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Are we really making this a thing now

2015.05.25 23:20 Brewster_The_Pigeon Are we really making this a thing now

Notorious for bullies.

2023.06.10 01:45 communityuser9678 I don't know who I'd be without my friends, but I'm suffering from having them i think

TLDR: I know I'm coming from a place where I never really felt accepted, and now that I have friends, I'm constantly finding myself struggling to keep up with them and my own life. I just need some tips on how to balance things or how to maybe let go of things I'm trying too hard to hold onto
Just wanted to ask for some advice, I sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in keeping up with my social connections and I truly don't know how to stop that feeling and get back to a place where maintaining these connections feel joyful again and not like an obligation that always chasing me.
Just some background, I grew up a pretty quiet person. My reservedness definitely peaked in middle school since I went to a different school than my friends. Eventually, I was able to make friends on my own, and one in particular became my best friend, which at the time meant the world to me because before then, I did not have someone like that. She meant a lot to me because I finally was able to do things I saw other people do with their friends. It kinda felt like a privilege to have her as a friend. Unfortunately, she was a bit of a difficult person to be friends with. Honestly, we had a bit of a codependent relationship where I ended up being servile, but it was a mutual situation since she had someone there to "meet" her needs and i got to have a close friend. This dynamic continued and got drastically worse as we continued into high school. She would say things to me in middle school suggesting our dynamic was like the movies where the cool kid befriends the lame kid and changed them for the better aka i was a charity case. By high school, it turned into her more outrightly demeaning me by saying a lot of things, from my body to my personality, that ate away at my confidence. Despite all this, I clung even tighter to our relationship in high school because once again, I did not have a large community of people that transferred from my middle school to our high school. Even though my friend made it seem like no one else would like me outside of her, I did try talking to new people from time to time once I was able to hype myself up for it. And through trying to reach out to people beyond folks my friend knew, I was able to make a new friend, which immediately my best friend began putting down and demeaning.
To add to the plot, my best friend and I began dating the summer before our junior year, which turned out as great as you'd imagine it to be. We ended up breaking up since the people around us, primarily her friends, made a group chat to question her and her treatment of me since she had gotten confident enough to berate me in public and talk very negatively behind my back. I found out years later that she would tell people that I'm a waste of space and worthless as a person. After our break up, she vowed never to talk to me again because I got her friends to betray her, which of course, I did not do.
Fast forwarding, after a lot of time sulking and honestly feeling the most alone I've ever felt, I tried reaching out to a few new people and managed to make a few friends on my own and forming deeper friendships with the people who were friendly to me during my tumultuous relationship. This began to create the start of some semblance of confidence and I'm still super loyal to these friends to this day. Moving into college, I really wanted to ditch the quiet act and be someone new. This definitely did not happen, but I did still attempt to reach out to others and even put effort into making plans and setting up mini events to hang with people, which I got to practice the summer before with my high school friends. In due time, even though I still felt like an inherent weirdo and super awkward, I made friends that accepted me as me and even developed a new relationship or two, slowly adding to my confidence that I might be worth a damn even though I was still in the process of learning how speak up and stand up for myself.
During the pandemic, I made it a point to keep in contact with my friends from HS and college despite time changes and how far apart we were. I took that shit very seriously, partly because I was bored and partly, because my friends gave me an escape from my homelife in some ways. My home life in gen is pretty fine, but I struggle to being myself at home which is why I moved away for college to give myself the opportunity to find out who i was on my own terms. I would have my weeks planned out with calls to various people after zoom classes and sent gifts to folks whenever my spirit called or I found out someone was sick or was going through a rough time. While all this is great, I did partly run myself into the ground trying to ensure i was on top of things in my relationships.
This gets me to this year or maybe the past two years where this feeling has increased. I'm honestly talking less to my friends than before due to changes in my life and theirs, which makes me feel guilty despite the fact that I know these relationships are two way streets and they can reach out to me too. Also, I've moved back home again and I'm back in the position where I'm trying to balance my relationship with my mom and her desires, but on top of that, my partner, my family friends, friends from HS and college, and work connections. Somewhere in this, I'm also trying to connect w/ myself and figure out where I want to be and where I want to go. Honestly, writing this long ass post (sorry for its length) is a part of my process of getting to know myself a bit better.
I'm just really struggling with this constant guilt at not reaching out to my friends or responding to messages, the compulsive need to be in contact with them and know the happenings or their lives, and trying to find myself without sacrificing the bonds and relationships that helped to build me into who i am today. I'm just constantly trying to stay on top of things and failing to. Any tips or flaws in my thought patterns would be really helpful. Thanks for reading everything!!!
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2023.06.10 01:45 LongjumpingClient159 my non-traditional engagement ring!

my non-traditional engagement ring!
i found this at a vintage jeweler near me and fell in love with it- too bad i have to wait until november to get it haha
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2023.06.10 01:44 hellmissesyou in need of some love advices from ppl with more experience than i do

i’ll try not to make this too long, my dad is out the picture and my mom and i aren’t exactly on the best terms rn. i’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly a year now, not my longest relationship yet but will be soon. i love him to death, he’s everything i’ve been wishing for since i started dating. i’m 18, he’s 19, his last relationship was like 4 years and mine wasn’t that long at all. lately we’re kind of hitting a rough phase? we argue a lot and although i know it’s somewhat normal to have lows, i feel like the worst human this earth has ever encountered. every time we argue, i can spend hours yelling about how i feel and it falls on deaf ears. he’ll spend so much time detailing everything wrong i did, making me apologize and i’m lucky if he does believe my apology, otherwise he just thinks i’m apologizing to get over with it or make him feel better. if i don’t apologize, he uses methods that make me want to rip my own hair out, like a mother telling her child to stop yelling or she’ll yell louder. we had a massive talk a few weeks ago about how deeply unheard i constantly felt and the way he made it seem is that he was going to work on it. nothing has changed, absolutely nothing. the other night i got upset over something and he just kept calling me cringe and i hit a breaking point and started ranting about my own mental health issues in front of his friends. he quite literally got mad that by leaking my secrets like that, i could leak his too and that he felt like i was just seeking some attention and comfort. he didn’t care about how i felt, he was worried about himself. earlier again, he was upset with me because i did not text him while being unable to sleep (he was deep asleep) and i had to apologize and his only responses were “whatever, i’ll just do the same to you/i’ll just never text you, it doesn’t matter, no its cool idc”. i genuinely have no idea what the fuck to do anymore because i don’t wanna leave him, i love him so much and i know it’s something we can work on but how do i talk to him about it? i’m scared he’ll think i want to end things. i just can’t keep feeling like i’ll never be good for him despite all the attempts i’ve made to fix myself
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2023.06.10 01:44 TarnTavarsa [SUGGESTION] There has to be a way to more easily report abusive behavior in the order chat.

