Block filler primer sherwin-williams

Little dresser refinish I did

2023.05.29 03:04 Thechaver76 Little dresser refinish I did

Little dresser refinish I did
Before and after project for a client. Refinished them with sprayer and sanded tops got rid of the gloss coat and traded it for satin varnish coat. Used Sherwin Williams Emerald satin paint with a block primer.
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2023.05.29 02:39 xDeftxoneGuy Necesito una mano urgente con la decisión de mi primer auto

Buenas noches como les va? Si, otro post más sobre la búsqueda de un primer auto, disculpen!
El tema es el siguiente, me encuentro en la encrucijada de elegir entre un Civic 2006 exs 1.8 con 205mil km (automático, asientos de cuero etc) y un Ford Focus 2.0 Exe Trend Plus 2009 que ronda el mismo kilometraje que el Civic, ambos están INMACULADOS, en muy buen estado.
El asunto está en que estuve leyendo que los Civic (principalmente de ese año) tienen un famoso y "común" problema que es rajar block, y necesito una opinión más formada y que me centre un poquito más, ustedes que opinan? Porque la verdad, quiero evitar clavarme a toda costa con mi primer auto, desde ya les agradezco mucho sus respuestas!
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2023.05.29 01:57 Just-Rip8044 Oil spot primer for asphalt, options?

I’ve started the cleaning of my asphalt driveway in preparation for applying a seal coat… I now realize I have a couple of decent sized oil spots. The product I’m using recommends using an “oil-spot primer”, but for the life of me I cannot find any product that I can get in less than two weeks. It seems like a very specialty product / direct from distributor kind of thing?
Can I use an oil blocking primer that is not made for asphalt driveways? Or do I just need to pause my seal-coat job for a couple of weeks?
Suggestions? What am I missing?
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2023.05.29 00:44 ILoveWesternBlot Mouthbreather's """Guide""" on matching Diagnostic Radiology

