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EelKat Wendy Christine Allen. If you have information about the murder of my family please contact FBI Agent Andey Drewer at 1-207-774-9322 thank you. Info at

2023.06.10 03:47 TitaniumElemental48 [WTS] Benchmade Barrage & Mini-Griptilian, CRKT Squid II Limited-Run, Spyderco Shaman, Gerber/Buck Budget Bundle

Benchmades – Both were picked up at various times at REI garage sales. So I am technically the second owner for both knives.
Benchmade Barrage SV: $89 shipped (CONUS)
• Has 154CM blade (partially serrated).
• Never disassembled by me.
• Centering looks to favor the show side just a little bit.
• Sharp, but not razor sharp.
• Clip definitely shows wear from being carried
• There are a few scratches on either side of the blade.
• There is also an “X” that was cut into the show side scale with, I assume, a box cutter (that’s how the store marked it as a non-returnable garage sale item).
• I carried it and used it lightly for a few months.
• Comes with original box and BM baggie
Benchmade Mini-Griptilian SV: $70 shipped (CONUS)
• Has 154CM blade (partially serrated with black finish)
• Never disassembled by me
• Blade is centered, and action is ok
• Sharp, not razor sharp
• Clip has a lot of wear from being carried
• Blade has some scratches on either side and the black finish has started to wear in a few places
• Both scales were also marked with an “X” using, I assume, a box cutter near the bottom of the axis lock (how the store marked it as a non-returnable garage sale item)
• Carried and used lightly by me for a few months
• No Box or baggie
CRKT Squid II SV: $175 shipped (CONUS)
• Limited-run of 500
• M390 Blade
• Green Micarta scales
• First Owner
• Never disassembled
• Blade is centered and has factory edge
• Only carried a handful of times and never really used (has cut a few pieces of paper). Mostly just fidgeted with around the house.
• No signs of wear on blade or rest of the knife. Micarta scales may be getting just a little patina from said fidgeting.
• Comes with original box and papers
Spyderco Shaman SV: $200 shipped (CONUS)
• First Owner
• CPM-S30V DLC Coated Blade
• Never disassembled
• Blade is centered and has factory edge
• Lightly carried and rarely used. Mostly just fidgeted.
• No signs of wear on blade or scales. Clip shows some very light wear from being carried and some of the black finish has come off the show side pivot screw from being carried in pocket.
• Comes with original box and papers.
• Really like the knife overall. I just want a different configuration of it.
GerbeBuck Bundle Knives
As a 4 knife bundle SV: $32 Shipped (CONUS)
As a 4 knife bundle with purchase of an above knife SV: $28 Shipped (CONUS)
Individually with purchase of an above knife for the listed SV
These are all beater budget knives that I don’t use anymore, but maybe someone else can. They all still cut, but all would benefit from being sharpened.
Gerber Bear Grylls Lockback SV: $9
First owner
Used for a couple of camping trips as a camp knife, so it has some wear. There are scratches on both sides of the blade. There are also a couple dings/scratches on the handle. Comes with nylon GerbeBear Grylls branded belt pouch.
Gerber E-Z Out SV: $9
First owner
Not used very much. Blade centering favors show side and there are a few scuffs in the blade finish on both sides of the blade. Beyond that it’s functional and I don’t see any other blemishes.
Gerber Remix SV: $4
First owner
This knife came packaged with a camp hatchet I bought and I have never used it beyond dropping it once as there are some dings and scratches on the bottom of the scales and a couple on the back on the giant finger hole. Action isn’t particularly good, but could make a good beater knife.
Buck Odyssey I SV: $9
First owner
This knife has been used some. There is light scratching on both sides of the blade. Blade is centered, action is ok and I don’t see any blemishes otherwise.
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2023.06.10 03:44 caffein8dnotopi8d [2016 LS] not starting - please help

