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2023.06.10 02:53 AutoModerator [Download] Barbarian Body – Dumbbell Program LITE 1.0 & LITE 2.0

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2023.06.10 02:52 bestongroup Things You Should Know About Charcoal Making Machine

Things You Should Know About Charcoal Making Machine
Have you been thinking about buying a charcoal making machine? Are you presently mindful of the popular brands with this industry? Have you decided upon the processing capacity? You will find all kinds of machines for creating charcoal. Some are small-sized machines designed for home use or occasional charcoal making but additionally, there are industrial-sized machines created to make charcoal in a huge scale. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss everything you should understand the expense of this machine and the way you should go about buying the correct one.

Make a decision on the processing capacity

The initial thing you should select before researching these machines will be the processing capacity for your needs. If you are setting up a charcoal-making business, you will obviously want to invest in charcoal making machines capable of processing several a great deal of material at one time.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal can be created from nearly every material with carbon inside it. The prime focus of the research should be the form of the equipment along with its capacity.

The appearance of this machine plays a crucial role within its overall efficiency and yield generation capacity. Some machines are far more potent with regards to fuel consumed per unit of production.

Check the durability and quality of components

Charcoal machines are constructed with metal and metal usually will not fail. Having said that, it is necessary that you should understand that not all the metal alloys utilized for making various parts of this machine are meant to withstand regular damage for too long.

Some companies sell these appliances with a less expensive price as compared to the average expense of high quality machines. They obviously use substandard materials which could work without the issues for 6 to 1 year and definitely will fail in the long term. Simply speaking, cheaper machines often come to be much more expensive in the long term. On top of that, they are not as fuel-efficient as better designed machines.

This is the reason it is very important focus on the trustworthiness of the company as you may wouldn’t know what type of material they may have utilized for various components. A reputed manufacturer is concerned with its reputation and so they use only the best materials for a number of components to ensure reliability and durability.

Where you can purchase a charcoal machine?

Another question you think of is where you should purchase this machine. Usually do not restrict yourself to only the local suppliers. Many buyers turn this into mistake when they only get estimates from local suppliers and do not even consider suppliers operating out of other countries.

There are manufacturing companies in several parts on the planet that specialize in making such machines. More often than not, they can supply these appliances in a cheaper price. With that in mind, not all the manufacturer within these countries is renowned for high-quality products. This can be why should you research their reputation, quality of their products, post sales service and also other important parameters to help make the correct choice.


Overall, a charcoal making machine allows you to make high-quality charcoal in huge quantities. When selecting one, you should pay special focus on its design, fuel consumption, yield efficiency, ease of use, manufacturer’s reputation, quality of materials employed for making various components and other important parameters to get the best value for your money.
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2023.06.10 02:50 cats-n-crows I wish the devs would add more story.

There’s so much interesting stuff happening in the descriptions for the characters, but they stopped the story content in chapter 1 lol. I know it’s an afk game, but having something more in the background would still be nice.
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IMPORTANT: KDP Permanent Cashflow Program Support Not Logged In Issue – Resolved Partnership Referral Program Amazon Licensing Requests Fixed – [376] [iv] Manuscript Formatting Issue How to remove all images fast How to place all chapter headings on a new page Dealing with multi lined headings Formatting Headings in your Manuscript Fix manuscript text displaying vertical down the page What to do after the top 100 books are published
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2023.06.10 02:50 eric7064 Finished BTAH 1st time

What an amazing book. I really enjoyed the first book, but it felt like a complete prologue and slow burn compared to book 2. This makes me appreciate book 1 even more.
Every chapter was riveting and moving the story along at a breakneck pace. There is not a single POV character that I find boring (Sorry ASOIAF) and I am going to immediately start book 3 this weekend. I want to let the ending marinate a bit and think about it before diving in.
Admittedly the last few years since I became a teacher I have not read much. Thanks to the Fantasy subreddit they recommend a Name of the Wind and once I finished those 2 books, I was recommended this next. Fantastic.
Collem West is the most intriguing character to me, and I was glad to see him have more shine in this book. Logen is a badass, along with the other named men. That could be a successfull series in all its own.
Since I JUST finished the last battle chapter really stuck with me. Dogman absolutely terrified for good reason of the Feared, not knowing what to do. Frozen with fear and he see's Threetrees leading the charge and doing what a good chief does. Then, the Dogman must be the new chief. Brilliant writing to see it from that perspective. Back to the mud. I hope more of my favorites do not follow.
I can't wait to read what happens next and eventually get into the other First Law books.
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2023.06.10 02:45 StalwartPine I feel like I tried as hard as I could, but it still wasn't enough