I’m an MS4 that fully matched DR this year. I had 21 interviews for DR and matched my top 3 for both DR and intern year. I wanted to share some of my thoughts/reflections/things I wish I knew applying into diagnostic radiology this past cycle. There have been writeups in the past but in the era of virtual interviews, mass applying, and record application numbers, I thought I’d talk a little about how I think the application landscape is changing for radiology and my lowly n=1 opinions on how rads hopefuls can prepare themselves. This is colored mostly by personal experience so obviously take it all with a tablespoon of salt. Everyone’s story is different, I’m just sharing what I learned from my journey.
This year, there were 0 unfilled spots for DR and 2 for IR (those spots were programs that didn’t participate in the main NRMP match cycle, and one nucs med spot that’s being internally filled). For reference, the only other specialties that also filled completely were ortho and Plastics. Neurosurgery, ENT, and Derm all had unfilled spots. This isn’t to suggest that DR is now more competitive than those fields (it’s not, those fields are still far more self selecting and you don’t need to be proficient in softball to match) but just emphasizes how cutthroat the field has gotten in the past couple of years.
Disclaimers: I’m writing from the perspective of a (low tier) USMD. If you’re a DO or IMG, you can probably learn stuff from this info as well but truthfully I’m not fully familiar with all the extra hurdles DOs and IMGs go through to match DR and I don’t want to espouse misleading information for you guys. Connecting with matched DO’s and IMG’s on the discord or spreadsheet will be in your best interest. Also, I only applied DR. The broad strokes advice may still apply here but IR is pretty different in terms of your application and approach so if you’re gunning for integrated IDR you may not glean much from this.
--------------------------------Application Foundations--------------------------------
School Rank: Yea no shit this matters. In general USMD >> DO >>>> IMG except for a couple programs that are IMG heavy (Mercy catholic, Yale bridgeport as examples) No, this isn’t Yale’s main program you prestige whore If you’re at a T20 why are you reading this. You’ll match by virtue of existing. Go outside.
DOs and IMGs really struggled with the match this year and it will not get better. If you’re a premed reading this and choosing a school and you’re at all interested in DR or any other competitive specialty then attending an MD school with an attached academic centehome program is your best bet.
Step 2
With step 1 now P/F this will be the big number programs use I think. My general benchmark estimates:
Sub 240- would consider this to be a genuine weakness/borderline red flag in your app, I’d make the effort to compensate in other areas of your application
240- will probably put you among the weaker end of radiology applicants, but not unworkable
250- baseline goal you should shoot for, basically the average range of matched applicants
260- a great score, theoretically makes you competitive for any program in the country depending on the rest of your app
270- 🤓
If you fail step 2 or step 1, your app is dead in the water.
I’m gonna get like 50 comments saying shit like “well I know xyz student who matched UCSF rads with a 196!!!” yea well as you can see by the length of this post scores aren’t everything. Anyone can match with anything theoretically. But these score benchmarks at least let you get an idea of your competitiveness relative to the rest of the pack, which is important for building the rest of your app. Bottom line: P/250 should be ok as a USMD. P/260 is ideal tho. DO’s should shoot for P/260 as a baseline I think.
DO’s- take both steps. Yes, even though step 1 is P/F. This is non negotiable. Programs do not give a single shit about COMLEX even if their site says they accept it.
Clinical Grades
Don’t need perfect grades, but honor as many as you can. Do whatever is necessary outside of academic dishonesty. Practice your head game. This isn’t a guide on how to honor rotations, those exist elsewhere. Honors in big rotations (IM, surgery) mean more than smaller ones. How much Honors vs HP vs P impacts you depends on your school’s grade breakdown. If you’re High passing when 45% of your class is honoring that’s less than ideal. If only 5% of your class honors then HP is fine. If you’re Passing and your school is P/F then you’re chilling. DON’T FAIL A CLERKSHIP. You probably will not match. If your school publishes shelf grades in your MSPE, don’t fumble those. Avoid shitty MSPE comments and try to get those scrubbed from your record.
Preclinical Grades
Don’t matter as much as clinical grades, especially if they don't factor into AOA. Doing well in preclinicals doesn’t hurt though, and being bottom quintile certainly won’t help. Don’t fail anything. Probably not as big of a deal as failing clerkships but you don’t want any red flags in your app no matter how small.
Nice to have. I was AOA and had several programs comment on it. If you’re squinting for patterns mostly community programs and lower tier academics actively mentioned it (“Congrats on AOA” or “I see you’re academically strong, since you’re AOA” and comments of that ilk were what I heard). The big name programs I interviewed at did not mention it, so not sure if they care. If you’re gonna rant about how AOA is a diversity award/popularity contest go soapbox somewhere else. You definitely do NOT need AOA to match radiology (the vast majority of people that match don’t, I was the only rads match from my school in AOA). I’m just commenting on my thoughts on how much it impacts your app, not making a political statement.
No one gave a shit. This is a mickey mouse award
Do something. This isn’t ortho, you don’t need 20 first author papers in the field. But do something. Does not have to be rads related, unless you’re gunning to match Stanford/UCSF/MGH/NYU or the like. For reference, I had several pubs/presentations/posters in non rads fields that were based on interesting clinical/translational studies. I also had 2 first author radiology case reports. Every interviewer asked about the clinical projects. No one mentioned the case reports. Obviously rads clinical research would be the ideal, but the point here is to not only demonstrate academic productivity, but to have something interesting/memorable to talk about in interviews. 20 case reports isn’t a conversation starter. Original research, even in another field, is a conversation starter. Original rads research is harder to do as students generally can’t read scans which is a big part of most studies but if you can swing it it’s awesome.
Can’t comment for sure on numbers, NRMP says like 8 total items which sounds about right. I’d try to do like 1-2 clinical research projects (in any field, no need to be super anal about radiology) and then fill the rest with case reports. ACR case in point is a good place to pump those out if you have a good mentor (RIP RSNA case reports). Radiology Case Reports has a publishing fee but turnover time is like 1 week so you can really go hard in that journal if your department pays for it.
Former surgical subspecialty switchouts/dual apps, you’ll be okay (I was one of those) Radiology accepts people like you all the time, including residents that match these fields then regret it. I wanted to do a surgical subspec before rads and had a decent body of research in that field. Bonus points if that ENT work you did looked at imaging, It’s an easy pivot on interviews! Like I said before, this isn’t ortho. Research productivity doesn’t compensate for poor grades and scores, and you can’t kill an away like you could in surgical subspecs. So make sure your raw grades/scores are good as they build the foundation of your app. Good grades/scores with low research >> great research with shitty grades/scores.
Bonus: If any research work you did involved coding, statistical programming, or machine learning, try to swing it as a budding interest in AI. Many programs, especially academic ones, get their dicks hard the minute someone mentions AI/deep learning models.
Conferences: Unfortunately, networking is becoming more of a thing in radiology as is the fate of any competitive field in a world of less objective metrics. If you can present at RSNA or ACR or SIR or any other conference, absolutely take the opportunity. Introduce yourself to as many PD’s and APD’s as possible, plant the idea of your existence as a seed into their subconscious. If you have nothing to present, I don't know how much value these conferences would have though unless you're a rizz god or somethng. I can’t comment on this too much because I did literally none of this but if your above application metrics are weak then I’d highly recommend doing this. As a terminally online introvert with the personality of a cement block I think networking is cringe but you gotta play the game. IMGs/DOs should especially be trying to do this.
Extracurriculars/Work Experience
No one really cares about interest groups. No one cares if you worked in the student clinic. Programs do care if you did an interesting service/leadership activity. I had one cool service activity I did in preclinicals that got brought up in every interview (wasn’t rads related at all). Make sure you can speak well on what the activity entailed and how you personally contributed.
Nontrads with previous work experience, wear it like a badge of honor. It makes you more interesting as an applicant. I can’t comment on it firsthand because I went straight through but anything that makes your story more than “I was premed in college and now I’m in medical school” is gonna be a talking point on interviews.
--------------------------------Building your App--------------------------------
Letters of Recommendation
IMO the best setup for this is 1 radiology letter and 2 nonradiology clinical letters. Assuming all you did was a rads rotation and little else, a radiology LOR is going to inherently be weak. Students don’t do much besides shadow on rads rotations and everyone knows it, so what’s it gonna say? “Oh student X sat there like a good little boy/girl and didn’t fall asleep in the reading room please RTM them :)” -yeah not the best letter pal. Your clinical letters on the other hand can actually speak to your ability as a medical student so they can be more impressive. The specialty doesn’t matter too much, just make sure they can speak strongly on your ability as a future resident.
If you’re wondering how to get a good rads letter, the best answer is to do research with a rads mentor. Then they can say that you’re academically productive and worked well on projects which makes your letter nicer. If you do research with multiple rads mentors, that’s the only instance in which I’d get a second Rads letter.
How you set up your 4th year rotations should depend on what you need. If you aren’t sure about getting a good nonrads letter, do a Sub I, especially in IM or Surgery- I really really recommend this as a great way to get a good letter or two. If you’re a newer switch into the field do a rads rotation to get a letter. Honestly your rads letter is more of a checkbox at that point than anything else but having one at least confirms you’re not blatantly backup applying.
Dual/backup appliers should get try to get one rads letter from a rotation. Also, make sure your other letters don’t say how great of an orthopedic surgeon you’re gonna be lol don’t get snitched on by your own homies
Away Rotations
Ding ding ding the big million dollar question. You probably scrolled to look for this. I am of the opinion that yes, you should do an away if you can. This is coming from someone who didn’t do one. Now, they aren’t mandatory like they are for surgical subspecialties, but you should try to fit one into your schedule if you can. With step 1 going pass fail and the increasing number of apps, programs are looking for more ways to separate applicants from the flock. Away rotations can be your key. Some general guidelines:
1. DO A ROTATION AT A PROGRAM YOU WOULD BE ALREADY BE COMPETITIVE AT. Doing an away at a rotation at a program does not guarantee an interview. This may sound lame, but think about it- all you do on most DR aways is shadow, or maybe take an exam or present on a topic. That’s nice but it tells a program nothing about how good you’d actually be as a resident.This is why I made a big deal of being able to assess your relative competitiveness as an applicant. Use texas star and residency explorer to get a better idea of this- if you’re in the upper 25% of matched applicants statistics then it’s probably a good idea to do an away there. Don’t rotate at UCSF or MGH if you’re a DO or have below average stats- you’re not gonna get an interview and you’re gonna waste everyone’s time.
2. Aways should not take precedence over important application building rotations. If you need a non radiology letter and you’re debating between doing an away vs doing a sub I in medicine, the answer is the sub I. A strong application with no aways > weaker app with an away IMO. Getting letters from aways is hard to say. Do it if you don’t have a home program. Otherwise, it’s probably more valuable to build a strong connection to your home program and get radiology letter(s) there.
3. If you’re looking to match in an area that you have no educational/personal ties to, do an away there. If you’re from the midwest and want to match in NYC, do an away in NYC. If you’re looking to match to california and aren’t attending medical school there, do an away in Cali. Unless you’re a superstar candidate you will probably see poor yields in areas outside of your med school/hometown area so an away can help boost yields. That being said, rule 1 takes precedence here.
4. I don’t recommend getting LOR’s from away programs. The big exception here is if you don’t have a home program, in which case then you should. It’s just that these letters are probably gonna be mid at best and home rads letters where the PD/writer knew you for longer will probably be of better quality. Again, everyone is different-maybe you really really vibed with an away faculty and want a letter from them. If you are confident it’ll be a really quality letter, then go for it. But don’t strategize your app around getting letters from MGH or NYu or Stanford and thinking this is like surgical subspecs where you do aways at places for great letters- it’s not.
Make sure to apply early and broadly- it’s first come first serve for most programs. If you haven’t finished your app and submitting to programs already, you’re probably running late. Oops, probably should probably have submitted this sooner. This is what League of Legends does to you folks. Try to do research and ask around about what programs highly value away rotators. I have some leads but there are definitely many many others out there.
NYC- Mt. Sinai Icahn SOM- great away experience, gave interviews to away rotators
PA- Einstein Philly- highly highly values away rotators/demonstrated interest in the program
CA- Santa Barbara Cottage- gave interviews to away rotators, great “foothold” program into CA
CA- Cedars Sinai- another great “foothold” program into CA
Shoutout to these programs for doing the exact opposite:
Wash U St. Louis- rejected an away rotator 3 weeks into the away (per name and shame)
UMD- did not provide interviews to multiple away rotators
FYI both programs I listed above are great places to train at, and programs are under no obligation to give interviews to away rotators, especially in DR. Just know if you rotate there that you should prepare for this possibility.
Post-ERAS submission aways are probably still valuable especially early on in interview season. The only thing is that you won’t be able to get LORs from those but I think LOR’s from away rads programs are almost guaranteed to be mid at best so I’d recommend not building your app around those unless you have no home program.
The other million dollar question. This year apparently applicants get 6 gold and 6 silver signals. I think the best thing to do with signals is just send them to where you wanna go. I have no clue why anyone would want a silver signal, but I don’t think it’s worth the headache of trying to mindgame which programs are getting silvers and which are getting golds. Send your golds to the ones you really like, and your silvers to the ones you also like but maybe not as much. Don’t overthink it.
My only advice regarding signals is to NOT signal big name academic centers. UCSF, NYU, MGH, Upenn, etc do not put much weight into signals. They know everyone wants to train with them so they get their pick of the litter. Sending a signal to them is likely throwing your signal in the trash, especially if your application metrics aren’t at or above their matched averages. I think you get the most bang for your buck from signaling smallemid tier academic centers and community programs. That being said, I’m not your dad. Signal who you want.
PS ask your home program if they want you to signal them. Some don’t but others are dickheads and want one of your signals. Make sure you know.
Damn i dont know what the fuck they’re smoking at AAMC with this change but I guess I can talk about it. Sounds like common sense but talk about shit that’s actually meaningful and you can talk freely and confidently/passionately about in interviews. Especially now since you have limited space. The student clinic you and 1000 med students volunteered at probably doesn’t mean much. Oh, you led the student clinic? Well that’s a lot better, you should talk about that. Activities where you took a leadership role are always gonna be more meaningful and interesting in interviews than stuff you were just a floater in. Gonna copy and paste a comment I made a while ago about putting research as experiences in your ERAS. Applies to any specialty I think:
Publications and "experiences" are different parts of your ERAS application, with Pubs having no cap. You can enter any publication as a "research experience" but you'll need to think a little harder about which ones you wanna put in.
For example, if you do a small filler case report and it gets published in a smaller journal, this is a publication and should be in your ERAS publication section. You could enter it as a research experience as well, where you describe the process you went through to get it written and published. However, this would not be a very meaningful experience and a waste of one of your ten entries.
Let's say you lead a longitudinal translational research project in your field of interest that gets presented at a conference as an abstract, and then subsequently published in a large journal. Both the abstract and the pub will, again, go in your ERAS pubs section. However, this would also make a great research experience to use in your experiences tab. You could talk about how you led the project, the role you played in completing it, where it was presented, etc. This would make for a strong candidate in your experiences tab.
TL;DR: Smaller filler projects are pubs but shouldn't be listed in experiences. Larger important projects should be publications and also listed as a research experience. Hope this makes sense.
I would highly highly recommend including some space for hobbies in your eras. DR interviews are like 80% hobby talk, 10% why rads, 10% random shooting the shit. You don’t need to have insanely interesting hobbies- even mundane stuff is great conversation food. I talked about TV (almost spoiled an interview on Better Call Saul's ending) and manga (Chainsaw Man my love) in some of my interviews. Just be sure you’re genuine in those interests and can talk about them. Don’t fabricate a hobby like underwater basket weaving to make yourself look cool because if you sound fake then that’s gonna be an almost instant DNR. My home PD told me a story of a great applicant they DNR’ed because he said he loved fly fishing in his hobbies section and our PD (who loves fly fishing) asked about it he couldn’t talk anything about it. because it was made up. Yeah, don’t do that.
Probably 2-3 hobbies and elaborate a little on each. Don’t just say running- were you on any competitive teams? Did you run a marathon/halfy/5k? Give some meat to it but not your whole life story.
Personal Statement
I feel very unconfident in talking about this part so I won’t say too much. I was told my PS was good but no one really commented on it in interviews. I think the 10/80/10 rule applies here- 80% of PS’s don't move the needle in any way, 10% are profound, 10% suck ass. You’re not gonna be in that top 10% most likely so just try not to be in that bottom 10%. Spell check, and don’t talk about how you wanna do rads because of lifestyle or because you “Like PUZZLES” -it’s generic as fuck. Have as many eyes on it as possible- your mentors, your friends, your parents, your parole officer, Dealer Jim- get as much feedback on it as possible. Just make sure it doesn’t suck or unintentionally reveal any personality disorders- that time you lit a live squirrel on fire and looking at the bones made you interested in Xrays is probably not a good radiology PS.
Conclusions/I skipped to the bottom
Rads is getting pretty competitive. I’d say it’s not on the level of the surgical subspecs/derm but probably the most competitive one of the remaining ones. It’s still not too bad if you’ve built a decent app- I’m not gonna hype it up like the psych and gas doomposters, but it’s not a walk in the park like it was pre-COVID. Especially if you’re a DO or IMG….
My spicy prediction we will see a small dip in application numbers this cycle- ChatGPT “concerns” and people realizing it’s not a safe backup may cause a small decrease in app numbers- but the process is becoming more opaque with tiered signals and more importantly P/F step 1.
-GET GOOD STEP 2 SCORE. 250+ goal, 260+ ideal if you want to feel safer but I don't think there's really a safe score nowadays
-GOOD GRADES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL- honors and HP’s, don’t low pass. DON’T FAIL ANYTHING. Be top tertile/quintile/quartile/kitchentile or whatever your school does.
-DO SOME RESEARCH- a couple case reports and a independent project or two that you can talk about is your goal. Don’t need 10+ pubs like an ENT manwhore but don’t have nothing.
-DO AN AWAY AT A TARGET RANGE PROGRAM. Know your competitiveness and choose your away intelligently. Don’t ego it. Do it in a region you’d potentially like to match in especially if you don’t have prior ties. Again, not mandatory but it can really help.
-BE A REAL PERSON- you’re not a stat stick. Mention hobbies, ecs, prior jobs that you can talk about in interviews. The first 3 points get you the interview- it’s these last two points that get you the match.
I hope this helps a little. I wish I wrote this in march post match because then some of this advice would have been more timely like the aways but what can you do.
I might do a part 2 on interviews and rank lists and what I think you should look for in a program so let me know if that's something you might be interested in. I feel like those are later cycle questions and wouldn't be super relevant right now. Plus I've already procrastinated on writing this up when I said I would so I try to write that this shit is never gonna get done.
Other matched rads people feel free to chime in/correct me/share your experiences. I don't claim to be a know it all for this process by any means I still wonder how I managed to pull the devious heist on the program that matched me.
I’m willing to take DM’s if you have more specific/personal questions but no butthole pics please.
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2023.05.28 18:53 vitalityscienceusa Arabinogalactan

Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharide extracted from larch trees. It is a 100% water soluble prebiotic for cats that helps maintain proper gut flora and boosts the immune system.
Arabinogalactan occurs naturally in most plant cell walls and supports colon health by acting in the colon to activate immune cells. It promotes growth of pro-biotic bacteria (such as Pet Flora) in the colon and contributes to healthy micro-flora levels.
Arabinogalactan is an FDA approved source of dietary fiber. It is slightly sweet tasting water soluble fiber occurring naturally in most plants. It does not stimulate an insulin response.
  • Treat gastrointestinal problems.
  • Maintains health and promotes growth of probiotics.
  • Nourishes micro-flora (probiotics) and encourages them to work more efficiently.
  • Enhances the immune system by increasing the number of immune cells present in the blood stream.
  • Blocks invading bacteria and viruses from attaching to cell membranes in the liver.
Vitality Science ensures our products are in their purest form. We do not add any fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label. The natural time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan.
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2023.05.28 11:37 SamanMayCry How to Repaint Mandalorian Black Series Helmet?

Hey everyone, I was wondering what the best method would be to customise and repaint the Mandalorian (Din Djarin) Black Series Helmet to be a little more screen accurate. I’ve attempted Adam Savage’s Clear Coat and Weathering Techniques twice and failed both times so I’m looking at other options. Ideally I’d want to make my own 3D Helmet from Scratch but this isn’t an option for me right now, so the Base of the Black Series Helmet will have to do.
If I’m looking at using Graphite Powder since I’m looking for a more darker finish, what would I have to do in order to prepare the Helmer for this method? E.g. Sand Grits, Filler Primer, Clear Coats etc etc.
Thank you kindly
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2023.05.28 05:24 Hanthenerfherder Walküre Final Tour Last Mission Osaka May 27

Went to the concert last night!
Here's the things I remembeadvice.
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2023.05.28 04:01 WoefullyIneptPigeon A Guide on Nyx

First off this is going to be a bit long because I'm trying not to leave anything out. I also play her primarily as a point tank because she benefits from being near where the fight is centered around. If you don't want to read all of it, there's one thing I'm trying to spread about her that's super cool in the Royal Presence section that I bolded. I was just answering another post and it ended up being way too long so I'm putting this here since I haven't seen many guides on her around.
On to the guide and feel free to correct me on things or put your own ideas of the character in the comments!

Nyx is a much better point tank than a lot of people think. Being patient also really helps with her; not just in learning her, but also in stealing the point. She's not broken or the best, but she's good and can be pretty versatile when you get her down. It just takes bit of time to get a playstyle that works with her down.
The first thing to know is that she does a LOT of damage, but it's slow. You have to play point patiently with her and take your opportunities when you see them. She's great at denying space and dealing wide areas of damage. Even if that damage seems small, it adds up. Which you'll see me say over and over again. Instead of holding point more defensively than offensively like say an Inara would, Nyx does the opposite. She uses slow sneaky damage to steal the point and try and angle herself where she can poke a little close, but safe. You always want to be where your support can see you and protect them even more than another tank would. They're your lifeline and only source of healing.
When you use either her shield or presence and don't have a need for it to be active anymore, then re-activate them to end the effect so that you can get your cooldown back faster.
Last thing is that if your support isn't very good you're going to have a ton of trouble staying up so you have to play a lot safer and use your poison, rift slash, and poke to try and steal what space you can. If your dps isn't very good, then a lot of the slow damage you're doing is going to get wasted. It's your job to weaken the enemy and their job to finish them off. Not that you can't still get picks and burst people down, but bad dps is really going to make things much harder on you than another tank would especially if their target priority isn't good. Making enemies back up or just die is how you're going to survive along with knowing when to back yourself. But if your dps and/or your support is at least decent you can create so many opportunities for your team, which makes the character a lot of fun.
Her weapon shots gets +75 damage within 20 units, which is not far at all. It's essentially nose to nose, but when you think it's within survivable space, try and get into that range for the extra dps. She goes from ~483 dps to ~608 dps if she hits all bonus damage shots in one combo (about 3 seconds when I timed it. Someone could correct me if I'm wrong there though.) It will really benefit you to move strafe forward and then back a little when you fire to try and get that bonus damage, but also maintain a little space. Mess around with it in the shooting range to get used to that if you don't already do it.

Abyssal Fortress
I have four tips for for the shield:
1.) When using it to protect yourself try to keep it close to you and of course strafe through it if enemies try and walk through to hit you. You can look a bit in front of you or straight down at the ground, but just remember 30 units isn't far and 1500 less shield is best to avoid when you can help it.
2.) Place the shield facing towards where the danger is. If most of the damage is in front of you, then place it there. If you're dueling the enemy tank because they're killable and there's two dps to your right, then place it towards them to block their damage.
3.) If you seen a teammate (especially your support) in need of protection don't be afraid to place the shield farther away near them to keep them from dying or to aid their retreat. If you're fighting point and think the save is more valuable, then retreat off point and protect the teammate by throwing a rift slash at whoever is chasing them or poking with your weapon if you can. But get away from the point if it'll kill you.
4.) If the enemy tank (like Barik, Ash, Atlas, or another Nyx) places their shield down before you do, don't be afraid to walk forward and put your shield past theirs to negate their value if you think it's survivable space.

