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2023.06.06 05:37 tw_bot Workshop helps teachers learn ways to bring geospatial technology ... - UMSL Daily

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2023.06.04 02:44 Forgottenshadowed Do you guys know anything about the Ph.D in Clinical Psychology program?

I'm a senior Psychology student and I'm looking at different PsyD and PhD programs in the US. Thanks.
I used to go to UMSL but transferred to Mizzou.
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2023.05.30 19:21 Medium-Cloud-4347 ENG3100 vs ENG 3130

Junior-Level Writing doesn't sound like it will be fun. I'm great with writing and English, but I'm more interested in getting my degree than my education, if you know what I mean. Technical writing seems easier. If you've taken them I'd love your thoughts.
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2023.05.27 00:48 Tangerine12408 Summer Biochem

i'm looking to take biochem this summer and ucollege is not offering it this summer. does anyone know of other universities which would be a good option for me to take it? umsl's class already started, and slu is not offering this summer. since this class is not a requirement for my major, and I just need to take the class for the MCAT/med school requirement, I don't want to enroll in washu's biochem course. i am looking for other options which would help me get credit for taking biochem but be of similar level to the ucollege course. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.26 21:33 Cow-Eval-Pal54 [Research] Missouri, 18+ only - 988 Hotline Awareness

Hi Missouri friends!
I am an evaluator in Missouri and my team wants to measure Missourians' knowledge of the 988 hotline. We are trying to reach a broad representation of the state. Please help us by taking this quick (less than 3 minutes!) survey. Once you complete it, you can enter a raffle for a gift card!\_e8Sx7ovep9YgxlY
Thank you so much for your help!
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2023.05.23 01:04 foad_abud44 Umsle 2024 change !!

I am confused about the whole 2024 changing thing ! As far as I know to be able to take both steps and be able to work , i need my university to be recognized in both WFME and WDOMS ( my university is already recognized in both of them ) does there anything else that my university has to have so i can be able to take the exams after the 2024 change?
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2023.05.20 13:05 MoCoyotes Bronson Non-Stock

Bronson Non-Stock
Replica of 1966 501. The denim is nothing like Levi’s but the fit seems close. At first the seat was way too baggy. I’ve turned them into work jeans because of this and after about 4 washes and dries seat seems ok now. STF takes some time and I always forget that. The fit is pretty good now. The denim is odd. It starts hairy and seems sorta like AI in 2021 learned about denim and decided to make some. However, the are holding up great to outside work and appear to be fading. I’ll update after summer.
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2023.05.19 11:07 suspeanutt UD or UMSL?

I have admits from University of Delaware and University of Missouri - St. Louis.
Program at UD - MS in Business Analytics and Information Management Program at UMSL - MS in Information Systems and Technology Tuition for UD - $29,370 (full) Tuition for UMSL - $27,142 ($7500 Scholarship per academic year) = $15,892 (since the program is for 12-18 months)
Which one do you think is better? I would really appreciate from insights. Thank you!
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2023.05.19 11:06 suspeanutt UD or UMSL?

I have admits from University of Delaware and University of Missouri - St. Louis.
Program at UD - MS in Business Analytics and Information Management Program at UMSL - MS in Information Systems and Technology Tuition for UD - $29,370 (full) Tuition for UMSL - $27,142 ($7500 Scholarship per academic year) = $15,892 (since the program is for 12-18 months)
Which one do you think is better? I would really appreciate from insights. Thank you!
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2023.05.11 07:08 Inkblot9 Division II women's national qualifiers

