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2023.06.10 02:18 More-Tomatillo3173 My teachers told me that I'd never graduate

I'm 21F and in high school I was a burnout— I skipped 50% of my classes, I would show up high or I would drink in class. What my teachers didn't know was that I had a hard home life, I had been molested as a child and I came from a family of criminals and addicts. Nobody ever asked, they just assumed that I was a lazy kid without any aspirations.
Somehow I graduated high school and I enrolled in university. Nobody really believed in me when I decided I wanted to become a psychologist. When I was 18, I ended up sleeping with my high school student teacher who berated me and told me that I was too dumb to accomplish anything, and I shouldn't even bother with university.
University wasn't easy for me. I was living out of my car and at my boyfriend's for a while because my relationship with my mom fell apart. Then, I used to work 56 hours a week as a street outreach worker while being in school full time. I was repeatedly traumatized, I was assaulted by clients and I resuscitated people who were dead. I failed some university classes and excelled in others. I lost many friends to overdoses and suicides. Then, I lost my auntie to an overdose and we took in her kids, then my uncle to a homicide. On top of everything I was sexually assaulted, and somehow I was able to graduate.
Today, I am a BA psychology graduate and I'm working a full time job where I make more than I could have even dreamed. I'm supported at work, I have a steady relationship and I have a circle of good friends. On top of that, I'm advocating for my uncle who's murder was improperly investigated by the police.
Two years ago I wanted to kill myself because I was hopeless and desperate. Today, I have a purpose that I work towards every day. I have had a hard fucking life and every day I fight for a better one. Despite that, I still struggle with addiction ( I'm in recovery) and mental health issues. I don't know what the point of this post is. But I really hope someone who thinks their life is fucked up beyond saving can read this, and find some newfound hope. I understand how it feels when you feel like no one can understand what you're going through, believe me. I just want to let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Life goes on, and so will you <3
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2023.06.10 02:18 arp2195 Live Stream Broadcast Error on Facebook live mobile I phone

Live Stream Broadcast Error on Facebook live mobile I phone
Facebook live is continuing to provide me the error posted in the picture.
Things I have tried :
Clear phone cache and delete all Facebook data and reinstall
Reset router
Ip release /renew
Wife’s Facebook can go live on the same internet connection so has to be account linked.
I have reported the Facebook error to support, but looking for additional help
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2023.06.10 02:18 paulhammond5155 Album - Drive on 818 (~39 meters Southwest) 5 post-drive NavCams, Drive Data & Map

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2023.06.10 02:18 Radtech51 At the end of my rope, long post