We were together for 2.5 years, and engaged for 8 months. I can't possibly summarize our entire relationship, nor do I think anyone would want me to, but in the beginning, I was very romantic toward her. I wrote a song for her on the piano, I regularly found little gifts for her that spoke to her heart, and I commissioned a piece from an artist who never does personal projects (i.e. only does pieces for businesses or museums) to commemorate a loved one she lost.
She was romantic to me as well. She's always made me dinners, wanted to spend every ounce of our time together, but she was very guarded with her feelings. It took a lot of me standing my ground to get her to finally express to me that she loved me, long after we both felt it, but I was the only one saying it.
It felt at times to me like she didn't want to know who I am as an individual. She never wanted to meet my friends and she disparaged my dedication to my career. She said she loved my work ethic, but it felt as if she didn't want me to care about something else besides us.
We had great conversations when we both just wanted to talk about ourselves, but she rarely asked me questions or acted as my cheerleader.
We got into it tonight because yesterday I texted her that I needed to work 1-2 hours OT and then I didn't text her again after that bc every second I had was devoted to getting this project done. Like, I was literally holding in my pee. She called me about 45 minutes into said OT and yelled at me for not texting her and said I was lying about working and that I was actually out to dinner with my coworkers. I took this call in front of my boss.
When I did finally get into my car, I called her and told her that the lack of trust, disrespect, and embarrassment she put me through would not be tolerated. She apologized later that night, but tonight was a different story.
She told me tonight she will continue speaking to me in that way if I don't "do enough to prevent it." The week before this I asked her how she wanted me to communicate with her and she didn't tell me anything, so I communicated as much as I would want and expect my partner to if the roles were reversed and she lambasted me for doing it wrong.
Also tonight, she brought up an instance in which she had come to pick me up from work so we could go to a coworkers event. She got out earlier than I did so she had to wait for me for about an hour. On that day, my boss unexpectedly took us down the street for ice cream as a reward for our hard work, and she was furious that she was sitting there waiting for me while I was out having ice cream and not working. She said I should've stayed behind and worked and then asked to leave early so she wouldn't have to wait. I don't really understand why it's so hard for her to just do something selfless for me and why I have to wring special privileges out of my boss who was trying to do something nice just to placate her.
Anyway, I left. She says I'm not prioritizing her and part of me feels like I'm not. She's supposed to be my wife. I'm supposed to stand up for her. But the ways in which she is asking me to, I don't want to so badly that I'm willing to sour other parts of my life. Am I in the wrong?
I brought my cat to her house two months ago when we decided we didn't want anything keeping us apart, and my cat was distant and rude for most of that time. I obviously took my cat with me when I left, and she's been purring and all over me for the first time in a while, so if anything else, I feel like this is what's best for my cat and I have to be a good "mom" too.
I feel as if I should've offered to do something to rekindle our romance, like taking the day off and just being together, but I'm sick of not being allowed to be myself.
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2023.06.10 02:42 PizzaSlut28 Can someone help explain this please?

My fellow bartender and I think we’re having a stroke…what is this ticket?
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2023.06.10 02:38 saucemaster20 Frustrated about First Rotation, looking for advice