Nationals are May 16–20 at Fox Run Golf Club in Eureka, Missouri.
Rk Team Conf
1 Lynn SSC
2 Dallas Baptist LSC
3 Nova Southeastern SSC
4 Findlay GMAC
5 Anderson (SC) SAC
6 Henderson State GAC
7 West Texas A&M LSC
8 Cal State San Marcos CCAA
10 Tampa SSC
11 Indianapolis GLVC
13 Cal State East Bay CCAA
15 Limestone SAC
27 Tiffin GMAC
28 Grand Valley State GLIAC
38 Augustana (SD) NSIC
56 Nebraska–Kearney MIAA
59 Wayne State (MI) GLIAC
5 Point Loma Nazarene Alli Kim PacWest
9 Eckerd Amelie Alcantara SSC
15 Wingate Hailey McLaughlin Canada SAC
94 UIS Heather McLean Canada GLVC
99 Northwest Missouri State Paige Hoffman MIAA
134 UT Tyler Märtha Laremark Sweden LSC
Lewis Kendall Farm GLVC
Northeastern State Yasmin Hang England MIAA
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2023.05.08 01:33 CautiousHoliday9135 How is the Computer Science Department?

I really don’t know much about it right now. I know it has some good distinctions in cybersecurity, but what is the quality of the computer science program in general?
How does it compare to Mizzou, SLU, and WashU?
Also, as a high school student that doesn’t know much about computer science right now, is anything I should know as a prospective student?
Thank you
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2023.05.01 22:57 Inkblot9 Division II women's regional selections

Regionals are May 8–10.

Central Regional Augustana (SD)

Three teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
1 6 Henderson State - x GAC Auto
2 21 Central Missouri MIAA Auto
3 43 Rogers State MIAA At-large
4 41 Augustana (SD) - x NSIC Auto
5 55 Northeastern State MIAA At-large
NSU's Yasmin Hang advances
6 58 Nebraska–Kearney - x MIAA At-large
7 60 Central Oklahoma MIAA At-large
8 74 Harding GAC At-large
9 75 Missouri Western MIAA Auto
Ind 127 Northwest Missouri State Paige Hoffman - Advances MIAA
Ind 111 Fort Hays State Morgan Brasser MIAA
Ind Winona State Carly Moon NSIC
Ind 102 Arkansas Tech Ellen Spigner GAC
Ind Oklahoma Baptist Morgan Becker GAC
Ind Arkansas–Monticello Gabriela Maldonado Colombia GAC

East Regional UIS

Six teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
1 4 Findlay - x GMAC Auto
2 10 Indianapolis - x GLVC At-large
3 29 Grand Valley State - x GLIAC At-large
4 26 UMSL - x GLVC At-large
5 28 Tiffin - x GMAC At-large
6 62 Wayne State (MI) - x GLIAC At-large
7 59 Ferris State GLIAC Auto
8 71 UIS GLVC Auto
UIS's Heather McLean advances
9 78 Walsh GMAC At-large
10 82 Ohio Dominican GMAC At-large
11 85 Saginaw Valley State GLIAC At-large
12 84 Gannon PSAC Auto
13 93 Franklin Pierce NE10 Auto
14 96 Northern Michigan GLIAC At-large
15 94 Glenville State MEC Auto
Ind Northwood Inés Dorado Spain GMAC
Ind Lewis Kendall Farm - Advances GLVC
Ind Davenport Lauren Gervais Canada GLIAC
Ind Drury Shehna Akbary Canada GLVC
Ind McKendree Imogen Rafferty England GLVC
Ind Maryville (MO) Isabel Chaidez GLVC

South Regional North Georgia

Five teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
1 1 Lynn - x SSC Auto
2 3 Nova Southeastern - x SSC At-large
3 5 Anderson (SC) - x SAC Auto
4 8 Rollins SSC At-large
5 11 Tampa - x SSC At-large
6 12 Lee GSC Auto
7 14 Limestone - x SAC At-large
8 18 Barry SSC At-large
9 17 Flagler PBC At-large
10 15 Wingate SAC At-large
Wingate's Hailey McLaughlin advances
11 20 Lander PBC Auto
12 48 UNC Pembroke CC Auto
Ind 8 Eckerd Amelie Alcantara - Advances SSC
Ind 47 North Georgia Maddie Ananthasane PBC
Ind 42 Florida Southern Loren Perez SSC
Ind 44 West Florida Alia Scotka GSC
Ind 48 Embry–Riddle (FL) Loa Johannsson SSC
Ind 41 West Georgia Ainsley Cowart GSC