So this is going to be a long post because this issue dates back to 2017-2018.
In 2016 my husband brought home a stray cat that he found at a hotel while working out of town. The cat was being fed by the employees and she was very friendly. Coming up to rub against him meowing and letting him pet her etc. We got her spayed within 2 weeks of having her and got her shots and all other tests that were needed. We already had three cats, one female(Abby), and two males . We kept her separated for about a month and slowly introduced them all to each other. Abby was never an overly affectionate cat with any of the other two cats. However, she did get along with them. Not so with the new cat. There was some mild tension in the form of a couple of swats at each other here and there, but never anything serious. They tolerated each other. Then at the end of 2017 she started peeing outside of her litter box. I had to put a camera around the house to try to figure out which cat was doing it. I saw on the video that she peed on a pair of my husband's blue jeans that he left on the floor of the laundry room and she gave a little meow whenever she was peeing so I thought okay, she must be hurting. I took her to the vet and her urinalysis was fairly normal although the vet said she may have a little bit of inflammation. I told her about the stress between the two female cats and she said it could be stress cystitis. Which is basically a cat stresses themselves out so much that their bladder becomes inflamed. She gave her antibiotics and everything was fine for about a month, when it started again.
At the time we had six litter boxes for the four cats spread out into three different rooms. I tried no less than six different types of litters. All the litter boxes were open at the hood. I tried pheromone sprays, pheromone plug-ins, CBD oil, bachs rescue remedy, calming chews, corn silk d-manose, cantharis, etc. I also tried to retrain her by getting a two-tiered crate and putting her litter box on the bottom floor and her bed on the top floor. I did this for 3 weeks. The first week she stayed in her crate all of the time. Every single time she needed to use the bathroom, she peed in her litter box. every single time. So on the second week I'll let her out into the room. She went back to her litter box in the crate every single time. The third week I'd let her out into the room, even when I was not in there with her. She still used the litter box every single time so I did not think it was litter or litter box aversion. So I'd let her out into the rest of the house little by little. She still used the litter box like a champ. So I could only assume that it was because of my other female cat. The doctor suggested Prozac and I did put her on Prozac at that time. She was on it for at least a year and a half and she was perfect. She did not pee outside the litter box for a year and a half. We moved to a new house in 2019. At that point we only had three cats. My oldest male cat died of cancer in 2018. She still was perfect at going to her litter box even with moving to a new house. Before we moved to the new house we purchased a litter robot. I thought it may help her because she may like a super clean litter box all the time and I worked during the day so I could not scoop it every time after she went to the bathroom. However, I did scoop three to four times a day. And remember she has six litter boxes to choose from. So the cats were all acclimated to the litter robot before we moved to the new house. At the new house We did keep her in a large room to let her get acclimated to the house and she seemed to do fine. When we moved to the new house we had two litter robots. One upstairs one downstairs.
Then at the end of 2020 she started peeing outside the litter box again even while on the Prozac. She had long stopped eating a treat that I would hide the Prozac in. So I had to start using a pill syringe to give her her medicine and that eroded her trust in me and she avoided me when she knew it was time for her to get her medicine. Of course I took her to the vet for another urinalysis and it came back normal. So I did the whole thing of putting her upstairs in a large bathroom with a cat tree in the window and a litter robot and plenty of room to stretch her legs. I did that for 3 weeks and when she came back downstairs she was fine for a few months and then she started peeing outside the litter boxes again. At this time I had one litter robot upstairs and one litter qrobot downstairs. I had cameras around the house and two of them were specifically aimed at the litter boxes. Sometimes she would go inside and poop, leave, then come back 5 minutes later and see that the robot had not cycled and she would turn around and pee in front of it. At that time, the robot was scheduled to rotate 15 minutes after the cat left. I changed that to rotate after 3 minutes. And I noticed that she would then poop, leave, It would rotate and clean and then she would come back and pee inside of the litter robot. So I thought great. Maybe that solved the problem. Maybe she did not like going to pee inside of a litter box that was dirty. Then I thought maybe she did not want to pee in the same litter box that she pooped in at all. So I purchased another litter robot. So then I had two upstairs and one downstairs. She seemed to use them more. She would go at least 2 weeks between episodes of peeing outside of the box. I did not see any conflict while she was in the litter box. Abby usually just avoids her. She will stare at her and I know that that is a form of aggression. But she never did that while she was in the litter box. However, my problem cat, Penelope, would be aggressive toward Abby. She had another urinalysis and blood work done in January of 2023 and everything was normal. So in February of 2023 she peed on a living room rug. It was only a month old. I had enough at that time so I took her and put her upstairs in the bathroom again. She stayed in the bathroom for 2 weeks. I had a camera in there with her. She went almost two days of holding her urine before she finally went inside the litter box. Never once in the 2 weeks did she pee outside the litter box. After those 2 weeks I open the door to let her into the bedroom that was attached to that bathroom. I had the bedroom door closed so she could not get out of that space. I went upstairs three times a day to feed her and to play with her. Our bond returned. It was at this time that I weaned her off of the Prozac. After all, Why use it if she was still peeing inappropriately while on it. Even with her having the bedroom and the bathroom. She still went to the litter robot to pee and poop every single time. Now starts month TWO. I block the entryway at the top of the stairs with a screen door. And I open up the bedroom so that she has the hallway, another bedroom, and another bathroom that also has a litter robot in it. The hallway was a great place for her to run full