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2023.06.10 03:10 ogreatgames Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: Dual Boomerang Action Gamecube Game!

![video](5yituk3a9nb91 " Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is full of extreme mission challenges. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#gamecube #game #animals --
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger For Nintendo Gamecube. Ty The Tasmanian tiger is a tiger with an extreme mission. His goal is to free his tiger friends from captivity in a strange action packed adventure. Attack with a variety of cool moves to take down multiple enemies along the way. Explore dangerous level after dangerous level with his trusty boomerang as a weapon. Plus, at select parts you can even dual wield these fantastic boomerangs. And you can use various other types of boomerangs. Quickly smash through floating orbs, objects, and enemies while pursuing your epic mission. Hear cool Australian voice accents too throughout the game. This is an excellent action adventure title to check out. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.10 03:09 Individual-Way7927 I (28M) split with my ex (27F) after years of her having affairs on me, but I forgave her at the time. Do I share the evidence publicly or no, when my reputation is being hit?

Hi all. I (28M) am doing my best to keep a level head, and not do anything rash.
The massively condensed story is that: I was engaged to a girl (27F, engagement in 2020, eight year long relationship) whom I thought was absolutely perfect in evert way. Shortly after COVID started, she had an affair on me when I was medically incapacitated (separate medical issue that had me extra depressed due to feeling handicapped for almost eight months) - I had no idea in the moment, and said affair lasted almost a full year until the affair partner dropped her for another woman. The story of how I found out is wild, and it may be possible I never would have known if I didn't connect dots- I'm too frustrated to expand on this for this post. I have never experienced pain like that heartbreak, and my whole world turned upside down, I was devastated, my concept of trust was completely and totally broken, I truly wondered how anyone could be so evil to do what she had done to me.
I was prepared to leave, she begged me for forgiveness, and after two nights of thinking about "whether I respect myself, or if I love her more than I respect myself," I decided to stay. Both of her parents died when she was a child. It isn't an excuse, but I told myself that if I wanted to be "a good man," I could try to make it work. The following year was not very productive. I made her go to therapy, and in hindsight, should have made us do couples therapy. Marriage delayed for this reason.
I had no idea that she was talking badly about me to all of her friends at the time, but lo and behold, about a year later, I discovered that she was cheating on me AGAIN. I know what you are all thinking, and yes, I know- I am an idiot, I am a loser, I am stupid, I know all of those things, I felt humiliated, used, and could have avoided it all if I left the first time.
I spent a month on my own outside of the apartment and convinced myself that: Because I didn't try couples therapy, there was more I could do. I admit that I did work A LOT during COVID, and my ex was lonely, I know that the first year post-affair, instead of being fully accepting, I would make comments out of spite, I would hold it over her head, my hatred was mixing with my attempts to re-establish our relationship. I found every reason why I wasn't a good enough partner, and made a commitment: I knew it was insane, it was crazy, but I wanted to truly be "a good man," and try, this time, to do the rebuilding the right way. Only showing love, never making snide remarks, trying to take initiative with dates and gifts, being super communicative about my needs and everything I personally had done wrong, I got a list from her about the things she felt were insufficient in the relationship, and I worked on every single one of them to have long-term changes.
I honest-to-god feel like I threw my ego, humiliation, and brain out the door, and was the best partner anyone could have asked for in the last year. I rejected a job opportunity that would have put my work-life balance out of schedule; I did 90% of the cooking and cleaning, I went to therapy on my own, and tried to get my ex to communicate with me more, to do couples therapy, I begged her to tell me the truth and come to me openly, that I would have a therapist act as a mediator if she could not, etc. etc. I got new hobbies to spend time with her, I would take her to get constant pedicures and manicures to show initiation, to try and make her feel prettier, I would try constantly to reflect on every mistake I knew I made, and make a reasonable effort to show long-term improvement. I took my fitness super seriously again and always tried to console my partner when she told me how she didn't feel beautiful because of her weight gain.
Recently, I learned that, in my month-long absence, when I was re-evaluating my life, my ex was telling her friends that I was an abuser, that I got mad because "she DM'd a guy," and to this day, it never ended.
Reddit: I know. I am fucking stupid. I am an absolute fucking loser. I have never shared what happened to me to anyone except my brother after the first affair, and after the second instance of cheating that I discovered, I shared it with two friends. I would tell them that I don't believe my ex was a bad person- I know there were things I could do better, etc. No one in my circle would ever dare to speak ill about my ex because I would defend her even in my darkest moments. I failed a suicide attempt in that month-long period.
My ex and I recently split, and it was because I was tipped off from a friend of hers that decided to have a conscience, that my ex was planning on leaving. The leaving is not an issue; I know that anyone can leave for any reason, and I respect it. But I felt fucking even more humiliated because, after a year of me pouring my heart out, pushing my ego aside, to try and pamper a woman who had multiple affairs on me, with belief that only an environment of love could truly fix this relationship, I didn't care that she was leaving, what I cared was how she didn't even have the gall to tell me directly. I confronted her about it on my own.
I want to reiterate that I understand I am the world's stupidest fucking person. I spent thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of my time, years of my life, and I could have ended this the first time, almost two years ago, when I found out the first time.
My ex wants to maintain a friendly relationship, but I truly believe, at this point, it is just because she doesn't want her friends and family, let alone others, to know what she did to me. I have held it in for so long, I went to therapy, there are EXACTLY 3 people who I told, who will carry it to the grave.
