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Signal Identification

2014.03.21 03:38 Signal Identification

Help with identifying radio signals.

2014.07.29 05:51 WFKU 24/7 Dark Alternative Radio

WFKU is a worldwide dark internet radio station. We pride ourselves on uniting the dark music scene with class, passion, and dedication. Not only do we serve those who follow the goth scene, but we also take pride in the fact that we deliver great music to anyone with a little internal rhythm of the darkest kind of nature. Graveyard lovers and anyone with a taste for the Macabre is welcome.

2018.11.13 16:05 mayallrob_ ITV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Welcome back to the jungle! 🇦🇺🙌 “I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!” is a reality TV series in which up to 12 celebrities live together in a jungle environment for a number of weeks. They have no luxuries, and compete to be crowned king or queen of the jungle.

2023.06.10 02:51 john_oldcastle My Favorite Dead (vol.2): 6/21/80 Anchorage, Alaska (long post)

6/21/80 Anchorage, Alaska
In order to talk about the Grateful Dead in Alaska in 1980, I need to first talk about me living in Puerto Rico in 1995. That summer I had been sent to Puerto Rico for my first duty assignment in the Navy. Not a bad duty assignment for a 20 year old. I was still onboarding to my new assignment when Garcia died—it kinda sucked being all by myself for that, but my barracks roommate was cool and let me bump the Dead nonstop for a few days.
Now, my roommate, Jason, was this wonderfully weird, big ol’ cornfed farm dude from South Dakota who liked Star Trek, jazz, and a copious amount of rum and cokes. We of course got on like gangbusters. At one point we went in on an “island car” together: a 1979 Dodge Aspen that would only start with a push start—we were constantly looking for hills to park on! I think we paid like 200 bones for it. Anyway, a few days later he lumbers in and chucks a book at my head, “Hey Mitchell, I saw this at the Exchange and thought of you” (Jason and I used to call everybody ‘Mitchell’ due to our love of both the terrible Joe Don Baker movie and the hilarious MST3K episode).He had gotten me Steve Silberman’s “Skeleton Key: Dictionary for Deadheads.” Cool!
So, as I’m skimming through the book, I notice an ad for a “Grateful Bed and Breakfast” in Luquillo that was like 20 minutes away. I call the place and talk to the owner—a New Yorker named Marty. “Come on up my man, lets's hang!”
It was a neat little rustic B&B—rustic being the operative word. But it was a cool place and Marty became a good friend. Since I didn’t know any other Heads down there, Marty and the Grateful Bed and Breakfast became a kind of sanctuary. It was nice to forget about military BS every once in a while. I would go up a few times a month to hang out, listen to tunes, help him hang drywall in the guest bungalows—stuff like that. He had been some kind of political advisor or strategist or something, but had lost his taste for politics. The B&B was his way of starting over, engaging with the things he loved: namely the Dead and making people happy. Marty also had a couple of hundred tapes which he graciously let me go through over the weeks and months.
6/21/80 is one of the first I taped from his collection, and it became one of my favs. I love the idea of the Dead playing the solstice in Alaska. What a cool adventure! But aside from all that, this show brings the goods. It is hot!
This show finds the band almost smack dab in the middle of their existence—15 years behind and 15 years left to go., I am rarely disappointed in 1980 Dead. It flows. Interesting song placements—Ending the first set with a bad ass Feel Like a Stranger and starting the second set w/ a Big Railroad Blues—it works. The playing on this date seems effortless. The transitions are on point and the band is locked in. And the energy is A+. It must have been a gas experiencing this show!
Now look, is this my favorite Sugaree? (*yes, but sometimes it’s 5/19/77 and sometimes it’s both and sometimes it’s some other version, probably from 1977). But yeah, this Sugaree is dope!
Lazy Lightnin> Supplication is super tight. Jerry on fire.
The real centerpiece for me is the Terrapin>Playin>Drums>Space>Truckin>Stella Blue. Did I mention this show flows? This whole seamless segment is so incredibly satisfying and beautiful. This is why we listen to this band, for inspired segments like this.
I don’t think this is a show that gets that much attention, but I would rate it as a highlight from a very good Dead year. Other shows from this year rightly get a lot of attention: everyone knows about the Warfield and Radio City Music Hall runs in the fall. Gainesville and Lewiston Maine are other popular shows from this year that rock, but for me this show hits just right. I don’t think it’s been released officially, but there are good auds and sbds available. My original copy was a good aud—probably the first good aud I ever got. I linked a really sweet matrix.
This is a good sipping beer on the back porch show. The jams are intense, but go down smooth. I always like putting this on for cookouts and back porch hangs. I can sometimes catch glimpses of those past days too. Not often, but sometimes I can conjure those days in my mind's eye: cookouts at Luquillo Beach, hanging w/ Marty listening to the Dead, or adventuring w/ Jason listening to this tape in that broke dick Aspen, driving up to El Yunque to swim at the Angelito swim hole, drinking rum and being young.
I suppose I miss hanging w/ Marty the most from those days, simply because I will never see him again. In 1997 I was sent to the Fleet and overseas deployment. Sadly, I heard a few years later that Marty had tragically died in a fire at his bed and breakfast. But this show doesn’t make me sad. It makes me happy that the music exists, that those times really did happen, and that the music and memories endure. The gorgeous Brokedown Palace is the perfect coda to this stellar show.
Going home, going home, by the waterside I will rest my bones, listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul. RIP Marty
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2023.06.10 02:50 legendsofold A sudden theory thanks to the psychic damage this new episode did to me.... A connection between and Uzi

Cynn is uzi's mom.
Actually, uzi's mom is Cynn's back up.

ACTUALLY she's cynn's original self saved as a back up!!!!

For more explanation.

If we take a few clues between the lines. The portraits we see in previews, and her first appearance, seems to indicate that Cyn used to be 'normal'. She was able to move effectively on her own and presumably could communicate. But something began to happen. Over time she began to degrade. Bit by bit she mutated more and more, reality seemed bend maybe.

I think it super possible before she fully degraded that she copied her consciousness just in case. By the time we see this flashback memory stuff she's is far more crippled... and had infected all the drones in the mansion with Solver. Its possible she ceased to recognize herself anymore and thought herself as the solver. But even in such a state she didn't act until she was given a motivation to kill Tessa's parents. And in her twisted mind she might ahve been doing it for Tessa's and everyone else's sake.

Guessing N gets into a fight with her afterwards and... The black hole happens that we see, possibly caused by N himself, devouring them both.

The dronse went off line after... but one activated. Cyn's original mind awoke again, and probably went crazy seeing the chaos she had caused.

Everyone gets collected and sent to the camp for study. Reason why "Nori' isn't all coocoo crazy is because she didn't experience it herself. She was afraid.... Then the core collapse occured. I wouldn't put it past her that she became very motivated to give her fellow drones a future...

But, the degredation began again. Whatever its source, her mind began corroding again. Maybe slowed down by the cold weather, its possible that the crippling, and madness, was a result of the systems overheating and not being able to handle the stress of whatever the program gives. But it couldn't be stopped... But more so, she received visions, saw the murder drones coming. Mayhaps whatever connects them doing that. When they came she died but... Its also possible she asked to be put down by Khan. She didn't want to degrade into.. THAT person again.

