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2023.06.10 03:04 Zestyclose_Drama44 Free Schema Plugin?

I want to add multiple schemas like article, FAQs and the plugins I tried just have option for 1. Does anyone know free plugins? Or Plugins that has an option to add multiple custom schema code
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2023.06.10 03:04 AutoModerator [] [Get] ✔️ Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom.
In this course, I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead, we go through step by step and build a real live Shopify store that does over $350,000 in the first month of being live (profitable right from the get-go). I explain everything along the way and talk about how I scale much further from there!
The main focus of this course is to help beginners build a store on Shopify and market it through Facebook ads. In addition, I will also teach you how to properly structure your ads in a way that will bring consistent results.
Due to the pandemic, people are more used to longer shipping times than ever. Combined with how effective and profitable Facebook ads currently are, I truthfully don’t think there has been a better time to get into dropshipping.
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Main reasons why most people fail at this business model.
1st They listen to useless youtube advice that is outdated and made to steer you in the wrong direction.
2nd People waste too much time on finding a winning product, instead of learning how to properly market to customers’ emotions.
3rd Newbies tend to always focus on the least important factors like making the store, instead of learning how to properly market and scale.

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 03:03 SquirelFeed 5E] [Online] [Wednesdays] [6-9PM PST] [18+] [Streamed] People Needed for a Wonky Game With A Magic Item Dollar Store Run by a Cat!

Hello! I’m the DM!
Hey there! I'm Drake, but the things below the line in this post were written by Percy. It's explained below, but my campaign is the one mentioned in the title as "The Fire Called Life". I don't have a name for it, though based on what he's been through I will say that fits quite nicely.
As a DM, I focus more on descriptions rather than HP usage for damage since HP is used to describe the well being of a character in a fight to the death. I have a homebrew blood type system, though it works in tandem with 5e mechanics quite well.
I have a table for every "bloodline", aka a group of blood types that certain creatures can have. When a character is created, I make a note of their blood type and bloodline. The bloodline is determined by their race and creature type, and the blood type specifically is a roll from me that's kept secret and only affects their chances of getting certain diseases.
My campaign centers around a colonialistic concept, though I would describe it as a lore-fueled exploratory political thriller. There's three factions, in total, that conflict with each other. They're each decently fleshed out, and I'm happy to DM more about them if need be!
The main one is the Enlistment, the colonists. They were picked from their units in their respective nations on a continent far from this one and offered a handsome sum of 3k gold per family to work with in order to establish a connection and civilization on a ship. They traveled for three years aboard said ship to reach the continent where the campaign takes place, and the colony has run into problems in the 30 years since they washed up on a rocky, mountainous coastline dotted with ruins.
Through the journey they did form a community, but with any community comes cliques. The seafarers by trade were snobbish, and combined with the craftsmen they ruled the life on the ship. Children, towards the end of the journey, began throwing their siblings overboard when disease struck or food was low. Of course, those who had enlisted from the likes of militaristic or political organizations also formed up during this time to punish those found harming the chances of the colony. Bad children were said to be taken to the captain's quarters in the massive ship and were never heard from again.
That perilous journey is over, however, and the colony long-established. The establishment of such a civilization has not come without pushback and warning from the local wandering tribes of bugbear, kobolds, and dragonborn. For this reason, a defense force was set up at a halfway point, a no-man's-land where a few scouts from the tribes were present in the shadow of a cliff dotted with holes and cavernous spaces.
So far, not a soul on either side has heard from that camp and the tensions are higher than they ever were between the natives and the colonists. But there have been lives lived, dead buried, and children born unto this and this is all they know. The journey is far too perilous to be made with the current resources, and the civil unrest from within is spreading as many of the citizens of the colony feel cheated and lied to, paid to die.
That’s the briefing the players were given before they made characters.
Currently, though the two previous sessions should have VODs on Twitch, here’s a recap:
They started out in the Establishment where they went to the edge of the forest and encountered a dragonborn who decided to go with them. During the night they encountered another person, seemingly hunting a creature. The tracks led them to a cave, and a slaughtered camp laid at the mouth of it.
Like any sane adventurers, they rushed into the mouth of the cave and they encountered an old church of Lolth. Within the church lurked an abomination that nearly killed them. After they took it down, they heard steps from outside. Upon getting ready for another fight, they met a Drow named Srelia. She started walking with the two that weren’t the dragonborn, as he decided to go his own way, and led them to a hill overlooking her home city.
That's from a while ago. Drake again btw.
Right now they're in the lair of a sea hag, and something darker. They were sent on a mission to find a flower that can supposedly help cure a plague in a town where magic has no effect on it's residents.
They've found the flower, but are now trapped in an underwater city (it's got a very current-day modern feel to it, and the Warforged is trying to make friends with a sunken Mazda right now) They need to find a way out, and your character could be the key.
Now that you’re caught up, they’re level 6 and you will be too if you join, I have a favor to ask.
We’re friendly and relaxed. Easy-going and chill. But we do use Discord for voice chat, D&DBeyond for character sheets, and Tabletop Simulator for the game itself. We were a full party, but one of the players hasn’t shown up (after asking what time the session was earlier that day) at all. And then the one I brought in to replace the original one who had scheduling conflicts hasn’t shown their face either. It doesn’t matter what you play as long as you have fun.
We roll our stats on the Discord we play in. Homebrew needs to be approved by me, and there’s 9 different pantheons to choose from. The stat rolls are basic: one roll for everyone. There’s easy intro points right around the corner, but if you want to take more time and/or just sit in on a session, you definitely can!
We RP a LOT, but also some of the group has a little bit of a temper.
For more details, feel free to message/chat me here! Or on Discord!
SquirelFeed#1711 is my Discord! Be sure to send me your Reddit name too if you choose to only reach out through Discord.
Also! I'll try to run it next week and the week after but I'm not sure if I'll be able to due to the fact we use Tabletop Simulator and I'll be running things from my laptop.
Sometimes things aren't super smooth either, just as a warning, due to the fact I have DID and therefore have severe amnesia at times and my DMing style can change from alter to alter.
I think that's about it... And if this doesn't tickle your fancy but wanna know how the game goes, feel free to shoot me a message or comment or something and just say as much :) Who knows? If you're not joining, I might just lore dump to you if you want me to. If my game doesn't seem like what you're looking for, I wish you the best of luck.
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2023.06.10 03:02 Glittering_Ad_1681 Elderly Aunt Advice Needed