I truly believe that unless my ex feels accountable for her actions, she will never change. It is hard to "do nothing and be successful," as the greatest revenge, because I know for a fact that her friends bad mouth me, call me names, and it makes me want to pull my hair out because I did nothing to deserve the slander. This city is relatively small. I have an extensive library of screenshots, texts, photos, the whole nine yards that would absolutely devastate my ex if it was publicized.
I wouldn't need to say a single word- it wouldn't be my word versus hers, it would simply be her words versus the "evidence."
I feel like I need to share the intimate details with her remaining family, and maybe her friends (remember, parents died when she was young). I feel as though if they know, she will feel a fraction of what I felt, knowing that her secret is out.
I could go nuclear revenge, send it to her boss, send it to every friend who talked shit about me, post it to her socials in the middle of the night, but I just don't know if that is what my conscience, despite all of this, would allow me to do.
I will be moving out in a few days, with a new job, into a new area, to start my life anew. I am learning to respect myself and to move on. What should I do, Reddit? Do I keep these humiliating experiences to myself (of course, restart therapy), but do I not publicize it, despite knowing I'm being called an abuser by people who know nothing about what I have been through? Despite knowing her family thinks I am the cause for the lack of movement with said engagement?
It honestly hurts. I feel like I have been stabbed in the back so many times, but every time, I cleaned the blade off and tried to take care of the person who stabbed me.
Throwaway account for obvious reasons. Once again, I know that I am a bitch, a loser, a cuckboy, a fucking idiot, all of those things. I hope no one ever has to go through the pain of what I went through. And for anyone who recently discovered their partner cheating on them- just leave. Don't try to fix it. I don't want you to ever be as much of a mess as I am. Leave, respect yourself, if you don't respect yourself, no one ever will. I didn't respect myself, and I paid the fucking price.
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2023.06.10 03:07 RaplhKramden Creating new account to get free phones, any way to keep old #'s and not switch to Go5G Plus?

We're currently on the 55+ Magenta plan and need new phones. I was in a TM store today and asked if it's possible for the additional member on this plan, which is me, to create a new account in order to take advantage of new account offers on new phones, and then we cancel the old account after we get our new phones are are all set up.
He said we can do that and don't have to wait to cancel the old account, and can get the Samsung S23 for just the tax. The only three "catches" are that we'd have to stay with TM for 24 months, which is not a problem, we'd have to switch to the Go5G Plus 55+ plan, which is $30/mo more than our current plan, and we'd have to get new #'s.
What I'm wondering is if there's any way to keep at least one of the old phone #'s?
I don't mind if I get a new one, in fact I've been meaning to as I still have my old # when I lived in a different city with an area code different from where I now live and it's way past time to change that.
But the other person is iffy on a new # as it would require them to contact everyone and let them know (although I imagine that you could send a group text to handle that).
Also, any way to not have to sign up for the Go5G Plus 55+ plan for $100/mo to get a higher-end free phone? The non-Plus plan is perfectly fine for our needs. Although, it's $10 higher than our current plan, plus we pay $6.50 extra a month for an additional Netflix screen, so really we'd be paying only $13.50 extra a month over a non-Plus Go5G plan. And there are certain features in the Plus plan which seem nice, if not essential, like voice to text, more hotspot data and better international speeds.
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2023.06.10 03:06 ParadoxicalGlutton I recently launched the second version of my website for startup founders and enthusiasts, where you can find your cofounders and founding team by pitching your startup in 200 characters or less. This post is about the platform, it's features and the early adopter offers.
I'm an independent solo developer working on this for a while. The initial version was made online over a year ago. It had no paid plans and it was just an MVP launched to test my idea. It was received well by the Reddit and ProductHunt communities and it ended up having over 900 users within the first month of its launch. However, I had to deal with some personal issue and couldn't capitalize on the boost, and it took a few months for me to start working it. The MVP was online the entire time, and it was receiving consistent traffic, although less number of registrations. I struggled with multiple ideas on how to scale the product and that took some more time and I finally think I'm going in the right direction. I have deleted all the users with fake emails, dummy names to keep up the quality. You may see some spam content here and there, but I'm working on a tool to deal with it internally.
This version, although an MVP still, has a lot going on and will keep getting incremental updates every week based on user activity and feedback. In the latest version, users can create startup profiles that they can share on multiple platforms. They also get to have their own profiles and add their skills to the profile, if they are interested in getting hired. A user's profile, who acknowledged that they are open to work, will be visible to recruiters on the platform. In addition, users can follow each other and follow other startups and join in on discussions in each startup page (This feature is in beta). many more features are tested internally to see which helps a user most to easily network and collaborate with other compatible users.
Recruiters get to post jobs that are visible only to users who marked their profiles as 'open to work'. They also get to search the users that are open to work based on their skills, profile and location. Recruiters can then contact the users on the platform. (The entire recruiter module is also currently in beta and will be made public on 12th June).
I'm also manually verifying investors, and each verified investor will have a 'verified investor' badge on the platform to avoid scammers. If you are an investor, looking to join in as verified investor, please DM me. Verified investors will get 1 year pro membership for free.
Early Adopter Offers & perks of paid membership:
Regular users can post a maximum of 2 pitches, while subscribed users can post unlimited pitches. These users profile will also be given higher preference in general, recruiter and verified investor search. (Your pitches, profile and startup will have a higher number of views). Subscribed users will also get to see more stats relevant to them like the views on their profiles, pitches etc. All the features that will be launched in the future will be made available to the subscribed users upon launch. One of the pro features that I'm currently working on is when a user pitches an idea, the platform can work as a cofounder to some extent, like further fleshing out the idea, suggesting brand names with available domains, generate relevant slogans, logos, cold mailing marketing content and providing other suggested relevant resources to kick-start the business. (This is not included in the current release plan and is still in very primitive stages on my laptop. I'm mentioning this because I would love your feedback on this.)
