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Megalophobia: Fear of Large Things

2014.04.23 07:10 Hoogs Megalophobia: Fear of Large Things

A place to post images of all things large, particularly ones that are "triggers" for those with megalophobia.

2010.01.14 15:55 semizero One Piece

Welcome to OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

2012.03.28 17:53 semizero The All Meme

The best place to find One Piece memes! We celebrate the comedic and casual side of the series One Piece. Casual or low effort content, normally removed from OnePiece, is likely welcome here!

2023.06.10 02:26 karina1006 traveling black hole

currently traveling and am i the only one that feels like the airport is an ed free zone?? idk how to explain but whenever i’m traveling (and i don’t mean while i’m on vacation/ during the trip, i mean literally when i’m at the airport/ on the plane/ in the car driving while on road trips) calories don’t count and i don’t feel as guilty as i usually do when i eat high calorie foods/ eat freely. like i just had a bunch of snacks on the plane AND had a meal at the airport, which i never would do regularly and if i did i would feel so ashamed of it. am i alone on this??? can anyone relate or am i crazy lol
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2023.06.10 02:26 Warm_Imagination_995 He moved on.

First of all, I hope everyone is having a good day.
4 year relationship, he broke up with me. We've been in NC for six months now.
Today, his cousin messaged me and told me, he is now in a relationship. So I checked his insta and he is, in fact, with someone.
Someone he told me "was just a friend".
So I guess my NC period will now become a "never again". I messaged him goodbye, apologizing for the bad things and thanking him for the good ones.
I feel very hurt.
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2023.06.10 02:26 meekie03 MIL (65F) and my mom(53F) got into a huge argument over my baby shower and I’m mortified

Tl;dr Do NOT have both sets of parents plan a baby shower together.
I made the huge mistake of bringing my MIL and mom together to plan a baby shower for my first born. Both had initially asked what we were doing for a baby shower and who throws it as they were both interested, so I thought it would be fair for them both to go in on it and split the cost of a baby shower.
They’re just two completely different people. My mom is all into decorating and making a nice theme and what not, and MIL would’ve been fine with throwing some food on a table and calling it a day basically. I thought they would find some things in common and plan it, but MIL basically told my mom to plan it with me and whatever we decide shes fine with.
Well, shes not fine with it. We’re two days away from the shower and my mom texted her what she ordered from the caterer which MIL said my mom could handle. MIL texted my mom that she had already bought a similar salad and WASTED SO MUCH MONEY and everything is not going to plan and its money wasted (which they’re splitting the total cost of). My mom called her to talk over the phone and FIL answers and says MIL is too upset to talk right now and feels like its not going as planned and so much money wasted.
My mom bit her tongue and told FIL ok we will try to change the salad we ordered its not a big deal, MIL had only said she was going to do a green salad not this type of salad so whatever we will change it.
My mom of course called me and told me this and I’m so mortified, I did not know them to be like this at all. MIL is supposed to come tomorrow with my mom and family to help set up and I’m so anxious yall.
By the way the only other thing that changed was we need one less table, and the mason jars that she had on hand were not enough for the tables so I ordered other ones on Amazon and I guess shes upset about that without really confronting me or anything.
I’m so mortified and am so anxious for them to be together tomorrow and the shower itself, what do I do??
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2023.06.10 02:25 KingCrandall Jamey Johnson is up next.

Jamey Johnson is one of the few who are keeping traditional country music alive. Which song would you add to the playlist?
  1. George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today
  2. George Strait - Amarillo By Morning
  3. Hank Williams Jr. - Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound
  4. Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
  5. Reba McEntire - The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia
  6. Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn
  7. The Judds - Grandpa ( Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)
  8. Trisha Yearwood - Walkaway Joe
  9. Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin'
  10. Merle Haggard - Mama Tried
  11. Don Williams - Good Ole Boys Like Me
  12. Joe Diffie - John Deere Green
  13. Randy Travis - Digging Up Bones
  14. Keith Whitley - I'm No Stranger To The Rain
  15. Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind
  16. Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs
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2023.06.10 02:25 PawnStreetBlues Christopher - Full Circle