Elderly Aunt (77yrs old) I'm looking for advice about my elderly aunt who lives alone in Sydney (we live in another state) My Aunt dated a man for around 10 years and he lived with her. He was around 20 years younger (possibly more) They broke up but remained friends. This man later married a woman from Vietnam and they've had a child, the baby is around 2years old. My aunt has been very involved, they ask her to babysit, pick the child up from daycare, she cooks for them, cleans their house and basically does anything they ask. Neither of the parents work they're both on Centrelink payments and live in a commission house. My aunt is on the pension and still works casually. She owns her own unit. She doesn't have a lot of money but has always worked and been self sufficient. But lately because she's been helping them out she complains a lot about having no money.
Last year the friends wife asked my aunt if her parents can live with her for around 3 weeks, she brought her parents over from Vietnam hoping to get them residency. 3 weeks has turned into 5 months. So now on top of being their maid and babysitter, she's also got this lady's elderly parents living with her in her flat. She said they pay her $150 a week rent, but I don't know what else they pay for (food, bills etc?) I also recently discovered that my Aunts ex and his wife are not legally married, they only got married in Vietnam and she receives single parent payment. I don't know how it's possible cause I assume they're still considered defacto and are living together? So how is she receiving single parenting payment? My aunt told me that's how they're affording to pay her $150week rent for her parents.
At one stage she was in a relationship with a 30 year old man from India, his parents wanted him to marry her and they were/are in constant contact with her. No matter what we said she wouldn't listen. She hides a lot from us now so I don't know if they're still in contact. She would tell me he's a good man and loves her a lot, but I think a 30yr old man wanting to marry a 77yr old lady is weird and doesn't sound right. And his parents are weird for encouraging it. This man's mother is always speaking to my aunt. It doesn't feel right, it feels kind of predatory.
So along with this man from India (he still lives in India and only travels here occasionally) and her ex using her and treating her like a personal maid and nanny, it's become infuriating. Look, she deserves friends and companionship, but it shouldn't be a one way street, where she does everything and they give her nothing.
My mum and other Aunt, along with the rest of us, are fearing that she's being used and possibly in danger. We don't care about the flat she owns, we all have money and our own houses, so this isn't about her future will or estate, her flat isn't worth much to us. But we do think it's worth something to them. What if she gets sick? What if she loses her house to them and ends up homeless? What if she needs a nursing home one day and needs to sell her flat but these people are still living there? They're not looking after her, she's looking after them! And she's the type of person that if you ask for anything she'll give it to you.
I asked her many times to come to Melbourne, even for a visit to stay with me (like she often did in the past) but because of them she hasn't been able to travel, she doesn't want to leave the house to them alone while they're living there and she doesn't seem to have any money these days. She gets angry when we bring it up and ask questions. I don't even know their names and contact details. I feel like she's lost her mind and isn't thinking straight and this puts her in danger. She's alone there and completely vulnerable and the fact she's refusing to travel even though she's told me she wants to. She doesn't need money to come here, we always pay, but she said she can't. I feel strongly that she's being taken advantage of.
She's never been married and doesn't have kids. So it's only us who can protect her (her sisters/nieces/nephews) Without invading her privacy and autonomy, we really don't know what to do to ensure she's safe and protected. I don't want her to lose these 'friendships' but I want them to stop using her and treating her like a maid. And treating her house like a hotel for their family members!!
What advice do you? Thanks
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2023.06.10 03:02 AutoModerator [] ✔️Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 03:02 fogwin 25 M4F Wisconsin/Midwest/Anywhere via online

Hey, my name is Sam. I am a 25 year old male who lives in Wisconsin, USA. I am a Fuel Station Service Tech, the easiest way to explain is that I fix the petroleum side of gas stations when stuff breaks. On my free time I enjoy running and I am a volunteer on my town's fire and ems departments. When I am not working, running, or doing stuff for fire and ems, I typically work on projects around my house. I am a large hearted and considerate blue collar guy who loves to try and learn new things.
If that first paragraph interests you, here's more about me: Height: 5'11" Weight: 215lbs (ask for pics and I'll send some) Work out consistency: 6 times a week Smoking: No, maybe one if offered at a social event, but I'll never seek one out. 420 friendly: idc, I probably wouldn't do it much though Education level: Trade School
If you are still reading, here's even more in depth info:
Some of my goals and aspirations: I want to find someone to live and experience life with. I want to become a full time firefighter somewhere, where doesn't matter at this moment. I want to be the best person I can be to everyone in my life.
Recent accomplishments: I lost a significant amount of weight, by creating a healthy lifestyle and developing a healthy relationship with food. (I have a few more pounds to go though) I was voted in for my town's board. I recently ran two marathons, and have signed up for an ultra marathon at the end of the summer.
If you are still reading, shoot me a message. I don't look at reddit notifications often and much prefer snap chat. However, I will try to look at them as often as I can. Ask me anything, I am an open book
Sc: spet1998
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2023.06.10 03:01 Sebz778 [WTS] Colt National Match AR Upper, P365 mags, Tenicor Holsters, P320 Holster, Mossberg 500 Barrel, EDC Belts, Fieldcraft Survival, Grip Modules.

Holsters- All are right handed
Tenicor Velo 4 Sig P320 Holster- In great condition. Comes with pull the dot snaps. $65
Fieldcraft Survival/ Tenicor P365XL Holster- In excellent condition. Ambidextrous. Optic cut. $65
BBF P365/P365X Holster- was cut in order to fit a compensator. Has some velcro on the back of it. $8
Cobra Glock 19 OWB Holster- In great condition. $10
(4) P365 12 Round Magazines- Never used. FDE. $38 each or $145 for all 4.
Grip Modules
(2) P365 standard grip modules- Both are in excellent condition. No manual safety cutout. Both have mag release. $20 each or both for $38
Belts- All were cut to fit a 34 inch waist
Groove Life Belt Size Medium- In great condition, some material was cut so it didn’t flop around. Gray and black. $40
Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt Size 34- In great shape. Gray in color. $33
Kore Essentials Belt- This is a Kore belt With a Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Warrior Poet Society Buckle- this is cut to a size 36 and is in great condition. Minor scratches on the buckle. $55
Barrels and Uppers
OEM Mossberg 500 Maverick 88 12 Gauge 18.5" Security Barrel New Takeoff- Never used. Upgraded to a 20 inch barrel. $185
Colt upper- The barrel is 21 inches long from the chamber to the flash hider. It is in excellent condition. It has a free float adapter and appears to have been a setup for a national match competition. I don’t know too much about the upper. It does not include the BCG or the charging handle. This thing is heavy, weighing in at about 7lbs. $700
All prices are shipped CONUS. I will be using Paypal F&F or G&S if the fee is covered. I will not ship to ban states. Open to offers and bundles.
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2023.06.10 03:01 chakradaemon How can I help my partner get out of the seemingly eternal collapse state