I've noticed it's really easy to report spam and other abusive behavior (trying to get me to contact off Fiverr, trying to finagle free work outside the parameters of my offerings) in the Inbox, but once it's an order with submitted requirements it's damn near impossible without just submitting a cancellation request, throwing good time after bad and dinging my seller metrics.
No, buyer, I'm not going to dial your phone number for a "five minute chat to discuss this gig".
No, buyer, you do NOT have unlimited revisions on this $15 order. I offer a very generous 24 hour turnaround time, plus 2 revisions if the first pass isn't to your standards. What more could you possibly expect for so little money?
Probably more of a rant than anything, just sick of having orders dropped on me without even an initial inquiry about my service then demands start piling up because buyers know I'm effectively without options.
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2023.06.10 01:42 Jack_On_The_Track I got the most insane Switch win ever

I landed at Creeky Compound and quickly made my way into the location. Shortly after grabbing some of my loot, a message popped up saying my battery was low. Usually when this happens, I go super aggressive considering I don’t have much time to play it conservative like I typically do. I also used almost exclusively new weapons, except the Run N Gun SMG which I got halfway through the game. I also befriended one of the reworked Raptors and he assisted me quite a bit. Unfortunately, someone attacked the pair of us, and in the confrontation they stole my Raptor’s love, forcing me to kill them both.
Halfway through the game is when things got truly insane. Shortly after killing my raptor, while running back into Creeky, It popped up on my screen that I had killed 2 players by blowing them up. I had literally done nothing, but I somehow got credited with the kills. Near the end of the game close to the Citadel, with about 10 people left, it popped up on my top left that I was on super low battery. During that time period I also got kills on a few players trying to sneak up on me. I hired the Longshot NPC and he was able to scout our nearby players, so I could tell when they were coming. The console was getting dangerously low on battery. It quickly dwindled down to 3%, then 2, then 1, saying the console would go to sleep. I had to spend 20 to 30 second increments charging my Switch in its charging station (I play handheld) and it somehow was working. I got far enough to make the final 2, and used the Cybertron and 2 Kinetic Boomerang shots from long range to finish the final guy. It was a 14 kill win.
I WISH Switch had replay mode. That whole game was absolutely insane.
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2023.06.10 01:41 chro1104 This aspect for amulet is actually good

This aspect for amulet is actually good
So I am currently having a really poor setup for my Rogue and challenging myself to torment tier alongs with Nightmare dungeons. I got myself a good amulet with damage reduction but it wasn't enough until I got this nearly max out ancestral aspect, turns out It is like a game changer (more like defense changer) for a TB death trap rogue to me.
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2023.06.10 01:40 SwampyWarrior My girlfriend (30/f) and I (32/m) are supposed to move in together soon, but we’ve had ongoing communication issues and haven’t seen eye to eye on some things recently...