As of right now both Uzi and Doll have a very similar version of Solver as Cyn with similar powers. Doll resorted to consuming drones to keep herself from degrading, while Uzi did it once, and only when pushed to the wall.. Which might mean that Cyn's original personality resisted that urge even in her most corrupted state.
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2023.06.10 02:50 SuperRaccoon17 Drobo FS - Unable to mount any of my shares

I just changed from a 13 year-old machine to a beast. In doing so, I'm having to re-set up my shares and map those drives. So far, Drobo keeps saying "Drobo Dashboard could not mount this share." This went on for my list of shares.
I have no clue as to what's up with this. It was working fine the day before, connected to my previous machine. Does anyone have tips/ideas on this? :)
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2023.06.10 02:49 BowenForster Galactic Arm. Part.1

Introductions. Shuttle Engineer Drivtet Ol'gashi POV
I was working on some routine maintenance of the Black Spots shuttle when the Captains voice came over the ship wide intercom.
Ping "All crew report to assembly in bay 3. There is critical information that has just been relayed by GC high-command. I have been given permission to show all of you just what we found 4 rotations ago on that unknown wreckage." Ping
All noise in the normally busy shuttle bay had ceased following that announcement. Quickly packing away the inspection sheet I was working on, I proceeded to the doors with my fellow crew.
"What do you think that recording was?" I turned and looked down to see shuttle pilot Fen'hozy hopping up beside me. Fen'hozy is a Kanhiv one of the smaller races being only 2' feet 6" inches tall, with short coarse tan fur, and powerful hind legs that are used to launch them into the air. He was nervously tapping the claws on the fingertips of his wings against the floor.
"I don't know, but by the sounds of it the captain is about to show us." I reply trying to calm his nerves.
When we discovered the wreck 4 rotations ago the specifications that came through scans were absurd. Being a member of the engineering crew I was part of the team that was assigned to study the crafts scans when not doing regular tasks. For starters the ceilings were 10' feet tall, 2' feet taller than the tallest know sentient race, the Phyth. Then there was the material composition of the ship. Metal alloys far denser than we have ever made coming from materials so strong our hottest welding equipment barely made it glow. Whatever made that ship was something the GC isn't fully prepared for.
"What do you think destroyed it?" Fen'hozy asked, snapping me from my thoughts.
He was right. What could destroy something our best tech can't even cut through?
"I don't know. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been the Vizan. If it was then there is no way we would have lasted this long against them." I replied, "Hopefully, we will get some answers from this assembly."
I picked up my pace towards bay 3, forcing Fen'hozy to switch from his quadrapedal walk to upright hopping 'run' with his wings tucked neatly against his sides to keep up. We quickly pull ahead of the group leaving the shuttle bay with us.
"If you're gonna run there mind if I just hitch a rid on your back. You know I can't keep up if you go any faster." Fen'hozy remarked, struggling to keep pace with my brisk walk.
"Sure, so long as you promise to clean out the shuttles docking port for me tomorrow." I cheerily replied.
"Done!" He shouted, hopping high into the air towards my back. "I've seen how clean you keep that shuttle it will take me all of 5 tacks to do." He said, landing on my back with a quiet whomp. Holding onto my shoulders with his clawed fingers and proping his hind paws against my hips, I leaned forward and started jogging down the corridor.
We reached bay 3 well ahead of most with only the Captain, bridge crew, and research department present. The bridge crew sat on stage behind the Captain, sullen expressions shadowing their features. While the researchers sat in the front row were restraining their excitement with visible difficulty. The tension was already palpable with the brooding expression on our Captains normally stoic face.
Letting Fen'hozy drop to the floor we made our way to some seats on the far side of the bay. The standardized stools were not very comfortable but were built to accommodate many different body types. I plopped myself onto a stool while Fen'hozy hopped up onto the one next to me resting back on his haunches. Seated like this with him sitting upright we were almost eye level.
"You know, as scared as I am for what this species may be. I can't help but be excited for a new potential ally. Especially with the technology we have already seen." Fen'hozy voiced my own thoughts as if reading them right from my mind.
"I couldn't agree more. Especially about the technology if we had access to some of the materials they use I would put credits on turning the tide of this war." I stated smugly. Our shiny golden metals were nothing compared to the stark grey and black materials that ship was composed of.
We chatted aimlessly for a few tacks while the rest of the crew arrived. It seemed we didn't have to wait long as more and more cautiously optimistic crew members filled the seats. I could catch snippets of conversation all seeming to denote a level of excitement based around what we discovered. If it wasn't for the still sullen Captin and bridge crew I suspect the low chatter would have been a full roar of excitement.
"What do you think has the bridge crew so worried?" Fen'hozy asked, breaking me from my thoughts on the room. Looking back towards the stage where Captain Yillfit Carver stood awaiting the last of the crew. I take a moment to study his expression before answering.
"Well he has always been rather stoic by his species standard, I've only ever seen him make that face when talking about his friends lost on the battle field." A voice clicked from behind us before I could answer. Both Fen'hozy and I turned to the newest addition to the conversation. A Goshran swarmed over the stool making barely audible scratching sounds as the workers of the coloney were busy handling all the needs of their 'body'.
"Well you would be the one to know." Says Fen'hozy, "How long have you and the Captain served together Security Chief Grivla?"
"We have known eachother sense the academy." Grivla clacked in response, "We didn't see eachother for 4 cycles after the academy. Finally meeting again on a Ho'vat battlefield. Our two units had been cut in half by the Vizan, so deciding to work together under Carvers lead. We managed to hold our position until relief forces were able to arrive and take over. I've been serving under Carver ever sense."
"I'm a little surprised to see you down here and not up on stage with the bridge crew?" I nudge, hoping she will have some information as to why they look so sullen.
"Well my assumption is that they have all already seen what we are about to be shown. I just came from my rest shift, if that's their response I think it won't be all good news. Either way I haven't seen anything yet, meaning whatever this is was played over the bridge then immediately deemed of critical importance for the entire crew." Replied the Security Chief.
Sharing a nervous glance with Fen'hozy I turned my attention back to the stage.
Not 2 Tacks later the doors closed behind the last of the crew. The entire crew of the Black Spot all 350 of us stood or sat waiting for the Captain to begin.
After a moment of silence filled the room the Captain began.
"Thank you valued crew of the Black Spot for assembling so quickly.
I know some of you are on rest shift and will be allowed to continue it once we are done here. In fact, all crew will be given half a standard rotation to rest and deal with the news." He stated.
A subdued applause greeted his statement. The excitement in the room quickly fading. Before my thoughts could run away with me the captain resumed his speech.
"As you are all aware, our mission is to find and confirm what has caught the attention of the Vizan.
"We have succeeded in the first part, now we just need to make contact and confirm the status relayed in the message that we sent back through subspace." He assured.
"The GC senate has translated and reviewed the footage recovered from the wreckage we discovered and to say it has confirmed some of our worst fears would be an understatement.
"I have been given permission to show everyone aboard the Black Spot exactly what we will be heading into in the coming rotations. Without further fanfare Comms Officer Renfai, would you do the honors?"
Stepping back from the front of the stage with a small flourish of his manipulator tentacle the Captain ushered Officer Renfai forward. Sliding up to the front of the stage Comms Officer Renfai appeared sad and disconnected from everything around him.
Lifting his eyestalks to look at the gathered crew he began, "Fellow sentients, the message we recovered from that wreck is an old warning and a plea for future aid.
"Through the confirmation of time stamps on the message and Vizan activity we believe the wreck has been adrift in that nebulae for roughly 250 standard cycles. Far longer than was initially estimated due to lack of any kind of wear to the ship.
"This should be kept in mind as we have no idea what the current situation is in this section of the galaxy. I'll now play the full translated message before turning things back to our Captain to answer any questions and give us the plan moving forward."
With a wave of his prehensile tail the lights dimmed and the back wall of the stage lit up showing an image of an unknown sentient. The recording bagan to play.
"Hello. If you are receiving this, this is Capt. Fos of the USSF Nutcracker.
"I am a human, and our United Systems of 14 species are under attack by an unknown threat. If found please, bring this message to my family on Earth."
Co-ords attached
"Before that, I must give a warning for any who discover this ship. We were unprepared for this threat, and they couldn't have timed their appearance for a worse moment.
"The United Systems haven't always been such, in fact it wasn't until these 'husks' attacked that all 15 known sentients finally set aside our differences to come together and fight back. A mutual enemy does wonders for setting government priorities." The Human shook his head, looking to the floor.
Taking a steadying breath he continued. "We were too busy fighting with eachother to pay attention to unknown space. From outside known space these 'Husks' came, they launched a simultaneous attack across every inhabited world and system we knew of. Being too preoccupied at the onset of this, plague our respective militaries struggled to push them off our worlds. Over 100 coloney worlds were lost, unable to receive reinforcement in time." A collective intake of atmosphere could be heard throughout the bay.
Before anyone could voice their concern the Human lifted his eyes to stare directly into the camera.
"It took the complete extinction of the Motuck before the remaining 14 of us came together." He spat.
"They had pled for help broadcasting to anyone that could hear. Humanity couldn't just leave them to extinction all alone. At the time humanity was fairing the best having pushed the Husks completely from 6 of our 8 systems, we sent what we could spare." His voice softening as he spoke. "We were too late. The last bunker on their homeworld had been breached.
"The final transmission coming just two hours before our response fleat dropped into the system. The fleat was met with a fresh Armada of Motuck ship husks coming from their homeworld.
"The Motuck were gone. Our Government at the time not wanting to fight our former friends made the decision in line with the last wishes of the Motuck Ambassador.
'I would rather my system be wiped from existence than let my entire people become you!' Were his last words in that final message and subsequent detonation of the shelter." The human spoke with a cold detatchment.
"We glassed the few remaining former Motuck worlds. The Motuck home system was fully colonized with both mines and terraformed worlds. We decided to collapse the star erasing the Husks completely from the sector with minimal losses on our end." A faint buzzing could be heard from the video but nothing could be seen on screen.
"My ship the USSF Nutcracker was sent on one such mission to an unrecoverable Gorchev system. Just before our localized gravity collapse could destabilize the star and initiate a supernova the Husks hit us.
"The supernova has been successfully induced and will occur in approximately 20 minutes. I'll be dead before then, we have moved to the edge of the system but will remain here. 95% of the crew has been killed or consumed by the Husks, I've rigged the reactor core to vent into the ship when I hit this button." The Human held up a small black box with a grey button on the top.
"That should incinerate anything living on the ship. This message will be tethered to the Blackbox, transmitting to anyone close enough to hear. Please go to Earth and help us save all the people of the Milky way.
"We will not go quietly into the night and I pray that you won't either." At those words the human appeared to shrink.
"A final message for my wife and daughter." The buzzing got suddenly louder and a light begun to shine on the humans face.
"Sorsha my sweet girl, don't worry daddy will always be watching over you. Marry, I'm sorry I won't be there with you when you get old. I love you both more than can be expressed. I'll miss you." Taking his eyes off the camera to look off screen he pushed the button. A loud rushing of air could be heard before the video cut out, freezing on an image of the human looking sadly into the camera.
—Authors note—
Hey everybody!
Thank you all for reading! I was blown away by how well the prolouge was received, I wasn't expecting such a positive response and would have been happy with just having feedback on my writing. As it is I am blown away and will strive to do my best going forward. I'm doing this by myself in my free time please don't expect every update to come this quickly, I will be aiming for at least one part a week for as long as I can keep the ideas flowing. Once again any constructive criticism is more than welcome! I look forward to lore discussions over on my page. Thank you again everyone for reading!
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2023.06.10 02:48 Notawolf666 Quantum Distribution Network