Recruiters need to pay to use the whole recruiter module.
All subscribed users will get priority support and their suggestions and feedback will be given a priority in further development of the platform.
Currently, I'm running two lifetime offers for users and recruiters. Users can get lifetime subscription at $59 and recruiters at $599.
The latest version of was launched on ProductHunt on last Tuesday and had a pretty good launch day. Your support is greatly appreciated.
I will end both the offers at this price on June 12, when I will be launching the features currently in beta. After which I will be launching the platform on other platforms and channels.
Also, your general feedback will also be very valuable to me! Please feel free to let me know what I can do to improve.
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2023.06.10 03:06 AutoModerator [] Get: ✔️Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 03:05 Emergency_Ideal7935 My review of Opera GX

I downloaded Opera GX after watching a penguinz0 ad. Honestly, I regret it. I downloaded this thinking it would be the best browser for gaming and watching ad free videos. I will admit, there are not ads, but I could watch youtube with no ads on Microsoft Edge. I in fact NOT play games with Opera running AT ALL. Computer gets hot and I lag. Never lagged that much with Microsoft Edge. I've had so many problems with this browser, got stuck in full screen after F11 did NOT work, couldn't watch youtube without buffering every 3 seconds, had issues with syncing information from MicroEdge, and for some reason my color is distorted on EVERY BROSWER (and more). I emailed for help and all I got was a sugercoded 'Ok, well we don't have time for this.'. The only good quality I admit Opera has is the background sounds that play when my audio pauses. Other than that, I can't name anything. I wanted to give it a chance because a good Youtuber recommended it, but I just feel like I've been lied to, so thanks. Out of 5, definitely a 1 or 2.
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2023.06.10 03:05 AutoModerator [] Get: ✔️ Allie Bjerk – 90 Day Start Tiny Society Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 03:04 Zestyclose_Drama44 Free Schema Plugin?

I want to add multiple schemas like article, FAQs and the plugins I tried just have option for 1. Does anyone know free plugins? Or Plugins that has an option to add multiple custom schema code
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2023.06.10 03:03 SquirelFeed 5E] [Online] [Wednesdays] [6-9PM PST] [18+] [Streamed] People Needed for a Wonky Game With A Magic Item Dollar Store Run by a Cat!

Hello! I’m the DM!
Hey there! I'm Drake, but the things below the line in this post were written by Percy. It's explained below, but my campaign is the one mentioned in the title as "The Fire Called Life". I don't have a name for it, though based on what he's been through I will say that fits quite nicely.
As a DM, I focus more on descriptions rather than HP usage for damage since HP is used to describe the well being of a character in a fight to the death. I have a homebrew blood type system, though it works in tandem with 5e mechanics quite well.
I have a table for every "bloodline", aka a group of blood types that certain creatures can have. When a character is created, I make a note of their blood type and bloodline. The bloodline is determined by their race and creature type, and the blood type specifically is a roll from me that's kept secret and only affects their chances of getting certain diseases.
My campaign centers around a colonialistic concept, though I would describe it as a lore-fueled exploratory political thriller. There's three factions, in total, that conflict with each other. They're each decently fleshed out, and I'm happy to DM more about them if need be!
The main one is the Enlistment, the colonists. They were picked from their units in their respective nations on a continent far from this one and offered a handsome sum of 3k gold per family to work with in order to establish a connection and civilization on a ship. They traveled for three years aboard said ship to reach the continent where the campaign takes place, and the colony has run into problems in the 30 years since they washed up on a rocky, mountainous coastline dotted with ruins.
Through the journey they did form a community, but with any community comes cliques. The seafarers by trade were snobbish, and combined with the craftsmen they ruled the life on the ship. Children, towards the end of the journey, began throwing their siblings overboard when disease struck or food was low. Of course, those who had enlisted from the likes of militaristic or political organizations also formed up during this time to punish those found harming the chances of the colony. Bad children were said to be taken to the captain's quarters in the massive ship and were never heard from again.
That perilous journey is over, however, and the colony long-established. The establishment of such a civilization has not come without pushback and warning from the local wandering tribes of bugbear, kobolds, and dragonborn. For this reason, a defense force was set up at a halfway point, a no-man's-land where a few scouts from the tribes were present in the shadow of a cliff dotted with holes and cavernous spaces.
So far, not a soul on either side has heard from that camp and the tensions are higher than they ever were between the natives and the colonists. But there have been lives lived, dead buried, and children born unto this and this is all they know. The journey is far too perilous to be made with the current resources, and the civil unrest from within is spreading as many of the citizens of the colony feel cheated and lied to, paid to die.
That’s the briefing the players were given before they made characters.
Currently, though the two previous sessions should have VODs on Twitch, here’s a recap:
They started out in the Establishment where they went to the edge of the forest and encountered a dragonborn who decided to go with them. During the night they encountered another person, seemingly hunting a creature. The tracks led them to a cave, and a slaughtered camp laid at the mouth of it.
Like any sane adventurers, they rushed into the mouth of the cave and they encountered an old church of Lolth. Within the church lurked an abomination that nearly killed them. After they took it down, they heard steps from outside. Upon getting ready for another fight, they met a Drow named Srelia. She started walking with the two that weren’t the dragonborn, as he decided to go his own way, and led them to a hill overlooking her home city.
