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2023.06.10 01:54 SkyknightXi Ureter/thigh pain after kidney stone…but urine flow is fine

I passed two stones a week apart, with the previous one eight days ago. I did still feel pain within my pelvic area, so not the kidney proper, but I suspected it was just extra-persistent aching from the stone’s passage as my urine flow had no issues of any note (not to mention I’d completely forgotten about taking tamsulosin >>; ). And yet, now an ache I’ve had for possibly three weeks in my right thigh has shot up to possibly grade 7 of 10. Urine flow is still fine. But between my thigh and the possibly extra-long recoil for the ureter, I’m worried this is evidence of a nascent infection.
So at the very least, how long can residual ureter pain last before it should be regarded as proof of a post-stone complication, with or without neglected tamsulosin?
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2023.06.10 01:54 Thewanderingmage357 Is Ravnica better Cyberpunk than Shadowrun? My hot take.

Okay, so this is a hot take in a way, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense, and the easier Ravnica becomes to understand for me. Ravnica is fantasy Cyberpunk. Not in the Neon and technology sense, although magic can do all of that. In the sense of a dystopia of corporate ownership and state corruption. Of personhood and individuality being irrelevant in the face of brands and businesses wielding total societal control.
Seriously. Cyberpunk is the Sci-Fi future counterpart of Film noir. Ravnica is supposedly based off Film Noir. But how do I see almost no one talking about this thru-line? It matches up too well to be THAT hard to miss.
Imagine the Ten Guilds having divvied up the resources of the world, and each Guild assigned a resource that they have legal right to claim any amount of that resource to sustain them, within reason as determined by the Senate. Now replace the word "Guild" with "Multinational Megacorporation." Replace the Prague Aesthetic with Los Angeles or Tokyo or New York circa 2234 AD if no corporate safeguards ever worked. Like the City-scape from Fifth Element.
The Azorious Senate is the Regulating Corporate institution that mediates the rules of doing business and operates the courts in which all other corporations have disputes settled, and that sometimes entails having other civic-minded Corporations weigh in with their own representatives. They are likewise in charge of regulation to ensure no corporation (including themselves) becomes an overreaching power that outstrips the other corporations. Picture the U.S. Government with all the representatives and lobbyists, courtrooms and regulations, but they only do Business Law. The rest?
Boros? Privatized Military. Selesnya? Renewable Energy and Ecological Applications. Orzhov? Commerce, Currency, and Cultural Advocacy(Religion). Simic? Advancements in Biochemistry and Medicine, Eugenics. Izzet? Physics and Meteorological/Geological Research, followed by Infrastructure and Energy Grids. Golgari? Waste Disposal, Recycling, State-Funded Food-Banks.
Rakdos? Labor, Mining, and Entertainment...A rather diverse portfolio, honestly, though all three of the Rakdos Corp. industries run on suffering.
The Gruul? They're the out-of-work Union members and guerilla resistance, the company that was bought out, liquidated, and all its workers discharged. And all of their members umpteenth generations later are effectively Warmongering mutants who would see the world burn for what they have lost. And every disenfranchised tough sonuvab**** who can survive meeting them tends to join the cause out of anger and hate for what this world has done to the little guy...
Dimir? Information and Media...publicly. Privately they are...well, they're about knowing everyone else's business. Enough of that info is available for a price...or a favor. The rest is kept for Dimir interests. Hence why no one can touch them, even though they have little power otherwise. Knowledge, of course, is power.
The Guildless...are the masses who do not work for these companies. And these companies ARE the government. They own damn near everything, they control all the major resources planet-wide...and everyone else tries to get by on what they can get their hands on. Housing is provided by Rakdos laborers rented out to Izzet Infrastructure Magitek Engineers who rig up whatever plumbing or power is needed, all backed by Orzhov loans. Golgari provide the equivalent of foodstamp-grade generic bread and meat-byproduct, occasionally supplemented by Selesnyan produce from one of their many ecologically minded charities, and anyone who wants more can start a business under Orzhov protection agreement and purchase luxuries from Orzhov-approved luxury vendors under similarly approved contracts. All regulated by Azorious guidelines and regulations, while the Boros keep the Peace between the Guilds on the streets and keep the Gruul from causing too much havoc. Need Medical Treatment? Your local Simic Biotechnician will see you now. Cant' pay? Sign this release and acknowledge that the experimental treatment you are about to experience has a projected 78% success likelihood. Dimir Inc. runs the Libraries and newspapers, so everyone keeps "informed," and with the information brokering they do from one Corporation to the next selling out info on the competition, they can afford to keep costs to the general public low.
And since life is cheap and short, why not take in a Rakdos show? Goodness knows with all the violent stuff we watch on television and movies in the real world, coliseum-style blood and guts entertainment paired with political satire and cultural commentary? Sounds like a winning combo? All brought to you by your local Rakdos playhouses! Get your tickets today! Remember, if you don't survuve the show, don't worry about the funeral arrangements. The Golgari are informed in advance of every performance as a courtesy, and will be at hand to clean up any remains afterward.
The Guildless survive quite literally on the handouts of the Guilds that keep them alive as a resource, not a populace. Ravnica is a cross-corporation worldwide farming operation that houses sapient free-range populace as its primary product, and then markets all secondary products to that primary product and to each other while utilizing that primary product to recruit from and produce secondary resources through... THAT is Cyberpunk AF.
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2023.06.10 01:54 PolarWhiteTele my house!