Prepare to descend into the shadowy abyss where reality and secrecy intertwine. We are about to embark on an eye-opening quest that will peel back the layers of government conspiracy. Are you ready to unravel the clandestine enigma and expose the sinister locations where the U.S. government may be concealing astonishing alien artifacts and crashed UFOs? Let the whispers of secrecy guide us deeper into the rabbit hole.
Area 51: Brace yourself, for we must confront the ominous legend itself. Hidden amidst the barren expanse of the Nevada desert, Area 51 has become synonymous with a tangled web of extraterrestrial cover-ups. What truths are buried within its fortified walls? Could this forbidden territory be harboring extraterrestrial remnants, while the government orchestrates an elaborate charade to keep us in the dark? Cheyenne Mountain Complex: Cast your gaze towards the heart of the Colorado mountains, where an impenetrable fortress awaits. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, shrouded in secrecy, invites speculation about what lurks within its impenetrable depths. Is it merely a bunker or a refuge for unimaginable extraterrestrial treasures? Could its tunnels house alien technologies beyond our wildest dreams, while the world remains blissfully unaware? Raven Rock Mountain Complex: Peer into the shadows near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, where hidden within the rugged terrain lies an underbelly of government intrigue. The Raven Rock Mountain Complex, concealed from prying eyes, has long been rumored to harbor top-secret projects. But is there more to this sanctuary than meets the eye? Are we mere pawns in a grand chess game where alien artifacts and crashed UFOs are concealed in plain sight? Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center: Venture into the depths of Virginia's Mount Weather facility, an enigmatic haven shrouded in mystery. What if the designated refuge for high-ranking officials during crises is, in fact, a covert repository of extraterrestrial marvels? Could its underground chambers be hallowed grounds for the study and reverse-engineering of otherworldly technologies? Prepare to question everything you thought you knew. Underwater Abyss: Plunge into the depths of the unknown, where vast oceans cloak hidden secrets. Could the U.S. government have established covert underwater bases, shrouding alien artifacts and sunken UFOs in perpetual darkness? Visualize a clandestine world beneath the waves, where truth and fiction merge, and the mysteries of the deep beckon the curious few who dare to venture. Now, dear seekers of truth, it's your time to share your revelations. What are your darkest speculations regarding the U.S. government's enigmatic hiding places for extraterrestrial artifacts and crashed UFOs? Are there other eerily concealed locations that prick the corners of your imagination? Engage in this covert discourse, but remember, our words here may have consequences in the shadows.
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2023.06.10 02:48 Avyern1 Is it ok to “Smurf” in quickplay?

Okay, I understand this sounds a little stupid. Quickplay is already casual and “Smurfing” doesn’t have as significant of an effect as competitive, but regardless, it still does have a hidden mmr to place against similar opponents in skill. Because of this, whenever I want to test out character I’m quite frankly just bad at, I quickly get humbled back into playing a comfort character that I can compete well with
Due to this I want to create a new account specifically to play characters I’m not as good with just for quickplay, that way I could develop an mmr that allows me to play these characters and learn them more efficiently than ramming my head against a wall with my current matchmaking. For instance, I suck at playing Reinhardt but often try him out in my current mmr. Every time I do, it’s common that I’ll throw the first fight and then swap to Ramatra as to not piss everyone off. I’ve played a few rounds on a friends account that is much more of a beginner than I, and it definitely felt better placed for me despite still being quickplay, hence my inspiration.
Anyone else done this? If so did you feel better placed for learning those characters, or did you still feel out of place (either still playing poorly or playing better than who you were placed with)
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2023.06.10 02:48 BatteredAndBedamned My marriage relationship is over and someday I will get a divorce

