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2023.05.29 07:58 Upstairs-Onion-7252 I (21F) need help talking to someone (19F) who makes me feel like I'm talking to a brick wall

I (21F) am staying at my parents' house for a short break before my summer classes start. My sister (19F) and I are not on good terms. While I am autistic, had trouble fitting and am super awkward, she has grown up being the star of the family, and sometimes it seems like that has gotten to her head.
She GATEKEEPS her friends from me and tells me not to talk to them because I'm "embarrassing." However, her friends all seem really nice. Recently I remembered something very sweet her friend Katie had told me years ago, and brought it up to my sister.
She responded with, "I'm sorry but get a life! How do you remember random shit like that? You are literally throwing away your life."
I have tried reasoning with her. I told her I am happy with my life, that I'm doing the best I can, and saying these things is really hurtful. I told her she needs to think about how her words affect other people. She just rolled her eyes and said "please".
"Please" has become a dreaded word for me. Whenever my mom or my sister want to essentially shut me up, the say "please." It's a real conversation stopper. It also hurts me everytime.
However, what hurts the most happened a couple days ago. My parents were trying to get us to bond, and we started driving downtown to get ice cream. My sister was the one driving (my tremors have made it difficult to drive). She then accidentally hit the car in front of us and dented it. My parents were obviously freaking out when that happened, and she yelled, "if you guys didn't force me to hang out with HER, this would not have happened!"
Tl;dr: I am extremely hurt and was wondering how to best communicate with a sibling like that?
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2023.05.29 07:58 PixieDown Sudden, unplanned poodle parent..

Tl;dr: he lost his daddy, has to sleep in a cage (which I HATE), has to eat on a schedule now instead of free feeding, is now riding in the car every single day often multiple times a day, is getting more exercise than he's ever had in his life, and will likely be bathed every week or two instead of every 4 to 6 weeks. This is a massive amount of change.
I will take any advice that anyone can give me. About the breed, things you didn't know before you got your poodle, advice on how to deal and how to help him adjust... Anything is helpful right now.
Long version:
My grandpa died two days ago.
I had said a few months ago that when he died, I would take care of his dog. But I thought I had more time. That was dumb. I don't know why I thought he'd be fine for some years yet. He has been pretty fragile and stubborn. I guess I thought he was too tough to die, honestly.
So now I have a toy poodle whose world has changed DRASTICALLY. I know nothing about this breed. I have a dog literally ten times his weight and SHE is small to me. I know nothing about small dogs. I don't know how old he is. I go get his vet records Tuesday.
As far as I know, he has slept in bed with my grandpa all his life. My boyfriend won't let him in the bed. I slept on the couch with him the first night, but bought him a kennel for tonight. He can't be left free to roam because at different points my grandpa was too ill to care for him properly so the dog stopped giving cues when he needed to poop. He'll just trot to a quiet spot and poop. I take him out ALL the time, but it makes no difference to him where he goes, so until I re-establish potty routines, he has to sleep contained because BF will make me get rid of him if he goes in the house.
He has refused food since my grandpa died except for a few bites here and there. I can't leave his bowl down because my lardass lab mix eats it. She has to be fed on a schedule because she doesn't stop eating. If there is food, she eats. She was so obese when I first got her... So I don't know how to balance his lack of interest in food with the need to establish a feeding schedule.
My grandpa had not been very mobile for years. First his wife was frail, then his health declined. This dog does not seem used to riding in cars. I take my dog(s) literally everywhere I can get away with taking them (with him it was mainly back and forth home and to my gpas so he could process that gpa was still gone and that his old home is changing). The first few times in the car, he CLIMBED me, freaking out the whole way and wouldn't get down without freaking out worse. He has already learned not to do that, but he still whines and pants in the car. How long does it take him to not be scared of it?
Again with the not very mobile thing, I don't think he's used to being very active, period. I don't want to wear him out but it's so easy to do at this point. He is ready for a nap not even halfway through the day and reaches a point where he wants carried because he's tired. But he either has to come with me or be crated and I hate the crate and want to save that for when I'm at work and asleep, so he's gotta come with me otherwise. am I making the right choices here?
And last, I had to bathe him. I clipped the hair around his eyes because it was irritating them and gunking them up. How often can I bathe him?
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2023.05.29 07:57 steamierbadge22 [CA-BC][H] pbt noel, gmk nightrunner + novs, gmk dracula + highlights, gmk laser, qk65 r1, gmk hammerhead dark [W] paypal
Hi everyone,
Looking to clear out my remaining keysets/boards as I'll be moving soon. All prices include pp fees but not shipping and are in usd.
pbt noel: barely used, great condition with no shine visible. 45 usd + ship
gmk nightrunner + novs: used very lightly, shine is basically imperceptible. includes novelties. 180 + ship
gmk dracula + highlights: some alphas shined, mods are in good condition with no shine. highlights kit is in great condition with no shine. Not willing to split unless there are different buyers for base and highlights. 125 usd + ship for base, 95 usd + ship for highlights. 210 usd + ship for both.
gmk laser: good condition, no shine from what I can tell. 40 usd + ship.
qk65 r1: black chroma variant, hotswap, includes alu plate. r1 (wired only) and includes all original accessories and cable. Owlstabs are lubed and tuned. Built once and put back in box, no damage/wear LNIB condition. 160 usd + ship
gmk hammerhead dark: used sparingly, shine on a few alphas but overall condition is quite decent. 80 usd + ship
Please message me if you have any offers - I am looking to sell everything so I am willing to negotiate. Thanks for looking!
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2023.05.29 07:57 PublicEnemy0426 Succession Ending (Spoiler)