That's from a while ago. Drake again btw.
Right now they're in the lair of a sea hag, and something darker. They were sent on a mission to find a flower that can supposedly help cure a plague in a town where magic has no effect on it's residents.
They've found the flower, but are now trapped in an underwater city (it's got a very current-day modern feel to it, and the Warforged is trying to make friends with a sunken Mazda right now) They need to find a way out, and your character could be the key.
Now that you’re caught up, they’re level 6 and you will be too if you join, I have a favor to ask.
We’re friendly and relaxed. Easy-going and chill. But we do use Discord for voice chat, D&DBeyond for character sheets, and Tabletop Simulator for the game itself. We were a full party, but one of the players hasn’t shown up (after asking what time the session was earlier that day) at all. And then the one I brought in to replace the original one who had scheduling conflicts hasn’t shown their face either. It doesn’t matter what you play as long as you have fun.
We roll our stats on the Discord we play in. Homebrew needs to be approved by me, and there’s 9 different pantheons to choose from. The stat rolls are basic: one roll for everyone. There’s easy intro points right around the corner, but if you want to take more time and/or just sit in on a session, you definitely can!
We RP a LOT, but also some of the group has a little bit of a temper.
For more details, feel free to message/chat me here! Or on Discord!
SquirelFeed#1711 is my Discord! Be sure to send me your Reddit name too if you choose to only reach out through Discord.
Also! I'll try to run it next week and the week after but I'm not sure if I'll be able to due to the fact we use Tabletop Simulator and I'll be running things from my laptop.
Sometimes things aren't super smooth either, just as a warning, due to the fact I have DID and therefore have severe amnesia at times and my DMing style can change from alter to alter.
I think that's about it... And if this doesn't tickle your fancy but wanna know how the game goes, feel free to shoot me a message or comment or something and just say as much :) Who knows? If you're not joining, I might just lore dump to you if you want me to. If my game doesn't seem like what you're looking for, I wish you the best of luck.
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2023.06.10 03:03 roadtoam1llion The Easy Way to Earn Money While Reviewing Apps on Your Mobile Phone

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? Would you like to do it from the comfort of your own home? Have you ever considered getting paid to review apps on your mobile phone? Well, the good news is that it's now easier than ever to make money by testing and reviewing apps from your phone. In this blog post, we'll explore how to get started with reviewing apps from your mobile phone and the potential earning opportunities available.
The Growing Market for App Reviews
As technology continues to advance, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. With over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, it's no wonder that the market for mobile apps is booming. But with the abundance of apps available in the app stores, it can be overwhelming for users to decide which ones to download and use.
That's where app reviews come in. App reviews provide valuable insights into an app's functionality, user experience, and overall usefulness. Users often rely on these reviews to make informed decisions on whether or not to download an app. In fact, a study by Apptentive found that 60% of people read at least one review before downloading an app.
App reviews have become such an important factor in the success of mobile apps that many app developers and companies are willing to pay for honest reviews from real users. This has opened up a new market for people who are willing to review apps in exchange for monetary compensation.
In addition, app reviews also help developers and companies improve their products by providing feedback on areas that need improvement. By reviewing apps, you are not only earning money, but also contributing to the development of better mobile apps.
Overall, the market for app reviews is growing and offers a great opportunity for people to earn money while sharing their opinions and feedback on the latest mobile apps.
How to Get Started with App Reviewing
Are you interested in earning money through app reviewing but not sure where to start? Don't worry, it's easier than you think.
First, make sure you have a smartphone that meets the requirements for the app reviewing platforms you plan to use. Some platforms only accept reviews from certain devices, so it's important to check beforehand.
Next, research and choose app reviewing platforms that fit your needs. Some platforms require a membership or a fee to join, while others are free to use. Read reviews and compare different platforms to find the best one for you, I currently use a platform that I find is the best and most convenient platform for reviewing apps which I will share and the end of this post.
Once you've chosen a platform, create an account and start browsing available app reviewing opportunities. These opportunities will vary in payment amount and required tasks, so choose ones that fit your schedule and interests.
As you complete more app reviews, your reputation and credibility on the platform will increase, leading to more opportunities and potentially higher payments
It's also important to remember that app reviewing can be competitive, so make sure to write detailed and thoughtful reviews that provide valuable feedback for app developers.
Overall, getting started with app reviewing is simple and can lead to a lucrative side gig. Just remember to research, choose wisely, and write high-quality reviews.
Tips for Writing Effective App Reviews
Writing effective app reviews is key to getting paid and attracting more review opportunities in the future. Here are some tips to make your app reviews stand out:
  1. Be honest and specific: Don't sugarcoat your review. Be honest about your experience using the app and be specific about what you liked and disliked about it.
  2. Focus on the user experience: Talk about how easy or difficult the app was to use, whether it was intuitive, and if it was enjoyable or frustrating to navigate.
  3. Use screenshots or video: Including visuals in your app reviews can help readers better understand the app and what you're describing. If possible, take screenshots or even a video of your experience using the app.
  4. Mention any bugs or glitches: If you encountered any issues or bugs while using the app, mention them in your review. This will help the app developer identify and fix any problems.
  5. Consider the app's target audience: Think about who the app is intended for and whether it meets their needs and expectations. For example, a gaming app might be reviewed differently than a finance app.
