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What to do with my family’s two houses?

2023.06.10 01:50 FrostedFlake212 What to do with my family’s two houses?

My family has 2 houses, one that they live in and one that they rent out. We are about to obtain a windfall amount from a police brutality lawsuit. When I say “about to” I mean, they will give their settlement offer at the end of this month. If accepted, they have until the end of July to pay out. I won’t say the amount but it would be big enough to do any of the options mentioned as well as have some left over.
Anyways going back to the situation. Both houses are in dire need of repair. My family wants to move out of the area that they’re in. That is non-negotiable, they want to move out of the area.
Some options we’re weighing:
Edit: No I don’t know the exact amount bc it has not been offered yet, however our lawyer has been in the game for decades and has a pretty good pulse on an estimated payout.
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2023.06.10 01:20 HotMessMayhem Neighbors Taunt My Dog

Not sure what to do?
My large backyard has a chain link fence that separates it from 3 yards with dogs. There is only one dog that my dog is reactive to- the house directly behind us.
When that dog (make intact) comes out, we usually swiftly bring my dog (male neutered) in as he goes crazy immediately. Their dog isn’t an issue. He does run along the fence with my dog but hardly barks. It’s the people that live there… They keep taunting my dog getting him even more riled up. We’ve caught them twice making faces etc at my dog. One time, I am pretty sure the teen (or maybe young adult) boy told my dog to shut the hell up.
While you’re free to do and say practically whatever, you can see why this is irksome. The crazy thing is that I had a convo before, over the fence, with one of the women that lives there and she was super nice and we were just kind of talking about our dogs etc. We’ve lived here for about a year and the taunting has only started the past month.
If this wasn’t a rental (which was hard to find with a big fenced in yard + allow dogs in the first place), we’d put up a wooden fence. Alas, it’s not. We have at least 8 more months here as we prepare to buy a house.
Aside from going batshit, what can I do? Just ignore?
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2023.06.10 01:05 Merely_Dreaming my dad is the reason my anxiety is bad half the time

I’m sitting here, crying and trying to calm myself down after getting lectured by my dad, and I just need to vent about this.
My dad is a landlord. He own three houses, two of which are used by my uncles and one by a man he rents to.
In recent years, the man has been turning in rent money late and doesn’t pay the late fee ($25 for every day after the due day). My dad, a religious man, doesn’t re-enforce the late fee but he does complain about it.
Fed up, my dad tells the man he has a month to find a new place to live.
That’s verbal eviction (and in a text) number one.
The man tells my dad after the month is up that he hasn’t found a new place and if my dad could extend his stay for another month.
My dad feeling pity, gives him two months.
Verbal eviction (and another text) number two.
Second time, the man says the same thing. My dad gives him four months.
IDK if he actually verbally told the man and texted him about eviction.
It all accumulates to now.
The man is actively avoiding my dad, comes around when my dad isn’t around (mainly his wife), and has lied to my dad why he’s struggling to pay rent (his wife is in the hospital and for some reason, their health insurance isn’t paying for some procedure).
My dad got a text from the guy about a week ago saying he couldn’t pay this month’s rent due to his wife being in the hospital again that night.
My dad practically ran to the car, my mom also going with him, and drove straight to his rental property. The man’s car and truck were there, and because the curtains in the living room were somewhat see-through, he spotted the man and his wife.
He drove by the property a few times while surveying the house.
He was extremely pissed once he came home.
It boils down to now.
My dad got a business card from his lawyer for an eviction lawyer (I don’t know the correct term for lawyers that specialize in evictions so I apologize) and got to calling them today.
He doesn’t speak English very well so he had me be there when he called and he ended up passing the phone to me to explain why he was calling.
I was already anxious being around him since he has the tendency to name call you for the smallest mistake, get angry, and start lecturing you for it, and him passing the phone to me already made my anxiety even higher since I hate talking to people.
I don’t even like making phone calls, I try to avoid them, let alone talking for someone else.
I messed up. I told the secretary something I wasn’t supposed to (even though it was necessary information) and my dad just shook his head and looked at me with an angry exasperation expression.
My heart was practically pounding in my chest and for a moment I thought I’d have a heart attack. I’m pretty sure my blood pressure was above 100 at that exact moment.
He finished the rest of the call by himself and then started to lecture me. I can’t fully recall the whole thing because I was trying hard not to break down but one thing he said did say stuck with me.
“This is something you need to know in order to do when you’re a landlord”.
This man literally implied that I was going to become a landlord from that sentence alone. I don’t plan on ever being a landlord. It’s something I wouldn’t even dream of doing.
My anxiety got worse after a stroke I had. I can’t stand to be around my dad or most of my aunts and uncles, and some cousins because of it. Before that I could tolerate being in their presence for a couple of minutes but not anymore.
In all honesty, I’m 100% certain that my dad is the reason I have anxiety at all. My sister and I have to tiptoe around him. It’s worser for us girls than our brothers.
I can’t move out due to unemployment and I probably would never be able to function by myself either.
I’m just hoping to make up some lie for when he goes to the appointment so I don’t need to his translator since he turned down the secretary when she asked if he needed one and said he’d bring his daughter.
To my sister, I apologize in advance for throwing you to the wolf but I can’t deal with our dad or else I’d have a heart attack or another stroke.
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2023.06.10 01:04 magrhi Pizza on gas grill w/stones