my house!
what do you guys think?
this is my cute little house, i’ve only been playing for 2 weeks so far but i’ve been playing it religiously ahaha, as you can tell i’m going for a stone theme, im also waiting for some good couches to go around the sliding cabinet for a living room, and haven’t gotten to the point where i can get those little separating wall things but i think it’s hella cute
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2023.06.10 01:54 Cmoney61900 I need to append a specific worksheet from workbooks put in the folders to the bottom of the already submitted excel sheets. I’m using this data to make a pivot table to do a YTD with the data so we know how much individual expenses will be year to date from our consolidated expense report.

I have a rough design and I am not sure this will work for my needs as we will be putting this information in every two weeks to the same folder. Which makes me wonder if I need to incorporate a refresh and check for new data code which I have no idea how to do with that?
Sub AppendData() Dim BaseWks As Worksheet Dim rnum As Long Dim MyPath As String Dim MyFile As String Dim SourceWks As Worksheet Dim DestWks As Worksheet Set BaseWks = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") rnum = BaseWks.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1 MyPath = "C:\MyFolder\" MyFile = Dir(MyPath & "*.xls*") Do While Len(MyFile) > 0 Set SourceWks = Workbooks.Open(MyPath & MyFile).Worksheets("Sheet1") Set DestWks = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") SourceWks.Range("A2:C10").Copy DestWks.Cells(rnum, 1) rnum = DestWks.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1 SourceWks.Parent.Close False MyFile = Dir Loop End Sub 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 01:54 YearLongSebbie Looking at buying a Black Bay Chrono, looking for options from owners

Looking at buying a Black Bay Chrono, looking for options from owners
Hello all,
I’m usually an Omega guy but I’ve been eyeing Tudor’s offerings more and more recently. I’m really liking the look of the Black Bay Chronograph and it just so happens there is one for sale at my local AD with no wait. I tried it on today and I do like it, but I also wanted to get the options of this that have owned it before I pull the trigger. Any known issues with the newest models, how does it do as a daily watch, are there any other models I should consider instead?
For clarification, I’m specifically looking at the panda version on a bracelet.
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2023.06.10 01:54 Elderberry8128 Plant Help! Had a mite problem Ive fought for 3 weeks now. Gave them a scalding hot shower 8 hours after a pesticide spray and now they are crisping away. Is this from the stress of the shower, the bugs eating thyme, or something else?

Plant Help! Had a mite problem Ive fought for 3 weeks now. Gave them a scalding hot shower 8 hours after a pesticide spray and now they are crisping away. Is this from the stress of the shower, the bugs eating thyme, or something else?
I was in the middle of low stress training so thats why they wre bent lime this. I do hope the shower didnt fuck them. I saw mites when I got home last night. I used a pytherine spray. This morning i wanted to wash everything off with a hot shower. After I did this, the plants became stressed and leaves began to die off. The crnter nodes are now browning and drying up. Did the shower cook my plants and they are now dying?
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2023.06.10 01:53 Dazzling_Street_3475 Make an OK salary but barely work - am I too comfortable?

26M. Bachelor's in Finance from a good school. I currently make 69k fully remote and I only work 20-25 hours per week. Good benefits and PTO. It is a very laid back, unfulfilling job. My salary feels low compared to what I read a lot on reddit and compared to my peers with similar education and work experience. It's enough to scrape by living single in my area, but I definitely don't save as much as I'd look to and vacations feel like a huge burden financially.
I've been thinking about job searching again, but man, reading some of the things on this sub and jobs is depressing. People looking for jobs for 6+ months.
Am I just being ungrateful? I keep telling myself I make a good wage for doing very easy work. I've gotten VERY comfortable but it's been starting to get to me that I might be wasting my 20s by not developing better skills and trying to maximize my career earnings/growth by being comfortable...
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I have read Kengan Asura 4 times and Kengan Omega twice two do this.
A few important notes before beginning:
  1. You should save this thread, as it will be live updated every Wednesday with every Kengan Omega chapter.
  2. Every character that shows up must be named.
  3. The fight cannot have just been mentioned, but must be shown for at least one panel, even if just as as memory (example: Kanoh vs Wakatsuki was shown for 1 panel, so it counts; Gozo vs Kokuro does not count as Kengan omega has never shown even a single panel of the fight)
  4. Every character must have 3 CONCLUSIVE fights against fighters who fit the first 2 rules in order to be added.
  5. Fights that are inconclusive include: ties or fights where both fighters agree to draw (example: Kuroki vs Rolon), fights that are interrupted early (Example: Akoya vs Nicholas, this includes even if one side clearly has the advantage), sparring matches (example: Ohma vs Kaneda; unless the spar eventually goes out of control and turns into a real fight, example: Cosmo vs Anderson Arona), and fights where there are multiple people, barring specifically if it is 1 fighter vs multiple fighters and the single fighter wins, in which case they will be given credit for defeating everyone they beat.
  6. The "Edward Wu incident" will not be included, as it is too confusing to determine what constitutes a win and a loss in that fight, and the entire situation was just overall a mess.
  7. The purpose of this thread is to determine who is narratively at what rank and what their purpose is in the story. From these records you can better grasp who is a true jobber, a top level jobber, a mid tier character, a top level character, etc. This is primarily decided by 3 things: Their overall record, their record against characters who show up on the list (because these are the more important characters to the story typically), and their record against characters on the list whom have winning normal records (what typically constitutes an extremely strong win, making a character a top tier).
  8. Kiryu Setsunna's recollection of the past events between Ohma, Tiger Niko, Ohma's Niko and himself will be excluded, as they are dubious at best. I will allow him killing Taira Genzan, however.