Hey guys,
I started my first rotation Monday (outpatient pediatrics) and was extremely excited going into it. I reviewed as much as I could but when I got there my attending (I got sent to a private practice 1 hr away from my school in a smallish town) was pretty rude and would say things like "don't ask me questions". It was weird when I ate lunch in the break room and she told me that I wasn't allowed to use my computer when I ate. (like who cares what I do when I eat wtf) From that moment I could tell she had a really strong personality. Then she requested that I write an H&P on paper which I guess was reasonable but also odd since every H&P I've written is on a computer? She asked me to read chpt's 2-3 of a pediatrics textbook by Friday, and on Tuesday she asks me how I'm doing on the reading's and I tell her I read chapter 2 with the intent of obviously finishing chapter 3 in the upcoming days before Friday, and she basically yells at me saying I can't follow instructions and that she told me to read chapters 2 AND 3... Fast forward to Wednesday and I guess I finally sounded a little irritated when she told me I left out something on my H&P that I had but she just missed, and was like "you must think I'm insulting your intelligence because you have a Y chromosome" and from then on things have just been rough at that clinic. I admit this is my first rotation so I don't have everything down in clinic and grabbed the wrong instrument for measuring body temp once (tympanically) but I'm getting constantly berated. She even accused me of not trying on the physical exam because she asked me something I didn't pay attention to, and today she told me not to go into Pediatrics and that I seemed uninterested and lazy when I've done everything she's asked ( I think she thinks this because I stopped asking her questions because she straight up would tell me not to ask her questions during the first few days), I'm pretty sure I'm getting manipulated by her and I know she doesn't give af about school guidelines because she doesn't work for the school anymore and is just volunteering to continue medical education even though she told me she hasn't had a student in over a year. Anyways maybe I just needed to get this off my chest but I'm pretty sure she's gonna rail me on my eval and I don't even think there's anything I can do about it. Is this the norm for what the rest of rotations are going to be like?
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2023.06.10 02:37 Quetzhal DIE. RESPAWN. REPEAT. 44

Chapter 1 Prev Next
It is the 4,625th day of Awakening.
I am afraid.
The Elders tell us that all will be well, that the Record we are creating is merely educational — but I can feel in the Firmament that there is a great change coming. I do not know what that change is, but I fear it will spell the end of everything I hold dear, and I am afraid.
Perhaps this is irrational of me. I have little evidence to support these thoughts. The Seers have sounded no alarms, and our people are all healthy. My two sons flourish in their classes. They excel with the Firmament, creating wonders previously unheard of. Perhaps the fear I feel now is simply the fear of an old woman, and yet...
Every day, the trees seem a little more dead. Every day, the sky loses a little more color. I have been to the Healers, and I have been told that my eyes are fine; all three of them are perfectly functional.
I do not know what I am seeing. I do not know why I am the only person that sees it. The Awakening could be the cause, and yet I show no other signs of being Awakened. My Firmament levels remain stable, and there is no hint of a phase-shift or any of the associated phenomena. I have to assume what I feel is mere paranoia, and yet...
And yet.
Only time will tell.

It is the 4,670th day of Awakening.
I have begun to track the color-loss phenomenon. Unfortunately, objective measurement proves impossible — luminal scans exhibit the same loss of color as the objects they depict, making them unreliable, and my own memory is hardly an objective means of measurement.
What I have discovered, however, is that this color loss appears to correlate directly with properties that are objectively measurable. Identifying the property that is affected is hardly trivial, but I've been able to isolate a few undeniable ones that even our best Seers cannot explain.
Which means they have to take me seriously. I have been promoted to Seer myself, though the particular means through which I am able to observe this phenomenon is still unknown. It is one of our primary research objectives
I am... still afraid. But I am also excited. I may contribute to one of the biggest discoveries of our lifetimes. My sons are proud of me, and both are applying to work on this project with me. I am proud of them too, although I have not said it. They have grown into fine young men.

It is the 4,700th day of Awakening.
The Record is still crucial, I am told, though the Elders do not explain why. I do not mind — there is something soothing about inscribing my thoughts into the stone. The Firmament hums as it wears through each layer, creating a resonance I have not encountered before; I wonder if the material for this stone is special.
We have made... a limited amount of progress in understanding the color-loss phenomenon. It does appear that the scope of it is limited. It does not extend outside our city. For me, at least, there is a clear line beyond which the world is bright and vibrant; I had almost forgotten how beautiful a world full of color is.
Everyone I speak to insists the world they live in remains just as vibrant, but they can no longer deny that things have changed. Formerly durable objects are breaking far more frequently, and our technology is not as reliable as it should be. Some among us have called for an evacuation of the city, though the Elders and most of the Seers think this is foolish.
I do not know where I stand on the matter. I think I may apply for leave, however. I would like to see the flowers outside the city in full bloom; I hear they are especially beautiful in the light of our moons, when both of them are full.