speed chasing a laser or another kind of toy that I might have. The screen door kept her from going downstairs and it allowed the other two cats to come upstairs to sniff her and hopefully reintroduce the two female cats. So the routine was three times a day, I went upstairs to play with her and to feed her. The entire 2 months she never once peed inappropriately, she used the litter box every single time. So after the 2 months I decided to let her downstairs for a couple of hours. She did well. She sniffed everything, but she never once peed on anything. We have a cat door that leads out to a screened in porch and she went out there for a short time. And then I put her back upstairs. I did this for a week, letting her down a few hours every afternoon when I got home from work. After that week, on a day when I was home all day, I'd let her down all day. She used litter boxes downstairs. She would use litter boxes upstairs. Her and the other female cat didn't seem to care that the other one was in the room. they've always been able to sleep on various pieces of furniture in the same room and it does not seem to bother them at all. In any case, she was 100% perfect for 5 weeks. Using the litter boxes all the time. Then out of the blue, seemingly, she peed on a blanket that had fallen off of our bed. Then a few days later she peed on one of those turbo chaser toys that the center has a cardboard piece in the middle, she peed in the middle part. Then a few days later she peed on the bare floor under the dining room table. I cleaned everything with a good enzyme cleaner and didn't smell anything else. But the next day I thought I smelled something but I could not find where it was coming from. Then I realize I had left a dusting mitt on top of the dining room table. She had gotten on the table and peed on that. So more enzyme cleaner. I emailed my vet in tears telling her that maybe she needed to refer me to a behaviorist or a specialist that could take x-rays, ultrasounds, and whatever test was needed to see if there was anything physically wrong with her bladder. We had only ever done an urinalysis and blood test but we had never taken an x-ray. Not that I think she has stones of any kind because after this many years there would have been blood white blood cells or something to show that she had a physical issue. So while I was waiting on the vet to return my email or call me, I used various calming sprays and calming choose and praised her every time she used the litter box. And she went almost 2 weeks using the litter box again. Then 2 days ago I'm going to my bed and she is underneath my side table peeing on the floor. I didn't mean to but it was an automatic response, I yelled NO! Well she stopped midstream and ran. Then yesterday as I was getting into bed she jumped on the bed and meowed and I pet her and thought that she was coming up to settle down for the night. But no, she went to my husband's side of the bed and peed on top of our comforter. I took it off immediately before it could soak through and of course she ran. Are comforter is white and they're not seem to be any blood in the urine. It was typical yellow, stinky cat urine. So I had no choice but to put her back upstairs in the bathroom again and that is where she is going to have to stay until we can figure out a solution for this problem. Otherwise she is going to destroy my home. When I went upstairs this afternoon to feed her I closed the bedroom door and opened the bathroom door so that maybe I could play with her. She didn't seem interested in playing she walked around meowing....obviously I'm sure she is stressed. So I got on the bed with her she got on the bed and I was petting her She then jumped off the bed and proceeded to walk over to where I had a small box on the floor and she squatted and she peed on the carpet. This does seem somewhat behavioral to a degree, but her peeing in front of me is new and it makes me think she's trying to tell me something. In the past she has always peed while hiding or when I'm not home or when I'm in another room. This time she has peed three times in front of me.
I just wish I could figure out why she all of a sudden became neurotic in 2017 .
Has anyone ever had a cat that peed inappropriately that ended up being a physical issue and not a mental issue? At this point I would love it to be a physical issue because I think that one is obviously much easier to probably fix. A mental issue I feel is much harder especially if medicines do not work.
Some basics about Penelope are: Approximately 8-year-old spayed female
Her diet is all wet food. Including raw lamb, pork, chicken, and a variety of canned foods. I use dry food as treats. So she will sometimes get three or four pieces of small kibble. I would put them in a puzzle and she figured the puzzles out very quickly.
She weighs approximately 13 lb which is too heavy for her. She gained a lot of weight in the last year and a half. And I think I know why now. We have microchip pet feeders for all three cats. So only her microchip will let her into her bowl. However, I noticed a few weeks ago that she will go over to my mail cat's bowl and wait for him to stick his head past the sensor and then push him out of the way and puts her head in there before the door can close over the food. So it's no wonder that she has gained a lot of weight.
She's a diluted calico
Making her an outdoor cat is not an option.
Rehoming her is not an option. No one is going to want a cat that has a pee problem
Putting her down is not an option.
Are there any other kind of test that any of you can recommend besides x-ray, ultrasound, urinalysis, and blood work? The x-ray and ultrasound I definitely want to get. I am definitely willing to do another urinalysis and blood work. I'm just wondering if there's anything else that might be beneficial. I love my vet and don't want to start all over with a new one. She is not the fastest to return my phone calls or emails. She's a mobile vet and that is one of the things that I love. I also love that she does not push me to get unnecessary vaccinations. And I also love that she is receptive to anything that I want to try. In other words, she is not pushy at all, like some other vets that I have gone to. So there is a compromise in that regard. However, going to a specialist is what I would like to do and she will refer me to one when she gets back to me. I would appreciate any constructive advice that anyone can give me. If anyone has any questions they like to ask me to get more information, please ask away. I really do not want to have a cat that I have to regulate to live the rest of their life in one room. It is not good for the cat and it is definitely not good for my quality of life either.
If you've made it to the end, Thank you so much for reading and helping if you can.
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2023.06.10 02:17 vvitchbaer Experiences With Medieval Collectibles/Your Dress Maker?