Tokita Ohma: 14-4

Ivan Karev
Music Man
Jerry Tyson

Tokita Niko
Tiger Niko

Kanoh Agito: 7-1

Lu Tian


Kuroki Gensai: 5-0


Wakatsuki Takeshi: 3-4



Gaolang Wongsawat: 4-1

Saw Paing
Kaz Fujita
Carlos (the reason I have this listed as a win is similar to why I have Raian vs Alan as a win for Raian, because Gaolang did win within a conventional fashion but lost to the "ruleset", also Carlos went unconscious before Gao hit the ground so there's debate as to whether or not Carlos actually should've won that anyway)


Yoroizuka Saw Paing: 5-4

Nam Nhat


Rihito: 6-3

Shimoda Saji
Death Crow Jr
Mark Meyers
Saw Paing


Hatsumi Sen: 3-1



Julius Reinhold: 2-1



Kure Raian: 4-1



Sekibayashi Jun: 2-3


Saw Paing

Muteba Gizenga: 2-2


Tiger Niko

Imai Cosmo: 4-2

Anderson Arona
Aku Fujio
Johnny Waters

Saw Paing

Himuro Ryo: 0-3


Koga Narushima: 5-4

Murasame Shuya
Xia Ji
Oshino Osamu
Utsubuki Kokuro
Aki Saito

Tokita Ohma
Utsubuki Kokuro x2
Carlos Medel

Gaoh Ryuki: 3-2

Utsubuki Kokuro
Ushiroda Takero

Tokeshi Kota

Chiba Takayuki: 0-3

Sen Hatsumi
Gaoh Ryuki

Mark Myers: 1-2

Pitali Klitschko

Tommy Strummer

Mokichi Robinson: 1-2

Saw Paing


Mikazuchi Rei: 4-1

Hong Xiao-Hu
Random assassin


Tiger Niko: 3-0

Tokita Ohma
Tokita Niko #1

Utsubuki Kokuro: 2-2

Koga x2

Hayami Masaki

Okubo Naoya: 1-2



Kiryu Setsunna: 3-2

Taira Genzan
Ozu Toshio
Nikaido Ren

Kuroki Gensai
Tokita Ohma
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2023.06.10 01:53 psychic_grocery Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think I’m pregnant or is it something else?

Hi! I have been experiencing a bunch of early pregnancy signs (bloating, cramping, lower back ache, pulling in the lower abdomen, mood swings, food aversion, fatigue), but would only be 3 weeks, if I were pregnant, which is too early to tell. I just got blood work done and am waiting on the results, which could be up to 6 days and I am freaking out. 🤪
That being said, this would be my second pregnancy, and I read that relaxin can cause you to pretty much instantly look pregnant by allowing your already stretched abdominal wall to relax, combined with bloating of course. I seriously look pregnant, and it happened very suddenly.
Have any of you second plus time mamas experienced this? Looking pregnant so soon?
I am really freaked out, because if I am not pregnant, there is something very off going on with my body right now. I got a full blood test to check for thyroid and diabetes and everything came back totally healthy, except my white blood cell blood count is high.
Thank you all so much for the advice! ♥️
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2023.06.10 01:53 throwranola should i let my mom borrow $5,000?

i (24f) save my money very well, to the point i get ridiculed by my family how tight i am with my money. i eventually want to move out to my own place and buy a car, is why i don’t spend much on anything.
my mom has always asked to borrow money from me. she lives her life how she pleases, but has accumulated debt. currently, she owes me a little less than 8k. it used to be more but i stopped giving her what i pay her for my rent and she takes that off what she owes me but she couldn’t afford doing it, so now i’m back to paying rent. she hasn’t paid me back in any way and it’s been many months, perhaps a year or two.
i don’t know why she can’t even give me like $50/100 a week, but she won’t. she prefers to pay back in larger amounts.
she just asked me to borrow 5k. apparently she owed her sister a lot of money and she was actively paying her pack in lump sums and it was stressing her out and it made her take out a legit loan just to pay everything she owes her. but now this loan she took out is stressing her out because interest. she needs the 5k to pay it all back, meaning she’s digging a bigger hole with me.
she told me she’s going to start paying me $500 biweekly and that i can even set up her account where it automatically takes it. i really really don’t want to give it to her. i told her i didn’t have it (i do) but i’ll ask my boyfriend to pitch in, giving her more of reason to pay us back (i’m not really going to ask him)
i just feel like because i’m her daughter, she is in no rush and i feel like this is the one chance to her paying everything back but it’s gonna take like a year. she even said she’ll cover my monthly bills (the house bills she put on me) and pay the remainder incase that’s easier.
she probably manipulating me to get what she wants but i don’t know, i just hate knowing the fact that she’s the reason i’m stuck here.
is there a way to go about this where she gets the money she needs and so do i?
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2023.06.10 01:53 qkrgywn am i dumb for taking the test without studying