Rift Slash
Rift slash isn't just good for damage or trying to get picks. It's also a great zoning/area denial tool. Don't be afraid to use it to keep people from being in a certain spot if you think you'll find more value than just damage. Also great for pushing the support from line of sight from their tank.
Also don't just use it for yourself. It can really help your flank get that pick if you notice it.
Using it is easier when you charge it for distance instead of damage. The distances are 25 units for 0-49% charge, 50 units for 50-99% charge, and 100 units for full charge. The damage increase is on the initial hit only and you can add more with your weapon than charging will and some players (not a lot, though) will hear the charge and know they need to dodge it, so faster is also better. Additionally, the hitbox when it's a projectile is smaller than the hitbox when it's stationary, so Show of Force cripple is easier to hit as well if you place it correctly. You'll still want to aim directly for enemies, but knowing this can make it a lot easier to hit. You also sometimes want to walk forward or back to get the the area where the slash will stop.
Pre-firing Rift Slash can be a good idea, especially if you know the enemy is going to be near a certain distance. But if the charge will go farther than the enemy you want to hit you have three options:
1.) Hit the enemy with the claw projectile
2.) Hit an object ~15 units near them (includes deployables)
3.) If you're on high ground, aim at the ground near them.
Last thing I'll add on this is that if you need to retreat, hit enemies with the slow or put it in a spot that'll get in their way so you can get out of trouble more safely.
FOR ENEMIES WITH SHIELDS: Fire your rift slash above them at roughly the units you would need to diagonally to get that initial hit damage (and cripple on Show of Force.) Sometimes you'll still hit the shield, but hey we tried. They'll still take the pulse damage like they would have if you just hit the shield.

Royal Presence
For Royal Presence (her F,) don't think of it as just a defensive ability that makes the damage you take slower. It's great for that, but it's also a great offensive ability for punishing enemies for grouping up near you and racking up that ult charge! You'll be surprised how fast you'll get it with Abyssal Authority and Center of Combat. Sure the damage on the poison is slow, but you don't have to aim it and it can only really be cleansed by ethereal like Grohk & Seris' movement abilities, Zhin billow, and Koga dash.
The poison can also be re-procced, so if you touch an enemy with the aura again near before it ends, they take double damage. Meaning with Center of Combat 5 they can take a total of 30% health over 12 seconds. That's 3 times the damage at base and 6 times if you just got it one them once! People will really just stand in it and not respect the slow damage, but even if it can seem minimal it really does add up; damage is damage after all!
The pull is also really useful for getting a support out of position and then throwing Rift Slash on them, stopping the momentum of an enemy trying to run away, or trying to get an enemy off of one of your teammates. Just remember that it is momentum based; an enemy moving away will just get popped up a little while one moving towards you will get pulled farther. If you want to pull someone out of position and you see them press W, that's the best time to do it. The hitbox for it is a small cone in front of you and it also does 100 damage when you activate it, which the in-game description doesn't mention.
If you didn't know, you can cleanse all temp damage from Presence with her ult. But a really cool thing about Royal Presence is that there's a small window where any damage you would take as purple health is automatically healed back up; without even having to use your ult for it. This window is less than a second and basically where her wings go in front of her right when you first activate presence. You don't need to activate the chain pull at all, so you still also get all the other perks of the ability and can save your ult! This means that you can run into Drogoz ult and right before he hits you, pop presence and you'll take no damage. Good Drogoz players will adapt and choose a different target or dodge you, but it's an awesome counter to a death sentence. This also works for tanking Jenos ult, Skye ult, etc. Any big burst damage, but also really any damage in that small window. You can practice this against the Cassie bots in the shooting range. Just wait before one of them fires at you and pop the first activation of Presence. Of course this doesn't work against Vora ult. No idea about Maeve's Street Justice talent however, but to me that's nearly impossible to time.
Funny enough KamiVS just did this in a video he posted yesterday:
Last two things to touch on for Presence, but important is you can use it to retreat to get back to your support. You can also touch the enemy tank and hopefully the support with the poison, throw a rift slash if you need to, back up and heal/poke, and then re-proc the poison to add more damage and point pressure. The ability is really a nice mix of offense and defense.

For her ult you almost always want to use it while using Presence. You can pop Presence and run into the enemy and ult to cleanse all that damage you took and to make space or punish them for being too closely grouped up and then put rift slash on whoever got caught up in it. Also don't be afraid to use the cleanse from her ult defensively just to survive! Sometimes an enemy will still get hit by it or get pulled out of position. There's also three other things you can do with your ult I'll add:
1.) Use Rift Slash before ulting to slow enemies so they can't just run out. This is also way better in Show of Force since anyone you hit with it will be crippled and unable to use a movement ability to dodge the ult. This also works with Subjugation's root on Presence pull.
2.) Use the chain pull from presence right before ulting so their momentum is going towards you or to try and get an additional enemy into it. This ends your aura early, so any damage you take after the initial cleanse from your ult will be taken normally. Use this when you know it's safe too.
3.) If your shield is off cooldown, you can put it in front of you before you ult to block damage or pull them through it if you run the Abyssal Breach talent (you can do the same with chain pull.) You can also just put the shield down just before enemies come out of stun to block their damage and keep space/retreat.

As for items the best items in my opinion for her are:
Chronos - She's really depends on her cooldowns both defensively and offensively. A lot of my damage is often half ability damage or more. Once you have chronos at 2 you want to focus more on other items until everything else important is at least at 2.
Rejuv - She gets a scaling 20% healing bonus near the objective. So 20% on it and still a bonus even if you're just a bit away from it. I'm still not sure where that bonus ends, but both of these together also stack against caut. So at Rejuv 3 on point and 90% caut, you're only in 40% caut. Still try to get out of combat (ideally still near the objective, but out of enemy sightlines) to get healed up by your support. But if you have to fight on point in caut, then you have to wait until you can use your shield to cleanse it.
Nimble - No movement ability means you need faster movement speed to get in and out of fights. A lot of value for not a lot of credits, but there are situations where you might not have space to buy it
Haven - Less damage better. Especially in Royal Presence.
Resilience - CC can really mess up your day, so resi is a must buy for her in those situations.
Wrecker - She's pretty decent at wrecker, at least at close range, but she also isn't going to melt shields easily. If you notice your team isn't buying it enough and you need it: get it. Just know the extra cost is going to increase the time to get your item build up if you go something like Chronos/Haven/Wrecker, so try to stick to just two expensive items at a time when you can help it.
Points if you noticed that three of her items (Nimble, Resi, Rejuv) are actually pretty low cost, so getting your build up can be pretty fast sometimes.
As for her best item starts (if your support is something like Jenos or Corvus or a solo damage furia, start a Rejuv build):
1.) Chronos + Nimble - If you buy this, your third buy should almost always be rejuv unless there's a situation that calls for something else like something that needs counter or your support is just cracked and doesn't need it quite yet. But Rejuv is inevitable on this character.
2.) Rejuv + Resi - Best start when there's CC you don't want to deal with. Once Resi is at 2 you can start building out more, but rush that unless your opponent isn't very good with CC.
3.) Rejuv + Nimble / Rejuv alone - You need more healing
Redundant items for her are:
Illuminate - You can actually just track enemies that are invisible with the tick damage from royal presence and then throw rift slash on them, hit them with your weapon, and either kill them or push them out. It takes some getting used to for you to hit your shots just tracking the numbers, but it's nice to have the item slot freed up.
Morale Boost - You get so much ult charge from Presence ticks if you have her build set up right with Center of Combat and Abyssal Authority, so only reason to really buy this is if you really need your ult and your build doesn't include those.

