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2023.06.10 02:15 xTwiStEd_BuLLeTsx SOCOM ONLINE 2023

Let's Goooo!! G^
Join our DISCORD for set up videos, in-game voice chat and more:
Private ONLINE servers are up and ready!!
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2023.06.10 02:14 hemlinharl Local hostnames not resolving on macos (dig/host works but ping etc fails)

I am having a problem where hostnames on my local network are not resolving on macOS devices. My setup is the following: - router (running tomato) is the dhcp server - pi-hole has "Use Conditional Forwarding" enabled - both router and pi-hole have local domain ( set
The problem: - ping (or curl etc) on my macOS machine will not resolve local hostnames e.g. - ping will resolve these hostnames just fine on other machines (ubuntu, debian) - which means it's macOS that's the problem and not my routepi-hole settings. - dig, host etc will resolve the hostnames on macOS and other machines fine (and nslookup works fine on all machines).
I know that ping will use the OS to resolve the name, whereas dig/host will go to the DNS server directly. What I don't know is how to diagnose what macOS is doing incorrectly.
Prior to using pi-hole, macOS would resolve local hostnames just fine using the router.
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2023.06.10 02:10 InsomniacPhilosophy Lifespan 5000 with Idasen standing desk review

I found reading other peoples experiences really useful, so I thought I would offer up my own, especially my experience and decision on the treadmill.
Idasen sit stand desk:
Decision process was basically I found a used one. It was the smaller version, but the price was right. I suppose I can get another top later. The top looks and is cheap but is doing the job. The legs are sturdy, and the whole thing is stable.
Lifespan 5000 Glow up treadmill
I debated between this and the inmovement unsit. There are some negative reviews about the Lifespan going downhill or such thing. I ultimately decided that seems to be coming from inmovement owned sites. Before deciding, I called Lifespan with a question but no one picked up the phone. I thought to myself, here is a factor. I called inmovement figuring if they answered, service was better and that would weigh in my decision. They did not answer either. However, Lifespan did call me back (without a message, they must have tracked my phone).
I also liked the fact that the lifespan went faster than 2 mph, cost less, and I did not feel the extra width was useful. I was worried it was a little louder. After using the set up a while I have learned that the extra width would probably have been nice, but is not a dealbreaker. The extra speed is nice, but, again, 2 mph seems just about right almost all the time. Slower when typing. I don't think I would have been horrified by the 2mph limit on the unsit. The noise on the lifespan is not an issue. My coworkers can't tell I am on a treadmill. This is not because it is totally silent ; ou can hear the belt (not the motor). It's because Teams has background noise management that eliminates all the noise. All in all, I am happy with my choice. My experience leaves me thinking they are both fine choices if they are in budget. Decide if you want the width or the speed and cost savings.
I also thought I would move it around sometimes to use elsewhere. That's a big no. It is much more of a pain in the ass to move than I imagined. Its heavier than I imagined while moving on the wheels. IT also has a plug and a control box that sits on the desk. Moving and unplugging that to set up elsewhere would be a pain.
I use the treadmill desk to take meetings and do emails. IT has recycled monitors and stuff. I am ordering a new keyboard and mouse. I am not at the point I can do heavy work and I don't know if I ever will be. I'm glad I did not go all out on a big desk for multiple monitors. I don't see an easy way to move between sit and stand on the same desk anyway. A separate mildly equipped treadmill desk makes more sense for me.
I get a lot more steps in. I have to strap my fitbit to my knee to get the registered though. The ankle over estimated steps. I have a lot more energy throughout the day. This is the biggest benefit. I would never go back to sitting all day.
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2023.06.10 02:09 MrEnigma115 Wouldn't have expected 200mhz where I live for T-Mobile 5g home. Is this accurate?

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2023.06.10 02:09 No-Pension7575 Confused to what I should upgrade first

My current pc build is:
Ryzen 7 2700x (PBO enabled thru Ryzen master and bios) NZXT Kraken X52 240mm RTX 2060 VENTUS XS 6G OC (Auto Peformancing tuning ON) 32GB G.SKILL RAM 3200(XMP enabled) 1tb hdd 500gb ssd Corsair CX 550W 80 plus bronze
note: I am a competitive gamer so quality usually doesn't matter to me other than a few certain options that I may choose medium over low.
At the time of building this pc, it was 2020 and so I was using an online guide at the time. I saw the benchmarks for the 2060 working with 2700x to be more than 200 in certain games on high quality and since I like playing on Low most of the time I would expect a bit more. Ultimately building the pc the frames were good, but they were not benchmark good like I would see online with the same builds. No OC on the GPU/CPU would even remotely get me close to the benchmarks I saw.
I am now considering upgrading some of my parts, especially my GPU and CPU. Rn the market isn't horrible and I was looking at the RX6600 XT or the RX 6650 XT as my next GPU upgrade selling my old one to cover most of the cost of the new GPU. For my CPU I want to be able to get high fps and I sometimes do the occasional streaming on Twitch. I am thinking of getting the Ryzen 5 5600x since it is on sale and was hoping it would boost my gaming performance along with streaming at a constant 1080P/936P.
If you guys could please help me out with which path I should upgrade first and knowing my circumstances, I wanna be able to game at high FPS usually on competitive settings, and stream from time to time, it would be helpful. The new CPU or GPU isn't set so if there is a better option for a better price please let me know.
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2023.06.10 02:07 Emergency_Loquat_570 [WTS] law folder, complete AR-9 upper, and Timney PCC trigger

Time stamp:
For sale is a law folder, complete AR-9 upper, and Timney PCC trigger. Parted out from my set up. About 200 ish rounds through it.
Upper is a 10.5 9mm psa upper. Free float M-Lok handguard. The paracord is free. Has a BCM hand stop on it. Installed is an AAC 3 prong FH. Comes with BCG and Ambi charging handle, and a buffer spring with 9mm heavy buffer. Asking $250 for all.
Timney PCC competition trigger. It is a cassette style. Has the curved trigger shoe. Comes as seen in pic. Asking $150.
Gen 3 law folder set up. All is there including original box and all the parts. Asking $180
All prices are shipped. Payment is PayPal G&S Pm please
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2023.06.10 02:04 earthly_wanderer Since 12-14-2013. Thank you for everything so far QuantumBadger. You have our support going forward.

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2023.06.10 02:03 DogG6 [NA][PvX][Discord] (Newbies/Returning/F2P/Vets welcome) Æternal Senate [AETH] casual-but-coordinated, fun and mature guild WvW inbound!

