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2023.02.04 01:22 BonerbeaterTickleDic Shrek : Forever After

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a king and queen had a beautiful daughter named Fiona.
But she was possessed by a terrible curse.
By day, a lovely princess. By night, a hideous ogre.
Only true love's kiss could lift her curse.
So Fiona waited in a tower, guarded by a dragon, until the day when her true love would arrive.
But as the days turned into years, the King and Queen were forced to resort to more desperate measures.
Whoa, there.
I don't know about this, Lillian.
Fairy Godmother said only true love's kiss could break Fiona's curse.
I don't trust that woman, Harold. This may be our last hope.
Besides, he does come highly recommended by King Midas.
But to put our daughter's life in the hands of this... person?
He's devious. He's deceitful. He's, he's...
Mrs Highness.
How do you do?
Down, Fifi. Get down!
As you can see, everything's in order.
So you'll put an end to our daughter's curse?
And, in return, you sign the kingdom of Far Far Away over to me.
Lillian, this is madness! What choice do we have?
Fiona has been locked away in that tower far too long.
It's not like she's getting any younger.
But to sign over our entire kingdom?
Well, if your kingdom's worth more to you than your daughter...
Nothing is worth more to us than our daughter.
Jump, Fifi, jump!
Just sign it and all your problems will disappear.
Your Highness! The Princess! She's been saved!
Who saved her?
No one would have guessed that an ogre named Shrek, whose roar was feared throughout the land, would save the beautiful Princess Fiona.
True love's kiss led to marriage and ogre babies!
The kingdom of Far Far Away was finally at peace.
Goody for them! And they lived happily ever after!
Sir? You're gonna have to pay for that.
Maybe we could make a deal for it, little boy?
Oh, I'm not a real boy. Do you want to be?
Nobody needs your deals anymore, Grumpel Stinkypants!
I wish that ogre was never born!
Wake up, Daddy, wake up!
Good morning. Good morning to you.
Better out than in.
That's my line.
Did my little Fergus make a...
...big, grownup ogre stink?!
Oh, that's diabolical!
And on your left, the lovable lug that showed us you don't have to change your undies to change the world!
I wonder what Shrek's up to in there.
Get in there. Get... Impossible to put on!
OK, the dragon goes under the bridge, through the loop...
...and finally, into the castle.
Play date!
Then Shrek kissed the Princess.
She turned into a beautiful ogre and they lived...
Ever... After.
Look! A sh**ting star!
So, what did you wish for?
That every day could be like this one.
Come here, you.
Morning, Daddy.
Better out than in.
Did my little Fergus make a...
Cute. Real cute.
This lovable lug taught us you don't have to change your undies to change the world!
Play date!
Shrek! The outhouse is clogged up!
She turned into a beautiful ogre and they lived...
Happily... Ever...
Daddy, get up! Morning.
Better out than in. This lovable lug...
Play date! No!
Outhouse again!
Come on.
Get up, get up! And they lived...
Happily... Ever...
Nice landing, baby.
Hey! Now remember, don't eat the valet.
Happy birthday, ninos! Vamos a la fiesta!
Hey, Shrek, Shrek!
Mr Shrek, would you sign our pitchforks?
And our torches?
Oh, man, you used to be so fierce!
Yeah, when you were a real ogre!
A real ogre?
Shrek, it's a sing-along. You've got to sing along!
No, thanks. Please? I'll be your best friend.
Why does being your best friend entail me doing everything I don't want to do?
Please, Felicia, not in Daddy's ear.
Excuse me, Mr Shrek?
Could you do that ogre roar of yours for my son?
He's a big, big fan.
Do the roar.
You know, I'd rather not. It's my kids' birthday party.
Do the roar. Honey?
Why don't you go check on the cake?
Sure. And don't forget the candles.
Hold still.
Thanks for the pants, Muffin Man.
I always wanted chaps! Yee-haw! Giddy up!
Monsieur Shrek. Howdy, Shrek!
Your cake. Voil�!
What is that supposed to be? That's Sprinkles the Ogre!
Isn't he cute? He looks just like you.
But happy. It's a party, Shrek. You gotta cheer up!
I'm in a great mood, actually.
Oh, I'm gonna lick me a rainbow! Donkey!
As long as you're not doing anything, how about one of those famous Shrek roars?
Do the roar. Let me set you straight, Butter Pants.
An ogre only roars when he's angry.
You don't want to see me angry, do you?
Do it.
Hold it together. Just hold it together.
Daddy, he's getting away. Do something.
Oh, good.
What happened to the cake? Trust me. It's an improvement.
You licked it! No.
Just because you're an ogre, doesn't mean you have to eat like one.
Looks like you forgot the candles!
OK, just watch the cake. I'll go get them.
Watch the cake?
Where's the cake?! We ate the cake.
Ya. What?
No, don't cry.
Hey! I believe you promised my son a roar.
Do the roar. Roar.
I don't like it. Pigs, we need another cake.
We ate the other cakes. One roar, man.
Hey, everybody! Shrek's gonna do his famous ogre roar!
Not now, Donkey. Pigs, are there any cupcakes?
We ate them, too. They have lollipops.
No, I ate them.
You didn't share? Well, you didn't share the croissants!
Everything's gonna be OK. Shrek, what's going on?
Come on, Shrek, your fans are waiting! Do the roar.
We need the cake!
Cake! Cake! Cake!
I love you, Daddy.
Everybody, I have found another cake!
Shrek? Are you OK?
Unbelievable. Tell me about it! Those villagers...
I'm not talking about the villagers, Shrek. I'm talking about you.
Is this really how you want to remember the kids' first birthday?
Oh, great. So this is all my fault? Yes. But you know what?
Let's talk about this after the party, at home.
You mean that roadside attraction we live in?
Step right up! See the dancing ogre! Don't worry! He won't bite!
I used to be an ogre. Now I'm just a jolly green joke!
OK, OK, maybe you're not the ogre you used to be.
But maybe that's not such a bad thing.
I wouldn't expect you to understand. It's not like you're a real ogre.
You spent half your life in a palace.
And the other half locked away in a tower.
Look, all I want is for things to go back to the way they used to be!
Back when villagers were afraid of me, and I could take a mud bath in peace.
When I could do what I wanted, when I wanted to do it!
Back when the world made sense!
You mean back before you rescued me from the Dragon's Keep?
Shrek, you have three beautiful children, a wife who loves you, friends who adore you. You have everything.
Why is it the only person who can't see that is you?
That's just great.
If she thinks I'm gonna slink back there and apologize, she's got another thing coming. She's not the boss of me.
I'm an ogre and I'm not gonna apologize for acting like one.
Help, please! Someone, anyone at all, help me!
Please, help!
Please, help!
I'm stuck! Help!
Oh, please, help!
Someone, anyone! Help me!
The pain! I can see a bright light. A tunnel!
Grandma? Is that you?
Yeah, it's me, Granny.
An ogre! Please, Mr Ogre, please don't eat me!
I'm not gonna eat you.
But you are an ogre... Aren't you?
Yeah, well, I... I used to be.
Look, move out or get crushed.
So you're not gonna eat me?
No, thanks. I already had a big bowl of curly-toed weirdo for breakfast.