  6. Be concise: Keep your app reviews concise and to the point. Focus on the most important aspects of the app and don't ramble on about irrelevant details.
By following these tips, you'll be able to write effective and engaging app reviews that will help you earn more money and build a strong reputation in the app review community.
Best Practices for Earning Money through App Reviews
Now that you know where to find paid app review opportunities and how to write effective reviews, it's time to explore some best practices for maximising your earnings through app reviews. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  1. Be consistent: If you want to earn a steady stream of income through app reviews, you need to be consistent. Set a weekly or monthly goal for how many reviews you want to write and stick to it.
  2. Be honest: Honesty is crucial when it comes to app reviews. You should always provide an unbiased assessment of the app's features, performance, and user experience. Your readers will appreciate your honesty, and it will also help you build credibility as a reviewer.
  3. Write high-quality reviews: In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to write high-quality reviews. This means taking the time to thoroughly test the app, providing screenshots or videos to illustrate your points, and proofreading your review for errors.
  4. Use social media to promote your reviews: Once you've written a review, share it on social media. This can help increase your visibility and attract more opportunities for paid reviews.
  5. Build relationships with app developers: If you consistently provide high-quality reviews, app developers may start to take notice. Building relationships with app developers can lead to more opportunities for paid reviews and even sponsorship deals.
  6. Stay up-to-date on industry trends: The app industry is constantly evolving, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. This will help you provide valuable insights in your reviews and stay ahead of the competition.
By following these best practices, you can increase your chances of success as an app reviewer and maximise your earnings. However, it's important to keep in mind that app reviewing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires dedication, consistency, and hard work. If you're willing to put in the effort, though, app reviewing can be a rewarding and enjoyable side gig.
The Benefits of App Reviewing as a Side Hustle
  1. Flexibility: App reviewing can be done from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can work on your own schedule, making it a great side gig for those with other commitments.
  2. Potential for passive income: Once you build up a reputation as a reliable app reviewer, companies may start coming to you with opportunities. This can lead to a steady stream of passive income without much effort on your part.
  3. Free apps: As an app reviewer, you'll likely have access to a wide range of apps for free. This can be a great perk for those who love testing out new apps and software.
Final Thoughts and Next Steps
Overall I’m sure that it's safe to say that app reviewing has the potential to become a profitable side hustle as long as you're willing to give it a little attention and effort in your free time and could potentially serve as a source of passive income if you're consistent enough. I've been reviewing apps as one of my many side hustles for about a year and for the amount of effort I put in I've made quite a reasonable amount, if you would also like to start making money reviewing apps using the same platform I use click here.
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2023.06.10 03:00 ShisuiChrist Arm and Hammer Unscented dust free Liter?

Does anyone know of arm and hammer makes a scent free version of their dust free liter? There’s multiple versions, I love that it’s dust free would prefer for there to be no scent. I couldn’t find much on the internet about it.
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2023.06.10 03:00 Throwaway156469 After working 5 months, 50-60 hr a week, salary, in a region barely afloat with no help, instead of a thank you, all I get is being told that 3-4 hr of my drive time a day as a field tech will not count.

Honestly, the title is the TL;DR. This is rambly and my grammar is bad. I am really sorry for how long this is.
I have no support system. I have no savings. I am taking care of someone who means a lot to me and needs help, but can't get it yet. The point is, I have already been under so much stress that my work's reaction to all of this is simply pushing me over the edge and I don't know who else to ask. Who to reach out to. I don't know if things are going to be okay.
I picked up this really awesome field tech position a few months ago. After a month, my boss was no longer with the company... and it turned out he didn't train me at all. I learned more on my own the two weeks after he was gone than any of the month he was "training" me.
And over the course of the 4 months since, I have worked my butt off to keep this region afloat because I am the ONLY tech here. None of the equipment is updated. Vulnerable devices need to be located and liquidated ASAP. Purchasing is taking 3 and a half eons to get equipment out to sites so I have to work with not enough equipment... as all the old existing equipment begins to fail. None of the internal knowledge about the region was recorded either, so I had to identify that as well (ie what equipment we do have, what we don't, what is available for issue, what needs to be yeeted out a window, etc). The region is 2-4 hr wide in terms of drive time, so on average I usually end the day almost - but not quite - 2 hr away from home. I have to time it that way in order to reach all my sites before they close (often having to skip lunch and breaks). As a result, most of my drive time is at the beginning and end of the day.
It sucked. It meant that if I wanted this region to survive, I needed to put in excessive hours. But I am salary, and as far as I was told by that point, normal work in my region didn't qualify for any extra effort bonuses.
Now before I start, I want to address the why. Why did I tolerate all of this without pay, essentially? Well, to start, because as much as I would like to MC the hell out of them when they first started to drop the ball and make them realize how much I do, the client I take care of does amazing work for people and their communities. To only do my 40 hr a week would mean letting them suffer and fall. It would mean people not getting the help they need. And the other field techs were constantly getting recognized for much more minor things. What reason did I have to think I was going to be any different?
