/RAP/15c Bow
N/50c/25 Crossbow
Aa/50c/15c Crossbow
Ari/50c/15c Thirst Zapper
Aa/FSS/1S Board
Jug/FSS/1S Board
F/FSS/1S Bowie Knife
Gou/40pa/90 Chainsaw
Mut/40pa/1S Chainsaw
MS/40pa/1S Chainsaw
N/FSS/90 Chainsaw
Aa/FSS/1S Combat Knife
BeFSS/1S Combat Knife
T/FSS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet
Ari/40pa/40 Drill
T/FSS/1S Drill
B/FSS/1S Fire Axe
Exe/FSS/1S Golf Club
Ari/FSS/1S Guitar Sword
F/FSS/1S Guitar Sword
Z/FSS/1S Hatchet
Gou/FSS/1S Meat Hook
N/FSS/1S Multi-Purpose Axe
Jug/FSS/1S Pipe Wrench
I/FSS/1S Pole Hook
Ass/FSS/1S Pool Cue
BeFSS/1S Pool Cue
Ext/FSS/1S Security Baton
Jug/FSS/1S Security Baton
Junk/FSS/90 Sheepsquatch Staff
Ass/FSS/1S Ski Sword
Mut/FSS/1S Ski Sword
BeFSS/1S Slegehammer
Ext/FSS/1S Slegehammer
N/FSS/1S Slegehammer
Mut/FSS/1S Super Sledge
Sup/FSS/1S Walking Cane
Sup/FSS/1S War Drum
Z/FFS/1S Baseball Bat (Lvl 15)
-/FSS/1E Slegehammer
85k Ult 5mm rounds
Armor Pieces:
Ari/AP/AWR Ultracite Right Arm
Ari/AP/AWR T-45 Right Arm
Ari/1C/Cav Raider Power Left Arm
Ari/1A/Cav Raider Power Right Arm
Ari/AP/HTD Forest Scout Chest
Ari/AP/HTD Marine Right Leg
Ari/7LED/HTD Urban Scout Right Arm
Ari/7LED/HTD Urban Scout Right Leg
Ari/AP/Rad Urban Scout Left Arm
Ari/7LED/AWR Wood Left Leg
Ari/AP/5ED Robot Chest
Ari/H&T/Sent Robot Left Leg
Ari/1S/Cav Raider Right Leg
Ari/1S/WWR Leather Left Leg
Ari/AP/5FD Combat Left Leg
Ari/7LED/AWR Combat Right Arm
Ari/AP/5FD Marine Left Arm
Ass/AP/Cav Heavy Combat Chest
Ass/7LED/Sent Heavy Combat Chest
Ass/AP/JWR Raider Power Right Leg
Ass/AP/AWR Marine Right Arm
Ass/1S/Sent T-45 Left Arm
Ass/1S/JWR Robot Left Arm
AS/7LED/Sent Sturdy Leather Right Arm
AS/AP/HTD Heavy Leather Right Arm
AS/AP/Cav Robot Left Leg
AS/AP/WWR Marine Left Arm
AS/1S/AWR Sturdy Robot Right Leg
AS/AP/JWR Raider Power Right Arm
AS/7LED/Sent Excavator Left Leg
Bol/1S/Cav T-45 Right Leg
Bol/1A/Sent Raider Power Left Arm
Bol/1E/Sent Raider Power Right Leg
Bol/1S/Cav Excavator Left Arm
Bol/1I/WWR Ultracite Chest
Bol/AP/JWR Heavy Raider Right Leg
Bol/AP/5FD Marine Left Arm
Bol/1S/Cav Leather Left Leg
Bol/1I/Sent Combat Right Arm
Bol/1E/Cav Combat Left Arm
Bol/1S/Cav Sturdy Combat Left Leg
Bol/1S/Cav Forest Scout Right Arm
Bol/1A/WWR Forest Scout Right Arm (Urban Scout Reverse)
Bol/Poison/FDCWR Urban Scout Left Leg
Bol/Poison/AWR Heavy Raider Left Arm
Bol/1I/Cav Trapper Chest
Bol/1C/Sent X-01 Right Arm
Cham/AP/JWR Leather Right Leg
Cham/AP/HTD Robot Left Arm
Cham/AP/HTD Sturdy Robot Right Leg
Clo/AP/5ME Leather Left Arm
Clo/7LED/AWR Sturdy Leather Left Leg
Clo/AP/Sent Leather Right Leg
Clo/AP/HTD Forest Scout Right Leg
Ext/AP/JWR Marine Left Arm
Ext/AP/WWR Sturdy Robot Right Arm
Ext/AP/JWR Sturdy Raider Right Leg
Ext/7LED/WWR Heavy Metal Right Leg
Ext/7LED/Sent Raider Power Left Arm
Ext/H&T/Sent Raider Power Right Leg
GS/1S/Cav Marine Left Leg
GS/7LED/Cav Sturdy Metal Chest
GS/1I/Cav Raider Power Right Arm
GS/1I/Cav T-45 Right Arm
H/AP/AWR Forest Scout Right Leg
H/AP/WWR Marine Left Leg
H/1I/WWR Marine Left Arm
H/1I/FDCWR Raider Chest
H/1S/Sent Raider Power Right Leg
H/1S/AWR Urban Scout Left Arm
H/AP/FDCWR T-45 Right Leg
H/7LED/Sent T-45 Left Arm
H/AP/Cav Sturdy Robot Left Leg
H/1S/AWR Raider Right Arm
H/AP/JWR Raider Power Right Arm
H/AP/AWR Marine Left Arm
H/AP/Rad Marine Left Arm
H/1S/Sent Leather Right Leg
LS/7LED/Cav Sturdy Combat Chest
LS/1S/WWR Marine Right Leg
LS/1S/JWR Marine Left Arm
LS/7LED/5FD Marine Left Arm
LS/1S/JWR Heavy Raider Right Leg
LS/1E/Cav Urban Scout Left Leg
