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Mostly Real Estate Company offered potential buyers, sellers and brokers for the resourceful administration to complete the process of property listing, buying and selling.

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The official Cleveland subreddit! Post and discuss things about Cleveland, Ohio, for better or worse. Add anything you want, as long as it pertains to Cleveland. Read the rules before posting. Thanks to u/alexfarmermedia for the amazing icon photo.

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A place for people interested in small or tiny houses.

2023.05.29 07:10 srinathsmrc Global Food Packaging Market Report, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast to 2028

Stratistics MRC’s Global Food Packaging Market value is expected to reach $505.57 billion growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during 2022-2028.
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North America is projected to have the highest CAGR over the forecast period, owing to increase in the consumption of packaged goods. Additionally, customers' eating preferences are shifting away from fast food and towards packaged meals of higher calibre and better health. People favour environmentally friendly packaging options, such as biodegradable materials and sustainable packaging solutions, in order to protect the environment.
Some of the key players profiled in the Food Packaging Market include Nuconic Packaging LLC, Tetra Pak International S.A., Sealed Air Corp., Amcor Ltd., Crown Holdings, Inc., ProAmpac, Mondi, Ball Corporation, Ancor Packaging, DS Smith PLC, Seal Packaging, Smurfit Kappa Group plc and International Papers.
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2023.05.29 07:10 oregonvoter What’s a petty-revenge way of getting back at the Portland-based “Little Wing” movie production?

There was a very large and very loud drone hovering maybe 100ft directly over my backyard at 8am on Saturday morning. And then over and over again throughout the day.
Turns out it was a large crew (about 10 people) doing filming for the movie Little Wing. When I asked them about it, the public-facing spokesperson for the filming operation — whose sole responsibility that day seems to have been to answer questions from onlookers — said it was impractical (meaning: inconvenient) to provide advance notification to the whole neighborhood, and that there was nothing preventing them from doing what they were doing.
I know I have no recourse here. But I want petty revenge. Any ideas?
A few advance responses to what I’m sure some of the comments will be:
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2023.05.29 07:09 qwertyh2000 Selling from USA 🙏 For USA customers - Message me your zip code so I can tell you the exact shipping price! I offer international tracked shipping as well 🫶 (Tell me which country!) ‼️ Message me for sales proofs : )

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2023.05.29 07:09 nowimnowhere It was man rant or send booze, sometimes it's hard to pick a flair

I'm paying an extra $1800 a year to this special bougie primary care doctor as part of a bid to do better about taking care of my health. It's billed quarterly on a yearly contract, so all four times $450 came through on our card for the last year my husband wants to discuss if she's really worth it. The contract renewed earlier this month.
I don't love the doctor necessarily, but I do love that throwing money at a problem can make a doctor able to fit me in faster on shorter notice, spend an hour and a half talking to me instead of fifteen minutes, and I am very appreciative of the fact that in this fucked up medical system we have in the is that I'm able to afford it.
Last he and I spoke, a couple months ago, I'd decided I was going to stop seeing her and just switch to a regular doctor. Then, right at decision time, I changed my mind and renewed the contract. I did not discuss the change of mind I'd had with him because we were fighting at the time, he was in the middle of a depressive spiral where I was not affectionate enough and he was lonely, he was worried about my "meth" aka Adderall I had started taking as prescribed, because he was freaking out in general and I was avoiding adding to the crisis. Also, frankly, because it's my own fucking medical care and I didn't feel like an argument.
Since then things have been better, he's been to his therapist, we've attended a session of couples counseling and are working on our communication, and tonight I was giving him a massage about to tell him to roll over so I could work on the front iykwim, and my doctor came up in passing (idk I was talking about muscle anatomy maybe?) and he asked when I was going to cancel the contract with her. I'm not in the habit of lying so I said I decided not to, that I'd been talking to my bestie about her difficulties getting in to see her doctor and decided I was going to stay on at her practice despite the expense. This man's whole body went from loose and relaxed to fucking tense and like... mood killed.
Y'all he is hurt. A year ago he'd have been furious and he even now probably is mad, but has been working on not immediately channelling his uncomfortable feelings into anger so he's just sad. I've apologized for not discussing it with him but he's sitting in the living room right now, it's the middle of the night and I don't want to be callous but I am tired and I don't feel like this is as big a betrayal as he seems to think it is. Like dude we were barely talking when I made this decision and when we did it was hours long conversations about whether we should stay together. I don't want to invalidate his feelings but this seems like an outsized reaction to me.
I dunno. The night went very differently than I thought it would. I mean his too. Now we're basically throwing our own separate pity parties in different rooms of the same house, but I have done so much emotional labor in our relationship lately I just don't have it in me to do more right now. I'm worried this is going to spin into another big depressive episode. Which, not to be selfish but we're flying to Florida to visit the mouse on Wednesday and I just really want everyone to have a good time including him.
I just don't know what to do.
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2023.05.29 07:09 Aar112297 Update: younger siblings dating before me