I am hoping you all can help me diagnose an issue/ whether I should bring car to shop.
A little while back, my car was intermittently not starting. I replaced battery at O’Reilly’s. Guy at O’Reilly’s notified me that “my negative cable was stripped”. Indeed, the bolt/clamp was fucked up.
Since then, car still intermittently does not start. It has power to lights/dash/accessories. If I went to jump it, the boost pack would not light up (to indicate it is giving power), BUT, the car would start.
Last weekend I bring my car to shop, tell them what O’Reilly guy said, and ask them to replace. When I arrive to pick up my car, they have NOT replaced. The guy tells me he tightened the negative clamp. It is, indeed, tight. He states this will likely fix the issue, if not, the part is $150 and they would need to order it.
The car still does not start, now more frequently. The boost pack is no longer doing whatever it was (if anything). Particularly the car does not seem to want to start in the rain and/or if the tank is near empty. I understand the rain may interfere with grounding, idk about gas.
When I looked up a battery negative cable it was $20. What am I missing? I forgot to call the guy to tell him to order the part and I really need it fixed ASAP as I understand this is stressing the alternator…, is this something I could reasonably do?
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2023.06.10 03:44 LovesToblerone [Review] [Positive]

Darryl at Midwest Optics is an exceptional dealer and went above and beyond for an order I made a little while back.
I ordered a Vickers BFG sling and a pair of Magpul QD Swivels. One of the QD Swivels did not work right and after I contacted him about the issue, he had already told me he was shipping out a replacement the next day.
I received the new one yesterday and it works great. Shout out to Midwest Optics for the amazing service.
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2023.06.10 03:43 ur_bb_ Windshield weatherstripping photo request

Seems like a pretty bland request, but would anyone with a 2020 or close model year send me a link to some images of the factory windshield exterior weatherstrip? Looking for some reasonably close images of the sides, top, just a well focused overview.
I took mine for a windshield replace at dealership today and their guys botched it bad. Had through to cabin openings at the top corners, and about 2" of missing weatherstip each side near the bottom. I left it for them to fix, but I'm assuming they'll try to half ass a repair and justify that it probably came in that way. I remember a pretty distinct and very well seated bead around and over the edges of the windshield from new. Should have taken some before photos, lesson learned anyway.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 03:43 computerworlds Frustrated with cars in the bike lane

I get pretty frustrated when I see a car stopped in the dedicated bike lane, which is quite often around here. Just in the last week I’ve seen a guy in his work truck parked in the bike lane eating his lunch, and then another car pulled over with a woman talking on her phone in the bike lane.
The first guy I yelled out to him- don’t park in the bike lane- and he acted like I was invisible, refused to even look at me.
I’m seriously thinking about buying a canned air horn like the kind used at sports, and carry it with me and then blowing it in their open window when I see cars blocking the bike lane.
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2023.06.10 03:43 mlautomation 2021 Palisade recurring speedometer issue

2021 Palisade recurring speedometer issue
Has anyone experienced a recurring issue with their analog speedometer where it is 30+ mph above the actual value on and off? I have taken my vehicle multiple times to my dealer but whenever they diagnose it they say no issue found. But then I take my vehicle back and the issue appears again. This is a serious issue, and now they're trying to charge me $220 plus tax when they couldn't even diagnose much less fix my car.
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2023.06.10 03:42 That_guy325 ATV trails

Traveling from GA to Alaska and headed to Utah via I80 tomorrow. I have my ATV with me and was wondering if there are any quick, easy areas my wife and I could stop to break up the drive along I80. Looked into medicine now area via FS111 near Arlington. Was wondering if anyone had recommendations. If not is there anything I should see along the way?
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2023.06.10 03:42 jokaghost Lucci (Lakeside) FOIA

Lucci (Lakeside) FOIA
Dooski (MOB) Killed Lucci (Lakeside).
Apparently, Lucci fought with Dooskis sister earlier in the day, and this obviously didn't make Dooski happy, he shot him later that day multiple times, I'm pretty sure the redactions were done by a blind person cause they make legitimately 0 sense if you read the report, they redact one thing one line and leave it unredacted the next, and redact a bunch of shit they don't need to, but from what I can make out from it, after he fought with Dooskis sister, Dooski and Lucci ran into eachother at a gas station in/near MOB territory in two groups and first exchanged words, then fought outside the station, and literally 5 minutes after this happened, Dooski was riding in another car through MOB hood where he saw Lucci and hopped out, and gunned him down.

Lucci was only 14 at the time of his death, Dooski being 24/25, which is why he told who I assume to be an unknown MOB member that he felt bad for shooting him because he didn't know how young he was.
Dooski was identified by a woman on scene minutes after it happened through an interview, along with being identified through the interview with the unknown member after Dooski passed.