LS/1E/FDCWR Urban Scout Right Arm
Mut/1S/5ED Marine Left Arm
Mut/AP/JWR T-51b Left Arm
Mut/Rad/Cav Heavy Raider Left Arm
Mut/1S/HTD Sturdy Robot Right Leg
Mut/1S/FDCWR T-45 Right Arm
Mut/7LED/FDCWR Forest Scout Left Arm
Mut/1S/FDCWR Urban Scout Chest
Mut/AP/5PD Trapper Right Leg
Mut/Rad/FDCWR Trapper Left Arm
Mut/AP/50BS Ultracite Right Leg
Mut/1S/Cav Ultracite Left Leg
Mut/1L/WWR X-01 Chest
Mut/AP/AWR X-01 Left Arm
MS/1S/Sent T-45 Right Leg
MS/1S/HTD Sturdy Combat Left Arm
MS/1S/Sent Marine Right Leg
MS/AP/Cav Marine Chest
MS/1S/WWR Marine Left Arm
MS/Fire/Sent Marine Right Arm
MS/1S/Cav Trapper Right Leg
MS/1S/Cav Ultracite Left Leg
N/Rad/WWR Excavator Right Leg
N/7LED/Cav Wood Right Leg
N/1S/FDCWR Metal Right Arm
N/1S/FDCWR Marine Left Arm
N/1L/FDCWR Marine Left Leg
N/7LED/Sent Marine Left Arm
N/1L/Cav Marine Right Arm
N/1A/Cav Marine Chest
N/Poison/Sent Marine Right Leg
N/1S/WWR Leather Left Leg
N/AP/HTD Trapper Right Leg
N/1I/FDCWR Trapper Right Leg
N/1S/HTD Heavy Metal Left Leg
N/1S/WWR Sturdy Metal Right Arm
N/AP/50BS Forest Scout Left Arm
N/Fire/Sent Wood Chest
OE/AP/FDCWR Heavy Combat Left Arm
OE/Cryo/FDCWR Forest Scout Left Leg
OE/Poison/Sent Forest Scout Left Leg
OE/Fire/FDCWR Forest Scout Chest
OE/1I/AWR Leather Right Arm
OE/7LED/Sent Raider Right Leg
OE/AP/JWR Trapper Left Arm
OE/AP/FDCWR Marine Right Leg
OE/1A/Cav Marine Left Leg
OE/1A/AWR Metal Left Arm
OE/AP/Frost Wood Left Arm
OE/7LED/Sent T-45 Right Leg
OE/1S/FDCWR T-45 Left Leg
OE/1I/Sent Raider Power Chest
Regen/1S/WWR Sturdy Leather Left Leg
Regen/AP/Sent Ultracite Left Arm
Regen/7LED/Sent Urban Scout Right Leg
T/7LED/Cav Excavator Torso
T/AP/Sent T-51b Torso
T/AP/FDCWR Trapper Left Leg
T/1S/Sent Sturdy Combat Left Leg
T/1S/WWR Marine Right Arm
T/AP/Frost Metal Left Leg
T/AP/Cav Combat Left Leg
T/AP/Cav Raider Power Chest
Uny/1L/JWR Raider Chest
Uny/AP/JWR Robot Chest
Uny/AP/JWR Sturdy Robot Right Arm
Uny/AP/- Sturdy Combat Chest
Uny/Cryo/Cav Heavy Combat Left Arm
Uny/1Int/- Wood Right Arm
Uny/1Int/- Heavy Metal Right Leg
Uny/Fire/Cav Marine Chest
Uny/1A/Cav Marine Left Leg
Uny/Poison/Cav Marine Right Arm
Uny/1C/Cav Marine Left Arm
Uny/1S/Sent Metal Right Leg
Uny/1E/Cav Forest Scout Chest
Uny/1L/Cav Forest Scout Right Arm
Uny/25DHTD Forest Scout Left Leg (Lvl 40, Urban Reverse)
Uny/1E/Cav Urban Scout Right Leg
Uny/Cryo/Cav Trapper Right Arm
Van/AP/Cav Sturdy Combat Chest
Van/AP/AWR Marine Right Leg
Van/7LED/FDCWR Marine Left Arm
Van/1C/Cav Marine Right Leg
Van/Poison/Cav Marine Left Leg
Van/1A/Cav Marine Left Arm
Van/1L/Cav Marine Right Arm
Van/1L/FDCWR Marine Chest
Van/1P/FDCWR Marine Left Leg
Van/7LED/WWR T-51b Left Arm
Van/1S/5MED T-51b Chest
Van/1E/Cav T-45 Left Leg
Van/1C/Cav T-45 Right Arm
Van/H&T/Cav T-45 Right Leg
Van/1C/Cav Excavator Left Arm
Van/7LED/JWR Ultracite Right Arm
Van/AP/HTD Trapper Left Leg
Van/AP/- Wood Left Arm
Van/1S/Cav Wood Right Arm
Van/AP/JWR Forest Scout Left Leg
Van/1E/Sent Forest Scout Right Arm
Van/AP/Fall Urban Scout Chest
Van/Poison/Sent Robot Chest
Van/1E/Sent Heavy Robot Chest
W/AP/- Sturdy Combat Left Arm
W/AP/- Heavy Combat Left Leg
W/AP/FDCWR Trapper Chest
W/AP/5ED Forest Scout Right Leg
W/AP/Fall Forest Scout Right Leg
Z/1S/Cav Forest Scout Left Leg (Urban Reverse)
Z/AP/WWR Leather Right Leg
Z/AP/HTD Urban Scout Right Leg
Z/1S/HTD Forest Scout Chest
Z/1S/Sent Raider Power Right Leg
Z/1S/JWR T-45 Right Arm
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2023.06.10 02:42 lavalampstealer Mimic Mask Project (slight IEYTD2 spoiler)