Now I managed to keep up. I put in 50-60 hr a week on average. It got to a point where I was solving so many issues simultaneously that if it wasn't major enough, I just didn't even put a ticket for it because I just didn't have TIME. Like, oh, you need a new mouse? Here is a cheap wired one I was about to throw away, try that.... as I work on these 40 other issues. I am not going to take 5 minutes to fill out a whole ticket about it when I start working at 8 am and finish working at 9 pm. I want to watch YouTube. I want to doomscroll Reddit. I want to sleep. I don't want to stay up making 40 tickets about people who don't understand how the monitor also has a power button and is in fact not a desktop. They are wonderful, beautiful people, and those issues and questions are very valid, so I take them very seriously. These people need to focus on their jobs that are helping so many people, not on petty IT problems. However... wasn't worth the effort of a whole ticket. Especially when I wasn't getting any extra effort pay. I used to do them at first but got burnt out too fast. On average my timecard now shows around 8.5-10 hr a day, sometimes the full 12-13 hr.
Now, I was about to start PTSD treatment so a couple of weeks ago I reached out to my boss to explain the situation. I told him the state of my region and that I will not be able to keep up with this anymore, especially when they keep asking me to find and wipe these old vulnerable devices to such an excess and in such a time frame that it was a full-time job on its own. I still had normal tickets and issues I had to resolve as well. I couldn't do both and only work 40 hr a week. That was when I finally got told that if I simply recorded all of this, I could have been getting extra effort hours the whole time!!! No one just bothered to tell me. Apparently no one actually looks to see if you worked an excessive amount each week, just that you work at least 40 hr. Because for some reason, as salary, we are required to do 8 hr of work a day, and if we don't, then PTO gets deducted hourly. Make that make sense.
So my boss tells me that the workload should be decreasing soon once all the old equipment is pulled (at once), and that I had been doing a good job.
This gave me some hope. I thought, maybe, I might have some work-life balance. I just had to make it another month. And since he said I did a good job, maybe I might finally get some recognition! Sure, by that point, I have seen colleagues get recognized for much smaller things over and over while I got nothing, but hey, it just wasn't my time yet, I guess.
So last week was a test of if I will get extra effort pay. I will find out at the end of the month, although I feel like the odds are very low. That week was my calmest week yet. I only worked 10-12 hr a day every day! I was done working by almost 7 pm every day, it was great. I was still exhausted, but I got everything done. People had functioning devices to get their jobs done.
Last Wednesday, I made the mistake of mentioning how I was thankful for all my drive time counting since I lived more than 20 miles (the minimum distance needed for expensing mileage) from any site. You see, the travel policy for field techs said that the first and last travel of the day (so to and from home) didn't count towards your timesheet unless it was more than 20 miles (aka a "normal commute") away. This was just how I had interpreted this rule the whole time and my original boss agreed because it just felt like common sense. However, it turns out, my brain placed a comma where there shouldn't have been and in fact, reading back, I interpreted it wrong. Apparently, first and last travel doesn't count at all unless it is outside your assigned region. My region was just big.
And that was all my boss seemed to care about. My first and last travel will never count. REGARDLESS of the distance. Sure, if I cross into the next state, he considered that excessive enough (so around 3-4 hr one way), but he specifically asked me for a list of sites over TWO HOURS AWAY ONE WAY. I am supposed to just give away 4 hr of my day for free? After everything I have done for thing company?
Nearly all of my sites are around 1 hr 30 min to just under 2 hr away from my home without traffic. My closest is about an hour away. I cannot efficiently stop by the closest site every time on the way home. It would mean adding an extra 30 min to an hour just to stop by my closest site. I think this first/last site policy was made for people who live like 30 min away from their closest site at most. I guess I was a type that was never accounted for.
This puts me in an impossible situation because it feels like I really have only three choices if I stay here and they don't change their policy in my case:
  1. Stop by my closest site on the way to work and on the way home everyday: I wouldn't even be doing any work at this site or able to get into the building since it would be after closing hours, so I worry about it being considered a sort of time fraud, like, you only went there to get extra money! You did nothing billable there, you should have just gone home! It would also add an extra 30 min to 1 hr everyday, just to have 2 hr of total drive time not count in the end. Driving an extra 30 min to 1 hr simply to make 30 to 1 hr of that 1.5 hr drive home count toward my time card feels so stupid. I would rather just go home at that point. "But what if you just work 30 min to 1 hr less then to make up for it," I have too much work to do and I don't want to let down these people who need their technology to do the great work they do.
  2. I could lie and say I went to my closest site on the way to and from home: personal principle here. I avoid lying at all costs - like Buddhist-level dedication here, just minus the actual Buddhism. Also, I feel like they can just later decide to fire me for time fraud after I end up being just too much hassle to deal. They can't fire me now, but what if they hire me some "help" who ends up simply being a replacement.
  3. Plan my day to arrive at my first site by 8 am and leave at 5 pm for an 8 hr day: You see, ironically, in this case, my drive time will count... because traffic! Remember that 2 hr remark from my boss? When you add traffic, almost all my travel time doubles. I make an effort to avoid traffic conditions so I can spend more time... you know... working... Leaving during normal people times on normal people roads will mean I will be spending probably around 5-6 hr a day driving to and from home (my time driving between sites always counted so that isn't the issue). So I would regularly be getting 14+ hr days. This would be my only option where I get a lunch break though.
  4. Keep doing what I am doing: I will only have around 8-9 hr count everyday, if even sometimes. On average about 3-4 hr of drive time will not count. I will be able to keep up with my region, not need to work as much as the other options, but I will never get any recognition. I don't have time for lunch breaks. I will be working for free. I have no motivation. It just makes me want to cry... I am also scared because with my mental health deteriorating, I know I cannot keep this up. I already collapsed these last two days, I am just so lucky my office managers and receptionists have been looking after me when I have been on site because I have been a complete mess. All I can think of is why? It makes me so hopeless.