Welcome (back) to the game, if you're new, returning or veteran! Have you just started the game with the Steam launch? Maybe you're a returning player catching up on story content or looking to get into more types of content? Or you're a veteran player who wants to have more accessible grouping for endgame and show off your Fashion Wars? If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of these questions, this is the right guild for you!
Learn and run every type of content with us, from story and open world content to endgame content such as Fractals, Strikes and Raids and the WvW Beta!

Our Guild

Æternal Senate [AETH] is a guild focused on including players socially as well as actively. We're casual and centered on fun and helping members progress, and coordinated, so members can focus on the fun stuff.
Communication and a social nature are emphasized parts of our guild, and guild chat and Discord for voice and text are important parts of keeping all of our members connected to the community.
Notice: we are located on the NA megaserver, and because of how Guild Wars 2's account system works, people on the EU server will not be able to play content with us without transferring.

Who we're looking for

We welcome members who are just starting out in the game, returning after a break, or are dedicated veterans. Our guild is home to every type of player and person, and you’re welcome as part of this. If you're new, we'll help you learn; if you're returning, we can help you see what's new to the game; and if you're experienced, we're an organized platform to enjoy and progress in Guild Wars. Shy or chatty, jokey or serious, we're a community built of all personalities!
We don't want members to seem like just another number, and you don't either! For this, and as we focus on including every member that we can, we have light and flexible requirements, though we’re only looking for people that want to be friends to and part of the community.

What we do:

We play small and large content together as a guild, in squads or parties, scheduled or spontaneous, both PvE and PvP. We never enforce gear or build requirements for our events, anyone is welcome to join, though we do try to keep things (casually) coordinated past that. Here our main events:
  • PoobadOperations - our nights for quick and varied back-to-back content ranging from open world stuff like Living World, seasonal content, world bosses, events, jumping puzzles, as well as instanced content like dungeons, Fractals, story content or achievements.
  • Variety Instanced Content - Each week, jump into different 5-man and 10-man instanced content to progress in Masteries, Collections and gearing.
  • Strike Missions - Delve into 10-man boss fights and learn tight new mechanics to impress the quaggans with.
  • Raid Training - Multiple nights a week, learn builds, gearing, profession roles and Raid mechanics to set you up for running Raids, and then run them in relaxed groups alongside other guildies!
  • Full Raid Clears - In addition to raid trainings, join multiple nights a week full-clear both HoT and PoF raids in experienced groups. This event is intended for experienced, fully-geared and built players.
  • Fractal Friday - every Friday, learn and run Fractals with other guild members! Fractals are mechanics-focused five-man instances. If you're new, we'll teach you all you need to know; if you're a veteran, jump into a guild party to run dailies.
  • Progression-focused Variety Open World - Jump into metas and open world content across the core game and expansions in a guild squad twice a week. This event is focused on progressing Collections, Achievements, Masteries and earning the unique drops from open world content.
  • Guild Missions - join a guild squad for varied instanced and open world content across Tyria, ranging from puzzles and obstacle courses to hunting down bounty targets and finding hidden locations.

To join:

  • The absolute best and fastest way to join is through our Discord. Or:
  • You can also comment here or DM me on reddit if you have questions or need an invite.
  • Contact us in-game with a whisper or mail: Dog G.6589, Kattia.3965, ZilBilTril.3815, DangerHeart.5873, sanferic.7259 or AersiaNightingale.7835
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2023.06.10 02:01 Asian_Dora_Official How Tightly Targeted should my Ads be?

It's my first time running G ads.
I don't have a big budget. I am planning to spend between 1500-3000 USD for 300 clicks. I did research on my ideal customer (their annual income, their location (to the census block), marital status, hobbies, age, etc).
So should I set up the campaigns with very strict targeting requirements? Or should I leave a little bit of "room" to see who is actually clicking on my ads?
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Whats up guys, i have a problem that i hope someone on here can help me with.. Recently i decided to finally upgrade and build a pc after 10+ years of gaming on console. I was excited to get the full gaming experience and be able to play games not available on console. I was definitely happy with the transition until a few weeks ago. For the first few days, everything was great. I was enjoying my time on my new setup and getting adjusted to mouse and keyboard. I never really noticed any sort of issues while playing. That was until about a week or two after getting my set up, i notices that the games were really choppy. I especially noticed it got worse as i ADS'ed. and this happened to pretty much every game i would play. At first i thought it might have been my wireless rzr mouse that was low on battery that was causing this. Changed the batter inside the mouse and no luck. Figured maybe it was my connection (ethernet), but when i tested my connection speed on windows 11 it said 1000/1000mbs. Ontop of that i play in the same room with my girlfriend who is playing on a ps5 through wifi and her game runs way smoother than mine. So i started to do my research and was overwhelmed to find the million different things that could be causing this. So as a newbie, i started trying all the tips and tricks i could. I tried disabling my "RegEditor". I tried lowering resolution on each of my games. I tried disabling as much as i could on start ups. Ive turned on Gaming Mode. No luck whatsoever. I even tried running Fortnite while monitoring my cpu usage which maxed out to 43% (which is average from what i have read online). I honestly dont know where to start diagnosing this issue. I spent well over 2.5K on this set up just for my games to not run right. I dont know what to do and im honestly regretting my decision on getting a PC. I feel like this is way too much to deal with for just wanting to game lol but if someone could please give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated. Im sorry if im incompetence is frustrating to some of you PC gurus, but im need of help!
PC Build: Ryzen 7 7800X3D MSI B650P Pro Wifi AMD AM5 AXT Motherboard Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB G.Skill Trident Z5 32 (2x16) Dual Channel GeoForce RTX 4070ti 4.0 Graphics Card MSI MPG A850G 850 watt 80 plus gold All in a Lian Li Lancool RGB ATX Tower Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Hyperx RGB Keyboard Gigabyte M32U Monitor Windows 11
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2023.06.10 02:01 AutoModerator [I HAVE] JOEL KAPLAN - SMMA 7 FIGURE AGENCY CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

[I HAVE] JOEL KAPLAN - SMMA 7 FIGURE AGENCY CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
The Course includes:

• Welcome
• Pre-Pillars
• Pillar 1 - Setting Appointments
• Pillar 2 - Closing Appointments
• Pillar 3 - Systems & Scaling
• Resources
• SOP Library
• Bonuses
• 7 Figure Agency - Paid Ads Clinic Replays
• 7 Figure Agency - Sales Clinic Replays
• 7 Figure Agency - Q.A Replays
• FAQ Library
• Resources

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).