It’s my first time posting here so forgive me if I’ve marked the post incorrectly.
I’ve been making the broken Mimic Mask from the end of IEYTD2 (I had to resize it to my face, so it looks a little different to the in-game model). Next is to attach some metal plates on the back to keep it bent in shape, then I have to seal the foam, paint it, and seal the paint. Hopefully the small details survive and won’t be covered
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2023.06.10 02:40 Turbulent-Math-7190 Umm hi, im an army vet. No idea what im doing trying to navigate the VA.

I don't know if its ok to share my whole story but as summarized as I can, my mos had me behind a computer screen. I thought it was a nice cushy job, but my unit was a disaster. We had no leadership or command structure my first 6 months. Then when we finally got sent to our shops. The next year, after 2 unrelated murders and a bunch of people popped hot for drugs, our Brigade Command team disappeared without a word. There was no command structure after that, not even a squad leader. I got severely burned doing a stupid detail and ended up with nerve damage in my hands. We would have these rare and erratic "PT Weeks" where there was no PT plan and it was just run until you puke, after 3 10 mile runs and a surprise PT test, I tore my hip flexor and ended up on cruches and a cane for a while.
I love the people I worked with in my shop, most of them were civilians, but the work we did took a heavy toll on me. It was right at the start of ISIS and you can only watch so many executions and death camps until you completely crack. I couldn't exercise, I had no one to talk to, and I just started to isolate more and more. I had to figure out how to ETS on my own, and the only guidance I got when I tried to mention any of this was "no one cares about your problems, the VA wont help you."
After I seperated it was like this roller coaster started and I cant get off. I tried to work after the military, but I am constantly sore, I can barely eat. I have constant nightmares and anxiety attacks that get so bad I stay awake for months on end until im a complete wreck. Its hard to hold down any jobs. If I see certain things I break down in tears and panic attacks before I even realize. People just keep getting upset at me and I feel like no matter how hard I try to make it or fake it, I keep shooting myself in the foot. I got long covid a year ago and ended up in the VA hospital because I couldn't afford anywhere.
Ended up meeting some nice mental health folks and they eventually pointed me to this reddit to ask for some guidance about a disability claim.
Theres so much information im trying to sort through. I guess, whats the best place to start?
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2023.06.10 02:37 Quetzhal DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. 44

