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A subreddit about the volleyball manga written by Furudate Haruichi, Haikyuu!!

2023.05.22 21:11 DumpGoingTo How can I make a unique Setter?

Alright, so I have a Haikyuu Story I started writing. With my own team and I have the story concept written out already. The main character is a Setter. I just wanted to ask how you would go about making a Unique Setter? All the main Haikyuu Setters have something special about them, Kageyama and just, well being Kageyama. Atsumu and being the Best Offensive Setter. Oikawa bringing out the best in others with minimal effort. Kenma and him being the Strategical Genius he is, Akaashi and his high level of emotional intelligence. How would you make a Setter Unique?
To give you some help, the team he's on is pretty tall as a whole. Their Ace isn't a Spiker, but instead a Middle Blocker. And their Opposite is similarly tall, and their Wing Spiker is tall as well but not as freakishly tall.
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2023.05.15 09:26 _LilithFullbuster_ Akaashi Keiji inspired hoodie on Etsy! ✨

Akaashi Keiji inspired hoodie on Etsy! ✨
now on Etsy!
Would appreciate any support for the hoodie i designed using my food fund money XD
The hoodie contains quotes from the manga by our beloved owl setter, give the pretty boy some love 🥺
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2023.04.19 06:55 Ornery_Pop6860 Love Haikyuu<333

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2023.03.12 08:59 Helospilled The problem with setters (in Haikyuu)

I've seen this float around a bit, but I thought I'd address it. I hate the way setters are portrayed in Haikyuu. As these all arounder, good (if not great) at everything characters. The only setter in the series that I think is written to fit the position of setter well is Kenma (and maybe Akaashi). Just the fact that he has to be more strategic and technical to compensate for a lack of natural ability and height that almost every other main setter has (Kageyama, Atsumu, Oikawa) makes it that much more interesting to watch him, and Nekoma as a whole, play. It's also fitting to me considering the Japan national team's setter, Masahiro Sekita, is only like 5'9.
Idk, maybe my loathing for kageyama is getting the better of me.
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2023.02.21 05:49 dppthrowaway1209 [A4A] haikyuu roleplay

hi! i’ve been pretty hyper focused on haikyuu for a while now, and i’ve done a few roleplays on it and they’ve always been so much fun. i was hoping to find a partner to roleplay with!
i’m fine with canon compliant or AUs depending on which pairings we do. also, i have read the manga so we can also do timeskip as well!!
as for pairings, i’m really open to almost anything as long as it isn’t illegal. some of my favorites include: bokuto x akaashi sakusa x atsumu hinata x kageyama kenma x kuroo osamu x suna yamaguchi x tsukkishima oikawa x iwaizumi
if you don’t see your fav on the list just let me know! if you’re interested in roleplay send me a DM and we can plan out from there.
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2023.02.20 03:37 dppthrowaway1209 [A4A] haikyuu roleplay

hi! i’ve been pretty hyper focused on haikyuu for a while now, and i’ve done a few roleplays on it and they’ve always been so much fun. i was hoping to find a partner to roleplay with!
i’m fine with canon compliant or AUs depending on which pairings we do. also, i have read the manga so we can also do timeskip as well!!
as for pairings, i’m really open to almost anything as long as it isn’t illegal. some of my favorites include: bokuto x akaashi sakusa x atsumu hinata x kageyama kenma x kuroo osamu x suna yamaguchi x tsukkishima oikawa x iwaizumi
if you don’t see your fav on the list just let me know! if you’re interested in roleplay send me a DM and we can plan out from there.
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2022.12.31 18:05 Milkibee [Sale] 20 Haikyuu!! Nendoroids (4 Unopened)🏐✨