Wait up! What's your rush? Where you going?
What a coincidence! I was just heading that way myself.
But, seriously, let me give you a ride. I insist.
Come on. It's the least I can do after all you've done for me.
I got a hot rat cooking.
All right! Can I interest you in a mudslide? Slug and tonic?
A liquid libation to ease that frustration?
Eyeball-tini? Well, maybe just one.
So the centaur says, "That's not the half I'm talking about. "
I gotta say, Shrek, I envy you.
To live the life of an ogre... no worries, no responsibilities.
You are free to pillage and terrorize as you please.
Free? That's a laugh. Oh, yeah?
Sometimes I wish I had just one day to feel like a real ogre again.
Why didn't you say so?
Magical transactions are my specialty!
Great. Next to mimes, magicians are my favourite people.
Hold on.
"King for a Month. " "Knight for a Week. "
Ogre for a day.
Think about it, Shrek. To be feared and hated.
You'll be, like, "Roar!"
And the villagers will be, like, "Get away! It's Shrek! I'm so scared of him!"
It would be just like the good old days, when your swamp was your castle.
When the world made sense. All right, what's the catch?
Catch? No. There's no catch. No catchings, really.
I mean, there's something. Small thing. Nothing. A little thing.
All right, I knew it. So what do you want?
A day. A day.
Rat's done!
To make the magic work, you gotta give something to get something.
In this case, you gotta give a day to get a day. That's all.
I can't just pick up and leave my family.
But that's the best part, Shrek! It's a magical contract.
No one will even know you're gone.
And by the time this day is up, you are gonna feel like a changed ogre.
Still, I don't know.
Hey, no problem. Forget it, no big D. Doesn't matter.
Do you like white meat or dark meat?
So what day would I have to give up?
I don't know, any day. A day from your past.
A day you had the flu? A day you lost a pet?
A day some meddling oaf stuck his nose where it didn't belong destroying your business and ruining your life?!
Just for an example.
How about the day I met Donkey?
Now, there's a day I'd like to take back.
I don't know who that is.
I know. What about a day you wouldn't even remember?
Like a day when you were a baby.
An innocent, mindless little baby. Take any of those days you want.
Take them all for all I care. Oh, just one will do.
OK, good. A day from your childhood it is.
I guess there's nothing wrong with wanting a little time for myself.
Just 24 tiny little hours.
I'm still my own ogre! Yeah, you is!
I never needed to ask for anyone's permission before.
So why start now?
Go on, Shrek.
Sign it!
Go on, Shrek.
Sign it, Shrek! Sign it!
You signed it.
So, tell me. What happens now?
Have a nice day.
I think I fell on my keys.
There are 40 children in that shoe, which is why the weasel goes pop to this very day.
Oh, great.
As we head over the river and through the woods...
kll the ogre! kll the ogre!
This is the part where you run away!
Sure is great to be wanted again.
Nice one.
Oh, no.
My home.
Fiona! Are you in there?!
All right, Rumpel!
This wasn't part of the deal!
We've got another one, ladies! Get him!
Who are you?!
What are you doing in my swamp?
Looks like a troublemaker!
Spread 'em!
Nice job, ladies!
You witches are making a big mistake! I know my rights!
You have the right to shut your mouth!
Donkey, stop with the singing, will you?
Donkey, where am I? What's happening?
Quiet down there! Oh, I hate this song.
I'm driving, so I'm in charge of the music.
Will you witches make up your mind?
Donkey? What's going on? Do you know where Fiona is?
Quiet, ogre! You're gonna get me in trouble and I need this job.
I am not going back to work for Old MacDonald.
Tell me to E-I-E-I-O. "E-I-E-I-No!" That's what I said.
Where are my babies? And where's your wife, Dragon?
Look, I think you have me confused with some other talking donkey.
I've never seen you before in my life.
Never seen me before? Come on, Donkey!
And how do you know my name anyway?
It's me, Shrek. Your best friend?
A donkey and an ogre friends?
That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!
Can you at least tell me where they're taking me?
To the same place they take every ogre. To Rumpelstiltskin.
Stiltskin! I said quiet!
Oh, no.
It's time to crumble!
Place your bets! Place your bets! We start tout de suite!
Gingy snap!
There's one!
Disgusting, filthy ogre!
Hideous monster!
Filthy, filthy creature!
Disgusting creature!
Move it!
Don't worry, Donkey. I'll get us our lives back.
Yeah, right. Put a little mustard on mine, Captain Crazy!
Mr Stiltskin?
You got another customer.
Wolfie! Yes, Mr Stiltskin.
Bring me my business wig.
Mr Stiltskin, please!
OK, go. Please make me a real boy!
Go away! Terms are in the details, balsa boy.
Sayonara, termites! Hello, acne!
There he is!
So close!
Have I been waiting for you!
Ladies, this is the guy that made all of this possible!
So, tell me, how are you enjoying your day?
All right, Rumpel, what's going on? What have you done?
No, Shrek, it's not what I've done. It's what you've done.
Thanks to you, the King and Queen signed their kingdom over to me.
They would never do that.
They would if I promised them all their problems would disappear.
And then they disappeared!
They would have done anything if they thought it would end their daughter's curse.
I ended Fiona's curse!
How could you when you never existed?
You better start making sense, you dirty little man!
Here, let me spell it out for you!
You gave me a day from your past, a day you couldn't even remember.
A day when you were an innocent, mindless little baby.
You took the day I was born.
No, Shrek. You gave it to me.
Enjoy this while you can, Stiltskin, because when this day is up...
But you haven't heard the best part.
Since you were never born, once this day comes to an end, so will you.
Where's Fiona?
Where's my family?
Silly little ogre. You don't get it, do you?
You see, you were never born.
You never met Fiona.
Your kids don't exist.
How's that for a metaphysical paradox?
Looks like you got exactly what you wanted!
Happy Ogre Day! Rumpel!
Get him, witches!
You know what'd help morale around here? Flip-flop Fridays.
Feet be comfortable with the breeze on your toes.
Come on, girls!
Lock all the doors, you worthless witches! Do it!
I'll be right back, Donkey!
I don't know you! I don't know him!
I'm glad I'm not you.
Help me! Help!
No, not my pretty ball!
Watch out!
My angry wig.
Help! I've been kidnapped by a deranged, unbalanced ogre!
Donkey! Get off of me!
Watch it with your pointy hooves!
Just take my wallet! Hey!
I'm being ass-napped!
Animal cruelty! Help!
You need to calm down!
I'm your friend.
I'm not gonna hurt you, all right?
Good. I'm gonna let go...
...right... now.
Please! Eat my face last! Send my hooves to my mama!
Donkey! You've got to trust me.
Why should I trust you? Because...
Fine! Go ahead! Run away! Who needs you?
I've never seen an ogre cry.
I'm not crying.
It's nothing to be ashamed of. I cry all the time.
Just thinking about my grandma, or thinking about baby kittens, or my grandma kissing a baby kitten, or a little baby grandma kitten.
That is so darn sad. I said, I'm not crying!
Take it easy, I'm only trying to help.
It's none of my business why you're upset.
By the way, why are you upset?