Chapter 1 Prev Next
It is the 4,625th day of Awakening.
I am afraid.
The Elders tell us that all will be well, that the Record we are creating is merely educational — but I can feel in the Firmament that there is a great change coming. I do not know what that change is, but I fear it will spell the end of everything I hold dear, and I am afraid.
Perhaps this is irrational of me. I have little evidence to support these thoughts. The Seers have sounded no alarms, and our people are all healthy. My two sons flourish in their classes. They excel with the Firmament, creating wonders previously unheard of. Perhaps the fear I feel now is simply the fear of an old woman, and yet...
Every day, the trees seem a little more dead. Every day, the sky loses a little more color. I have been to the Healers, and I have been told that my eyes are fine; all three of them are perfectly functional.
I do not know what I am seeing. I do not know why I am the only person that sees it. The Awakening could be the cause, and yet I show no other signs of being Awakened. My Firmament levels remain stable, and there is no hint of a phase-shift or any of the associated phenomena. I have to assume what I feel is mere paranoia, and yet...
And yet.
Only time will tell.

It is the 4,670th day of Awakening.
I have begun to track the color-loss phenomenon. Unfortunately, objective measurement proves impossible — luminal scans exhibit the same loss of color as the objects they depict, making them unreliable, and my own memory is hardly an objective means of measurement.
What I have discovered, however, is that this color loss appears to correlate directly with properties that are objectively measurable. Identifying the property that is affected is hardly trivial, but I've been able to isolate a few undeniable ones that even our best Seers cannot explain.
Which means they have to take me seriously. I have been promoted to Seer myself, though the particular means through which I am able to observe this phenomenon is still unknown. It is one of our primary research objectives
I am... still afraid. But I am also excited. I may contribute to one of the biggest discoveries of our lifetimes. My sons are proud of me, and both are applying to work on this project with me. I am proud of them too, although I have not said it. They have grown into fine young men.