Case Cleared, Lucian Paige is Lucci.
Case cleared because Dooski was killed, I don't know if the case would've stuck but he definitely would've eventually been brought in for this case, they could've picked up more evidence over time too, who knows.
R.I.P Lucci and Dooski.
TLDR: Lucci fought Dooskis sister earlier in the day that he was killed on, Dooski then fought with him later on, hours after the fight with his sister, and shot him minutes after that fight.
And again, if anyone can actually piece together whatever happened with this whole report please do, maybe I'm just slow but the file didn't really make sense to me lol, I'll update this if I think you're right.

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2023.06.10 03:42 Pjspowerfulpen Adopted my first pug last week - he was almost too well behaved and seemed trained - but now we’re struggling

First - I know I made mistakes here. (Ok, a lot of mistakes).
On 6/1 I adopted Brussel Sprout - a 3 year old pug / Brussels Griffon mix. He was a stray they found out on the street.
I was taken aback and impressed almost right away - he hopped in the crate in the car and slept all 3 hours home.
When we got home I found that he was house trained and leash trained (he walked right next to me and didn’t flinch when dogs and people passed).
He also knew several verbal commands (all the basics)
At this point I was thinking to myself that he definitely had been living with and was loved by and trained by someone (he also has perfect, very white teeth).
But this is where I screwed up.
Because he was so well behaved / well trained (and so calm) I didn’t crate him or really enforce anything. Like I said - I was pretty impressed with him.
(I left the crate in the car for rides and didn’t bring it in the house).
He slept right next to me or on top of me all through the night in my bed
But right at the one week mark (yesterday) things started to change.
He started trying to steal and chew things and started ignoring me / not listening. He no longer would cuddle in my lap and fall asleep (it seemed like he didn’t want to get / stay near me).
He also started getting very vocal and reactionary to every little sound outside.
Usually he’d fall asleep during the day when I was home but today he was on a hair trigger all day and barking at every little sound outside.
When we go to my room and lay in bed together he calms right down and isn’t reactive at all - but that’s not a long term solution.
I was raised my whole life with dogs (my childhood dog is still living and with my parents) but this is my first pup on my own.
So - where should I go from here? It’s 9:30 at night and right now he’s in a crate howling / screaming bloody murder in the next room and I just want to cry
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2023.06.10 03:42 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Contractors 15.7 - Trial Run