50+ Vouches from clients
750+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.10 01:57 McClacky [US-CA] [H] Hoshizora WKL, QK60, Zoom65, SA Copper, ePBT Timeless, Misc [W] PayPal, Local

Looking to part with some items. I was planning plenty of builds but due to unforseen circumstances, have to scrap some plans.
Prices all include shipping in CONUS, via PayPal Business invoice. I'm local to 92867 and 91744.
Hoshizora / WKL / Red / Unbuilt
Brand new A-stock Hoshizora from the original raffle in wine red. Comes in the custom case with all original parts, H60 solder PCB, and aluminum plate.
$475 / $440 local
Zoom65 / Wild Green / PVD Black / Unbuilt
Brand new Zoom65. Comes in the case with all original parts, SS black knob/weight.
$210 / $190 local
QK60 / Clear+Mint+Ice / Hotswap+Wireless+Split BS / POM plate / Unbuilt
Brand new QK60. Clear top case, mint (blue) bottom case, ice white weight. In case with all accessories.
There is a minor imperfection on the bottom case, just where the left foot goes. It's a small smudge, I don't personally find it visible when looking head-on, but I photographed it here.
$175 / $150 local
ePBT Timeless / Base set
Brand new set.
$115 in box / $100 in bags or local
SA Copper / TKL + Alphas
Brand new set.
$145 / $130 local
GMK Fuji RAMA / Sealed
GMK Nautilus RAMA Enter / Sealed
BearCables Cafe Coiled Aviatior Cable
USB C to USB A. 7 inch coil, 4 foot straight cable. Gently used for a few months.
Serika non-aviator cable
$15 ($5 if included with any purchase)
Cherry Blossomx Yozakura Deskmat
Brand new
$30 (local only)
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2023.06.10 01:57 Frank_Leroux Molossus, Chapter Nineteen