Rant/need advice
Alright, I have some difficulties with what I want to say so I’ll just spit out some factual details and will try to summarise everything.
I (29F) have a CPTSD (fawn/fight mostly), and I'm in therapy for a bit more than a year. My long-term partner (30M), is undiagnosed officially but has full-blown symptoms of CPTSD (claims to have freeze/collapse mostly, with short and fight reactions), no therapy, and self-education only.
We both left the neofascist and totalitarian country and moved to the Czech Republic for safety, to study, and have a chance at a better life.
We were both studying some crappy disciplines at University just to keep a visa permit and to stay here and not come back. He never worked during all these years here and his grandparents financially support him during our relationship (he went no contact with his parents due to severe psychological abuse when he was a kid). While I was getting small jobs, freelancing, and trying to earn at least something (my mom also supported me financially as she could).
When covid started in 2020 I embraced the opportunity to try to switch careers and to learn something useful. I wanted to have my own money and try to start a proper career. I enrolled in a course and started studying. He did nothing back then, although I suggested he join me and he told me that he wouldn't mind trying. But he didn't.
2021 - I've started freelancing again after the course and started earning some money, while he's been playing video games nonstop and doing merely nothing (his grandparents still support him financially).
2022 - War in Ukraine. Very destabilizing factor. Tons of suffering. I started therapy in February so I could stabilize myself and continue to work. He did nothing again.
Also, his grandparents started to give him less money. So he has to look for a job now.
Any of my suggestions to get a job triggers him and he loses his shit - starts breaking things and screaming. On every suggestion to get the therapy, he says it's expensive although he would like to try it. I suggest I help him with training for a job - almost zero was done. He used to read stuff on CPTSDFreeze before the admin closed it and that's pretty much it.
He just sits there playing games, has a crappy sleeping routine, and a crappy diet, and sometimes does some household stuff like cleaning, washing, etc.
New ideation — he started to speak about how he wants a break for a month, a break from negative feelings, and negative reactions from me and his grandparents (literally giving responsibility and control of his mood away to some people), he has this seemingly peaceful idealization (escapism, if you ask me) that this month will help him recover resources and recharge. I tried to give him almost 3 weeks of non-disturbance but something fucked the ideation up and he wants to start again.
I‘m paying more for the bills, for food, for everything. I don't have any money on myself. And I cannot hold back because money equals time in my situation, my visa depends on money and the job.
I'm starting to see him as a lesser human being, we rarely do something pleasant together, and I'm basically like a second mom or purse for my partner. And I don't even earn that much, I'm still looking for a stable job.
I don't want to pay for my partner, I'm starting to resent him for being so useless, so unbothered about his future, our future, about anything.
He's always scared, always depressed, always hating himself and doing nothing about that. Last time he said that maybe he should go back to the country we were trying so hard to run away from.
He's dragging me down, I do realize that the most reasonable thing to do is to find a stable job and move out for good.
But there's one nasty thing - I don't want to give up on him just yet. I saw during our relationship that he's more than able to solve any problems and drag himself out, many times. He's super smart, talented, and able but he completely signed his life away after 2020 and made his trauma bigger than us.
How can I support him but not drain myself along the way?
How can I encourage him to get out of this seemingly eternal collapse state and get a job?
What else I can try to do before I can say to myself “I'm out of options, I quit”?
Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.
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2023.06.10 03:00 Ill-Band-6830 How To Hack Mobile Phone, SMS, Phone calls, WhatsApp.

Hire us to perform a thorough penetration test irrespective of what you want us to hack. We produce a detailed report and provide patches. Shoot us at
How to hack SMS or text messages
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Spying on a person’s mobile device is a crime, except it is done for a good reason. For example, hacking text messages of your spouse will enable you to verify the if your partner is trustworthy and honest with you (that is if you don’t trust your partner) — be careful, as this might bring more problems in your marriage. Also, check with the law of your land to know if hacking your spouse’s messages or phone is legal.
How to hack WhatsApp
As you are aware, WhatsApp is a trendy messaging platform used by over 100 million people across the globe. Most of the individuals using smartphones always have WhatsApp installed, perhaps for free messaging and calls or for other purposes. The downside of this app is that it can be hacked.
The practice of WhatsApp hack is easy, you just need to have custody of the cell phone you want to hack/spy on and have access to the WhatsApp web service by keying in the QrCode. After you have successfully logged in, you will remain logged in until you log out.
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How to hack phone calls
Using a Allhackgecko can help you to scrutinize your employees and keep your children under control. It is the cheapest and fastest method to tap into someone’s call. Spy apps are very easy to use, and you will be able to install them without any issues.
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2023.06.10 03:00 lasusss Dark Canyon Wilderness questions and need a map

Heading into Dark Canyon in Utah in 1 week! I plan to spend 7-8 days going at a slow pace and exploring the ruins. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience in the area? Expecting pretty good weather, good amount of water due to record snowpack in Utah, and not to many bugs - Does this sound right to you?
Im a pretty seasoned backpacker, but this will be my longest most remote backpacking trip up till this point. In terms of gear I have all the standard stuff. Most importantly I have a 10L gravity filter that I plan to prefilter with coffee filters, I’ll have all my food packed in a bear canister, and to navigate I’ll be using Avenza maps on my phone. I have an external charger, but just in case my phone dies or breaks or whatever I want to have a compass and map as backup.
I have some, but not much experience using a compass and a map in the wilderness. Can someone please recommend where to get the best trail map of the area? Can I order it online or should I go to the local BLM/Forestry office to pick it up? Any other tips, tricks or suggestions about Dark Canyon or about map reading would be much appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.10 03:00 Throwaway156469 After working 5 months, 50-60 hr a week, salary, in a region barely afloat with no help, instead of a thank you, all I get is being told that 3-4 hr of my drive time a day as a field tech will not count.