The first time I took the ACT was back in March, when I was required to take it at my school. I got a composite of 31 (technically a 30.75) with section scores 36-27-31-29, in order. I'd been studying pretty regularly then, though not too hardcore or anything. But after I got my score in late March, I stopped studying entirely. Now I occasionally help others with their ACT prep, which is better than nothing, I guess, but the only time I took a practice test after March was a week ago, when I got another 31 (this time, a 31.25). I guess at this point I just don't really care, but I'm still going to be taking the ACT for the second and last time tomorrow. So I wanted to know: is there anything I can do now to ensure that I at least maintain my score, or get a higher one somehow? Should I just go in tomorrow with zero expectations?
My target score has always been a 30, because there's no other benefit I can get unless I get a 36. But maybe I should've tried harder to go up at least a point or two... Is there any chance of that still happening for me?
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2023.06.10 01:53 sankyu-56 26[M4F] GA/EST/US Anyone else feeling behind in life?

I really don't want this post to come off too sad because I'm actually a pretty upbeat guy, but the past few years have been pretty rough so I'll do my best not bum anyone out. My mental health took a turn for the worse about 3 years ago. Pandemic also hit concurrently which in a way helped because I could hit pause on my life along with everyone else, but also enabled my self-isolating behavior. My mental has gotten a lot better, but my social and professional life took a big hit and I'm trying to bounce back from that now.
I do want to try dating apps again, but I'm pretty self-conscious about my current life situation at my age and don't want to put that on anyone. I'll probably get back on again when I've sorted things out more, but for now I wanted to see if anyone on here could sympathize.
A little about me outside of the sad stuff:
Sorry for the long post but if you made it here then thanks for reading. If any of this is interesting please let me know. Ideally I would like to meet someone 23-28. I'm mostly active on discord. Maybe we could vc if we connect well!
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2023.06.10 01:53 Afraid_Locksmith_140 Am I Too Hopeful? Husband came clean about other times that he was unfaithful, after I had forgiven him.

29, F here
Background: I posted on here about a year ago about finding out my husband cheated on me (received a blow job) while we were engaged. I found out in July 2022, a few months before our wedding. He assured me that nothing physical had happened since the blow job which was Nov 2021, but he was still snapping and Sexting people which is how I found out. he was super apologetic and disgusted with himself. I really believed it. We decided to move forward with the wedding.
Since then, he’s been seeing a Certified sex addiction counselor biweekly. He assured me that the physical cheating was a one off mistake, but he always had a porn and KIK addiction. He decided that he was a sex addict. We established right away and wrote down our boundaries. He was not to get on the dark side of Reddit, download Kik, or etc, do anything that would trigger him to act out again. Our boundaries were very specific.
Fast forward to now. We’re married, we had a fantastic honeymoon, we are about to buy a house, been talking about babies, etc. we have a really great marriage outside of this problem. I had pretty much completely forgiven him for cheating on me and he just seemed to be doing so much better. A few weeks ago, He showed me a picture on Snapchat and whenever he was showing me I saw a chat pop up from someone.
I obviously don’t have to go into detail because his face said it all. He gotten on a Reddit thread for dirty Snapchat and was exchanging photos with men (my husband is bi). Obviously this was a shock to me. He had been going to therapy every week still and everything was really great between us. I tried to get everything out of him but he ended up lying to my face and saying that it only started that week when it actually had started months before. He still swears that he has not physically cheated on me since the first d-day a year ago in June 2022.
This happened a few weeks ago. He’s been going to SA meetings voluntarily, sometimes multiple times a day. Reading multiple books about sex addition, always listening to podcasts about it. He seems even more depressed this time. Lost 20lbs in 2 weeks, not sleeping. Truly distraught that he would relapse and break multiple boundaries. I hadn’t completely forgiven him obviously for breaking my trust for a second time but I was starting to heal because of his devotion to getting better on his own.
He has been taking the program and his therapy so seriously this time around. So seriously that he’s on one step where you have to come clean about everything that you’ve done.
He came clean that he not only cheated on me that one time in Nov 2021, but 4 other times before that throughout the course of our three-year relationship. 3 blowjobs and one physical sex. It was always with men and random people he met on sex apps. No emotions to it. He also admitted to have had sex one more time that happened after the original one that I knew about which happened in Jan 22. He told me that he had a man over at OUR apartment While I was getting my nails done who he had sex with without a condom. I was gone for less than an hour. This one obviously hurt the most because we were already legally married by that point, it was in my home, just makes me sick to my stomach.
My confusion comes from these facts. - all of these other times he admitted to physically cheating happened before the first D-day, which I had already moved passed - He’s obviously taking the program very seriously since he willingly admitted all that information to me. He had never willingly admitted information to me before, was always caught. - we have such a great marriage in all other aspects. We are physically intimate at least every other night. - I truly believe him when he says he wants to get better and never do this to me or anyone ever again
But at the same time I’m like distraught, I feel like I don’t know this person that I married. He still relapsed and broke almost every boundary. I love him so much but I don’t know how he could do this to us. We have such a great life and he acknowledges that. It’s always with men, I know that it’s a kink of his, but that obviously makes me have doubts that maybe I will never be what he wants, and this will happen again while I’m pregnant or just the rest of my life.
It’s so unfair that I chose this person to marry and I thought he was such a great guy and now it’s all out in the open and I feel like I have no control over my life.
Obviously I do want to stay with him. But I don’t want to have a lifetime of hurt. He’s gone too like 30 meetings in three weeks, has now clean clean about everything, and he is showing signs of actually wanting to change for himself.
I just want to be happy. And I wish it was with the love of the life.
Does anyone have experience of their partner actually changing?
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2023.06.10 01:53 Salt_Pollution_6134 I am so confused about if my coworker wants something to happen between us