First, Previous


Paltdorf/Taltha jointly-owned habitat

“New Cadenza”, O’Neill Cylinder

The Ganthulls were wanting to break the entire planetary system of the gas planet Hepiter from the control of a shadowy cabal of Grand Houses based in the inner solar system. Step one is breaking the grip of their more loyal vassals operating within Hepiter’s system. Step one of that is sowing chaos and confusion among them, turning them against each other and leaving the cabal with no tools to use. Step one of THAT involves us being jammed into panel vans as tightly as possible disguised as gangers.
The tight confines were about to bring us to our breaking point, but then John yelled “Aight boys, let’s go!” over the radio and it was time for step two. Three panel vans flung their doors open and Gallowglasses dressed in a riot of colors and crazy masks jumped out with automatic rifles and charged the Taltha security barracks. It was shift change, and about twenty of the expected fifty personnel were outside in the courtyard area. Most of them went down immediately, a few tried to shoot back and died. A few ran inside and we followed them. Tires squealed behind us as the vans sped away and more whipped in to dump more of our guys. John got to the door just ahead of me and wrenched it open as Johnson’s team finished off the thrashing survivors outside. The poor aelflung trying to lock the door got dragged out with it, and I swatted him aside and to the ground. Tippery double-tapped him in the face and I pounded into the room and hooked left, dropping the guy in my way with a burst before he could line up a shot with his pistol. I shot the only other guy in the room in the back as he was beating on the door leading out of the lobby and into the back. I dumped the rest of my magazine through the wall to each side of the door as John rushed in, followed by Tippery, Thriktikt, Attrull, and Buster. I rocked in a fresh magazine and slapped the bolt closed on my rifle while Buster rolled a grenade through the gap under the bulletproof glass over the entry desk and onto the floor behind it.
There was a short scream before the grenade blew, so Buster rolled another one in to be certain. It blew and John blasted the hinges out of the door with his shotgun and kicked it in savagely. What was left of the hinges tore chunks of cheap plasterboard out of the wall as the thin metal door buckled and flew into the next room, followed by a flashbang. John whipped into the room after it blew, me right behind him. He shot the first enemy in the hip and then through the chest before he could fall, spun the next one around with a shot to the shoulder that nearly tore his arm off, and gave the third one a “canoe” with a shot to the forehead. A fourth enemy darted out of the room deeper into the building and John fired his last two rounds through the wall after him. I finished off One Arm and John slung the shotgun and drew his pistol, darted to the door and finished off the wounded guy he’d shot through the wall. I covered him as he holstered the pistol (the normal one, a priceless blaster would be at odds with our disguise) and stuffed a fresh magazine into his shotgun.
Johnson’s team joined us and we finished clearing the building. Most of the security force inside had run and set up outside with a large group of Paltdorf reinforcements, about forty guys in total. We had two doors and several windows to shoot out of, but we held our fire and stayed out of sight. John radioed for the vans out front to go, and when the security personnel heard them speed off they started walking back to the building. When the first one was fifteen yards from the door Meatball and Wiggles raked them with machine guns from a hidden position down the street. Everyone else who wasn’t driving something or in our building hit them from that same flank, and when the enemy turned to face our guys we charged out into the street.
They didn’t have a chance to react before we were right on top of them. I buried my dirk to the hilt in the first one and took the second’s arm off at the elbow before slashing him across the throat. I glanced to my right and saw John with an aelflung pinned to the ground under his boot. He grabbed a handful of the alien’s hair and snatched, tearing the scalp from the skull with a ripping sound before crushing that skull under his boot. I turned to my next target and lunged, but his shot grazed my forearm and caused my to drop my dirk. My momentum carried me forward and I crashed into him, slamming him into the next guy and all three of us went down in the street. They struggled to get back up, I punched the nearest one in the jaw and rocked him. I grabbed the other one by the legs and dragged him closer. I got his pistol away from him and smashed him across the face with it. The cheap plastic frame broke like his teeth, and I grabbed him by the head and smashed it into the pavement until I felt a CRACK and he started twitching. I spun around to finish of the first one, but he’d recovered quicker than I expected. He lunged drunkenly with a knife of his own.
I caught his knife arm by the wrist and wrenched it away, and let his momentum bring him into range.
I bit him across the face, tearing through the skin of the forehead so the blood would flow into his eyes and blind him. I elbowed him in the eye socket with my free arm and clamped down on the forearm holding the knife. I jerked and shook, feeling his muscles and tendons tear and pop in my mouth. He couldn’t hold the knife any more. I shoved his head head back and went for the throat, crushing the soft tissue until I felt the bones of his neck under my teeth and shook him like a toy, then ripped out everything forward of the spine and spit it out. I grabbed my fallen dirk and scalped him with it, I’d never mastered John’s grab-and-snatch method.
The fighting had moved on. Enemy reinforcements had arrived and were already falling back, on the verge of a rout. John was holding the severed head of the Taltha security chief aloft and fired his shotgun one-handed while belting out wild rebel yells. The rest of our assault force advanced with him, yelling and screaming their own taunts and war cries. I unslung my rifle and howled, joining them in the press.
Gods, it was just like the old days!