When Tony and Chris are at Ralph's house killing time before they can dispose of the body at night, they chat about Chris bringing a child into this world with Ade and then Tony lying to Chris about finishing off Ralph after finding him there in that beaten-down state. Two very important things are said that come back full circle to Chris's death. First, Tony responds about a possible baby saying, "either jump in with both feet or don't....I'll tell you one thing, you can't be high on skeg and have children." (Tony's beliefs of being a serious parent + the mangled baby-seat and Chris telling him he won't pass the drug test). So first there's that refrence, but then MOST IMPORTANTLY these are Tony's exact words about Ralph:
"Listen about this fuckin' guy.., came over, he was still moving, died almost right away, the ambulance wouldn't have helped him anyway..."
I don't think I need to reiterate how hauntingly this came true for Chris's own demise.
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2023.06.10 02:25 ThrowRA736383 Bf (M21) might have ignored my (F20) safeword

I dont know if this is too graphic for this sub or belongs more in the bdsm sub but here goes. My bf of two years mentioned to me that he was into CNC. At first I wasn't sure because I was raped when I was 17 by an old bf. After thinking about it I realized it would be something I would be into because it was an opportunity to be in control of the situation and it wasn't real. I had told him about my rape after a month of dating and he's always been so thoughtful in bed and always asks before trying something new. We established boundaries before, I was ok with anything as long as if it became to much he'd stop when I said "Red." I enjoyed it the first time and it was nice to relive a shitty situation but with someone I felt safe with. Expect the second time we roleplayed he was using alot of force on my neck(which I had consented to prior) but this time it scared me a little too much. I said red and he kept going and I said it within 5 seconds of the first time. He was grunting really loudly but we were making eye contact in missionary when I had said it. He proceeded to thrust about 5-6 more times and then pulled out and ejaculated on the bed. I was really shocked and rolled over and kinda just zoned out. He apologized and said he got caught up in the moment and it didn't register that I had said anything. I didn't approach the topic until two days later and asked why he didn't stop on the first one and he said he didn't hear me which I can kinda see because it was during choking and my voice was hoarse and he was loud but I wasn't quiet about it either. I haven't tried it again with him and it's been almost a week since it happened but it keeps playing vividly in my mind. I haven't touched him at all since then and Idk how to feel about all of this. Does it sound like it was a hardless mistake? idk what to make of it...
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2023.06.10 02:25 mccrydle I took the ngn yesterday & ran out of time around 130 questions... I've cried so much. tried Pearson trick & it STILL says on hold, which I'm pretty sure is bad. I just need them to tell me so I have closure like how does one even run out of time.. Cry'n in da club rn. I cant wait another 45 days😔

I took the ngn yesterday & ran out of time around 130 questions... I've cried so much. tried Pearson trick & it STILL says on hold, which I'm pretty sure is bad. I just need them to tell me so I have closure like how does one even run out of time.. Cry'n in da club rn. I cant wait another 45 days😔 submitted by mccrydle to NextGenerationNCLEX [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:25 Binot4 Sunset Park Rooftop

I’m thinking about going tomorrow for Danny, I haven’t been there in two years last time was for 4th of July. Does anyone know if it’s still a one bathroom situation? Last time I went it was one bathroom and probably like a 45+ minute line.
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2023.06.10 02:24 Accurate-Captain6847 Toddler speech development

My son is turning 3 and knows his alphabet, numbers, transport vehicles, days of the week, months, animals, body parts, colors, and food. Hes starting to say phrases and short sentences. But I notice when he tries to string words together he squeals like a high pitch squeal and a ton of drool comes out. And sometimes hell say one of the words 3x Like "R As In (squeal) RockY". Or "Q as in Queen Queen Queen" very enthusiastically. Is this typical of language development or is it because hes teething or something
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2023.06.10 02:24 ThrowRAway670 For men in their 30's-40's, how old is too old for a woman to have your child?

I'm a woman in my mid 30's (under 35 but it's getting close). Every man I've interacted with, listened to, read on the internet, etc are saying they only consider young women to have their children. To them, women past a certain age (usually around 32) won't be able to conceive or give birth without major complications. I'm a relatively attractive woman, but once I tell men my age they assume I don't want children or the ones who stick around don't want more or any.
To the men who want children, where do you place a woman you like, but she's above your "child rearing age"? Will you consider having a child with a woman 35 or older?
And for those who specifically go for women that are older, what are you looking for in a relationship that you would choose so?
(Ladies, I know WE know how our biology works and what we are capable of until menopause. But due to what I'm seeing out here men's mindsets haven't changed with us wanting to wait later. Please refrain from answering what we already know. I want to hear them out)
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2023.06.10 02:24 No-Bar-3586 A quote i feel like encapsulates emotional neglect nicely