Honestly, the title is the TL;DR. This is rambly and my grammar is bad. I am really sorry for how long this is.
I have no support system. I have no savings. I am taking care of someone who means a lot to me and needs help, but can't get it yet. The point is, I have already been under so much stress that my work's reaction to all of this is simply pushing me over the edge and I don't know who else to ask. Who to reach out to. I don't know if things are going to be okay.
I picked up this really awesome field tech position a few months ago. After a month, my boss was no longer with the company... and it turned out he didn't train me at all. I learned more on my own the two weeks after he was gone than any of the month he was "training" me.
And over the course of the 4 months since, I have worked my butt off to keep this region afloat because I am the ONLY tech here. None of the equipment is updated. Vulnerable devices need to be located and liquidated ASAP. Purchasing is taking 3 and a half eons to get equipment out to sites so I have to work with not enough equipment... as all the old existing equipment begins to fail. None of the internal knowledge about the region was recorded either, so I had to identify that as well (ie what equipment we do have, what we don't, what is available for issue, what needs to be yeeted out a window, etc). The region is 2-4 hr wide in terms of drive time, so on average I usually end the day almost - but not quite - 2 hr away from home. I have to time it that way in order to reach all my sites before they close (often having to skip lunch and breaks). As a result, most of my drive time is at the beginning and end of the day.
It sucked. It meant that if I wanted this region to survive, I needed to put in excessive hours. But I am salary, and as far as I was told by that point, normal work in my region didn't qualify for any extra effort bonuses.
Now before I start, I want to address the why. Why did I tolerate all of this without pay, essentially? Well, to start, because as much as I would like to MC the hell out of them when they first started to drop the ball and make them realize how much I do, the client I take care of does amazing work for people and their communities. To only do my 40 hr a week would mean letting them suffer and fall. It would mean people not getting the help they need. And the other field techs were constantly getting recognized for much more minor things. What reason did I have to think I was going to be any different?
Now I managed to keep up. I put in 50-60 hr a week on average. It got to a point where I was solving so many issues simultaneously that if it wasn't major enough, I just didn't even put a ticket for it because I just didn't have TIME. Like, oh, you need a new mouse? Here is a cheap wired one I was about to throw away, try that.... as I work on these 40 other issues. I am not going to take 5 minutes to fill out a whole ticket about it when I start working at 8 am and finish working at 9 pm. I want to watch YouTube. I want to doomscroll Reddit. I want to sleep. I don't want to stay up making 40 tickets about people who don't understand how the monitor also has a power button and is in fact not a desktop. They are wonderful, beautiful people, and those issues and questions are very valid, so I take them very seriously. These people need to focus on their jobs that are helping so many people, not on petty IT problems. However... wasn't worth the effort of a whole ticket. Especially when I wasn't getting any extra effort pay. I used to do them at first but got burnt out too fast. On average my timecard now shows around 8.5-10 hr a day, sometimes the full 12-13 hr.
Now, I was about to start PTSD treatment so a couple of weeks ago I reached out to my boss to explain the situation. I told him the state of my region and that I will not be able to keep up with this anymore, especially when they keep asking me to find and wipe these old vulnerable devices to such an excess and in such a time frame that it was a full-time job on its own. I still had normal tickets and issues I had to resolve as well. I couldn't do both and only work 40 hr a week. That was when I finally got told that if I simply recorded all of this, I could have been getting extra effort hours the whole time!!! No one just bothered to tell me. Apparently no one actually looks to see if you worked an excessive amount each week, just that you work at least 40 hr. Because for some reason, as salary, we are required to do 8 hr of work a day, and if we don't, then PTO gets deducted hourly. Make that make sense.
So my boss tells me that the workload should be decreasing soon once all the old equipment is pulled (at once), and that I had been doing a good job.
This gave me some hope. I thought, maybe, I might have some work-life balance. I just had to make it another month. And since he said I did a good job, maybe I might finally get some recognition! Sure, by that point, I have seen colleagues get recognized for much smaller things over and over while I got nothing, but hey, it just wasn't my time yet, I guess.
So last week was a test of if I will get extra effort pay. I will find out at the end of the month, although I feel like the odds are very low. That week was my calmest week yet. I only worked 10-12 hr a day every day! I was done working by almost 7 pm every day, it was great. I was still exhausted, but I got everything done. People had functioning devices to get their jobs done.
Last Wednesday, I made the mistake of mentioning how I was thankful for all my drive time counting since I lived more than 20 miles (the minimum distance needed for expensing mileage) from any site. You see, the travel policy for field techs said that the first and last travel of the day (so to and from home) didn't count towards your timesheet unless it was more than 20 miles (aka a "normal commute") away. This was just how I had interpreted this rule the whole time and my original boss agreed because it just felt like common sense. However, it turns out, my brain placed a comma where there shouldn't have been and in fact, reading back, I interpreted it wrong. Apparently, first and last travel doesn't count at all unless it is outside your assigned region. My region was just big.
And that was all my boss seemed to care about. My first and last travel will never count. REGARDLESS of the distance. Sure, if I cross into the next state, he considered that excessive enough (so around 3-4 hr one way), but he specifically asked me for a list of sites over TWO HOURS AWAY ONE WAY. I am supposed to just give away 4 hr of my day for free? After everything I have done for thing company?
Nearly all of my sites are around 1 hr 30 min to just under 2 hr away from my home without traffic. My closest is about an hour away. I cannot efficiently stop by the closest site every time on the way home. It would mean adding an extra 30 min to an hour just to stop by my closest site. I think this first/last site policy was made for people who live like 30 min away from their closest site at most. I guess I was a type that was never accounted for.
This puts me in an impossible situation because it feels like I really have only three choices if I stay here and they don't change their policy in my case:
  1. Stop by my closest site on the way to work and on the way home everyday: I wouldn't even be doing any work at this site or able to get into the building since it would be after closing hours, so I worry about it being considered a sort of time fraud, like, you only went there to get extra money! You did nothing billable there, you should have just gone home! It would also add an extra 30 min to 1 hr everyday, just to have 2 hr of total drive time not count in the end. Driving an extra 30 min to 1 hr simply to make 30 to 1 hr of that 1.5 hr drive home count toward my time card feels so stupid. I would rather just go home at that point. "But what if you just work 30 min to 1 hr less then to make up for it," I have too much work to do and I don't want to let down these people who need their technology to do the great work they do.
  2. I could lie and say I went to my closest site on the way to and from home: personal principle here. I avoid lying at all costs - like Buddhist-level dedication here, just minus the actual Buddhism. Also, I feel like they can just later decide to fire me for time fraud after I end up being just too much hassle to deal. They can't fire me now, but what if they hire me some "help" who ends up simply being a replacement.
  3. Plan my day to arrive at my first site by 8 am and leave at 5 pm for an 8 hr day: You see, ironically, in this case, my drive time will count... because traffic! Remember that 2 hr remark from my boss? When you add traffic, almost all my travel time doubles. I make an effort to avoid traffic conditions so I can spend more time... you know... working... Leaving during normal people times on normal people roads will mean I will be spending probably around 5-6 hr a day driving to and from home (my time driving between sites always counted so that isn't the issue). So I would regularly be getting 14+ hr days. This would be my only option where I get a lunch break though.
  4. Keep doing what I am doing: I will only have around 8-9 hr count everyday, if even sometimes. On average about 3-4 hr of drive time will not count. I will be able to keep up with my region, not need to work as much as the other options, but I will never get any recognition. I don't have time for lunch breaks. I will be working for free. I have no motivation. It just makes me want to cry... I am also scared because with my mental health deteriorating, I know I cannot keep this up. I already collapsed these last two days, I am just so lucky my office managers and receptionists have been looking after me when I have been on site because I have been a complete mess. All I can think of is why? It makes me so hopeless.
I am currently trying to get them to compromise and let me just deduct 30 min each way to and from home every day, but to be honest, at this point, they have lost my trust. This isn't the first time they dropped the ball. My very first bonus was supposed to represent 40 hr of extra work I did over a 3-week period. What did I get? If converted to an hourly rate, it would be considered below the federal minimum wage. It was insultingly low. Apparently, most of what I did didn't count somehow! I was devastated. My interim boss at the time tried arguing that mileage reimbursement WAS the bonus. I was still pissed and upset, so they decided to give me an extra couple hundred dollars. Which was barely anything after taxes.
I don't trust them anymore. I want to get out. I feel so unsafe. I have seen the worst in humanity when it comes to management and corporate, so I know exactly how bad it can get. I just have no support system. My lease is coming up for renewal at the end of this month and the landlords haven't gotten back to us. I can't afford to move. My credit score sucks right now. What if they just decide they don't want us to stay and don't tell us until the day the lease expires?
Now I am looking for a new job, but the work that I do I have done in a short period of time. My biggest hang-up is the length of my work experience, not the quality or skillset, simply because I am doing a job with less than 1 yr recent experience that most need 3-5 yr for. HR often times won't believe me. I had one phone screen but unfortunately, I don't have hands-on experience in configuring VMWare (my last job started training me in it before they went under) which was too important to not have. Which makes sense, they are looking for that type of skillset, and I don't have that specific experience.
I am just so tired. I don't know what to do. I know my company would bend over backward to remedy this because they cannot afford to lose this, but I worry about potential retaliation since it is so easy to hide in seemingly unrelated things. I worry about them trying to hire someone behind my back, and then because no one will believe me when I say I can do the things I do, I end up never getting hired again... then getting evicted... then my best friend loses his only safe space and chance to recover... I have so much to lose. I don't know what to do.
Oh, and I just found out my new work insurance doesn't cover therapy apparently, so I can't do my treatment anymore. I still have to find out a way to fork over the $400 I now owe which I didn't know I would be.
Has anyone been through anything like this before? What did you do?
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2023.06.10 02:59 lasusss Dark Canyon Wilderness questions and also need a map