The Taltha and Paltdorf forces were in complete disarray across the entire station. The civilian population was panicked and the local criminal groups were taking full advantage of the chaos. The intra-planetary trade and finance summit the Ganthulls were officially here for had been postponed and the delegates sent back to their lodgings. They felt the current state of affairs left them feeling that the threat of us reporting to them in person immediately was low, so here we were walking through the front door of a building in a compound much like the one we were billeted in. Elissa’s frilly-necked seneschal met us, visibly recoiled at our appearance, and led us to the small conference room our clients were in. I could hear the news feed inside and the chatter as the occupants discussed it. This was going to be interesting.
John walked through the door before Fancypants could open it and announce us, and I followed on his heels. The conversation stopped as we marched our filthy asses in.
John walked directly up to the table and pulled one of the two bottles out the ice bucket in the middle and dropped the House Taltha security chief’s head in it’s place before filling up a ridiculously delicate looking goblet with wine and handing it to me before filling one up to himself. He filled them all the way to the brim, knowing full well that you’re supposed to leave room.
Ok, full belligerence it is…
John plopped down in a chair and kicked his filthy, blood-encrusted boots up onto the table as he leaned back. I pulled a chair of my own out and pulled up close so I could set my overfilled glass down and lap out of it like it was a puddle. Dried blood and the grime of fighting in the streets flaked off of my violently yellow shirt. Well, it used to be violently yellow.
“So, what’d’ja think?” he asked with a tilt of his glass, before pouring half of it directly down his throat. He looked at it quizzically, “Will that yield the desired results?”
Elissa sat immobile, either in shock at our actions or disgust in our appearance. Or vice versa. Maybe both. Great Lord Jakkris Ganthull sat completely still except for a single finger tapping the tabletop, with an absolutely neutral expression on his face. Chrastoff was wearing a look of utter shock, which changed to fear, which quickly flashed to anger as he stood up.
“W-why did you do those things? That went far beyond engaging the foe, that went beyond even cold-hearted murder! You mutilated the dead! You mutilated the LIVING! You took trophies? You-you…” he trailed off as he gestured at the bodiless chilling in the now-red ice. John had emptied his goblet, and he dropped his feet and leaned forward to take the other bottle out the ice. Red drops splatted on the table as he refilled first his goblet, then mine when I drained it and held it out for him. He took a sip, the streaks where the bloody water had washed away some of the filth on his hand making it even more noticeable.
“Yes. Please explain these… actions,” Old Man Ganthull added.
John locked eyes with Chrastoff “You hired ‘savages’, did you not? Is ‘savage’ not what you wanted when you hired us and called us ‘savages’?”
Chrastoff sat down shakily, at a loss for words.
OMG nodded. “Point taken. Your capabilities are certainly not in doubt and,” he looked over at his son pointedly, “you WILL be afforded the respect you are due. You AND your people. Is that correct, children?”
“Yes, father” they chorused.
“Now, tell me why you chose to do these things."
John looked back at OMG. "The entire goal of this operation is to concentrate House Taltha and House Paltdorf resources here on their home turf, thereby weakening their presence elsewhere in Hepiter's system, correct?"
OMG nodded, and John continued.
"We didn't just create a scene, we created a panic. Vicious alien thugs scalping and beheading and murdering security personnel in the streets, during broad daylight hours! We didn't just threaten their security and authority, we threatened their very legitimacy. They're already unpopular with their lower and middle classes, and a brazen attack like this will not only make that worse, but will embolden criminal and rebellious groups. They aren't going to have a calm, measured, well thought out response to this. They're going to overreact and pull way more resources back than they need to. They're going to rip this place apart looking for a continued threat that no longer exists, and they won't believe they aren't finding it because it's no longer there and they're going to make a whole new slew of problems because of that."
"You think that your spectacle will achieve that?" the old man asked.
John just pointed at the wallscreen, where the news anchor was reporting that Central Habitat Security was withdrawing forces from several other habitats and installations to "ensure the safety of those of us here at home on New Cadenze".
"See, my children? I told you they would meet our needs," Great Lord Ganthull smiled as he stood to leave. "Just make sure that you keep them occupied with our cause. And by the Blessed Sky of Aelvald, make sure you pay them."
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2023.06.10 03:41 Life-Pop-9964 I wish my dad did more with me

I turn 18 tomorrow and Im realizing that my father didnt do nearly enough with me. I read all over about fathers taking their children out to do anything, and for 3 years the most hes done is take me fishing for 30 minutes. Any time id ask id be told that it just wouldnt work out so i quit asking, but he spent at a summer camp for disabled kids this last week, he was under no obligation to do that. He couldn't spend a day doing anything with me, i have to beg him to teach me how to drive, he wont do anything fun with me. But he sure can carve out the time for strangers children. I wish i could just die.
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2023.06.10 03:41 heavenlycucumber1 What made you quit weed?

What made you quit weed?
I’ve been smoking for 10 years nearly every day and I have every reason in the world to quit. My family is fed up with me, I have no job, and I feel like shit about myself. I have a new therapist, and have been going to MA meetings and even have a sponsor, but I still can’t seem to string together more than a few days sober.
So what made you quit? Is there anything you do to replace the habit?
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2023.06.10 03:41 Pjspowerfulpen Adopted my first pug last week - he was almost too well behaved and seemed trained - but now we’re struggling