I was tricked into signing something I shouldn't have.
You signed up for one of them time-shares, huh?
No. I signed this.
You should never sign a contract with Rumpelstiltskin!
Yeah, I got that.
His fine print is crafty. I know.
His exit clauses are sneaky. Yeah, I...
What did you say? I'm talking about the exit clause.
Used to be, you had to guess his name, but now everybody knows who Rumpelstiltskin is.
Donkey, I've read the fine print.
There's nothing about an exit clause in here.
Well, you didn't expect him to make it easy for you.
Here, let me show you how it's done.
I didn't spend all that time around them witches without picking up a few tricks.
Your tiny, little ogre brain couldn't begin to comprehend the complexity of my polygonic foldability skills.
What are you doing?
Hey, I can't get my origami on unless you back off.
Thank you. OK, here's what you gotta do. You fold this piece here, make this letter match up here, bring this corner here, and if you do it just right, it will show you what to do. There!
"Try Lou's Bliss. "
Who's Lou?
Give me that!
"True Love's Kiss. "
You have to take me to dinner first.
"According to fairy tale law, if not fully satisfied, true love's kiss will render this contract null and void. "
Donkey, you did it! Look at you!
If Fiona and I share true love's kiss, I will get my life back!
OK! This isn't a petting zoo! So where is this Fiona?
Well, that's just it, you see.
I don't know.
You know, when I lose something, I always try to retrace my steps.
So... where did you leave her last?
The last time I saw her, I told her I wished I'd never rescued her.
Oh, no. Shrek?
Shrek! Shrek, wait! Wait, Shrek!
What, are you crazy? That's the Dragon's Keep!
They keep dragons in there!
OK, yeah, fine! Go ahead!
I'm gonna just hang back here and find us some breakfast!
Oh, no.
If I didn't save Fiona...
...then who did?
This is the favour Fiona was supposed to give me on the day we met.
It's a symbol of our love.
Now smell it!
Hey, man, get that dirty favour out of my face!
Your nose is the only chance I have of tracking down my wife, so stop complaining and start smelling.
Smell it! Get it! Away you go, girl!
Do I look like a bloodhound to you?
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a donkey, not a dog!
If I was a dog, they'd call me Dog, not Donkey!
And another thing...
Wait a minute.
I think I got something.
Whatever it is, it's sweet. Fiona.
Luscious and tasty.
Hey! That's my wife you're talking about.
Yeah! Waffles!
And I thought the Waffle Fairy was just a bedtime story.
Sticky stacks of golden, syrupy deliciousness!
Donkey! Don't eat that!
There's a stack of freshly made waffles in the middle of the forest.
Don't you find that a wee bit suspicious?
Oh, you... I'm just... What are you...?
Bad Donkey! Mustn't.
I said, don't! Don't! No! Get away from it.
You did.
Look out!
Are you OK? I'm fine.
Help! Help me!
Help, Shrek! Help!
Watch your head.
Hey, it's a new guy!
Look at him, all dressed up in his Sunday vest.
He's really tiny, isn't he?
Yeah. Fate has delivered us a comrade-in-arms and for that, we are thankful. Suit him up!
Let's go, greenie. Now, wait a minute!
Hey! Here you go.
Welcome to the resistance. Resistance?
We f*ght for freedom and ogres everywhere!
I didn't know we could do that.
Help! You can't eat me! I got the mange!
I'm poisonous! I'm all poi... I'll take him! This order's to go.
Hey! I haven't removed his giblets yet.
Trust me, you don't want to eat this one.
I go down smooth, but come out fighting!
Let go! Don't make Mama mad.
Your dinner is my friend!
Come on, guys! I got to get the giblets out!
She's back. There she is.
I'm so happy I found you!
Maybe you missed orientation, but for future reference, personal space is very important to me.
You don't know who I am, do you?
Brogan, I have news from Far Far Away.
Gather the others and meet me in the w*r room.
Gretched, make sure everyone is prepared to move out tonight.
I need to talk to you. What is it?
OK, I know you don't remember me, but...
...we're married. Hear me out.
And at the birthday party with some pigs and a puppet, the villagers wanted me to sign their pitchforks, and this boy kept saying, "Do the roar. "
Then I punched the cakes that the pigs ate and the next thing I knew, my donkey fell in your waffle hole.
Right? Who's with me?
I guess I must have kicked him harder than I thought.
Fiona, I need to...
Witches! All right, everyone, you know the drill!
Fiona! Witches! Oh, no!
Witches! Witches! Come on, now.
Fiona, that's the third patrol today. We can't hide forever.
Trust me, Brogan. After tonight, we won't have to.
That's your wife? That's my wife.
Well, I see who wears the chain mail in your family!
Some people like to look at the goblet as... as half empty.
Me, I like to look at it as half full.
We've gone from the bottom to the top, ladies.
But we're not just an empire.
We're a family.
Everyone has got their cupcake? Cupcake, cupcake? Good. Yes? Baba?
Yeah, you know, we have put away a lot of ogres.
And so one got away. Who cares? It's not a big deal.
It doesn't matter to me.
It's not like it's the end of the world.
Except... funny thing.
Now that I think about it, the ogre who got away is Shrek!
And if he shares a kiss with Fiona by sunrise, it is the end of the world! Our world!
My empire!
But, as I was saying, I like to look at the goblet as half full.
Yelling makes me so parched.
Would anyone care for some water? Wet your whistle?
A clear, crisp, delicious glass...
...of agua purificada?
Anybody's thirsty? Nobody's thirsty? No?
Well, then does anyone care to tell me what it's going to take to get this ogre? You.
Faster brooms?
No! Pointier hats?
No! You! Maybe we could hire a professional bounty hunter?
What a world! What a world!
You know, actually not a bad idea. Baba!
I need a bounty hunter.
And if music doth soothe the savage beast...
...then I think I might know just the person!
Listen up, everyone. Word has come from Far Far Away.
Stiltskin is leading tonight's ogre hunt himself.
He's never done that before. What? Why?
I bet that's because of us.
If that cupcake-eating clown finally leaves the safety of his filthy witch nest...
...he'll be vulnerable.
The plan's simple. If they follow the usual patrol route, they'll reach the river by midnight.
We'll be concealed along this road, waiting for his caravan.
Once they reach the clearing, I'll give the signal.
And then we attack!
And when the smoke clears... Wait, what's this?
That's my chimichanga stand.
No, Cookie. We won't be needing that.
Trust me, Fiona. Y'all gonna be really hungry after this ambush, OK?
Go and finish your little speech.
All right, as I was saying, when the smoke clears, Rumpelstiltskin is gone and the chimichangas have been eaten.
Far Far Away will finally be free.
And so will we. Spread the word.
We move out as soon as Rumpel leaves the palace.
Man, this is serious! Tell me about it.
How am I ever gonna get her to kiss me before sunrise?
Actually, I was talking about the revolution.
Why don't you just tell her what you told me?
About how you're her true love and you came from an alternate universe.
Well, while I'm at it, why don't I tell her that you're married to a fire-breathing dragon and you have little, mutant donkey-dragon babies.