Succession ending. (SPOILER)
What do y’all think of Ken losing? Y’all think shiv was gonna do that? What was her real motive? She never really gave a legit answer… just jumping around it.. I did really like that Roman was with Ken and voted with him that made me happy. It was good to see a glimpse of what there family love was when they were swimming and making the “meal fit for a king”. It was really good to see that in the final episode. To show how much they really did love each other. Even though they hated each other at times, they always went back to each other and wanted the best, that’s what I got from my view. Ken was selfish at times. But he absolutely loved Waystar, he should have had it. I have loved him from the start. Honestly can’t believe Tom came in and took it! Shocking to me! I just don’t really know why Shiv was all upset.. but then went after Tom… then backed on Ken… if Logan was still around, what do you think would have happened straight up, we know how the show would do it… but his personality and the way he was in the show. I think he wouldn’t have given it to Tom, that’s for sure, I truthfully think that Kendall would be his choice, I know he loved shiv with everything in him, but I don’t think he would have her run it, and Roman is unpredictable and can’t rely on him to be professional. I absolutely love Roman and do think he wants the best for Waystar, but in the end he did what was best for his mental health and just get out basically, he was with Ken, and with shiv, from my point of view, it seems like he was leaning more going with the deal cause he knew he would be able to get away from it all and move on. What do you guys think, I absolutely loved the ride this show gave. I absolutely loved it
Let me know what y’all think!!?
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2023.05.29 07:57 Ambitious_Twist2325 Transaction fee

Hello my friend wants to transfer bitcoin as the merchandise value to my Thai bank account. So what should I prepare for this transaction? And what about fee and regarding to Thai laws how much can I deposit money for one day? Please let me know Thank you.
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2023.05.29 07:57 ProteanProxy Why are the new champion ability controls total ass?

This is probably major spoilers for anyone that hasn't done the Sage quests and received their abilities - so you've been warned if you haven't done them yet. This will also be a long post, so you've been warned about that oo.
No joke, how did the Zelda team/Nintendo work on this game for 5 years and not think about how annoying these abilities are to use the way they've been implemented here. Let's look at them all in order.
Wind - This ability is probably the most useful, since the prompt for it shows up when you're paragliding (a great time to actually use it) and it's actually a very useful tool for traversal. However when you're on the ground it's a total pain since 99% of the time I've activated it it happens by accident when Tulin gets too close to me and it sends the items I want to pick up flying into the distance. Major buzzkill. IMO the controls for this on the ground should have been similar for Revali's Gale (you press and hold X down, crouching and blasting the wind gust in front of you). This works in the air as well, since you would normally open the glider with X, and holding it down would summon the wind gust. Making it the A button the way they did it conflicts way too much with picking up items/interacting with things.
Fire - This ability is great for breaking rocks, if the cooldown wasn't super annoying, making you have to sit around during the down-time. Further Yunobo riding on every craft is a cool idea, but a total miss - he weighs down the craft and also aiming while flying is almost impossible in the vertical direction. On top of that his big ball self heavily obscures vision while flying. Once again, poor implementation. Pressing the attack button (Y) while on the craft should summon him onto the vehicle, with another Y press to shoot him out. He's good when you want him, you just don't want him all the time. As for the ground rollout attack, perhaps pressing Y when you have your bow aimed (ZR) would summon him in front of you in his rolling ball form, and make you shoot him out when you release the ZR trigger.
Water - This ability by far is the coolest. Automatic shield like Daruk's Protection, and a big AOE attack? Hell yeah! Except you need to talk to Sidon in the middle of the fight..when he's almost certainly elsewhere..and the effect only lasts for 10 seconds at which point you'll need to find him and talk to him again. IMO If you have him enabled and have your shield held down with ZL pressing A for the first time should activate him instead of parrying. After that pressing A would work as parrying normally would, the same way you could parry with Daruk's Protection active. And then attacking with the bubble around you with Y would work as it currently does. The 10 second cooldown for the effect is honestly perfectly fine if you can reliably activate it. They could even extend the cooldown a bit for that effect for balance since it's so strong already.
Lightning - Being able to summon a lightning strike is absolutely awesome, and a great addition. But once again, this is a poor implementation. How are you supposed to find Riju, talk to her, activate the ability, let the lightning AOE area expand to the necessary amount and then shoot the arrow you need in the middle of a fight while everything else is going on?? IMO the way this should have been done was by using the item fuse menu to your arrow. Normally on the far left side of the arrow-item fuse menu it says None/No item which is good when you want to fire a 'raw' arrow. I suggest that on the left side of the None it has a lightning symbol that you can switch to (not unlike fusing an item to your arrow normally) which starts the AOE lightning area expansion while you have that lightning symbol selected. The arrow then fires and works as it currently does now.
I know I probably sound super nitpicky but it grinds my gears so much the way they've done the Sage abilities compared to how well they were done in BOTW. I really love that the Sages fight alongside you in battle, but finding an opening mid-fight to find them, talk to them, activate their ability, and making sure you're actually talking to the right one when all 4 of them are around you and they're all the same blue colour is just way more trouble than it's worth, and I end up not using them anywhere near as much as I would like to. IMO there's no point having such great abilities when the barrier to entry of actually using them makes you not want to even touch them. Please tell me at least one other person on this sub can relate - it's driving me crazy lol
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2023.05.29 07:57 Relevant_Reaction931 Will my waiver be approved?