Story as old as time: boy can't tell if girl likes him or if it's all in his head.
TL;DR I have a coworker that is basically my best friend. She's super cute and funny and we get along super well, and if she wasn't in a relationship of 4 years I would 100% think she's into me. But lots of guys at my work have thought she was flirting with them when in reality she's just a vivacious, attractive girl who doesn't seem to understand how flirtatious she comes across. So I've decided over and over again just to think of her as a work friend, but every time I settle into that she'll do something that makes me wonder all over again. I haven't had many relationships, but with all my exes I was very good at reading their interest and noticing the little things that hint at compatibility and mutual interest. in the beginning and I get all the signs from her. But if I were to tell her how I feel and have it go badly it would massively complicate the only job I've ever liked or had a future in, not to mention screwing up one of the best friendships in my life.

The long version:
I (25M, single) have worked on and off at my current company for 3 1/2 years. It's a school of sorts, I was a student and starting working there as a teaching assistant right after I graduated. While I was a student they brought on a student success coordinator, we'll call her Jane (29F).
She and I become good friends when I was a student, and I was going to ask her out until one of my classmates did and we all found out she has a boyfriend. Which was crushing for the class as a whole cause she's the kind of girl that every guy thinks is flirting with him, when in reality she's just attractive and nice and easy to talk to. So I did not ask her out, and we became friends, good friends. Later as I was working there several people told me that based on how she acted around me they thought there was definitely something there. I thought so myself, but after realizing that pretty much every male student and staff member was also interested in her and confirming that she did indeed have a boyfriend (of two years) I gave it up.
Fast forward to now. I left the company twice to try different jobs, and both times when it didn't work out she played an integral role in encouraging me to come back and hooking me up to get rehired (she's not high up in the company, just good at navigating red tape and making things happen). I've been back at the company for about 8 months this time and plan to stay long term. We've worked together more closely this time than ever before, and also hung out and talked/messaged nearly constantly, most of which was initiated by her.
I've always liked her, but always to reminded myself that she is in a relationship and has the kind of personality and mannerisms that make sguys think she likes them when she's just being nice. There have many instances with students that have confirmed this trend, buuuut also some things unique to me that are just enough to make me wonder.
To top it all off, shortly after I was rehired 8 months ago I found out she had gotten engaged to her bf of now 4ish years. She never talked to me about him and I knew nothing about him until I was present during group convos where other coworkers asked about him. However, the wedding was supposed to be this month and recently she told me she had no plans to get married anytime soon.
She is super pretty and has an amazing personality. She's very funny, can start and carry on a conversation with anyone, and is really good at remembering things about you and making you feel seen. She has had a lot of boyfriends and went through a wild party/drug phase in her teens, but now has been developing herself professionally and is a very well rounded and responsible person. She drinks much more than I do and has a very active social life, whereas I am more of a tech nerd and loner.
In short, she's definitely way out of my league and I've repeatedly told myself not to read into things and just stop thinking about being anything more than friends.
But I just can't get it out of my head. She's always going out of her way to joke and hang out with me, telling me that she's the president of my fan club and doing things to help me progress in the company. I know lots of people in the company like to talk to her but we message pretty much every day throughout the day, and months ago started talking even on weekends. Before covid we worked together in person for a couple months an then our company went remote and has stayed that way since. Recently we were required to come in to the office again and we started going into the office twice a week on the same days. She asked me to come in half an hour early on the days she's there so we can hang out before everyone else gets there. She has dogs and when I mentioned in a group convo that I don't like dating girls with dogs, she gave me a look and has kept bringing it up ever since then.
But she's living in the house that she bought with her current bf, and they've been together so long and were engaged at one point, so why am I even thinking about this?
I'm just f***** sick of wondering about it. A few months ago I realized she's probably my best friend, and decided that that's not healthy because I know she has a ton friends (not to mention bf) and I have very few. I'm a sociable guy but definitely an introvert and I like having plenty of time to myself. I have a lot of casual friends but I'm not close with many people and don't spend a lot of time with hardly anyone. I don't think it's good for me to become attached to someone who I have to think is not nearly as attached to me...but also why does she go out of her way to spend time and share things with me if I'm not important to her?
Anyway, I decided to stop thinking about this and distance myself and strictly think of her as a work friend. I kept telling myself she probably just enjoys working with me and is spending all this time with me because it makes work more enjoyable. But then today we were talking (on a video call cause she wanted to hang out today even though we don't have any work together) about how nerdy we each are, and she asked me how nerdy I thought she was, and then how nerdy of a girl I would date, and then mentioned that she was within my acceptable scale. And now I'm back to feeling like a love struck teenager.
I would love to hear opinions and thoughts about this situation, but mostly just need to vent about it. I don't want to talk about it to anyone I know because sometimes she games with me and my squad, and my family would never stop asking me about it if I told them. But I had to express my thoughts. The odds of me bringing this up and talking to her about it are very low, because I always come back to the conclusion that even if she does like me it's not enough for her to leave her committed relationship. Even if she is extra flirtatious with me that doesn't mean she'd actually be interested in a relationship. She's not the first girl I've been into that didn't realize how intimate some of the things she says and does come off to me. And maybe at the end of the day, she does just enjoy flirting with the cute funny guy at work, but is always going to go home to her bf.
And aside from all the potential heartbreak of bringing it up to be shot down, I love my job and don't want to risk screwing up the dynamic at work. Especially because I've recently realized that one of the things I love about my job is being around her.
submitted by Salt_Pollution_6134 to relationships [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 AlduinJr Detailed logging of my first 7-Day Fasting with Cat-sitting