Pizza on gas grill w/stones
We’ve been doing homemade pizza for years in our rental home ovens with a pizza stone. We bought a house and now use our Wilmington Gas grill for pizza night. We use two stones so we can cook two at a time. My husband switched out the regulator on the propane (blue) for one that allows it to get more hot (orange-ish red)
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2023.06.10 00:57 tooclose2home AITA because I still talk about and see my sister

So I’m going to start this post saying that I don’t feel like the a hole, but maybe there’s something i’m missing or or haven’t thought of?
So me (25f) and my girlfriend (31f) moved into our first home nearly two years ago now. for a while it was amazing to own our own house. i’ve definitely felt isolated from my family for a while now due to disability, and when my sister got a rental nearby I was so excited as it meant that i’d be able to see her more often and use less energy doing so. My girlfriend however was horrified and I was so confused about why this was so anxiety inducing for her. She has said that the reason she doesn’t get along with my sister is because i push myself too hard to be helpful for my family, and I can sometimes push my body past it’s limits leading to days in bed recovering(I’m disabled, even small amounts of exertion exhaust me) and she thinks my family use that and she says she just feels protective of me because she knows i’m a people pleaser by nature.
So since my sister moved nearby a couple of months ago, we’ve had some arguments (i’m a conflict avoider) and they mainly consist of her being frustrated that I have brought up my sister even though I know it’s triggering for her. So some back story, my girlfriend doesn’t have a good relationship with her mom and she had to live on the same block as her for years, scared she would bump into her any time she left the house, so when we moved away she said it was like she could breathe again. I am totally sympathetic to how awful that must have felt, but i don’t understand how that feeling transfers to my sister. My sister is one of my only friends and she means the world to me, and i’ve seen her less and less cause i don’t want to lie and say “oh I’m going out to see (friend)” when i’m actually seeing my sister but if I say I’m seeing my sister then my girlfriends mood switches completely and she gets distant, silent treatment, short answers and snaps at me for little unrelated things like chores. l don’t know how to continue seeing my sister and spending time with my family without upsetting my girlfriend. Right now I feel like I’m having to choose, even though every time we argue my girlfriend always makes a point that’s she’s never asked me to choose. So I could be the asshole for not being as understanding to my girlfriends triggers around family and feeling claustrophobic, or i could be being controlled and distanced from my family on purpose. I’m so lost and I just want us all to get along, but it’s looking like my girlfriend doesn’t want to be a part of my family. So I keep lying and saying “oh sorry we’re busy that day” or “sorry she’s at work so it’ll just be me” and it makes me feel horrible. i feel like i have to stop seeing my sister or mentioning her when we have plans etc and I feel so lost rn. tia x
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2023.06.10 00:56 iheartbeavers- Landlord withholding security deposit for "stolen" items

Back story- we signed a lease in June 2019 and have been perfect tenants. Never late on rent, always paid early (even through the 2020 lockdowns), treated the place as our own, kept it clean, reported major issues without being too much of a pain, upkept all the landscaping etc.. typical people pleaser renters. Before signing the lease, the homeowners invited us over to the house to gift us some things that they were otherwise getting rid of (they inherited the home and it had been used as a vacation rental so they were trying to clean the place out) I know this sounds strange but at the time we were so grateful, as we weren't moving in with much. Things like a couple older flat screen tvs (nothing special, old, heavy, and off brand), kitchenwares, a futon, rug, an old coffee table, and a couple old metal bed frames. Again, this was a vacation rental (airbnb type) so none of this was super valuable or in great shape but we were grateful nonetheless. We aren't the type to accept handouts so easily and repeatedly asked if they were sure and asked if they wanted any sort of payment etc. They insisted and said that if we didn't want it, it'd go to donation. They made us feel like we were helping them by saving them a trip to the dump or wherever. They only asked that we never get rid of one of the old bedframes (antique), and the artwork, which we happily agreed to.
So lease signing comes around with property management and the lease states the house is "partially furnished." The property manager was aware of our meeting with the owners and so we kind of assumed this was just a blanket statement for the couple of things they wanted to keep. Nothing specific was stated on the lease and I never thought to get anything in writing (i know, dumb.) They had been so kind in gifting us these things we never thought in a million years it would be an issue. Over the 3+ years of living there, we slowly upgraded our lives and donated the things that were originally gifted to us that we no longer needed, but we ALWAYS kept and stored the artwork and bedframe that we verbally agreed upon.
Fast forward to April of this year, my husband was offered a job in Florida which we were preparing to take. We would give our 30 days, pay rent for May (lease was up in June) and help find new renters to take over the lease (the rental market is fierce in our area and this would have been EASY.) But nope! They were pissed that we wanted to break our lease a month early but they didn't want new renters because they had planned to sell anyways. They wanted the full lease break fee of almost $4k. We were obviously a little irritated that they wanted to double dip and weren't willing to work with us at all. We pleaded with them to give us a small break since they were not intending to re-sign our lease anyways. We knew we didn't have a legal leg to stand on and business is business but shit, it felt wrong that they were taking advantage of the situation by collecting the lease break fee of almost 4k, just to turn around and sell in a very hot market. Whatever. They weren't budging. We ended up paying our lease up front through the end of June and released the property back to them. We left the house in immaculate condition, as well as the items we had verbally agreed to leave.
Today I got the final accounting statement for the security deposit. They are claiming that we stole the items that they had originally left in the house, the items they GIFTED us. My husband and I are downright dumbfounded. After we were so grateful to them for giving us those items. How many times did we say are you sure we can HAVE these things? They made us feel like they were being charitable, like it was no problem. Now they're saying we stole their junk? Wtf! Do we have any rights in this situation or are we just fucked? $2500 is not chump change for our family and we'd like to fight it if we have any chance in hell to win. As grateful as we were at the time, that shit had little to no value (certainly not $2500 worth), hence the reason we donated it when we didn't need it anymore. We were already down bad with having to pay out our lease, now they're withholding our deposit! I'm so overwhelmed, and I can't find shit on Google to help. We've tried calling but we are always met with total disrespect by the property manager. She has been nothing but rude and condescending through all of this. Apologies for rambling, I'm just so pissed.
TLDR- landlords claim we stole their furniture after moving out of their "partially furnished" rental which is total BS. They kept our entire security deposit and I'm trying to understand my rights.
Picture of statement-
Please help >.<
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2023.06.10 00:25 Voyager_Nomad [Landlord - General] "New" Rules for NY Rent Law