Ok back story is I broke my leg and the tibia/ fibia right where the talus is and had two screws put in. I had this surgery about seven years ago and I’m fairly active as I live on a farm moving 50-80lbs bails of hay and pellets. I got all my doctors notes and X-rays and dropped them to my recruiter but I don’t know if I’ll get a waiver. I have also been going on 3+ mile walks with jogging towards the end to work on my aerobic fitness.
Further more I take my ASVAB this Tuesday first PIcat at recruiters office and then straight to MEPS to verify. Wish me luck, please.
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2023.05.29 07:56 Acceptable-Source962 Confused.. married 18 yrs

Married 18 yrs but I am in good shape and take care of my body well. Husband says I am boring in bed and don’t do anything about it. He started discussing his fantasy with me in bed, that he talks to his ex-neighbor who is in almost 70, about me, and about sharing me, his wife, with this old neighbor. He gets turned on by the idea, and says he wants me to meet this old person when we go to that town next year. I have been telling him I hate this fantasy, but have sucked it up, and continue the active sex life. However, the other night I saw this old neighbor actually called him, and my husband was waiting for his call. It shocked me as I believed it was fantasy only. My husband now says that he’s been telling me this all along that he actually talks about me with this neighbor, and that it really turns him on, and that he is doing it for me. But he discusses everything about me, and this creep neighbor also talks about what he will do to me. My husband says I am overreacting and that I knew this all along and, he won’t call the neighbor if I don’t want it, but that he will not get turned on anymore by me as I don’t do anything. And is blaming me for leading to low sex going forward. I am at my wits end. I want a good sex life but not like this where I am being discussed with a creepy old neighbor. I really hate the idea.
Please advise on how I can handle this situation. I feel like a failure.
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2023.05.29 07:56 Desiringminds I hate that I’ve always felt alone.

Growing up in a strict, religious household made it impossible for me to ever even think about having a boyfriend. I had a different crush almost every year from elementary to high school. If I was brave enough, the most I would do was tell my friends to tell my crush that I like them since we’d all be in at least one class together. This was never success for me as I wasn’t very conventionally attractive at the time. I can only recall like 3 people who have ever expressed that they had a crush on me during my entire Kindergarten to 12th grade experience. However, I was never interested in anything serious with a guy during this time because I knew the only time I’d be able to hang out with them would be at school because of my strict parents. I never made an effort in the romance realm, and I wasn’t particularly bothered by it.
I was absolutely certain that in college this would change since I’d be moving out and I’d be surrounded by a lot more options + freedom. I also made some changes to my personal style, so I was now up-to-date with the current beauty standards/trends. Since I had never had any physical experience with a guy, I was extremely hesitant whenever I partied because I enjoyed dancing with men, but I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to kiss. Fast-forward to junior year and I had already kissed over 40 people because I would regularly party and meet new people. This is the most I would feel comfortable doing with 95% of those people because I still view sex as something very intimate.
‘Till this day, I have not had sex with a guy because I can’t bring myself to go that far with anyone that I am not in a serious relationship with. This is kinda embarrassing, but because of how sheltered I was, I didn’t even think couples in my HS we’re doing anything sexual. I thought we were all super young and that stuff like that is for couples who are more grown. I was exposed to porn since I was 10, so it’s not like I had some sort of aversion to sexual acts, but I just never fathomed that my peers were already partaking in it.
Now I’m 23 and can say I’ve never had a boyfriend. College made me realize that I am not ugly like I thought I was in middle/high school when my crushes didn’t like me back. Unfortunately, this realization opened up another issue. Maybe the problem never was my looks, but my personality and expectations…
I always pictured myself having the typical “young lovers” type of relationship that you see in romance novels. I thought college would be my time, but all I was met with were low-effort guys. I could name a handful of guys who unfollowed/unadded me from social media shortly after hanging out with me a few times (or even just once) even though I thought things went well in my head. Since I never had a boyfriend growing up, I feel like I would over-romanticize simple things that these guys did.
Since graduating college, I feel so much shame and just hurt from my experience with guys —
Shame: The majority of the physical experiences I’ve had with guys were when I was intoxicated. Looking back, I don’t think I would’ve done any of those things now if I had been sober, and I feel icky knowing that I let these guys touch me just to touch me, not because they actually liked me or saw something more in me. In the moment, I genuinely believed they were interested in me because I was interested in them.
Hurt: During my senior year, I decided to be completely celibate and didn’t kiss anyone or actively seek out guys. I met a guy (let’s call him James) from a dating app who I thought was perfect on paper because we had a lot of similarities when it came to our culture and general interests/hobbies. I knew he was into me, and it wasn’t all in my head. He would ask me to come over and we’d spend hours just talking or watching something and he never tried to do anything physical, so I knew he wasn’t like the other guys who just wanted me for my body. However, he never outright complimented me or asked me out on a proper date during the time that I knew him. I just thought maybe this was finally the guy who wanted to genuinely get to know me and have something with me from the way he described how us meeting was fate. But it never went any further even after a whole year.
My terrible luck with guys makes me wonder if I am the problem. Not once has a guy that I’m interested in wanted to actively pursue me. I always feel like I am the one that has to overcompensate to show the other person that I am interested. What makes all of this worse is that after graduating college, I went on a rabbit-hole of how I may have exhibited signs of BPD and autism all of my life and this might be the reason why I can’t form any kind of romantic relationship. This last guy, James, who I was talking to made me nervous. His nonchalant personality never made it clear if he just wanted to be friends or if he wanted to pursue something more. Because of this, I feel like I exhibited the negative qualities of my symptoms around him more. I could sense myself being awkward and tense at times when I was with him and it made me want to die inside because I didn’t know what he wanted or felt about me.
Looking back at everything now, I just can’t picture any guy understanding me fully or wanting to understand me fully. Because of my undiagnosed BPD, I notice myself “transforming” myself to cater to the interests of whichever guy that I am talking to at the time. Since I am aware of this now, it made me realize how no guy has ever gone above and beyond to impress ME or do something to cater to MY expectations/needs. I am now conscious of the classic phrase, “if he wanted to, he would.” I can’t blame men as a whole for this because obviously there are good men out there who exist and do everything they could to satisfy their partner. I just don’t believe there’s anyone out there like that who would do these things for me. I am an only child, so I’ve felt lonely most of my childhood. Now that I’m 23, it’s settled in me that I might be feeling lonely for even longer.
I try to be the “perfect” girl by dressing nice, maintaining my appearance, being kind/cordial, pursuing graduate-level education, but I don’t think I’ll ever be perfect in any guy’s eyes. I’m just so tired of being alone. I’ve had had success in almost every other aspect of my life, except this.
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2023.05.29 07:56 dotproduct_97 Is this progress ?