Hey, everyone.
So, I’m hosting a Fae themed Summer Solstice Party at the end of this month.
I really wanted to level up my elf character’s garb, and taking inspiration from Tolkien, I found this garment on Medieval Collectibles called “Wizard Robe & Cloak Set”.
I recently purchased them, both in white, so I could dye the robe a marigold color and have the white cloak over it, since my character’s aesthetic choices are very radiant and inspired by the Sun.
Now, I’m tall and not exactly thin. In the past when I’ve ordered clothes off the internet, they’ve often run small. So I thought “oh, 2X isn’t that much of a jump from my usual XL, so I’ll do that just in case, and if it’s too big, I’ll shrink it in the wash”.
Well, today, I received the items and excitedly opened them only to realize upon trying them on how insanely large they were for my body.
I understood this garment was supposed to be a bit flowy, but this seemed like it was meant to be a 5X when I ordered a 2X.
I reached out to their customer service, worried because again—I need this for an event that is very soon—and was told that processing returns can take up to 7-10 business days before they issue a refund or store credit.
Based on that, instead of ordering a smaller size, I opted for the refund.
I then remembered a robe I’d seen on Your Dress Maker that was more of what I originally wanted for my character, and when I went to check it out again, I saw that even with rush shipping via UPS Next Day Air, it would be about $60-70 cheaper than what I purchased through Medieval Collectibles.
I went ahead and purchased the different robe through YDM, and was charged for it, so hopefully it’ll be here by my event on the 27th.
Now, here are my concerns:
  1. Regarding my refund from MC, the only real itch is that I need that money by the 20th because I have a big bill that auto-withdraws that day. I’m going to mail the garments that didn’t work tomorrow, but I’m worried they’ll find something wrong with it like a single stray cat hair or something and won’t take it or give me my money back. What has y’all’s experiences been with their return/refund process?
  2. The YourDressMaker website on my phone gave me some weird error messages when trying to order, but it appears to have gone through, as it took the money from my account and PayPal emailed me a receipt from the transaction. Is this website legit and with the rush shipping using UPS Next Day Air should I get it in time for my event on the 27th?
Apologies for the long post, but thank you all for any insight you can provide!
Trying to breathe now and hoping this new garment will work out and that I’ll get my money back and on time.
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2023.06.10 02:17 GarfieldsGayLover My brother shared transphobic propaganda, my partner is trans