It is the 4,730th day of Awakening.
I am, once more, afraid.
We cannot evacuate. It is uncertain the exact moment this happened, but it appears that a boundary has been established around our city — a boundary that matches the same invisible line only I can see, where the world of color splits from the world without. We cannot leave, and we cannot make contact with the world outside. The Elders have long ceased to respond to us, even before the boundary appeared, and I wonder if they perhaps knew that this might happen.
It is suspicious that not a single one of them remains in the city.
The Seers that remain are divided. Many of us wish to search for a solution to break this barrier so that we may escape. Our home is crumbling around us. Our buildings can no longer stand tall. They sag on weakened supports that threaten to collapse. Our windows no longer let in the light, and our mirrors no longer reflect our forms.
There are those among the Seers that believe we simply need to adapt. We can find new materials that have been less affected by the Change and build a new world around it. They are not incorrect, but to get the population to give up their homes...
It will be a hard task to bear.
I do not know why I continue using the Record. I feel the Elders have betrayed us, and I am not the only one among the Seers that believe this. But if nothing else, I wish for my words to live on, and for my love for my sons to live on.
They are both good men. I wish they were not trapped here with me.
I wish I could see the flowers again.

It is the 4,800th day of Awakening.
We have made no progress, and our supplies have dwindled; our crops no longer grow properly. Others report that they have glimpsed, in passing, the world that I see — in the moments just after dawn, when the sun peeks over the horizon and casts its rays over the city. For a fraction of a second, they see a city filled with gray, one that has lost all color and vibrancy.
It is the world I have been living in. It is... difficult. I make regular trips to the edge of the city to gaze into the forests that surround us. It is a reminder of what the world should look like.
I am thinking I will build a home there. At least that way, I will see the world of color every morning. I may not be able to touch it, but perhaps that will be enough.

It is the 4,900th day of Awakening.
A hundred days have passed since the last Record. The decay has grown exponentially — we are no longer able to see outside our city. A pitch-black darkness surrounds us. Everything within, however, remains perfectly lit. The Seers are baffled, and the citizens are doing their best to contain their panic.
My sons have taken on leadership roles in the crisis. I could not be more proud of them. The elder, Juri, now helps to break up the conflicts that have been erupting more frequently between our people. Tensions are high, and I cannot blame them.
The younger, Yarun, has learned medical Firmament techniques, and applies them to healing and preventing the spread of disease. He is a kind man — I have seen him more than once, both as his patient and as his mother.
They both seem so tired, but so determined. I wish their lives could be more than this.

It is the 5,000th day of Awakening, and we have discovered the source of this.
It is a Firmament phenomenon, although this knowledge is nothing new. Strange types of Firmament are common, and it is the only thing that could be responsible for such a widespread change. What is less common is for one type of Firmament to be this insidious.
A fellow Seer, Reysha, was the one to identify the particular phase of Firmament. Because I was the first to identify this phenomenon, she theorized that I was especially sensitive to the Firmament that was causing all this; again, nothing new, but nothing we could work with.
But Reysha took it a step further. There is a pattern of Firmament fluctuation within me that appears to respond to changes to Color Drain Firmament, as we have come to call it. She isolated the fluctuation, then inverted it, and created a sample of Firmament that appears to drain all color within it.
With this, we can locate the source. Our Firmament sensors indicate there is something underneath the city emanating this Color Drain Firmament. The expedition begins tomorrow, and I will be on the team, as I am the only one that can sense dangerous changes in this Firmament.
I am... still afraid. But I am excited. I have not seen color for many days, and it seems there may be hope at the end of this nightmare.

It is the 5,002nd day of Awakening.
The expedition failed. There are creatures underneath the city that the Seer team was not prepared to fight. We have lost two of our number.
Uzar and Zenith. May your names be remembered.
We will bring both Juri and Yarun on our next attempt. I hesitate to bring them into danger so quickly, especially when Juri has so recently bonded... I am sure Varus will understand. The stakes are high, and he is no fool.

It is the 5,004th day of Awakening.
Varus and Juri make an incredible team. I would be ashamed for not including Varus in the expedition to begin with, were it not for the fact that I did not know he could fight. With his assistance, the creatures within our sewers were no match, and Yarun was able to identify and counter many of the traps that threatened to consume us.
It is strange. The sewers beneath our city no longer match the plans that are on record. There are dead ends where there should not be any, and areas where the brick appears to have grown into the dirt. There is something about this that is almost... root-like.
No coincidence, then, that housed in the center of all these Firmament fluctuations appears to be a large, Firmament-imbued tree. Its branches dig into the walls of our sewers, and its roots fade into brick and concrete as they merge with the floor.
I do not know what to make of this, and neither do the others. Reysha and a number of the other Seers are analyzing it as I make this Record. We have sealed it off in a containment unit, but the barrier has not dissipated, nor have the colors returned — Color Drain Firmament is more virulent than expected.
I fear there are more questions now than ever before.