Hi, as the title says, my girlfriend and I are supposed to move in together, but I feel like we have unresolved issues and moving in together won’t fix them, or at least most of them. I guess I should start at the start, and I’ll try not to make things too one sided, as I know most people are inclined to agree with the author of the post as it’s from their point-of-view, so don’t be afraid to push back on everything I have written, I am writing to get peoples opinions, be them agreeing with me or not agreeing with me. Also, sorry about all the text, I sometimes ramble, so each section has a TL/DR if you like.
I’ll start from the start, my girlfriend (who I’ll name Christine here) and I have been together for two years come September. I love her very much and I know she loves me. We met online (as ya do these days) and I was instantly attracted to how warm and thoughtful she was. Christine seemed to take an interest in what I might be interested in and put in the effort to plan dates around these things. She lives in an apartment with her sister, and is more central to town, where as I live in the suburbs, about a 15-20 minute drive away from her, although sometimes more in rush hour. She is very emotional, which is a pretty big contrast compared to my last ex, who either bottled things in or was more suppressed, whereas my current girlfriend will tell me how she is feeling from one hour to next it seems.
A little background on me prior to this relationship, TL/DR at the bottom of this paragraph:
I moved to this town about 6 years ago with my ex (who I’ll call Meg here), and at the time I bought a house when I moved here. Meg was never on the mortgage and I paid for most of the large house expenses, although we did split some of the other bills, like internet, heating, and small house renovations. In that time the company I was supposed to start work with laid off the entire team before my contract started, basically leaving me jobless and with a mortgage. I was quite stressed for a little bit, but was able to set up freelance and full-time work 4 months later. In that time I also started working on projects for myself, and one of them went well and I have been able to work full-time for myself for the past 4 and a half years. This basically makes me my own boss with my own hours, although I do like to keep a regular 9-5 Monday to Friday work schedule. Although I sometimes start later and work later, and on crunch weeks can pull pretty long hours (12 hour days including weekends), but I’ve gotten better with that for the most part. To make a long story short here, Meg and I got engaged after 5 years being together, but we broke up and she left me. In that time we adopted 5 pets, two dogs and 3 cats, she took 2 of the cats and I kept the other animals, leaving me with the house, two dogs, and 1 cat, which is still my current situation. I love my dogs very much and I treat them like my children, but they can be a lot sometimes. They’re a very needy breed, although they keep each other company which is nice. I paid Meg a lump-sum of money at the time to avoid any legal complications, and the statute of limitations has run out if she wanted to try to take more money for the house. Meg ended up getting married to someone 3 months after we broke up, and as far as I know they’re still together, but I have no contact with her, nor do I ever go on social media to see. I’m not huge on using social media, since I use it for my job, I really don’t like using it too much for me personally, although I do like to look at TV clips from shows I like on Instagram haha.
TL/DR for my background: Was in a relationship, bought a house, relationship broke up, I kept 2 dogs and 1 of the cats and was able to keep the house. I work for myself after losing my job, but still work a relatively normal work schedule that is somewhat flexible.
Now that there’s a little bit of background I should get into the meat and potatoes. Christine and I have been having communication issues, which I feel have become more prominent with the planned dates of moving into together. I feel like a lot of these issues have come up in the past, and we talked about them, but some of them are recurring, and I fear moving in together will not be a good way to solve most of them.
Issue 1: The house and how my girlfriend feels about it
It’s a pretty simple house in a quiet neighbourhood, is only one floor and two bedrooms, but is a pretty good amount of space for two people, especially since there is an attached garage and backyard. One of the bedrooms is my office and the other is, well, the bedroom. I have a living room and kitchen, and my hallway has a large closet that houses the washer and dryer. I and my ex did renovate some things, and since she moved out I continued to change some stuff, but am pretty happy with my house, although still have some bigger projects, like a bathroom renovation that I’d like to do at some point. Most people who I first show my house to usually say things like it’s really cute or this place is sweet, things of that nature, although Christine hasn’t really complimented it much. At one point she asked me if I planned to stay in my house forever, and I responded that if that was the case it wouldn’t bother me. Although I don’t necessarily think I’ll be in this place forever, but if I was it wouldn’t upset me. Real-estate where I am is extremely expensive, and I feel fortunate that I was able to but something when I did, as it’s become nearly impossible for my generation to buy anything. While it could be possible for me to sell this place and put the money towards a new mortgage somewhere, that isn’t currently my intention, as I am pretty happy with me current living situation.
Christine has said in the past that she considers my contentment to be me settling, which upset me greatly as I really don’t consider how I live to be “settling”. She has said she in the past that she dislikes my house, and feels she is sacrificing a lot to move in here, and that I haven’t acknowledged this sacrifice enough. The things she’s most sad about leaving behind in her apartment is the more central location, her favourite coffee shops, the shorter commute to work, having her own bedroom that is just her own, and despite sometimes having issues with her sister, she’s gonna miss living with her, as they’ve been roommates for nearly 3 years. She has listed the things she dislikes about my place, but it’s largely more suburban location, and it isn’t clean enough to her liking – it isn’t dirty, but my dogs a pretty messy, so I have agreed to hire cleaners to do more deep cleans every month or so, while I continue to tidy things up in the way that I have been doing. She also the dislikes the direction my house faces and feels like it doesn’t get enough light, although she is often over during the evening, and I feel like my house gets quite a bit of light during the day, so much so I often need to draw the blinds when the sun hits certain areas.
She’s also implied that she feels uncomfortable moving in to my place because I have history with a past relationship in this house, which I can understand, and have agreed to move her bed into the house when she moves in, as living on the same bed as a past relationship would probably be too strange. She has also implied that other couples when they move in together usually move into a whole new space, as she always had a dream of one day buying and picking out her own house and she feels that if she moves in with me that I am taking away her dreams. Although I’ve tried to re-frame her thinking, as once she moves in we can redecorate and change the place, paint, and more or less blend our two styles into one, making it our place. I also think the idea of couples moving into a new place together is usually when they either both already own a house or neither do, if someone in a relationship already owns their own house most often the partner who doesn’t will move in with them, but that’s just my own thoughts on it.
We’ve also gotten into arguments over changing patio furniture, which I already have, and she said we should buy an entire new set of furniture. I said I don’t really see why we would need a new entire set, my dogs have gotten fur on the current set, but otherwise they’re in good condition, and I said we could clean the furniture with my pressure washer whenever we want. I also agreed that we can expand the patio and add more furniture, a piece or two that she can pick out so that she has some choice in the matter. Although to get to that point she cried a lot and then told me she always had a dream of buying her own patio furniture and she feels like this is another dream that I’m trying to take away from her.
To be honest I am quite the saver and value my security over spending money on things that I already have. I grew up in a lower-middle class family and saw my parents struggle with finances, where as Christine grew up in what I would consider upper-middle class or even lower-high class, and possibly expects a little more than I do. Whereas I grew up learning to love what I have, Christine has often dreamed about what’s next and wanting more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for either of us, but this I feel has resulted in some of the arguments revolving around things and the house.
TL/DR Issue 1: My girlfriend seems to not like my house and feels she is sacrifising a lot to move in with me.
Issue 2: Me hanging out with my friends
Another issue that has come up is how we value our various friendships. Christine is more of an introvert and works in an office, so can feel relatively drained at the end of the day and often doesn’t feel the need to additional social interactions, although she does have some people she considers close friends, although maybe only sees them once a month or less even. Where as I am more of an extrovert, although I do like my alone time as well and do have introvert tendencies, but because I work for myself at home I do like to fill my social interactions with my friends when I’m not working. Now I’m not a party animal and I don’t go out every night of the week or anything like that, but I do see my friends maybe 2-3 times a week, often in a group setting.
Christine and I did a personality test recently, which showed that she carries the introvert tendencies, but also can be very jealous and feel like she has extreme FOMO when events are going on. Even when she is invited to them but declines as her social battery is low, she still feels like she has been left out, despite being invited to join by me or someone else in my friend group. I always make an effort to invite her most of the time, unless I know it’s just gonna be a guys night, in which case I try to let her know what I’m up to.
Sometimes my friends are last minute with plans so they’ll text me, and I’ll rush to take care of my dogs and then head out. I try to let my girlfriend know what I’m up to and invite her, but since we don’t live together I don’t always give her a play by play at all times of the day of what I’m up to. Past relationships I’ve had haven’t really wanted to know what I was doing at all times if we’re not living together. I’ve also never made plans with her and then ditched her for my friends, I always make a point to stick to my word and keep any plans that we have set in stone.