It is the 4,700th day of Awakening.
The Record is still crucial, I am told, though the Elders do not explain why. I do not mind — there is something soothing about inscribing my thoughts into the stone. The Firmament hums as it wears through each layer, creating a resonance I have not encountered before; I wonder if the material for this stone is special.
We have made... a limited amount of progress in understanding the color-loss phenomenon. It does appear that the scope of it is limited. It does not extend outside our city. For me, at least, there is a clear line beyond which the world is bright and vibrant; I had almost forgotten how beautiful a world full of color is.
Everyone I speak to insists the world they live in remains just as vibrant, but they can no longer deny that things have changed. Formerly durable objects are breaking far more frequently, and our technology is not as reliable as it should be. Some among us have called for an evacuation of the city, though the Elders and most of the Seers think this is foolish.
I do not know where I stand on the matter. I think I may apply for leave, however. I would like to see the flowers outside the city in full bloom; I hear they are especially beautiful in the light of our moons, when both of them are full.

It is the 4,730th day of Awakening.
I am, once more, afraid.
We cannot evacuate. It is uncertain the exact moment this happened, but it appears that a boundary has been established around our city — a boundary that matches the same invisible line only I can see, where the world of color splits from the world without. We cannot leave, and we cannot make contact with the world outside. The Elders have long ceased to respond to us, even before the boundary appeared, and I wonder if they perhaps knew that this might happen.
It is suspicious that not a single one of them remains in the city.
The Seers that remain are divided. Many of us wish to search for a solution to break this barrier so that we may escape. Our home is crumbling around us. Our buildings can no longer stand tall. They sag on weakened supports that threaten to collapse. Our windows no longer let in the light, and our mirrors no longer reflect our forms.
There are those among the Seers that believe we simply need to adapt. We can find new materials that have been less affected by the Change and build a new world around it. They are not incorrect, but to get the population to give up their homes...
It will be a hard task to bear.
I do not know why I continue using the Record. I feel the Elders have betrayed us, and I am not the only one among the Seers that believe this. But if nothing else, I wish for my words to live on, and for my love for my sons to live on.
They are both good men. I wish they were not trapped here with me.
I wish I could see the flowers again.

It is the 4,800th day of Awakening.
We have made no progress, and our supplies have dwindled; our crops no longer grow properly. Others report that they have glimpsed, in passing, the world that I see — in the moments just after dawn, when the sun peeks over the horizon and casts its rays over the city. For a fraction of a second, they see a city filled with gray, one that has lost all color and vibrancy.
It is the world I have been living in. It is... difficult. I make regular trips to the edge of the city to gaze into the forests that surround us. It is a reminder of what the world should look like.
I am thinking I will build a home there. At least that way, I will see the world of color every morning. I may not be able to touch it, but perhaps that will be enough.

It is the 4,900th day of Awakening.
A hundred days have passed since the last Record. The decay has grown exponentially — we are no longer able to see outside our city. A pitch-black darkness surrounds us. Everything within, however, remains perfectly lit. The Seers are baffled, and the citizens are doing their best to contain their panic.
My sons have taken on leadership roles in the crisis. I could not be more proud of them. The elder, Juri, now helps to break up the conflicts that have been erupting more frequently between our people. Tensions are high, and I cannot blame them.
The younger, Yarun, has learned medical Firmament techniques, and applies them to healing and preventing the spread of disease. He is a kind man — I have seen him more than once, both as his patient and as his mother.
They both seem so tired, but so determined. I wish their lives could be more than this.

It is the 5,000th day of Awakening, and we have discovered the source of this.
It is a Firmament phenomenon, although this knowledge is nothing new. Strange types of Firmament are common, and it is the only thing that could be responsible for such a widespread change. What is less common is for one type of Firmament to be this insidious.
A fellow Seer, Reysha, was the one to identify the particular phase of Firmament. Because I was the first to identify this phenomenon, she theorized that I was especially sensitive to the Firmament that was causing all this; again, nothing new, but nothing we could work with.
But Reysha took it a step further. There is a pattern of Firmament fluctuation within me that appears to respond to changes to Color Drain Firmament, as we have come to call it. She isolated the fluctuation, then inverted it, and created a sample of Firmament that appears to drain all color within it.
With this, we can locate the source. Our Firmament sensors indicate there is something underneath the city emanating this Color Drain Firmament. The expedition begins tomorrow, and I will be on the team, as I am the only one that can sense dangerous changes in this Firmament.
I am... still afraid. But I am excited. I have not seen color for many days, and it seems there may be hope at the end of this nightmare.