Is this progress ?
I already received the confirmation email immediately after applying and this received this a day after applying. This email also includes an email address of a HR. Should I take this as progress? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 07:56 Texasraised420 I (32m) can no longer tolerate the racist parents of my wife (31f) after 5 years of marriage

I will admit right off the bat that I have an anger issue and can explode if something bothers me too much. But it’s not over something like a spilled drink. It’s when people are racist, homophobic, just down right mean. Pretty much since day 1 the in laws have attacked me. They are hardcore right wing trump loving Christian’s. But like in the most awful extreme version of it that most people on their team wouldn’t agree with. I am not religious and lean more democratic but my main philosophy is simple, just don’t be an asshole and let people live if they aren’t hurting anyone. I am constantly attacked for my character or for the fact that I have mixed race/gay friends. They will just spark up a rant right in front of me about how gay people this or black people that. Every time I see them they remind me Biden and Obama ruined the country and anyone who votes that way should be hanged. I could go on and on im just trying to give you context of how they treat me which ultimately led to me exploding.
Anyways, this day the mom was ranting to the dad about how she can’t wait to die because life on earth sucks so bad and she’s just so miserable. Her 15 year old child also listening, who tells me he’s depressed probably learning it from his mother. So I explained to him you don’t have to feel that way and there’s a lot of good in this life. We can make our experience here like heaven if we work together. Or at the very least have a positive mindset to enjoy the time we have. But she was pissed telling her son don’t listen to this liberal atheist(I’m neither of those). Honestly at this point it’s exhausting typing out all she said and trying to explain everything.
At the end of it all I nicely asked if we could change the subject and just enjoy the pretty afternoon. That made them mad as if I told them they aren’t allowed to speak so they went off because I didn’t wanna hear racist political rants. I looked at my wife and said I’ll be in the car when you’re ready but please stay and finish your visit. I may have said miserable bitch under my breath to the mother as I walked away.
I just don’t know what to do. This happens more often than not. I KNOW this is my wife’s mother. And it’s all she has. Which is part of why she refuses to see her as doing anything wrong. Like she’s an alcoholic that offers drinks to her underage children because she wants to “have fun” or goes to bars and parties with her 21 year old meanwhile judges me for smoking pot and tells everyone I’m a no good stoner…. Yes I smoke but I don’t drink and drive. Also weed is legal in Washington. I wish I could give full context of the past 6 years without typing a novel. I know I need to mature and not let these things bother me. But I also can’t listen to a grown adult scream at the top of their lungs that liberals or gays should be shot.
Again I’ll say I know I need to mature and be nicer about this for my wife’s sake. But I just get super sensitive to peoples energy and when they are just miserable and hateful all the time I let it get under my skin. And then I do say hurtful things to my wife about her parents when we get home. Granted if any of you saw how they acted you’d probably be like fuck them people… but I try to see it from her perspective and not make myself the victim. But these people are truly a different breed from normal annoying in-laws.
Just sucks because my wife is a good person that’s just afraid of losing her family. Even if they manipulate her and all her siblings.
So her is my TL:DR / question.
My wife is sweat and innocent but subject to growing up in a horrible home. Her parents are racist/homophobic and constantly tell me I am a horrible person for my beliefs. I get mad an explode and my wife doesn’t do anything to stop them and let’s it slide every time. So I seem like that bad guy getting mad meanwhile it’s because her parents are saying extremely awful almost evil like things.
Do I just avoid the family from now on even though my wife will be hurt not having my around family events? Or do I try to just smile and pretend I’m not boiling inside every time I’m around them? Sorry if that was too long of context.
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2023.05.29 07:56 Speedbird_7983 Discord AI guessed top 3 and 4 demon names with very few hints.