Update from here: younger siblings dating before me
Well I wish I was a rage filled person because it’s so easy to lack consideration and respect for me in my family, so this situation could only lead to me resenting my brother more.
Revealing he has this gf and asking if she could sleep over the family house while my parents were out of town has escalated. Mind you, he said they’ve been talking for just three months and his dumbass thought we’d want some random girl staying the night in our family home… genius.
Well he also thought this girl who he’s hardly made his girlfriend after three months and also lives about and hour away was great enough to invite to our family outing for my dad’s birthday last week. I think that was super weird but this brother has next to no situationally thinking brain so the family (parents + sisters + s/o’s + niece/nephew + family friends) had to pretend to give af for this girl we know nothing about joining the family gathering. She was nice but it was awkward. Then my loser brother had her drive him home (an hour away and away from where she lives; because his dumbass refuses to get even a learners permit) and so now after everyone’s worked all day and is winding down near midnight this girl decided to lurk around like we were gonna let her sleep over this time. For some reason my brother took her in his nasty ass room (and for some reason her bar is low enough to not have dumped him at the door). After they spent some time in there my dad awkwardly called my brother to talk and likely basically lay down the law, so they left his room and were downstairs and in her car for a while before she finally left.
Also, the high school level of this relationship is: her putting our last name and a ring emoji in her IG bio and pfp of them and a bio quote that is couply 🥴 honestly I hope she is not a high schooler bc my brother (20) could definitely be lame enough to pull a high schooler
Now flash forward to the weekend. It’s only my brother parents and me who live in this family home. My parents are out of town again. This dickhead has a new gf and a bedroom next to mine. Do the math and times it by two. And keep taking my parking spot while you’re at it.
I’m a pretty busy person this days, so when I’m home and in bed, it’s to fall asleep relaxing, not hear another bed moving like I’m back in my first college apartment with a sexually active roomie (who’s room was between me and the others at that). But why would there be consideration for me in my room as a human with ears who doesn’t want to hear her little brother fucking? Why not be thoughtless and bump it in the bed adjacently through the wall as mine while I try to lay down and watch tv yesterday and today when I’m trying to sleep. Why can’t I be so outrageous as to go yell, shut the fuck up and get out my house you inconsiderate fucks? (Bc I’m way too tired to:)
I’ll put this in the “out of my control” section of anxiety, but it sure does get me upset and resentful about the overall denial of consideration and respect for me as a human, sister, exhausted person. Even before, he is always obnoxious and loud in his room and around the house while I try to be at peace at night. It really upsets me to think I deserve what I have and nothing better; The lonely suffering at the hand of family who only put me at face value and nothing deeper. He hasn’t even opened his door to see if my lights on and I’m awake or sleep (neither of which I’d want disturbed). I need to move out and eventually move away because what a cherry on top of being disregarded and misunderstood in this house causing me to further suffer in some sort of Stockholm syndrome loneliness.
And sure I’ve been resentful overall toward this brother and now feel ashamed that I’m still the civilized single lonely loser instead of a modern caveman. But god if I was that girl, I’d never fall for some directionless loser like him. Hell, they might be fruitless enough to burden themselves with a baby and I’ll have to continue being disappointed but not surprised at this pea brain boy who refuses to accept life directing guidance in place of idiotic laziness and zero progression. This BOY with the same parents who historically have held him to far lower standards and strictness than their GIRLS. I may not have love but I’ve had so many more accomplishments and experiences of MY OWN earning and that already got me further when I was 20 than he has. Unfortunately I’ve stayed home too long since graduating and finding my footing as a class of COVID 2020. but what always hurts me most about my family is their selfish lack of consideration of me as a human who deserves respect and daughtesister who deserve love. If they had that in the right way I’d probably be less miserable and have had professional help with myself years ago when I was still a struggling kid. I feel like I can’t fully take care of myself under the shackles of being the same neglected kid at home.
And now I’m grumpy as fuck.
Can’t wait to reach more in life than this. (Just so my family can try to leech off of me even more)✌️
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2023.05.29 07:09 Left-Elk2303 The Impact of a Web Design Company on Your Business

Hiring a web design company can be a great investment for your business, a well designed website can help you to attract new customers, increase sales and build brand awareness.
Here are some benefits to hire a web design company:
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2023.05.29 07:08 LadyBirdGerhl Tips for cleaning a small room with a lot of stuff very quickly?