A man’s Social Self is the recognition which he gets from his mates. We are not only gregarious animals, liking to be in sight of our fellows, but we have an innate propensity to get ourselves noticed, and noticed favorably, by our kind. No more fiendish punishment could be devised, were such a thing physically possible, than that one should be turned loose in society and remain absolutely unnoticed by all the members thereof. If no one turned round when we entered, answered when we spoke, or minded what we did, but if every person we met ‘cut us dead,’ and acted as if we were non-existing things, a kind of rage and impotent despair would ere long well up in us, from which the cruellest bodily tortures would be a relief; for these would make us feel that, however bad might be our plight, we had not sunk to such a depth as to be unworthy of attention at all.
William James
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2023.06.10 02:23 Onvochn Dislike One Of My Metamours And Don't Want Them To Move In

My partner has started dating someone a few months ago, which is fine, and I keep my nose out of their business unless they need something of me, but we're about to move in together, and my partner wants him to move in with us. I personally cannot stand to be around him, we have very clashing personalities, unfortunately, and I feel like I'd go crazy living together. I tried to offer maybe my partner move in with just him if they really wanted to, but they're adamant about it being all three of us. I didn't want to say I don't like their partner, and I'm not about to tell them to break up with him, so I'm at my wits end I feel like. I want to be supportive of them, but not at the cost of my own mental health, y'know? If it's best to tell them I dislike their partner, what's a good way to do it softly? Or would I just be an asshole for doing that?
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2023.06.10 02:23 zokyna MM Harem to just MM

I read and reread My King's Seraglio by Ann T. Ryan multiple times because I love its plot so much and was wondering if there are others similar to it (Where the king has harem but he falls in love with just one of them).
It's about a king who has harem and decided to get new one but that one refused. The king persuaded him. They fall in love and the king doesn't want to sleep with anyone else anymore and that where the drama begins.
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2023.06.10 02:23 Additional-Soil-3193 Named ‘CONDESCENDING’ at WORK.

Hey guys, so today at work I had one colleague name me ‘condescending’, like ‘oh wow, you REALLY are condescending”. I’m from Europe so I thought I’d ask here, do people here in MASS really use that a lot or was I doing something wrong that made her name me like that? I know I’m not perfect so I always try to improve myself and always try to be as professional and as humble as I can. I really wonder if my overconfidence could have played a role today. Again, it’s not like I’m gonna start crying or anything I just want to know. Do you think I should apologize tomorrow even though I didn’t do something and just admit a mistake I had not done? Or maybe I had done?… It’s not my first time working in MASS, I’ve been here throughout the summer in 2021/2022 and then this year so I’m not new to how things are going here…. Glad to hear your opinion/ advice. Thanks :)
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2023.06.10 02:23 BIGT2314 Best serial killer interviews?

I've been interested in watching more interview with serial killers, I've watched the obvious Charles manson, iceman, Ed Kemper, dahmer. Are there any lesser known interviews or ones that anyone would recommend?
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2023.06.10 02:23 AltruisticEast221 KATs Release Point Inside Is Too Low

KAT has the outside shot, and a baby hook shot, but watching Jokic (drafted one year apart), it strikes me how when Jokic is in the key he simply stands facing the basket and raises his hand up as high as it will go and shots a pretty normal shot. When KAT gets the ball inside, he has to put on so many moves just to get to that hook shot. Its just not nearly efficient enough. And KAT CANNOT face the basket like Jokic because his release point on his regular (jump?) shot is EXTREMELY LOW—just above his head, instead of high in the air like most shooters. Just an observation. People talk a lot about KAT’s defensive deficiencies, but KAT’s lack of a simple and high release point on his inside shots is a big reason why he doesn’t have more offensive success in the playoffs.
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2023.06.10 02:22 DramaticAstronaut SIBO test symptoms? And false positive?

I did a SIBO test a few hours ago. But I have one worry.
I had it at 12:05 pm and then 3.5 hours later.
Yesterday at 12ish I ate parsley by accident with my poultry. From the indications of my clinic they didn’t mention herbs but my bad I should’ve read more about it. In any case I ate it 24 hours prior to the test and as I have been having diarrhea for a few days I actually had diarrhea later in the day and literally saw the parsley leaving my body, unprocessed. For dinner I didn’t have anything since I was worried my stomach would get upset again.
So we get to today at 12:05 pm. as soon as I drink what I think was lactulose and few minutes later I started with a couple burps, which turned into more and more burps, bloating, cramps, flatulence towards the end, but no diarrhea (probably cause I was empty inside). Its been a while since I came back from the test and holy s*** I am still super bloated, my belly is making noises It’s never made before, I look 9 months pregnant, and just gas and more gas.
I was told that this is a sign that i will test positive for sibo. Is this correct? Also I know this test is super flawed but are there any chances it will come back as false positive cause of the parsley? I did my fasting and all.
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2023.06.10 02:22 Different-Gas5704 Is Pat Robertson responsible for the decline of American Christianity?

