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Make new friends today

2018.07.09 01:37 raychelpotter Make new friends today

Some of us just moved here. Some of us were born and raised here. For whatever reason in our life right now "we need to make more friends". And frankly that can be hard. Post what you wish to do. You are probably not the only one who has wanted to do it "just not alone".

2019.08.11 22:43 Bouck A place for fans of the band The Wonder Years.

The subreddit/community for fans of the PA pop punk band The Wonder Years. Some shitty mods tried to make us hard pressed to find some solid ground, but we won’t let this world wipe us out.

2023.05.29 06:51 CptAverage 5 month old suddenly scared/hyper suspicious of me

Hello all!
We have a now (almost) 5 month old boxeheeler mix that has given us a run for our money. He's doing a lot better with our cat and we now know that our cat has dog aggression, and our puppy does not have cat aggression. He's fully vaxxed/boosted and we've been enjoying taking him on moderate hikes and good sniffer walks, slowly building him up to being a proper outdoorsy dog.
Today we took him out of town to meet some family, and on our way out we decided to get a soccer ball and play with him at a local park. We all had a blast playing soccer, and the little pup got so tuckered out. Now, more than 4 hours after we got home and after a bit of a nap on the couch, I woke him up to go potty. He had an accident on the floor, and properly voided his bladder when we got him outside.
There are two problems:
One: he is incredibly wobbly and has shit balance until he takes a couple of steps, and then he's got his coordination
Two: he is really spooked toward me. He's giving me very side-eyed looks and leaves the area when I walk in. He is totally fine with my partner and is even getting along well with the cat.
We are keeping a close eye on him (we being my partner), and we are geared up to take him to puppy ER if his condition worsens. He ate his dinner when we got home ~4 hours ago and maintains steady drinking of the water. The only other time I've seen him this lethargic is when he ate a fern, and he threw up after a few hours of napping and made a full recovery.
My main questions: are these typical symptoms of the puppy being physically overworked/exhausted? Did my simply picking him up cause him enough pain to be apprehensive toward me? It's definitely hard for me to not take the behavior change personally, but objectively he seems to not be in terrible shape when I'm not in the same room tonight.
Any clarity would be greatly appreciated, he has been growing rapidly and I've only just learned of fear periods which is a new concept to me.
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2023.05.29 06:50 Live-East-8503 Got laughed at by a normie couple today

So I went to my normie friend's house to spend some time with him, after a while he asks me if we wanna go to the petstore to get some toys for his new kitten he's getting soon. I say sure and we get in the car after a few minutes we unexpectantly swing by his GF's house to pick her up, after that which i was forced to sit in the back seat and watch these two kiss and hold hands upfront we arrive at the pet store, he picks up some cat toys and the three of us head back to the house, instead of taking her home his girlfriend joins us, she insist we watch a movie, he asks which one. The topic of Jurassic Park comes up since its turning 30 this year. Thry wanna watch it I chime in that i've never seen it, both of them start giggling saying things like "how have you never seen it?" "Do you live under a rock?" Etc. Like i'm sorry I never really wanted to see it or had the chance nor do I like dinosaurs it made me feel so alone and to be honest it made me deeply upset that he cuddled her during the tense scenes like why cant i have that? Its just not fair i am so sick of seeing couples have pda during movies and couples in public in general.
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2023.05.29 06:49 x_franki_berri_x Is there anything you are hiding from your other half, good or bad?

I recently found out, about two months ago, that my husbands friend is being abused by his wife. Saw him in the gym car park crying and he told me everything, backed up with messages he’s been saving as proof for years and even some audio recordings of her abusing him.
He’s begged me not to tell my husband or anyone else and despite the fact I really want to he’s actually reached out a couple of times to vent to me and said he feels a lot better after talking. I hate the fact I haven’t told my husband and can’t talk to him about it but at the same time I don’t want to betray this man’s trust and make him feel alone again.
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2023.05.29 06:49 i-Really-HatePickles Ironwood, MI restaurants and dogs?

Hey guys! Any tips on bringing a dog up to ironwood? I have my itinerary, know where I’m staying and much of what I’m doing. Just looking for dog-friendly establishments. I see the brewery has a dog friendly patio, anything else? I’ve grabbed a sandwich from Suffolk Street and walked across to the park bench in the past, I know I have fallback options.
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2023.05.29 06:49 Enertechups_ Enertech would like to invite you to attend a training for Solar hybrid inverter on 29/05/2023, at 12PM onward. The training will take place at Lucknow warehouse. This training is mandatory for all Enertech channel partner to attend. This training covers all technical parts of Solar hybrid

Enertech would like to invite you to attend a training for Solar hybrid inverter on 29/05/2023, at 12PM onward. The training will take place at Lucknow warehouse. This training is mandatory for all Enertech channel partner to attend. This training covers all technical parts of Solar hybrid submitted by Enertechups_ to u/Enertechups_ [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:49 SubduedPain_ Does my (19F) relationship with my partner (22M) seem unhealthy?