I’ll try to make this as short a possible. Last month I developed hives all over that have grown in intensity. I wasn’t sure if it was carpet beetles, laundry detergent, or some sudden allergy to pollen. I decided to do a deep clean in my room and replace my bed because I wasn’t sure what was causing it. My bed is one of of the fiberglass Zinus Green Tea foam mattresses that have a class action lawsuit against the company so it’s going out; I couldn’t find a lawyer that could deal with the case since they’re so far into negotiation talks for a settlement. Secondly, I’m disabled, both neurological (started less than a year after getting the Zinus bed, thought maybe it was a fiberglass issue but I’m not sure anymore) and brain disorders (since around 16). So, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and more! Lol My point is, between both types of disabilities cleaning has really taken a back seat for the past, well…15-16 years, maybe? My bedroom is a wreak. I’ve been working on it for nearly a month and I still feel like I could have made more progress. I’ve got a new bed ordered and I’d like to bring it in as soon as it arrives (probably the beginning of this week). I’ve been on the couch since the beginning of the month and it’s been so uncomfortable. Waking up to the TV every day blaring (I have Hyperacusis, everyone else in the house is harder of hearing), and just generally the couch is uncomfortable and there’s very little privacy; I can’t go to bed when I want, I can’t lie down when I want, can’t sleep as long as I need, I’m exhausted. My room is 9x11 and holds 22 years of life, nearly 35 considering I brought stuff from when we moved. I have this tiny space to live, book shelves, twin bed, long dresser, chest of drawers, bedside table, and unattached headboard with built in shelf and space on top. My bed is on risers so I can’t move it freely. My furniture can’t be moved freely either, too heavy, not on rollers. Dust has built up for years. Various items are around. I already have about 30 bags of clothing in our living room and 15-18 in our basement for laundering. Left in my room is still at least 16 large storage bins with items in them, papers such as receipts from doctors visits and such, and 10 shoebox size storage bins most with various items, two rolling luggage pieces and the crossbody purses that go with them, as well as three instruments in their cases (guitar, viola, ukulele) and a couple stacks of books. I’m not sure what to do. Stuff is on every surface. There’s still stuff on the floor. I’ve been working at this nearly every day for 3-5 hours a day at least since the beginning of May. I’m on Zyrtec the past week to control the hives which makes me more tired, I’m just exhausted and I don’t know exactly where to go from here. There are no other rooms I can put this stuff in while I clean. My Dad is a hoarder. I don’t have extra money to hire anyone to help or rent anything to store items until things get situated. Can anyone offer any tips on how to clean within the confines of this small area? Maybe ways to organize a little even? I’ve tried looking at this from every angle and right now I just really need to make sure there’s enough space to remove my bed and box spring then bring in the new set. Once that’s done, I can clean a little more leisurely because my GOSH, I’ll actually be able to sleep as much as I need and get a good nights rest! Thank you in advance for your help, sorry for the long post.
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2023.05.29 07:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Fake or real? AI sparks fears for US 2024 White House race South China Morning Post

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2023.05.29 07:08 hipstershakes [For Trade] Chance the Rapper, Denzel Curry, Flatbush Zombies, King Gizzard, Tyler the Creator (instrumentals)