It is the 5,002nd day of Awakening.
The expedition failed. There are creatures underneath the city that the Seer team was not prepared to fight. We have lost two of our number.
Uzar and Zenith. May your names be remembered.
We will bring both Juri and Yarun on our next attempt. I hesitate to bring them into danger so quickly, especially when Juri has so recently bonded... I am sure Varus will understand. The stakes are high, and he is no fool.

It is the 5,004th day of Awakening.
Varus and Juri make an incredible team. I would be ashamed for not including Varus in the expedition to begin with, were it not for the fact that I did not know he could fight. With his assistance, the creatures within our sewers were no match, and Yarun was able to identify and counter many of the traps that threatened to consume us.
It is strange. The sewers beneath our city no longer match the plans that are on record. There are dead ends where there should not be any, and areas where the brick appears to have grown into the dirt. There is something about this that is almost... root-like.
No coincidence, then, that housed in the center of all these Firmament fluctuations appears to be a large, Firmament-imbued tree. Its branches dig into the walls of our sewers, and its roots fade into brick and concrete as they merge with the floor.
I do not know what to make of this, and neither do the others. Reysha and a number of the other Seers are analyzing it as I make this Record. We have sealed it off in a containment unit, but the barrier has not dissipated, nor have the colors returned — Color Drain Firmament is more virulent than expected.
I fear there are more questions now than ever before.

It is the 5,010th day of Awakening.
The rogue Firmament has been partially contained, though the process was difficult. We can see the sun and the stars again for the first time in almost a year. There is weeping in the streets. Hope, though small, rises once again.
There remains no sign of outside assistance. No messengers have come to our city borders, to see what has happened to us. No family members, demanding to see their mothers and fathers, their brothers and sisters. It is strange — our people are not so easily cowed. Only the Elders could accomplish isolation to this degree, and I cannot fathom why they would.
It is no matter. We continue to explore the Underground — the root system expands every day, and more and more of us need to be recruited to fight against the color-oozes, lest they break into the city and wreak havoc. Juri and Varus are heading the recruitment efforts, assigning quests to those brave enough to delve.
We have discovered more of the trees. There is no singular source, which explains why we cannot completely contain the effect; more of them grow by the day. Cutting one down lessens the effect, but there are too many, and they are constantly growing. The efforts to establish Delve teams are of great assistance, but...
I do not know. The running theory is that there is a singular source at the center of a complex root-network. A single source is our greatest hope. It is something we can target and destroy, so long as we can find it.
I only hope that we do.

It is the 5,020th day of Awakening.
What hope has grown has begun to wither. There is little to report, so I will use this Record to speak of my personal matters. I hope if this Record is found, it will honor the memories of those I love.
Varus has grown to be a part of the family. Yarun looks up to him, I think — he has begun to train his own combat skills, while developing his talents with medical Firmament.
It hurts my heart that our once-proud city has become a battleground where we must fight to survive. But if we must fight, then I am glad to be fighting amongst the most amazing people I know.
Let my children be remembered for more than their talents. Let Juri be remembered for his love for knitting, though he lacks the talent; Varus wears his sweaters anyway, overlarge and badly put-together they might be. Let Yarun be remembered for his love for books — of adventures and exploration, and his wish to see the stars.
Let Varus be remembered for the joy he finds in painting. He has lost the most, perhaps, in this world we now live in. But he still paints, finding beauty in gray and monochrome, putting together the shades like a masterwork craftsman.
This may be my final entry. There is little space left in the Record. Tomorrow, we dive once more Underground, and this time we will not leave until we find the source. The city's supplies are dwindling, and we cannot afford to hold out any longer.
If there are no further entries, assume that we have failed.