I do?!
You saw what happened. She's gonna think I'm crazy.
I'm a daddy?
You know what? If I got Fiona to kiss me once...
...then I can do it again.
Shrek, do my babies have hooves or talons?
You should not be here, senor.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Feed me, if you dare.
Puss, what happened to you? You got so fa...
... fancy. Do I know you?
Well, where's your hat? Where's your belt?
Your wee little boots?
Boots? For a cat? Ha!
But you're Puss in Boots.
Maybe once.
But that is a name I have outgrown.
That's not the only thing you've outgrown.
Hey! I may have let myself go a little since retirement, but hanging up my sword was the best decision of my life.
I have all the cream I can drink and all the mice I can chase.
I'll get him later.
Puss, what have I done to you?
You've gone soft.
Well, I do get brushed twice a day.
Look, it's not too late to fix it.
All you have to do is help me get a kiss from Fiona.
What are you doing? Can I help you with something?
Well, I know how stressful mounting a rebellion can be...
...rallying the troops, planning attacks, so I brought you a little something to ease the tension.
A gift basket?
You're welcome. So let's see what you got.
Heart-shaped box of slugs.
Skunk-scented candle.
Look, this really isn't the... What's this? Coupons!
Let's see, "Good for one free foot massage. "
"A mud facial!" Oh, and here's one...
"Good for one free kiss. " Let's cash it now.
Look, I don't know what this is all about, but I'm trying to run a revolution.
So unless you have Rumpelstiltskin's head in there, I suggest you take your gift basket, get out of my tent and go make yourself useful!
Wow. You're right. I am sorry.
I was just trying to be friendly. No hard feelings?
An apologetic hug?
And a quick kiss goodbye.
Wait! Is that mistletoe I see?
Hey, Shrek! Are my babies cute, or do they make people feel uncomfortable?
Where'd we find that guy? Could it be true?
Have the years of prim and pampery made me soft?
Don't be silly. Now who's a pretty kitty?
I am.
Daddy thinks you look real nice, Fifi.
All right, Piggies, be gone!
Don't forget to take her little potty box with you.
This little piggy wants to go home!
Mr Stiltskin! He's here. Nice.
Pied Piper. How was your commute?
You call this guy a bounty hunter?
What's he gonna do, flute those ogres a lullaby?
OK, got it!
Make it stop!
All right, that's enough.
Looks like it's time to pay the piper.
Griselda, seriously, it's time to pay the piper.
Now go get my chequebook! Go! Move! Get out!
Things are getting real sloppy around here!
Here, now make sure they eat up!
You can't end tyranny on an empty stomach! Go on! Go!
Come on, Donkey. One more time, please?
All right, but this is the last time.
Here it comes. Look at him.
I see you!
That's quite a friend you've got there.
I can see why you haven't eaten him.
Donkey! I hate to pull you away from your adoring public, but I'm not getting anywhere with Fiona.
I need your help! Hey, everybody. Who wants dessert?
Where'd you get these? Fiona's garbage.
Just another gift from some clueless lover boy.
That's a good one, Cookie!
Anyone who knows Fiona knows this stuff ain't gonna work on her.
Works on me.
Donkey, what am I gonna do? It's like I don't even know her.
You in trouble, Romeo. The only thing Fiona cares about is her cause.
To the cause! To the cause!
All right!
Nice moves. What are you doing?
What does it look like? I'm getting ready for ambush action.
Oh, yeah. I always like to quad my lutes and do some scrunches before an operational... op.
This one taken?
We use that to clean the toilets.
And we use that one to clean the thing we clean the toilets with.
I knew that.
There you go, chief.
Hey... Scott?
My name is Shrek, actually.
You're going to get yourself k*ll at the ambush tonight.
I'll be fine. I think I can take care of myself...
Well, let's see about that.
Hey! Hey... Hey!
What the...?
I got it.
Give me your hand.
The dragon goes under the bridge, through the loop and finally...
Into the castle.
OK. Good.
It seems like you can handle yourself.
But, Fiona... Go get ready for the mission!
I will, but Fiona... That's an order!
All right, let's get those axes sharpened and w*apon packed!
Preparation is half the battle!
Ogre! Un momento! Un momento!
Ogre, ogre, un momento!
Just give me a minute.
Look, Puss, I'm a little pressed for time.
I am not believing what I have just witnessed.
Back there, you and Fiona.
There was a spark... a spark inside her heart I thought was long extinguished.
It was as if, for one moment, Fiona had actually found her true love!
I am her true love. I ended her curse.
You know of her curse?
By day, one way, by night another.
This shall be the norm.
Until you find true love's first kiss...
...and then take love's true form.
You even know the little rhyme!
It is true! You are the one! You must prove it to her!
How? Convince her!
Go to her when she is alone and tell her something that only her true love would know.
Know about what?!
Whoa! That's a whole lot of kitty! Shrek, can we keep him?
Excuse me. Coming through!
Pardon me, guys! Watch your back.
Look, Donkey, the chimichanga cart! Quick!
�ndale! After him, burro! Donkey, v�monos!
Man, you are a cat-astrophe!
And you are ri-donkey-lous!
I'll scout ahead. Wait for my signal.
Secure your positions!
It's quite a view from up here. What are you doing?!
Get back in position!
You need to know, once and for all, who I really am.
You are going to ruin everything!
Ruin everything? Actually, I'm gonna fix everything...
The ogres, Rumpel, your curse.
How do you know about my curse?!
OK, OK, please, Fiona... Just hear me out.
I can explain everything.
Where's Fiona's signal? What's she waiting for?
He's going to get away! No, he's not.
Listen, I don't know who you are or how you know about my curse, but if any of these ogres find out I'm...
A beautiful princess? That is not who I am! Not anymore.
Look, I know you're upset. You don't know anything about me.
I know everything about you.
I know you sing so beautifully that birds explode.
Big deal. I know that when you sign your name, you put a heart over the "I". So what?
I know that when you see a sh**ting star, you cross your fingers on both hands, squinch up your nose and you make a wish.
I know that you don't like the covers wrapped around your feet, and I know that you sleep by candlelight because every time you close your eyes...
...you're afraid you're gonna wake up back in that tower.
But, most importantly, Fiona...
...I know that the reason you turn human every day...
...is because you've never been kissed...
...by me.
You move fast. It's not me doing the moving.
Why is this happening?! Love?
No, I'm being forced to dance! By love!
No, I can't stop myself!
Please! Make it stop!
I can't control myself!
Yeah! Cookie's bringing the heat out of the kitchen!
Oh, no! It's the Piper!
I can't believe I let this happen, and it's all because of you!
If you'd just let me kiss you! What? You're insane!
We must do something before they fandango themselves into oblivion!
What can we do? First, you must stop dancing!
When somebody tooties that flutey, I got to shake my booty!
Then it's up to me!
Hurry! We must get them away from the music!