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2023.05.29 07:56 Hewholooksskyward Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth - Chapter 21

My Patreon page:
Link to the Wiki page, with additional links to Clan information and background Lore.
First I Previous
Chapter 21: Forging The Chains
Thanks to Diggs’ jury-rigged repairs, Mako was just barely able to maneuver and dock with Peacemaker. Given the damage they’d sustained during the brief battle, they decided to take the smaller vessel in tow while the passengers and crew transferred over to the Precursor ship. They gathered at the airlock, as they exchanged nervous glances all around.
Reaching out with a steadying hand, Rúna touched the young Tinker’s shoulder. “Promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” she pressed him.
Diggs grimaced at her words. “... I promise,” he mumbled.
She nodded in satisfaction. “I’ll hold you to that,” she smiled. “This situation is complicated enough without you squaring off against Captain Hadad. Just steer clear of him. I imagine he’ll do the same.”
“I promise, Rúna,” he vowed once more. His crush on the red-headed Valkyrie had mostly faded, but based on how quickly he’d agreed, Genvass was betting there was still a spark.
Captain Taneka was hovering near her wounded XO. “How’s he holding up?” she asked the Knight, her concern regarding his injuries unmistakable.
“His vitals are still stable, but he needs surgery,” Doc Svoboda explained. “I can do it, but not in a vacuum. As soon as we’re aboard, I’ll take him to the infirmary and get to work.”
Before she could respond, the airlock started to cycle, ending any further discussion as the group turned their attention to the hatch. Two figures stood on the other side; Remi Hadad, and Samara. They gazed at the crowd from Mako, eyeing each of them, with the captain’s expression hardening as he spotted Diggs.
Genvass stepped forward, desperate to make this first meeting go as smoothly as possible. “Captain Hadad, Samara,” he said, nodding to each in turn, “we deeply appreciate you rescuing us from the Troika. I realize we have much to discuss, but we have a wounded man who needs immediate attention.” He gestured to Karl Israfil, still unconscious and lying on a stretcher.
The Corsair glanced over at Samara. “I assume you have somebody for that?” he asked her.
“I do,” she nodded, as something shifted in her expression and body language. “Bring the patient,” she ordered, her voice now sounding far different than it had previously.
The Knight looked dubiously at the Protean before Rúna intervened. “It’ll be all right,” she told him. “It must be one of her symbiotes.”
Svoboda slowly nodded. Practically every Terran was aware of Samara’s talents, courtesy of the Precursor artifact linked with her. With a veritable host of stored personalities contained within, there were few tasks she couldn’t master. “You’re a doctor?” he asked.
Physician 2nd Grade Rithir Merkott,” the cognate confirmed. “This vessel has a fully stocked medical bay,” he explained, “and treating your patient’s injuries should pose no difficulty.”
It was obvious the medic still had doubts, but his concern for his patient’s physical well-being superseded everything else. With a nod, he and the other stretcher bearers lifted the wounded man from the deck and carried him aboard Peacemaker, following Samara’s lead.
Genvass stepped forward, with Rúna and the others alongside, only to come to an abrupt halt as Remi held up his hand. “No weapons,” he ordered. “You can leave them here in the airlock.”
“No way in hell we’re letting you disarm us,” the Valkyrie snarled.
“And there’s no way in hell I’ll allow you the means to hijack this ship,” the pirate countered. “Don’t stand there and tell me you don’t already have a plan in the works to do just that.”
Rúna worked her jaw but said nothing. “Your silence speaks volumes,” he said knowingly. “Dump your weapons, or stay on Mako. Your choice.”
Her hand unconsciously went to her sword. “I’m not leaving the Ambassador unprotected,” she fired back. “Besides,” she drawled, “I only see one of you, and four of us. So maybe you should just step aside and drop this, Captain.” The other Valkyries tensed, readying themselves for action.
“If you want to take your chances with Peacemaker’s security safeguards, be my guest,” he smiled thinly, “though I doubt you’ll enjoy the experience.”
Her eyes narrowed. “You’re bluffing,” she decided, her hand twitching on the. sword’s hilt.
Genvass hurriedly stepped between them. “Please, there’s no need for this,” he pled with them both, before turning and addressing Rúna. “I appreciate your concerns, but I’m certain we’ll be safe.” He turned back to face the captain. “Will you give your oath that no harm will come to anyone aboard this ship?”
Hadad chewed on that for a moment, before giving a gruff nod. “As long as they abide by the rules, I give you my word no harm will come to them,” he agreed.
Armed with his promise, Genvass closed ranks with the Valkyrie. “He’s given his word,” he petitioned. “Please, stand down, Rúna,” he beseeched her.
She ground her teeth together so hard that he could hear it from a meter away. “I can’t. Leave you. Unprotected,” she fought to get out, her sense of duty warring with the risk of putting her people in danger.
The ambassador’s eyes darted back and forth between them, desperately searching for a compromise. “What if you allowed her to keep her sword?” he blurted out. “The other weapons would remain here, just as you requested. I’m certain that a single sword would be no match against this ship’s defenses, should it prove necessary.” He silently implored the Corsair to accept his proposal, allowing Rúna to save face. She was a proud young woman, but more importantly, she was a Marine. The word “surrender” simply wasn’t in her vocabulary.
He could see just how badly Remi wanted to dismiss the notion out of hand, but in the end, he was also a pragmatist. If he dug in his heels, it was likely that Rúna would do the same, sending them both on a collision course that could only end in blood.
Fine,” he said at last, “but it damn well better stay sheathed.”
Genvass could tell that even allowing that much cost him, but it was the right decision. Now he just had to sell it to Rúna. “We can’t stay aboard Mako,” he reminded her, “and though I know it cuts against the grain for you, will you accept this arrangement? I’m certain it’s only temporary. I doubt we’ll be here for long.”
She glared at Remi, incensed he’d put her in this position. Thankfully, she was also a pragmatist, all too aware this was the best deal she was likely to get. Genvass held his breath as she weighed her options, before finally giving her team a nod. He sighed in relief as they began clearing and stacking their weapons, collecting quite a pile of hardware before they were done. Once they’d finished disarming themselves under Captain Hadad’s watchful gaze, they moved to join their commander, until Rúna held up her hand and brought her sergeant to a halt.
“Becca… your hideout piece,” she said calmly.
The sergeant’s eyes flashed with something unreadable before slowly removing a concealed pistol from the small of her back. Locking and clearing the sidearm almost as an afterthought, she added it to the pile before giving Rúna a questioning look. A curt nod was her only reply before moving to join the others. Turning back to face the Corsair, she placed her hands on her hips. “Satisfied?” she sneered.
“Completely,” he answered, far more affably than recent events might suggest.