In the past when I’ve been hanging out with my friends her texts to me have been short and impersonal and I can tell she’s upset, this has sometimes taken away my joy from hanging out with my friends. She has stated that she isn’t upset at me, but just upset that she is missing out on something, despite most of the times being invited to join. While moving in together would result in me and Christine seeing each other more and I’d of course always let her know if I was heading out or wouldn’t be home when she was expecting me, I sometimes fear her FOMO and the sometimes hour long conversations reassuring her about our relationship after I hang out with my friends.
I feel like this comes down to trust issues, and I feel like Christine doesn’t trust me, despite never being dishonest with her. I’ve had previous relationships cheat on my either emotionally or physically and that’s a pain that doesn’t go away, so I’ve always made an effort to never do anything unbecoming as such. The trust issues come down possibly to Christine’s insecurities about herself, and while I’ve tried to comfort her or reassure her, I feel like it’s a personal issue that she should be talking to a therapist about. She was seeing a therapist for a while, but has stopped recently, stating that the therapist was to agreeable with her, and she wasn’t seeing actionable changes. Although she is self-aware enough to realize that these trust and insecurity issues are her own.
This is compounded further because my friend group has a female friend, I’ll call her Carlotta, who is dating one of my closest friends. After my ex and I broke up 2 and a half years ago, Carlotta and her boyfriend (my close friend) broke up, Carlotta and I both got a little drunk and bonded over our breakups and kissed. We only kissed and nothing else happened, but the next morning we both said that it was a bad idea and that was more or less the end of it. My close friend and Carlotta ended up getting back together about a month later, and after some awkwardness, my close friend forgave both of us for the kiss. They were of course broken up at the time, and I respect peoples relationships too much to ever make a move on someone who is in a relationship, nor would I ever make a move on someone when I’m in a relationship myself. Carlotta and I both chalked it up to both feeling lonely with the recent break-ups. I still hang out with my close friend weekly usually, and Carlotta is there I’d say about 25% of the time, so I might see her once a month or so in group settings. In an effort to be honest with Christine I told her about I and Carlotta’s history early on in our relationship, and this only made Christine more insecure. When I told her I was unaware of her underlying trust and insecurity issues, although I still feel like open honesty was probably the best choice.
While the FOMO and jealousy over me hanging out with my friends is still there, if Carlotta is around it is usually worse. This has led Christine to comparing herself to Carlotta, or at least the idea of Carlotta. Christine at one point block her Instagram because she would see Carlotta’s stories feel even more insecure. Christine has accused me of hiding things from her about me and Carlotta’s past, which I haven’t, and accused me of acting awkward when Carlotta is around. Although I feel like any awkwardness is probably because I know Christine is insecure around Carlotta, so I might be a little uncomfortable not wanting to upset my girlfriend.
While I feel like this has gotten better recently, when I hung out with my friends the other day, Carlotta happened to be there and I told my girlfriend as much afterwards. I of course invited my girlfriend to join at the time, but she wasn’t interested. When we talked on the phone and I told my girlfriend what my friends and I got up to, I could feel like she was upset, and she told me she felt triggered. I asked her why exactly, and the conversation eventually spun off, and while recognizing that it is her insecurity issues, she got upset with how she felt I responded to her being triggered. While I was trying to figure out why exactly she was upset, she became upset at me for not instead immediately comforting her. Although I did try to comfort her, I guess it wasn’t in the way she wanted to be comforted. She accused me of “being attracted greatness”, and because she considers Carlotta to be “great” I musty be attracted to her. This isn’t the case, I’m really not attracted to Carlotta in that way anymore, so I feel like I need to defend myself. Then I get accused of being defensive, so really there’s no winning. It took an hour of back and forth talking to eventually come to end the phone call on good terms where neither of us were upset.
TL/DR issue 2: My girlfriend is insecure and very anxious when I hang out with my friends.
Issue 3: Communication stuff I guess?
While this has probably been apparent in some of the above writing, I really feel like we sometime struggle to understand one another. I’m a very logical person and tend to need a reason for something to be a certain way or to change things. Christine is more emotional and a dreamer, she’s more concerned with thoughts and feelings where as I am more interested in facts and data. Neither of these things is a real issue at all, except for when it comes to conversations that lead to disagreements. Sometimes I feel like we’re having a perfectly normal conversation with some back and forth, and then all of a sudden she’s upset at me and in tears, and I try to rewind the conversation to find something that would have resulted in this response, and I legit can’t. That probably makes me sound pretty stupid, because if someone is crying there must be a reason, but even when she repeats what made her upset, I can’t even place in the conversation when this happened. Seriously, I rack my brain trying to place it and it just isn’t there. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Eventually we can maybe rewind enough to the initial triggering, but even when it’s repeated I have no idea why it would deserve this emotional of a response.
Some of the time it’s because she took a joke I said as reality, not realizing it was a joke. So I have to explain the joke in great detail so that she can get it. I’m a very jokey person by nature and do struggle to be serious. Christine is less jokey, and more serious by nature. Sometimes I can say a joke and she laughs really hard, so she isn’t humourless by any degree. I just think because she’s so serious that she sometimes assumes what I’m saying is serious, and suddenly all the context is gone.
Other times it seems she gets upset at me for reasons that others wouldn’t. I play sports with my friend in recreational leagues, and every now and then we’ve needed a sub so my girlfriend has filled in. After some of the games she is, at least I feel she is, angry at me for perceived things about how I play. Sometimes when you’re playing with a sub you don’t have the same groove as your team usually would, but my girlfriend seems to take it personally if I don’t pass the ball to her enough, and accuses me of not wanting to improve at the sport, despite my level of play being equal or better than most of my team-members, at least in my opinion. There are obviously ways I could improve, but this is a rec league and I only play once a week at most and I’m not going for the majors, most of us are there to have a good time and play the game, and then maybe grab some drinks after to celebrate the win or the loss. I can feel Christine’s mood sour if we aren’t doing well, and everyone else isn’t upset at all. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, but she hates losing and is very competitive. While she’s not horrible at the game, she doesn’t play as often as we all do, and is probably not quite on our level. So she gets upset when she feels she’s letting the team down, but I’ve told her many times that no one feels like she is letting us down. She does feel like she needs to be the best at stuff, and when she isn’t she gets upset at herself, and then might turn it around on me. It got to the point where I had to stop inviting her to join us as she was getting too upset either visibly in the game or at me after for some perceived slights, for not passing the ball enough, or for me not improving enough since playing.
We have started going to therapy, largely because I want to iron out these issues before moving in together, and in the session I brought up the FOMO and insecurities she has over me hanging out with my friends. We talked and I got some perspective on her side, and I hope she got some perspective on my side. We mostly talked about the house issues though, as that was the most pressing, and the FOMO stuff was relegated to a small part of therapy. Later on in the evening when I went over to her place to hang out she said she felt blindsided about how I brought up her insecurities about this in therapy. She said that she felt we had talked about these issues in the past and didn’t think that it should have been brought up in therapy. I told her that just because we’ve talked about it in the past, and it has gotten a little better, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to talk about it in therapy to gain a better perspective. For context, the next night she got upset when I hung out with my friends, aka the last paragraph of issue 2, so it’s pretty clear that this is an ongoing issue and hasn’t been fully resolved.
The therapist even picked up on something that my girlfriend has started somewhat jokingly diagnosing herself with after watching some videos on TikTok, that is possibly her having ADHD or being somewhere on the Autism spectrum. Both of these would explain why she struggles to contain her emotions, and appreciates having control of her environment, although I can’t really say for sure either way, as I’m not equipped myself to diagnose anything.
TL/DR of Issue 3: Sometimes we just don’t seem to get each other or be on the same page.
In closing:
Welp, that was a long novel. I think Stephen King will be reaching out to me for the rights soon. I know this might seem like a lot of things, but I just wanted to provide as much detail as possible, plus I think it’s probably all kind of the same thing, but written a whole bunch of different ways. I really do love my girlfriend and want to work out these issues. I hope that therapy is enough to be able to see eye to eye, but I maybe wanted some outside perspective. And I would ask that people keep in mind the ass for mentioned bias that this write-up has probably in my favour, so I would appreciate any opinions in favour of my girlfriend. I really want this to workout, I just want this relationship to last when we move in together, that’s why I wrote all this out, and that’s why we started going to therapy. I truly do love her and I know she loves me. If you read this entire thing then I thank you, and even if you just read the TL/DR of each issue I still thank you.
TL/DR: My girlfriend and I want to move in together, but I feel like communication issues, issues with her thoughts on my house, and her insecurities over my friendships may need to be resolved first. Would appreciate any advice. What would you do in my situation, or how would you handle any of the situations noted above?
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2023.06.10 01:40 standard_seo_tools Free Article Rewriter Tool Article Rewriter: The Ultimate Guide