Puss and Donkey to the rescue! We saved the day!
Donkey... Can I borrow your tongue?
Say what?!
No. Hell...
I don't care how big your eyes get, player, it's not going down.
All right!
Where are you going? To save my friends.
How, by getting yourself k*ll? If that's what it takes.
Puss, say something.
Puss? Let me explain.
That's how you knew so much about me.
Fiona, wait! Kiss me. What?
It's the only way to save your friends.
Get out of my way.
You used to believe that a single kiss could solve everything!
I don't understand. This doesn't make any sense.
True love's kiss was supposed to fix everything!
Yeah, you know, that's what they told me, too.
True love didn't get me out of that tower.
I did. I saved myself.
Don't you get it? It's all just a big fairy tale.
Fiona, don't say that. It does exist!
How would you know?
Did you grow up locked away in a dragon's keep?
Did you live all alone in a miserable tower?
Did you cry yourself to sleep every night, waiting for a true love that never came?!
But... But I'm your true love.
Then where were you when I needed you?
Maybe you kissed her wrong?
The kiss didn't work...
...because Fiona doesn't love me.
Don't despair, fellow ogres!
They can put us in cages, but they can't cage our honour!
Shrek and Fiona are together?!
Yeah, I've heard enough of your toot-a-lee-toots! You blew it!
Wolfie! My speech wig.
Baba! Ready my makeup. And Piper, pull my socks up.
Attention, citizens.
Please stay tuned for a message from our tyrannical dictator!
Hello, people. It is I, Rumpelstiltskin...
...shepherd of your dreams.
Recently, a certain somebody has jeopardized our joyous lives.
And that somebody is the rat-munching ogre called Shrek!
That is why I come to you, dear citizens.
For whomever brings me this ogre, shall receive the deal of a lifetime.
Just think of it! Total and complete happiness. Ya!
Dazzling, radiant fulfilment! All your greatest wishes.
Yeah! Your wildest dreams.
Anything you could ever want! No strings attached!
But hurry, this is a limited time offer.
So light your torches, sharpen your pitchforks and get your mob on!
Shrek! Shrek! Shrek!
Go back where you came from!
It seems that we are safe.
Yeah, it looks a lot less pitchforky and torchy out there. Let's go.
What's the point? The kiss didn't work. It's over.
Look, Shrek, I know things might seem a little bleak right now, but things always work themselves out in the end, you'll see.
I bet by this time tomorrow... Don't you understand?
There is no tomorrow.
There's no day after that, and there's no day after that day after that!
My life was perfect and I'm never going to get it back!
If your life was so perfect, why'd you sign it away to Rumpelstiltskin?
Because I didn't know what I had until it was gone! All right?
I didn't know what I had.
Surrender now! I'm taking you in!
Don't try to f*ght it, ogre! The reward is mine!
You unhand me, green devil! What are you doing?
Collecting my bounty!
Bounty? What are you talking about, cracker?
Rumpelstiltskin promised the deal of a lifetime for whoever could bring you in. Deal of a lifetime?
Where all your wishes come true.
Wait a minute.
I can still fix this. How you gonna do that?
You know what? I'm gonna give Rumpelstiltskin exactly what he wants.
OK, Gingy, tell me about this...
Were you going to eat that?
Not Shrek. That is not Shrek. Also not Shrek.
That's not even an ogre, it is a troll! Nice try.
And that... Roar.
...is just sad.
And what is that supposed to be?
I'm just a frightened old man.
Don't listen to him! These ogres are crafty!
That is your father painted green.
No, it's Shrek! Honest!
Take them away!
Can no one bring me Shrek?! Where is he?
How hard can it be?! I want him! I want him! I want him!
I hear you're looking for me.
All right! Finally!
Who turned him in? Who gets the deal of a lifetime?
I do. What? But...
If I'm turning myself in, I get the deal of a lifetime.
That means you have to give me anything I want.
No! Only true love's kiss can break your contract!
So if you thought you were just gonna...
... in here and get your life back... I'm not here to get my life back.
Then what do you want?
The ogres. They are all free.
But where is Shrek?
This is not good.
I don't know. Not much of a storybook ending.
The noble Shrek turns himself in to save a bunch of filthy ogres.
All that matters is that they're free...
...and Fiona is safe.
I bet Fiona would be really touched to hear that.
But, hey...
...I guess you can tell her yourself.
Stiltskin, we had a deal! You agreed to free all ogres!
Oh, yeah.
But Fiona isn't all ogre, is she?
By day, one way, by night, another. Blardy, blardy, blar.
Nobody's smart but me!
That was a really brave thing you did, Shrek.
Thank you.
No, you were right.
I wasn't there for you.
And not just at the Dragon's Keep, but...
...every day since.
...you're here now.
Let go of me! I have got to save Shrek!
Don't be a fool, mule!
She's right. Rumpel's palace is locked up tighter than Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. And that cupboard wasn't guarded by a whole bunch of mean, ugly, nasty witches.
Hey! We can hear you!
We must get into the palace.
Man, Shrek and me just busted out of that place!
But how?
The same way we're gonna bust in.
Yay! My new pretty ball! Didn't it look bigger in the catalogue?
I guess it'll have to do.
Witches, finally, the moment we've all been waiting for.
The main event of the evening!
I present Shrek and Fiona!
And now, to put the past behind us once and for all, I give you a princess's worst nightmare!
Fiona's old flame, the keeper of the keep...
Donkey? And Puss!
In Boots!
Get them, get them, witches!
Donkey, woo her! Woo who?
Your wife!
I'll call you! We're in love!
Fiona, hold on!
Hey, you!
Chimichangas?! Get 'em while they're hot!
The dragon goes under the bridge!
Through the loop!
And finally...
Into the castle!
So long!
Come on, Fifi, go!
Go! Witches, close up the floor!
Come on, Fifi, go! Flappity flap!
Come on, go! Fly away! Up, up! Go!
Fifi, no!
Victory is ours!
Looks like we're having curly-toed weirdo for breakfast.
Hey, we make a pretty good team.
You have no idea.
His day is up. His day is...!
It's all right.
There has to be something I can do.
You've already done everything for me, Fiona.
You gave me a home and a family.
You have kids?
We have kids.
Fergus, Farkle and a little girl named...
... Felicia. Felicia.
I always wanted to have a daughter named Felicia.
And someday...
...you will.
You know what the best part of today was?
I got the chance to fall in love with you all over again.
Fiona, the sunrise!
You're still... an ogre!
True love's form. Impossible!
The kiss worked.
No, no, no!
No, not yet! I'm not ready! No, wait!
I love you, Daddy!
Shrek! Shrek! Shrek! Shrek!
Everybody, I have found another cake!
Shrek? Are you OK?
Fiona. I've never been better.
Happy Birthday, Farkle.
Fergus, my little man!
And Felicia, sweetheart.
I believe this is yours.
Thank you, Daddy.
Hey, Uncle Shrek! How about giving my babies an encore!
Please, se�or, let us have it!
I didn't know we could do that. That's my best friend!
You know, I always thought that I rescued you from the Dragon's Keep.
You did.
No. It was you that rescued me.
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What is Midas Manifestation All About?