It is the 5,010th day of Awakening.
The rogue Firmament has been partially contained, though the process was difficult. We can see the sun and the stars again for the first time in almost a year. There is weeping in the streets. Hope, though small, rises once again.
There remains no sign of outside assistance. No messengers have come to our city borders, to see what has happened to us. No family members, demanding to see their mothers and fathers, their brothers and sisters. It is strange — our people are not so easily cowed. Only the Elders could accomplish isolation to this degree, and I cannot fathom why they would.
It is no matter. We continue to explore the Underground — the root system expands every day, and more and more of us need to be recruited to fight against the color-oozes, lest they break into the city and wreak havoc. Juri and Varus are heading the recruitment efforts, assigning quests to those brave enough to delve.
We have discovered more of the trees. There is no singular source, which explains why we cannot completely contain the effect; more of them grow by the day. Cutting one down lessens the effect, but there are too many, and they are constantly growing. The efforts to establish Delve teams are of great assistance, but...
I do not know. The running theory is that there is a singular source at the center of a complex root-network. A single source is our greatest hope. It is something we can target and destroy, so long as we can find it.
I only hope that we do.

It is the 5,020th day of Awakening.
What hope has grown has begun to wither. There is little to report, so I will use this Record to speak of my personal matters. I hope if this Record is found, it will honor the memories of those I love.
Varus has grown to be a part of the family. Yarun looks up to him, I think — he has begun to train his own combat skills, while developing his talents with medical Firmament.
It hurts my heart that our once-proud city has become a battleground where we must fight to survive. But if we must fight, then I am glad to be fighting amongst the most amazing people I know.
Let my children be remembered for more than their talents. Let Juri be remembered for his love for knitting, though he lacks the talent; Varus wears his sweaters anyway, overlarge and badly put-together they might be. Let Yarun be remembered for his love for books — of adventures and exploration, and his wish to see the stars.
Let Varus be remembered for the joy he finds in painting. He has lost the most, perhaps, in this world we now live in. But he still paints, finding beauty in gray and monochrome, putting together the shades like a masterwork craftsman.
This may be my final entry. There is little space left in the Record. Tomorrow, we dive once more Underground, and this time we will not leave until we find the source. The city's supplies are dwindling, and we cannot afford to hold out any longer.
If there are no further entries, assume that we have failed.

I stare for a moment after I'm done parsing all the text on the obelisk. It's written in a small, tiny script, burned into the stone with Firmament I don't recognize — the stone itself is remarkable, though I'm not able to sense it with any particular fidelity in the time-stopped world of an Inspiration.
Speaking of which...
Gheraa's voice sounds behind me, tired and amused. "This is abuse of the Interface, you know," he says. "Inspirations do not exist so you can stop time and read."
"Didn't agree to your terms of service, so I don't particularly care," I say dryly. "That's what happens when you drag people into deadly Trials."
I finally turn around to face Gheraa — and abruptly stop. He looks... beaten up. The golden lines that trail down his cobalt-blue skin flicker with dark-brown stains, and the smile he gives me is bruised and weak.
I stare for a moment, speechless, before I finally find the words to speak. "What happened to you?"
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Author's Note: Lore! This chapter's chunkier than the usual ones. Fun to write, though.
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To much shinys
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2023.06.10 02:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read Eternal Kingdom (Remake 2022) - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma

On a seemingly ordinary and mediocre day, a rift rips open the sky and countless monsters start falling from above. The main character, Yi Tianxing, survived the “Seven Days of Cataclysm” along with his sisters and the others by relying on his innate third eyes. Immediately, a myriad of planets appear out of nowhere and start combining with Earth, converging into a giant planet. At this point, the ... Read Eternal Kingdom (Remake 2022) - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.10 02:32 artgeneration Ice Cream Man is Here!🍦

Ice Cream Man is Here!🍦
Prompt: Classical chiseled male sulpture:0.6 melted ice cream:0.2 Creamy swirling clouds:0.2 Cyan sky, magenta sculpture, high color contrast, studio lighting, UHD, 8k, best quality, ultra resolution, hyperrealistic, photorealistic, insanely detailed --v 5.1 --s 800
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2023.06.10 02:31 LandonAeros Finally finished all main story chapters in Octopath 1