This came out in 2019, but may be new to some.
The Attorney General of New York published an undated pamphlet called the Changes in New York State Rent Law based on the “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019”.
Some of the things that caught my eye:
· Your landlord may not charge you in advance for the last month’s rent if you are also paying a security deposit. [Not clear why you charge “Advance Rent” in NY.]
· The landlord has to give you a copy of the background/credit check, as well as an invoice from the company that performed it. Otherwise, they can’t charge you for it.
· You can provide your own background and credit check to avoid any fees, as long as the background/credit check was done in the past 30 day. [Sounds like an opportunity for fraud.]
· A landlord cannot deny you an apartment, rental home, or any other type of rental based on a past legal conflict with a landlord. For example, a landlord cannot deny you an apartment because you sued your previous landlord to make repairs.
· If a landlord rejects your application after using a tenant screening service (a company that landlords use to see if you have ever been taken to court), and you have a past history of tenant-landlord disputes, the law assumes that you were rejected because of this history, and the landlord may have to pay a fine if they cannot give a good reason for denying you.
· Your landlord must send you a written notice by certified mail every time you are more than five days late with your rent. If your landlord fails to provide you with the notice, you can raise this as a defense in court.
· If you lose a housing case and the judge orders your eviction, you can ask the court for up to one year to move if you can show that you cannot find a similar apartment in the same neighborhood. The judge will take into account your health conditions, whether you have children enrolled in school, the hardship on the landlord if you remain, and any other life circumstances that could affect your ability to move.
· Your landlord cannot bring you to court for non-payment of rent unless they have given you a 14-day written “rent demand.”
· Until you are evicted (i.e. the Sheriff or Marshal executes a warrant of eviction), you can have your non-payment case dismissed if you pay all rent that is owed.
· In a non-payment case, you can only be evicted for not paying your rent. You cannot be evicted for non-payment of other fees (such as late fees, legal fees, or any other “added” fee).
· Your landlord must return your security deposit within 14 days of you moving out.
· If you are planning to move out, you can ask your landlord to inspect the apartment (or rental home or other type of home rental) before you move. They must allow you to be present during the inspection. At that inspection, the landlord must tell you what needs to be fixed or cleaned. You can then take care of the problems yourself to prevent the landlord from keeping part or all of your security deposit.
· If your landlord deliberately breaks this law, you may be entitled to up to twice the amount of the security deposit.
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2023.06.09 23:50 kayheartin What do you wish you would've considered/known before buying a century home? (esp. my single ladies)

I'm getting ready to put an offer in on a Spanish Revival house that's just over 100 years old. Although I've lived in a 150+ old duplex for 14 years, this will be the first house that I'll own. I've always known I wanted an older home, with all its charms and quirks. But now it's getting real, real fast! What do you wish you would've known or considered? What were you surprised by? What did you think you'd love, but ended up hating (and vice versa)? What do you wish you would've done before closing?
I'm particularly interested in hearing from my single ladies, and/or from folks in or abouts New Orleans--which has its own special sort of surprises & considerations.
This home has basically everything I've been wanting and looking for over the past few years. My only concern it that its gigantic. Like monstrously large. 2,700 sq feet large. My housemate is coming with me, and I'll probably get at least one but probably two other housemates to fill it out and help pay for the inevitable repairs & upgrades. I've always planned to have housemates, even with a much smaller place. My main concern is that that's a lot of roofing and a lot of foundation for something to go wrong, and will be that much more costly to address.
On my first viewing I focused on seeing if it had what I wanted and didn't have what I didn't want. I of course tried to keep my eyes open for signs of major issues & asked a few questions, but it was a lot to take in! The seller is exempt from disclosures, so there's a lot of unknowns. I do know the electrical was replaced about 20 years ago (although knob & tube wiring is still in the walls), but aside from that it looks pretty untouched since the 60s. The only issue that I noticed was a pipe leaking above the door to the garage in the "basement" (unfinished ground floor). I'm going back with one of my main contractors and my housemate in a few days, with a new round of questions that I've also sent my realtors. If all looks promising, I plan to put in an offer by the end of next week, and expect that it would be accepted. I looked up the crime map and checked out the area during a heavy rain for signs of flooding. All looked good.
I'll definitely get a structural engineer before closing. I'm not the handiest, but I like learning and can learn. I've slowly learnt some light plumbing and electrical in my century rental already. I have general contractors, a carpenter, and a plumber who I trust to find the issues, and fix them correctly at a fair price. I consider this as a long-term commitment to a hobby of restoring a century home and living in the piece of art that I slowly restore. Funds will be a little tight immediately after closing, but after a year I should be humming along comfortably able to set aside ~3-4% of the cost of the house annually to put towards repairs and upgrades. I'm generally very patient, and enjoy turning apparent bugs into features. I do tend to get stressed over financial insecurity though.
TL;DR - What do you wish you had known/considered before buying a century home solo?
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2023.06.09 23:46 ExistingMind43 The First 100K by 25