I am just so tired... I f*cking hate this crap
My (29) long time partner is trans, but my family doesn't know about it. We are both active members of the Queer community (I am openly bisexual myself).
My step-brother (25) posted a video to his story, spreading false information about transitioning, fear mongering, and openly spreading thinly veiled hate about a community I am involved in. I immediately recognised this as talking points surrounding anti-trans legislation.
I messaged him to ask to take the video down, but that I still loved him. Instead he took the opportunity to 'educate me' about my own community. Again, spreading the same misinformation and being very insensitive. I tried to de-escalate the situation, but he just kept on ranting.
I used to think he was such a sweet boy... Now I just see him as this bitter, pseudo-intelectual, ignorant, insensitive moron. I wish I could get my brother back.
tl;dr: I tried to get my step-brother to delete a post from his story, because it perpetuated false infomation and transphobia. Instead he tried to lecture me about how nasty my own community was. He doesn't know my long-term partner is trans
((I would tell my dad about this, but due to personal reasons I cannot))
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2023.06.10 02:17 VRAXHZDS I was born in a broken family , and I have to the one to deal with it

I am a 14 year old boy, when I was 10 , i loved my dad alot , like really alot , although i rarely saw him , like he coems only one day a week , i loved parents broke up ,my dad has cheated on my mother , he was also a really bad husband , he always made her the one that pays for the food , the rent , the bills ,everything she was paying , he always made excuses which she always believed because she always "loved him" and felt bad for him. And he broke her heart and cheated on her WITH HIS FUCKING BEST FRIEND'S WIFE. It is so messed UP!!!! As soon as I have heard the news that has happened , and like I said I loved my father, I got a fucking panic attack and was crying endlessly for 8hours until I passed out. My grades have fallen from 100% down to 70-80's , i got diagnosed with really terrible adhd ALL FROM THAT .he still to this day , doesent think he is in the wrong btw. My mom always wanted to make him feel bad so everytime if i go out , cuz I have to , yk even if I don't want to , she tells me to tell him this or that , just for a little hope , but I am so TIRED OF THIS SHIT!!! While I was growing up I have seen signs and signs again that my dad actually never cared for me as much as he cared for himself , pre or post break up, I am always the one who calls , or texts him , I am the one who calls or does anything , but never HIM. I also noticed that the one day he is at home , he always spent it watching TV, everyday , I try to remember him , it comes out that he was a worse person then I initially realised.
So that's my dad , let's head over to my sister , who has fucking brain damage, and although she is "17 years old" realistically she is 8 years old , because she had a problem at birth . She doesent know that, but now because she is the pure innocent soul although she is going to college and I am still in middle/high school , I HAVE TO PRESSURED TO KNOW THAT MY OWN BLOOD MIGHT DIE IF I DONT GET MARRIED? IF I DONT SUCCEED, THEN THE FAMILY WILL BE LEFT LIKE A MEOMRY FORGOTTEN BY THE UNIVERSE????NOT TO MENTION I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO AM I AS A HUMAN BEING???
My mom, my mom is a great mom , she sacrifices everything for me although she can be like angry for absolutely no reason , she works overtime for us , she is a high rank in the most famous hotel in the world ,hilton, she never buys anything for herself , and so she can buy everything for my sister and me , the problem is she can be too intense and have high expectations for me even though I am trying my best , but this is the only thing you will find positive on this post
Then me ,hi ,all of this happened in a spam of 2 years and its not stopping my grades are falling I have been in my room alot listening to music or gaming, I have stopped reading books as much even though I want to, which is something for me atleast so abnormal , I am now suicidal than ever , everything right now thats holding me is my mom and my religion . I am a muslim , that's something I want to talk about as well , I have been straying away from Allah SWT every second , I was this kid this angelic kid who does everything allah SWTsays in the qu'ran el kareem I did things at the age of 9 to 12 , people the age of 30 can't do , now I am the fucking devil himself I have been this manipulator I can lie and gaslight whoever I want . I have been feeling like I was gay for a time but I am trying my best to stray away from that , ( no hate to gay people ofc, you guys do whatever Idrc i am not homophob i am a muslim yes , islam says dont be friends with gay people not dont disrespect and torture gay people ) I haven't been praying or concentrating , I haven't read the qu'ran or done the tasabih I feel like I am gonna go to jell because I do so many things that are against the book .
What do I do ? What can I do? My life is pain pain pain pain pain pain, I am going to jump but i don't,want to I fail , my adhd has worsened and I can't focus in class I want to die I want to die !!! It's 3:16 rn I can't fucking sleep , please someone tell me something 😔
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2023.06.10 02:17 thelivsterette1 Does anyone have a link to the Series I VG Compilation episodes?

Turns out BBC iPlayer is removing all the old episodes of QI (all of Series A - Series R) next week (Thursday 15th June). E1-7 of Series S say available for 4 months, and E8 of Series S and beyond say available for 8 months.
I've been using a program to download them all off DailyMotion (tried downloading from BBC iPlayer, but it was out of sync by about 4 seconds), which means I was able to download all the XL versions (BBC iPlayer only have XL for Series S & T) and the VG compilations and the Comic Relief/Sport Relief specials. I'm v happy to put them in a Google Drive and post the link on here once I've downloaded them all
The only one I cannot find anywhere on YouTube or DailyMotion is the VG compilation episodes for Series I. Does anyone have a link/know where I can find them?
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2023.06.10 02:16 Graysonater_ Let's see

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2023.06.10 02:16 FlayvaFlayy [REQ] ($800) - (#Dallas, TX, USA), (Repay $1000: $500 by 6/28/2023, $500 by 7/28/2023) (Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App)(prearranged with Orkaorka_yt)

Loan pre-arranged with orkaorka_yt to the terms in the post title. 800USD received today via paypal with repayment of $500 USD on 6/28/2023 and $500 USD on 7/28/2023
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2023.06.10 02:16 PhoebeTales7 32 [F4M] Boston/Anywhere - Where are you dude? (Iso my atheist hedonistic nihilist who loves science, tech, and nature)