“Go find Doc,” she ordered her team, “and bring him up to speed. I expect I’m going to be busy here for a while.”
“Aye aye, ma’am,” Becca acknowledged as the marines exited the compartment.
“There’s one more passenger,” Genvass informed Remi, “Ess Peon. She’s an Avatar. I hope that won’t be a problem?”
“Considering that even Samara’s friends found it all but impossible to hack into Peacemaker’s systems, I’m not worried,” he answered. “Speaking of which, I imagine they’ll be joining us shortly, once they finish treating your patient.” Jerking his head towards the entrance, Remi prompted them both to follow him aboard. “I believe we’re past due for a conversation,” he said cryptically, leading them into the bowels of the ship, before finally reaching an almost invisible hatchway. The door silently slid open as he stepped inside.
“Make yourselves comfortable,” he told them, before pouring himself a glass and taking a seat. Genvass found a spot opposite of him, while Rúna perched on the edge of a nearby chair, mindful of her sword, while the Corsair touched an icon on the console beside him, bringing a monitor to life.
“We get any electronic passengers, Xuilan?” he asked the pilot.
“We sure did,” she confirmed. “I’ve got her stored in the buffer for now. Just waiting on the word from you.”
“Keep her away from the critical systems and databases, but other than that, I think we’re good,” he instructed her. “Let me know if there are any problems. Hadad, clear.” That accomplished, he blanked the screen and returned his attention to his guests.
“You said we should talk,” the ambassador began, “and I agree. I recently had a conversation with my clan leader, which led me to the conclusion there’s more going on here than any of us realize.”
“There usually is,” Remi observed.
Genvass nodded in agreement. “Before I relay to you the contents of our discussion, I would dearly like to know why you stole this ship and attacked the To’uuk homeworld.” He shook his head dolefully, as the weight of it all settled on his shoulders. “I don’t think you fully grasp what you’ve set in motion.”
“I am well aware of what we’ve begun,” Remi fired back.
“Are you?” the diplomat asked pointedly. “You had to realize how this ship would be seen by the other races. If it was your intent to impress upon them our superiority, there were other ways of accomplishing that. Safer ways, ones that wouldn’t turn even our allies against us.”
“The Alliance was a marriage of convenience, nothing more,” he said derisively. “The only reason it ever existed was because of the Troika. If it hadn’t been for them running roughshod over everyone else, you couldn’t have got those species to agree that water was wet. It was fear that drove them together, nothing more.”
Genvass started to speak, but Rúna beat him to it.
“You arrogant bastard,” she snarled. “You want to know who created the Alliance? I did. Me and Kai. We traded the Oivu the telepathic cure for them spreading the word. And it worked,” she growled. “If it wasn’t for the Alliance, you wouldn’t be sitting in that chair. They fought side by side with us, all the way to the bitter end. Maybe that doesn’t mean much to a pirate,” she said with scorn, “but it damn well meant something to us. And you are pissing all over it.” Rúna glared at him, daring him to make a move.
“... I step out for two minutes, and you’re already at each other’s throats,” Samara said from the doorway. Sighing theatrically, she poured herself a drink before taking a seat beside Remi. “If you kids can’t play nice, I’ll send you both to bed with no supper.” Grinning at her own witticism, she turned her attention to the ambassador. “Nice to see you again, Genvass,” she smiled. “What brings you by?”
“We were in the neighborhood,” he said dryly. “How’s your patient?”
“He should make a complete recovery,” she assured him. “I’ve already informed his captain.”
“That’s good news,” he answered. “But as relieved as I am to learn Karl’s going to be fine, we have much bigger problems.” He paused for a moment, struggling to find a diplomatic way of making his point, before opting for brevity instead. “You’ve declared war on the galaxy in humanity’s name,” he said in quiet horror. “Every species in the Perseus Arm is now aligned against us, and for what?” Genvass shook his head, unable to fathom their actions. “What could you possibly hope to gain?”
Freedom,” Samara answered. “Freedom from exploitation, freedom from tyranny, freedom from slavery. We spent two hundred years dancing to their tune. Never again.”
“We already had that,” he retorted. “Once we claimed New Terra, no one could touch us, and you both knew that. Attacking the To’uuk convinced every other species they could be next, and they’re scared. Scared people do not make rational decisions. Terra knows we certainly don’t,” he said in dismay.
“They’re afraid of us?” Remi smiled. “Good. They should be scared. For two centuries they’ve harried us, tortured us, and even killed us when it suited them. Now it’s our turn.”
“So you plan on punishing the entire galaxy for the actions of a few,” he said in revulsion. “You want to commit mass murder on a scale that not even the Troika ever conceived of? What the hell is wrong with you?” He looked at them each in turn, as consternation filled his mortal soul. “And worst of all? I’ve heard this rant before. We all have.” Leaning forward, he fixed them both with his stare. “You sound exactly like Elder Brother when he unleashed the Yīqún.” The two glanced at one another in surprise before looking back at Genvass, their expressions hardening. “This isn’t about freedom, or security, or even justice,” he hissed. “This is about revenge, nothing more.”
“And what if it is?” Samara demanded. “Do you have any idea what I endured when I was forced to work for the Troika? Do you know how many of my fellow Proteans I saw turned into crippled lumps of flesh, so they could play god?” Her eyes went ice cold as she whispered, “Do you know how many innocents they forced me to murder, just to stay alive?
“You think you’ve got the market cornered with playing executioner?” Rúna spat out. “You killed in… what? Ones and twos and threes? Those are rookie numbers. We killed in dozens and hundreds and thousands, depending on the contract. And as much as I’d like to claim I was fighting on the side of the angels, the truth is most of them were only guilty of having something those in power wanted for themselves.” She snorted in disgust. “So spare me your fucking pity party.”
“This is pointless,” Remi sneered. “It’s obvious we won’t convince one another. Besides, what’s done is done. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. The other races will simply have to accept that things have changed. The Troika ruled over this galaxy for five thousand years. Now, it’s our turn.”
“And so the cycle of vengeance continues,” Genvass said quietly. “Round and round it goes, and no one is safe from it.” He looked up at them both, his eyes wet with emotion. “Is that the future you want for our people? For our children, after all we’ve suffered?” He buried his face in his hands, overcome with sudden emotion, before slowly rising to his feet.
“... I have to believe there’s a better way,” he implored them, giving them both one last look before exiting the compartment.
First I Previous
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2023.05.29 07:55 Opening_Cow4809 Very bloated not in order tierlist of one piece characters based on how much I like them. Please roast me (I crave attention)