PHOTOS: https://imgur.com/a/pUTo1MK
Just discovered this subreddit, albeit I haven’t been on Reddit as much as I used to be, I’m excited to share some of my collection once I have cleared room for my other figures that have been sitting in boxes.
I’ve decided to part with my Haikyuu collection! I’ve simply lost interest (hurray hyperfixations and poor impulse control 😩). I’d prefer to sell the entire lot …so, priority will be given to that option — but if that’s not gonna happen, I’m happy to separate! I spent all day cleaning and repackaging the boys!
If any prices seem off it’s because some were hell to find values listed for, no sold listings, just some extremely sky high prices that didn’t seem right or knock offs. So, please let me know if you have any issues! I also know that I got a lot of these pre-2020, I think the only reproduction is Asahi.
I will also do deals on multiple.
Please bear with me, finding prices for these was difficult, 90% of them are original runs, not re-releases etc. I will adjust prices if I got something wrong!
529b (Tobio Kageyama) - NEW IN BOX - 95USD
528b (Shoyo Hinata) - NEW IN BOX - 140USD
945b (Ryunosuke Tanaka & Yuu Nishinoya Extra Parts Set) - OPENED/DISPLAYED - 125USD
914 (Asahi Azumane) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 50USD ❣️SOLD❣️
605 (Kazume Kenma) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 50USD ❣️SOLD❣️
807 (Yaku Morisuke) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 95USD✨
✨ 175USD FOR 806&807 TOGETHER
789 (Ushijima Wakatoshi) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 130USD
665 (Sugawara Toshi) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 100USD
616 (Tsukishima Kei) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 90USD
489 (Tobio Kageyama) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 95USD
592 (Nishinoya Yu) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 100USD
461 (Shoyo Hinata) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 70USD
719 (Bokuto Kotaro) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 60USD
699 (Iwaizumi Hajime) - OPEN/DISPLAYED - 50USD
889 (Toru Oikawa) - NEW IN BOX - 55USD
974 (Kotaro Bokuto) - NEW IN BOX - 350USD? Seriously this one was rough to find a price for.
ENTIRE LOT TOTAL: Since several have sold now, I am willing to negotiate for the remaining figures! 💕 I am seeking the 666 Elias Ainsworth Nendoroid and will trade/reduce lot cost to his value.
If you’re within 4-5 hours of Niagara Falls, Ontario (USA is fine too) I can deliver them by hand. Can do further if you’re willing to meet up half way.
OTHERWISE! I should be able to safely package them all in a compact box and use your choice of courier. I can’t use my shipping partner for this because they only insure up to $250CAD.
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2022.12.07 01:52 ohno225 Haikyuu Ultimate Beach Volleyball Tournament FINAL 16

Hello and welcome to day 3 of the Haikyuu Ultimate Beach Volleyball Tournament. Same as yesterday lets go over the results of yesterdays matches.
Now that we are in the final 16, we're gonna do 4 games at a time. The games should be getting a lot closer now, so to help visualize, shout out to u/suemos for the final 16 bracket! I'll only reveal this half of it for now >:).
And with that, we can look at these first 4 matchups, as usual shout out u/crabapocalypse for assistance with team building.
Now as usual, let's get straight into the voting. Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like down below.

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2022.12.05 21:00 ohno225 Haikyuu Ultimate Beach Volleyball Tournament Day 2

Hello all and welcome to day 2 of the Haikyuu Ultimate Beach volleyball tournament. First things first, the results of yesterdays matches!
Now let's get into todays 5 matchups!!! Shout out to u/crabapocalypse for helping with the teams. Please remember this is the HIGHSCHOOL VERSIONS OF EVERYONE. (Especially for Hinata) Vote at the bottom. After this round we will be getting into the final 16 teams, and there will (hopefully) be a bracket for you all to be able to see the final 16 teams.
Same as yesterday, it's time for voting. Feel free to discuss reasonings, specific matchups, and maybe even your favorites to win the whole thing, (there are still some teams who haven't been shown yet).

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2022.11.15 22:20 Joon_Taeoh A Haikyuu x MHA fanfiction

Ok, so, Haikyuu characters being children of some mha ships.
I already have some:
Shigadabi - parents of Kuroo, Kenma and Akaashi
Geten x Twice - parents of Bokuto and Kita
Toga being a single mother of Tsukishima
Mirio x Tamaki - parents of Yachi
Aoyama x ???? - parents of Oikawa and the Miya twins
Mr Compress - father of Suna
Kiribaku - parents of Nishinoya and Tendou
I need more characters and more ships, what do yall think?
Ps: I already have a father for Yamaguchi and Hinata :P
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2022.11.12 16:05 _LilithFullbuster_ An Akaashi Keiji from Haikyuu Hoodie i made and designed