I (19F) am always feeling, I guess, put down (?) by my boyfriend (22M). We’ve been dating for 9 months now, and rarely a day goes by when I don’t feel like I’ve annoyed him with something small. The reason I’m making this post is because of a text conversation we just had. Here’s the transcript: (He’s currently without a job which is what the conversations about) Him: “Idk where to get a job tho, I just want money” Me: “You could come work for me🥺🥺” (I’m a manager at the local water park, and he used to have the same job at a different water park. I only made the suggestion jokingly.) Him: “I live far as fuck. No” Me: “Damn don’t have to be so aggressive, I was kidding” Him: “Well I’m trying to figure out something and you’re joking around like normal” Him: “You wonder why I get frustrated” I kind of understand where he was coming from, but the fact that A) there was no indication to me it was strictly a serious conversation, and B) he gets annoyed at me for little things like that all the time, really made me upset. Wherever we’re together, I feel like I have to make myself small to avoid upsetting him. One time I made him rice and vegetables while he was gaming (what he asked me to make), and once I brought it to him, he sent it back with me to the kitchen because he wanted it seasoned more. So after I seasoned it, I brought it back to him, but he still didn’t like it. So I went back to the kitchen for a third time to heat him up some pizza rolls which he always likes. About halfway through them being done, he comes into the kitchen looking for me, and starts raising his voice when he sees me heating up the rolls, saying “No no no, I don’t want those, put them back” upset at me. I do my best to be a good girlfriend; we live 45 minutes apart (2 hours apart for the few months I was at college) and only once has he come to see me, and it was only for lunch. Every single other time, it’s been me coming to him. I’ve spent hundreds on gas and have asked him to start coming to me, but no luck. I do his laundry, keep his bathroom clean, and do almost whatever he asks when I’m with him. I never feel like I’m enough. I have so many other stories to the same tune as the ones you previously read. Part of me is saying he’s not that bad and I’m just sensitive, but I don’t know. I think it’s also worth mentioning that he took my virginity. I don’t really know if this is healthy or normal. Any advice?
TL;DR I feel under appreciated by my partner due to him getting mad at me over things I see as small, like making jokes or being a normal amount of clumsy. I do his laundry, make him food, make sure his room and bathroom are clean, and RARELY get a thank you or please. He doesn’t even smile when I try to take pictures of us. He’s always raising his voice at me and getting upset, is this healthy or am I just sensitive?
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2023.05.29 06:48 digmaslacks Crashed my car and didn't die.

I got into a car crash today. I'm not a good driver. I just reached the two week mark on doing delivery apps, this day being the first without hiccups or heightened stress, so I should have expected life to knock me down in a massive way. Only fucking two weeks of doing a job literally anyone could do, a job that holds idiots' hands, and I crashed.
Thought I was growing into the lowest standard work I was capable of. I thought I was finally going to have extra money this month, make rent. No. Car totaled, I don't know what new financial hell the future has in store for me. I couldn't ask how bad it was, everyone would think I'm crazy for worrying about a bill over everything else. Everyone at the scene, my mom, just told me the good news is that nobody was hurt, it's just a car, etc. I couldn't tell them that the car was worth more than me, or that I wished I had died on collision so my unhappiness could be buried with me. Now I just have to keep this up, I guess, and pretend like coming out alive was actually an upside for me, lest I risk exasperating my all the problems ill soon to be having.
You know, I thought I was going to die when the dust settled and I got my bearings. The car door wouldn't open fully and my body was shaking and I could see the hood of the car smoking and I thought that was it. No epiphany, no reawakened drive to get to safety and get my life together; I was just frightened and waiting. Before this, I was going to store money and see if a roadtrip could maybe help me, and if not, I could at least have died far away from my family having seen some beautiful sites, on my own terms. That's out. Of course now it seems I would've just crashed there instead. Stupid fucking moron. I want to get up and buy that gun i've been putting off, but with what transportation?
It's all a joke. I'm boxed in. Long time lurking on the sub and I know nobody here can actually help, that this place is just a misery chamber, and long posts are usually ignored. I know all that but i can't tell anyone close to me all this. And if I have to hear another person parrot how the important thing is that nobody was hurt, im going to make a hole in my wall, another among several. The car i depended on for my livelihood, that was supposed to pass down to my little brother, is wrecked. I could hear from my mom's voice that it's not going to be okay, even if her words said otherwise. I couldn't do retail, I couldn't do college, I couldn't do this. Really, what do you do when you can't do ANYTHING? One guess. Although if I put gun to my temple I'd probably miss. At least before this crash I wasn't actively taking my family down with me.
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2023.05.29 06:47 maybemybaby Things in the sky?