Hello /financialindependence! I have been browsing this sub since 2019, and it has had a huge influence on how I have approached my finances. TLDR at the bottom!
The Basics
25, MCOL city in the USA with no state tax. No debt.
I graduated college with a degree in businenss in 2020, and landed a job in consulting. I did not have any student loan debt. My only savings were a few thousand from my internship the summer prior, which quickly got depleted once I started paying my own rent.
Since the beginning of 2020, I have tracked every expense, every income, every contribution. I was feeling very out of control once I started making money and being meticulous in tracking is my way of calming that anxiety.
My expenses have fluctuated a lot since I started tracking my finances. I've lived by myself, with 1 person, and with 3 other people during this time.
Seeing the numbers laid out in this manner really makes me concerned for lifestyle inflation. Even with the roughly ~17% inflation since 2020 (source), that only puts me at roughly $32K spending based on my 2020 spending habits. Granted that first year I was barely going out, not traveling, not upgrading my wardrobe, and not upgrading my rental space with nicer furniture / WFH setups. I'm cutting myself some slack with the expenditures while making sure I'm not excusing it.
Investments and NW Breakdown
Since I started working full time, I've regularly contributed to savings, Roth IRA, 401k, HSA, taxable accounts, and real estate. I basically followed the FIRE Flowchart when I was first starting out.
I keep my investments simple -- mutual funds where applicable, and if I don't meet the minimum I get the ETF version of it. My primary funds are VTSAX and VTIAX. Earlier this year I decided to invest a bit directly into real estate through Fundrise as a means of diversification. The bonds were gifted to me as a child and are worth ~$1K.
My allocations are roughly 19% cash / 76% stocks / 5% alternatives (bonds and real estate).
My stock allocation is 70% domestic (US) / 30% international
Fun Stuff: Charts, Numbers, Percentages
Here is my base net worth chart with an accompanying detailed table that outlines my monthly net worth.
I found a very nice FIRE / Budget spreadsheet template online many years ago, and have modified it over time to make it my own but a lot of it is still the same. If I remembered where I got it I would give credit! The spreadsheet has a lot of great stuff, my favorite part is the dashboard page showing a monthly spending overview, FIRE progress, and NW progress. You might notice the tab "Current Wants", which is a helpful tab that I list out an item I want to purchase and leave them be. This lets me get away from the instant gratification of buying something and really makes me understand if I only want the item NOW or if I genuinely want the item even after the initial wave of desire has passed (about 2-6 weeks for me)
In total, I have contributed just over $91K to savings and investments since January of 2020. My investments have returned me roughly $10K in capital gains / dividends.
With the slight positive market sentiment the past week, I now have a net worth of roughly 1 years' salary ($112K).
My total spending since I started tracking is $131K, with $40K (30%) going to housing, $14K (10%) to groceries and $10K (8%) to travel. I've had drug addiction problems throughout my life and have spent almost $9K (7%) on drugs since 2020, which is not a figure I am having a good time writing about.
I am planning on relocating from the US to the Netherlands through my work within the next 2 years. This drastically changes my FIRE roadmap and I will probably need an international tax attorney to hash out all the details about double taxation and other nit-picky stuff I can't be bothered to learn how to optimize.
As of now, my retirement goal is 45-55 depending on market conditions, with a total NW of roughly $2M needed to support a 3% withdrawal rate with ~$60K spent every year. These numbers will absolutely change once I understand more about the Dutch economy and tax laws.
TLDR: Working full-time for 3 years, accumulated a bit over $100K in net worth at that time with a salary ranging from $66K to $112K. Spending has increased substantially every year. Have a fancy spreadsheet where I track EVERYTHING and lets me feel at ease with my finances. Relocating to Europe the next few years.
If you read this far, thanks, if not, I hope you enjoyed some numbers and charts.
Happy to answer questions or chat about anything!
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2023.06.09 23:46 James_T_S Need help with a price please

I am a construction manager for a home builder. I am remodeling the house I grew up in to make it a rental and my drywaller from work is doing my house on the side.
Here is my problem. I trusted her to not screw me over and she never gave me a price before she started.....not even a ballpark number. That's on me. I should have made her. Now she is almost done and when I asked her how much she said she didn't know. I know she didn't pay for the material. She said she hung 50 sheets. She also textured the house with orange peel. I know she is trying to help me out and I DEFINITELY don't want to screw her over.
So I am asking you all. What do you think is a fair price? In in Arizona
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2023.06.09 23:09 cbolinski Owner/realtor has broken lease agreement, what should I do?