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2022.11.12 09:32 AccomplishedGoal1182 Help me find gay anime youtuber

I used to watch this white gay (and I think Canadian?) youtuber talk about anime and mostly otps, ships and characters. He had a video with all of haikyuu ships and another about an Akaashi keiji body pillow. He definitely had some qna videos, a couple videos about certain otps and some videos about characters and who is prettiewhich character he likes best etc. I can’t seem to find him anywhere on YouTube or other search engines. Did he delete his channel ? Do you know any info about him or at least his name ? I had some laughs with him and I’d like to watch him once more!
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2022.11.10 10:51 _LilithFullbuster_ An Akaashi Keiji from Haikyuu Hoodie i made and designed

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2022.10.23 13:14 mori______036 my top 5…

…haikyuu teams ranked
1.shiratorizawa 2.nekoma 3.aoba johsai 4.inarizaki 5.fukurodani
is this valid?i can’t really decide between nekoma and aoba johsai tbh.i still did tho as u can see.
…characters ranked
1.oikawa 2.kuroo 3.semi 4.akaashi 5.bokuto
oikawa is my ideal type🫶🏻
…kins ranked
1.iwaizumi 2.atsumu 3.semi 4.kenma 5.kageyama
yeah idk what to say about my kinlist
…ships ranked(i don’t ship them,this is based on their whole relationship and angst ffs)
1.kuroo x kenma 2.bokuto x akaashi 3.tsukki x yamaguchi 4.oikawa x iwaizumi 5.sugawara x sawamura
“kenma,it hurts”-kuroo (the galaxy is endless(i thought we were too))TT
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2022.10.04 17:21 Purple_rain4 Updated Haikyuu shelf after getting Bokuto and Akaashi

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2022.09.29 23:31 smol_Tsubat Looking for a Haikyuu Fanfic

Alright sooo I have been trying to find a specific fanfiction for ages now and I really need help! The infos I have are:
Fandom: Haikyuu!! Pairing: Bokuto x Kuroo
It was basically a song fic with the song Heather by Conan Gray but I just can't find it! What I remember about the plot is that Kuroo is in love with Bokuto but he thinks Bokuto likes Akaashi and that he doesn't have a chance against him. It has a happy ending. And obviously they used the song lyrics in combination with all of this. It also should be a bit older, definitely not from 2022 but not older than Sep 2020 because that's when the song was released.
Someone please please help me find it!
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2022.08.20 09:38 tgeraghty_10 Top Setters: Overrated, Fairly Rated or Underrated