Midas Manifestation is the first online program that has introduced the spiritual concept into the manifestation to help people manifest more money, financial freedom, a prosperous career, a loving relationship, and happy life.
We all are good at manifesting as our thoughts automatically attract what happens to us, but the problem with manifestation is the quality of what we attract.
Midas Manifestation teaches hidden secrets of the universe, which you can use to tap into the universe and manifest anything you want. In this program, you don’t need to do several hours of meditation, visualization, and manifestation exercises.
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Vincent Smith is a cultural researcher who travels to different parts of the world to study civilization and ancient texts. In fact, some of the secrets and methods provided inside the Midas Manifestation have been taken from Akashic records, which he found during his visit to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.
People who don’t know, The Library of Alexandria is one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world as it contains ancient texts, scripts, and inscriptions from many ancient civilizations of Egypt, Asia, Syria, Greece, and more.
Vincent doesn’t only take notes during his research; he applies the methods himself as well. For that reason, everything he shares in his presentations, workshops, university lectures, and programs is proven and tested by himself.

How Does Midas Manifestation Really Work?

Vincent Smith has created Midas Manifestation based on recently concluded scientific studies and decoding various ancient texts, scripts, and manuscripts. The handbook shows how some secret societies of the world have the power to connect with the higher authorities of the universe to make their dreams into reality.
Moreover, Midas Manifestation highlights how the internet and yogis misguide people by telling them about only seven chakras while science has proved that human bodies have 12 chakras.
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Midas Manifestation contains five different audio tracks containing scientifically proven frequencies which you must listen to every day. These audio tracks are designed to work on different energy points (chakras) in the body and tune them in such a way that they power up your root chakra, which is directly linked with prosperity, wealth, and abundance.
Here is a brief introduction of these audio tracks and how they help:
Track #1 – Manifest Destiny:
This audio track contains a 288 Hz frequency to awaken and activate the third eye chakra (6th chakra) in the body. This 288 Hz Frequency is popular in Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy as it helps in meditation, relaxation, pain relief, deeper sleep, stress relief, and mind expansion.
When this third-eye chakra is awake and active, it will improve your focus and help you live in the present instead of living in the past or the future.
Track #2 – Divine Willingness:
This second track contains frequencies at 216 Hz to activate your crown chakra. This crown chakra is about strengthening the connection between the body and spirit. When it is active, it can lift and inspire you, connecting you with the power of the divine.
The 216 Hz frequency is directly linked with targeting this crown chakra, improving your ability to receive abundance from the universe.
Track #3 – Anahata Bliss:
This audio track uses frequencies at 639 Hz to directly activate and awaken your heart chakra. This heart chakra helps in forming a deeper connection with other beings, both romantic and platonic relationships. You will feel immense happiness, joy, and bliss when it gets active.
The 639 Hz frequencies are included in this track because they balance emotions and lift the mood. Moreover, they also promote love, understanding, and caring in relationships.
Track #4 – Manipura Consciousness:
This soundtrack contains 528 Hz frequencies to activate your solar plexus chakra. This third energy point in the body is responsible for your confidence and self-awareness. It also helps you in controlling your life.
The 528 Hz frequency is also known as love frequency because it is the core of everything in the body, connecting the heart to the spiritual nature and bringing divine harmony. Moreover, it is said that this frequency had great importance in several ancient civilizations to manifest miracles and blessings.
Track #5 – Midas Unleashed:
This most important track of the program contains a 369 Hz frequency to power up the root chakra. This most important chakra is directly linked with stability, security, and basic needs in life. In this world, money is required to fulfill basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothes, so experts believe this chakra is responsible for bringing money into life.
The 369 Hz frequency, also known as Nikola Tesla frequency, can help remove guilt and negative belief from your subconscious mind. It also removes money blocks from the mind so that you can achieve your money goals.