I am just venting into the void of cyberspace. I have already started seeing a therapist and I have a few very dear friends that I lean on when I need them.
I (34m) have been married to my wife (34m) just shy of 10 years. We started dating in collage but have know each other since before high school. Looking back on things now I realize that I just wasn't mature enouph to get married when I did. Our relationship has foundered on our lack of communication and perpetual neglect.
We met in grade school but, later attended the same 2 year university. My wife aggressively perused me after we reconnected in collage and I was in love. I can remember that I have always had a burning desire to be in a fulfilling and passionate relationship with a partner and equal. I was raised in a very conservative family and so I rarely if ever perused a girl/woman frivolously even during my teenage years. Naturally, when we married I had only ever been intimate with a single long term girlfriend in high school before my wife. My wife's mission in life was to have me and thus is where my immaturity first lead me astray, I had not learned how to be cold and hard when needed and, I was terrified of dying alone. Our dating relationship was rocky, my wife has been extremely manipulative and abusive from the very beginning but, I could not see it. My wife used every asset at her disposal to keep me and we had a very passionate and intimate relationship full of physical and emotional ups and downs. Everyone in my life that knew the two of use could already see the writing on the wall but, I would not listen. I was clinging to my one, and only chance from my perspective, at having a life long loving partner and friend. After a time I proposed and then things started to change, even though she did not have the ring I had effectively become hers and she no longer needed to peruse and conquer me. The intimacy stopped and the passion faded and my burning desire to be with her was left unrequited. I thought that it was just a phase before we married but, alas after only sharing our wedding night together our physical relationship ended.
A few months before we married I took my first job after collage and moved a few hours away to start working. We married a few months later and moved in together in a 2 bedroom apartment about 1 hours commute from my first job. The first year of our marriage was very hard. My new wife would not reciprocate my advances and she also started to loose interest in me romantically. She would accuse me of only wanting sex which cut so deep, to this day I do not think I could be intimate with her again even if she tried to initiate, we have slept in separate beds, except for rare occasions, ever since. My wife had attained her prize and now she was looking for something else to do with her life and I was left on the shelf. I was never violent and I did my best to be mindful of her needs and the few times we have had real conversations about our relationship over the years I have attempted to incorporate the feed back to better meet her needs. I am not a perfect person, far from it and I have neglected stuff around our homes over the years the biggest one being the cleaning and our pets. I pay for everything, and put in most of the mental and emotional work of our marriage, she has been attending collage to get advance degrees so someday she can start a career and contribute to our family, this is the challenge she chose for her life after a year or two of me saying we could not afford stuff that she wanted. She demands many material things where as I can get by with very little and so over the years we have almost always been broke as I try to keep up with her demands and I have spent very little of all the money I have made in this life on myself, I have always and continue to saving for my retirement though.
I have finally come to understand that my wife will never want me the way I wish she did and will never attempt to meet my needs no matter how many times I attempt to tell her what those needs are. I have been a fool, thinking that if I was only good enouph she would desire me. I know that she does care about me in her own way but, it is not enouph for me. I am unwilling to just dump her and walk out the door, she should be finishing collage soon and starting a career. Once she has a full time job and a means to support herself, I am done and gone.
Sometimes I sit on a bench in a park looking at the big city we live outside of and burn with a desire to rip the world into oblivion down to its very atoms. The pain of being lonely in marriage is so terrible, I have no words to adequately describe it. I am still terrified of dying alone but, I now know that I would be better off single and able to look for a person that could truly be my partner than I am spending energy attempting to breath life back into this dead relationship.
I am willing to share more of my story, I have glossed over many many details in this very short summary but, I didn't want to try and write a book in a single post. Thank you all, who read this to the end, it means more to me that I could ever possibly convey to you with words or actions.
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2023.06.10 02:47 OkKaleidoscope5452 So many people are quitting meta

Just for the mere fact that meta decided to change the entire developer mode option and make things so much more difficult so that we can't just flick the Switch on the app is enough to make a bunch of people that I know stop using their headsets. They changed something around and made it so now You have to use some extra hub on the pc to make this work and it is a pain.
It used to be that you had to enable developer mode, And make your own little company name and that was it.
Now headset settings are completely greyed out. I already had a little company name and everything was already done and now it's saying I have nothing.
Have to start all over again. And it's never ending because nothing is working.
I still can't get it to work and I know computers.
Me and several friends As well as a bunch of people online have given up on the meta headset and are switching to a different brand because we are tired of them not. Making things simple for people to do.
They make things so difficult for people to figure out.
I'll give you a hint meta.
If you make it Hard or nearly impossible for the average person to access SIDEQUEST
Which makes your terrible graphics a lot better, Then people don't want to use your headset anymore.
And it really makes people not trust getting your new headset either because it's gonna be the same old TRASH.
You're going to make it impossible for an average person to enjoy themselves on a headset.
Instead you make it aggravating and people spend so much time Just trying to figure out how to get it to be playable (sidequest, vr games from steam, etc)
I don't understand how you guys want to be the top VR company. But you can't even figure out how to make things basic and accessible for the average person to play.
You need to literally put out instructions that tell how to do These things so That people can Figure It out without aggravation.
I know at least one person that completely smashed their headset against the wall because it was that annoying.
Please fix this as soon as possible or i'm going to be switching and i'm never going back to Meta.
I'm tired of these big companies wanting to be the top dog but you guys can't even stick to the basics.
People want something that works easily, Clear instructions, Ability to use sidequest without so many aggravating steps.
That's all we're asking for. And you guys can't even deliver that.
MAKE IT SIMPLE. Not everyone who buys a headset knows how to do all this. And the ones who do know how, don't want to deal with the pain of it all.
You guys are constantly having problems with your headsets and you can't even get basic things right.
So why are you trying to do things that are out of your league if you can't even do the basics.
Give us good graphics, Give us a decent price, Give us the ability to navigate things and clear instructions without having problems.
It should take the average person no more than 2 minutes to be able to access SIDEQUEST.
It doesn't make sense why you make things so hard. But then wonder why things aren't performing the way you thought.
Meta sucks and most people think so. Start listening to your customers or get out of the game please.
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2023.06.10 02:43 lurkingbro Small Hope Design Challenge

So out of boredom and waiting for the next patch to come out of testing, I decided to play with the Small hope ship design. I wanted to figure out what the most capable ship I could fit in the original footprint. Every time I played it, I always expanded out instead of making the hard choices. (apologies for the link, I don't have an Imgur account)
I am very happy with my design, here are some highlights.
The Good: 1) stayed within the original footprint 2) quality sleep and leisure space 3) Built with 4 crew intended to operate it. I squeezed in 4 hypersleep pods (This was very annoying). One quality bedroom with 4 shifts sharing. An extra set of bunk beds should i need to rest extra crew. 4) Incorporated as many safety features as i could. Main power plant is in a walled off compartment, to minimize fire and vacuum risks. Redundant life support in separate compartments. Navigation in a small compartment with extra paths to ensure access. One solar panel for desperate times. 5) Small shield with console, and weapon console with turret. She wont win any fights, nor does she have a jammer. She can run though.
For economy i have energy refiner, metal refiner, assembler, chemical plant, fabricator, water, and tools.
The Bad: The biggest flaw in this design is the large open resource/dock compartment. Any fire or hull breach not quickly handle will create a real mess. Luckily even locking off the whole compartment, the ship is very survivable. Although, they said the same about the Titanic!
Also, with only a double food bed, you will be buying plenty of food and the crew will be enjoying regular algae meals.
There is also only 150 storage spaces, the lowest of any ship i have played.
One could also trade out the solar panel for a jammer if you wanted some boarding party fun. However the dock area isn’t exactly gun fight optimal. Or an extra large storage area.
I feel confident this ship could hold its own in a harsh or brutal play through. Given enough time and resources being acquired to get it built!
I am very curious about your thoughts on the design? If you have any ship designs you want to share using the starting Small Hope ship, I would love to see them!
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2023.06.10 02:42 Moon-Reacher Video: Evergloam Indrik - Animations & Sounds