Hello! Looking to trade some records!
Brockhampton [Roadrunner] ( Alternate Cover. Sealed.
Chance the Rapper [Acid Rap] ( 2019 Official Re-Release. Sealed.
Chance the Rapper [Coloring Book] ( 2019 Official Re-Release. Sealed.
clipping. [Wriggle] ( Loser Edition. Sealed.
Denzel Curry [32 Zel]( Salt & Pepper. Sealed.
Denzel Curry [Imperial]( Clear w/ Black and White Marble. Sealed.
Denzel Curry [Ta13boo]( Red Slushie. Played a few times.
Denzel Curry [Unlocked Definitive Edition]( Comes with two sleeve. The first sleeve is the upside down misprint sleeve #2055. The 2nd sleeves is the corrected replacement sleeve, #263.
Flatbush Zombies [3001: A Laced Odyssey]( Unofficial Pink. Played a few times.
Flatbush Zombies [3001: A Laced Odyssey]( Official "Cotton Candy". Sealed.
Jack White [Lazaretto]( Ultra LP (Sealed)
Kanye West [Wash Us In the Blood]( Sealed
King Gizzard [Butterfly 3001]( Never played
King Gizzard [Music to Kill Bad People To]( Kingfisher Bluez . Sealed.
King Gizzard [Demos Vol. 2. Music To Eat Bananas To]( Kingfisher Bluez. Sealed.
King Gizzard [Demos Vol. 1. Music To Kill Bad People To - Demos Vol. 2. Music To Eat Bananas To]( Copper Feast. Sealed.
King Gizzard [Kelebek 3000]( Yellow. Never played.
King Gizzard [Omnium Gatherum]( Reddish recycled butterfly. Never played.
King Gizzard [Paper Mâché Dream Balloon]( Flightless Orange. Played a few times.
King Gizzard [Teenage Gizzard]( Romanus, Nova Splatter. Played once.
King Gizzard [Teenage Gizzard]( Ants and Bats. Played once.
Lupe Fiasco [Food and Liquor]( RSD Boxset. Opened. Unplayed.
Lupe Fiasco [House]( RSD Blue. Opened. Unplayed.
Mouse Rat [Awesome Album]( Catch Your Dream edition. Sealed.
Naughty By Nature [Naughty By Nature]( Sealed.
Pop Smoke [Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon]( Target marbled. Side A spun once.
Public Enemy [Fear of a Black Planet]( VMP edition. Sealed.
Tyler, The Creator [Chur Bum]( RSD Insrumentals. Sealed.
# Wanted
Here's my [wantlist](, but I am primarily looking for:
- Sublime - Sublime, VMP Edition
- Sublime - $5 At the Door, VMP
- Black Thought - Glorious Game, not a huge preference on edition
- Rexx Life Raj - California Poppy 1+2, VMP
- Snot - Get Some
- Fugees - The Score, VMP (would be willing to take other editions)
- JID - Forever Story UO Silver

edit: I dont think I formatted this right :(
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2023.05.29 07:07 zaclabtech Social Media Content Ideas: How a season plays a big role in our posts?

Last night, Jess was thinking about Social Media Content Ideas
📷 and open a random profile where she finds a messy timeline, stuffed with random photos and videos. She felt like she doesn’t want to scroll it anymore and jumped into one of the influencer’s profiles she follows on IG.
Where she finds a well-organized timeline.
Not only she starts tapping ‘like’ on posts but also she praised their creativity in the comments section.
This happens a lot when we don’t consider the current season and the trend to involve it in our posts. Our post looks out of trend or sometimes irrelevant.
On the other hand, seasonal content is important to remain relevant throughout a particular period of time and continue with trends that will either attract new followers or re-engage followers!
Let’s dig deeper into it.

What is the seasonal content in Seasonal social media content ideas?

Seasonal content is content that’s associated with a particular season. You recognize we love our evergreen content on social media, however, seasonal content plays a vital role too! seasonal content could be a good way to remain relevant throughout a particular period of time and continue with trends that will either attract new followers or re-engage followers.
Seasonal content is additionally cyclic so you will be having the Social Media Content Ideas already for each season! You recognize it’s about to come back up each year or on a continual basis. Thus once it will, you’ll forever dirt off and brush up your existing seasonal content for the future year.

2 kinds of seasonal content:

Time-based (the seasons of the year) –

Event-based (around actual holidays) –

You don’t celebrate every single vacation however you must notice those Social Media Content Ideas that are most relevant to you and your audience. For example, Labour Day won’t be a very important vacation for many except for industries, like manufacturing, it’s a very important vacation. Thus once turning out with social media post concepts, believe what vacation or season is very important to your audience.

Seasonal Content Timing:

Timing is important. You would like your seasonal social media content ideas to begin posting before the height of the season. Thus you would like to be creating your content from your social media content ideas simply before people begin searching for that content.
For example, if you recognize you want to write down blogs for the Diwali Sale then you should be making that content in Sept or early October so it’s already building authority once people begin searching for Diwali Sale content at the end of September and early October. Build this into your social media calendar!
Also, since seasons are cyclic, you’ll keep your social media content ideas from the previous year and once the time comes, provides it with a fast update and republish it.
Note: You can utilize some social media tool, you’ll save all of your posts from the previous year in a very separate seasonal class thus you’ll quickly update them and add the class back to your social media posting schedule.

How to post according to season?