Heading into Dark Canyon in Utah in 1 week! I plan to spend 7-8 days going at a slow pace and exploring the ruins. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience in the area? Expecting pretty good weather, good amount of water due to record snowpack in Utah, and not to many bugs - Does this sound right to you?
Im a pretty seasoned backpacker, but this will be my longest most remote backpacking trip up till this point. In terms of gear I have all the standard stuff. Most importantly I have a 10L gravity filter that I plan to prefilter with coffee filters, I’ll have all my food packed in a bear canister, and to navigate I’ll be using Avenza maps on my phone. I have an external charger, but just in case my phone dies or breaks or whatever I want to have a compass and map as backup.
I have some, but not much experience using a compass and a map in the wilderness. Can someone please recommend where to get the best trail map of the area? Can I order it online or should I go to the local BLM/Forestry office to pick it up? Any other tips, tricks or suggestions about Dark Canyon or about map reading would be much appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.10 02:57 Dannaconda911 Converting Extra Attack into an AOE attack

Weird idea I just had and wanted to write down, feel free to flame it. I always found it a bit strange how martials really could only do single target damage as opposed to multi target. I just always liked the fantasy of of a barb just running into the mix and swinging an ax around like a whirlwind. What if, as apart of the extra attack feature, you could sacrifice your two attacks to make 1 AOE attack within 5 feet of self. The only damage that could be applied would be weapons and stat mod damage (to prevent shenanigans with rage/spirit shroud, etc.) Does this idea have any merit in dnd5.5, maybe as a new weapon mastery, or is it just ridiculous?
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2023.06.10 02:56 spongiebobble Update: we adopted him!

Update: we adopted him!
About a month ago, I asked if we should adopt a dog with a very pink nose here. We decided to go ahead and we've had him for almost a month now! As for his nose, we've been to two vets who said it was just pigmentation and nothing to worry about but he had entropion /ingrown eyelashes on one of his eye so we did surgery. He wore a cone for 2 weeks and he's fully recovered now. He just got his stitches removed a few days ago. My husband and I are both first time dog owners and the first few days have been such a fever dream. The first night was very rough, he went toilet on the carpet and then growled and pounced at our cats when he saw them walking towards his food. But it was a very long journey home and he was probably stressed out and tired. The next few days, he got very protective of me and resource guard me from my husband. He nipped my husband in the nose when he was going for a hug and his nose ended up bleeding. Once, we both went to the grocery store for an hour and according to our pet cam and neighbor, he barked for an hour straight. He also kept pulling at the leash really hard when walking outside. We decided to train him ourselves by watching a lot of youtube videos. It was pretty fun to see him respond to the methods used and he picked up on things pretty quickly. Now, he can do basic commands like sit, down, paw and he's also about 60% good on "turn around". He also doesn't pull the leash that much anymore, he's improved about 80% on the leash and it's pretty enjoyable to take him out to walks. He also does his business outside. We're working on him not jumping up randomly during walks when he's excited. We also desensitised him to us being affection and for a week straight, my husband has been the one hand feeding him and walking him to build up a stronger bond between them and reduce the resource guarding. He's chill with the cats and I'm so happy to say that I've just fed the cats treats in front of him and he waited his turn and did not growl or bark or show any signs of aggression! The cats are still very wary of him but they can be near each other as long as he doesn't get too excited and scars them. Right now he's learning recall, and not to bark or growl at guests (seems very hard for now). It's still a long journey but we're excited for it!
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2023.06.10 02:56 TheEarthIsFlatttt How come door dash only lets me tip $5

I am not a dasher but my wife and I appreciate your services. I don't carry a lot of cash and normally my wife is the one who orders food.
We doordash entirely to much (at least 1-2 times a day) but we can only tip $5 on orders.
I know a few doordash drivers and we've talked to them about this. But they just usually tell us "that's strange, I don't know why it does that".
It does it on both my phone and my wife's phone and we use the same door dash account.
If we try to go above $5 it says "you've exceeded the maximum tip for this order value" - or something to that effect.
Is this normal for doordash to do? This is my last resort to ask because I didn't have any cash on me and I told my wife I've seen people on this sub say they could tip after the drop off. So we did that but it cost us $1 more to do so. I'd have much rather given that extra dollar to the dasher.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.10 02:56 clb1016 [WTS] Perroz LPSPC (Plate Carrier); P365XL OE Grip Module, 15rd Mags; Complete 16" mid-length upper (Rosco/Aero/Midwest); misc AR parts and things; Price drops