I stare for a moment after I'm done parsing all the text on the obelisk. It's written in a small, tiny script, burned into the stone with Firmament I don't recognize — the stone itself is remarkable, though I'm not able to sense it with any particular fidelity in the time-stopped world of an Inspiration.
Speaking of which...
Gheraa's voice sounds behind me, tired and amused. "This is abuse of the Interface, you know," he says. "Inspirations do not exist so you can stop time and read."
"Didn't agree to your terms of service, so I don't particularly care," I say dryly. "That's what happens when you drag people into deadly Trials."
I finally turn around to face Gheraa — and abruptly stop. He looks... beaten up. The golden lines that trail down his cobalt-blue skin flicker with dark-brown stains, and the smile he gives me is bruised and weak.
I stare for a moment, speechless, before I finally find the words to speak. "What happened to you?"
Chapter 1 Prev Next

Author's Note: Lore! This chapter's chunkier than the usual ones. Fun to write, though.
RoyalRoad Patreon (on chapter 51, 54 before the end of the weekend)
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2023.06.10 02:36 Admiral-Bobbery [US,US] [H] Tons of cards from every era; Tons of WotC holos including Base2 Charizard; Wigglytuff ex, Tate & Liza Alt & More! [W] PayPal, Trades

Have these for sale/trade today: Base/Jungle Fossil/Base2/Team Rocket Gym/Neo/Promos ex Era/DPPt/HGGS BW/XY SM/SWSH CGC 9 Shiny Koffing Jumbo Cards
The only thing over $100 is Charizard, looking for $175
Various Closeups
Conditions truly vary across all eras, let me know if you want a closeup video of anything. The only consistent thing are the Base 1st editions, they're majority HP, with nothing better than MP.
Looking for the following things (LP/NM, Raw, English only): 1. PayPal FF 2. WotC Cards 3. Unseen Forces 4. Very few Modern(ish) cards 5. Sealed SWSH booster packs (loose, not sleeved) 6. NonHolo 1st Edition cards 7. I'm willing to trade for cards that are not on my wants list, but only if it's an obvious "trade-up", and I'm not looking to peruse binders. Just toss offers out there. Comments of "Anything in my recent?" with no mention of what you're interested in will be ignored
Everything will be priced based off TCGPlayer Market Price, or ebay recent sales where applicable. Shipping is $1 for PWE, $4.5 for BMWT.
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2023.06.10 02:32 1m_Just_Visiting So…weird one here. Anyone had the valve seal TSB done, then experience their car not wanting to shift passed 4th under heavy load?

So this is a weird one. I had the valve seal TSB done on my 2021 6 2.5T in March. It had about 33k on it at that time. Never had any issues with the car. I did experience the “low oil level” problem twice. Once from brand new when the car had about 4K miles on it. Got the oil changed the next day (this was in July of 2021 before Mazda knew about the issue) and once again in February. Got the oil changed immediately. The TSB was done the next week.
Now here’s the weird part. I know it sounds like the typical “ever since you…” story. But…it is. Ever since the TSB was done, my car absolutely refuses to shift past 4th gear under heavy acceleration. Literally hits a wall like it’s limited.
The situation is this: I have about a 3 mile somewhat urban drive through town until the start of a rural highway. Traffic is usually decently heavy. As soon as the surface street turns into the highway, I’ll generally get on it a bit and get up to speed and try to get some space between me and surrounding cars. Plus, it’s a decently zippy car, and it’s fun to play around a bit. I don’t beat on the car otherwise, and this is generally the only time I do any “spirited” driving. In the past, I’d get on it and it would GO. Sometimes I’d be doing 90mph before I realized how fast I was going. Very quick mid-range.
Ever since the TSB was performed, I’ll get on it at the start of the highway, and when it hits about 75-80 mph the acceleration stops literally like the engine is limited. I can put my foot to the floor, and the RPMs refuse to climb any further, and hang right around 4,500-5,000, right before it should be shifting. I have to take my foot completely off the accelerator for a good second, then reapply. Then it usually continues as if nothing happened. It just starting happening one day and hasn’t stopped. It’s never an issue during normal driving, but I could see this being dangerous in a passing situation.
Has anyone else experienced this? I think I’ve narrowed it down to not wanting to shift out of 4th. And recently it’s gotten worse, where it takes 3-4 lift and reapplication cycles of the accelerator before it will go again.
Nothing else about the car has changed. Runs great. I maintain it right down to the T of the maintenance schedule. The acceleration hasn’t changed at all, it just hits a wall when it gets to that point. Then after it gets passed it, it’ll accelerate like crazy again.
I always remote start the car before driving it. So it runs for 5-10 minute before driving (CNY winters and spring are cold.) Plus then I drive about 3-4 miles through stop lights and stop and go traffic before I hit the highway. So the car is up to temp by that point even on the most frigid days. It’s done it whether it’s cold out, warm out, started beforehand or not. Doesn’t change.
I’m apprehensive to bring it to the dealer for obvious reasons. How am I supposed to 1. Admit it happens at speeds approaching or exceeding 80mph. 2. Expect them to try to replicate it by going out and romping on it up to 85-90mph. And 3. They’ve failed to replicate a few issues in the past and I just have no faith in them fixing normal issues, let alone this strange one.
Regardless of the legality of the speeds, it’s an issue the car should not be having, and did not exhibit before.
It currently has about 37k on it and is just shy of 2 years old.
Anyone else experiencing anything similar?
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2023.06.10 02:32 -BIZARRO- H: Weapons and Armor W: UNY/AP Heavy Robot CP, RA, RL Offers (3*)