Who is your favourite influencer on IG? Check out their timeline and you will notice that they put a theme on their posts according to the season, watch their summer posts, winter’s, autumn’s, festivals, regional holidays, etc…
Did you notice the content posting pattern they follow?
Yes and this makes their timeline more attractive and trendy.
For example, Some influencers post happy and vibrant colours within the summer, however in fall and winter, they choose to switch posting slightly darker and moodier photos. Also, their post’s theme depends upon the festival or holiday.

Combine seasonal Posts with Promotional Posts to complete Your Strategy

There are multiple blogs to get social media content ideas and they all mention that it’s necessary to layer all of those completely different seasonal social media post concepts along with your promotional posts and seasonal sales.
Holidays aren’t simply yet again to pay cash. It’s time to nourish your community and build trust. Ensure you’re making a balanced mixture of social media posts in your content calendar and arrange for each complete building, community building, and promotional posts.
Remember, there’s continually a vacation simply round the corner therefore ensure you’re planning in advance!
Let us know if you find this article helpful, We would love your response,

For any help in planning your social media content, SM Calendar check out our Social Media Services to stay Organized!

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2023.05.29 07:07 ThrowRASorry798123 I (26F) believe I'm being too clingy with my boyfriend (25M) but I don't know how to deal with it.

TL;DR: I want to chat with my bf every night, he doesn't want to because he says it'll feel like a chore to do so. I don't know to do.
Some context: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 years, but we're in a bit of a rough patch right now. We used to live together (~2019-2022) but post-covid rent sky rocketed and we had to both move back to living with our parents, and we're now saving up to try buy a small apartment. Before we had moved in together, we would just text each other after work, and I would go over to his parent's house almost every weekend since my parents were against us sleeping together in their house (made it annoying but fair enough). Then we had a few years of living together, which was amazing. Had some rough days but more often than not I loved living with him, coming home from work and seeing him, doing the groceries together, even just waking up next to him. One of the things that also led to us spending a lot of time together was that back then he didn't really have many friends. He doesn't enjoy texting, he prefers just meeting up in person and hanging out, but I think him not really being active in the group chats he had with his friends led to them not really hanging out as much, and eventually losing touch with a majority of his friends.
So post covid we move back in with our parents, and we're thinking we've done this before, it'll be ok. We'll go to work during the week, then I'll come over and stay with his family on the weekends. But things change a bit - some people start at his new job and he loves hanging out with them. They go out as a group to activities or the bar I'd say at least once a week, and it's common for him to tell me he's still out chatting with them even though it's 9-10pm (his normal work day is about 7am-4pm). Then his older brother's friend has started living with them for a few months now, as he's just trying to find another apartment to rent. And they get along great, if I check in with my bf and just ask "what're you up to tonight?" he'll usually say they're watching some show together.
I trust my bf, and I know he wouldn't cheat on me.
The issue is more so, I'm happy he has all these new friends but that has led to me feeling like I'm no longer a priority in his life. If I send him a text at say 5pm, I really won't get a reply or even the "read" receipt until he's about to sleep, which is 5-6 hours later. We barely text anymore because whenever he has time to do so, he's too tired to tell me about his day. There are times when I say I want to hear about what he did, and he doesn't want to talk about it, but then if we hang out with mutual friends he'll happily share every little detail about it. When we do try and talk about this, he insists it's just he hates texting, and we'll be ok once we buy a place together. But he's too tired after work or he wants to spend time with his family since he feels once he moves out, he won't be in touch with them again (because once again, he's bad at texting and doesn't think he can improve).
I asked a few friends who have done an actual LDR ("actual" to me being they can't just casually see each other during the week if they really had to) before, and they all said calling every day, even just for 5 minutes to say good night or good morning saved their relationship. So I suggested that to him. He told me he'd be happy to call, but not everyday since that would feel like a chore to him. I feel like a 5 minute call every day is quite reasonable, especially when the alternative is I just feel so invisible the rest of the week. I feel like me being so clingy is making him exhausted, but I don't know what to do otherwise. I need some tips before I drive him away too much.
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2023.05.29 07:07 thehyperkid2020 my brother assaults me in my sleep tho i am awake .