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2023.05.29 07:55 pixelmonkeyIND Need Suggestions for resorts in Mysore !

Ya'll, need suggestions for some resorts in Mysore with a conference hall that can accommodate about 15-20 people. Top of my head, I can think of The Village and Silent Shores. Let me know if there are other places too, thanks! :)
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2023.05.29 07:55 thequeasydream I don’t know how to interpret what’s going on. Does anyone have any ideas?

There is a guy(21ftM) I(28-AFAB) work with, let’s call him Andrew. When he started, I never talked to him. The whole time I just kept to myself. My mental health hasn’t been great. When spring came around I’ve been feeling better and have been trying to be more social. He was friendly with me and would say hi, and things were cool.
One day, I swiped right on him on tinder. He said hey, and a few days later I messaged him on there asking if he wanted to go to the 420 fest with me. He never answered, I figured he didn’t use it much or something, so I just deleted my tinder because I don’t like using it anyway. The next few days, he gave me his number.
I texted him a couple days later, I’m a slow texter and so is he I guess. We had basic small talk and the conversation died off quickly. The last message I got didn’t encourage further convo so I just left it and figured he didn’t want to talk to me. That’s when things got weird. Whenever I’d see him, he seemed uncomfortable and would break eye contact and just give off “I don’t want to talk to you” vibes and I knew it was nothing I said, we just had surface level talk. I thought I had inadvertently made things weird, so I gave space and gave up.
I talked to a mutual friend Sam(30ftM) we aren’t really friends though, he just talks to me at work. He tried to be friends with me but he is moving in a few months so I have kept my distance) and we got on the subject of him. He said Andrew told him I unmatched with him on tinder and that he thought he made me uncomfortable, so he gave me space, which mirrored exactly what I was doing. I reached out to Andrew the next day and said I talked to Sam and explained. I then clarified that I am just trying to make friends and he said I’m good and explained himself too, and said he’s always looking for new friends so that’s cool. I hearted the message and figured it was all cleared up.
So today I see him at work and go to say hi, thinking we cleared things up. But I get the same standoffish vibe/avoidance of eye contact. So I didn’t try to make further conversation. He is friendly to other people, and he, Sam and another girl have a friend group that goes out for lunch together. I walked by them while going on lunch and Sam said hi to me to just be friendly I guess. He pretty much gave up on being friends with me and stopped talking to me for the most part. They were all talking and laughing and asking each other who wanted what for lunch. I just walked by and kept to myself, and they went out for lunch together.
I feel like such an unwanted outcast/weirdo. I don’t know how to interpret this situation. what would you do?
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2023.05.29 07:55 Bubbly_Draft158 AnarchyChess: The Unlikely Culprit Behind My Hilariously Chaotic Downfall