This Saturday I will stay at my friend's apartment to take care of her cats for a week. I think this is a good opportunity for me to try week-long fasting since I don't have access to my kitchen and I will stay indoors for almost all 7 days. I'm kinda at my plateau so I want to do a strict one to break it.
I created this post to write down as many details as I can to share my experience with you folks. Here are some rules for myself:
  1. Weigh myself at the beginning and the end of the fasting - I only want to use my own scale to keep the same measurement.
  2. Fasting from June 10 afternoon to June 17th afternoon - roughly 168h because not sure exactly when I will enter or leave my friend's home
  3. Only drink water, but can add Apple Cider Vinegar (0 cal) and sea salt
  4. Drink (60% x my start weight in lbs)oz water per day
  5. WFH 8h/day in workdays
  6. Play Ring Fit Adventure 1h/day and play with cats 100000h/day for exercise
  7. If I take any snack I will be honest, the week-long fasting will be broken but I will fast in the remaining time
  8. If I have any health issues I will stop, this is not a mental challenge
  9. Pre-fast meal will be Keto Diet (as much close as possible)
  10. Break the fast with 2 spoons of protein powder before the celebration meal (BBQ let's go)
Feel free to comment or join me! Let's encourage each other!
submitted by AlduinJr to fasting [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 lmnopqrs4857 Is it common for the dealership to ask you to come back to sign more paperwork AFTER taking the car home?

My mom signed a contract to lease a new car about a week ago. Yesterday, the salesperson contacted her asking her to come back to the dealership because there is extra paperwork to sign. They didn’t really give any other details. When she asked what the paperwork was about, they wouldn’t give straightforward answers. English is not her first language, so she asked if the forms could be sent my email so that she could look over them before going in to sign, but they refused. Is it common for this to happen?
When she said that she didn’t want to go in person until she had something in writing about what she has to sign, the person angrily said to just bring back the car then. Is that even a possibility at this point?
We don’t have much experience with dealerships and leasing cars, could someone offer some insight?
submitted by lmnopqrs4857 to askcarsales [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 thegr8white_94 First time having a client flip out on me…Need advice!

I’ve been a PMU artist for almost three years and for the first time ever I had to tell a client to find another artist and blocked her number. She had a 9am appointment and 9:20 rolls around with no calls/text from her. I text her and politely told her that I hope all is well, we had a 9am “She confirmed the night before” and that we will have to cancel since she still isn’t here and this will put me behind for other clients booked today.
She calls me immediately and says she will be there in 10 and that I should take her anyways because things happen and it’s not a big deal. She accidentally went to the wrong address and so by the time she arrived it would already be 30 plus minutes past scheduled time. I said I’m sorry but I can’t and she FLIPPED. Started going off about how I need to honor the appointment and that she’s been waiting weeks to have this done. She sounded like a rabid chihuahua just going 100 miles per hour pretty much demanding I take her. I said I won’t tolerate anyone speaking to me like that and not only has she disrespected my time but now entirely disrespected me and that I will not ever do her brows and good luck to finding a new artist and hung up.
She called me a few more times so I blocked her number. I had a weird feeling about her from the consultation and she never even paid her deposit. She kept saying she would drop it off in person but just didn’t and I let it slide since no one else wanted the spot. The problem is that her mother is my client and I already did her moms brows a few weeks ago.
She has a touch up booked but she doesn’t speak English or drive so her daughter “my crazy client” would have to bring her and be with her for the appointment and I refuse to have her in my space. All communication for the mom’s appointment is done with her so by what happened I’m obviously not doing the touch up. Am I wrong for this? Again no deposit was paid for either of them.
submitted by thegr8white_94 to microblading [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 DragonEceTheFirst [Letter] Asking for help.