Photos are in the timestamp album above.
Perroz Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier, Large, Ranger Green
Includes the laser-cut cumberbund, 3x 5.56 mag pouch, and slim shoulder pads. Size large. Some salt but perfectly functional. $250 shipped $225 shipped $200 shipped $190 shipped
P365XL OEM Grip Module and Mags
OEM grip module, 2x OEM 15 round mags, Talon Granulate on everything. $125 shipped $115 shipped Will take $80 $75 shipped for the two mags, $30 $25 shipped for the grip module, or $100 $95 shipped for all
FN Takeoff M4 Stock
This was taken off of my SRP G2 as soon as I came home from my FFL. $25 shipped $20 shipped
Magpul AFG, M-Lok
Very little salt, is as you would expect. $15 shipped $13 shipped
Vortex Crossfire II
Minimal salt, I think the only firearm this has ever been on and actually been fired is my Ruger 22/45 Lite. Comes with both mounts, the star hex key thing, battery installed, and rubber lens cap. $100 shipped $90 shipped
16" Complete Upper
There's a lot to go over here. In ( ) beside each part, I am going to list the approximate new price for reference. I tried to check at least 3 vendors for every item and went with the lowest advertised price.
The total cost to build this upper buying new parts, before any shipping and/or tax, would be approximately $646. It will include the pictured 5 slot poly M-Lok rail. I am asking $450 $430 shipped with the BCG and charging handle, not looking to separate these unless person who buys upper does not want them. If you want something like the Crossfire II above, let me know and we can see what we can work out.
Housekeeping Notes, PLEASE READ
Everything is sold "or best offer". Comment with "dibs", "pm", etc and then PM me; chats will be ignored. "Dibs" implies you are taking it at the above listed price. As of this time, I am not willing to accept any forms of payment other than PayPal unless the buyer has flair that is equal to or greater than mine. As typical, no notes on PayPal.
Another note: I work third shift. I go to bed around 1200/noon EST and sleep until 2000/8pm EST, give or take.
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2023.06.10 02:55 LibThatAsksQuestions Stop and read this post.

If you just recently discovered carpet beetles in your home and even have an infestation, I understand if you are here seeking advice or need help with identification. But if you are already anxious about your situation, do not read stories of peoples’ experiences with carpet beetles on this subreddit.
I will spare you some of the stories I read, but you need to keep in mind, the folks most vocal about carpet beetles are the ones who struggle the most to get rid of them and have the worst infestations. Yes, carpet beetles are tricky and can be difficult to get rid of but it isn’t impossible and success stories are there, if they seem far and few between, it is again because the people posting are those with the active problem and with the extreme issues. Most cases are not extreme. I’ve also noticed that folks who have taken care of their problem don’t go proclaiming it all over Reddit like the folks with the major infestation problems do.
Carpet beetles want to eat natural fibers, fabrics, wool, leather and silk. The most harm they can do is to your carpets and clothes. The most harm they do to people is a rash if you are allergic to the hair on their larva.
You may have read about beetles following people to new homes or friends’ apartments. This is way more common with bedbugs and not that common with carpet beetles. They infest undisturbed articles, not clothes you wear everyday. They aren’t likely to bother you personally.
If you are proactive and vigilantly vacuuming and keeping your living space clean, removing items off the floor you will be making great progress. The best thing you can do is remove their food source and you will be making your home uninhabitable for them to continue reproducing.
Remember, other’s experiences are not your own and because someone else has an extreme case does not mean you will too, especially if you remain vigilant.
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2023.06.10 02:54 Nikki_R__ Estradiol levels help needed.

I have HRT through the VA and while it is free for me to get this it comes at a different cost and in this case that is lack of Communication from my Endo. My recent blood work says I have Estradiol levels at "181 High" does anyone know if this is good or bad? Thanks for any help!
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2023.06.10 02:53 DeicticDilemma Lye bath questions

Although I’ve used a lye bath to clean crud off of cast iron, I have never done so with copper and have a few questions that I’m hoping some of you who have more experience with this method can answer. My knowledge of chemistry is limited to a high school class haha.
For reference, when I say lye I’m referring to food-grade 100% sodium hydroxide (the Belle Chemical product is what I’ve used specifically).
My short-term goal is to remove crud; however, I’m curious about lye’s potential application in preparing surfaces for retinning.
  1. Will lye remove copper material in a solution of water and lye? What I’ve read suggests that copper should not react to the lye as long as oxygen is not present (piece is fully submerged and water not oxygenated) to form copper ions.
1b. If my understanding is incorrect and lye will remove copper material, how does the ratio of lye to water impact the speed at which copper is removed from a piece?
  1. Will lye react to tin? What I’ve read suggests that tin reacts to “excess” lye to form a salt, sodium stannate, and hydrogen gas. I don’t fully understand what “excess” entails. Based on the equations I’ve seen it seems like there must be 2NaOH present for every tin atom for the reaction to take place but how this translates practically I don’t know.
2b. If lye will react with tin, can it be used at sufficiently high concentrations to completely remove tin from a piece? If so, is this typically done by submerging the whole piece or just filling the vessel?
2c. If lye does react with tin to form sodium stannate, there are special disposal recommendations, correct?
  1. Do you recommend a particular ratio of lye to water for removing crud? How about removing old tin (if that is possible)? I have used 1 lb. of lye to 5 gallons of water for cast iron but haven’t found a recommended ratio for copper applications.
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2023.06.10 02:52 Ok-Drop7336 AITA for not letting people pet my dog at a winery?

I (F26) have a large dog that people are really drawn to. However, my dog does not have any interest in strangers and doesn't like being pet by people he doesn't know. He isn't aggressive or reactive or anything but he just clearly doesn't enjoy interacting with other people, so we don't make him. He LOVES being around us and is so easy and well behaved that we take him to dog friendly places often.
I went to a winery with my partner Tuesday night. It's dog friendly and we have been there often. It's not busy on Tuesdays and I settled down with our dog at an out of the way table while my partner got us drinks. My dog happily flopped down next to me and went to work on a bone.
We were enjoying the wine and the weather when we were approached by two young women. They were clearly excited and asked if they could pet our dog. I was very warm and said that he didn't like saying Hi but I appreciated their asking.
Both their faces fell immediately and one of them was very sour and asked why not? I told her he didn't like getting pets from strangers and I wasn't going to force him. The other one scoffed and asked why I bothered taking him out then. I told her my dog wasn't a petting zoo or free entertainment, he was a member of my family and was allowed to be here. This went back and forth for a minute before one of them women called me a bitch and they went stomping off.
We just shrugged and went back to enjoying our night but I was recounting the incident to a friend later and she told me that it was kind of an asshole move to take my dog out and about with me if I wasn't going to let people pet him.
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2023.06.10 02:49 BowenForster Galactic Arm. Part.1