At 10:50-11:07 pm tonight, I saw two weird things in the sky and I want to know if anyone else noticed these things as well. First, between 10:50-10:58 pm, I saw what looked to be a satellite. I was at the dog park with my dog, just sitting on a bench while he did his thing, and I was looking up towards the east/southeast portion of the sky. Something that looked just like a star was moving down a portion of the sky toward the horizon, but it was zig zagging back and forth as it made it's way down, and it was not moving in a straight line. It sort of moved in a wavy line while it itself was moving right to left slightly as it made it's way. Then it disappeared. It looked like a star, which made me believe it was a satellite, but I've never seen one in the city sky before. It's behavior was odd.
The second weird thing, between 11:00-11:07, looked like a comet shot across a short section of the sky. It was up and to the left of where I was facing, I was following an airplane after I had seen that weird satellite, because I was hoping go see that satellite again, and then all of a sudden this white trail appeared to shoot across the sky! This thing was enveloped like a comet or one of Elon's rockets, in this white light, with a dark center, and it just appeared, darted across a small chunk of sky, and disappeared. It reminded me of a meteor shower I had seen before, those appear and dart a small section of sky just like this thing.. but this thing was big, and like I said, it was enveloped in a white light and trail, it happened really fast, about 1 second from it's appearance, movement, and disappearance.
Am I going crazy or did anyone else see this?
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2023.05.29 06:47 pbf00t Stupid Reverb - bleed question

I got less than year of riding out of the Reverb (the kind with the lever, not the push button). It just came back from warranty repair. Before you all say "replace it with a OneUp, don't worry, I will, next time it breaks and it is out of warranty. Now, on to the question:
I need to bleed the hose, I have the kit and the little tool for the lever. Can I re-use the barb? I removed the seatpost by undoing the lever end and pulling the hose up through the seat tube, but to replace it, I need to insert the post end of the hose at the head tube. That seat post end barb was _really_ in there, do I need to cut a little off the hose so I have a "fresh" section to re-insert the barb?
Have I mentioned I hate this seat post? Santa Cruz should be ashamed to have sold bikes with it installed. FWIW - I notice the SC bikes in the stores now all have OneUps's and SC is selling OneUp stuff on their website. There is hope
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2023.05.29 06:45 0gravitea [F4A] (Playing M) Obsession + Romance

Hello!! I’m Mina. I’m currently looking for a partner. I adore horror and dark romance themes, so I would like someone with similar interests!
About me:
I’m 23, so I’m looking for partners who are around my age. No minors please!
I also write exclusively in 3rd person, so I would prefer people who also do the same. I really don’t like “i” or “you”, so we might not be compatible if you use these POVs for writing!
I only write female characters, sorry!!
My writing length varies, but you’ll always get around 2-3 paras from me, so I would like a similar response length. I love romance, SoL, adventure/action, fantasy themes. I also write on discord!
Themes and Plots:
Themes I love: Horror, unstable romance, power dynamics, stockholm syndrome, eldritch entities, yakuza, gods and goddesses, monsters, one-sided love, love triangles, hanahaki-like themes, yandere, opposites attract, otome games, etc.
Plot ideas, with my character being A and yours B:
Some other things I would love to write are: Good Girl (A) x Bad Guy (B), Fan (A) x Idol/Celebrity/Band Member, Civilian/Innocent (A) x Mafia (B), Priestess (A) x Demon (B), Angel (A) x Demon (B)
Fandom Prompts/What I’m currently into:
I also am up for other fandoms! I know a bit but not a lot, my era is really 2010’s anime and magical girl shows!
If you’ve made it this far, please tell me your age, which plot you liked most, and what kind of drink you like!! If you have plots of your own that kinda vibe with mine as well, i’d love to hear them!
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2023.05.29 06:45 Paul71XD I'm freeee

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2023.05.29 06:45 lowkeylives Helicopter glitch?