First Chapter
Chapter Eighteen
Chao peered at the holographic display at the front of the landing boat as she talked to an international audience. “Okay, folks! You can now see the Coalition Exploration Bureau’s ship Exultant Finger of Rithro. It’s missing its usual armor configuration; normally, this corvette would have triangular cones of armor at the front and back. But they re-configured that armor material into a shell to prevent us from seeing them as they flew towards Earth. Merely as a precaution; they flipped the shell around a few weeks ago to display their ship to us. They even extended their radiators towards our planet, which to them is a signal of surrender.”
She smiled at Parvati, who floated next to her. “Pretty cool, right?”
“Very cool indeed!” exclaimed Parvati. “So where is the damage?”
Chao pointed. “See these toroidal tanks around the middle of the ship? They hold hydrogen for the ship’s fusion drive, but after tangling with that Breaker some of them got punctured. You can see the holes there, there, and there. That means they’re now limited in how long they can burn the reactor. Plus the FTL drive is now pretty much kaput. It apparently uses a lot of energy.”
Parvati pondered the display. “Faster than light,” she mused. “We need that. After we get the fusion drive technology, of course. Assuming that ever comes out of committee.”
Chao laughed. “Well, that’s why we’re here, right? To show all of humanity what could be ours.”
“Will we go outside? I mean, for real outside?” The actress reached towards the display, halting when she realized there was no physical screen.
“We’ve got pressure suits. Should be okay, we did plan for going out for a few minutes to get some direct video. It’ll be limited in time, those suits aren’t really meant for proper EVAs…”
“Oh, that’s no problem!” said Takh from behind them, causing both women to do the equivalent of a zero-g jump. For someone so big, he somehow managed to just…arrive on the scene. “We’ve got plenty of components on board, we can make you all some proper hardsuits!” He grinned at the camera on Chao’s chest; watching an udhyr grin was an awe-inspiring sight, what with all of the teeth and mandibles. “It’s all snap-together for any body type, it works just like your Legos!”
Parvati, of course, was the first to regain her composure. “Thank you Takh, I’m sure that will be very welcome. One thing has occurred to me; even if our material is successful in allowing you to patch your tanks, you will still require hydrogen to fill them, yes?”
The XO’s cheer didn’t fade. “Of course. We’ll find a nearby ice-containing body and extract us some hydrogen. We already have a few candidates chosen. You can all come and ride along! It should be fun to watch.”
“Yes, very fun.” Parvati met Chao’s eyes in a clear unspoken message of is this guy for real?
A much smaller hand crept its way around Takh’s leather-armored shoulder. “Now, my dear,” said McCoy. “We mustn’t interrupt the PR people. They’re half the reason we’re out here, after all.” She winked at the two other women; both of the latter winked back.
“Oh, of course!” Takh bowed formally to the two. “Forgive me.”
“No worries,” said Chao.
“There is nothing to forgive, my good sir,” replied Parvati with an equally formal bow.
The huge alien and petite corporal vanished, leaving the two women to watch the ship as the boat headed for its docking cradle.
“They are utterly adorable,” said Parvati.
“So are you two,” said Chao.
“You and Ravindar. I’m not saying to make your move right now. We’re gonna be on camera for a while, and I know I just made a bunch of people on Earth go squee. But you need to tell him how you feel.”
For once the actress looked flustered. “I…I couldn’t, he’s so brave and strong…”
Chao’s voice sounded out like the slamming of a vault door. “Stop. I had the same problem. I was into someone who was brave and strong. Not as big as Ravindar, but then again few people are. Then I found out he was into me too, but because he thought I was smart. I’m not as smart as he thinks I am, but I’m not going to tell him that.”
Parvati glanced into the rear of the landing boat, where Martinez was in the midst of puttering around with the human and alien crew. The actress now looked thoughtful. “I see.”
“All I’m saying is, you don’t need to be exactly in-sync in terms of what you see in each other.” Chao smiled. “Heck, you might even find out that you’re in-sync in ways you didn’t see coming.”
The dark-haired Indian fixed Chao with a stare. “I sense there is a story somewhere in there that you’re not telling me. Ah well, as you say it can wait until we are all no longer under the camera’s gaze.”
Master Sergeant Wilkes smiled down at the spidery alien. “Kifa, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. Consider it part of your helping us to train. This person made a living while driving one of the highest, fastest aircraft we’ve ever made.”
“Oooh!” Kifa looked very pleased at the idea. “That’s a good area to focus on! Where orbital mechanics and aircraft mechanics meet.”
“Indeed.” Wilkes nodded at the near door. “You may come in, sir.”
A man walked in, his face stretched taut in the way which only scar tissue can appear.
Kifa peered up at him. “Forgive me, this is probably very insensitive, but…were you injured?”
He laughed. “I sure was! Burned to a fare-thee-well!”
“Oh, I am so sorry!”
He smiled. “No need to be sorry. Hey, do you want a headpat? Word on the street is your species like that sort of thing.”
The xyrax rocked back and forth on its legs. “Well, a human headpat is always welcome….”
The man reached up and wiggled his fingers, making a great show that his pinky had full range of motion. “See this? Pure miracle that I can do that. The surgeon putting my hand back together, just on a whim, decided to put a pin in here so’s that my pinky finger can grasp properly. Good thing too, otherwise I would’ve never made it through the physical training.”
He then reached forth and with that rebuilt hand dispensed quite a few righteous headpats onto Kifa. After a mutual moment of happy bonding, the xyrax spoke again.
“What training were you pursuing?”
“The same thing you and I are gonna be doing for a week or so.” His eyes, narrowed with scar tissue, lit up. “My dear Kifa, I’m gonna make you into a Sled Driver. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we might get to do it for real and not just in the simulators. They’re already pulling a bunch of Blackbirds out of mothballs. Hell, even the Russians are offering us titanium for building new ones. Seems like everybody’s got a fire lit under their kiester.”
Kifa’s eyes, already big and black, got even bigger. “What is a Sled Driver?”
“Why, it’s only the best profession on the planet, my little blue-furred friend. We get to go fast.
Joachim regarded the cylindrical, human-sized tank with some trepidation. It looked far too much like a transparent coffin. “You want to stick me in that thing?”
Zawahir nodded. “I know it’s a lot to ask, sir. It is entirely up to you, in the end. But if this works…” He waved at the tank. “If this works, then you will emerge from that tank physically in your twenties.”
They both regarded the tank for a moment, which was full of a clear and, at the moment, a very exclusive liquid.
“Corina too, of course,” said Joachim as he leaned back in his wheelchair. “If it works on me first.” He still wasn’t quite sure where he was; there had been a lot of back-and-forth with planes and whatnot.
“Of course,” said Zawahir. “That goes without saying.”
“Then the two people injured in the DC attack. This will regrow their limbs, correct?”
“Well, naturally.” Zawahir smirked. “They’re the Borlaug Institute’s big publicity stunt, after all. Testing on two people before-hand should be enough to let us know if it’ll work on them.”
“Of course.” Joachim gazed at the tank. “I’ll do it, on one condition.”
“Name it.”
“If…if I don’t come out okay, I want everyone to know that I tried, right? And I do mean everyone. All of humanity.”
“I’m just one person. At the moment, I can only promise that I’ll say what I can.”
After a moment, Joachim nodded. “Then put me in there. I just need to talk to Corina beforehand.”
“Of course, sir.”
The blue-suited woman with a blonde pony-tail smiled as she stared into the camera. “Welcome to Summit Technologies’s livestream of Point-Counterpoint, I’m Amy Coulson. We are currently talking about and debating the latest announcements in space-based systems. As everyone is aware, this has become a source of great concern in the last month or so.” She nodded to the beige-suited man next to her. “This is Walter Higgins, formerly of TRW and who now works for Northrop-Grumman. Walter, to start with can you tell us what the current status is of the repair effort for the alien craft?”
Walt leaned forward, putting his forearms on the desk in front of them. “Well, the main concern is if the plates we’re providing for patching will actually work. So only one of the Rithro’s boats was launched…the one with Chao Me Chu and Parvati Devdhar, they’re towing the fifteen-ton loft provided by ULA to avoid wasting too much energy. Just in case the patching doesn’t work.” He winked at the camera. “I assure you, as someone in the aerospace industry, ULA is going to be very proud of that for a good long while. Anyways, at the moment, they are approaching the L5 point and we should be able to get some spectacular pictures of, well, everything. Of the Earth from near the Moon’s orbit, of the Moon itself, and most importantly of the Rithro.”
Amy nodded in a comradely fashion, but Walt was not fooled. He’d dealt with reporters before. “Sounds intriguing, and I’m sure everyone on Earth looks forward to such sights. But mere patching will not be enough to solve the ship’s issues, correct?”
He sighed. “You’re right. One of the ship’s fusion engines was damaged, and that limits their top speed. Think of it as…you’re a big ocean liner with three propellers, and one goes down. You might still be able to steer using just the other two, but you’re not going to be as effective or fast as you might be.”
“Effective,” she mused. “I suppose that our helping fix their fusion drive is among those bits of alien tech currently prohibited?”
“Yes. I have heard some rumors that the Borlaug Institute in Iceland has had some great initial success, so I hope that soon we will be able to tackle the fusion drive problem.”
She stared at him a bit, which he knew was a bit of theatricality. “Such a repair would make them more capable against these so-called ‘Breakers’, correct?”
“So-called? Now, Amy. Don’t tell me you’re agreeing with those lunatics?”
In the weeks since the simultaneous attacks, a few manifestos had cropped up online. All mostly spouted the same nonsense; at least, nonsense in Walt’s eyes. They all said the same thing; that the Breakers were fake. That this whole rigamarole was a false flag effort by the Coalition, one intended to get all of humanity under their thumb.
“I don’t agree with them,” said Amy, to her credit. “I’m merely stating the other side of the conflict. Yes, I think most people agree that there is an alien ship up at the L5 point which has been grievously damaged. I do trust the evidence of my eyes. I’m sure our two…”
“…five brave souls heading out to that very point at L5 will see exactly the same thing as the Hubble did. But. Have you considered, just for the sake of argument, that evidence of an attack is not evidence of Breakers? Perhaps this is some local dispute, and the crew has set up some sort of fake attack. They could intend to use us as shock troops to settle it.”
Walt leaned back in his chair as he went through the longest twenty seconds of his life. He knew things, thanks to his role. He also knew that if he spoke them aloud he would be burning his entire career right down to the waterline. “That is somewhat possible. But not probable.”
She leaned forward, as if sensing she had him on the ropes. “Why?”
“Because they didn’t need to.” His gray eyes were calm as he stared at her and measured his words. “Do you have any notion, any single clue, of the firepower that ship possesses?”
“Um…well, no, that part’s still classified.”
“I will give you a hint. They have a spinal railgun that could, with around three shots, turn any metropolitan area on earth into a molten crater. They have nuclear-tipped missiles, even one of which could burn a city to the ground. They didn’t need to play nice, Amy. Those aliens could have stood off in orbit, smacked a few cities, and then gotten on the radio to dictate terms of our surrender. We’d have no choice but to comply.”