Hey. I am a 28 year old guy from Sweden writing here to do what i find to be one of the hardest things in life. Asking for help. I will have to say sorry in advance for my bad spelling/grammar as i have dyslexia. I have been in a battle in both body and mind the past five years due to a work related accident. I crushed my left leg at work and have been receiving a very lackluster help from the care system in place here, i guess one could say i have fallen through the cracks, and everything in life have been standing on a halt for the last five years despite 10+ visits to the hospital every month. to make things clear i have received some help but there as been a lot of carelessness and hopes that the issues will solve themselves after some time. sadly that has not been the case i just recently meet a doctor that looked through the leg and decided to take on my case as its become rather urgent if i wanna keep it. i have thus far made two surgery's, and what was discovered this week is that the they have cut off several nerves in the leg as well as some for sensitivity. aside from that there is more nerves that are heavily damaged as well as other things wrong inside the leg. partly the blood supply to the leg there are some veins missing as well as some leaking into the muscles. he is also suspecting muscle damage and some of this issues have become rather big as things have not been done to them in time. as of right now we are talking about more surgery's that might have to be done to get some nerve ending out. as well as putting in a pacemaker to block out nerve signals.
i dont know how much i can go into it as of right now, i could honestly spend days writing about the whole journey and im planning on maybe doing so as to let people follow me on my journey for rehabilitation.- with that part said. i should probably go into my background a little bit to give the whole picture as to why im asking for help. (and in my heart probably other to connect with)
to start with i never really had any proper connection to my real dad. the few times i meet him he was an ass. and the few times i came to live with him i never really saw him around. that said. i have not really had any contact with him the past 15 years. so i cant say much more on that front. and yeah. my mum and dad separated before i was born. and i have been living with my mom this whole time. good or bad. im honestly not sure of today. to make things clear as to why i feel that way. I love her with all of my heart. at the same time i hate her for what she has done the past 10 years.
i have always struggled in when it comes to doing things i find boring or dont give me a challenge in life. I used to do good in school but was a bully victim for my entire education. That in itself comes with its fare share of problems and struggles but i always manage to push back and build myself up. the worst part here comes in to the fact that i never really had a safe home. The guys my mom where meeting where complete asshats and to give a picture one of them almost beat both me and my mom to death with another four grown ass men sitting in the same room watching. so we are talking the worst of human garbage (excuse my language) but i guess its important to know as i realize this effected both me and my mom. so i really never had a safe place. with that picture painted id like to continue to ten years ago.
my mum meet a guy she married when i was about 10 years old. he was decent i guess. but yeah we have our incidents there to. to shorten the story they separated when i was about 18years old. and after that my mom pretty much cracked down. i was on a trip to Kenya with my school to become teachers for a month in a slum area for kidds between 5-16 years old. During this period i have zero access to internet in order to pay my bills. i gave my mum the loggins to my bank so she could pay my bills for me. sadly when i came home she had not paid a single bill. but instead taken the money to pay her own bills (at that time had no way of getting money for the for the next two months) meaning i had no way of paying the bills at all (i had things saved up so that would not be a problem) but now it all was gone. i can not put into words the disappointment i feelt at that time and have pretty much never come over it. this in turn forced me to quit school to get myself some work (also meaning i had to pay back money to the government) that i got for studying. in order to pay it all with extra charges due to three month behind payments. this was after i spent most of my income trying to help her keep her house for about a year. a house she could not afford bigtime but refused to sell and the money i put in was to give her time to sell it. she did after that year and got double what we paid for it. and i never got a penny back from it. instead she got herself a motorbike and the license for it. and skipped paying her debts this topic of disappointment have not stopped during the past ten years. and i despite it all deiced to give it my all and try to help her in hopes of a better future and getting her out from her financial issues. sadly that is something that will never happen cuz she cant manage money and dont know how the real world around it work. i sacrificed a lot of my youth to help her out including planed trips due to lack of money cuz i helped her out.
why do i find this important to know? my financial background is the reason im having to ask for help at this point in my life as i have done everything and beyond in my own power to stay afloat and above the surface until Im back on my own two feet again. helping her out was no issue as i had work and the financial means to do so. this included loans for a car and more loans for stuff (as she also it taking care of my two younger brothers) this was never a problem as i could afford it. but when the accident happened all that changed, i have been struggling financially myself the past five years due to this and due to a lot of wrongdoings on the governmental agency's paying out the money while i have been unable to work. that set me behind a month two or even as much as three or four, extra expenses i never getting compensation for. i have always managed to get myself out of the hellhole despite struggling mentality to handle it all.
after manage to survive this long and using up every trick in my bag to keep up and breathing im now out of ways to pass that wall. while i have finely found a doctor taking on my case and taking rains of all the work rules and laws regarding my own case when it comes to my right to money and help from the governmental agency's everything is a process and takes months to get through. today im in the shitts cuz i have been falling through the cracks in every way possible and have had rotten luck with the ppl that are suppose to handle the governmental things. but im so close to getting everything changed giving me a better chance at coming back to somewhat of a normal life again. and yet due to the recent fukups with the money im supposed to get out from the agency's every month my life is on the verge of falling apart completely due to the fact that i got no more backups or tricks to solve things.
as someone who always want to make things right for myself and who always managed to solve my own issues and take care of myself as well as others. and as someone that always wants to earn everything in life im now asking for help. i have meet a good psychologist and honestly i feel like my mind is a work of art in itself cuz the more things goes to shitt the more my body strain to get out of it no matter what. and my mind follows that. its like a light never how small always shined bright even in the darkest of thoughts. but the financial part i just have no abilities to solve at the moment. and thus ask if there is any way possible i could get help with that Peter Jordan? i swear if needed be i will pay back every single penny the moment i can put money aside again right now i need to survive about three more months and after that my situation should be fixed. if i cant manage to secure this help im moving out on the streets and will most likely not be able to get back. and i feel that would be my breaking point after doing everything i possibly can to avoid it.
to make it Simple im asking for financial aid to help me cover about three months of expenses (and catch up what has been missed the past two months.) during this time im fighting the system for changes that would change my whole position and situation and make it easier for me to get out into work and the help i need to do so. (on that part i already have a company willing to hire me and help me work my body up after my own capabilities) but for that to happen the governmental agency's have to change my current support stance. (that is currently under investigation) at the same time im now going to get proper help to get my body back in somewhat of a functioning state. if needed il pay back every single penny helping me out once im able and capable of doing so. im willing to stay in contact and update everything needed for this help.
i think that will be it for me. again im sorry if its unclear or hard to follow what i have been writing I have done my best to make it as good as possible. and thanks you for reading i wish you an amazing day.
ps. i will never ever stop fighting or give up no matter what. the harder the situation the harder i will fight, in hopes for a better life and being able to make it all a story later on to hopefully inspire others that struggle. that is my end goal and has always been.
i dont know how this work as i have never really had a reddit account before. but if you would be interesting in a conversation or decided you would want and could help me out this time you can reach me on my Mail ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))
submitted by DragonEceTheFirst to JordanPeterson [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 OpeningTrain1 My best friend (19 F) rejected me 2 weeks ago, and now she’s apologizing because I (19 M) have been acting cold to her. Should I try to salvage the friendship or not?