Video: Evergloam Indrik - Animations & Sounds
Video: Arcanist Khajiit riding the Evergloam Indrik, a Crown Store mount in The Elder Scrolls: Online.
When previewing mounts in the Crown Store, there's no way to see animations or sounds. It's not on the PTS and I couldn't find any existing videos. So I made it myself. Hope this helps others decide.
There are some mounts I don't use because the audio is irritating. I was on the fence about getting this one due to comments I'd seen about how it sounds.
IMO, it's not bad. It's actually pretty quiet, I had to turn up my volume louder than normal to really hear it and record this. When sprinting, it does a single ethereal, echoing honk. Frankly it sounds a bit... like an asthmatic duck 😆 But I love it, the sounds are unobtrusive enough and the visuals are beautiful.
submitted by Moon-Reacher to elderscrollsonline [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:42 scorpyo72 Just Added a Sengled Smart Switch to my system (E39-G8C)

As part of this exercise, I started by looking to see if anyone had added this particular switch before. Couldn't find anyone but found instructions for another switch by Sengled. It paired easily with my V2 Hub.
It does NOT cover existing switch. You'll have to mount it along side or apart from your switched gang boxes. The form factor and functionality are attractive, and the use as the dimmable switch via the mirror or synch function.
Here's the instructions courtesy of u/SuperDaveSR: Setting up the Sengled Smart Switch to control Sengled bulbs on your SmartThings hub 1) Open the SmartThings app and press the “+” sign on the main page.
2) Then, press “Add Automation”.
3) Choose “Smart Lighting”
4) Select “New Lighting Automation”
5) Under “Which devices do you want to control”, select the bulb(s) you want to control using the Sengled Smart Switch; then, press “Done”
6) Under “What do you want to do”, select “Mirror Behavior” (out Synch Behavior-RB), then “Done”
7) Under “Mirror which switch”, choose “Sengled Smart Switch” or whatever name you created for the Sengled Smart Switch. Then, tap “Done”
8) Press “Next”, you can create a custom name for this control, then press “Done”.
9) Now you can use your On, Off, Dim-Up, Dim-Down buttons to control your smart LED light(s).
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2023.06.10 02:42 dailySuttaBot AN 3.62 Bhayasutta: Perils

AN 3.62 Bhayasutta: Perils
“Bhikkhus, the uninstructed worldling speaks of these three perils that separate mother and son. What three?
(1) “There comes a time when a great conflagration arises. When the great conflagration has arisen, it burns up villages, towns, and cities. When villages, towns, and cities are burning up, the mother does not find her son and the son does not find his mother. This is the first peril that separates mother and son of which the uninstructed worldling speaks.
(2) “Again, there comes a time when a great rain cloud arises. When the great rain cloud has arisen, a great deluge takes place. When the great deluge takes place, villages, towns, and cities are swept away. When villages, towns, and cities are being swept away, the mother does not find her son and the son does not find his mother. This is the second peril that separates mother and son of which the uninstructed worldling speaks.
(3) “Again, there comes a time of perilous turbulence in the wilderness, when the people of the countryside, mounted on their vehicles, flee on all sides. When there is perilous turbulence in the wilderness, and the people of the countryside, mounted on their vehicles, are fleeing on all sides, the mother does not find her son and the son does not find his mother. This is the third peril that separates mother and son of which the uninstructed worldling speaks.
“These are the three perils that separate mother and son of which the uninstructed worldling speaks.
“There are, bhikkhus, these three perils when mother and son reconnect that the uninstructed worldling speaks of as perils that separate mother and son. What three?
(1) “There comes a time when a great conflagration arises. When the great conflagration has arisen, it burns up villages, towns, and cities. When villages, towns, and cities are burning up, there is sometimes an occasion when the mother finds her son and the son finds his mother. This is the first peril when mother and son reconnect that the uninstructed worldling speaks of as a peril that separates mother and son.
(2) “Again, there comes a time when a great rain cloud arises. When the great rain cloud has arisen, a great deluge takes place. When the great deluge takes place, villages, towns, and cities are swept away. When villages, towns, and cities are being swept away, there is sometimes an occasion when the mother finds her son and the son finds his mother. This is the second peril when mother and son reconnect that the uninstructed worldling speaks of as a peril that separates mother and son.
(3) “Again, there comes a time of perilous turbulence in the wilderness, when the people of the countryside, mounted on their vehicles, flee on all sides. When there is perilous turbulence in the wilderness, and the people of the countryside, mounted on their vehicles, are fleeing on all sides, there is sometimes an occasion when the mother finds her son and the son finds his mother. This is the third peril when mother and son reconnect that the uninstructed worldling speaks of as a peril that separates mother and son.
“These are the three perils when mother and son reconnect that the uninstructed worldling speak of as perils that separate mother and son.
“There are, bhikkhus, these three perils that separate mother and son. What three? The peril of old age, the peril of illness, and the peril of death.
(1) “When the son is growing old, the mother cannot fulfill her wish: ‘Let me grow old, but may my son not grow old!’ And when the mother is growing old, the son cannot fulfill his wish: ‘Let me grow old, but may my mother not grow old!’
(2) “When the son has fallen ill, the mother cannot fulfill her wish: ‘Let me fall ill, but may my son not fall ill!’ And when the mother has fallen ill, the son cannot fulfill his wish: ‘Let me fall ill, but may my mother not fall ill!’
(3) “When the son is dying, the mother cannot fulfill her wish: ‘Let me die, but may my son not die!’ And when the mother is dying, the son cannot fulfill his wish: ‘Let me die, but may my mother not die!’
“These are the three perils that separate mother and son.
There is a path, bhikkhus, there is a way that leads to the abandoning and overcoming of these three perils when mother and son reconnect and of these three perils that separate mother and son. And what is the path and way? It is just this noble eightfold path; that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. This is the path and way that leads to the abandoning and overcoming of these three perils when mother and son reconnect and of these three perils that separate mother and son.”
Read this translation of Aṅguttara Nikāya 3.62 Bhayasutta: Perils_by Bhikkhu Bodhi on Or read a different translation on, or Or _listen on or Or explore the Pali on
Or read a translation in Deutsch, Português, Bengali, Magyar, Indonesian, Italiano, မြန်မာဘာသာ, ру́сский язы́к, සිංහල, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, or 汉语. Learn how to find your language.
Signup to get these suttas in your email inbox every day:
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2023.06.10 02:41 MineCraftFanAtic69 First newish car ever for me, 2016 GT.

First newish car ever for me, 2016 GT.
Went with a manual too and I haven’t driven stick since I was learning to drive 10 years ago, so trying not to break the car in the meantime lol. Stalled it a few times already but I’m getting better. The lower gears (1 & 2) tend to be the problem for me rather than 3+
Also, any basic mod suggestions? Going for a roush x pipe + roush axle back soon, then some small things like a steeda clutch spring and transmission mount bushing. Keen for some other small things that improve driveability. Will probably go for a tune eventually but I won’t be boosting it, so not sure how much a tune will do for me
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2023.06.10 02:39 Significant-Speech52 Multi Player campaign issue. Please help

Hello all,

I am playing through the campaign with a buddy and we are experiencing an issue. We are at the end of act 3 and at this portion I can get a mount but it tells him he is not able to. Does this mean he needs to play through his accounts campaign as well?