Back again with this topic if you don't know what it is basically u/EvilsAssistant made a reddit poll where you could vote for who you thought was the best player. So I think it is a fairly good representation of who the general reddit fandom ranks where. I've already made 2 other posts on the best middles and setters according to reddit:https://www.reddit.com/haikyuu/comments/wgej5w/top_outside_hitters_overrated_fairly_rated_ohttps://www.reddit.com/haikyuu/comments/wn4912/top_middle_blockers_overrated_fairly_rated_o
So yeah again a few things here of note. - Don't just downvote someone if you disagree with them, the point of this is to inspire constructive discussions where we can share our opinions - Iizuna is not here as we don't have much information on him - The aim isn't to discuss the overall rankings they are just there for a reference but if you want to bring them in that's fine too
Best setters according to the fandom:
  1. Atsumu (Ranked 2nd Overall)
  2. Kageyama (Ranked 4th Overall)
  3. Oikawa (Ranked 7th Overall)
  4. Akaashi (Ranked 19th Overall)
  5. Usuri (Ranked 25th Overall)
Anyways here are my thoughts on these rankings and if you want drop your opinions in the comments: Atsumu = Overrated. Atsumu is a great setter and is absolutely a top 5 player in the series but it's his inconsistency that does it for me. His peak is probably higher then Kageyama's but without Kita there he may not reach it all the time. He is the best server in high school, but even then he has been said to spiral sometimes and that's even with Kita on the team so I do understand he's extremely talented but at the top I don't think anyone else really has that inconsistency. His peak and talent is still high enough to keep him above Oikawa. Kageyama = Fairly Rated. I doubt many people actually underrate Kageyama as the series repeatedly shows him to be elite over and over again. I think it's a notable characteristic that he can kick it into another level against a really strong team (Kalm Kageyama) that not many people take into account, or at least something people don't talk about often. Obviously he's not perfect, being a bit of a slow starter but generally he's an amazing setter, who I think deserves #1 on this setter list, probably 3rd overall. Oikawa = Fairly Rated. Oikawa is an elite setter and server but I do think he's missing that little bit extra of those above him, but he is clear of those below him. One interesting thing I think is that whereas Kageyama and Atsumu are more ceiling raisers Oikawa is more of a floor raiser. I do think he should be ranked 6th overall though instead of 7th. Akaashi = Overrated. I think Akaashi is one of the players I think is the most overrated, for me he doesn't even make my top 25. Most of his value comes from dealing with Bokuto, on most other teams he isn't a major threat. He has an unproven jump serve hitting it into the net, isn't mentally the strongest and isn't particularly good at blocking although he's tall. Akaashi is a smart setter but that isn't enough to get into the top 20 players in haikyuu for me. Usuri = Underrated. Usuri is the second best strategist in haikyuu, only to Kenma. He is tall with a good serve. He does have a tendency to rely on the left but a) it makes sense as Kiryuu is on the left b) none of the other Mujinazaka players seem offensively impressive Ezota, Unnan and Mami all seem geared defensively c) narratively the sets to Kiryuu are going to be shown more as Kiryuu vs Bokuto was a major part of that so I don't mind the simplicity in sets.
Bonus: Suwa - Underrated. Suwa hasn't been ranked yet but I think he is close to Akaashi. Although he is short, he may be the best non-middle blocker in the series and has an elite serve. His setting style is simple but fundamentally sound. I think I'd rather have Akaashi mostly, but Suwa is damn close.
So yeah if you want some extra reasoning on some players feel free to ask and also drop your own thoughts in the comments.
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2022.08.13 23:46 bttlebox ALL the lessons from haikyuu

in honor of haikyu final here is all the quotes and lessons from haikyuu in one big post, just to remind you of its brilliant writing and wisdom and to encourage you wherever you are
i actually took lessons from you all too, from past posts and comments from this reddit, so if you see your writing, take the credit
and feel free to add to this post, because i probably missed a lot of stuff

kageyama’s grandpa
coaches/older dudes
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2022.08.08 04:20 nicewarmcuppatea Could someone please tell me who the 'sponsors' are for the upcoming special match?

So far I can see:
Source: https://twitter.com/haikyu_com/status/1556123366267924480
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2022.07.05 16:14 TheDinosaur2005 Top 100 Players (End of 2013 Spring Nationals)