West Regional Dallas Baptist

Four teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
1 2 Dallas Baptist - x LSC At-large
2 9 Cal State San Marcos - x CCAA Auto
3 7 West Texas A&M - x LSC Auto
4 13 Point Loma Nazarene PacWest At-large
PLNU's Alli Kim advances
5 22 Oklahoma Christian LSC At-large
6 16 Cal State East Bay - x CCAA At-large
7 32 St. Mary's (TX) LSC At-large
8 23 UT Tyler LSC At-large
UTT's Martha Laremark advances
9 35 Colorado Christian RMAC At-large
10 40 Holy Names PacWest Auto
11 49 CSU Pueblo RMAC Auto
12 52 Simon Fraser GNAC Auto
Ind 34 Angelo State María Sierra Sanz Spain LSC
Ind 45 UTPB Arnie Taguines Philippines LSC
Ind 46 Biola Brady Turnquist PacWest
Ind 68 Texas A&M International Yuliana Yapur Mexico LSC
Ind 66 Cal State Los Angeles Morgan Sjoerdsma CCAA
Ind 123 Northwest Nazarene Elle McCord GNAC
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2023.04.29 05:38 Inkblot9 Division II men's regional selections

Regionals are May 11–13.

Atlantic/East Regional Millersville

Three teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
AT1 67 Gannon PSAC At-large
AT2 72 Indiana (PA) - x PSAC Auto
AT3 75 Davis & Elkins - x MEC Auto
AT4 113 Fayetteville State - x CIAA Auto
AT5 124 Virginia Union CIAA At-large
AT6 142 Millersville PSAC At-large
AT7 129 Charleston (WV) MEC At-large
AT8 145 West Liberty MEC At-large
AT9 151 California (PA) PSAC At-large
AT10 148 Livingstone CIAA At-large
E1 74 St. Thomas Aquinas Ind At-large
STAC's Donte Groppuso advances
E2 106 Le Moyne NE10 At-large
Le Moyne's Tyler Birdd advances
E3 109 Post CACC At-large
E4 125 Assumption NE10 Auto
E5 134 Southern New Hampshire NE10 At-large
E6 131 Goldey–Beacom CACC Auto
E7 143 Franklin Pierce NE10 At-large
E8 140 Adelphi NE10 At-large
E9 149 Wilmington (DE) CACC At-large
E10 153 Dominican (NY) CACC At-large
AT Glenville State Juan Monckeberg Chile MEC
AT West Chester Ryan D'Ariano PSAC
AT West Chester Connor Strine PSAC
AT Notre Dame (OH) Tyler Andersen MEC
E Felician Pablo Hidalgo Spain CACC
E Bentley Jared Walter NE10
E St. Anselm Drew Semons NE10
E Bentley Nelson Eaton NE10