Statistically speaking, I know you have to be out there somewhere. Trouble is, I highly doubt you're looking for me. Maybe because you don't believe that I exist. Maybe because it's just too much effort, and you think the apps are lame or physically painful to slog through. Which, you know, is fair. But maybe one day you'll get bored and scroll through here on a whim... and maybe, just maybe, you'll realize that I'm talking to you. This is not a post directed at most people. I wish everyone all the best in finding whatever it is they're looking for on here -- a life partner, love (however fleeting), companionship, distraction. But I'm not posting here for those things. I'm posting on the off chance that you see this. So if all of the following resonates with you, message me.
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2023.06.10 02:16 Sad-Soup-8845 I posted on r/amiugly and I regret it

I uploaded on amiugly on a separate throwaway account because I was feeling incredibly self conscious about the way I looked and I used to be called ugly a lot in high school. I wanted to post to get genuine feedback and maybe see if anyone thought I was as ugly as I actually felt. The comments started off nice with no feedback or anything and then out of nowhere I got comments like “incredibly ugly”, “3/10”, “you look like a man”, “you look like a skinwalker”, “your face is pretty bad”, “you’re ugly af” and a few people just saying yes. All of the nice comments got downvoted to shit and the rude comments got upvoted a bunch. I had a lot of upvotes on my post too and the top comments were describing how atrocious looking I was. It was confusing because everyone else’s posts seemed to include genuine feedback and advice along with some mean comments but my post was just awful. Now I feel uglier and stupid for even posting on there. It’s been a week since I posted and I still feel really depressed and anxious about it. I don’t even wanna go out or see friends anymore because of the way I feel. I couldn’t stop crying the whole day after posting and had trouble sleeping. I know it’s kind of dumb to feel sad when I’m the one who subjected myself to that kind of treatment but I’ve never hated the way I look or myself more than I do right now. I can’t even look in the mirror. It fucking sucks.
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2023.06.10 02:16 cationic12 On a running trail [Fort Collins, Colorado]

On a running trail [Fort Collins, Colorado]
Sorry for the bad picture
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2023.06.10 02:16 Anon-Acct-CO Need some help with BPD wife….

My wife of 23years has BPD. She was diagnosed early in our marriage and worked very hard in therapy for around two years. A lot of what she was dealing with subsided. We didn’t discuss or address it much until this past year when after a very stressful few months that included moving to another state, change in jobs and the tragic loss of my mother, with whom my wife was very close too. We were both riddled with anxiety, ptsd and grieving. She chose to have an affair with a coworker. It was short lived but none the less absolutely devastating. Through our therapy it became very evident that her BPD was again in full swing. We are 6 months into reconciliation and the focus has been working on our individual selves. We both have IC’s and an MC. I have pushed her the last few months because I didn’t feel like she was working on her needs, but focused on me as I am suffering serious effects of grief and PTSD, and now PISD. As you can imagine she wants to avoid a lot of what she has going on because she doesn’t like to address anything that makes her feel bad. Everything she does has to make her feel good. Last week I discovered on our phone bill a lot of texts in a 5 day period to a number I didn’t know. At first when I asked her she told me it was a girl from her office named Erin that was new and she really liked. She showed me the texts and they were just back and forth banter about wine, comedians they liked, Tv shows etc. Good enough for me.
Late last week she went out of town for work and I noticed the phone bill again and saw over 300 texts to “Erin” in a 4 day period. (FYI, texting logs were how I found out about the affair back in November). I researched the number and found that it belonged to an guy named “Aaron”, not a girl named “Erin” and he indeed worked at my wife’s company. I completely came unraveled. I was filled with Anger and Rage. I called her out on it and she came clean admitting it was a guy from work. Then then tried to tell me he was gay, until I found his FB with his wife and young child. She admits that she lied to me because she knew I’d be mad and that there was nothing going on “like last time” (referring to the affair). The amount of texting was scary. It was day and night and even times when she was with me. I don’t know how much I believe yet about the intensity of what feelings were involved. She admitted to deleting all the texts “so I wouldn’t get mad”.
I’m not posting this to get into what happened or what I should do about it. I’m needing help with how to address it. I’ve been working diligently on “myself” in therapy and one of the things I’ve been working on is keeping my calm and not bringing up issues when I’m angry. This puts me in a predicament with her as a pwbpd. If I am very upset at something, such as finding out about the texting, I cannot tell her that I’m very angry and hurt and need time to process it, which is what I’m learning to do. If I do this she loses her mind. She absolutely melts down with those feelings of rejection and abandonment. I cannot leave her that way because I know how strong and real those feelings are. But at the same Im so upset at the moment that I find myself scolding her like a child. I don’t want that either.
It’s a tough spot. I spent hours and hours learning about BPD and how to manage a relationship with someone with BPD. I want to know. I know this is real to her. I love her more than anything and want to support her. The bright side, if any, is that she has stepped up and agreed to focus on her BPD. Through her current therapists she has scheduled an apt. With a therapists that specializes in. DBT. I’m trying to convince her that her doing this has to be for her, and not for me or our marriage.
I’m hurt and confused and would love any support or feedback you all can give. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 02:16 TheMillenniumGroup r/HorrorMemes will go dark on June 12th