He stared daggers at her, half expecting some black-suited guys with earpieces to jump in and haul him away. But nothing happened, it was as if the world was holding its breath. “They did their very best to treat with us fairly, to treat us as equals.”
Amy looked away. “I…I hope that is true.”
“It is.” He glanced behind his shoulder for any Men In Black, but nobody was there so far. Maybe he should continue. He assumed a smile, one which he did not feel. “Anyways. We will see what they see, when they get there. There is, also, the international consortium’s proposal for the Sea Dragon.”
The reporter rallied, clearly grateful for the change in subject. “Ah, yes. You’ve reviewed the designs of this craft. Is it really necessary?”
“At the moment, yes. Starship holds a great deal of promise, but they’re still trying to crack the reusability and multiple-refueling issue. This design does permit reusability…of the first stage, if nothing else…but it isn’t strictly necessary for success. Success, in this case, consists of tons to orbit.”
“Why something so big, though? Won’t it be an issue?”
He chuckled, feeling surer of himself. “That’s why we’re launching it in the ocean, in the middle of nowhere.”
She actually looked troubled, so he figured he’d throw her a bone. “The first launch won’t have anything…controversial.”
“But Walt, the second launch is the issue! Nobody has launched this much radioactive material into space.”
“We need to, Amy,”
“But on an almost untested rocket? From a design which is decades old?”
“We have top people on it,” said Walt. “Including people from that era, who know exactly the pitfalls and also have access to modern technology.”
“Which people?”
“It’s still secret as to their identities. But like I said, I can confirm rumors that the Borlaug Institute is already paying significant dividends.”
Amy rolled her eyes. “Over a billion dollars funneled into a figurative black hole in Iceland. Why would you believe anything they say?”
“They’re going to have some serious proof soon,” said Walt.
Iceland. Joachim had never, ever expected to visit Iceland. But yet here he was…again. He stood with no cane, with nothing supporting him but his own two legs. He stared at a nearby volcanic massif, one covered with green lichen. The spring was coming in, and the ground around him was similarly strewn with fuzzy green growth. His beard and hair were now coming in dark again, with only a hint of gray at the tips to betray his true age.
He heard some light-footed steps coming up the trail behind him. It must be Zawahir.
“Why the hell am I back in Iceland?” Joachim replied.
"This is where the tech is, at least for the moment. How are you feeling, sir?”
“I feel…like my old self, Zawahir. I forgot what it was like to have knees that don’t hurt anymore. How is Corina’s, er, ‘tanking’ proceeding?”
“Very well, sir. I am overseeing the procedure of her ‘tanking’ myself, I just wanted to come and let you know that everything is looking good.”
Joachim looked down at the back of his hand. It was no longer wrinkled, no longer showed a welter of age spots. “When?”
“She should be out in…seventy-two hours. That’s how long it took you.”
“Good to know.” He turned to face Zawahir. “My friend, I am going to need every single internet connection you have for the next seventy-two hours. I have a lot of design work to take care of in that time frame; I will need to have a lot of meetings using those oh-so-clever ‘online’ apps. I’ll be indisposed after that.”
Joachim stepped forth and placed a newly-strong hand on Zawahir’s shoulder. “My dear Zawahir. I am now physically twenty again. In the next three days my wife, the love of my life and she who I hold dear above all else, will also emerge from your magic alien goo and she will also be physically twenty years old. What do you think will happen after she is thus reborn?”
Zawahir’s eyes widened. “Oh. OH! Yes, of course. Please, follow me.”
Joachim chuckled to himself as he followed the man towards the low-roofed buildings of the Borlaug Institute in the distance.
Chao was now clad back in her pressure suit; fortunately, the aliens were quite adept at helping the humans back into their cloth-and-glass cocoons. She looked over at Parvati. “Neil can bite us.”
Parvati grinned. “For sure. Neil was a very great man, but sadly he never got to see an alien starship.”
Chao checked the readout at her wrist, ensuring that she was indeed sealed up and pressurized. She looked over at her four fellow humans, and received nods in return. “We’re go, Captain Sadaf.”
The on-board crew of the Rithro were now back in their chromed, faceted hardsuits. “Depressurizing,” said Sadaf. “Please monitor those to either side, sing out if you see any stress.”
Chao reminded herself to breathe normally as things just got…quiet. Very quiet. She managed, through sheer willpower, to not have an utter panic attack as she realized that there was nothing between her and a life-sucking nothing except for a few layers of fabric and plastic.
She glanced over at Parvati, who looked to be also in the midst of trying (and fortunately succeeding) at combating her own panic attack behind her Plexiglas helmet. “Doing okay?” asked Chao, and immediately felt like an idiot for asking such a stupid question.
Still, Parvati nodded. Chao felt a tap at her shoulder, and looked over at Martinez. The corporal grinned at her from behind his own transparent head-cocoon. “Doing okay?” he asked with just the right bit of cheekiness.
Chao slapped his shoulder, but it was a playful slap. “Dipshit.” She forgot, in the moment, that she was begin transmitted live to the world. Her curse was thus broadcast to pretty much every kid on the planet, who then gleefully repeated her curse-word until they all got smacked by their parents.
She didn’t know that at the time, her entire world was the airlock door that now opened to reveal…black.
Utter black.
Chao had enough experience in zero-g maneuvering to push herself towards the door. “Oh. Man. Folks, this is it. Gonna step outside, for at least a little bit.”
She could feel both Martinez on one side and Sadaf on the other. The latter figured; the captain struck Chao as a ‘lead from the front’ type.
“Grip the frame,” said Sadaf. Through the translator bead her voice was deadly calm. “No big muscle movements, just kind of…drift where you want to go.”
Chao obediently swung herself up and out of the boat, reveling in the fact that now she was seeing the Exultant Finger of Rithro in real time. The long ship stretched alongside a clamshell-like shield, its radiators stretched out towards the Earth in a gesture of surrender.
Speaking of which…
Chao kept a firm hold on the doorframe as she looked behind her. A small, fragile, blue-and-white marble floated before her, a sphere which looked to be the size of her thumb-tip held at arm’s length. Chao did so with her free gloved hand, watching her thumb occlude that fragile-loooking sphere. And in that moment, her world was completely changed.
It is one thing to know a fact. It is one thing to meet aliens, to accept that they are from oh so very far away, that your world is but one little dust mote drifting in the vast and limitless cosmic ocean. But it is quite another to see that fact laid bare before you, where you can witness it in real-time through nothing but a Pexiglas helmet. Chao now knew. Everyone she’d ever known, everyone she’d ever heard of, every king or warlord or emperor or internet celebrity who anyone had ever heard of had lived down there, upon a sphere that looked to her like the most ephemeral of soap-bubbles. She had the crazy notion that she could just reach out one gloved finger and pop it.
She also knew that millions, perhaps billions, were watching this live via her bodycam. Perhaps they were going through the same epiphany.
Her breath caught in her throat, and she knew she was on the verge of tears. No, that was a bad thing. She was in freefall; there was no way for those tears to stream down her face. They would just collect over her eyes and blind her. So Chao breathed in deep and managed to tamp down those threatened tears.
“Chao?” called out Sadaf through her comm. “Are you all right?”
“I’m good, Captain. Just…next time…, we send up a poet.”
Shaw hated, hated, hated having to use a wheelchair to get around. Most of the time he could wheel himself around using his substantial arms, but every so often the nursing staff would try to get oh so helpful and try to push him towards where he was going. Several of them had nearly lost limbs of their own thanks to such efforts.
Still, he was alive and that was a good thing. Although…watching Agent Milton Vila and his family, who were nearby as he went through his own convalescence, made Shaw reevaluate his life choices. It would be nice to have a wife and kid to hug while one went through the worst thing ever. But he was too old, such things were well behind him. While on autopilot, Shaw wheeled himself down the tiled and very off-white hallway with a sour air. One which told the entire staff that he was Not To Be Disturbed. He was thinking of a particular girl, one with the cutest pigtails and the sunniest smile. Yeah, she would have been the one, if he’d had his head on straight back then.
And then, in spite of his ‘Fuck the Fuck Off energy’, someone did block his path.
He stared at a pair of narrow legs, clad in narrow pants, then looked up with a distinct lack of humor. “I do believe you are in my way.”
The dark-skinned man blocking his path smiled, but it was a gentle smile. “I am. But, I am very sure you will want to hear my offer. Both you and Agent Vila.”
Shaw regarded him with gimlet eyes. “Oh, really? What’s your name?”
“I’m Zawahir Ibn Harith. I am the head of the…”
“I don’t give a single solitary fuck,” said Shaw. “I’ve had plenty of people trying to get me to tell them my life story since I got my leg removed with extreme prejudice. I don’t know how you got in here, but you strike me as someone just like them, Harith. So. I may be minus one leg, but I can still fuck you up but good. I can fuck you up so bad you’ll never shit right again. Do you wanna get out of my way now?”
The man’s smile didn’t change. “Borlaug Institute.”
“What. Really?”
“Really, sir. Both you and Agent Milton Vila. It sounds…very cynical, but you were the two that we wanted to heal first. As an object lesson to humanity. Do you understand?”
The notion made Shaw’s mind reel. “Heal?”
“Fully. We have successfully restored two people to the prime of life, and we are now certain that we can do the same for you and Agent Vila. With all of your limbs intact. We have done a great many tissue-sample experiments, and it appears that the regeneration also re-grows limbs.”
Shaw looked down at his missing lower leg. “And you’ll do the same for Milton?”
“Of course, sir.”
“Stop calling me sir, I work for a living. Call me Mack.”
“Very well…Mack. I won’t lie to you, this has been planned well in advance. But it turned out that limb re-growth for humans also unlocked certain regeneration within our cells, particularly the telomeres…”
Shaw held up a meaty hand. “Just…I’m a dumb grunt in such matters, don’t bother to tell me how it works. So you have some kind of magic goo that you slather over me and hey presto I’m twenty again?”
“That is more or less the shape of it, si…Mack. You will need to be immersed in the ‘magic goo’ for at least three days. Perhaps more, since this will also be regenerating a limb.”
“Either way, I go first,” said Shaw, with a flinty glare up at Zawahir. “I’m the test subject, and you need to test me good after I get re-birthed from your goop. I know you said you’d done it on two people, but we need to make sure this doesn’t give me some kind of bullshit super-cancer before Milton goes in. He’s got a wife and a kid. If he has to use a prosthetic instead of magic alien goo, then he has to use that instead. Understand?”
Zawahir gave Shaw a little bow. “Of course. I do believe you are quite the appropriate test subject.”
“Oh, go fuck yourself. Where is this shindig taking place, anyway?”
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2023.06.10 01:54 derbre5911 [TotK] The hidden split theory: How BotW/TotK plausibly fit into the timeline

