Lavafox fursuit

Something that’s been on my mind 4 a while

2023.04.30 05:56 Solsticewolfdog Something that’s been on my mind 4 a while

Everybody talks about the same face syndrome on Lavafox fursuits but nobody ever talks about how Morefurless also has really bad same face syndrome
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2016.11.06 04:00 Relantis Fursuit body question

So a while back I commissioned a fursuit from LavaFox on FA or something (commissioned suits are much better than the premade ebay ones, sadly she doesn't do commissions much anymore) and I freaking love it. Note I am only 14, young furry, and I have a body suit question. Around what age would it be reasonable to obtain a body suit? In other words, what age will I stop growing enough to get a body suit? I would love to get one but I only have a partial now, got a stocking cap under the head because the head is a bit big. Thanks! ~🐾
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