Free Article Rewriter Tool Article Rewriter: The Ultimate Guide
In today’s agenda world, agreeable is king. Businesses, bloggers, and marketers are all in connected charge of high-quality, unique, and agreeable to allure and absorb their audience. However, creating Aboriginals agreeable can be a time-consuming and arduous task. That’s the area the article rewriter tool appears in. In this article, we will assay what commodity rewriters are, their allowances and drawbacks, and how to use them effectively.

What is an Article Rewriter Tool?

A commodity rewriter is an apparatus or software that helps to carbon or digest an absolute article, authoritative it altered and original. The primary purpose of an Article Rewriter Tool is to aftermath assorted altered versions of a commodity afterward alteration its amount bulletin or meaning. The apparatus scans the aboriginal content, analyzes its structure, and rewrites the commodity application altered words, phrases, and book structures.

How Does an Article Rewriter Tool Apparatus Work?

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Benefits of Application an Article Rewriter Tool

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2023.06.10 01:39 ThyCoffee What Are My Chances of Enlisting?

Hey all, long story short, I had to get a waiver to enlist into the Marine Corp for my past history of depression, so I did and went to bootcamp back on May 5th. Furthermore, I quit or dropped out because I realized I joined the wrong branch. I made it 3 weeks in, got pneumonia, vomiting, went to medical and told them I no longer want to continue training, but I had to bring up my past history of depression to get out. So I had to get the white tap on my shoes even though I told them I wasnt suicidal, but have had those thoughts from time to time, but would never act on them. So, I'm just curious if my chances of enlisting into the Navy are possible since I really do wanna join the military, I just fkd up joining the hardest branch and to be honest I picked the Marines because I was desperate at the time and I thought the Marines would be my only shot at joining because of the waiver situation. If you guys know anything, please inform me because I plan on trying to enlist again in 1 year. Also on my DD214, I have a RE 3P.
submitted by ThyCoffee to newtothenavy [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:38 Candid_Fox_5898 Ayaneo right joystik not working even after the replacement

Ayaneo right joystik not working even after the replacement
I have faced issue with Ayaneo 2 for over a month, right joystick keep drift to right so i contacted Ayaneo and and they sent me new joystick which i have paid for ,
After the replacement its drift sometimes to right and sometime up and down,
I have tried to reinstall the windows , firemware,updates , calibration,etc
Nothing is working ,i need help from Ayaneo and everyone her ,what could be the problem
Something wrong with my unit, and iam chasing it with Ayaneo for almost 2 months now with no fix.
submitted by Candid_Fox_5898 to ayaneo [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:38 HZ4C Ok so what's the deal with Necromancer?

Loved it in D3, wanted to try it out after getting a Rogue to 60 but EVERYWHERE I look on Youtube or here everyone says Necro is ok, but just not nearly as good as all the other classes (a lot saying it's straight up bad) and to pretty much get the best out of it you have to lock-in a super tight one trick build.
Obviously I know I can get through the game with the Necro but is it really THAT underwhelming? Playing Rogue on the highest WT possible made the game feel easy and fun I was so overpowered, class is really strong. Is Necro going to bore me by how "meh" it's being received in the community?
Might go sorcerer than.
submitted by HZ4C to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:38 tyler669420 Ratchet Update After Years

Been humming along with the PP 1/4”, 60’s V-Series US Craftsman 3/8”, Teq 3/8”, PP Composite 3/8”, Teq 1/2” and Kobalt 1/2” for years not knowing what I was missing. Went to a trade show and spent some time at the GW booth and after seeing the Project Farm video and feeling the 90T GW I grabbed the 2x flex head pack. Did a ton of research and decided to stick with GW and HF because they’re the easiest to warranty near me. Since I stayed off the truck and found sales, I went a little overboard 🤷‍♂️😂 ALSO: AVOID ICON 1/4” - the backdrag is stupid and lube didn’t help. Still looking for a good stubby 90T…
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2023.06.10 01:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl.