I finally got a character to the 18th, but the helicopter hasn't come yet. I spawned in the Rosewood FD and had a real smooth start, other than all the surrounding houses having basically no food. I was waiting for the helicopter to come so I could raid the grocery store, but it never showed.
Am I in the clear? My understanding was it always shows up by the 17th.
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2023.05.29 06:43 Charming-Airport-105 I remember when I first discovered this game
All it took was seeing this ad twice on the app store to catch my attention, sad it ended up in this state, played it a bit yesterday and noticed not even a returnee event started but apparently room 1 and 2 are full lol.
Edit: it was because of this ad that the first character i wanted in this game was ceclia but I started the game around the time they stopped giving out the free 3* tickets (I didn't know the reset times and I started a few minutes before said patch it lmao.), thus I became a Cecilia main XD.
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2023.05.29 06:43 srinathsmrc Global Beverage Cans Market Report, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast to 2028

Stratistics MRC’s Global Beverage Cans Market value is expected to reach $39.5 billion growing at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2022-2028.
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North America is projected to have the highest CAGR over the forecast period, owing to Both in volume and value, North America dominated the market. By launching programmes like The Clean Seas, nations like the U.S. and Canada has accessing efforts to limit the usage of plastic. With large corporations like Ball Corporation, Crown Holdings, Inc., maintaining their manufacturing facilities and distribution hubs in the nation, the U.S. market has seen continual product improvements for metal beverage cans. The quickest growth of the regional market is anticipated to be supported by the expanding millennial population, which is encouraging demand for beverage cans with high visual appeal.
Some of the key players profiled in the Beverage Cans Market include BWAY Corporation, CPMC Holdings Ltd., Kian Joo Can Factory Berhad, Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd, HUBER Packaging Group GmbH, Ball Coroporation, Orora Packaging Australia Pty. Ltd, Crown Holdings. Inc, Ardagh Group S.A, GZ Industries Ltd, CANPACK S.A, MSCANCO, Pakistan Aluminum Beverage Cans Limited, Ceylon Beverage Can (Pvt) Ltd, Universal Can and Techpack Solutions.
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Phone: +1-301-202-5929
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2023.05.29 06:41 Tcode_ New Shop

Me and My wife finally opened up our Etsy shop. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
JT Zenful Art Etsy Store
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2023.05.29 06:39 Darnoc27 Can you… put more than one item in a bag???

Background: Been working in OGP for about a year, did a lot of everything, mostly picking but for the past month I’ve just been dispensing for whatever reason.
I’m noticing a trend at my store and every other store around us: Pickers are only putting one item in a bag. It’s not a huge issue but it’s definitely frustrating and just horribly inefficient, our managers and all the experienced people usually try to fix it during quality checks. I’ve chocked it up to it just being us putting all the new people on picking first (which is a horrible idea, but that’s a separate rant), but it’s happened at enough stores that I was wondering if there was some new store policy I missed or if this is happening anywhere else??
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2023.05.29 06:39 Reasonable_Warning My friend fell through the ice on a fishing trip, I’m not sure what I pulled out of the water