Onto her cards, I'll preface by saying that strong card go brrrr isn't always the best option on this character. She's got a lot of stuff that's a little weak in base kit, but much stronger when you buff it. So a balanced spread can help you out a lot. But also some of this is my opinion and you do you; if you want a card at 5 then that's your expression of the character. Remember that you should try to build characters to suit your own playstyle.

Best (No particular order):
Abyssal Authority - Getting more enemies in your aura means more passive damage. That means more ult charge, damage numbers for credits, and adding kill potential to your team even for enemies you aren't actually looking at. It doesn't seem like a lot at first, but it adds up as I mentioned above. If you're point tank you want this card at 3-4. 5 is kind of overkill, but do you.
Center of Combat - This is where a lot of your damage numbers will come from. Boosting aura damage is great. I have this at 4 on my main build which can rack up to 26% max health on a single target over 12 seconds. There's still a good benefit to 5, but I like to put that point elsewhere to balance my build out. Except in a Nyx mirror. They go 5 then you go 5 on this card.
Forever Changed - HP adds to your bulkiness which can really help you out. But if you'd rather go for something else, totally respectable. But have at least one build that has this card at 4 or 5 if you notice you find yourself in a situation that demands bulkiness.
The Little Things - Rift Slash is a hugely important tool on this character, so reducing it's cooldown is fantastic. Personally I have this at 2 because I have my points elsewhere and at this level I rarely don't have slash when I need it. But it still happens now and again. 4-5 is kind of overkill unless you're going off-tank though.
Devastating Blows - This card is amazing when you need it. You'll find yourself against enemies that usually won't be close to you though. Which negates the benefit of the card. That's why I have a build that just uses this as a filler card. I find that at 3 you're generally in the space you would be fighting another tank on point, but if you find that space to put it at 4 then go for it! 5 isn't too far off from 4 though, so the benefit in a point in another card is a little better, but that's just my opinion.

Pretty Good:
All Will Kneel - Rift slash is amazing at denying space, so adding some radius to it's pulses. That's 200 damage total over 2s or 300 over 3s in Show of Force, but the slow is the biggest benefit.
Unchecked Power - I've faced Nyx's that send this card and ngl it can be pretty annoying at start until resil is up. Even at just 2-3 there's value in this card, but I personally don't use either this or the previous one because I find more than enough value with base rift slash and I like buffing other things better for my playstyle.
Brutal Pursuer - This card is ONLY good if you're going off tank. Otherwise you're better off putting points elsewhere. The value of the move speed just isn't high enough on point tank.
Unyielding Advance - This is a pretty good filler card. If you find it suits you, then go for it! But it doesn't have a lot of value past 1-2 compared to others.
Frontline Commander - This card is amazing! On another character. Nyx's base kit needs too much boosting to justify space for this at a level where it's really useful. She's pretty CC heavy, so the move speed decrease just gives resi more value against her. But still give it a shot if you like it, despite what I said it's a pretty fun card. Just remember that my take on this card is an opinion despite me wording it like it's a fact.
A Swift End - Devastating blows gets you way more value for the most part. It's there all the time and this is only usable on shield. At level 5 this adds ~120-162 dps to a single combo (3s), but that number really isn't exact and is likely a little lower. Just an estimate. Biggest argument for this card is you can re-proc it by strafing your shield, so it's shield duration + 3s. But if an enemy shield is in your way then you lose value unless your aim is to try and burst down the shield or run in and drop your shield over theirs. It's a nice card, but it runs into the same problem as Frontline Commander: Nyx's base kit makes it hard to put points into it since the base range of her aura and her weapon bonus damage is low, and her tick damage needs the help from Center of Combat. The card is still fun though and if you find more success with it than the others then more power to you. Still try it out and draw your own conclusion! It may be it just doesn't suit me personally. Same applies to some other cards above.

World Torn Asunder - When you get used to Rift Slash, it's not super hard to hit even at 100 units as long as you space yourself correctly. So the real value in this is hitting agile enemies like Vatu, Maeve, or VII. But it's not a card you want to put a lot of points out of, and you can still work around having it. Not a bad idea to have it as a 1-2 pointer to deal with champions like that though if you find it helps you! I'm just saying in general there's much more value elsewhere. Personally I don't use it at all, but give it a shot still to draw your own conclusion.

True Freedom - If you take one thing away from this comment. Don't use this card. It's a scrub trap. There's better one pointers and when you get used to the character you'll find this card is just training wheels that don't even really need to exist. Even if you miss a hit on your weapon or hold it for a bit longer, the value is just too small.
The New Order - Not as bad as True Freedom is, but the value is way too low and other cards are just way better. Most chains will hit 1-2 enemies max. Even at 5 that's a 150-300 shield for way too many points.
Unyielding Advance - It's like using Guardian as an item: don't. People will buy wrecker and decimate your shield even with this at 5. And if they don't your shield will last more than long enough.
Face to Face - I mean, you can kind of meme with this, but even then the value is just bad. Base pull does it's job just fine, and using this to soften the blow from the other team building resi doesn't help a whole lot in comparison to other cards.

If anyone wants my builds for reference, I'll put them here. Just remember this is for how I play the character and what personally found me the most success:
AA= Abyssal Authority, CoC = Center of Combat, FC = Forever Changed, TLT = The Little Things, DB = Devastating Blows, BP = Brutal Pursuer
Balanced - CoC 4, AA 3, FC 3, DB 3, TLT 2. Main build I use almost all the time.
Bulky - FC 5, CoC 4, AA 3, TLT 2, DB 1. I use this build either when I need more health, or more often when I know enemies are going to be farther from me so I won't get value out of DB.
Damage - CoC 5, AA 4, DB 3, TLT 2, FC 1. I use this build when facing another Nyx or really bulky comps. Especially with Lilith as the support with 2 tanks. Really messes with her resources.
Off-Tank - CoC4, DB 4, TLT 3, BP 3, AA 1. As off tank you need that extra bit of movement speed. Even though it isn't substantial, it helps a lot. You're not the center of the fight as off-tank, so AA doesn't get as much value, but CoC adds to your damage. DB is at 4 so you can get stronger pokes from a bit farther and TLT 3 lets you rift slash more and keep that move speed up. Don't use it exclusively for the speed though.