Introductions. Shuttle Engineer Drivtet Ol'gashi POV
I was working on some routine maintenance of the Black Spots shuttle when the Captains voice came over the ship wide intercom.
Ping "All crew report to assembly in bay 3. There is critical information that has just been relayed by GC high-command. I have been given permission to show all of you just what we found 4 rotations ago on that unknown wreckage." Ping
All noise in the normally busy shuttle bay had ceased following that announcement. Quickly packing away the inspection sheet I was working on, I proceeded to the doors with my fellow crew.
"What do you think that recording was?" I turned and looked down to see shuttle pilot Fen'hozy hopping up beside me. Fen'hozy is a Kanhiv one of the smaller races being only 2' feet 6" inches tall, with short coarse tan fur, and powerful hind legs that are used to launch them into the air. He was nervously tapping the claws on the fingertips of his wings against the floor.
"I don't know, but by the sounds of it the captain is about to show us." I reply trying to calm his nerves.
When we discovered the wreck 4 rotations ago the specifications that came through scans were absurd. Being a member of the engineering crew I was part of the team that was assigned to study the crafts scans when not doing regular tasks. For starters the ceilings were 10' feet tall, 2' feet taller than the tallest know sentient race, the Phyth. Then there was the material composition of the ship. Metal alloys far denser than we have ever made coming from materials so strong our hottest welding equipment barely made it glow. Whatever made that ship was something the GC isn't fully prepared for.
"What do you think destroyed it?" Fen'hozy asked, snapping me from my thoughts.
He was right. What could destroy something our best tech can't even cut through?
"I don't know. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been the Vizan. If it was then there is no way we would have lasted this long against them." I replied, "Hopefully, we will get some answers from this assembly."
I picked up my pace towards bay 3, forcing Fen'hozy to switch from his quadrapedal walk to upright hopping 'run' with his wings tucked neatly against his sides to keep up. We quickly pull ahead of the group leaving the shuttle bay with us.
"If you're gonna run there mind if I just hitch a rid on your back. You know I can't keep up if you go any faster." Fen'hozy remarked, struggling to keep pace with my brisk walk.
"Sure, so long as you promise to clean out the shuttles docking port for me tomorrow." I cheerily replied.
"Done!" He shouted, hopping high into the air towards my back. "I've seen how clean you keep that shuttle it will take me all of 5 tacks to do." He said, landing on my back with a quiet whomp. Holding onto my shoulders with his clawed fingers and proping his hind paws against my hips, I leaned forward and started jogging down the corridor.
We reached bay 3 well ahead of most with only the Captain, bridge crew, and research department present. The bridge crew sat on stage behind the Captain, sullen expressions shadowing their features. While the researchers sat in the front row were restraining their excitement with visible difficulty. The tension was already palpable with the brooding expression on our Captains normally stoic face.
Letting Fen'hozy drop to the floor we made our way to some seats on the far side of the bay. The standardized stools were not very comfortable but were built to accommodate many different body types. I plopped myself onto a stool while Fen'hozy hopped up onto the one next to me resting back on his haunches. Seated like this with him sitting upright we were almost eye level.
"You know, as scared as I am for what this species may be. I can't help but be excited for a new potential ally. Especially with the technology we have already seen." Fen'hozy voiced my own thoughts as if reading them right from my mind.
"I couldn't agree more. Especially about the technology if we had access to some of the materials they use I would put credits on turning the tide of this war." I stated smugly. Our shiny golden metals were nothing compared to the stark grey and black materials that ship was composed of.
We chatted aimlessly for a few tacks while the rest of the crew arrived. It seemed we didn't have to wait long as more and more cautiously optimistic crew members filled the seats. I could catch snippets of conversation all seeming to denote a level of excitement based around what we discovered. If it wasn't for the still sullen Captin and bridge crew I suspect the low chatter would have been a full roar of excitement.
"What do you think has the bridge crew so worried?" Fen'hozy asked, breaking me from my thoughts on the room. Looking back towards the stage where Captain Yillfit Carver stood awaiting the last of the crew. I take a moment to study his expression before answering.
"Well he has always been rather stoic by his species standard, I've only ever seen him make that face when talking about his friends lost on the battle field." A voice clicked from behind us before I could answer. Both Fen'hozy and I turned to the newest addition to the conversation. A Goshran swarmed over the stool making barely audible scratching sounds as the workers of the coloney were busy handling all the needs of their 'body'.
"Well you would be the one to know." Says Fen'hozy, "How long have you and the Captain served together Security Chief Grivla?"
"We have known eachother sense the academy." Grivla clacked in response, "We didn't see eachother for 4 cycles after the academy. Finally meeting again on a Ho'vat battlefield. Our two units had been cut in half by the Vizan, so deciding to work together under Carvers lead. We managed to hold our position until relief forces were able to arrive and take over. I've been serving under Carver ever sense."
"I'm a little surprised to see you down here and not up on stage with the bridge crew?" I nudge, hoping she will have some information as to why they look so sullen.
"Well my assumption is that they have all already seen what we are about to be shown. I just came from my rest shift, if that's their response I think it won't be all good news. Either way I haven't seen anything yet, meaning whatever this is was played over the bridge then immediately deemed of critical importance for the entire crew." Replied the Security Chief.
Sharing a nervous glance with Fen'hozy I turned my attention back to the stage.
Not 2 Tacks later the doors closed behind the last of the crew. The entire crew of the Black Spot all 350 of us stood or sat waiting for the Captain to begin.
After a moment of silence filled the room the Captain began.
"Thank you valued crew of the Black Spot for assembling so quickly.
I know some of you are on rest shift and will be allowed to continue it once we are done here. In fact, all crew will be given half a standard rotation to rest and deal with the news." He stated.
A subdued applause greeted his statement. The excitement in the room quickly fading. Before my thoughts could run away with me the captain resumed his speech.
"As you are all aware, our mission is to find and confirm what has caught the attention of the Vizan.
"We have succeeded in the first part, now we just need to make contact and confirm the status relayed in the message that we sent back through subspace." He assured.
"The GC senate has translated and reviewed the footage recovered from the wreckage we discovered and to say it has confirmed some of our worst fears would be an understatement.
"I have been given permission to show everyone aboard the Black Spot exactly what we will be heading into in the coming rotations. Without further fanfare Comms Officer Renfai, would you do the honors?"
Stepping back from the front of the stage with a small flourish of his manipulator tentacle the Captain ushered Officer Renfai forward. Sliding up to the front of the stage Comms Officer Renfai appeared sad and disconnected from everything around him.
Lifting his eyestalks to look at the gathered crew he began, "Fellow sentients, the message we recovered from that wreck is an old warning and a plea for future aid.
"Through the confirmation of time stamps on the message and Vizan activity we believe the wreck has been adrift in that nebulae for roughly 250 standard cycles. Far longer than was initially estimated due to lack of any kind of wear to the ship.
"This should be kept in mind as we have no idea what the current situation is in this section of the galaxy. I'll now play the full translated message before turning things back to our Captain to answer any questions and give us the plan moving forward."
With a wave of his prehensile tail the lights dimmed and the back wall of the stage lit up showing an image of an unknown sentient. The recording bagan to play.
"Hello. If you are receiving this, this is Capt. Fos of the USSF Nutcracker.
"I am a human, and our United Systems of 14 species are under attack by an unknown threat. If found please, bring this message to my family on Earth."
Co-ords attached
"Before that, I must give a warning for any who discover this ship. We were unprepared for this threat, and they couldn't have timed their appearance for a worse moment.
"The United Systems haven't always been such, in fact it wasn't until these 'husks' attacked that all 15 known sentients finally set aside our differences to come together and fight back. A mutual enemy does wonders for setting government priorities." The Human shook his head, looking to the floor.
Taking a steadying breath he continued. "We were too busy fighting with eachother to pay attention to unknown space. From outside known space these 'Husks' came, they launched a simultaneous attack across every inhabited world and system we knew of. Being too preoccupied at the onset of this, plague our respective militaries struggled to push them off our worlds. Over 100 coloney worlds were lost, unable to receive reinforcement in time." A collective intake of atmosphere could be heard throughout the bay.
Before anyone could voice their concern the Human lifted his eyes to stare directly into the camera.
"It took the complete extinction of the Motuck before the remaining 14 of us came together." He spat.
"They had pled for help broadcasting to anyone that could hear. Humanity couldn't just leave them to extinction all alone. At the time humanity was fairing the best having pushed the Husks completely from 6 of our 8 systems, we sent what we could spare." His voice softening as he spoke. "We were too late. The last bunker on their homeworld had been breached.
"The final transmission coming just two hours before our response fleat dropped into the system. The fleat was met with a fresh Armada of Motuck ship husks coming from their homeworld.
"The Motuck were gone. Our Government at the time not wanting to fight our former friends made the decision in line with the last wishes of the Motuck Ambassador.
'I would rather my system be wiped from existence than let my entire people become you!' Were his last words in that final message and subsequent detonation of the shelter." The human spoke with a cold detatchment.
"We glassed the few remaining former Motuck worlds. The Motuck home system was fully colonized with both mines and terraformed worlds. We decided to collapse the star erasing the Husks completely from the sector with minimal losses on our end." A faint buzzing could be heard from the video but nothing could be seen on screen.
"My ship the USSF Nutcracker was sent on one such mission to an unrecoverable Gorchev system. Just before our localized gravity collapse could destabilize the star and initiate a supernova the Husks hit us.
"The supernova has been successfully induced and will occur in approximately 20 minutes. I'll be dead before then, we have moved to the edge of the system but will remain here. 95% of the crew has been killed or consumed by the Husks, I've rigged the reactor core to vent into the ship when I hit this button." The Human held up a small black box with a grey button on the top.
"That should incinerate anything living on the ship. This message will be tethered to the Blackbox, transmitting to anyone close enough to hear. Please go to Earth and help us save all the people of the Milky way.
"We will not go quietly into the night and I pray that you won't either." At those words the human appeared to shrink.
"A final message for my wife and daughter." The buzzing got suddenly louder and a light begun to shine on the humans face.
"Sorsha my sweet girl, don't worry daddy will always be watching over you. Marry, I'm sorry I won't be there with you when you get old. I love you both more than can be expressed. I'll miss you." Taking his eyes off the camera to look off screen he pushed the button. A loud rushing of air could be heard before the video cut out, freezing on an image of the human looking sadly into the camera.
—Authors note—
Hey everybody!
Thank you all for reading! I was blown away by how well the prolouge was received, I wasn't expecting such a positive response and would have been happy with just having feedback on my writing. As it is I am blown away and will strive to do my best going forward. I'm doing this by myself in my free time please don't expect every update to come this quickly, I will be aiming for at least one part a week for as long as I can keep the ideas flowing. Once again any constructive criticism is more than welcome! I look forward to lore discussions over on my page. Thank you again everyone for reading!
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2023.06.10 02:47 WenMunSun Druid Key Passive "Perfect Storm" - Not Working as Intended