this guy is a nephew of my chef so he stays on our house to cut on education prices. Everbody loves him he helps others in the neighbourhood and also in the house.
one day possibly early morning my mom and dad were on a walk and no one in the house . i woke up to a hand fondiling my parts , my body went into pure shock and all i could do was close my eyes tight and pray it gets over . when he was leaving i saw his back and immediately realized with horror who it was .After that morning i changed to sleep with my parents to be safe but still whenever my mom travelled out (my dad is a heavy sleeper) he would do it .
one day my dad caught him and he made some excuse and even though my dad knew he let him go so for 2 months i slept in peace but he did it again ,started 2 days ago .
also i have never told this to anyone its not like i worry about him i worry about me i dont know why i dont want to tell this to anyone but the urge is strong .
BTW he is 20m and i am 14f
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2023.05.29 07:07 mikesp33 Grandparent moving in advise and resources

My grandma has burned several bridges in her life for various reasons and situations I'm not fully aware of.
My grandpa and her husband died about 10 years ago. Her two sons (one was my dad) have died and her only daughter has a strained relationship with her.
She has developed early stage of some type of dementia. Her daughter (my aunt) has refused to take her back in and my mom won't take her in either. (They may or may not be justified in their decisions and I would rather no comments be made about them, assume the best please, everyone in the family is confessed Christian and in good standing at their church).
I will need to do some construction on my house to make room for her, but I think we could do it sometime this year. I got 5 kids and I think it would be a beautiful testimony to help a widow in her old age to my children.
Financially it would be tight.
I'm looking for resources and advice from my fellow brothers and sisters in this area. I know this would have a huge impact on my families life for years. I'm trying to think through all these implications.
I believe the alternative is assisted living. I'm just very concerned with her current depression that it would make it worse.
Thoughts on the situation? Any resources? Prayers also appreciated.
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2023.05.29 07:07 Apprehensive-Act222 Exploring the Benefits of Web Design

In this modern era, a website is essential for a business. It is the way to attract new customers. A well-designed website can make a big difference in your business.
Here are some benefits of having a professional web design:
Microdeft can help to achieve your goals. They offer web design from customizing your existing website to building a new form. They work as your requirements and vision that reflects your brand.
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2023.05.29 07:07 ThrowRA-LDmarriage Is it fair for me (20F) to stay with my husband (24M) if I want him to change?

So, to preface, we've been together for 3 years now. We've been long distance the entire time, but got married after spending some time together in person last year. He's always been a very closed off person. He doesn't tend to share his feelings or even talk about his day. He always agrees with me, no matter what I say. I don't want arguments of course, but I also feel like he's just pushing his own feelings down. We got married last summer for immigration reasons, as he is interested in living in my country. I was happy to do this, as I believed he was someone I would want to spend my life with. Additionally, we had tried multiple other options and they hadn't worked. A year later, things aren't so great. I wanted him to build a savings in order to move here. I have the money to help him, but it's money I've been saving since I was 16 and got my first job. I'm saving it for a house one day and letting it build interest. He had an inheritance that was fairly sizable, but lost all of it on a scam (longggg story, not exactly relevant). This inhertiance could have comfortably covered him moving here, buying a car, and basic needs while he wouldn't initially be able to work. He also is in a decent amount of credit card debt, although he typically evades the questions I ask about it. He's told me he's working on paying it off, and that's all I know. Over the past year, I've been waiting for him to have some kind of savings. He makes very good money, and after sitting down with him and calculating how much his basic needs + $400 in spending money each month, he should still have over $500 left over. When I ask where the money goes, he just says he doesn't know. Back to the first part of this post, he's very closed off. He's been pushing me away emotionally more and more lately, and although I've tried to talk to him, nothing has changed. This has been an issue throughout our entire relationship, but it's gotten much worse in the past 6 months. I love him. I'm banging my head against a wall at this point though. He's helped me through so much, and I've committed and planned so much of my life around this. He's done the same. I don't want to let him go, but for the first time in our relationship I'm considering it. We talked the other day about some of these things and I realized a lot of the issues we had were pretty serious ones. I also have been stuck on a question that came up: Do I love him for his potential, or the man he is right now? I still don't know the answer. I know he is smart, funny, kind, and passionate. That's why I fell in love with him, but I don't often see him applying it. To move on a bit to me, I tend to be very independent and love spending time alone. He loves to text me, and have basic "Hi, WYD, HRU" types of convos. I'm not interested in it, especially because these convos are never meaningful. I've stopped responding to many of his messages, and I just have no interest in it. When we video call, it's just us sitting in silence and doing our own things. I've often found myself avoiding him. When we met we could talk for hours into the very early morning. It didn't matter what it was about, we just loved to talk to each other. We still have these conversations now, but not as often and I often feel like he's only half paying attention. He used to make me feel safe and free, but now our relationship seems to be hurting me more. I'm sorry for the long post, but I don't know what to do anymore. I feel completely lost. I would be heartbroken to end things, but I don't know if staying and expecting him to change is fair to either of us. A couple of small notes: 1) No, he's not using me for immigration fraud. Our relationship began in a very genuine nature, and I seriously doubt I would know his family and friends as well as I do if this was the case. 2) Please don't comment on my decision to get married young. That's not what the post is about.
TLDR: I love my husband, but I expect him to change. He says he will, but hasn't. Is it fair to stay with him?
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2023.05.29 07:06 butterfunke Is there any historical precedent for the "On One Condition" trope?