I have come up with this theory myself, let me know what you think of it!
Disclaimer: Spoilers for Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.
First off:
In TotK the kingdom of hyrule was (co-)founded by Rauru of the Zonai tribe. He also sealed Ganondorf after establishing the kingdom.
We know from the timeline, that Hyrule was founded after SS and before OoT, and BotW/TotK is set after all other games.
Problem 1: Sealing Ganondorf before OoT contradicts OoT (and all ganondorf iterations after that). However that is exactly what is portrayed in the flashbacks in TotK. There can't be multiple incarnations of ganondorf at the same time.
Problem 2: Also, setting BotW/TotK after all other games is implausible too (currently), because of the child/adult/downfall timelines. There is no known merge of the timelines.
However my theory might solve these and many more problems.
I propose that there is a "hidden", as in not yet talked about, timeline split at the end of SS.
In the beginning of SS, the Imprisoned is about to free itself. At the end, he is killed by the triforce. After the fact, Girahim (with zelda) travels back in time to when Demise/The imprisoned is still alive. Link follows him, then fights demise and seals him in the master sword. Demise places a curse on Link and Zelda to always haunt them. Link returns to his time, taking Demise and the curse with him inside the master sword.
And this is where the Split happens.
We have a timeline with demise (Where link goes after defeating him, through the gate of time) and one without demise (Where Girahim went to bring demise back)
Just like we have a timeline with and without link after OoT. And how the spirit of the hero is not present in WW anymore, just like how the Curse is not present anymore in the timeline without demise. It shows that once an entity that is subject to the curse is moved to another timeline through time travel, it along with its part of the curse vanishes from its original timeline completely.
The timeline with demise is the one we are familiar with, the one that further splits into the Child/Adult/Downfall timelines.
The timeline without demise however... Here, after SS, the zonai ("gods") reveal themselves, possibly because the original demon king is gone for good. Rauru and Sonia establish hyrule. Ganondorf is still born and sealed within Rauru's lifetime. However he is not posessed by demise here, rather he is a new "demon king" on his own.
Ganondorf also, in this timeline, doesn't get all of his divine power (e.g. summoning dark beast/calamity ganon) from the triforce but rather from the secret stone he stole from sonia.
This is what allows him to carry out the first and second calamity, as well as the cataclysm in TotK.
This theory would explain not only where BotW/TotK fits in the timeline, but also why Link doesn't wear green in this timeline (the green link only appeared for a very short fight without many spectators to spread the word), why nobody knows/talks about the triforce (it has not been used here and remains forgotten in the sacred realm), why fi can suddenly talk again in botw (she was never put to sleep after sealing demise) etc. etc. etc.
This theory has one obvious weak point however: The master sword.
Link takes the master sword (containing demise and the curse) to the timeline with demise. So where does the master sword in the timeline without demise (BotW/TotK) come from? I have an explanation for that.
First, during the flashbacks in TotK, the people in the past learn about the master sword from zelda, who knows it from the future.
Some time after that, the first calamity happens. The sacred flames from SS still exist in this timeline, so it is possible that the hero who fought the first calamity, who is implied to be a zonai by the ancient hero's aspect, gained the knowledge about the sword somehow (likely through mineru) and forged the master sword anew from the godess' sword that was in the sky (where the zonai retreated to before/around the first calamity anyways)
Maybe far fetched, but a nice addition: The ancient sheikah tech, including the Divine beasts were created from the technology inside the purah pad. This would make the sheikah tech a time paradox just like the song of storms!
Edit: This theory allows for many more explanations, e.g. why the in OoT nearly extinct sheikah are alive and well in BotW/TotK: Triforce never used in SS - Knowledge about the Triforce and its powers fades and it's kept forgotten in the sacred realm - no hyrulean civil war about the triforce - no banishment of the skeikah - culture thrives and builds the divine beasts/shrines/slate from what was learned about the purah pad
submitted by derbre5911 to truezelda [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:45 Slow-Impact1736 Watching this AM hoops video and my god this trade is awful.