It all started Friday, when we (myself and my roommate James) went fishing at one of the local lakes. Or, at least we tried to go fishing. It's Spring but the lake we drove to was still frozen. Ice fishing wasn’t something we’d ever done, but we figured it couldn't be too difficult. When we arrived I tentatively tested the ice and it seemed solid, so we ventured further out. The ice cracked underfoot in a few places, but neither of us were very concerned. Once we got to a nice spot in the middle I sat down on one of the buckets we’d brought and started fitting our poles with hooks. While I was doing that, James set about trying to make a hole in the ice. He started by stomping on it with his foot to no effect. Then, he grabbed his bucket and began hammering away at it.
“Need some help over there?” I said in a somewhat teasing tone.
“No I’ve got it, I just need a better spot, this one’s much too hard.” he said, jumping on the spot as proof.
“Whoa don’t do that! If the ice breaks you’ll fall in and I’d have to save you, then as payment you’d have to treat me to a beer at Shelby’s.”
“Man you know I don’t like that place, it's so dingy. But as I said, the ice won’t break. I’m going to look for another spot.”
“Alright, well I’m done with the poles. Let me know if you need any help then.”
“Awesome, you can see the fish swimming under the ice over here. This is the spot, I know it!”
“Great! I’ll move our gear over.”
Suddenly, I heard a loud crack and a small splash. I looked over and saw James had his foot stuck in the ice.
“Hey you alright? Don’t move, let me come pull you out.” I said, dropping our poles and walking over.
“No I don’t need any help, I just need to pull my leg out. This water is cold as hell!”
“Yeah I bet. I’m coming over anyway just in case.”
“Nah I got it, see?” he said, before aggressively trying to pull his foot out of the hole. Almost immediately he lost his balance, and fell forward slamming into the dark patch of ice. I heard the surface give way and saw him fall into the water. I ran over to the hole and tried to see him, but the water was too muddy. Frantically, I plunged my arms into the water and grabbed randomly hoping to find a purchase on James. My arms started burning, and after a few minutes I had to pull them out. I started panicking and didn’t know if I should jump in after him. I decided I would call 911 first, even though I knew there’s nothing they could do, and then would jump in after him. But just as I dialed the number I saw a hand come out of the water. I dropped my phone and grabbed it, heaving a muddy body onto the ice and pulling it towards more solid ground. It was James, he was covered in mud and some grass, but other than that seemed perfectly fine. He wasn’t even shivering, nor did he seem particularly stressed. Once I’d helped him to his feet he stood and turned towards the hole in the ice, looking at it pensively.
“Are you alright James?” I asked. He didn’t respond, so I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the hole towards the shore. I’d suddenly remembered that not shivering was a symptom of severe hypothermia, something that would only get worse in those wet clothes of his. I almost had to drag him away, but he offered no resistance, just kept looking behind him at the hole. When we reached the car I turned the heater to maximum, and undressed James. I gave him my jacket and wrapped him in a blanket I had in the back.
“James? Can you hear me? I’m taking you to a clinic now, there’s one only 15 minutes away.” I started the GPS and pulled out of the small recreation area, but before I could get onto the road James grabbed me and started screaming.
I jumped and hit my head on the roof of the car.
“Dammit James you scared the crap out of me, are you all right?”
He let go of me, and whispered “Take me back.”
“No, we’re going to a clinic. You're clearly hypothermic, you're not even shivering but you’re ice cold. End of discussion.” I said, and then continued onto the road towards the clinic. I focused on the road, but I could feel his eyes on me.
“We’ll come back another day.” I said. I quickly glanced to my left, and was startled to see he was looking directly into my eyes.
“Alright,” he whispered, before slowly looking away and out the window.
We spent the rest of the drive in silence, until we reached the hospital. The doctor said he didn’t have hypothermia, but gave him some dry clothes and recommended standing by the heater until he warmed up. James nodded, but headed straight for the car. I quickly said thanks to the doctor, and followed James. It would take an hour to get to our apartment, so I flipped through my CD collection.
“Let’s see… I’ve got the Cars, and we’re in a car so it seems like a worthy choice.” I smiled at him, it was a joke I’d told many times before that usually got an eye roll, and occasionally a laugh. But this time James didn’t give me either, and instead continued looking out the window. “Alright” I said. “Let’s try something you like.” I pulled an Elton John CD out of its sleeve and popped it in the stereo. Elton John is his favorite, and he can’t help but sing along to Rocketman. This was the first time he hadn’t. He even sang to it when I picked him up after his girlfriend dumped him in college.
When we finally arrived at our apartment I pulled into the parking space at the back of our building. James didn’t say a word and silently followed me to our door. Once inside, he went over to the couch, lied down, and closed his eyes. I thought he was probably shaken by his experience and needed some time alone, so I let him be and went to my room. I was a bit worried about him so I spent the day at home Saturday, but he still wouldn’t make conversation with me. Then in the evening, he came out of his room and sat down next to me.
“Take me back, " he whispered.
“Take you back where exactly?”
“To the lake, you said you’d take me back.”
“Oh yeah I guess I said that. Honestly, I don’t really trust the ice after what happened, we should wait a month or so until it fully melts and then just fish like we normally do.”
“But you promised. You said we’d go back another day.”
“Yes, when the ice melts. Maybe it’ll just take a few more weeks.” I said, perplexed at his insistence.
“I need to go back.” he said, eyes suddenly locking with mine.
“You don’t need to go back, you want to go back alright? We are not going back so soon, I’d be stressed out the whole time. You could’ve died, you know.”
“So you won’t take me back?”
“That is correct, the lake is much too dangerous and you’ve been super quiet ever since we got back. I’m going out with Dale tonight, but when I get back we should talk about what happened and try and work through it alright? I’ll be back late, but text me if you need anything. Also, don’t forget it's your turn to make dinner.”
Then I left, and went to meet up with my friend Dale. We had more than a few drinks, and talked about a recent hunting trip he’d been on with his son. Dale has a way of continuing conversations way longer than you’d think possible, but because I don’t see him as much as I used to I let him talk all he wants. Needless to say, I got in pretty late and was very hungry. I didn’t see anything on the counter, so I figured James had wrapped dinner up in the fridge. Standard procedure when I’m out with Dale, who never fails to keep me out all night. But, when I looked in the fridge there was nothing there.
James loved to cook and never missed an opportunity to try out a new recipe on me. I saw his door was open, so I popped my head into his room to see if he was still up. I was surprised to see that he wasn't there, so I decided to see where he was using Find My Friends. When I saw that he was in the middle of a random forest I was confused, until I realized he was heading to the lake on foot. I was very concerned and immediately raced to my car. Admittedly, I had had a few drinks, but I’m a big guy and it was an emergency so I drove out anyway. There wasn’t anyone on the road this late regardless, and all I could think about was James falling through the ice again.