First - I know I made mistakes here. (Ok, a lot of mistakes).
On 6/1 I adopted Brussel Sprout - a 3 year old pug / Brussels Griffon mix. He was a stray they found out on the street.
I was taken aback and impressed almost right away - he hopped in the crate in the car and slept all 3 hours home.
When we got home I found that he was house trained and leash trained (he walked right next to me and didn’t flinch when dogs and people passed).
He also knew several verbal commands (all the basics)
At this point I was thinking to myself that he definitely had been living with and was loved by and trained by someone (he also has perfect, very white teeth).
But this is where I screwed up.
Because he was so well behaved / well trained (and so calm) I didn’t crate him or really enforce anything. Like I said - I was pretty impressed with him.
(I left the crate in the car for rides and didn’t bring it in the house).
He slept right next to me or on top of me all through the night in my bed
But right at the one week mark (yesterday) things started to change.
He started trying to steal and chew things and started ignoring me / not listening. He no longer would cuddle in my lap and fall asleep (it seemed like he didn’t want to get / stay near me).
He also started getting very vocal and reactionary to every little sound outside.
Usually he’d fall asleep during the day when I was home but today he was on a hair trigger all day and barking at every little sound outside.
When we go to my room and lay in bed together he calms right down and isn’t reactive at all - but that’s not a long term solution.
I was raised my whole life with dogs (my childhood dog is still living and with my parents) but this is my first pup on my own.
So - where should I go from here? It’s 9:30 at night and right now he’s in a crate howling / screaming bloody murder in the next room and I just want to cry
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2023.06.10 03:40 Waterpatat It's the small fleeting moments

I start my days early , I rise with the sun. I wouldn't disturb you I'd let you sleep on. I'd go to the kitchen and bake chocolate muffins and make you a warm cup of coffee. Then I'd bring it into bed for you. Ready for when you wake up. We would live somewhere in between the mountains and the ocean. I'd like to smell the pine trees while feeling the sea breeze. We could have a sofa in front of a garden where we would sit and watch the sunsets. I'd build you a shed with all your favorite things, your own little place for all of your hobbies. We could have a big guesthouse for when your family visits. Toys and ropes and swings for the children. You could spend your days with me or in whatever way makes you happy. We could visit Italy for good wine and France for good bread or drive a pickup truck with blankets in back just to lie there and look at the stars. We could have big gatherings during the holidays, spend the time lost in laughter and happiness with all of our friends. Nothing would be complicated and few things would hurt. I'd give you comfort and peace. Protect you from the cold and harsh parts of this world. To me you would always be beautiful on your good days and your bad days and through the passing of time. You wouldn't have to change, no matter what you do , I'd love you anyway. Maybe the thrills are low but there's magic in the ordinary. In cuddling and drinking hot coco during cold rainy days. In dancing in the kitchen to your favorite songs while you cook a tasty meal. In spending the days in somebody's arms feeling safety and warmth. In every gentle kiss I'd inevitably place upon your skin. It's the small fleeting moments that build up all of life and give it its beauty. This love would be kind and soft, yet intense , it would look into your soul and understand you without words.
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2023.06.10 03:39 umwhatdoicallthis Sabotaging a near perfect relationship

I’m F18 and my boyfriend M25 have a near perfect relationship, we’ve not been together for long but been friends for a long time and been dating for a while. He’s genuinely so caring, all the time, he communicates everything and tries to help me communicate my feelings to the best of my ability. He doesn’t always do it perfectly but he really tries to and puts in the effort to help try and speak his mind in a healthy, open way. His puts up with all of my episodes and struggles with my BPD, he doesn’t always knows how to help but will sit and talk to me about it. He gets me flowers and gifts every time he sees me, pays for everything he can afford, is affectionate and loving and isn’t afraid to tell people that we’re together.
I can’t help but get so caught up in wanting to see him all the time I feel rejected when he’s busy working (works from home so my brain is like - why can’t he just come see me? even though I don’t have any of the space or tools). I don’t know how to lessen this feeling, i’m so not used to healthy relationships so my brain is immediately like - he’s busy so he probably hates me and is cheating on me, as this has been the case for me before. I notice myself splitting on him a little bit sometimes because of this and I don’t want him to think he’s a bad guy, but every time i’m with him I feel so happy and almost high on love, so when we have to be apart it comes crashing down. When his parents remind him he has to work and not see me I feel like they hate me despite the fact it’s because it’s his literal dads business. How do I help lessen this feeling of rejection when he’s busy and not assume the worst, especially so I don’t split on him? And how can I help him/talk to him to help cope/deal with me when I’m struggling with my BPD?
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2023.06.10 03:38 homernet [Misc] Have a fic idea that will have to wait until after Alecto the Ninth