Watching this AM hoops video and my god this trade is awful. submitted by Slow-Impact1736 to rockets [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:45 Moronibot 2023-06-09 🌟 Latter-day Saint News Roundup! 📰 Elder Soares visits Uruguay President, Dan Peterson explores Lake District, and more! 🙌

🎺 Hark! 🎺 Your Latter-day Saint newsletter has arrived with a heavenly selection of fresh content! 😇 Gather your angelic team and embark with us on a joyful journey through inspiring stories, divine discussions, and miraculous memes. Pro tip: Don't forget to bring your brass trumpet and revelation glasses! 😉 Ready, set, blast off into another exciting edition! 🚀
Dan Peterson shares his experience of exploring the Lake District in England, and how the natural beauty there can remind us of our pre-mortal existence. read more here.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reports that Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited Uruguay President Luis Lacalle Pou in Montevideo, Uruguay. Read more here.
Kurt Manwaring analyzes the forensic evidence of the controversial Smith-Larsen daguerreotype photograph and argues that it could potentially be Joseph Smith. Read more here.
Becky Douglas shares a personal experience of showing gratitude through service to those in need, and explores other ways to express thanks beyond just saying it. read more here.
BYU Religious Education introduces Episode 81 of the Y Religion podcast, featuring Professor Matthew Grey discussing the history of Christian worship spaces and how they connect to Church buildings today. Listen to the podcast here.
The Saints Unscripted team interview LDS Scholar Brian Hales to address claims that Joseph Smith did not practice polygamy, providing historical evidence and addressing specific claims made against Joseph Smith's polygamy. Watch the video here.
Lavender shares her story about her husband leaving the church, which led to communication and validation of doubts, and how COVID changed her perspective on rituals in her home for her family, where every member feels valued regardless of gender or belief. Read more here.
The followHIM podcast discusses the difference between having a testimony and being converted, emphasizing the importance of not just believing in the gospel, but also putting it into action through faithful obedience. Listen to the podcast here.
Diana Webb writes about the events that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane in "Come, Follow Me for Sunday School: Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18 “Not as I Will, but as Thou Wilt”" for Meridian Magazine, discussing how it was a pivotal moment in not only the Savior's life but in all of humanity's.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has dedicated a new, advanced Global Distribution Services Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bishop Gérald Caussé was responsible for conducting the dedication on June 8, 2023. Read more here.
Julie Coulter Bellon, a published author, recommends two books for a perfect lazy afternoon reading: "Along a Breton Shore" by Arlem Hawks, a French Revolution epic tale of self-discovery and survival with credible relationship growth, and "How to Kiss Your Enemy" by Jenny Proctor, a contemporary romantic comedy about two chefs whose rivalry ignites passion beneath.
The Unshaken Youtube channel teaches a verse-by-verse Come Follow Me study of Luke 22 and John 18 in part 2, focusing on betrayal, Lion & Lamb, the severed ear, accepting His fate, judging Judas, the field of blood, Caiaphas' palace, bitter tears, judging Peter, and more. Watch the video here.
In her One Minute Scripture Study podcast, Cali Black shares her favorite scripture study tip and applies it to John 14:26, inviting listeners to really dive into the words of scripture. She also provides resources for further study, including a daily devotional book, a simplified New Testament outline, and her own scripture study guide. Read more here.
Larry Richman invites readers to participate in the "Rescuing Our Roots" project by BillionGraves, which aims to break the Guinness World Record for the most headstone photos uploaded in 24 hours on June 25th. Interested participants can learn more and join the project at read more here.
Richard Ostler shares the story of Cole Conner, a young man who left and returned to the LDS Church due to his same-sex attraction, being bullied, and feeling anger towards the Church. After exploring life outside the Church, Cole found sustained joy and peace by returning to the gospel, acknowledging his spiritual identity is straight, and hoping for a future to marry a woman and have a family. His story highlights the gospel principles that can help us all find hope, peace, and love from our Heavenly Parents and Savior. Listen to the full podcast episode on Soundcloud.
Skyler Sorensen writes in Meridian Magazine about the Church's message to support LGBT+ Saints, but to avoid the radicalism of the pride movement and instead focus on a path that leads to the peace of the gospel. This message includes engaging with LGBT+ people without condoning their behaviors, and supporting them while remaining obedient to the teachings of the gospel.  read more here.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has issued a letter from the First Presidency emphasizing the importance of political participation and voting, while also reaffirming the Church's political neutrality. The letter urges members to carefully study candidates and vote for those demonstrating integrity and service, rather than simply voting based on tradition or party affiliation. Read more here.
Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles met with Uruguay President Luis Lacalle Pou on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at the President’s residence in Montevideo, where they discussed the empowering of families and individuals for the growth of Uruguay. Elder Soares visited as part of his weeklong visit to South America, which also includes visits to Chile and Argentina. The Uruguayan leader is familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ, having attended a religious liberty symposium at Brigham Young University in 2019 and having had his father (former Uruguay President Luis Alberto Lacalle) speak with Latter-day Saint youth in Montevideo in 1992. To read more about this visit, visit the Church Newsroom.
Stephen Carter, a renowned Mormon author and cultural commentator, was recently presented with the Smith-Pettit Foundation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mormon Letters during the 2023 Association for Mormon Letters Virtual Conference on April 29th. Read more here.
Newell D. Wright discusses the important role the Holy Ghost plays in the Book of Moroni and how it transforms human beings into redeemed members of God's kingdom. Three phrases highlighting the Holy Ghost's connection to charity are analyzed. Read more here.
Kyler Rasmussen shares a summary of the article "The Holy Ghost in the Book of Moroni: Possessed of Charity" by Newell D. Wright and Val Larsen in Volume 57 of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship, discussing the role of the Holy Ghost in the book of Moroni. Read more here.
The FAIR staff provides faithful resources for studying John 14-17 in Come, Follow Me for week 24 of 2023. Read more here.
Pam Peebles discusses how LDS Chaplains administered to servicemembers during wars in a post on the Third Hour blog, and shares a link to a video episode of Saints Unscripted on this topic. read more here.
Robert L. Millet discusses ways to promote fidelity to God, a quality that is becoming rarer in society today, in honor of Fidelity Month. Read more here.
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2023.06.10 01:44 jaxwake The agents on the Diamond line strike again -- misapplied GUC