Show of Force - This is my favorite talent for her by far. The extra second lets you deny more space and the cripple increases pick potential for you and your team. Biggest downside if there's a lot of CC on your team you'll lose value so you might be better off going Abyssal Breach in those cases. But you can definitely still work around it even then.
Abyssal Breach - The talent I used on point before they buffed Show of Force. Having your shield more often on point is really helpful and it punishes anyone trying to push past your shield in narrow spaces or catch you while you're strafing it in open ones. Great if your team has a lot of CC like I pointed out above. Also don't forget you can use your chain pull to bring people through the shield for that extra damage if you find a good chance for a pick. This goes for pulling enemies through it with your ult as well, but if resi is up it's not nearly as viable tech.
Subjugation - A lot of people say it's her best, but I say it's situational. If you end your aura early with it, you lose a lot of that nice damage and ult charge. But this talent is still really useful. Great as an off-tank talent if your team doesn't have a lot of useful CC so you get more value out of this from forcing resi or someone on the enemy team ignoring resi. Make sure to track who has it for you picks. On point you would only use this if you know the enemy has an agile champion your comp isn't equipped to deal with and you know you won't hit those Show of Force cripples. If your team has a lot of CC then Show of Force is the better off-tank talent.

Well, that's the end of the guide. I know that was a lot of text, but so are her ability descriptions in game lol. I hope that some of the info that I put here was found useful by someone. Take care and glhf!
Edit: Spelling, phrasing, and used the wrong numbers for Swift End. Changed to dps instead of raw damage. Moved Swift End to Pretty Good section and updated its description since I changed my mind on it a little after typing it out and thinking about it.
Edit 2: Added info on the pull, added a bit more to chronos, and added wrecker into a section instead of separated out after the redundant buys.
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2023.05.28 01:28 TheInvisibleLight A foolproof system for limiting phone usage at home