My roomate and I are renting a house near the shore, so we were renting for the off season. However we needed an extra month (June), so the rent for that month was at a premium price since that is into the summer and the house converts to weekly rentals. We received notice the other day reminding that our move out date was a week before the end of the lease agreement that was signed. We mentioned this and it seems the realtor told the owners the wrong move out day and they have planned to use the house for our last week. The realtor said she found a new house for us to move into for that last week, however I would rather be refunded the money for that week, or possibly the month. Because our signed lease was broken by the realtor, do we have any grounds to get a refund for the last week or even the whole month? This month was at an agreed premium price compared to the rest of the year.
TL;DR Our realtor told the owners of our rental the wrong move out date. Can we get refunded for that week?
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2023.06.09 23:05 Imcoverednbees Need a tenant lawyer, ASAP

Need a tenant lawyer, ASAP
My house is unlivable and the owners of my rental company aren’t willing to help me.
I haven’t had a fully working bathroom for a month and now I have a trench in my house.
They told me they won’t put me in a hotel, they won’t put me out of my lease. I need help.
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2023.06.09 23:04 RedBedx Bought a house with a water heater rental. Rate on bill doesn’t match what was on MLS, but would the price listed on MLS include HST?

Title. Sorry if this is a bad place to ask but we didn’t have a realtor. The MLS listing for the house had the cost of the contract listed as being 23.87. We got our first bill, and we’re being charged 22.70 or 25.65 taxes in. I’m not sure if the 23.87 is the price with or without tax. I don’t want to complain to enercare if the difference is actually in my favour. 😅
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2023.06.09 22:57 Small_Income_2686 Rent or not?

So this may be a redundant question but I need to cover all my bases due to the people I have to deal with. If I pay monthly costs, $250 a month, regardless of what my parents claim is for (utilities or any house cost) does it still count as rent and do I receive the same legal protection a tenant would?
I live at home with my partner and my parents. My mom requested help with house costs due to my dad being injured. I agreed and then later we discussed it again and she said it was to be my rent. I also separately discussed it with my dad who also said it was rent. I have already paid my first month via paypal today. They are adamant about being paid in cash going forward. I said I was uncomfortable with paying cash and that I could alternatively write them checks. I refuse to have no paper trail by paying in cash. Mind you there is no written rental agreement it’s all by word (I live in the east coast). Can they force me to pay in cash as well? And would my monthly payment be considered rent? Thank you (:
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2023.06.09 22:40 trickytaco2 Upping the rent while talking to potential tenants?

Can I tell people a higher amount per month after I already told some people a lower amount?
I have been getting a lot of calls from people interested in my rental property. I was telling people 675/month and have a few people who are ready to look at the house whenever I finish the repairs (will be ready next week).
There haven’t been many comps for me to look at on Zillow but recently, a few other properties came on the market. They are a little nicer, but even taking that into consideration it seems like I could be listing it for a 75-125 more per month. Also, during conversation, one of my repairmen mentioned that I could be getting a higher rent.
I have a lot of calls to catch up on and I am considering telling the people who I haven’t spoken to a new price. Depending on how that is received I would tell the other interested people the new price and give them the opportunity to rent still.
The people who are ready to view the property seem like they would be good tenants so I wouldn’t want to mess things up there if I am wrong about being able to get more and if word gets out that I am telling different people different prices (its a small town). But I also don’t want to leave money on the table.
Also, I did just have to do some pretty expensive repairs due to the age of the house that I was not planning on.
TLDR: Have a few tenants who are interested and ready to rent at one price. I am wondering if I originally listed under market and am considering telling everyone else a higher price to see if I get any takers.
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2023.06.09 22:23 Xx_calpal_xx AITB for thinking my boyfriends mom is too controlling?

My boyfriend(M25) and I(F21) live with his mom for a few reasons. while he was in college, there was no reason to move with it being down the street, she's completely blind so she needed him with her, and we couldn't afford a place of our own until he graduated. But now, she doesn’t live here but in Mexico with her family and some apartments are now within our price range. (want to mention, our rent payment is taking care of her rental properties).
She doesn’t want us to move out though. She would like it if we lived in this house until her and her fiancé choose to live up here again. When will that be? No one knows. But she won't have this be a rental property and doesn’t want it to be empty in case something happens. So we're here to make sure everything remains fine. I figured because we're mostly staying here for her, we could at least do something to make the place feel more like ours. But she has declined everything I have suggested that fit her requirements of minor and cheap.
I understand not wanting major changes, but some of the small ones I don’t get why she won't allow. She has been treating this house like a storage unit with things she doesn’t want but won't throw out. She has literally 10 or 11 Minnie Mouse mugs that are the exact same. They take up all the space in our mug cupboard and we have no room for ours. We have 2 each and they won't fit. I stored the majority of her Minnie mugs safely in her bedroom which she didn't like and wanted them back in the cupboard. I went through the spices and found almost all of them were actually expired and had them thrown out to get new ones. She didn't like that either. But. . . they're expired and when she visits one week the entire year, she doesn’t use them either.
My boyfriend and I also have ADHD and out of sight out of mind. So I found a really nice bookshelf that matched the house style and put it in the front lobby area right next to the living room entrance. When she visited, she had us move it to the back of the house behind the trash and recycling bins because she didn't want it. I recently had another idea of getting our own furniture. This way the house feels more like ours, but everything is in the same spot and when we move, we will already have furniture. This plan involved moving hers into either a storage unit or into the basement so everything would be put back when we are gone. I thought she would be ok with this because it also ensures her stuff doesn’t get worn out cause it's already pretty old. But she would want us to switch everything whenever she visits for a week or we cant do it, which I feel is kinda ridiculous which I have expressed to my bf. AITB for thinking she is too controlling?
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2023.06.09 22:21 Xtreemenature101 Wale wa sinanga business idea

