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Casual Gearing in 10.1

2023.05.11 20:21 evildemonic Casual Gearing in 10.1

How do I get to 390 so I can do LFR without doing mythic+?
I'm sitting at ilvl 383, I have my Lost Landcaller set (mostly 385) + 2 piece Drakebreaker (upgraded to 385) . I would like to get into LFR this weekend, but apparently I need to be 390. Been farming rares in a raid in the new cavern the last few nights and got a 402 cloak after 2 dozen rares...but I'm going to need more than that. I am almost maxed out on flight stones, and I'm not sure what to do with these. Can they buy gear that is 400+ ilvl?
I'm a Balance Druid, if that helps.
What do you folks suggest I do to get 390 as quick as possible? Thanks!

EDIT to add: I have 9 Crests and am now maxed out on flightstones (2000). I did keep some 380ish greens that look like they can be upgraded...I am lost on what to do here, so any advice is appreciated.
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2023.04.25 02:07 WhosJeremiah Resto Druid mogs

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2023.04.07 03:55 T0RSTIN Human Druid

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2023.04.06 23:48 Possession-Healthy Purple Feral Druid Mog

Purple Feral Druid Mog
don’t really have a name for it but i’ve been rocking this mog for a while now and I love this color of purple. I’ve just added the mask and I mean it adds a bit of flair but i’m including with and without the jester mask ! I could be wrong but i don’t believe any of these pieces are from the same set, maybe you can include the waist, wep, and shoulders all from legion but let me know if you guys want to see more of my characters purple mog i’ve got! it’s my favorite color and there are so many good purple options for all of the armor types!
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2023.03.22 22:30 kshep1188 Highmountain Earth Druid.

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2023.02.18 10:37 SFinseth Blue Bear druid

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2023.01.31 20:58 GarbageGato The Conversion Catalyst can eat me

I went to upgrade my M+ pants, got the prompt “are you sure you want to upgrade [your M+ pants]?” I hover over shoulders to check that I don’t want those instead. I decide nah I want the pants, so I hit okay on pants.
You have received Lost Landcaller’s Mantle
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2023.01.26 00:52 kudles Thoughts on my mog? Especially my helm

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2023.01.24 16:48 mar00nst4r Revival Catalyst and Tier Sets

Edit (2/2/2023): Since this post seems to get a lot of traffic from searches I wanted to add / change things to help new readers
An overview of the Revival Catalyst
TLDR on Catalyst charges: Once the catalyst is unlocked you get an account wide weekly quest (any character at max level contributes to the completion) that gives you a single catalyst charge (to a max of 6 charges) for all characters (current and future) on that account which each character individually uses.
Example: You complete the weekly quest 3 times for a total of 3 charges. If you used 2 charges only on your main character any other character you have will still have 3 charges. Also, getting a character to level 70 afterwards will give that character 3 catalyst charges to use.
Now, with the Revival Catalyst out I wanted to hopefully help others make an informed decision on what piece of armor to upgrade for PVP. A few things of note regarding the Catalysts interaction in PVP...
So you can see what stats will be on your tier sets... here are links to help you check and choose which pieces you'd want based on what stats are important to your spec.
Death Knight
Demon Hunter
Happy converting.
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2023.01.16 00:36 EthanWrenn I Currently Hold Some of the Best Parses in the new World of Warcraft Vault of Incarnates Raid for Guardian Druid

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2023.01.11 12:06 BlueParadoxxx Vault choice

Vault choice
395 Balance druid 4 set
I simmed my vault in topgear and the bracers are my biggest upgrade.
I currently have 376 Ottuk hide bracers.. I have 4 set and 402 off piece shoulders.
Normally I would just take the bracers but the setpiece is upgradable and I don't see myself doing Diurna anytime soon. Heroic I got Diurna on farm so that would make 411 shoulders.
What would you guys do?
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2023.01.04 15:59 CrazyRagdoll Can you roll need on Tier that you already have? Dude was trying to sell Tier shoulders before we even pulled the boss.

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2023.01.04 01:21 Grelly99 Idk which one to chose

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2022.12.28 15:08 SofyPipa Lost Landcaller's Robe

Today i got this chest from the great vault, wht is this? is not the standard crimson pvp gear and it has some strange stats like crits.
Is that good?
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2022.12.27 20:05 ChrischinLoois Stonepaw, Guardian of the Span

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2022.12.21 15:55 opareddits Is this a PVP tier piece or what? Does the set bonus work on pvp?

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2022.12.21 15:08 gaming-throwaway Great Vault question - Set pieces without versa, why?

my vault contained 2 set pieces in the pvp section. lost landcaller's. they are pvp items, as in they scale, but they have the raiding set bonuses. for whatever reason they come without versa on them though. is there any reason to pick one of those over the the third item, a ring, which has versa on it? can i change the stats on those items? can i destroy them and apply the set bonus to another item? not really sure what is going on.
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2022.12.21 10:06 _redbone_ Tier set gear in PvP vault?

Tier set gear in PvP vault?
Hi, can any1 explain why I got a tier set gear in the PvP section of the Vault and why does it scale to 424 in arenas?
My other question is, does that mean that tier set bonus works if Arena?
Can't seem to find it on google anywhere.
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2022.12.16 10:04 Yazzle92 New druid mog

New druid mog
Managed to grab two items from the raid release this week and pulled this mog together.
Would love to know what you think and if you got any recommendations for it =)
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2022.11.15 19:32 Key_Ad5429 booba slider confirmed?

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2022.10.27 07:12 Profoundsoup This is what you get when you take leveling gear and add flaming spikes to it

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