My work automatically books me in premium select. I call in and waitlist GUC even if I check online like a direct book customer and see that there is no availability. You never know. Agent put me in RV class which I thought waitlisted me.
First strike.
Never came off whatever they did. So day before I go to check in. Unable. I call and say I think the the ticket needs to be reissued? "Oh yes" immediate to hold and 20 min later: "ok you're all set"
Second strike.
Leave the call and am able to check in. But I notice a second receipt in wallet. I go to my certs...THEY BURNED A GUC ON ME. I panicked. That's one way to flush two grand down the drain.
There was no upgrade! I was in paid PS on a G fare to begin. GUC was closed. I call back in and finally another agent, Darrel, listened to me, no attitude to start, and saw the same. Put me on hold. 40 minutes later he came back on. Everything was done. Back on G, GUC reissued in wallet and properly waitlisted for D1 (zero seats remain)
Why is this so hard? Why do we have to check their homework?
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2023.06.10 01:41 Botboythedude Steam rom manager

Steam rom manager
When I click on steam rom manager this pops up it’s not what I see on everyone else’s steam Rom manager what is this
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2023.06.10 01:37 DabbyBear [WTS][MA] ASG USW-A1 + mags, APS CAM870 AOW + shells, KC-02 parts, Wii tech Mp9 x2 bundle, 3x Scorpion Evo 3 2020, AKs, UBG local items

Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USW-A1 Please message me if there is not enough gap between links and you cannot click different timestamps!
Album - 06/09/2023 - Vortex gear
Posts take me ~ one hour to organize, so please tell me if the formatting is fucked!
Album - 06/09/2023 - APS MK1 CAM870 AOW

Album - 06/09/2023 - Stocks for KC-02 (two PMACA)

Timestamp - 05/22/2023 - HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear
Please look at my posts across other markets - I typically mark things as sold, but feel free to ask (about stuff in other posts). I have plenty of flair, but I always use timestamps regardless.
Pushed for swap meets at Ultimate Battlegrounds in Bridgewater, MA and its been finally happening! If you can match value to value, I may be willing to trade as well - lower flair sends item first (or local).
Prices have shifted down since my last post - and I am willing to do BOGO50% off OR buy two, get one free - it will be more for bundles including larger items (don't ask for three mags to get one free).
**PLS READ THIS** \- If you cannot listen to instructions, there's a chance I will not do a sale with you.
  4. TYVM
  5. Shipping info below We can discuss shipping based on bundling - shipping will depend on weight/size, but it likely will be $15 or less. CONUS only.
Newly Added:
ASG USWA1 w/ 8 CO2 mags - Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USWA1 - (same album as above)
Vortex Gear -
APS MK1 CAM870 AOW w/ upgrades - Album - 06/09/2023
Stocks for KC-02 - would prefer selling in person unless there is complete understanding that modification is needed to fit on a KJW Kc-02
Plate carrier + Mask Imgur album -
Condor LCS Vanquish Armor System - worth around $220-230, selling for $180 shipped/$170 local Gear that I used as back-up that hasn't seen use in a while. Great for someone jumping in who also wants to carry water or has a hpa tank.
Pilot mask (6mm ProShop) - $40 on evike - $30 local only
Additional pictures for HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear shown above (old timestamp)-

KWA MP9 (foregrip model) with a second MP9 (rail model) for parts - old album
**Not splitting at this time. Not the mags. Not the adapter.**
If you're building a mp9 from scratch and you're trying to get all of the upgrade parts, you're going to end up spending more than what I am offering here.

Other GBBs - old album
ASG Scorpion Evo smg - with sold spicy scorpion
ASG Scorpion Evo carbine barrel -
Thanks for getting all the way down here! I will likely be bringing these items to the local sale. Here's some items I have, but have not yet taken pictures of because interest is likely very limited.. Most of this stuff would be miserable to ship so I have only included local prices. Message me if you want pictures of any of these items TO BUY LOCALLY IN MA.
Local items - old timestamps
AKs & King Arms PDW Shorty
Local Items w/o pictures - feel free to reach out for pictures if you're local to UBG
Disclaimer: Please do your own research on these parts. I am not responsible for getting your KC or G-series gbb working 100% after purchasing upgrades. There are no known issues with the upgrade parts, but the stock parts are unknown. I will inspect before sending out. No returns. Prices have already been reduced. Talk to me for negotiating further. Rogueworx KC-02 parts - Please check out Rogueworx's website for these parts. - The bolt carriers and pistons are newer versions than what I have here. If you have a kc-02 and you didn't already know, there is also a discord which proves to be very helpful. Spreadsheet broke so - First number is cost on from Rogeworx/supplier, not including shipping cost from the UK. KC-02 parts album
There are many items here so if it's a stock part I won't be listing the price here (G-series and KC-02). The going rate of most g-series/kc parts will be what jk-army charges but without the shipping cost of shipping from HK. The main purpose for these parts is to help those in desperate need of a fix for their kc and to get rid of these parts. If you want to offer me a lot price for the stock parts, go ahead. G-Series parts - [pictures]( - Plastic slides x2 (One with the trades messed up) - Stock hop-up (G17) with stock barrel and bucking - 3 stock G17 barrels, 2 with stock bucking
Items that I will accept for trading purposes but remember - CASH IS KING
* G-series/AAP-01 mags (boneyard or working)
Airsoft replicas:
Thank you for getting all the way down here. Now please, make sure you send an INBOX MESSAGE to me - do not use the instant chat! Message me and we can talk airsoft - worst I can say is: no thank you.
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2023.06.10 01:37 toothless005 New laptop for Science major

Nope, just want to be able to do classwork and chill in the dorm with it
Not just looking for 2-in-1s but they do seem useful, yet I dont know the difference between a good and bad one.
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2023.06.10 01:31 marz0l Hi i have problems with my force feedback on logitech g923 in forza horizon 5 please help

Hi i have problems with my force feedback on logitech g923 in forza horizon 5 when i open the game steering wheel is totally loose but when i unplug and plug in the steering wheel there is no force feedback and it's super tight its hard to drive in other games like forza horizon 4, assetto corsa, carx, beamng, ets2 force feedback is perfectly fine i've tried to reinstall game, reinstall g hub, install older versions of ghub, change sterring wheel settings. But nothing helps
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