RAW BUSINESS IDEAS 1.Rental houses 2.Transport vehicles 3.Motorbikes business 4.Bars and pubs business 5.Dairy farming 6.Cattle runch business 7.Poultry farming business 8.Videos and cinemas 9.PS halls 10.Salons and kinyozis business 11.Music industry 12.Entertainment industry 13.Private schools 14.M-Pesa shops 15.Airtel money shops 16.Gym and sauna business 17.Purchase of land for investment and resale business 18.Tree planting business 19.Fishpond and fisheries business 20.Butchery business 21.Poshomills business 22.Security service industry 23.Petrol station business 24.Car wash 25.Cyber business 26.Gas cylinders business 27.Hardware 28.Driving school 29.Computer packages school 30.Broadcasting industries/Media groups 31.Making of posters business 32.Pool 33.Phone shops business 34.Rental rooms for business 35.Pharmacy/Chemistry 36.Private hospitals 37.Welding sites business 38.Supermarket business 39.Writing books for sale/publishing 40.Small shops business 41.Tatoo buildings business 42.Movie shops 43.You Tube channels 44.Online jobs 45.Kungfu,martial arts,boxing,tai kuondo halls 46.Shoe repair Business 47.Digital marketing 48.Drug dealing 49.Tents and plastic chairs supply 50.Solar panels business 51.Betting companies business 52.Beautiful scenaries eg parks business 53.Photography 54.Videography 55.Electronics shop 56.Ice creams business 57.Smokies and eggs vending/Kahawa and mandazis/mtura/soup/nyama china business 58.Necklesses business 59.Sales person 60.Dealing in clothes (Ready made/Second hand-mtumba) 61.Green houses 62.Dancing crue and hall business 63.Putting money in fixed deposit accounts 64.Saccos and chamas 65.Buying of shares in unlisted companies 66.Treasury bills and Treasury bonds 67.Develop an app 68.Shares in listed companies 69.DJ 70.Chauffer 71.Body(ear,nose etc) piercing business 72.Insurance and reinsurance company 73.Boutique 74.Cosmetics 75.Fighting equipments(guns,bullets,bombs etc)shop 76.Ships and boats 77.Furnitures shop 78.Agrovet business 79.Livestock farming (goats,ships,rabbits,pigs etc) business 80.Acting on trends 81.Agricultural factories 82.Warehouses business 83.Barkery 84.Restaurants business 85.School requirements shop 86.Garage 87.Private toilets/bathrooms 88.Giving out credits at an interest rate 89.Guide(business, education etc)books/PDFs business 90.Supplying industry/supplier 91.Flowers for export business 92.Daycare business 93.Airtime(Safaricom, Airtel, Telcom etc) Business 94.Bookshop 95.Gift services overview 96.Laundry business 97.Nails making business 98.Forex trading 99.Bitcoin 100.Fruit and juice parlour 101.Podcasting 102.Yoga studio 103.Catering services 104.Computer repair business/shop 105.Modeling 106.Purchasing existing website 107.Organic vending business 108.Virtual assistant business 109.Translation service 110.Online tutoring business 111.Content writer business 112.Web design 113.Career coach business 114.Start a blog 115.Amazon reselling 116.Coffee shop 117.Home food delivery 118.Currency trading 119.Event planning business 120.Interior design business 121.Selling of phone case and other accessories business 122.Property management business eg Chakra company 123.Drive for Uber or Lyft 124.Water supply services 125.Personal fitness traineInstructor 126.Tour guide business 127.Accounting and bookkeeping business 128.Caregiving business 129.Transcription 130.Data analysis 131.Fast food restaurant 132.Yoghurt business 133.Nail and eye brows parlour 134.Screen printing 135.Real estate 136.Human billboard 137.Affiliate marketing 138.Pool cleaning business 139.Designing and selling print-on-demand t-shirts 140.Junk removal service 141.Printing services 142.Custodian 143.Dropshipping business 144.Craft business 145.Landscaping business 146.Bicycle rentals/Bicycle repairs 147.Painting business 148.Flower shop 149.House cleaning 150.Grocery delivery 151.Resale store 152.Subscription box business 153.Import/export business 154.Laundromat business 155.Party bus 156.Staffing services 157.Antique dealer 158.Construction business 159.Used car rentals 160.Cafe/Sandwich shop 161.Logo design business 162.Shoe business 163.Marine electronics/waterproof electronics 164.Publicity business 165.Drone business 166.Gutter cleaning business 167.Garden center 168.Kitchen store business 169.Cookie business 170.Framing business 171.Mushroom farming 172.Vending machine for fruits 173.Laundry services 174.Agribusiness 175.Business in waste management 176.Urban transportation business 177.Fin-tech business 178.Urban logistics 179.Automobiles 180.Bee keeping (Honey,wax etc) 181.Study platforms for Students 182.Financial consultancy firm 183.Stationery shop 184.Appliance repair shop 185.Party decoration services 186.Sewing business 187.Handcraft business 188.Online travel agency 189.Samosa business 190.Pancake and Chapati business 191.Wrap up 192.Milk bashop 193.Mobile money agent 194.Farming 195.Cake baking business 196.Selling snacks 197.Selling computers and accessories 198.Internet connection to the customers living nearby 199.Selling fruits and vegetables 200.Brick making 201.Selling handbags 202.Cereal shop 203.Paxful's affiliate program and peer program 204.Invest in mutual funds or ETFs 205.Data entry 206.Popcorn business 207.Bead making and wire wax 208.Sell perfumes 209.Designing book covers 210.Dog walking 211.Tailoring 212.Sale of hair extension 213.Dry cleaning services 214.Stadiums 215.Candle making 216.Mobile repair shop 217.Tuition 218.Hauling service 219.Home staging business 220.Window treatment business 221.Dreadlock business 222.Fashion house 223.Oil business 224.Music sounds for hire 225.Start a football club 226.Blended education programs 227.Wholesale business 228.Ironing services 229.Swimming pool 230.Mandazis and donuts business 231.Seedlings for sale 232.Soap making 233.Selling soft drinks,fresh juice and snacks 234.Stationery supply to rural areas 235.Tuk tuk business 236.Selling baby diapers 237.Start a video game lounge 238.Manicure, pedicure and facial scrubbing business 239.Landscaping and gardening services 240.Land brokerage 241.Eggs wholesale 242.Spare parts(motorcycle, bicycle, vehicles etc)shop 243.Pork meet business 244.Charcoal and coal business 245.Gambling business 246.Agricultural value addition business 247.Camels 248.Facebook 249.Instagram 250.Chicken spare parts business 251.Shopify 252.Hawking business 253.Amazon FBA 254.Flipping collectibles 255.Tik Tok 256.Carpets 257.Curtains 258.Mutual funds investment 259.Precious metals business (eg gold, silver and bronze) 260.Sport shoes/jazies/balls etc business 261.Grow profitable vegetables and fruits 262.Invest in the capital market via Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) 263.Dealing in second hand goods eg furnitures, electronics etc 264.Candle production 265.Plantain chips and bhajia business 266.Errands 267.Lawn care 268.Miti shamba/Dawa za kienyeji/Herbals 269.Beddings eg Mattresses 270.Homemade gourmet foods 271.Flea market vending 272.Music Instructor 273.Making custom furniture 274.Banking services 275.Own a tap/boreholes 276.Flight services eg Air hostess 277.Clothing lines 278.Book publishing/ebooks 279.Start charitable business 280.Pet training and grooming services 281.Data entry provider 282.Start a pop-up shop 283.Rent your car on Turo 284.College admissions essay tutor and editor 285.Travel consultant 286.Tax preparation 287.Commision-only sales 288.Ebay sales 289.Fiverr Gigs 290.Airbnb 291.Patreon 292.Alteration Services 293.Professional organizing services 294.Aquarium maintenance 295.Home inspector 296.Review website 297.Home Appraisal 298.Sell Jericans from certain suppliers 299.Referral services 300.Recycled goods seller
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2023.06.09 22:18 NoBody5068 Attending public hearing on rezoning?