In a bar, nightclub, at a mall, at a coffee shop, on the street, etc, the key to sleeping with boatloads of beautiful women is systematically and optimally turning these phone number “LEADS” into meetups (dates) and then into “SEX”.
It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.
So you can think of the process like this:
Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.
So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.
My secret to systematically having sex with 100+ new girls every year.
For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.
No lead is waster
That’s my secret: working leads like a machine.
I got the first highly optimized lead system for dating figured out, I want to give back to the men out there that are struggling. Leverage my years of frustrations to get laid immediately.
What is the system? I call it The Lead Machine.
Why Machine? Because it works like a damn well-oiled machine!
Just put leads in and get pussy out!
Here is a sneak peak of what is included:
Massive Master flowchart ​​
Screenshots of conversations utilizing different parts of the chart
Dates Masterclass videos from Occam’s Razor
Videos About Dates Straight to the House
Videos About Closing at the House
Excel Spreadsheet Template for Organizing and Tracking Leads
It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy.
And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently.
Stop wasting time and energy.
You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that.
So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.10 01:37 DabbyBear [WTS][MA] ASG USW-A1 + mags, APS CAM870 AOW + shells, KC-02 parts, Wii tech Mp9 x2 bundle, 3x Scorpion Evo 3 2020, AKs, UBG local items

Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USW-A1 Please message me if there is not enough gap between links and you cannot click different timestamps!
Album - 06/09/2023 - Vortex gear
Posts take me ~ one hour to organize, so please tell me if the formatting is fucked!
Album - 06/09/2023 - APS MK1 CAM870 AOW

Album - 06/09/2023 - Stocks for KC-02 (two PMACA)

Timestamp - 05/22/2023 - HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear
Please look at my posts across other markets - I typically mark things as sold, but feel free to ask (about stuff in other posts). I have plenty of flair, but I always use timestamps regardless.
Pushed for swap meets at Ultimate Battlegrounds in Bridgewater, MA and its been finally happening! If you can match value to value, I may be willing to trade as well - lower flair sends item first (or local).
Prices have shifted down since my last post - and I am willing to do BOGO50% off OR buy two, get one free - it will be more for bundles including larger items (don't ask for three mags to get one free).
**PLS READ THIS** \- If you cannot listen to instructions, there's a chance I will not do a sale with you.
  4. TYVM
  5. Shipping info below We can discuss shipping based on bundling - shipping will depend on weight/size, but it likely will be $15 or less. CONUS only.
Newly Added:
ASG USWA1 w/ 8 CO2 mags - Timestamp - 06/09/2023 - ASG USWA1 - (same album as above)
Vortex Gear -
APS MK1 CAM870 AOW w/ upgrades - Album - 06/09/2023
Stocks for KC-02 - would prefer selling in person unless there is complete understanding that modification is needed to fit on a KJW Kc-02
Plate carrier + Mask Imgur album -
Condor LCS Vanquish Armor System - worth around $220-230, selling for $180 shipped/$170 local Gear that I used as back-up that hasn't seen use in a while. Great for someone jumping in who also wants to carry water or has a hpa tank.
Pilot mask (6mm ProShop) - $40 on evike - $30 local only
Additional pictures for HSP, Spiritus, Mission Spec gear shown above (old timestamp)-

KWA MP9 (foregrip model) with a second MP9 (rail model) for parts - old album
**Not splitting at this time. Not the mags. Not the adapter.**
If you're building a mp9 from scratch and you're trying to get all of the upgrade parts, you're going to end up spending more than what I am offering here.

Other GBBs - old album
ASG Scorpion Evo smg - with sold spicy scorpion
ASG Scorpion Evo carbine barrel -
Thanks for getting all the way down here! I will likely be bringing these items to the local sale. Here's some items I have, but have not yet taken pictures of because interest is likely very limited.. Most of this stuff would be miserable to ship so I have only included local prices. Message me if you want pictures of any of these items TO BUY LOCALLY IN MA.
Local items - old timestamps
AKs & King Arms PDW Shorty
Local Items w/o pictures - feel free to reach out for pictures if you're local to UBG
Disclaimer: Please do your own research on these parts. I am not responsible for getting your KC or G-series gbb working 100% after purchasing upgrades. There are no known issues with the upgrade parts, but the stock parts are unknown. I will inspect before sending out. No returns. Prices have already been reduced. Talk to me for negotiating further. Rogueworx KC-02 parts - Please check out Rogueworx's website for these parts. - The bolt carriers and pistons are newer versions than what I have here. If you have a kc-02 and you didn't already know, there is also a discord which proves to be very helpful. Spreadsheet broke so - First number is cost on from Rogeworx/supplier, not including shipping cost from the UK. KC-02 parts album
There are many items here so if it's a stock part I won't be listing the price here (G-series and KC-02). The going rate of most g-series/kc parts will be what jk-army charges but without the shipping cost of shipping from HK. The main purpose for these parts is to help those in desperate need of a fix for their kc and to get rid of these parts. If you want to offer me a lot price for the stock parts, go ahead. G-Series parts - [pictures]( - Plastic slides x2 (One with the trades messed up) - Stock hop-up (G17) with stock barrel and bucking - 3 stock G17 barrels, 2 with stock bucking
Items that I will accept for trading purposes but remember - CASH IS KING
* G-series/AAP-01 mags (boneyard or working)
Airsoft replicas:
Thank you for getting all the way down here. Now please, make sure you send an INBOX MESSAGE to me - do not use the instant chat! Message me and we can talk airsoft - worst I can say is: no thank you.
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2023.06.10 01:37 Avery00001 How so I convince my brother he is being scammed???