My best friend (19 F) and I (19 M) have known each other for 4 years, we’ve been friends for 2 years, and best friends since last year.
Every single friend we have in common has at some time said that we would make a great couple, or that it is obvious we like each other, and I’ve had a crush on her for the past 4 years, but I never said anything until a few weeks ago.
One day she sent me a text telling me about a first date she had just had, and I basically told her that I really value her and would always be there for here no matter what, but that I would never be able to talk about her being with another guy, because I have feelings for her
We talked about it in person a few days later, and I basically confessed to her everything I never said in those past 4 years. I told her about the time we met, about how I started liking her, about what I feel, and things like that. We talked for about 2 or 3 hours and she ended up rejecting me but we finished on good terms.
For the past 2 weeks I have been avoiding her, and we haven’t talked. It’s not because I am angry at her, but because I still have feelings for her and because I know that she doesn’t, I feel weird when I look at her. So she sent me text saying that she’s sorry if she did something wrong and that she would like to still be friends
I don’t know if I should be honest with her and use this opportunity to tell her how I’ve been feeling. To tell her that even if I want to, I cannot pretend I don’t have feelings for her. Or if I should just apologize for acting cold and resume out friendship
If I do end up being honest with her, I plan to tell her that I don’t know how to feel about her right now, because I look at her and I see my best friend, who I care about and with whom I’ve had some great times, but I also see the girl who rejected me and made me feel the worst I’ve felt in quite some time.
I am moving to a different state in a few weeks and won’t be seeing her anymore so it’s not like I am losing anything either way
TLDR my best friend (19 F) rejected me after I told her I (19 M) have liked her for the past 4 years. And she wants to remain friends but I don’t know how to handle this
submitted by OpeningTrain1 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 DragonzzillaPrime What faction/area would y'all introduce to DD2?

I have DD2 brain rot (blight?) and have been playing it nonstop this last week or so. Love the atmosphere, the art direction, the enemy designs, it's all *chef's kiss*. So naturally, I'm curious to the game's future and what content awaits us. Naturally, one of the things I wonder about is whether a new faction/area will ever be introduced, considering the amount of work that'd require. BUT this is a realm of theoreticals, and I'm a creature of idle fantasy. So what would y'all bring to the table?
I'd kill for a snowy forest populated by druids, crones, berserkers, and skinchangers in increasingly horrific animal hybrids. The lair boss being a dark god of the woods or an avatar thereof, akin to the Moder from The Ritual.
submitted by DragonzzillaPrime to darkestdungeon [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:52 LabRat2329 What retro games are you playing this weekend (June 10/11)?

Still continuing my playthrough of Donkey Kong '94 (Gameboy). I didn't make a lot of progress last weekend and the entire week because it's been busy at work. Hopefully I'll be able to beat a few more stages so I can tick this off and move to my next game.
For my Youtube channel, I'll be working on more tests for the Retroid Pocket 3+ but I haven't figured out which titles to play. I'm thinking the Gamecube release of Resident Evil, the PS2 Syphon Filter and maybe Silent Hill 4.
What about you guys? What retrogames are you planning to play this weekend and why?
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