Central/Midwest Regional Winona State

Six teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
C1 28 Henderson State GAC Auto
HSU's Ethan Wilkins advances
C2 55 Northeastern State MIAA At-large
C3 49 Harding - x GAC At-large
C4 59 Washburn - x MIAA At-large
C5 61 Central Oklahoma MIAA At-large
C6 82 Southwestern Oklahoma State GAC At-large
C7 77 Southern Arkansas - x GAC At-large
C8 86 Missouri Southern MIAA Auto
C9 70 Central Missouri MIAA At-large
C10 99 Bemidji State NSIC Auto
MW1 7 Grand Valley State - x GLIAC Auto
MW2 27 UMSL GLVC At-large
MW3 35 Missouri S&T - x GLVC At-large
MW4 36 Findlay GMAC At-large
UF's Donnie Professori advances
MW5 45 McKendree GLVC Auto
MW6 60 Wayne State (MI) GLIAC At-large
MW7 80 Maryville (MO) - x GLVC At-large
MW8 83 Ashland GMAC Auto
MW9 53 Davenport GLIAC At-large
MW10 87 Ferris State GLIAC At-large
C Missouri Western Marius Dosiere France MIAA
C Winona State Alessandro Trenta Switzerland NSIC
C Rogers State Daniel Robles Spain MIAA
C Concordia (St. Paul) Brandon Sperling NSIC
MW 13 Malone Connor Curry GMAC
MW Tiffin Johan Widal Sweden GMAC
MW Walsh Kyle Buzaki GMAC
MW Purdue Northwest Alex Bishop GLIAC

South/Southeast Regional Nova Southeastern

Six teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
S1 4 Lee - x GSC At-large
S2 2 Barry - x SSC Auto
S3 3 West Florida - x GSC Auto
S4 6 Nova Southeastern - x SSC At-large
S5 16 Tampa SSC At-large
S6 25 St. Leo SSC At-large
S7 32 Shorter GSC At-large
S8 39 Lynn SSC At-large
Lynn's José Ramírez advances
S9 48 Florida Southern SSC At-large
S10 96 Spring Hill SIAC Auto
SE1 1 Anderson (SC) SAC Auto
SE2 5 North Georgia - x PBC At-large
SE3 8 Georgia Southwestern - x PBC Auto
SE4 12 Clayton State PBC At-large
SE5 14 Lincoln Memorial SAC At-large
SE6 21 Barton CC Auto
SE7 23 Lander PBC At-large
SE8 20 Carson–Newman SAC At-large
SE9 22 Limestone SAC At-large
SE10 29 USC Aiken PBC At-large
S 14 Union (TN) J. J. Zimmer GSC
S 22 Palm Beach Atlantic Andrew Riley - Advances SSC
S 73 Mississippi College J. J. Logue Northern Ireland GSC
S 119 Delta State Pongbhop Jamornsrianan Thailand GSC
SE 74 Columbus State Martin Gründemann Germany PBC
SE 78 Coker Killian Ryan England SAC
SE 80 Columbus State Bernard Meyer South Africa PBC
SE 75 Erskine Tom Bastow England CC

South Central/West Regional Sonoma State

Five teams advance to nationals.
Seed Rk Team Conf Bid type
SC1 9 Oklahoma Christian - x LSC Auto
SC2 18 Cameron LSC At-large
SC3 15 Midwestern State LSC At-large
SC4 19 Colorado Christian RMAC At-large
SC5 17 CSU Pueblo RMAC Auto
CSUP's Liam Duncan advances
SC6 43 Colorado Mesa RMAC At-large
SC7 58 UTPB LSC At-large
SC8 44 Western New Mexico LSC At-large
SC9 62 UCCS RMAC At-large
SC10 57 West Texas A&M LSC At-large
W1 10 Cal State San Marcos CCAA Auto
W2 11 Sonoma State - x CCAA At-large
W3 13 Western Washington - x GNAC At-large
W4 40 Simon Fraser - x GNAC Auto
W5 33 Chico State - x CCAA At-large
W6 26 Cal State San Bernardino CCAA At-large
W7 31 Stanislaus State CCAA At-large
W8 38 Cal State Monterey Bay CCAA At-large
W9 41 Holy Names PacWest At-large
W10 30 Hawaii–Hilo PacWest Auto
SC 12 Texas A&M International Mauricio Figueroa Mexico - Advances LSC
SC 65 Colorado Mines Lukas Taggart RMAC
SC St. Mary's (TX) Tanner Lundgren LSC
SC Colorado Mines Max Lange RMAC
W 106 Cal State East Bay Easton Hether CCAA
W 97 Cal State East Bay Xavier Coreno CCAA
W 136 St. Martin's Max Turnquist GNAC
W 116 Cal State Dominguez Hills Andy Yoon CCAA
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2023.04.23 19:16 MattonArsenal In-person summer Excel classes for high schooler?