As a new home owner, I just wondered what it is like to attend this kind of public hearing.
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2023.06.09 21:41 CMVB Simple question: Coffee maker advice?

On the long, slow haul toward renovating my grandfather's house into an AirBnB, it occurred to us while taking care of some gift shopping for relatives as Bed Bath and Beyond has their going out of business sale, that we might as well pick up a coffee machine (or two...) for the house.
Does anyone have any particular models that they find fit the needs of vacation rentals quite well? I know that some hosts have had issues with keeping Keurigs clean, so that is a point against Keurig.
The house is in the Berkshires, so getting something classic like a Chemex would be both classy looking and locally themed (Chemex used to be manufactured in Pittsfield, MA, and then they moved operations an hour east to Chicopee, MA). Plus, no moving parts, it could not be simpler to clean! However, I have visions of guests unfamiliar with pour over coffee makers shattering such a device.
The side of me that wants to splurge thinks that a Keurig Duo would be handy, while the side of me that is more economical thinks a Keurig mini would be a better fit.
What have people's experiences been?
(if it matters, given the size of the house and the scenic location, I would anticipate a reasonably well-off clientele, with corresponding expectations for amenities)
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2023.06.09 21:37 RubbishGameDeveloper I cannot be a parent to my soulmate.

Short essay by me (29M) just to have a place to vent and maybe find people who are in a similar boat or went through similar experience.
We been together 12 months, and been trying to break up for another 6, mostly due difficulty finding another rental property. But as our no-contact date approaches I feel anxious and uncertain - how can I break up with the person (27F) that is genuinely my soulmate and I still love her to death.
I initiated this separation because I became tired of carrying everything – in 12 months I was the only one to clean up the house or do any sort of significant chores, and often if I repeatedly asked you there would be some improvement, but it feels like I am trying to teach a seven-year-old how to load a dishwasher. The laziness to watch me wash dishes after 12-hourshift really hurts me. Eventually I started to feel like I was disappearing.Does anyone else feel that way when you live with your SO?
The photo albums or birthday celebrations you create warms up my heart so much I am almost ready to ignore all the negative things and try to continue. But my love towards you changed and now I feel like a parent, bestfriend, sexual partner and counsellor all in one.
But we can have good times too! We call ourselves movie buddies and watched every animation film/series known! We would discuss artstyles, directing and see how we can relate. We can talk for literally hoursabout different subjects every single day for last 1.5 years. We are also foodies and go to all kind of restaurants and we never shut-up during the entire meal. In this world you are my only and my truest friend. There is no one else. And the only one where I can be my silly self.
But I cannot be my true self as you want every second of my life. I feel guilty talking to my mom, I feel guilty hanging out with mysister. I want to play football or start new hobbies, but when exactly? If I want any time, I must book it from you and thenfor some reason I feel guilty about it.
I think this is over. I want kids, you don’t want kids. You don’t want to do any “housewife” things, but that means I must be both the breadwinner and housewife. And we are still going a trip this week, at least keeping company to each other warms us up.
The scariest part is that I never had even a close friend in my life. I am a very nerdy and shy person, which makes finding a soulmate very difficult. If I let you go, I might spend the rest of my life on my own. You grew so much; you became way healthier and more reliable person. And if you are on your own, most likely your innocent smile and happiness will dissapear under the enormous pressures and toxicity you are exposed from your family side.
I still love you and being with you makes me happy, but it feels unsustainable and if we spend next 10 years together I think my life would not be where I want it to be.
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2023.06.09 21:22 justaskinquestions22 How do you tell your husband's family you don't want to go vacation with them because of their schedule? It doesn't work for us or my son.