The question is a bit of a hyperbole (Jerry Falwell was just as important, if not more so), but the recent death of Pat Robertson is what brought the idea to my mind.
According to all indicators, the number of Americans self-identifying Christians is rapidly declining. While the numbers have continued to decline steadily since then, the numbers first began to decrease in the mid-to-late 1970s (The 700 Club entered national syndication in 1974). This was shortly after evangelical Christianity overtook Mainline Protestantism in terms of numbers.
There have always been conservative strands of Christianity in America, of course, but until the late 20th century many of the most prominent Christian voices in the U.S. fell on the progressive end of the spectrum. They were some of the key figures in the abolitionist movement (the Quakers were ardent abolitionists nearly a century before the Constitution was ratified), the women's suffrage movement, the civil rights movements, etc.
Clearly evangelicalism was (and remains) attractive to a large number of people, but as it's key figures began self-promoting by starting media empires, colleges and political committees - the marriage of evangelical Christianity and the GOP being solidified when Robertson ran for President in 1988 - and the Mainline denominations lacked the resources or will to compete with them, they became the face of Christianity for a lot of people. And for every person they managed to convert, hundreds caught a few minutes of their TV shows or came across one of their pamphlets in a bathroom stall and decided that they wanted nothing to do with them or their religion.
The media hasn't helped in this regard. The headlines announcing Robertson's death have referred to him as a "minister" or "televangelist," while media coverage of figures like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton usually finds them relegated to the role of "activists." It seems like Falwell and Robertson's goal of making Christianity synonymous with right-wing politics was a success and attendance at most churches seems to be suffering as a result.
So how much of a role do you think Robertson and his ilk have played in the decline of Christianity in this country?
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2023.06.10 02:22 Both_Gate_3876 Undead living or a Tarborn

Undead living or a Tarborn
Long story short, my main character (skin colours not canon yet) known as Res the knight, is a son of a Noble sent to find some glory and adventure, one of his "friends" is an ancient wizard Pegu, with whom he has not the best of relationship, due to the fact Pegu was his nanny for some time. Leading to a lot of troubles and even cut hand (don't worry they attached it back)
So as a detail skin in this world is usualy white But his skin is supposed to be not normal for a human. Even thought its a weird world so uh. I have two ideas for a reason he is as he is.
A: He is an undead living, born dead but revived with weird magic that came from somewhere unknown, Pegu was his nanny to oversee and try to understand the reason the boy was revived. But due to him being basicaly undead he is immune to some getting hands cut off.
B: He is a Tarborn, a son and servant made by the witch from the magic tar that came to life, brought home by the knight who slain the witch, knignt's wife got very attached to the boy made of tar and they adopted him as legitimate son. Pegu was there his nanny and oversee his development.
Both sound Cool to me but I can't choose one D:
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2023.06.10 02:22 burnt_cookies435 I was cheated on a week ago, I want to make amends.

My ex boyfriend cheated on me a week ago I have not made any moves quite yet. I need some advice whether or not I should reach out.
I have since turned to God and became Christian and I have no intention of getting back with this person, but some thing in me wants to reach out to tell him that I forgive him And then I’ve learned a lot about the situation and I really don’t want hatred between him and I think it’ll help me move on but on the other hand, I don’t want to be the one to reach out and seem desperate in anyway because I don’t think he deserves it but I kind of want to do it for myself.
I guess for a backstory, he was texting a girl asking to meet up to do,, you know. After the break up, I asked him to be honest with his family and friends about what he did, and he ended up lying to his family and friends, saying that I would lie about him cheating. Since then I have sent passive aggressive messages the day after our break up, but I have not contacted him since it’s only been a week. I guess that adds to the story but the Christian in me wants to make amends. Should I reach out to him to have one last sit down conversation or wait for him to reach out or just leave it quiet as is?
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2023.06.10 02:22 ImNotGio [TOMT][MUSIC VIDEO][2020s] Young woman roller blading through different parts of Los Angeles

Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me.
I've been looking for this music video from about 2020-2022. It's a dance pop song, with the music video of a young tanned woman roller blading in different parts of the Los Angeles Area. One section of the music video she's in Beverly Hills neighborhood with tall palm trees skating and dancing, another part she's in I believe it's Malibu skating and dancing as well.
Part of the lyrics for the song goes something like "Get that good s--t out of me" or something like that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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