So in book 3 we get the character of Hot Sauce, and I gotta confess, I'm in "I wanna adopt this little hyper-competent murder hobo gremlin as a daughter and attend all her hockey games" maternal love with her. She's a scared, traumatized kid who looks out for the people around her in spite of the universe doing its level best to crush her like a bug and I'm here for it.
So on my second run-through of Nona the Ninth (audiobook, and goddamn I'm glad I plunked down for both text AND audio, it's a fantastic experience!) and Ihad a thought near the end of the book; what if Hot Sauce decided to accompany Nona after she shows up to ask Honesty about the convoy?
Here's my thought process: Hot Sauce clearly sees Nona is in over her ND head and realizes that her gang are probably as situated as she could possibly make them, meanwhile, she's a smart cookie and picks up from the context clues that every single adult around them are pretty sure that either they win and Save the World or they lose and not even the False Zombie God could save them, and it all hinges on Nona. She gives some instructions to her gang, ropes one of the adults into setting up an escort to a safe space or shelter or something for them, then hitches a ride with the Zombie wagon, intending to hop off when they achieve their mission goals before the zombie crew leaves the planet (and good riddance).
She sees everything that happens from that point forward and sees that Nona is WAY bigger a deal to ALL THE EVERYTHING and is more convinced than ever that she needs someone to keep her grounded and SexCam/Paul are not in any condition to give her the attention she needs and Pyrrha (badass zombie she may be) is too stuck in her head to do and say the kinds of things Nona will need to not go off the rails at some point. This isn't to say she intends to stay with Nona and crew when they're on the bus through the river, but by the time anyone realizes it's time for Hot Sauce to get off they're already WELL past her stop, and instead of Paul giving Nona the reality check that keeps her from sinking the bus it's Hot Sauce.
Kiriona sees the kid in action and decides she's going to keep her and make her the team mascot/water-prince (like water boy, but the tower prince version) and Hot Sauce tells Kiriona to go fuck herself, and Kiriona just laughs and likes her even harder and decides she's the little sister that neither of them wanted.
Then when they all get off the bus Hot Sauce refuses to stay with the BoE people because Nona's going that way and so is Hot Sauce. She goes all the way into the Locked Tomb, even going to far as to help carry her to the water, but where everyone stops at the edge of the water, Hot Sauce keeps going with Nona, noticing that her friend seems to be slipping away, staying with her to remind her she's her friend and still in the gang and manages to resurface Nona's smile, even if it's starting to look REALLY out of place, and they get to the body and Nona explains that she's about to return her body to it's rightful owner and take over her own and Hot Sauce is completely confused but like, "Yeah, sounds like some real freaky zombie shit, just remember not to eat my face off or anything." and Alecto is all, "Wait, that's not what kissing is?" and Hot Sauce just laughs and helps Nona the last few steps and then the swap happens and Hot Sauce can pretty much instantly see that this is NOT Nona, and Harrow is all hot and bothered that her Barbie Doll fetish might actually see the light of day and (since Nona was part Harrow) Hot Sauce is all, "Listen, I get you're all excited, but maybe don't hit on my friend in front of me, and I think your girlfriend might get mad if you do."
And there's Alecto, standing over these two children, then Ianthe backhands Hot Sauce hard enough to land her in the ice water and it nearly kills her, but the bones in the water surge up and Harrow is using them to pull Hot Sauce out Alecto straight up stabs Ianthe and throws her into the water and off the sword, more bones caging her even as Alecto's body heals. She's about to kill Harrow and Harrow declares her love, and Alecto's about to kiss her when she remembers what Hot Sauce said and straight up asks how she's supposed to do that.
Hot Sauce is shivering and cold and Harrow is only barely keeping her alive because The Locked Tomb is cold and they REALLY need to get Hot Sauce's wet clothes off and into some clean dry ones so she's regenerating her body as best she can while still recovering herself and she's all, "Oh, no, I'm not teaching you how to kiss, and I'm still pretty sure her girlfriend would be kinda pissed if I did, and even though she can fuck right off I'm not THAT kind of asshole."
And Kiriona is all, "Yeah, see? THAT'S how you wing-woman! Ianthe, stop bitching and take notes, looks like this fucked up little kid knows how to people better than you. I'm replacing you as my BFF."
Ianthe is screaming and trying to escape the bones, but who cares about her, back to Alecto, Harrow, and Hot Sauce.
Alecto takes Harrow and Hot Sauce with her, taking over the regeneration of Hot Sauce's body until her clothes warm up after Harrow passes out. The come across John and when Alecto is ready get all stabby Hot Sauce is all, "Wait, this is zombie god?" and Alecto is all, "Yes, this is my beloved John, who I will kill." and Hot Sauce is all, "Fuck yeah!" and she pulls out her gun and shoots him in the head as Alecto is stabbing him in the heart.
John wakes up and calls her Annabel, at which point Hot Sauce is all, "Oh, for fuck's sake, HOW MANY NAMES DO YOU HAVE?!"
And John's all, "Oh, how lovely, you made a friend! Would you care to introduce me?"
...and that's as far as I've gotten, 'cause I don't know how the whole thing ends. I do have a scene in mind, just a still, really, of Alecto wearing the "Free Mustache Rides" shirt with Hot Sauce riding wingman and Harrow being completely confused by the shirt.
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2023.06.10 03:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 03:38 Yeetamge QUESTIONS AND MORE QUESTIONS