It was very dark when I arrived at the lake. It was still frozen, just as before, but I could make out a figure in the center illuminated by the moonlight. I quickly hurried to the edge and cautiously stepped closer to the figure, ice sometimes cracking underfoot. As I walked I could see a few holes in the ice, presumably caused by animals falling under. I heard splashing water to my left and saw a muddy deer somehow manage to stumble out of the water. It was dragging a dark mass alongside it, and quickly moved into the darkness of the forest out of sight. I heard a yelp as something fell through the water to my right just as I approached James.
He stood with his back toward me, staring into a large hole in the ice.
“James, I saw a lot of holes in the ice on my way over to you. I really don't think this is safe. Let’s go home. I’m worried you might not be thinking clearly, you’re putting us both in danger right now. We really shouldn't be on the ice.”
“Look,” he said, without turning.
I walked up beside him, and looked into the hole. The water was crystal clear, and I could see a naked body tangled in the weeds. Suddenly, James stepped forward and jumped into the hole. Stunned, I watched him move towards the body before the mud obscured my vision. After a few seconds his hand came out of the water reaching towards me. I grabbed it, and with some effort pulled him and the body out onto the ice, hearing a subtle crack as their collective weight bore down on the lake's surface.
“James? What is happening right now?” I said.
He didn’t answer, just stood up and looked at the body with a curious look on his face. He started to wipe the mud off the body with his sleeve, and I realized the corpse had James’ face. They were identical, except for the fact that the body was naked and James was clothed.
“What the fuck? Who is this? Why did you know there was a body here? Why does he look like you?” I said nervously.
In lieu of an answer, James turned to look at me with a confused expression. I backed away slowly and clutched my phone in my pocket ready to call 911, when, suddenly, a muddy deer emerged from the forest and began to approach James. As it got closer I saw it had a bloodied deer leg in its mouth. It moved quickly, and was next to James within seconds. The deer dropped the leg, walked over to the body, and began to lightly chew the dead doppelganger's arm. It looked at James, then back at the body and walked back to where it had dropped the deer leg. Then, it put it back in its mouth and began to chew, before looking back at James again.
“Oh, thanks.” James said.
The deer bowed its head slightly, then returned to the forest.
Suddenly, James dropped to his knees and lifted up an arm of the body. He immediately began tearing into the flesh, savagely ripping off pieces with his muddy hands and teeth. I felt vomit come up my throat, and I blacked out.
Next thing I knew I was in bed. I felt cold, dirty, and tired. When I left my room James was making breakfast as if nothing had happened.
“Good morning,” I said warily.
“Good morning! How’d you sleep?”
I didn’t respond, I could still see the body being torn apart on the ice, but the memories were hazy. I wasn’t drunk at the time but I had been drinking prior, and somehow I was back in the apartment like I’d never left. It all seemed a bit surreal, but I have never had a dream so disturbing before. I looked out the window and saw that my car was still in its spot, but I was also still wearing my clothes from the bar, which initially seemed a tad odd.
“Are you alright?” James said, with a concerned look on his face. “You know you took quite a nasty fall last night. You really shouldn’t drink so much.”
“I fell? When?” I said, touching my head and confirming that it was a bit sore.
“You came home last night after you went drinking with Dale and I guess you slipped on the doormat or something, I heard a thud and found you passed out cold on the floor.”
“Huh, you’re right I guess I did drink a bit too much” I lied. “But you know Dale, he’s just got a way of keeping you on that stool.”
“Clearly! Just know you can call me to pick you up anytime, you don’t have to stumble home all by yourself.”
“Thanks, anyway I’ve got to get going. See you later?”
“Not hungry? I’ve got some eggs here, they’re crunchy, just the way you like them!”
By ‘crunchy’ James meant he had put the entirety of the egg into the bowl and whisked it all together; this was his signature. He lived with his grandfather for a bit as a kid, and apparently the madman refused to separate the shells, claiming they were a great source of calcium. James was always trying to get me to try them, but I always declined.
“No thanks,” I said, unable to suppress a small smile. “I’ve got some errands to run, I’ll see you in a bit.”
“Alright your loss, see you later! Don’t forget it's your turn to make dinner.”
“Of course.” I said, walking out the door and grabbing my keys from the bowl.
When I got to my car I started heading towards the supermarket, but stopped beside the road once I was out of sight of the building. My seat felt slightly damp and the interior had a bit of an earthy smell, so I opened the window. I hoped that I had dreamt the whole thing, but every time I thought about what I’d seen I felt nauseous again. I had to be sure, so I decided to go back to the lake. I was paranoid that James might use Find My Friends on me, so I actually did end up going to the supermarket and hid my phone nearby, and just hoped if he did check it he would only look once. Then I booted up my GPS and headed back to the lake.
As usual, when I arrived the small parking lot was empty. I quickly headed to the lake and very carefully walked towards the center. As I walked my memories of the night prior kept flashing before me, the muddy deer dragging something across the ice, the crunch of the ice beneath my feet. Eventually I reached the spot where James had fallen. The ice was clean, no body in sight. I didn’t even see any blood. I very nervously looked down into the water, but again didn't see anything suspicious. Perhaps this should’ve convinced me it was a dream, but I’m much too stubborn for that, so I decided I would need to find a way to test James. I started heading back to the supermarket in my car to retrieve my phone, and thought up a plan.
When I arrived at the store I grabbed my phone and bought some groceries. Then I went about actually completing my errands as if it were a regular Sunday, albeit much more slowly than I would normally. I managed to stretch out my chores until 4:00 PM, then headed home to start dinner. When I arrived James was on the couch watching television.
“Wow you were gone a long time.” he said.
“Well, I had quite a bit to do. But don’t worry, I’m ready to make you some dinner.” I said cheerfully.
I made spaghetti while he watched Netflix, and when it was done set the table. James’ favorite drink is apple juice, he drinks it paired with almost any meal. So, as anticipated when I asked him what he wanted to drink he asked for it. I got us both opaque glasses, and poured him a cup filled with apple cider vinegar, myself with lemonade, then I called him over to the table.
“Bon Appétit!” I said dramatically, with a flourish of my hand.
“I’m starving, thanks for making one of my favorites.” he said.
“Well, we both had a bit of a difficult weekend, so I’m counting on you to make Shepherd's pie sometime next week.”
“Definitely! You know, you're actually a really good Italian cook! If I didn’t know better I’d think there might be a little rat pulling the strings up there.”
“Well I was classically trained by the best YouTube chefs.” I said, as I watched him down half the glass of vinegar without batting an eye.
After dinner I went to my room and left James with the dishes. Then, I sat down on my computer and began organizing my thoughts. Now I’m just waiting till he goes to sleep before I make my move. I’m going to creep into his room tonight and kill him using an axe I snuck in when I brought up the groceries. I don’t know what he is, but I do know James, my James, is dead. The only thing I can do now is kill the monster I saw eating him. I just hope the element of surprise will be enough, and I pray I'll be able to go through with it when the time comes. I just have to wait for him to turn out the lights, it'll be any moment now.
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2023.05.29 06:37 calex-xor [REQUEST][Steam] Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC [2nd Attempt] REQUEST