I am currently trying to get them to compromise and let me just deduct 30 min each way to and from home every day, but to be honest, at this point, they have lost my trust. This isn't the first time they dropped the ball. My very first bonus was supposed to represent 40 hr of extra work I did over a 3-week period. What did I get? If converted to an hourly rate, it would be considered below the federal minimum wage. It was insultingly low. Apparently, most of what I did didn't count somehow! I was devastated. My interim boss at the time tried arguing that mileage reimbursement WAS the bonus. I was still pissed and upset, so they decided to give me an extra couple hundred dollars. Which was barely anything after taxes.
I don't trust them anymore. I want to get out. I feel so unsafe. I have seen the worst in humanity when it comes to management and corporate, so I know exactly how bad it can get. I just have no support system. My lease is coming up for renewal at the end of this month and the landlords haven't gotten back to us. I can't afford to move. My credit score sucks right now. What if they just decide they don't want us to stay and don't tell us until the day the lease expires?
Now I am looking for a new job, but the work that I do I have done in a short period of time. My biggest hang-up is the length of my work experience, not the quality or skillset, simply because I am doing a job with less than 1 yr recent experience that most need 3-5 yr for. HR often times won't believe me. I had one phone screen but unfortunately, I don't have hands-on experience in configuring VMWare (my last job started training me in it before they went under) which was too important to not have. Which makes sense, they are looking for that type of skillset, and I don't have that specific experience.
I am just so tired. I don't know what to do. I know my company would bend over backward to remedy this because they cannot afford to lose this, but I worry about potential retaliation since it is so easy to hide in seemingly unrelated things. I worry about them trying to hire someone behind my back, and then because no one will believe me when I say I can do the things I do, I end up never getting hired again... then getting evicted... then my best friend loses his only safe space and chance to recover... I have so much to lose. I don't know what to do.
Oh, and I just found out my new work insurance doesn't cover therapy apparently, so I can't do my treatment anymore. I still have to find out a way to fork over the $400 I now owe which I didn't know I would be.
Has anyone been through anything like this before? What did you do?
submitted by Throwaway156469 to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:59 Appropriate_Path386 (f4GM) rogues need new shared mate

I am seeking roleplaying partners able to play multiple characters for a DnD based storyline roleplaying based off the brilliant audio smut titled 'pack needs new breeding stock' on corn hub
I now know it was a group project between many but only bigpapa has the audio up on a big mainstream r rated sight. There's no other installments and none are coming, nor are there any other longer version of poly romantic werewolf novel written based off this anywhere that I can find.
I, me myself and I see allot more potential Fin, Tyr and Morgan then that one crazy amazing cum worthy audio could allow. I love this specific smut audio so much, I made it a point to find an honor it's source before attempting to create some smutty rp DND type scenarios based on it all. There no more it, so, be what you wanna see happening next, I roleplaying based off of it
The sence would start where the audio ends, yawning and fall asleep. What else will happen? What could they do once they're awake again? Who'll get up first? Them or her? What will happen if she wakes up before them? Or they before her? Clean up or eat first?
I have some key components that I'm envisioning for my version the female lead, I'd like to just breathe a specific character into her now. In the original audio, Tyr snaps at Morgan, that they're not gonna accidentally kill her. As it happens allot. But she's not just surviving them, she's queen to them. Potentially because she's some type of demi goddess? Unknowningly just naturally human plus from a assumed dead beat not by choice godly dad? I wanna see more Percy Jackson inspired female characters with daddy issues. These bros shared vegas style poly wife resulting in brood of werewolf pups spiced with whatever her own devine heritage intels
I spoke with they're original creators and there is now fan art that they are aware of, but, Fenrir was imagined as being the tallest, hair a little lighter than the others. Morgan is just a bit shorter, and he's upset about it. His hair is darker, as are his eyes. The two oldest brothers are both pretty muscular, again Fenrir just a bit more. Tyr is almost as tall as Fenrir but he's more slender. He's athletic but he's still "filling out" and he might be the tallest when he's done growing. Assuming they're all in their 20's or appear as so
Honestly if you look into the comment section I know for fact I'm not the only one who wants more installments of it, would really mean a lot to many women i think.I really get a fat smile over the thought being the first person to see and give constructive criticism and suggestions, maybe even some potential co-writing stuff. You should see the comments, I have little doubt that this will be big money and also be kind of healthy for people in the bigger picture scheme of things
This roleplay will be based off of smut but I want it to be much more slice of life with more sappy romantic parts and emotion. I want to see them raising pups and the female lead figuring out her demigoddess status simultaneously while exploring the new relationship Dynamics. My DM's are open but I'm also open to roleplaying via discord If that's easier
submitted by Appropriate_Path386 to roleplaying [link] [comments]

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2023.06.10 02:58 MountainMen23 Under the Mountain [1]

AN: To preface this, I've never tried my hand at any kind of creative writing. I've just kinda finally decided I wanted to take the world I built in my head and put it on paper and actually get the ideas out there. I'll take all the criticism I get, but also pls be nice :D
The sound of a mana-charged mining explosive echoed through the large cavern, revealing the figures of the dwarven mining team through the newly opened gap in the collapsed entryway. As they stepped through the gap in the rubble, the dwarves looked around the chamber in awe. Flanking them on both sides were lines ancient moss-covered machinations, no doubt creations of the ancients. These ancient structures were sat upon circular pedestals embedded into the ground, withtheir main bodies being cylindrical in shape rising from the pedestals. Near the top of their cylindrical bodies, long, thin, and hollow rods protruded from vertical slits in their bodies. For what purpose these ancient machines served, the dwarves could not guess, except that these structures no longer functioned as they completely lacked a mana field. In fact, the dwarves noticed that the entire cavern lacked mana, a true anomaly in this world of magic.