Decided to do some testing using different Key Passives on my druid.
Up to this point i've been using Wind SheaLightning Storm as my GeneratoSpender.
First i tested Nature's Fury to see what exactly would happen and everything worked as expected. With Nature's Fury allocated, if you cast Wind Shear you have a 20% chance to proc Earth Spike. Likewise, Lightning Storm has a 20% chance to proc Landslide. And Hurricane has a 20% chance to proc Boulder. Etc.
For anyone who's curious, the damage of the triggered skill depends on the rank of the skill. So if you have no skill points allocated in say Landslide and it tirggers off of Lightning Storm it will default to (i assume) a level 1 Landslide. I say i assume, because i'm not sure if there's a Level 0 Landslide. I didn't test this. But i did test what happens if i put 5 points into Landlside versus 0. And sure enough the Level 5 Landslide did more damage when it was triggered by Lightning Storm.
Next i wanted to test Perfect Storm.
This is where the weird shit happens. I checked my Spirit, and then cast one singular Wind Shear versus a normal mob. I generated 14 spirit. Wtf? That's not right. I was not using Wild Wind Shear or the Abundance passives and Wind Shear generates 12 by default. Perfect Storm should add 1 spirit to the default 12 and generate 13.
I ran the same test again. I attacked a normal mob once... and this time i generated just 12 spirit. I have no idea what is going on.
I try it again and now i'm finally generating 13 spirit. I try this several more times and now i'm sometimes generating 12 spirit and other times generating 13 spirit. I honestly have no idea why or how this works. If i unallocate Perfect Storm i only generate 12 spirit, consistenly. But when i have Perfect Storm allocated it seems to randomly give me either 12 or 13.
Whatever, on to the next test. Lightning Storm. Lightning Storm costs 15 Spirit per cast. That means that while i have Perfect Storm it should only cost 14 spirit. I cast Lightning Storm on a normal mob and it costs 15 spirit. I do this again and again and each time it costs exactly 15 spirit. So for some reason it seems Lightning Storm, which is a Storm Skill, does not benefit from the Perfect Storm trait that causes all Storm spell casts to grant 1 spirit.
At first i thought well maybe the operative word in all of this is "cast". Maybe Perfect Storm isn't supposed to work with Lightning Storm because Lightning Storm is a "channelled" ability. But then i checked the text on the Nature's Fury key passive. And Nature's Fury reads: "casting a storm skill has a 20% chance to trigger a free Earth skill of the same category." So if Lightning Storm can trigger Landslide when i have Nature's Fury that is clear evidence that channelling Lightning Storm still counts as casting a spell.
To be sure, i tested several other Storm Spells: Hurricane, Cyclone Armor, and Tornado. None of these skills seem to work with Perfect Storm - at least not the part of the Key Passive which is supposed to grant 1 spirit per cast. I didn't test the increased damage versus vulnerable, immobilized, or slowed enemies however, and that might still work with them.
Lastly i checked Storm Strike. And as you might expect Storm Strike works exactly like Wind Shear with Perfect Storm. Storm Strike generates 14 spirit by default, so with Perfect Storm it should generate 15. But it doesn't, at least not consistently. Sometimes it will generate just 14, and other times it will generate 15 spirit.
I don't get it. I can't explain it. But clearly these skills and passives are not working as intended. This makes me wonder what else in this game isn't working as intended...
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