My older brother(M60) has been in a long distance "relationship" with a woman. He has not had much experience in relationships, so this is all new to him. Red flags went off for me when he initially told me about her, so I asked if she had asked him for any money and he said no. Fast forward a few months. He tells me that her uncle deposited 20k into his checking account and wants him to send the money right back to him. The reason the uncle gave is because he wants to see if he can "trust" my brother. Anyway, the bank (Chase) was alerted to suspicious activity and gave my brother a lot of crap for falling for this scam. They told him they were going to put a lock on his account so he cannot transfer large amounts of money and told him not to speak to the girl anymore. My brother seemed convinced it was a scam at that point. THEN, either Chase or the scammers pretending to be Chase inform my brother that the case has been "resolved" and they are not taking any further action. Now my brother wants to send the remaining 7k to these people. He believes they are real now! He has already sent them 12K. The original check deposit has cleared, but I told him the check could take weeks for the bank to determine it was fraudulent and then he will owe that money. I am begging him not to send that money, but he does not believe me. So far I have looked up the address for this woman and told my brother a man and older woman live there. I have searched and could not find the uncle or the name of the girlfriend anywhere. I am at a loss of how to convince him. He does not have any extra money at all and struggles to get by. If you can offer any suggestions on how to convince him I would appreciate it. I have asked for the girlfriends photo and phone number, but i am not sure if he will give it to me.
submitted by Avery00001 to Scams [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:37 deanomalone [M4F] 32 just a simple man searching a simple life

Howdy, howdy. I'm not really sure how to do this but I noticed that any time I write an about me it ends up as a personal roast lol. Lets turn on the propane and get this baby started then.

About me:
-6ft Tall
-Blonde Hair
-32 Years of Age
-I enjoy numerous hobbies like any human
--Book Currently Reading: Girl In Pieces
--Game Currently Playing: Monster Hunter Rise
--Last Movie Watched : Super Mario Bros
--One of My Top 10 Movies: Network (1976)
--Favorite TV series : KoTH / Extras
--Last song I can't get out of my head : Wicked Game
-I also enjoy cooking, antique'ing, love animals, and recently really been pumped about going back to the gym
-Capricorn (for all y'all folks that NEED to know)
-Recently moved back to southern California to take care of some family issue and looking to get back out the state lol.
-Some how can talk about nearly anything or be interested to learn about anything new.

About what I'm looking for:
In the immediate, I would like to meet a nice girl whom I can spend time with and have fun.
Though the long game, my goal is to own a home within two years and start a family with the nice girl from above.
submitted by deanomalone to ForeverAloneDating [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:37 whatever1726 Djinn auto attacks

I’ve finished the game on tactician, I then went for an honor run, commited an act of terrorism using max corpse explosion in Linder kemm fight, and like a good act of terrorism, I blew my team up in the process, this pissed me off, restarted, got to djinn on level 13 after killing the advocate , and teleporting Alice to jahan, hilarious, I nearly one shot the djinn, teleporting shenanigans ensue he then decides to pull 34 action points out his ass , moves quite a distance to get to me , proceeds to auto attack me 10 times, throughout these auto attacks, I could’ve reloaded my earlier save , I really could’ve, but I genuinely didn’t believe this could even happen, can someone explain, is this the power of friendship? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
submitted by whatever1726 to DivinityOriginalSin [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:36 milkymoomy Do think this is from medication? Anyone?

I've been taking Propranolol for a while now and things have definitely improved as my panic attacks became less intense, frequent and in general I wasn't just always existing with a racing heart and struggling to breath constantly with everything scaring the living daylights out of me. Recently though I've suddenly felt 100 times worse ALL THE TIME where I am hot but get these shivers that pass over me like waves over and over and over, I have sharp chest pains quite regularly that can get bad sometimes, I'm nearly always struggling to breath with a racing heart and shaky hands etc. I know these are all anxiety symptoms as I've had them all before but I just have no idea where all that came from. I'm more stressed but its almost like the Propranolol just deserted me whilst I'm still taking it so that I have to attempt to fend for myself. I literally feel like how I was before taking anything but it was just so sudden. One morning I woke up and boop I'm now consumed with unrelenting anxiety, like always just x100 :D
I know that it was a thing where people may stop feeling the effect of the medication they are taking if they have been doing so for a while, which may result in them increasing their dose and so this is where I am confused. I take Propranolol (120mg daily) and I've never heard of that happening for this type of medication. I'm defo not getting my dose increased anyway as 1. I'm young so doctors won't increase my dose 2. The dose is already high and 3. I'm blaming the medication without actually knowing what is going on anyway.
PLEASE someone tell me whether you even have the foggiest idea what might have happened or if you have gotten the same or literally anything please.
submitted by milkymoomy to panicdisorder [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:36 jennamimi If you’re in a long distance relationship how do you manage it?

My boyfriend had to leave the country and go back to his country or South Korea for two months due to his visa expiring and he’s renewing it for a new one. I’ll be going to see him in August for a vacation in South Korea. I know it’s such a short amount of time and I’m so excited for my vacation. But I have really horrible depression (which I’m medicated for) and I’m in therapy. So, for me I feel like this situation is worse than it actually is. I know two months is such a short amount of time and I shouldn’t be upset. But my depression makes it nearly impossible to recognize that. We do FaceTime twice a day, talk on the phone we have the chance, and constantly text. But my question is for those who are in long distance relationships how do you make it work and what’s your experiences?
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2023.06.10 01:36 Dismal_Attempt_2792 Desperate to feel safe, anyone know any resources? (NV, USA)