Looking for options for summer beginner Excel classes for a high school student. Doesn’t need to be specifically for a high schooler. In person ideal, but also open to good virtual options.
The one that immediately jumped out to me was one day classes through UMSL.
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2023.04.23 11:53 HopetopassaimtoA What is that source? ethics question step 2 flashcard

What is that source? ethics question step 2 flashcard
So I was doing my flashcards and I noticed this in the extra field.
Does anyone recognize the book from which it is taken? Thanks love you all <3
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2023.04.19 02:12 Tremendous_1776 Fishing Spots in St. Louis

Does anybody have any fishing spot reccomendations near (within 5 miles) the UMSL campus? I will be near the campus this summer and will be bringing my fishing gear. I checked out Google maps but could not find too many small lakes in the area.
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2023.04.16 21:36 Orpheus262 Request for participants who use ChatGPT in research

Greetings scholars who use ChatGPT,
We welcome you to take part in our study of what factors are involved in technology adoption of ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence (AI) tools in publishing academics. This is a research study conducted by Matthew Aplin-Houtz and Sean Leahy, supervised by Dr. Stephanie Merritt at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Our study consists of a single survey (cross-sectional sample) that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Even though we are NOT offering any monetary compensation, we hope that the possibility of sharing your opinions about our research topic in an empirical setting will be enough reason to consider participating in our research efforts.
To take part in our study, you must meet the following inclusion criteria: Inclusion • Be a scholar in the social science field who have published research papers in academic journals or presented a paper at a conference in which the manuscript was peer reviewed within the past five years. • Be proficient in English, as the study will be conducted in English. • Be over the age of 18 years old. • Have experience using ChatGPT in your research efforts. • NOT have a conflict of interest that could affect their responses, such as a financial interest in the technology or a personal relationship with the developers of the technology. • Have NOT previously participated in a similar study within the last 12 months.
If the above describes you, we would love to have your input.
Please follow this link to participate
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our research team via the below email,
Matthew Aplin-Houtz DBA (c) Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration at the University of Missouri -St. Louis [email protected]
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2023.04.14 02:37 Cybotix Warped Forest bringing my pc to its knees (more in comments)

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2023.04.13 18:46 CalligrapherRight579 Online classes

I'm considering applying to UMSL for their online Criminal Justice program. I'm currently an online student at a community college with very little support for online students. Most of the teachers are stretched thin and juggling in-person and online classes. How is the online environment? If you are an online student, do you feel adequately supported by staff? Do you feel like they are invested in helping you graduate?
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2023.04.04 13:00 ukmedicarescreening Affordable Occupational Health Screening

Affordable Occupational Health Screening

Looking for Occupational Health Screening, the UK Medicare Screening clinic is providing the best health
care for over 10 years in the UK where you can get the best and most Affordable Occupational
Health Screening. Moreover, our dedicated staff has over 20 year of experience.
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2023.04.04 12:59 ukmedicarescreening Affordable Blood test near me

Affordable Blood test near me
UK Medicare is here to provide you with an Affordable Blood test in UK. A regular blood test is good to
keep a note on your health. UK Medicare is providing Affordable Blood test near me, With the help of a simple
blood test you can investigate the early identification of any illness and prevent them to grow.
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2023.04.04 12:57 ukmedicarescreening Affordable Gender reveal

Affordable Gender reveal
UK Medicare Screening is providing Affordable Gender reveal service in UK. Everyone want to know what is
baby Gender during pregnancy not by predict or using old methods but with a trustworthy source. UK Medicare is
offering you Affordable Gender reveal With a blood test(NIPT) or an ultrasound to know about your baby Gender.
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