I finally completed all 32 chaptrs of the main game for Octopath and finished all the side quests needed for the end game boss fight. However I'm unsure if I actually want to grind up some characters levels that I'll need to actually finish it.
Currently my characters are
Cyrus lvl 70
Therion lvl 47
Tressa lvl 46
Alfyn lvl 47
H'aanit lvl 60
Ophilia lvl 63
Primrose lvl 64
Olberic lvl 56

If I even want a chance at completing what I hear is a nightmare run in the final boss area, I'll need everyone atleast at 60 or above. That just sounds like a lot of painful grinding. Is it worth it?
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2023.06.10 02:30 zhoq Don Quixote - Volume 1, Chapter 52

Of the quarrel between Don Quixote and the goatherd, with the rare adventure of the disciplinants, which he happily accomplished with the sweat of his brow.
1) What did you think of the fight that broke out between Don Quixote and the goatherd, and everyone’s reaction to it?
2) What did you think of the incident with the procession?
3) What did you think of the different reactions of Sancho’s wife, Don Quixote’s niece and housekeeper, to the return of their loved ones?
4) What did you think of this ending?
5) What did you think of the epitaphs?
6) What did you think of Part 1? Did it match your expectations, any surprises?
7) What do you think Cervantes means with the last line?
8) Favourite line / anything else to add?
Free Reading Resources:
  1. The goatherd leaped upon Don Quixote, and griped him by the throat with both hands
  2. they stood hallooing them on, as people do dogs when they are fighting: only Sancho was at his wits' end, not being able to get loose from one of the canon's servants, who held him from going to assist his master. (coloured)
  3. ‘Whither go you, Senor Don Quixote?’
  4. stepped forward to encounter Don Quixote
  5. Sancho Panza, who came puffing close after him, perceiving him fallen, called out to his adversary not to strike him again
  6. all that Sancho did, was, to throw himself upon the body of his master, -
  7. - and to pour forth the most dolorous and ridiculous lamentation in the world (coloured)
  8. He looked at them with eyes askew, not knowing perfectly where he was.
  9. But the author of this history, though he applied himself with the utmost curiosity and diligence to trace the exploits Don Quixote performed in his third sally, could get no account of them
  10. which author desires no other reward from those who shall read it, -
  11. - in recompense of the vast pains it has cost him to inquire into and search all the archives of La Mancha to bring it to light (coloured)
1, 6, 10 by Ricardo Balaca (source) 2, 3, 7, 11 by Gustave Doré (source), coloured versions by Salvador Tusell (source) 5 by George Roux (source) 4, 8, 9 by Tony Johannot (source
Past years discussions:
Final line:
Forse altro cantera con miglior plettro.
Next post:
Wed, 14 Jun; in four days, i.e. three-day gap.
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2023.06.10 02:27 Far_Technology2718 Chapter 1 EP 2 part 2

Chapter 1 EP 2 part 2
Photo 1/ overnight Steve after sleeping at dawn he went out to look for new there. /Picture 2/ after Steve saw what he wanted he said "finally a village I'm going to get everything and go there.
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Amulet help
Barbarian just hitting T3. What would you choose? I use WW, Groundsromp and rally/war cry.
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From JShoujo Scans:Akari, who loves books, moves to Tokyo to go work at the head office of a bookstore. There she meets the assistant manager Terayama Morizou, who loves books more than people. Up 'til now Akari hasn't worked at such a large store yet so she feels a lot of pressure, but at the same time she realizes she really loves her job. This manga depicts the struggles she experiences at work ... Read Honya No Mori No Akari - Chapter 22.1 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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Chapter 1 EP 2
Mining During mining I managed to get several important items close to my house but I wanted to go out and explore the world and go to the end.
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Some new goodies
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Discomfort Alleviator
Don’t want to run afoul of the Pussers Police.
4 oz unsweetened pineapple juice 1 oz orange juice 1 oz Lopez coconut cream 3 oz Coruba dark Jamaican rum
Shake juices, Lopez, and rum with plenty of crushed ice. Pour unstrained into a tall glass or Tiki mug. Dust with cinnamon and nutmeg.
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