Game -\_Survivors\_Tides\_of\_the\_Foscari/ Id - So, what is it? - Vampire Survivors is a casual rogue-like where you try to survive a single round which usually consists of 30 mins and kill as many monsters as possible. This is the second DLC for the base game. Alright, I'll be the first to admit that I don't have much love for rogue-likes but something about Vampire Survivors just keeps bringing me back to it. Murderizing tens of thousands of monsters off the screen has never felt more cathartic. There's just something about it that I find difficult to put into words you know, and were I better author perhaps I could better describe that feeling of power you get as you stand still and watch your enemies get wiped off the face of the earth as they oh so desperately try and fail to kill you. And I know, I know, it's about the cost of a starbucks coffee and you're probably wondering why I can't afford it (or at least I think it is... or that a starbucks is affordable... I mean I don't personally know how much a starbucks costs since we don't have any nearby but the movies and tv shows always make it seem affordable and Hollywood wouldn't lie to me right...? Right?). Anyway, point is it's dirt cheap but the thing is I ended up getting the EA Bundle from the publisher sale this month and that's all I'm allowing myself to buy for the forseeable future, and I fear when I'm once again prepared for a purchase I'll end up getting something else instead of the DLC again, which would be a crying shame as I really, really would like to get my hands on this and play around with the new weapons and character combinations made available with this DLC. And who knows, I might even find that ever elusive vampire this time? That's all. Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.29 06:37 taleesi_ McD’s drive thru strategies