What if we want to get to T3. Do we need to beat his campaign also? Thank you for any assitance.

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2023.06.10 02:37 meltdonw14 I own...

I own a Wolverine for home defense, since thats what the founding houses intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my neurohelmet and demolish the east wall trying tryin to stand up. Vaporize the first man with a medium laser, he's dead on the spot. Draw my AC/5 on the second man, miss him entirely due to minimum range and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the SMR-6 mounted at the top of the shoulder loaded with tandem charge missiles, "Tally ho lads" the charges shred two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Pick up a tree and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since tree bludgeoning wounds are impossible to treat. Just as the founding houses intended.
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2023.06.10 02:37 Quetzhal DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. 44

Chapter 1 Prev Next
It is the 4,625th day of Awakening.
I am afraid.
The Elders tell us that all will be well, that the Record we are creating is merely educational — but I can feel in the Firmament that there is a great change coming. I do not know what that change is, but I fear it will spell the end of everything I hold dear, and I am afraid.
Perhaps this is irrational of me. I have little evidence to support these thoughts. The Seers have sounded no alarms, and our people are all healthy. My two sons flourish in their classes. They excel with the Firmament, creating wonders previously unheard of. Perhaps the fear I feel now is simply the fear of an old woman, and yet...
Every day, the trees seem a little more dead. Every day, the sky loses a little more color. I have been to the Healers, and I have been told that my eyes are fine; all three of them are perfectly functional.
I do not know what I am seeing. I do not know why I am the only person that sees it. The Awakening could be the cause, and yet I show no other signs of being Awakened. My Firmament levels remain stable, and there is no hint of a phase-shift or any of the associated phenomena. I have to assume what I feel is mere paranoia, and yet...
And yet.
Only time will tell.

It is the 4,670th day of Awakening.
I have begun to track the color-loss phenomenon. Unfortunately, objective measurement proves impossible — luminal scans exhibit the same loss of color as the objects they depict, making them unreliable, and my own memory is hardly an objective means of measurement.
What I have discovered, however, is that this color loss appears to correlate directly with properties that are objectively measurable. Identifying the property that is affected is hardly trivial, but I've been able to isolate a few undeniable ones that even our best Seers cannot explain.
Which means they have to take me seriously. I have been promoted to Seer myself, though the particular means through which I am able to observe this phenomenon is still unknown. It is one of our primary research objectives
I am... still afraid. But I am also excited. I may contribute to one of the biggest discoveries of our lifetimes. My sons are proud of me, and both are applying to work on this project with me. I am proud of them too, although I have not said it. They have grown into fine young men.

It is the 4,700th day of Awakening.
The Record is still crucial, I am told, though the Elders do not explain why. I do not mind — there is something soothing about inscribing my thoughts into the stone. The Firmament hums as it wears through each layer, creating a resonance I have not encountered before; I wonder if the material for this stone is special.
We have made... a limited amount of progress in understanding the color-loss phenomenon. It does appear that the scope of it is limited. It does not extend outside our city. For me, at least, there is a clear line beyond which the world is bright and vibrant; I had almost forgotten how beautiful a world full of color is.
Everyone I speak to insists the world they live in remains just as vibrant, but they can no longer deny that things have changed. Formerly durable objects are breaking far more frequently, and our technology is not as reliable as it should be. Some among us have called for an evacuation of the city, though the Elders and most of the Seers think this is foolish.
I do not know where I stand on the matter. I think I may apply for leave, however. I would like to see the flowers outside the city in full bloom; I hear they are especially beautiful in the light of our moons, when both of them are full.

It is the 4,730th day of Awakening.
I am, once more, afraid.
We cannot evacuate. It is uncertain the exact moment this happened, but it appears that a boundary has been established around our city — a boundary that matches the same invisible line only I can see, where the world of color splits from the world without. We cannot leave, and we cannot make contact with the world outside. The Elders have long ceased to respond to us, even before the boundary appeared, and I wonder if they perhaps knew that this might happen.
It is suspicious that not a single one of them remains in the city.
The Seers that remain are divided. Many of us wish to search for a solution to break this barrier so that we may escape. Our home is crumbling around us. Our buildings can no longer stand tall. They sag on weakened supports that threaten to collapse. Our windows no longer let in the light, and our mirrors no longer reflect our forms.
There are those among the Seers that believe we simply need to adapt. We can find new materials that have been less affected by the Change and build a new world around it. They are not incorrect, but to get the population to give up their homes...
It will be a hard task to bear.
I do not know why I continue using the Record. I feel the Elders have betrayed us, and I am not the only one among the Seers that believe this. But if nothing else, I wish for my words to live on, and for my love for my sons to live on.
They are both good men. I wish they were not trapped here with me.
I wish I could see the flowers again.

It is the 4,800th day of Awakening.
We have made no progress, and our supplies have dwindled; our crops no longer grow properly. Others report that they have glimpsed, in passing, the world that I see — in the moments just after dawn, when the sun peeks over the horizon and casts its rays over the city. For a fraction of a second, they see a city filled with gray, one that has lost all color and vibrancy.
It is the world I have been living in. It is... difficult. I make regular trips to the edge of the city to gaze into the forests that surround us. It is a reminder of what the world should look like.
I am thinking I will build a home there. At least that way, I will see the world of color every morning. I may not be able to touch it, but perhaps that will be enough.

It is the 4,900th day of Awakening.
A hundred days have passed since the last Record. The decay has grown exponentially — we are no longer able to see outside our city. A pitch-black darkness surrounds us. Everything within, however, remains perfectly lit. The Seers are baffled, and the citizens are doing their best to contain their panic.
My sons have taken on leadership roles in the crisis. I could not be more proud of them. The elder, Juri, now helps to break up the conflicts that have been erupting more frequently between our people. Tensions are high, and I cannot blame them.
The younger, Yarun, has learned medical Firmament techniques, and applies them to healing and preventing the spread of disease. He is a kind man — I have seen him more than once, both as his patient and as his mother.
They both seem so tired, but so determined. I wish their lives could be more than this.

It is the 5,000th day of Awakening, and we have discovered the source of this.
It is a Firmament phenomenon, although this knowledge is nothing new. Strange types of Firmament are common, and it is the only thing that could be responsible for such a widespread change. What is less common is for one type of Firmament to be this insidious.
A fellow Seer, Reysha, was the one to identify the particular phase of Firmament. Because I was the first to identify this phenomenon, she theorized that I was especially sensitive to the Firmament that was causing all this; again, nothing new, but nothing we could work with.
But Reysha took it a step further. There is a pattern of Firmament fluctuation within me that appears to respond to changes to Color Drain Firmament, as we have come to call it. She isolated the fluctuation, then inverted it, and created a sample of Firmament that appears to drain all color within it.
With this, we can locate the source. Our Firmament sensors indicate there is something underneath the city emanating this Color Drain Firmament. The expedition begins tomorrow, and I will be on the team, as I am the only one that can sense dangerous changes in this Firmament.
I am... still afraid. But I am excited. I have not seen color for many days, and it seems there may be hope at the end of this nightmare.

It is the 5,002nd day of Awakening.
The expedition failed. There are creatures underneath the city that the Seer team was not prepared to fight. We have lost two of our number.
Uzar and Zenith. May your names be remembered.
We will bring both Juri and Yarun on our next attempt. I hesitate to bring them into danger so quickly, especially when Juri has so recently bonded... I am sure Varus will understand. The stakes are high, and he is no fool.