So I've only been on one family vacation with my husband's family and I didn't enjoy it at all. Our schedules are just too different. Every morning I was woken up around 5am to kids screaming and banging on my door, trying to open my door. My mil was making breakfast. My husband works 2nd and I got home late from work as well so we don't get up that early. It was vacation. We wanted to sleep in since we didn't have work. They complained their baby would have to sleep in their bedroom because my husband and I were going to be too loud eating food, watching TV, etc. The kids go to bed at 6:30 and they expected us to go to bed soon after. We go to bed at 11pm usually. Their schedule is breakfast 5-6am, lunch 10:30-11, dinner 4:30, bed by 6-6:30. That'a fine but it's just not our schedule. They didn't want us going out doing stuff or staying out at the beach past 5pm because we might wake up the kids coming in. My nephew also screams in his sleep sometimes. Something they didn't tell us beforehand and made sure the kids room was beside us and they were on the other side of the house. I got absolutely no sleep that week. Not even a nap. The second day I got an awful headache that turned into a migraine. If I tried to take a nap kids banged on my door or if I forgot to lock the door they came in and woke me up. The kids messed with my stuff when I wasn't there. We had to basically sit in our room the whole time eating snacks and watching TV. They decided to leave a few days early because the kids were tired but we had all paid for the rental. We had to rush to pack so they could leave because the kids were tired. I still had a migraine and just wore sunglasses 24/7. They invited us out to eat. We met at the time they told us to meet and they had already ordered and were almost done eating. They left right after we ordered. They said the kids were hungry so they went ahead and ordered food. They also do this with family dinners. Tell us to come over at a certain time and eat without us because the kids were hungry before we got there. My family wasn't like this at all and we had big vacations with lots of kids. We never banged on doors, didn't expect people to go to bed early. We just tried to be quiet. If kids were tired they just left vacation early and everyone else stayed, especially when everyone paid a part of it. My son goes to bed later and sleeps in. He's grumpy if he's woken up really early. He also startles really easy and I don't want to have a screaming baby at 5am. What am I supposed to do with my son when everyone goes to bed two or three hours before his bedtime? We want to go out and do fun stuff. I just don't think all of us doing a vacation together would work. I also don't want to pay a lot for a beach house and then have to leave early. I mentioned to my husband that maybe we could just rent somewhere close to them and we could just meet up with them at the beach for a little while. I don't know how to bring it up to my husband's family. Our lives are just too different right now because my sonngoes to sleep later and we want to go out and do stuff. I tried suggesting my husband and I renting somewhere so if they want to leave early we can still stay but they said no. They wouldn't even consider anywhere we suggested and want to stay at expensive places I don't want to pay for. They also try to plan stuff for the guys to do all day and expect the women to stay with the kids all day. I want to do things with my husband and son together as a family. I just don't see it working out and don't know how to tell them no. I feel bad because we go on a vacation with my family every year. They let us sleep 😅
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2023.06.09 21:06 z-eldapin If you're about to be denied your rental due to your ESA, here's your evidence

I am not the OP. OP posed this on the landlord sub. If the potential renters are here, this is their proof of why their lease was denied
[landlord US - NH] prospective tenants mentioned having two ESA dogs on the day of lease signing .
Hi folks, ran into a pretty unique situation here. I bought a vacation home in northern New Hampshirite few years ago but only was able to use it a few times due to extremely busy work schedule and being busy with other rentals. Sadly decided to rent it out rather than losing money every month paying mortgage and tax. To my surprise I got a ton of responses and people were actually offering way more than my listing price ( after doing some research I realized I listed it for way too low . Had no idea how much people are willing to pay for a property in a rural town 😅). So I screen a bunch of people and finally decide to rent it out to this young couple in their 30s. No kids and they both work for a NYC based company remotely. Makes well over 300k combined so it was a no brainer to choose them. Everything goes right and I was supposed to sign the lease in person yesterday. I took some time off from work to go meet them at the property ( 2hr drive) and was excited to sign it. This is when they drop the ball on me, saying they totally forgot to mention they have two midsize dogs. But don’t worry they are emotional support animals with proper documentation and I can’t legally refuse em. Mind you my listing clearly said no pets because it’s a very nice cabin style house with solid hardwood through out and I really love this property and don’t want pets to ruin it. I felt like I was tricked so I refused to sign the lease. However, I didnt want to get in trouble by refusing legit ESA so I just told them I need to think about it and discuss with my partner first. I am supposed to let them know this weekend and sign it. To be honest I don’t really want them as tenants anymore as I feel like they were not honest with me. They reached out this morning offering an additional $300 to cover any pet related fees or damages. But it’s no longer about the money for me. What do you guys think I should do? And if I refuse to sign the lease what would be a good legal reason I can give them without any trouble ?
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