Along with these audio tracks, Vincent also provided these guides inside the members’ area:

Quick-Start Guide:
This guide contains everything you need to know about these audio tracks. It tells you when to listen, how to listen, and for how long.
Moreover, this guide teaches you how to follow the program step-by-step to experience life-changing benefits.
Midas Manifestation Handbook:
This 118-page handbook contains everything Vincent has discovered by decoding ancient scripts and texts. It contains everything you need to know about getting money, love, and happiness in your life by using the universe's secrets that only a few wealthy elites know.
While reading this book is entirely optional for making Midas Manifestation work for you, but this book contains some golden pieces of advice I’m sure you don’t want to miss.
Universe Secrets:
Vincent created this 128-page guide with the help of a world-famous hypnotist to help you create financial abundance in your life. This book can help you understand how GOD or the universe can help you get all the money you want.
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Midas Manifestation Pros:

Easy To Utilize
Midas Manifestation is among the most straightforward manifestation programs. It doesn’t contain any meditations, breathing exercises, visualization, or other exercises. You only have to listen to the audio tracks every day.
Vincent has put this program in the most straightforward and easy-to-use way so that even the busiest people can utilize it. Additionally, he has provided guides to further improve your knowledge and discover universal laws and principles to attract money, love, happiness, peace, and more.
Based On Ancient Civilization:
Midas Manifestation is based on methods provided in the ancient texts and scripts to help you align your talents and desires in the way the universe can also help you achieve them.
It contains scientifically proven sound frequencies to heighten your awareness and align your mind's power in attracting money, success, opportunities, and all the good things you deserve.
Teaches Universal Laws and Principles:
Midas Manifestation not only teaches you universal laws and principles but also teaches you how to apply them in your everyday life to develop a better sense of how your relationships, career, success, opportunities, promotions, health, and other areas are interconnected with these laws and principles.
Easy To Access:
Midas Manifestation is a digital program, and you can download and start using these audio tracks, handbooks, and bonuses from the members’ area. You don’t have to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep.
Enhances Brain Power:
These Midas audio tracks contain specific solfeggio frequencies connected with energy points (chakras) in the body. These frequencies are scientifically proven to enhance natural intelligence and help in achieving the optimal mental abilities required for learning, organization, and solving problems.

Midas Manifestation Cons:

Audio Tracks Are Not For Everyone:
There are no known side effects of listening to these healing frequencies as long as you don’t listen to them at a very high volume (85+ decibels) for an extended period. However, people who have epilepsy (a disorder of the brain) should consult their doctors before listening to them.
No Exercises and Interaction:
While having no silly manifestation exercises is a good point, listening only to audio tracks can bore anyone.
Need Dedication and Commitment:
Using this program in the morning is recommended as you need to invest your 20 minutes daily to make it work for you. It is up to you when you want to listen to these audio tracks, but the program suggests using it in the morning as it is when your mind is fresh.
Available Only Digitally:
While digital programs can give you access to the content immediately without waiting for shipping and delivery, it is disadvantageous for someone who prefers a hard copy.
Results Vary From Person to Person:
No program can provide the same results to everyone as everyone is different. Some get results with these audio tracks within a week, and some take more than a month. It depends on various factors, but consistent users tend to get results faster than others.

Who is Midas Manifestation For?

Everyone can utilize the Midas Manifestation program to remove money blocks that prevent them from attracting money-making opportunities. Additionally, this program can help people who want to:
  • Improve their concentration and develop a sense of security
  • Eliminate feelings of fear, grief, and guilt
  • Remove negative energy from the body, home, and workplace
  • Strengthen the bond with the spirituality
  • Repair turbulent relationships with their spouses, friends, and family members
  • Get mental clarity
  • Realign their spirituality to connect with the universe on a conscious and deeper level
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Who is Midas Manifestation Not For?
People who don’t have a strong belief in themselves that they can change their life will not get benefits from this program. Additionally, some people still don’t believe manifestation can help them attract and manifest tangible things will also don’t get any benefit.
Moreover, people taking prescribed medications or therapies for their mental disorders should consult their doctors before using this program.

Is Midas Manifestation A Scam?

No! Midas Manifestation is definitely not a scam. It has received many videos and testimonials from customers claiming this program helps them in various ways.
One of the strongest points that put Midas Manifestation above its competitors is the universal laws and principles that only a few elite personalities know. The author discovered these secrets by reading countless ancient books, papers, and scripts on ancient civilizations.
Only a few people are using these universe secrets to attract money, and now the time has come for you to utilize them and live the life you always wanted.
All you need to do is listen to these audio tracks to keep yourself in a positive state and solve life challenges with your improved problem-solving abilities.
However, due to the immense popularity of Midas Manifestation, many sellers are selling fake copies of the program. They don’t provide bonuses like the official website and don’t include a money-back guarantee. Such sellers should be avoided.
Always buy Midas Manifestation from its official website .

Midas Manifestation Pricing:

Midas Manifestation is not expensive. Moreover, recently added discounts have made this program affordable for everyone.
You can access this program with just a one-time payment of $37. You will get five audio tracks and three guides to further improve your knowledge.
Midas Manifestation also comes with a money-back guarantee so that you can try this program without any risk. Within 60 days, if you feel this program is not helping you, just email customer service and ask for a refund.