After the dwarves had their fill of admiring the intricate craftsmanship of the ancient structures, they moved towards the smooth, metal-plated far wall of the cavern. However, it was not the exotic nature of the metal that adorned the wall nor how perfectly cut the panels were that attracted the attention of the dwarven group, but it was the very large and hefty gateway in the middle of the room. A gateway that could have easily accommodated multiple orc siege towers moving side by side through them with room to spare.
Nearing the gateway, the lead dwarf, Gloria, noticed two identical pedestals on either side of the gateway. While the left pedestal appeared non-functional, the right pedestal had a small red light emanating from a button on the side, near the top of its slanted surface. The dwarf approached the pedestal and, letting curiosity get the better of her, pushed the glowing red button. Instantly, thebutton switched to a green color and the slanted top of the pedestal began to emit a glow from beneath the layers of dust buildup. Using a nearby rock, she was able to bring herself to a level where she could peer down on the slanted surface with ease. Wiping the surface clean of dust with her arm, the dwarf sharply inhaled as she was presented with an artificial brightness she never expected to see from a mana-less device that was projecting the language of the ancients at her. She quickly pulled the only member of their mining team that could partially read the ancient language and had him translate what it said:
We-come to Hephaestus-1. P-ease sca- you- cre-e-t-als.
Gloria stepped back and considered to herself what the ancient pedestal could be trying to tell her. While she was sure that the name of the fortress was Hephaestus, she was not sure how to enter and began to ponder how one might activate the pedestal; however, this did not last very long before the rookie on her team waltzed up to the pedestal and begin to channel his mana into it. To his untrained mind, all artifices needed mana and this pedestal was no different from a mana-interface used toopen the great gates of their capitol, Limdor. While he may have been right, the methods by with each interface accomplished their tasks differed greatly, as the pedestal was created at the beginning of the mana-corruption that infested this world thousands of years beforehand.
As the mana flowed began to flow from the top of the pedestal and along the wires within, ancientsensors embedded within roared to life. Their purpose finally being fulfilled, a signal was sent to the AI core housed within Hephaestus, rousing it from its deep slumber. Automated systems began to kick into gear, most notably the defense turrets strategically placed throughout the chamber.
As they whirred to life and the chamber began to illuminate with unnatural lighting dispersedthroughout the walls, Gloria looked up from her thoughts and saw the ancient machinations in the room begin to move of their own accord. She looked back at the pedestal to the young dwarf channeling his mana into the pedestal. She yelled at him to stop, but it was too late. She looked at the machinations that were no longer pointing their barrels towards the ground, but at her groupinstead. She gave the order to retreat, and before long the group started to run towards the way they came in.
As they ran, she heard the gears within the machines activate as they tracked the movement of the group. Gloria ran as fast as she could before a single deafening boom emanated from one of the machinations. They all fell to the floor and saw smoke rising from the barrel of one of them, before hearing a thud as the dwarven miner the aforementioned barrel was pointing at fell to the floor with an unnaturally large cavity in the middle of her torso. Seeing their comrade brought down in such a way was, to say the least, too much for the rest of the dwarven team, save for Gloria. While the others remained frozen in place from pure shock and blown eardrums, Gloria pulled herself up by her bootstraps and booked it to the exit. Four more thunderous booms echoed through the chamber as she clambered through the gap into the ancient artificial tunnel system that they had originally been tasked with exploring. She dared not look back, for fear of being picked off by one of the ancients’ machines. Gloria steadied herself from her panicked breathing and began to make her way to theexist. She had to inform the council of this at once.
In an ocean, far removed from the beaches of the kingdom that Gloria’s team were located on, an Elven fleet lay in waiting. All had been quiet up until the moments following the dwarf’s escape from that cavern, when suddenly the elves sensed a large buildup of energy far beneath the waves. Fearing an attack from a creature of legend, the Elves ran to battle stations. Before long, a series of large capsules, a little bit larger than a sailboat, shot up from the ocean floor over a short period of time. The capsules continued to fly high into the sky before igniting a flame beneath them and proceeding to fly into the heavens. While the majority of the elven warriors attempted to recover from the shockwaves created by the capsules launching from the water at such a high velocity, the elven generals and admirals ran to the communication orbs to confer with their leaders in Elymia.
submitted by MountainMen23 to HFY [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:58 _snusnu Tattoo got infected and needs re touched, should I go back to the same artist?

I got a hand tattoo a few months ago which ended up getting really infected. I didn't realize it at first so it ended up getting bad enough that chunks of the tattoo are now missing. The colors were also really vibrant to pastel which has obviously faded quite a bit with it being a hand tattoo.
A friend of mine has gotten an even bigger piece done by this artist and had no issues with healing, and suggested it could've potentially gotten infected due to the fact I work in a pretty unsanitary environment using my hands all day.
Thoughts? This artist has a really unique style and offers free re touches but I'm a little skeptical as I've never had a tattoo get infected before this.
submitted by _snusnu to tattooadvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:57 MagicDickGirl where can i get a search warrant for roleplay laptop? plz reply fast i'm on an important case

where can i get a search warrant for roleplay laptop? plz reply fast i'm on an important case submitted by MagicDickGirl to ChatGPT [link] [comments]