It is the 5,004th day of Awakening.
Varus and Juri make an incredible team. I would be ashamed for not including Varus in the expedition to begin with, were it not for the fact that I did not know he could fight. With his assistance, the creatures within our sewers were no match, and Yarun was able to identify and counter many of the traps that threatened to consume us.
It is strange. The sewers beneath our city no longer match the plans that are on record. There are dead ends where there should not be any, and areas where the brick appears to have grown into the dirt. There is something about this that is almost... root-like.
No coincidence, then, that housed in the center of all these Firmament fluctuations appears to be a large, Firmament-imbued tree. Its branches dig into the walls of our sewers, and its roots fade into brick and concrete as they merge with the floor.
I do not know what to make of this, and neither do the others. Reysha and a number of the other Seers are analyzing it as I make this Record. We have sealed it off in a containment unit, but the barrier has not dissipated, nor have the colors returned — Color Drain Firmament is more virulent than expected.
I fear there are more questions now than ever before.

It is the 5,010th day of Awakening.
The rogue Firmament has been partially contained, though the process was difficult. We can see the sun and the stars again for the first time in almost a year. There is weeping in the streets. Hope, though small, rises once again.
There remains no sign of outside assistance. No messengers have come to our city borders, to see what has happened to us. No family members, demanding to see their mothers and fathers, their brothers and sisters. It is strange — our people are not so easily cowed. Only the Elders could accomplish isolation to this degree, and I cannot fathom why they would.
It is no matter. We continue to explore the Underground — the root system expands every day, and more and more of us need to be recruited to fight against the color-oozes, lest they break into the city and wreak havoc. Juri and Varus are heading the recruitment efforts, assigning quests to those brave enough to delve.
We have discovered more of the trees. There is no singular source, which explains why we cannot completely contain the effect; more of them grow by the day. Cutting one down lessens the effect, but there are too many, and they are constantly growing. The efforts to establish Delve teams are of great assistance, but...
I do not know. The running theory is that there is a singular source at the center of a complex root-network. A single source is our greatest hope. It is something we can target and destroy, so long as we can find it.
I only hope that we do.

It is the 5,020th day of Awakening.
What hope has grown has begun to wither. There is little to report, so I will use this Record to speak of my personal matters. I hope if this Record is found, it will honor the memories of those I love.
Varus has grown to be a part of the family. Yarun looks up to him, I think — he has begun to train his own combat skills, while developing his talents with medical Firmament.
It hurts my heart that our once-proud city has become a battleground where we must fight to survive. But if we must fight, then I am glad to be fighting amongst the most amazing people I know.
Let my children be remembered for more than their talents. Let Juri be remembered for his love for knitting, though he lacks the talent; Varus wears his sweaters anyway, overlarge and badly put-together they might be. Let Yarun be remembered for his love for books — of adventures and exploration, and his wish to see the stars.
Let Varus be remembered for the joy he finds in painting. He has lost the most, perhaps, in this world we now live in. But he still paints, finding beauty in gray and monochrome, putting together the shades like a masterwork craftsman.
This may be my final entry. There is little space left in the Record. Tomorrow, we dive once more Underground, and this time we will not leave until we find the source. The city's supplies are dwindling, and we cannot afford to hold out any longer.
If there are no further entries, assume that we have failed.

I stare for a moment after I'm done parsing all the text on the obelisk. It's written in a small, tiny script, burned into the stone with Firmament I don't recognize — the stone itself is remarkable, though I'm not able to sense it with any particular fidelity in the time-stopped world of an Inspiration.
Speaking of which...
Gheraa's voice sounds behind me, tired and amused. "This is abuse of the Interface, you know," he says. "Inspirations do not exist so you can stop time and read."
"Didn't agree to your terms of service, so I don't particularly care," I say dryly. "That's what happens when you drag people into deadly Trials."
I finally turn around to face Gheraa — and abruptly stop. He looks... beaten up. The golden lines that trail down his cobalt-blue skin flicker with dark-brown stains, and the smile he gives me is bruised and weak.
I stare for a moment, speechless, before I finally find the words to speak. "What happened to you?"
Chapter 1 Prev Next

Author's Note: Lore! This chapter's chunkier than the usual ones. Fun to write, though.
RoyalRoad Patreon (on chapter 51, 54 before the end of the weekend)
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2023.06.10 02:35 WhatDaHell- Made an Amazon wishlist for health and home (laundry, pillows, soap…)

Made an Amazon list after I got scammed in a different sub. I did repost and get helped there, but I thought I’d try my luck here too.
I ended up getting scammed after asking for help with parking ticket expenses after BIL took car and parked in a no-park zone. Truth is that we’re broke even after. To avoid getting scammed again i made an Amazon list of some essentials and things that would help me and my partner out. I am disabled and unable to work. In the heat (California baby!!!) it makes it nearly impossible to leave the house. My partner got laid off after reporting a manager for harassment. We’d sue because we’re pretty sure it was illegal - but lawyers are more money than it’s worth. The items in the list are mostly self explanatory. Of course a 2k$ wheelchair is pretty generous lol I’m not expecting it but I have it for myself so I might purchase later. We need a hairbrush, some basic hygiene items, etc. (Hairbrush purchased!!!) I may add some things and don’t want to seem greedy, even the cheapest item would be a blessing for us right now. We can’t even afford soap that works for us. Again, I am disabled and allergic to so many things that I try to buy hypoallergenic options to avoid a reaction. (Plus I just love all natural options anyway, but sometimes we gotta sacrifice that for our budget lol). Either way, any kind of help would be wonderful for us. Thank you, strangers. But not you, scammers.
Things purchased for me from previous sub: Hairbrush, rice, walking cane, and liquid body soap. Thank you stranger, we are incredibly thankful for you.
submitted by WhatDaHell- to Assistance [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:34 Usernameistaken00 [USA-DC] [H] Alienware X17r1, r13 warranty, r13 custom build, 4090 FE, 3080 XG7, 3060Ti, i5 13600KF, Corsair XD7, XC7, XC5, Massdrop DT 177X GO headphones, Bose QC30, QC20, LG "Tone Free" earbuds [W] Local cash, paypal

Clearing out the computer cabinet to make room for 2 custom builds... prices are shown local and shipped. PM (no chat) and reply to this thread with offers or questions. Apple stuff is cross-posted to appleswap that's why there are 2 timestamps (and it's a lot of stuff for 1 post)