Thoughts on this. What do y’all do when picking up from a McDonald’s (or other drive thru) with a hellishly long line? Do you sit and wait in the hellishly long line? Been wondering if I should just park near the window and walk up to it but I fear the death stares of the drive thru customers thinking I’m an asshole
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2023.05.29 06:36 onestrokeimdone How often does QT receive shipments?

Im wanting to get a food product into QT and Racetrac and im curious about distribution. Im under the assumption that there is both Direct Store Delivery from certain vendors like frito/lay and that bakery company that does the danishes which I believe delivers daily. Then there is obviously stuff that comes from the warehouse to be delivered to the store. I don't know anything about this and im curious on the timetables. Do deliveries happen every single day overnight?
My product would need to be delivered every single morning, and im trying to work out the logistics on if it would be possible. Do the deliveries with a crew, pass it off to another vendor, leave it up to distribution or do a hybrid approach of all three if possible.
Figuring this out will be able to help me figure out if the business idea is worth pursuing.
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2023.05.29 06:32 Imdaddywolfy Price check on this

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2023.05.29 06:31 JoshAsdvgi The Bad Indian's Ashes

The Bad Indian's Ashes

The Bad Indian's Ashes

In the old days when giants roamed along the North Pacific Coast, there lived on the banks of a great river a poor Indian woman.
She was the daughter of a dead chief – a great man – but she had fallen on evil days.
Against her parents' wishes, she had married a worthless fellow; he was lazy and useless, and she was very poor and unhappy.
One night a son was born to her.
It was a wild stormy night; the winds roared, the thunder crashed, and terrible lightnings forked the sky.
The boy was born with strange marks upon him, and on his head were horns like sharp arrow-points.
The wise men of the place shook their heads and said,
"No good can come from him; he will come to a bad end."
As the boy grew up, it was seen that the prophecy of the wise men would surely come true. He was very wicked, and he soon became known for his bad deeds.
He was the terror of all the country on the Pacific Coast.
But his mother loved him well, for he was her only child, and she petted him like a baby, even after he was a big boy.
He did not take kindly to his mother's caresses, and when she petted him he always grew angry and said, "Don't pet me, I am not a baby."
One day as she petted him, he became very cross as was his habit, and in his rage he ran the arrow-points of his head into her breast and killed her.
Then he took to the woods, and lived as an outlaw in the forest.
He robbed all who came his way, until he had a great store of goods hidden in a secret place.
His hand was against everybody's, and everybody's was against his.
Soon the tale of his crimes spread all over the North Pacific Coast, and he was held in great fear.
The Chief of the people called a meeting of his wise council to decide what should be done. They resolved that he must be killed and the land rid of his terrors.
So they drew lots to see who should seek him in the forest.
The lot fell to his uncle – the brother of his mother – a very brave man.
And the uncle set out into the woods to seek his wicked nephew, who was known as "the arrow-headed one."
The outlaw had found a cave in the forest, and there he lived in security.
He killed everybody who came near it, and he marked on his spear a notch for each one he killed.
In a very short time the notches on his spear numbered fifty.
He heard of the council of the wise men and of their effort to capture him, and that his uncle had drawn the lot for the task.
He resolved to defend himself against an attack, and he made his cave as strong as he could.
He thought that his uncle would come to the cave in search of him.
But his uncle was a very wise old Indian.
He knew better than to attack his nephew's stronghold.
Instead, he too selected a cave and turned it into a fort.
He took bundles of dry grass and leaves, and shaped them like men, and stood them up around his cave like soldiers always on guard.
And he told all the people of the village to stay in hiding until "the arrow-headed-one" was killed.
Then he waited alone in his cave.
For several nights "the arrow-headed-one" stayed in his cave waiting for his uncle's attack.
But no attack was made.
Then he grew tired of waiting, and in a spirit of recklessness and daring he resolved to attack his uncle, for he knew that he was in the cave hardby.
He took his spear and bow and arrows, and went to his uncle's cave to kill him.
He took with him his helping evil spirit in the form of a small bird about the size of a robin. When he came to the cave, he thought that one of the dummy grass men was his uncle and he hurled his spear at it.
And while he was about it, his uncle, hidden behind a rock, shot a poisoned arrow at him and wounded him so badly that he fled back to his own cave.
The small bird sucked the poison from his wound, but the wound left him very weak.
His uncle had followed in his tracks, and soon came upon him.
But "the arrow-headed-one," tired out because of his wound, had little stomach for a fight, and when his uncle entered the cave, he pleaded with him not to kill him.
"Do not kill me," he said, "I have a great store of goods hidden in the cave.
If you spare me, I will give you all and make you rich.
And I will never kill another person."
But his uncle resolved to put him to death because he had killed his mother and had so many notches on his spear.
So he killed him and dragged his body outside and burned it.
Then he went home. "Fear no longer," he said to the villagers, "'the arrow-headed-one' is dead."
But the evil that the bad Indian had done lived after him.
The four winds drove his ashes from the spot where his body was burned.
The ashes blew everywhere, and were changed into the little black flies whose descendants to-day torment people in the summer in the northern woods of Canada.
And the bad Indian's wickedness still lives in the black flies that came from his ashes.
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