This is a long post, read a couple sections at a time take some short breaks =]





~~~~ The nitty gritty ~~~

AppBlock overview:

AppBlock setup:

The second bugfix: Tasker (Android only)

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2023.05.28 01:04 Luigical The Ultimate Minecraft Iceberg [300+ entries]

The Ultimate Minecraft Iceberg [300+ entries] submitted by Luigical to jessmemes [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 22:24 DWolfoBoi546 First coat of filler primer and she be already baby smooth

First coat of filler primer and she be already baby smooth submitted by DWolfoBoi546 to Mandalorian [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 18:18 KOWZG Delving into KG-8 & Story of Investigations 1

Everyone knows that KG-8 is an incident that never gets developed very well because the game it's in is pretty bad. So what better thing to do than look it over and see how it could've been done better? I'm going to look at each case and show what we learn and how to improve it.
Turnabout Visitor (AAI-1): This case kind of throws you into the conflict of the game instead of introducing Edgeworth. In I2-1, we see Edgeworth introduced as if he's "batman" as someone said in one of my posts. It shows how Edgeworth is one of the best prosecutors and that the chief prosecutor calls on him whenever a large case shows up. We later realize that Portsman's goal was to gather the files for the KG-8 incident, but it doesn't make sense to tie in the first case after you play to the fifth case. Edgeworth should definitely remember the KG-8 files, but he has some sort of storyline amnesia preventing him from remembering. I'll talk more about that in AAI-3.
Turnabout Airlines (AAI-2): Now this case is something that can easily fit into the general conflict well. It provides a shock factor (and a funny sprite) when Edgeworth is accused of the murder of Akbey Hicks and also introduces the smuggling ring. This is exactly what a second case should do and I actually don't think much needs to be improved about this case seeing as it's only a second case meant to introduce.
The Kidnapped Turnabout (AAI-3): This case is executed poorly. It has almost no importance to the story at all. The importance of the Amano Group and why Devorae was arrested aren't explained (they are in AAI-4) and Edgeworth has a weird ass mind block on him. The case itself is a dumpster fire and is a filler so bad, it's worse than big top's filler levels. However, the Devorae arrest and Kay not being remembered by Edgeworth until she shows him the cravat is just weird. He should easily remember this, considering it was going to be his first case. Kay remembers Edgeworth, so it shows how some people still remember, but it also applies to Gumshoe. This case could have been of more importance and similar to AAI2-3.
Turnabout Reminiscence (AAI-4): This case is a pretty good case for the game it's in. It finally explains and connects are the dots before the final case. It tells us about the Amano rumors from case three, the smuggling ring from case two, and explains to us the KG-8 incident. There's nothing much to change about this case which is pretty great.
Turnabout Ablaze (AAI-5): This case is a nightmare in length, but it does finish the game, and that's something I can give it credit for. It finally explains AAI-1 (which should already be explained, but isn't) and gives us the timeline of the events on top of it. Badd returns from the fourth case showing the importance of the current case and the Yatagarasu is finally solved. It's a great way to end the story, but Alba not being in the game earlier is something that definitely could've made his takedown satisfying while also shortening it. The surprise of this case for me was Shih-na being "Calisto Yew" all along. Also, her being the third member of the Yatagarasu explains how bad was so shocked at her killing Faraday in the fourth case.
In the end, the first case and the third case of this game could have been executed better. Let me know if you agree or disagree.
Also happy anniversary to this game!
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2023.05.27 17:55 MackNcD DrawThings Stable Diffusion doesn't produce images nearly as well as the remote GPUs of sites like

So I was designing some imaginative biology for world building around a story I'm writing. There's many specific sentient species and animals and then there's plenty of kind of "filler races' - and I was using a bounce prompt to make these.
It'd go "both sexes of a strange fantasy species stand poised, sharing traits with a dog [dog:cat:05]" to create a very basic example of the more complex recipe. This works great and all online but it blocks everything with a third leg, a gizzard on it's neck looks too much like balls, and god forbid the dreaded nipple! So it's extremely impeding, not to mention I actually like to see things naked 🤯 . As for the prime species, the nudity would be great for tribal jellyfish heads, especially with their third gender. And... Let's be honest, sex sells, baby, even in space.
So I copied the prompt and put it in DrawThings (no laptop, just an ipad is all I have), and it barely produces any image of the faintest resemblance, even after the extra half hour wait time.
Same set up. Prompt copied and pasted, DreamShaper as my model, Euler Ancestral for my sampler, 40 steps (I changed it to 150 to get a slightly closer result--still bleh next to the remote GPU. The only difference is that it's at 512x512 instead of something like 900(ish)x 1024.. Besides that there's no difference.
Edit: Even equaling the res didn't match things up. I put the remote GPUs down to 512 and it still gave the same amazing results that DrawThings doesn't come close to, even tripling the step count.
The figures turn out stiff, little to no sexual dimorphism, far inferior light/shadow/shine. It's like the prompt is ignored.
Could it be that DrawThings doesn't understand the bounce prompt? Or that the length of time it takes to produce an image (around 50x longer, at least) isn't the only thing affected by having a weak CPU/GPU?
Does a better GPU=better images!? How would that be possible?
Or is it some third factor? Help! <3
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2023.05.27 16:31 TheLogicalMine The Ultimate Minecraft Iceberg [300+ entries]

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2023.05.27 16:26 TheLogicalMine The Ultimate Minecraft Iceberg [300+ entries]

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2023.05.27 16:21 TheLogicalMine The Ultimate Minecraft Iceberg [v2, 366 entries]

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2023.05.27 16:09 ynotplay Is there a specific type of concrete/cement product I should use if the filler in between cmu blocks on a foundation wall comes loose? I'm a newb so please see pics for a better understanding.

This block wall is under part of my house. Basically acting as the foundation? Noticed that the a chunk of concrete filling between the cmu blocks had come loose and a chunk fell out.
First question is, what causes this and should I be concerned of a bigger issue than just filling it back in? Second, in the pics you'll see that I cleaned out more of what had come loose. I was just going to fill it with CementAll since that's what I have right now but since it's such an important part of the house, I was wondering if there's something else I should use and anything else to do to it like add a rebar in there. I don't have much experience with masonry so please bear with me. Thanks!
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2023.05.27 15:28 timetolearn291 Is Kilz the only odor-neutralizing paint or are there other recommended brands to help with odor?

We have recently purchased a new townhouse and there is some smoke smell. I did some research and came across this reddit post:
The Kilz brand is highly recommended on that post.
Since I am new to this, I want to make sure I understand. Is the recommendation to 1. use an all purpose cleaner to first clean the walls 2. apply kilz primer and 3. apply paint (of choice)?
Also, is Kilz the only primer that helps with the odor-neutralizing?
For paint, I am thinking I will go with something from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.
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2023.05.27 05:56 MosquitoMaster Shellac Primer

I always see people recommend BIN or another shellac primer because of its stain blocking ability. I’ve used it before sealing up houses that have had fire damage so there was never any worry with having a flame or spark. I’ve always been weary of using it to do cabinets because I don’t want to blow up. What are some things I should be aware of if I wanted to spray? What kind of precautions do I need to take?
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2023.05.26 20:35 Global-Taro7244 How to deal with Husband (m35) snitching on me (f31)

We’ve been married for 2.5 years now and have a beautiful baby boy, almost every argument that we have had, he has ran to his parents like a little kid complaining about me while completely leaving out the parts where he’s at fault. And when i try to explain to them what he actually did they are like “the woman is always in charge of the peace in the house”!!! I have cried,begged him not to snitch on me, he promises he wont and he still does it! His excuse is “i cant handle you in fights” Let me mention here that these “fights” are basically me reacting to his cheating, lying,manipulating behaviour: I have caught him secretly texting his exgf (not even ex gf, just a tinder date) “i love you forever” -fought ended up promising me hell block her. Caught him checking her profile again! (This happened WHILE i was pregnant) -he has insulted me in front of his parents saying i have had a nose job and lip fillers when i told him not to tell anyone about it, and now his whole god damn family knows. -he refused to help with the baby after my delivery because his mother kept telling him its a woman job, the fathers dont know how to do it, and that if i needed help i should ask her instead ( we were staying at their house before moving to the united states 4 months ago) -i was exclusively pumping and those of you who know how physically and emotionally draining that is will understand the stress of waking up every 2 hours, pumping, washing endless parts, feeding , he helped with none! -both my parents passed away a few years ago and so i found myself crying almost everyday and my sweet boy was so little , but my husband would go out every damn weekend saying he needs “me time” and when i told him plz just one weekend be with me, dont even help with the baby, just be with me lets watch netflix, he said im ruining his happiness and went and complained to his parents as he left and they came and gave me lecture for being a bad mom and wife. When we moved to the united states i thought finally all this will end, but he still continues to snitch on me, sharing all our problems with them playing the victim. When we argue (over something that HE has done like lying, paying OF models) he will video call his sister or parents and show them how im reacting. I am exhausted beyond words, the daily betrayal is too much for me to handle. I know staying togethere for the sake of kids sounds wrong but i still have hope he will change some day. Ever since we have moved to the states he has become a better father and that is the only positive change so far. Which gives me hope that maybe he will realise and become a better husband as well. But im honestly just running on fumes! What is it that im possibly doing wrong here? How can i change iur dynamics?
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2023.05.26 16:53 pranavgangwanii I tried to fix the rust on my car.

This is the realtor of Sanding, bondo filler, glazing putty, sandals primer, three coats of paint, three coats of Clearwater, wetsanding and polish. Where did I go wrong and how can I fix it ?
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2023.05.26 15:48 halalharamworld Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving a Perfectly Smooth Gunite Pool Surface

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving a Perfectly Smooth Gunite Pool Surface
A gunite pool is a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable and customizable swimming pool. However, over time, the surface of a gunite pool can become rough and uneven, affecting both the pool's aesthetics and the swimmers' comfort. Fortunately, achieving a perfectly smooth gunite pool surface is within your reach. In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step process to help you transform your pool into a luxurious and inviting oasis.

Assess the Condition of Your Pool Surface

Before embarking on the resurfacing journey, carefully inspect your pool's surface. Look for cracks, chips, or any other damages that may need repair. Take note of areas requiring extra attention and plan to address them during the resurfacing process.

Drain and Prepare the Pool

To begin the resurfacing process, drain your pool completely. Once drained, thoroughly clean the surface using a pressure washer or a stiff-bristle brush to remove any dirt, debris, or algae. It is essential to have a clean and smooth surface to ensure proper adhesion of the new gunite layer.

Repair Cracks and Imperfections

Address any cracks, chips, or imperfections on the pool surface before proceeding. Use an epoxy-based filler to repair minor cracks, while larger cracks may require the expertise of a professional pool contractor. Smooth out the filled areas and allow them to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Apply Bonding Agent

To enhance the bond between the old and new gunite layers, apply a bonding agent or primer to the prepared surface. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the appropriate application method and curing time.

Spray the Gunite Layer

With the bonding agent in place, it's time to spray the new gunite layer onto the pool surface. Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is pneumatically applied to create a thick and durable layer. Hire a professional pool contractor experienced in gunite application to ensure a high-quality and smooth finish.

Trowel and Smooth the Gunite Surface

Once the gunite layer has been applied, skilled craftsmen use trowels to shape and smooth the surface. They work meticulously to eliminate any unevenness or imperfections, creating a uniformly smooth pool surface. This step requires expertise and precision, so relying on experienced professionals is crucial to achieve the desired results.

Cure and Finish the Surface

After the troweling process, the gunite surface needs time to cure. Follow the curing guidelines provided by the pool contractor, which usually involve keeping the surface moist and protecting it from extreme temperatures. Once cured, the pool surface is ready for the final finish.

Choose the Desired Finish

Select a finish that suits your style and preferences. Popular options include plaster, pebble, or tile finishes. Consult with your pool contractor to determine the best choice for your pool. The chosen finish will be applied to the gunite surface, further enhancing its smoothness and visual appeal.


Transforming your gunite pool into a perfectly smooth surface requires careful planning, skilled craftsmanship, and the use of appropriate materials and techniques. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article and relying on the expertise of professionals, you can achieve a flawlessly smooth gunite pool surface that not only enhances the beauty of your pool but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience for years to come.
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