  1. Alienware X17r1 - i9-11980hk, 32GB RAM, rtx 3080 mobile, cherry mx keyboard, 4k display, warranty expired 12/2022, renewal is available via Dell.
$1800 local, $1850 shipped 2. Alienware r13 - i7-12700kf, 32GB DDR5-4800 (2x 16GB), rtx 3080, 512GB NVMe, 1TB HDD, Windows 11 Home, 4 year premium warranty expires June 2026.
$2100 local, $2200 shipped
  1. Alienware r13 - i7-12700kf, 64GB DDR5-4800 (4x 16GB), rtx 3080, 2TB 980 pro, 2TB 970 evo plus, 2TB 860 SSD + spare motherboard
Custom build based on a prototype r13 from 2021. the extra board is the original, it's locked down but functional. the replacement board is from a parted out r13 and is fully functional, updated to the latest BIOS.
$2000 local, $2100 shipped
  1. Corsair XD7 pump/reservoir - never used, as pictured, no mounting hardware included
$175 local, $195 shipped
  1. Corsair XC7 AM4/1200 cpu block - new never opened, some damage to the box, block is fine
$65 local, $75 shipped
  1. Corsair XC5 AM4 cpu block - new never opened
$35 local, $40 shipped
  1. RTX 4090 FE - brand new in box, decided to get a 3090 instead
$1675 local, $1725 shipped
  1. Dell RTX 3080 with XG7 block and original air cooler - used, flushed but could use a bit more cleaning out. ran super cool in my old rig with normal/default settings
$450 local, $475 shipped
  1. EVGA RTX 3060ti XC, 6 months warranty remaining
$275 local, $300 shipped
  1. Intel i5-13600KF brand new in box, decided to go with a 13900k instead
$240 local, $255 shipped
  1. Massdrop DT 177X GO headphones - excellent condition, includes cable, 3.5mm adapter, original box
$225 local, $240 shipped
  1. Bose QC30 wireless earbuds - good condition, includes case and charging cable -
$100 local, $115 shipped
  1. Bose QC20 apple edition - good condition, includes soft case, extra tips, charging cable, lightning to 3.5mm adapter
$50 local, $60 shipped
  1. LG Tone Free earbuds, brand new in box, was a gift with tv purchase but have enough headphones (as you can see above)
$30 local, $40 shipped
#1-14 Timestamp:
Apple stuff
15. 2021 M1 14" MacBook Pro, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD. Battery 100% with 12 cycles. Like new condition. no repairs, damage, or problems. Includes Apple 67W USB-C charger, protective case, and protective sleeve (not pictured, just a $15 Inateck padded sleeve) - $1450 local, $1500 shipped.
#15 - sale pending via appleswap
  1. 2020 iPad Air 64GB Wi-Fi, Sky blue. like new condition, no repairs, damage, or problems. Does not include the USB charger, but any 30W USB-C will work. Does include a Mokotech sky blue protective case, iPad Magic Keyboard, off-brand stylus, and protective sleeve (not pictured, just a TomToc padded sleeve). All items like new, no repairs, damage, or other problems. - $500 local, $530 shipped
  2. Schlage Encode Century Plus, both brand new in box, no repairs, damage, or problems. - Satin Nickel $300 local, $320 shipped, Matte Black $350 local, $370 shipped.
  3. Apple Alpine Loop, Green, Size Small - worn once briefly to try on, like new, no repairs, damage, or problems. $30 local, $40 shipped.
#15-18 Timestamps -
Repairs: None
Flexible on pricing, especially for multiple items. Paypal for local pickup will require a signature that you've received, inspected, and accepted the items. Shipped prices are to the continental US. Other locations will be actual cost calculated via pirateship website, signature required.
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2023.06.10 02:34 Forsaken82 Back up sight ideas

I have a Marlin trapper that is my woods/camping gun. I ordered a Phoenix Weaponry red dot mount 507c for it that uses the center 2 top receiver holes. It hasnt came in yet, but After the camping trip this weekend I got thinking about back up sights since it got knocked around some. Anyone have any ideas that use only the last receiver hole? I'm not worried about cowittness, just a back up option if I'm camping and something happens to the reddot
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2023.06.10 02:33 therebill Fantasy cold reviews!

I got my girls in today! I decided that candles are girls 🤷🏼‍♂️
🧚🏻‍♀️🦷: smells like a fruity cotton candy. I was expecting it to be a repackage of Cotton Candy Clouds, but it’s not. It’s definitely yummy smelling!
🦄 💩: if you have smelt the original Country version, this is very similar, but more refined, and better IMO. I still can’t pinpoint what it smells like. Potpourri? Soap? 🤔
🧜🏻‍♀️⚖️: This definitely has a green floral with sea salt vibe to it. I like it.
The labels and jars are all beautiful! I think these are limited editions, so if you want one, better act fast!
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2023.06.10 02:33 autotldr A former North Korean operative gives his first interview since defecting

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 86%. (I'm a bot)
In an exclusive interview with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly, he shared his insights into why he fled the country, possible succession scenarios in the regime, and diplomacy with the U.S. amid mounting tension over North Korea's nuclear capabilities.
In North Korea, acts as seemingly mundane as watching a South Korean drama can be considered "Hostile" and lead to severe consequences like several years in prison, according to defectors' testimonies.
The South Korean intelligence agency reported that dozens of senior North Korean officials were executed in the early years of the current leader Kim Jong Un's regime.
Firsthand insights into North Korea's political and social system from defectors like Kim are valuable, as information flowing into and out of the country is highly limited, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
The North Korean government, Kim said, cannot afford "To be transparent in full data of the impact of the pandemic" and risk political and social instability.
Part of the reason may be that building apartments in the capital Pyongyang is one of Kim Jong Un's key construction projects aimed at improving North Korean people's quality of life.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Kim#1 North#2 Korea#3 Korean#4 South#5
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2023.06.10 02:32 1m_Just_Visiting So…weird one here. Anyone had the valve seal TSB done, then experience their car not wanting to shift passed 4th under heavy load?

So this is a weird one. I had the valve seal TSB done on my 2021 6 2.5T in March. It had about 33k on it at that time. Never had any issues with the car. I did experience the “low oil level” problem twice. Once from brand new when the car had about 4K miles on it. Got the oil changed the next day (this was in July of 2021 before Mazda knew about the issue) and once again in February. Got the oil changed immediately. The TSB was done the next week.
Now here’s the weird part. I know it sounds like the typical “ever since you…” story. But…it is. Ever since the TSB was done, my car absolutely refuses to shift past 4th gear under heavy acceleration. Literally hits a wall like it’s limited.
The situation is this: I have about a 3 mile somewhat urban drive through town until the start of a rural highway. Traffic is usually decently heavy. As soon as the surface street turns into the highway, I’ll generally get on it a bit and get up to speed and try to get some space between me and surrounding cars. Plus, it’s a decently zippy car, and it’s fun to play around a bit. I don’t beat on the car otherwise, and this is generally the only time I do any “spirited” driving. In the past, I’d get on it and it would GO. Sometimes I’d be doing 90mph before I realized how fast I was going. Very quick mid-range.
Ever since the TSB was performed, I’ll get on it at the start of the highway, and when it hits about 75-80 mph the acceleration stops literally like the engine is limited. I can put my foot to the floor, and the RPMs refuse to climb any further, and hang right around 4,500-5,000, right before it should be shifting. I have to take my foot completely off the accelerator for a good second, then reapply. Then it usually continues as if nothing happened. It just starting happening one day and hasn’t stopped. It’s never an issue during normal driving, but I could see this being dangerous in a passing situation.
Has anyone else experienced this? I think I’ve narrowed it down to not wanting to shift out of 4th. And recently it’s gotten worse, where it takes 3-4 lift and reapplication cycles of the accelerator before it will go again.
Nothing else about the car has changed. Runs great. I maintain it right down to the T of the maintenance schedule. The acceleration hasn’t changed at all, it just hits a wall when it gets to that point. Then after it gets passed it, it’ll accelerate like crazy again.
I always remote start the car before driving it. So it runs for 5-10 minute before driving (CNY winters and spring are cold.) Plus then I drive about 3-4 miles through stop lights and stop and go traffic before I hit the highway. So the car is up to temp by that point even on the most frigid days. It’s done it whether it’s cold out, warm out, started beforehand or not. Doesn’t change.
I’m apprehensive to bring it to the dealer for obvious reasons. How am I supposed to 1. Admit it happens at speeds approaching or exceeding 80mph. 2. Expect them to try to replicate it by going out and romping on it up to 85-90mph. And 3. They’ve failed to replicate a few issues in the past and I just have no faith in them fixing normal issues, let alone this strange one.
Regardless of the legality of the speeds, it’s an issue the car should not be having, and did not exhibit before.
It currently has about 37k on it and is just shy of 2 years old.
Anyone else experiencing anything similar?
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