Midas Manifestation Review: Final Verdict

Can you attract money, happiness, abundance, and prosperity by thinking in a certain way? The answer is, yes!
Inside Midas Manifestation, you will discover everything you need to know to attract all the good things you want in your life. Once you understand these universal laws and principles, it will help you to attract prosper career, happy relationship, better health, greater joy, and unlimited money.
This Midas Manifestation handbook teaches you everything about these universal laws and principles and also tells you how to apply them in your everyday life.
You don’t have to be famous to become successful. Even the average people with average IQs are getting life-changing results with these laws.
So stop waiting and thinking your life will change itself, take control of your mind power, and put it in the right direction towards achieving your dreams and desires.
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2021.10.20 19:48 stinkusmink Midas x skolyx moc toe [Initial impression]

Note: This is the second time im writing this, i wrote about 2000 words earlier but accidentally cancelled the post, please forgive me if its a bit less wordy than it should be.
-Manufacturer: Midas bootmaker
-Model: Moc Toe (this is currently an exclusive model for this collab)
-Last: Landshaker (goofy name)
-Size Eu 44
-Price 4999 sek (normally) but i had a 10 percent off coupon for being a reurn customer, I paid 4499.
-Leather: "Brown" pull up tanned at Yogyakarta, when the mystery man rents it out.
-Construction: hand welted and and hand sewn soke stitch with extra thick veg tanned shoulder leather toe and heel stiffeners.
-Sole: White Vibram Morflex
I fell in love with the service boots I got the other day and had a bit of extra money from my Commission work; i wanted a pair of brown mocs so i decided to get these based on how skookum the service boots are. This pair has genuinely changed my perception of mocs. It's a stupid closed minded opinion, but i always saw mocs as the sort of unrefined bathrobe wearing "cool uncle" of the typical rounded toe boots. Large angular chunky things that a guy who calls everyone "dude" would wear. These have shattered that stupid opinion.
As with the service boots, they come in a lovely black textured box with gold embossing. The shoe bags are there too. Again, makes you feel like a king.
The model is the Moc toe, its a first for midas and currently an exclusive model to the skolyx collaboration. I genuinely hope they make it a normal MTO option at some point cause I was blown away by how much of a daisy they turned out to be.
These are made on the "landshaker" which compared to the Edlyn used for the service boot is a bit wider overall but not to the point where i would see it effecting too much in terms of sizing. Though insoles might be needed for people who are in-between sizes and have a thinner heel and or ball. Tldr: It feels like this last focuses on comfort.
I went with a size 44 (my basic sizes are 280 by 265) again after chatting with the people at skolyx. I was sort of worried about the prospect of the additional room but it ended up not being much of an issue at all. The fit is comfortable and lovely as is; but when i threw an insole inside it became absolutely perfect.
So pricing is crazy in Sweden, quite literally everything is expensive. So the asking price probably seems a bit high to most people, but taking into account the price of a midas MTO plus shipping plus duties (25% calculated by value plus price of shipping +85sek postnord scam fee for handling the package) its just fine by me.
The leather is lovely and depending on the light can look anywhere from a congac to a medium brown oxide. Its stiff as a coffin nail out of the box.from a distance the leather loos pretty one note, but up close you are treated much varied finish in terms of color and surface features? (I'm struggling to word this part) After a few walks throughout the day the initial toe creases went very well and look almost identical on each side. Great stuff
The construction, as with the service boot is a thing of beauty. Perfect stitching, perfect polish to the welt and midsole, these are a treat to look at close up. As stated before, as per skolyx request, this make up has much thicker stiffeners made of veg tanned shoulder leather. You can tell they are there! Not so much by looking but when you are wearing them. Unfortunately you'll just have to take my word for that. Its worth noticing the midsole/welt is twice the thickness as on the service boot. I assume this extra material is used for the heel on that one. Its incredibly thick, almost comically. The finish on this area is absolutely to die for. I was wondering where the join was for the welt and its so well joined i had a tiny bit of trouble finding it. Its in one of the photos. Overall. Absolute daisy of a pair. Leagues above what I'm used to in mocs.
The sole is the only area I'm not totally in love with. Its a white Vibram Morflex sole. This isn't by any means bad; much better than what I'm used to, i just haven't been much of a fan of wedges. Though its very very comfortable.
Tldr: Great stuff. I love these mocs, absolutely an order of magnitude better than the redwing mocs that i am used to.
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2021.10.08 05:14 lonelylazypotato Did the technician/associate remove my brake pads??

This has been bothering me for many years but here is what happened...
A few years ago I went to a Midas or Jiffy Lube or some oil place like that (can't remember) to get my oil changed. I went in during the last hour before they closed (lets say around 5:15 if they close at 6). It was definitely enough time to get an oil change completed or not SUPER last minute. There were 2 associates there that seemed like good friends and they didn't have any customers at all. The "manager" of the 2 associates said that they were closed and everything was turned off, so they couldn't help me. I mentioned how they close at 6 and should still be open for another 45 minutes. He apparently had somewhere to be and needed to close shop early. Told him it was really hard for me to get out there today as it was because I work 2 jobs and go to school. He gave me a card that he wrote "Free Oil Change" on and said that if I bring that in next time but don't say who gave it to me, they will take care of me. He was very insistent on not doing my oil change that day. So I ended up accepting the "coupon".
I ended up calling out of my morning job, so I can go stop by and get my oil changed. That morning there were 2 employees there: the REAL manager and the other one was the other guy that was working with the "manager" from the other night. I gave the real manager the card/coupon I had received the day before, and understandably, he asked how I got that and who gave it to me. I felt guilty, but I told him the truth that the employee from the day before gave it to me since they had to close up early. He was very frustrated but still gave me my free oil change. He also proceeded to vent about how that guy was a horrible employee that didn't seem to get anything done and he was thinking about letting him go. Other associate/friend of the "manager" heard everything that was said and was put in charge of changing my oil. When I was leaving the shop, I could feel it was REALLY hard to brake and it made an AWFUL metal grinding sound that I have never heard before. I felt too embarrassed to go back and say anything so I went home. I mentioned it to my parents and they had a family friend that is a mechanic check my car. He said my brake pads were completely gone; there was nothing there at all. I always thought that it was a weird coincidence that it all happened after I left that oil place.
Does it sound like that guy removed my brake pads? Could I have been seriously injured for my car not having any break pads? I'm thankful that it was almost immediately taken care of, but it's something I've thought about and wondered... could I have gotten seriously hurt if I kept driving my car around like that? I always wanted to go back and complain but I wasn't sure how I could prove it aside from my own word.
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