I'll try to keep this short, but my bf and I are living a nightmare rn and don't know what to do. Also heads up I mention a break in/some harassment and how its impacting my ptsd, but nothing triggering/in detail/graphic. An ex friend that we tried to help out when he became homeless with his gf is terrorizing us. We told him he couldn't come here anymore this Sunday 6/04 and at 11:26am he smashed our window so he could reach in, unlock all 3 door locks and walk right in. We got all their belongings out and told them if they even approached the gate we'd call 911 by noon. That day we had to call again at 12:26, 12:45, 12:53, 2:04 and 3:36pm as he returned to threaten us or bait us into opening the door. Monday 6/05 he came back and I called 911 twice at 8:54pm and 10:12pm. After we refused to open the door he walked away while saying he couldn't wait to beat us up. Wednesday 6/07 at 5pm he sent 2 people we don't know to "get his stuff" which we don't have. I told them the only way I could open the door was with an officer present. They said okay but then ran before anyone got here. But at this point I added another report so they could charge him with stalking as well. Luckily our neighbor got a description of them to confirm our story. The officers took the time to really talk with me and I made sure to bring up that our landlord kept saying they'd board the window, but each day it didn't happen. As well as being wishy washy about some stuff. We told her every day how violent he was and the danger we were in. At 8:15pm he was able to get through our makeshift barricade of the fridge against the window with one hand, unlock the door again and walked right in. An officers suggested we block the bedroom door with our dresser on the 5th which saved our lives. We called 911, grabbed the cats and locked ourselves in the bathroom as he tried to kick the door down. We could hear the wood splintering as it almost snapped in half just from his foot. He must have a look out bc he ran just in time. The window is now boarded up and using the victims of a crime law we can now break our lease early with no penalty, but the damage is already done.
Me flushing the toilet scares me. I can't sleep at night so I've prob gotten 5 hours total scattered through this week while it's still light out. We can't eat, we're constantly blowing up on each other by accident from the stress. I feel awful, my bf went to hug me the other day when I wasn't expecting it and I literally screamed get off me like I had no control over myself which then made us both cry. He's told us he can see our front door from his place so he knows when we leave or come back. And people in the neighborhood have told my bf he's asking everyone to let him know if they see us. We had to come up with intricate safety plans just to run across the street to the store if we can even get ourselves to go outside.
We should be in a new apartment within a week, but I'm trying to find a program that could put us up literally anywhere for even just a few days. We'd go to a shelter, but then 1. we'd lose everything we own, 2. we'd have to leave it during the day and have no one/no where to go within that 3. There's none our cats are allowed at.
I know our things aren't as important as our lives but we're in govt housing for a reason. We wouldn't have the ability to replace everything we've worked so hard to put together since we moved here in October. When you start with nothing but the clothes on your back, material things become way more sentimental. For us to stay in the shelter feels like letting him win bc then he's made us homeless by destroying our place and taking away all we accomplished. Lastly DO NOT come after me bc I won't leave/give away/whatever my cats. Those babies pulled me out of one of my most severe phases of depression. I don't think I'd be here without them. I would die before anyone got near them.
If anyone knows anything please comment.
submitted by Dismal_Attempt_2792 to helpme [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:34 Cumgoblinn Where the Eyes Are Drawn: Part 2, Love is Blind

I’ve done it, I’ve met my future wife. Every second I see her gold dust flits from my eyelashes onto a masterpiece. My life is a perfect painting when I’m with her. My chest finds her orbit and I’m bound to collide at any second. An uncontrollable orchestra finds its way in my larynx that I have to keep down with every muscle in my body. She is modern art that transcends the canvas. She will be mine, I just need to give it time.
Blessed holiday bonus. I want to jump and scream in sharp color. She can't help but do that to me. I’m struggling to contain a rapidly expanding celebration, I want to be the center of her universe. I must catch her in my orbit. Every clock-in marks a day where she is near me, every clock-out uproots my clouded headspace in her sky for a promise to see her another day.
Just one look is all I need to know that she must be mine forever. Her eyes reflect myself in glimmering perfection. She is the first puzzle piece that builds my kingdom. With her at my side, the world will be put in order and made right. My mind is a brilliant diamond and her sparkled foil makes my light shine brighter. A future with her by my side is a reason to spend every second.
Her presence feels like a fall harvest that incurs a feast for the history books. Her love for me will be found through the knee high cracks of browning leaves with a lost engagement ring hidden ripe in a rotting world. Her shining elegance sits in the sky waiting for me to grab. A cosmic bride is one I’m happily reaching for. Her skin is pure and untouched like the first snow of winter, she makes me rich in possibility.
Everyday I plead for her eyes to find me, but they seem to fire past me. Oh how I yearn for even a passing glance. When she looks me in the eye a parade blocks traffic in my throat and all the right words come late. My best self is crucified in a cave and my true beauty is hidden from her eyes. I want nothing more than to share every detail and second of my life with her to guarantee an awe-inspiring obsession but my patience will come through in reserved charm in excellence. A geode of possibility will be cracked by her curiosity.
A flying ember caught in my lantern will light the path to success and finally turn things around. When she's with me she will fix all my problems with a smile because that's how much love she will have for me. This coming independence day will be the end of her independence and the temporary beauty of a firework will forever be mine. I simply can’t wait until her heart explodes in flames like mine, her love for me will burst into scarlet smithereens.
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2023.06.10 01:34 cinihen728 Unfinished home

In a house with incomplete walls, lived a man, Who held life by a delicate thread so wan. His heart, a heavy stone, shadowed by doom, And the only light, the only room.
His spirit once danced in the warmth of a hearth, Once glowed with the laughter of kinship and mirth. But time, the great reaper, had stolen his cheer, His family had left, his end was near.
He'd built this house with his heart and soul, For his family, his joy, to make them whole. Brick by brick, and beam by beam, It was his life, his love, his dream.
But as his beloved departed from his sight, The house remained his only respite. Unfinished rooms echoed empty songs, Reminders of right in a world of wrongs.
Every hammer strike, every nail he drove, Was a promise to them, a silent oath. To complete the house, to make it whole, Was the last thread tying him to his soul.
Yet, he feared the day it would stand complete, For he knew then, life would taste bitter-sweet. Once the last brick was in place, the last nail driven, There would be nothing else tying him to the living.
So, he dwelled in the only room that was done, Under the solitary glow of a lonesome sun. His hands stilled, his tools gathered dust, In this unfinished sanctuary, he placed his trust.
The room held his heart, his pain, his tears, His hopes, his dreams, his unspoken fears. Surrounded by bare walls and wooden frame, He was a silent dweller in life's unfinished game.
Through the window, he'd watch the world rush by, Under the watchful, indifferent sky. In his unfinished house, he chose to bide, With no place to run, no place to hide.
And so he remained, in his solemn space, Living on the edge of time's embrace. The unfinished house, his only tether, An echo of a life, held together.
To his final days, he'd resist completion, For the house was his refuge, his salvation. Bound to life, by this fragmented palace, A man, his fear, and his unfinished house.

My whole life I've been depressed. I've always had a lack of desire to continue. A year ago the only things that were holding me here was my family and the debt I have collected because of the renovations have been trying to do on my house. I bought the house to try and give myself something to live for. I've known for a long time that if I go before the house is finished, it's going to negatively impact my family. But about 6 months ago I lost contact with all of my family. They left me because I lost my faith. Now I'm scared to finish my house because once it's done I will have nothing else keeping me here.
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