Hey fellow AnarchyChess enthusiasts! Gather around and brace yourselves for the bizarre tale of how this seemingly innocent chess variant turned my life into a whirlwind of en passant jokes and bishop vacation anecdotes. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride!
It all began innocently enough. I stumbled upon this subreddit, excitedly delving into the world of AnarchyChess. The name alone piqued my interest, promising a unique and unconventional chess experience. Little did I know that it would take my life on a topsy-turvy journey that would rival any soap opera plot.
One fateful day, feeling particularly witty, I decided to share an en passant joke in a comment thread. The response was overwhelming! I was showered with upvotes, accolades, and virtual high-fives. My ego soared higher than a chess queen on steroids. Emboldened by my newfound comedic prowess, I ventured further into the realm of absurdity.
Soon enough, my comments were filled with tales of bishops taking vacations in unimaginable places, namely people's posteriors. Don't ask me how or why that became a recurring theme, but it did. AnarchyChess had twisted my sense of humor in ways I never thought possible.
I found myself unintentionally turning casual chess discussions into bizarre comedic routines. People who stumbled upon my comments were both bewildered and entertained, although I suspect more of the former. My reputation as the "En Passant Jokester" spread like wildfire across the subreddit. It was simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying.
But as the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." In my case, it was more like, "With great jokes come great consequences." You see, my newfound fame had its drawbacks. I became a magnet for the strangest of people—bishops on vacation enthusiasts, en passant connoisseurs, and everything in between.
My inbox became a battlefield of weirdness. Messages flooded in, filled with stories of bishops gone rogue, knights riding invisible unicorns, and pawns staging rebellions against their kings. It was madness! It seemed that the very chaos I had embraced in AnarchyChess had taken control of my life.
I would walk down the street, and strangers would approach me, saying things like, "Hey, you're the en passant guy, right? I've got a great story for you!" It became increasingly difficult to maintain a semblance of normalcy when I was consistently bombarded with the absurd and unconventional.
Friends and family grew concerned, questioning my sanity. They couldn't understand why I had become so fixated on bishops' vacations and the en passant rule. They urged me to seek help, but what they failed to realize was that AnarchyChess had already consumed me. I was in too deep.
So, my fellow AnarchyChess enthusiasts, I share this cautionary tale with you. Be careful what jokes you make, for they may become your life's anthem. Remember that chess, even in its most chaotic form, should never invade the sacred boundaries of common decency. And as for bishops taking vacations in people's behinds... well, let's just say that's a journey best left unexplored.
Keep the spirit of AnarchyChess alive, but remember to laugh responsibly, my friends. May your kings be uncheckmated, your pawns be resilient, and your jokes remain somewhat appropriate. Cheers!
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2023.05.29 07:55 spawkle Cool abandoned places

I live in rancho cucamonga, i love to explore, i would love to find abandoned places but i just can’t seem to find any… Does anyone know any cool abandoned houses, or places with a lot of graffiti? I heard deep in mt baldy there’s torn buildings with graffiti, i’ve seen pictures from my friends but i just want to find someting cool of my own, please let me know!
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2023.05.29 07:55 AedanUndea Broke Dev needs HELP 😭

Broke Dev needs HELP 😭
Competitive "shooting" (w/ food) android game. When you get hit, you may choose to become a baby monster but with the risk of one-hit-disconnection. If you're mobile VR fan please feel free to check it out on Google Play Store. The growth of this game will greatly help me survive this initial struggle.. please also join my community if you want more of my games in the future. ☺️ A small donation will be hugely and gratefully appreciated!!
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2023.05.29 07:55 Porygon-Bot Scarlet and Violet Daily Casual Trade Thread for 29 May 2023

Welcome to the /pokemontrades Scarlet and Violet Daily Casual Trade Thread!

This thread is for competitive/casual trades, and tradebacks, in Scarlet and Violet.
Do not trade, or tradeback, shiny or event Pokémon or event serial codes in this thread.
- - -

Subreddit trading rules do apply!

No trading of hacked, cloned, illegal, or otherwise illegitimate Pokémon will be tolerated under any circumstances. Definitions of these terms are available in the Legitimacy Policy.

Please keep in mind:

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Stay alert, and happy trading!
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2023.05.29 07:55 ThrowRa644698 Is it unfair of me 22F to tell my 22M boyfriend that I want to eventually be a stay at home mom?

I (F22) have been in a very loving and caring relationship (M22) for almost 2 years now. I truly feel so lucky to have him in my life. He treats me with respect and he has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve met. The only thing that bothers and also scares me is that I feel like we don’t have the same lifestyle goals and values. I was raised in a more traditional family where my dad was the one making most of the money and he was always so ambitious and driven to give himself and his family a better life than what he had. My mom was the glue that kept as together. She was a stay at home mom for most of my childhood and I truly believe that she is the reason I am the person I am today. From a very young age I’ve know 2 things about myself. 1. That I don’t want to live a simple life and 2. That I so badly want to be a mom and raise my own children.
Since we’ve been dating nearly 2 years now this is something that I’ve brought up with him. He finds it very unfair that I would “get to stay home and raise our kids” while he was to make all the money. I can understand his perspective to an extent. But he makes it sound like I just wanna lounge all day while he works. I am a very driven person and I’ve always worked really hard to achieve the future I want for myself. I am graduating nursing school this year and starting aesthetics to eventually open up my own clinic. I do this because I know that I do not want a simple life and I have so many things I want to experience and also give my future kids these experiences. I also want my future husband to be on the same wavelength as me. My bf is happy living a simple life. He doesn’t care about nice vacations or a nice house. When I first met him he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and I think I was a great source of motivation and support for him. Now he is applying to law school with a great LSAT score. He worked extremely hard for it and I’m so proud of him. By no means am trying to say it was because of me, he is the one that made it happen. I was his main encouragement though. I am always supporting him and being there for him and cheering him on.
Eventually, when we have a stable income I would love to take a few years off to be with my children and most importantly raise them with our values. My bf is focused on the relationship being equal and thinks it’s unfair of him to be the main income . Is this unfair of me to ask this of him? I truly don’t know if I’m asking for too much. Please help
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2023.05.29 07:54 No_Foot_5540 Help me out, I’ll help you out.

I'm on a link-clicking journey, so please assist me! Let's make this a big success!
Code for code: 158271040
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