What's going on?
A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.
What's the plan?
On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
What can you do?
  1. Complain. Message the mods of, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
See here for the original Apple thread on this issue.
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2023.06.10 02:16 signalbeatsnoise [Advice] Hiding from failure doesn't make it go away. Confronting it does.

  1. I moderate a group for people to set goals and check in on them regularly.
  2. There's a penalty (to charity) for every day they don't report back.
  3. It's ok to fail your goal as long as you log it.
Every now and then, a member will ask to break their commitment.
This happened just the other day.
Someone signed up for 7 weeks to quit smoking. The very next day, I get an email asking "what if they wanted to stop it".
Why? They got cold feet.
Even though they're allowed to miss their goal, they're afraid to admit their failure to themselves.
Instead of confronting it head-on, they hide from it and want to bail.
Don't get me wrong, I understand the impulse. It's hard to face the truth.
But, reality doesn't change even if you decide to ignore it.
In fact, the only way to change it is to face it and fight through the problem.
Yes, you will fail in the beginning. That's ok. It's part of the process.
Over time, you'll learn from your mistakes.
You identify your triggers and put steps in place to circumvent them.
Eventually, you begin to succeed. Slowly at first, but it accelerates quickly.
The tighter your feedback loop, the faster you grow.
Just take this example, another member who used the group to quit smoking.
They started off with many misses, but picked up momentum quickly.
All it took was confronting their failure. If they hid from it, they'd still be in Week 1.
Want to hear more lessons from the field? I post them here.
If the idea of confronting the truth resonated with you and you want to apply it alongside like-minded peers, check out the free Habit Tracker or 30-day Group Accountability Program ✌️
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2023.06.10 02:16 gwar455 inner species Society

I know the title of this little post sounds confusing but hear me out. I think the biggest thing that's wrong right now is society is that people are always around each other and deal with so many conflicts that truly shouldn't be such a big deal but constantly bicker and fight with each other about them. I think that a smaller Society should be formed many of them throughout the nation now what I'm about to save might sound like farming or some kind of zoo. But it's far from the truth and some people know some animals can't exist without humans they need humans to help Advance their species I believe we can make little small towns and Villages that can actually work with a certain type of animals to repopulate their species because so many animals get endangered especially nowadays with the advance of Technology. I think that small towns where people take care of a certain animal like maybe foxes or Wildcats or some kind of creature that is on the verge of Extinction. The connection that man had with animals in early civilization I believe was the key to making harmony with the animals and the Earth. I believe a true reason why things are the way they are so negative so chaotic and destructive is because mankind has lost their connection you can walk through a city all day and not say half the creatures are ancestors have or have the connection they had with those animals I believe is many times was to move steadily forward we'll have to make sure we can advance other species to make them move steadily forward. And to make people more lighthearted because most people can't connect well with animals that's why we have support animals and animals that or good helps for people with disabilities and whatnot emotional support animals these things happens because animals speak to us mentally in a way or through body language they don't verbally say crazy stuff to make you go insane or try to have a purpose of taking advantage of you well maybe when you're hungry but other than that their purpose isn't to cause chaos to give themselves some diluted form of gratification.
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2023.06.10 02:16 kaleviko [All] Missing because he was missing