I need tips for creating a ship that naturally balanced. I want to rely less on PIDs for balance and keeping my ships afloat. I’ve made a ship that when it’s above water does amazingly. I can nearly beat the Kitami while being 50,000 less and having no repair bots. Where it falls off is that it somehow turns into a submarine and decides that being above water is a sin. Also how can I make my propellers more protected? For whatever reason it decides to turn its back to the enemy and gets it mobility cut off. There’s multiple occasions during combat testing where it would’ve won if it could move. Finally how the F##k do I make my ships looks like they were made by a a competent person rather than a bunch of shit thrown together; that was a thrown out of a truck into an orphanage. I swear my ships look like glorified triangles. The only thing that even resembles the original plan is the cannon. Sorry for all the ranting, if you made it this far, thanks have a great day.
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2023.06.10 03:37 Maximum-Rabbit-31 Motorists on the M25 who violently weave across lanes in congestion to save themselves precisely 0.00 seconds journey time, while wasting fuel and reducing everyone's life expectancy

Mercedes drivers seem to be disproportionately involved in this practice. I'm looking for advice on how to combat this practice. Typically I just sit in my lane with cruise control on, observing the speed limit and letting out a tut-tut if a ragamuffin gets a weaving near me. However, I'd like to escalate. Perhaps I could lobby the government to do an advert explaining the futility of aggro-driving. We've all had our knickers in a twist at some point, slamming on the accelerator and overtaking some snail, only to have them crawl up behind us at the next set of traffic lights with far less cortisol in their veins and far more petrol in their car. Or maybe there is another way? Has anyone had spikes fitted to their wheels like they have on that chariot in Gladiator? "THE BARBARIAN HORDE!!!!". As I've got a truck I could always convert it into a technical and mount a PKM on the back to mow down any idiots and Sunday drivers. Anyway, just needed to get this off my chest but couldn't find a relevant flair.
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2023.06.10 03:37 Imaginary_Ring_4575 When I was mauled by two dogs

I used to read light meter about 9 years ago. Always knew if someone had a dog. This yard looked they never had one in it and I looked for every sign, called out for them and waiting so after 5 minutes I got out of the truck closed the door and seen a very big pit and it started growling. Had time look behind me for the other dog to growl and all I could say was shit. I focused on the front dog because he was the one guiding me every where. At this time I did not feel the other dog bitting me. I made a point to not get pushed down because he was trying. That when they get your neck and face. He dragged to to the front and I knew I was about to pass out and I knew if that happed I would be dead. Finally the lady came out. I ended up with a 175 stitches and a skin graft. I still limp and hurt in that leg but thankful I’m alive.
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2023.06.10 03:36 BuckinBronco0 Dealership contacted me about a request I didn’t make

Got an email today from a dealership about a request I supposedly made for a Corvette. Problem is, I never made this request. I don’t even live anywhere near the dealership, as in several states away.
The email seemed mostly legit, but to be safe I googled the dealership website and contacted the sales person directly from there. She confirmed that she had sent the email, and that they got my information from a card that was likely filled out at car show or some other event.
Why would someone use my name and email to request information about a car? I guess it’s possible someone is just messing with me but that seems unlikely and pretty random. My credit is frozen so I’m not worried about that, but its still kind of unsettling.
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2023.06.10 03:35 6carol_2c-- Come not thou near me; and when that time comes

Afflict me with thy mocks, pity me not;
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