AA/50HC/15RL Enclave Aligned Sniper with Reflex Sight and Stabilized Stock
AA/EX/15RL Railway Rifle
AA/FFFR Railway Rifle
AA/FF15V Handmade
B/50C/25 Cryolator
B/EX Radium Rifle
F/FF90 Gatling Plasma
Q/FF90 50 Cal
Q/E/90 Railway Rifle
Q/FFFR Railway Rifle
Q/RAP/25 Enclave Aligned Auto Rifle with Reflex Sight and Stabilized Stock
Q/50C/15V Handmade
Q/EX/15V Handmade
Q/RAP/25 Fixer
Q/EX/50DR Double Barrel Shotgun
TS/EX/90 Gatling Gun
TS/EX/15V Railway Rifle
V/50C/15RL NU Laser Rifle
V/50C/15C Enclave Aligned Splitter with Reflex Sight and Stabilized Stock
OE/1I/SENT Heavy Robot LL
UNY/PSENT Heavy Combat RL
UNY/AP/AWR Heavy Metal LL
UNY/1S/SENT Heavy Metal RA
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2023.06.10 02:19 PermanentlyBanned69 Orange Z Kush (Orange Cookies x OZ Kush) - $30 OTD - Sunnyside Rockford - COA Included - Interesting High - Good Taste

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2023.06.10 02:18 Hankapotomus Next Trans

Next Trans
Have all Seal Land 20s cleared. Assuming I need to regress Elo. What trans/homeowner do I go for next and team around them? 4 splendid demon bells currently.
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2023.06.10 02:18 ImAYokster Future Outlander Idea: Dahomey Warrior

Future Outlander Idea: Dahomey Warrior
With an Aztec warrior all but confirmed to be the next hero, I'd like to hopefully see a Dahomey warrior as the next/last/whatever Outlander character.
I know a Viking hero is next, the other factions have their own installment patterns so let's ignore them for now. Seeing as we can be solidly confident that the Aztec warrior will be male (since Afeera is female, and the teaser has a male narrator that's presumably him), if they are to make an outlander hero after that who is female, I'd vote for a Dahomey Amazon.

- An African hero seems to be runner up to Aztec for non-European heroes the community clamors for. A lot of wants and wishes for a Zulu warrior appears on threads and forums, since the Zulu warriors are the most famous.
- While Dahomey is much less famous in the West outside of France, they scratch the same vibe for Westerners, while also having access to IMO more diverse armor and cosmetics due to better wood, metals, and foreign trade.
- Dahomey Amazons have a historical legacy leading up to the 19th century as feared women warriors. If there is another dedicated female hero, it'd only be proper to give it to them.

PS: I'd also like them to be a tank, just because most of the recent heroes have been agile and dodge-heavy, and since one thing Dahomey warriors were noted for was pain resistance, give them a tankier fighting style like Lawbringer or Warlord would make for a nice change of gamepace.
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