A bit shorter post about how Lynch seems to put seemingly unrelated scenes together in a way that is open to all sort of interpretations. Yet, if we watch carefully, he appears to guide us through to his intentions.
In P16, Richard was mysteriously burning away on top of a rock. There was a quick shot of his shadow cast against the smoke. This angle was used just once.
Something wrong with the legs.
There were two glaring inconsistencies in the shot. Firstly, even if Richard's legs had already sizzled away, they were still intact in his shadow. Secondly, Mr C should have been watching his agony on the hillside, yet there was no one there between the rock and the truck.
In P16 at 8:32, he was missing.
So then, in this one shot, there was something wrong with legs, and a man was missing.
Elsewhere in P7, back in Twin Peaks, Beverly Paige got home just as Nurse Madge was leaving the house. As the camera moved, the number of the house became briefly visible in the top right corner of the frame: 16832.
There's safety in numbers, I guess.
Beverly: "How is he?"
The nurse glanced quickly to her left, towards the house number.
Nurse Madge: "We had kind of a rough day."
Then, as she turned to leave, she took her time to reprimand Beverly.
Nurse Madge: "He's missing you!"
Inside, Tom Paige, apparently Beverly's husband, was in a wheelchair, ailing from an unknown suffering. Things didn't seem to be too good between the two. We only saw Tom this one time, and then he was gone from the story.
Something wrong with his legs, too.
If one is in a wheelchair, there is something wrong with their legs. Coincidentally, if we took the house number 16832 and contemplated the possibility whether it was meant to be used as a reference to episode P16 at 8:32, there was something wrong with someone else's legs: this was the shot of Richard's nonexistent legs appearing in his shadow while Mr C was missing. In a further connection between the scenes, just as Richard burnt, there were large burn marks in the fireplace right behind Tom.
Besides the apparent connection between Richard and Tom Paige, if these scenes were indeed meant to work together, we would have an actual major twist as well. With the nurse telling "he" was missing Beverly in front of 16832 and Mr C literally missing from the shot in P16 at 8:32, the surprising implication was that she was actually talking about Mr C. Whoever he really was, it was him who was missing Beverly - whoever she then really was.
Mr C pointed out to us by having him missing from the shot was probably used for another purpose as well. Just before the nurse mentioned them having had a kind of a "rough day", she glanced towards the numbers. Appropriately mishearing her words, the intention may have been to reveal that it was "rough Dale" they had had earlier. A similar likely play with the phrase was in P2 when Detective Macklay said Phyllis had had "a really rough day", followed by Mr C shooting her dead.
Elsewhere, "good day" seems to have been a similar covert reference to the "good Dale". The two Coopers.
Thus then, while it seems Tom and the nurse had had "rough Dale" pay Tom an unwelcome visit, in its own way explaining his current painful state in a wheelchair, Beverly appears to have been all too aware what was going on.
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2023.06.10 02:16 morgan2dollar Locator 58 timeline (expedited)

Total time from in process to shipped was 7 weeks and 4 days. Fell right within the promised timeline of 7-9 weeks. My international flight is July 27th, so had less of a crunch for time than some people here.
April 10: Appointment at post office for first time passport
April 17: Received and in process at locator 58.
June 9: Portal shows Approved in the afternoon. Checked again during the evening and it said shipped. My passport should be delivered to me on Monday, June 12 so long as USPS doesn’t mess up.
Lots of uncertainty with passports, but pleasantly surprised that the expedited timeline was upheld.
Good luck everyone!
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2023.06.10 02:15 Brodie969 Before we go dark and I leave Reddit, I just wanted to thank the mods of this subreddit.

Every mod has been so helpful, I see their comments on pretty much every post. This is one sub I actually enjoy browsing, because of the moderation.
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2023.06.10 02:15 TipPit22 Cucks dm me to make your girls into e-whores. I’m a no limit bull collector. Posting the hottest sluts I get and added to my collection. I will censor if you want that, giving information will give you priority in posting. Daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives, moms, anyone is on the table.

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2023.06.10 02:15 dellyx Just finished season 3

So I'll preface this to say that this isn't my first time on the merry go round, me watching all seasons has happened before and me watching all seasons will happen again.
But after the end of Season 3, I'm firmly in two totally different mindsets. The last episode was just amazing, the last 10 minutes was full of so many fast moving pieces and the goosebumps kept rippling over me as the music reached a crescendo, and that last scene, a chefs kiss for sure.
So what's the problem? Well it's two fold, the first being that I don't want my viewing pleasure to end, and I know that as soon as a start season 4, I'll have it covered within the next couple of weeks and I'll have that post series crash from watching something you love, so I may just hold out a little longer. It's probably why I buy so many Lego sets, I know I don't have the time to build them, but there is a comfort in having them there knowing that I will some day.
The second issue is that while I remember that I really liked season 4, it's not as straight forward and I remember feeling a little sad with how a lot of things ended. You spend so much time with the crew, you want them to reach their goal and for them all to live happily ever after (together). I genuinely can't remember too much of the detail, but just know the ending left me with a sense of melancholy.
Anyhow, having never posted on this subreddit before, I thought I'd purge my mind with some fellow BSG fans.
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