It's the common trope (albeit not as much in recent media) of the distant relative or mysterious benefactor who is recently deceased, and has left the protagonist a surprisingly generous bequest in their will - a (strongly implied to be haunted) house/mansion/castle.
However, the bequest is made On One Condition - that the protagonist spends a night/week/[duration] living in the property. For more information on the details of the trope, see the tvtropes page on the subject.
As a trope it is obviously a writer's tool to force characters into making decisions that progress their plot, instead of taking the often more rational decision to liquidate the estate and pocket the money. My question is: is this contrivance purely an invention of fiction writers, or is there any actual historical evidence that such conditions on inheritances were made? If so, would anyone have sensible reasons for why they would put such conditions in their will?
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2023.05.29 07:05 Training_Age_Reed Bunch of stuff for sale

Hi guys, I have a bong, pipes, papers, 2 vapes (Hebe II) grinder rolling tray durban poison beer etc, big collection of weed stuff I want to sell, anyone wanna make an offer ? Message me, we could chat.
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2023.05.29 07:05 cocoabaritonedrum StubHub Ohio State Football

Check out the link for StubHub Ohio State Football. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.05.29 07:05 LeatherHighlightz Iove it but how should we call it?

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2023.05.29 07:05 Significant_Plate_55 Pregnancy is making me feel like a huge jerk.

I’m currently 37 weeks and a day pregnant with my first and I basically told my mother that no she and my dad can’t spend the night at my house this weekend. I just feel so tired and my guest room is a mess, sheets need to be washed (haven’t changed them from last time they were here), and the guest bathroom toilet needs to be fixed as well as the shower drain. I have zero energy to do any of those things this week.
I also got the guilt trip for not visiting from my mom. They live 1.5 hours away but with my husband working every weekend, when he has a weekend off we like to stay home and just be together since he works so much. I just feel bad for not making more time for my parents. I feel like a jerk for not going to see them even if it’s on my own and for not wanting to host them.
I’m also getting a lot of guilt again by my mom for not having plans to spend this Christmas with them. Is it so bad that I want to have my son’s first Christmas in my own home?
Am I being a jerk? I feel like I’m in my right to say no to things right now but wind up feeling like I’m in the wrong.
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2023.05.29 07:04 ruKawin Monday, Week of 29th May 2023

Monday, Week of 29th May 2023
This edition of The Weekly Spin is published on-chain via and can be collected at:

The Weekly Spin. Fourth Edition. What a weekend for the markets. US Core PCE inflation data comes in high, the bi-partisan government reached an unprecedented “deal” on raising the debt ceiling (no dollar cap, but time cap instead?!) which is expected to be voted for on Wednesday, and the price of Bitcoin rallies off the weekly 200-MA into higher dominance levels than previously thought possible. Many of the altcoins are in the green and the technicals look attractive… however, the fundamentals tell a completely disjointed story: with the debt ceiling increased indefinitely until 2025, the US government are likely to start selling Treasury Bills into the market – soaking up a heavy amount of liquidity away from the risk-assets, which already have low liquidity and will be prone to extreme volatility. TNFA, these are just the facts and you are welcome to arrive at your own conclusions – but word to the wise, please trade responsibly!
On the other side of the world, we have a ballooning narrative in the Asian markets as Hong Kong is expected to open up for retail investors from June 1st – and surprisingly, the Chinese Municipality released a Whitepaper on everything Web3. Exchanges are opening in full compliance in Hong Kong, Japan, and waves of liquidity are flowing in from the Middle-east nations (Saudi Arabia, UAE). So goes the ebb and flow of the money… where does it go? Nobody knows.
Highlights of the past week include Stably’s introduction of #USD, the first implementation of a stablecoin on the Bitcoin Network; Circle’s CEO says that AI bots are transacting in USDC, creating wallets on their own — challenging a long held issue I’ve had personally: are we really going to use the same currencies as AI? The Multichain Team was allegedly arrested in China, putting some uncertainty over its major integrations such as Fantom Network. Coinbase released Base L2’s roadmap, Worldcoin raised 9-figures, Polygon launches Nailwal, Binance enters the NFT lending market, OKex launches spot in HK, Binance in Japan, and a bunch of stuff happening with Tornado Cash. Also, two of our industry’s top thought leaders featured in the TL section, Vitalik and Jameson… here is our round-up of curated news and opinions (surely biased) from the world of Blockchain, keeping you informed into the market news with the most trending, in-the-know, and controversial topics. In the name of transparent, dissemination of information to keep you curious, inspired, and clinically sane…
Ongoings at Coinweb
Coinweb’s Monthly Event set for June 1st, at the Soho House Bangkok
Coinweb is now Live on Zealy! Join our community of Questooors on the Zealy (formerly Crew3) platform to earn XP and special privileges – including an opportunity to participate in our Alpha Wallet Tester Program!
Implementing Gas Fee Abstraction on Coinweb
Coinweb’s Monthly Event Marks 1 Year Anniversary of Organising “The Best Events in the Crypto Space” feat. KuCoin Labs, Elevate Ventures, and Gangster All-stars
Coinweb Completes Integration of 4 New Blockchains Delivering Along its Roadmap for Cross-Chain Interoperability
Coinweb Prioritises Community Trust with Transparent Reserve Allocation
CWEB Token Usage and Utility
Coinweb has Closed $2 Million Fundraising Round from SAVA Investment Management
Coinweb Labs is proud to unveil LinkMint 📷📷, our groundbreaking Cross-Chain Tokenisation Platform and DeconX, our integrated native DEX! Live Walkthrough Demonstration for the Community by Toby, Knut, and Alexander.
Toby’s full presentation at Token2049-London

On the Radar
Israel Crypto Conference, May 29-30 (Tel Aviv)
Interoperability vs. Security Coinweb Event, Jun 1 (Bangkok) US Jobless Claims Report, Jun 1 (Washington DC) US Debt Ceiling Vote, Jun 1 (Washington DC) Apple Worldwide Devcon, Jun 5 (Cupertino) Non Fungible Conference, Jun 7-9 (Lisbon) AIBC Asia, Jul 19-22 (Manila)
TOKEN2049, Sep 13-14 (Singapore)
Blockchain Events curated by CryptoNomad

On the Block(chain)
Stably introduces #USD, the first Bitcoin network stablecoin
Morgan DF Fintoch goes radio silent after rugging $31.6M
Circle CEO says that AI bots are transacting USDC, creating wallets
Multichain team allegedly arrested in China
Deposit suspensions hit bridged tokens pending multichain team’s clarification
Whales make sudden multi-million dollar moves on Lido DAO, Illuvium and Holo

Competitive Landscape
Coinbase reveals base layer-2 network roadmap
Forward and Boba Network partners to create framework for scalability, usability, and flexibility in DeFi
Polygon’s Nailwal awaits gaming crypto revolution
Trezor sales soar 900% amid Ledger’s seed recovery controversy
Sam Altman’s Worldcoin raises $115M in Series C round
DCG shutters TradeBlock institutional trading platform
Binance enters the NFT lending market with loan service
OKX expands services to Hong Kong, enabling spot trading

US. Coordinated Regulation Failures
US debt ceiling: Democrats and Republicans agree deal in principle, Joe Biden says
Ron Desantis promises to protect Bitcoin and oppose a CBDC as president
Unbanked shuts down crypto services, says US regulations prevented fundraising
US Treasury challenged over Tornado Cash sanctions
Coinbase-supported motion counters Tornado Cash sanctions

Hong Kong's Crypto Licensing Regime Expected to Launch Next Month
New Crypto Rules Suggest Hong Kong Is ‘Testing Ground’ for China, Say Experts
Municipal government in China releases blockchain white paper
EU watchdog does not deem crypto link to TradFi ‘significant’ to pose systemic risk yet
South Korea implements crypto disclosure mandate for officials for 2024
Norges Bank urges nation to forge ahead with national crypto regulation
Binance assists US in freezing $4.4m tied to North Korea
Credit Suisse Loses Singapore Court Case With Georgian Tycoon
UK sees over 40% surge in crypto-related fraud cases
South Korea’s Coinone rocked by crypto listing bribery scandal

Thought Leadership
Don't overload Ethereum's consensus – Vitalik Buterin
A Critique of Softwar Concepts – Jameson Lopp
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