DISCLAIMER: Before anyone reads anything, I would like to say this idea is not necessarily mine, all credits for the idea go to u/EvilsAssistant , for their post linked here: https://www.reddit.com/haikyuu/comments/r5gc9u/top_50_haikyuu_players_end_of_nationalsmanga/
I got the inspiration to make this post from their original idea, (which is why if you go view their post some of the ratings and layout of the post is the same) as it is something that has always interested me if there was to be a mainstream haikyuu volleyball game, which I'm sure almost everyone would love to see made, even if it's not haikyuu based, just something similar to NBA 2K or FIFA. I have added in everyone's schools as not everyone may know all the characters I've listed. I also took it upon myself to give you a teams Overall Rating and a 0-5 star representation
AND, there are a few people who we don't see play in this list (Sakusa, Komori, Iizuna and Ryosei etc) I'm aware this angers some people because with no data, it's hard to rank them against anyone, but, I like thinking hypothetically, so that's why they're there)
This is also a post I will regularly change if need be, whether this be a comment reccomendation or because I think it needs changing
Version Updated: 27/10/2022
But without further adieu, I give you my Top 100 Players
  1. Ushijima - 97 (Shiratorizawa)
  2. Atsumu - 95 (Inarizaki)
  3. Kiryu - 94 (Mujinazaka)
  4. Hoshiumi - 94 (Kamomedai)
  5. Sakusa - 94 (Itachiyama)
  6. Kageyama - 93 (Karasuno)
  7. Bokuto - 92 (Fukurodani)
  8. Oikawa - 91 (Aoba Johsai)
  9. Aran - 91 (Inarizaki)
  10. Komori - 90 (Itachiyama)
  11. Hirugami - 88 (Kamomedai)
  12. Kuroo - 88 (Nekoma)
  13. Yaku - 88 (Nekoma)
  14. Iizuna - 86 (Itachiyama)
  15. Nishinoya - 86 (Karasuno)
  16. Washio - 85 (Fukurodani)
  17. Osamu - 85 (Inarizaki)
  18. Ryosei - 85 (Inubushi)
  19. Suna - 85 (Inarizaki)
  20. Aone - 85 (Date Tech)
  21. Asahi - 85 (Karasuno)
  22. Chigaya - 85 (Shinzen)
  23. Teradomari - 84 (Tsubakihara)
  24. Usuri - 83 (Mujinazaka)
  25. Akagi - 83 (Inarizaki)
  26. Akaashi - 82 (Fukurodani)
  27. Unnan - 82 (Mujinazaka)
  28. Mami - 82 (Mujinazaka)
  29. Tsukishima - 82 (Karasuno)
  30. Takeru - 82 (Wakutani)
  31. Leon - 82 (Shiratorizawa)
  32. Goshiki - 82 (Shiratorizawa)
  33. Daisho - 81 (Nohebi)
  34. Konoha - 81 (Fukurodani)
  35. Tendo - 81 (Shiratorizawa)
  36. Komi - 81 (Fukurodani)
  37. Numai - 81 (Nohebi)
  38. Yamamoto - 81 (Nekoma)
  39. Sarukui - 81 (Fukurodani)
  40. Suwa - 80 (Kamomedai)
  41. Futakuchi - 80 (Date Tech)
  42. Ren - 80( Inarizaki)
  43. Ogano - 80 (Shinzen)
  44. Iwaizumi - 80 (Aoba Johsai)
  45. Gao - 80 (Kamomedai)
  46. Semi - 80 (Shiratorizawa)
  47. Ginjima - 80 (Inarizaki)
  48. Gora - 80 (Ubugawa)
  49. Kamasaki - 79 (Date Tech)
  50. Fukunaga - 79 (Nekoma)
  51. Kenma - 79 (Nekoma)
  52. Bessho - 79 (Kamomedai)
  53. Shiramine - 79 (Sarukawa)
  54. Nozawa - 79 (Kamomedai)
  55. Ezota - 78 (Mujinazaka)
  56. Echigo - 78 (Tsubakihara)
  57. Matsukawa - 78 (Aoba Johsai)
  58. Tanaka - 78 (Karasuno)
  59. Kindaichi - 78 (Aoba Johsai)
  60. Kanbayashi - 77 (Kamomedai)
  61. Kyotani - 77 (Aoba Johsai)
  62. Kuguri - 77 (Nohebi)
  63. Terushima - 77 (Johzenji)
  64. Yamagata - 77 (Shiratorizawa)
  65. Daichi - 77 (Karasuno)
  66. Hanamaki - 77 (Aoba Johsai)
  67. Kita - 77 (Inarizaki)
  68. Bishin - 77 (Mujinazaka)
  69. Kai - 76 (Nekoma)
  70. Lev - 76 (Nekoma)
  71. Maruyama - 76 (Tsubakihara)
  72. Sakishima - 76 (Nohebi)
  73. Taichi - 76 (Shiratorizawa)
  74. Takachiho - 76 (Nohebi)
  75. Hinata - 76 (Karasuno)
  76. Kawatibi - 76 (Wakutani)
  77. Hiroo - 76 (Nohebi)
  78. Onaga - 75 (Fukurodani)
  79. Kunimi - 75 (Aoba Johsai)
  80. Inuoka - 75 (Nekoma)
  81. Watari - 75 (Aoba Johsai)
  82. Sasaya - 75 (Date Tech)
  83. Shirabu - 75 (Shiratorizawa)
  84. Moniwa - 75 (Date Tech)
  85. Futamata - 74 (Johzenji)
  86. Hyakuzawa - 74 (Kakugawa)
  87. Sakunami - 74 (Date Tech)
  88. Hondo - 74 (Mujinazaka)
  89. Sugawara - 74 (Karasuno)
  90. Yahaba - 74 (Aoba Johsai)
  91. Obara - 74 (Date Tech)
  92. Koganegawa - 73 (Date Tech)
  93. Akama - 73 (Nohebi)
  94. Kaikake - 72 (Tsubakihara)
  95. Tokura - 72 (Kamomedai)
  96. Riseki - 72 (Inarizaki)
  97. Yamaguchi - 72 (Karasuno)
  98. Shibayama - 72 (Nekoma)
  99. Himekawa - 71 (Tsubakihara)
  100. Narita - 71 (Karasuno)

Average Rating System:
83+ = 5 star
79-82 = 4.5 star
75-78 = 4 star
72-74 = 3.5 star
70-71 = 3 star
67-69 = 2.5 star
64-66 = 2 star
61-63 = 1.5 star
60 or less = 1 star
Karasuno Average Rating: 78 (4 stars)
Nekoma Average Rating: 78 (4 Stars)
Shiratorizawa Average Rating: 80 (4.5 stars)
Aoba Johsai Average Rating: 78 (4 stars)
Fukurodani Average Rating: 81 (4.5 stars)
Inarizaki Average Rating: 82 (4.5 stars)
Mujinazaka Average Rating: 81 (4.5 stars)
Kamomedai Average Rating: 80 (4.5 stars)
Date Tech Average Rating: 75 (4 stars)
Tsubakihara Average Rating: 73 (3.5 stars)
Nohebi Average Rating: 74 (3.5 stars)
Wakutani Average Rating: 72 (3.5 stars)
Tokonami Average Rating: 58 (1 star)
Ohgiminami Average Rating: 63 (1.5 stars)
Kakugawa Average Rating: 65 (2 stars)
Johzenji Average Rating: 71 (3 stars)

(If we were going off how good Itachiyama seems, the average rating for them would likely be a 5 star team)
To conclude, considering some teams overall ratings, it's surprising to see how close or even good some of the teams are compared to Karasuno, and for teams that didn't make nationals, or were knocked out early, it's a decent way to see how good they are compared to the competition

Now I know that pretty much everyone isn't gonna agree with this list to varying degrees, it's only natural as we all have our own opinions and some people might know more about the series or general information about a character to justify their opinion that I don't know, let me know if you would change anything in the comments, after all I've tagged it as a discussion, let's discuss this, it's great to hear people's opinions. And let me know if i made any mistakes in typing anywhere, especially in the players schools, it took a long time to type. (I'm easy to sway towards an opinion so i'm happy to listen to anyone)
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2022.07.04 21:22 glitchinglab finding a beta reader for bokuaka fic?

(note: if this post goes against haikyuu rules, my apologies--please let me know!)
I am a writer who occasionally writes fanfic, but rarely long fanfic. I'm currently working on a bokuaka fic that is looking like its going to be multi-chapter (its already 11k+ and they've only interacted once).
I'm looking for advice on finding a beta reader. To my eyes, the fic is a little... niche? maybe but hopefully not totally unrelatable and weird? I don't know. I want someone's eyes on it. I'm a perennial lurker in fandom spaces, so have no friends I can turn to, haha, and I've never had a fic beta read. If anyone might be able to point me in the direction of individuals who do beta reading for haikyuu fic, or bokuaka in particular, I would be grateful.
also, if you see this post and are interested in beta-reading, feel free to reach out! I can give more information on the fic: my planning, the plot, etc. Content warnings for the fic include mentions of mental health themes and mental health disorders. Mental health is also the main focus of the fic. That said, I wouldn't consider it overly dark. It's supposed to be kinda slice of life, with some angst. Akaashi is a writer and Bokuto is a beach volleyball player--leans more AU than canon divergent.
thank you for reading! ~
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2022.06.29 12:10 hsyy1 Bokuto

What’s up with some people hating on bokuto? I see a lot of comments about him having emo mode, which is true but he is as realistic as a player gets. everyone in haikyuu plays their best during every games(which is literally not possible). if everyone in haikyuu is shown to have bad days (akaashi is like the only one) like other sport anime, ppl would not rate him that low compared to other top aces! Even though he is shown to have overcome his weaknesses after HS, people still refuse to accept because of that one line from atsumu!(not a proof in slightest)that’s crazy he played like a god in that pro game n a huge chunk(prob biggest) of MSBY’s offense!
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