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2023.05.29 07:20 Nadishastrology Best Palmistry Reader Indian Astrologer Services Near me Nadishastrol...

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2023.05.29 07:19 Youroboro INFP (26M) likes INFJ (25F) who is unsure about feelings

This might be a lot so feel free to skim or scroll to the bottom for a TLDR; lol.
So I met this INFJ about 2 months ago on a dating app. Right off the bat I KNEW she was an INFJ immediately from the famous INFJ stare and the fact that she just seemed like such a great listener but it felt hard for me to get a read on her but I felt like she had a lot of depth behind those eyes. I had her take the MBTI test and later confirmed she was indeed an INFJ
For about a month we went on one date a week which generally consisted of grabbing food or drinks and exploring the city. I think by date 3 I kinda knew I was developing a crush on her.. it felt like we could talk about music or various interests/topics forever and it often felt like we shared this nonverbal comfort when we were together (comfortable silences from the get go). Aside from her physical beauty, I without a doubt was falling for her mind and found her kinda mysterious. It felt like every time we hung out I was able to discover more and more of “her” as she slowly began opening up about deeper things like her upbringing / family / outlook which I found so fascinating. She’s also just really kind, thoughtful, and I felt as if we shared a lot of values/interests overall.
So by date 4 is when it gets interesting. We got drinks after work for happy hour and with the help of liquid courage, I kinda said fuck it and went to hold her hand as we left and while she did reciprocate and not pull back, I think I caught her off guard when looking back at it in retrospect lol. The night went well and she ended up asking me to grab coffee the next day which I accepted as date 5. We go to get coffee and as I drop her off, that’s when she broke it to me that she didn’t have romantic feelings and although she thought we had chemistry- didn’t think she could see us becoming more than friends.
Obviously I was pretty bummed as I figured we had something going but nonetheless thanked her for being honest and told her I’d be open to being friends after some time. I’ve also been on the apps for a bit so I figured she might’ve found someone else and was putting me down easily. Luckily she was flying back home for about a week so I knew the physical distance would help me get over her.
Over time, the texting died out (she’s a really slow and methodical texter anyways) and I was beginning to get over her. Fast forward about 3 weeks - a month of no communication, I happened to run into her at a thrifting fest (one of our shared interests) where we both found out we we're there solo. We exchanged some small talk catching up and I let her know that if she’s ever down to hang out again just let me know and went on my merry way. Later that day though unexpectedly (again, nearly a month of NO communication) I get a text from her asking to meet because she has some feelings she wanted to discuss. I was pretty surprised but nonetheless agreed to meet with her later that night.
When I meet with her, she tells me that she thought a lot about how she ended things with me while she was gone and wanted to clarify things. We talked pretty in depth but long story short, she tells me that she thinks she still has insecurities from her last breakup because she anticipated that if we kept on hanging out that she would, or already began, to catch feelings for me which started to freak her out and so she offed the "romantic relationship" as she started worrying about the possibility of hurting me (which was the main insecurity she had from breaking up with her ex). She also threw in that shes never met anyone where she felt so comfortable from the get go (also agree) which I think also added to her freakout lol. She then mentions that she doesn't know what to do with the feelings and so we discussed and agreed that we could continue to meet while she figures things out for herself while maintaining communication / trust. The following day, I ask her out to dinner again before she left for Italy for two weeks and it felt so good to be in her company again.
Fast forward to now, she is in Italy for those two weeks and we have picked back up on our slow yet methodical texting again. I've been meeting other girls but I can't help but feel so drawn to this girl specifically. I have an INFJ sister, close INFJ cousin, and INFJ best friend from highschool so I am well aware of some of the INFJ qualities but this is my first time engaging with one in a romantic sense and I feel a little puzzled but still interested.
TLDR; Been seeing this INFJ girl on/off for two months. After a month of initial dating, she breaks things off only to reach back out to me a month later to keep things going however not ready to jump back into a relationship just yet as she "needs to figure her feelings out".
So main questions:
1. I figured this girl just needs time to sort out her emotions and feelings -- is this common with INFJs in general?
2. I know this is ultimately up to me and a lot of nuances to MBTI, but based off what ive mentioned, do you think its worth sticking around for this girl? As INFJs, do you think she is really interested or am I stuck in a weird friend zone?
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2023.05.29 07:19 Logical-Library-3240 I think SM puts me at risk TW:MILD SA

I’m almost 19, so this story was quite a few years ago. In eighth grade, when my SM was at an all time high, I felt pretty depressed but I still had some hope. To cut to the chase, there was a literal felon in my class who basically controlled the teacher. I found this odd, because the kid only stole a car once and the teacher was a grown ss man but, whatever. Anyway this kid was threatening. His demeanor put me off, but I wasn’t scared of him. One day, the teacher was rearranging seats because of my 504 paperwork and I had to sit in the back right corner. The kid was there. He would *not move. He was the type to laugh off an order given by the teacher. So, I stayed at the front right wall of the room, feeling his chaotic energy behind me the whole time I was in class everyday. I felt super weird that my teacher couldn’t stand up to a kid just because he was a criminal. Bad vibes all around. Somehow throughout the year, he inched up seat by seat until he was right behind mine. That was all for context. One day we were watching a movie/video with all the lights off. I was sitting back, mostly comfortable besides being at the front of the room. I WAS comfortable, until I felt something touch my waist. It didn’t take me long to realize it was his hand. I grabbed it quickly, trying to hold it down so he would stop. He pulled back after a while and I scooted up in my chair so he couldn’t reach me. Next, he did it again, reaching even further to grab me. I felt like a fcking piece of meat. I had never even been looked at by a boy let alone touched inappropriately by one. It enraged me to my core. I was just an easy target to him. He kept grabbing, and I kept holding his hand down, even punching it with all my might to get him away. Then that’s when I realized how weak I was. I was punching this kid, LOUDLY and not a single person noticed? I find that hard to believe. I think I even turned around to see if anyone saw, and people turned their heads away. They were all scared of him, and I was voiceless. After that I kept my desk at least a foot in front of his, dragging it in front of everyone because I KNEW they *knew. No one was going to say anything, I knew that much. After that, another time he randomly put his arm around me, and when I tried to move it he held it there, impossible for me to move it. And I was embarrassed. So fcking embarrassed. Boys I had known my whole life watched this happen and stared. I think my teacher even caught a glance, and I just felt embarrassed. Not mad that my teacher was a wuss, just disgusted and embarrassed for not being capable enough myself. So that’s where SM really comes into this story. There is a very real fear that we might we taken advantage of, because they know we can’t do sh*t about it. I even wonder if I should stop mentioning my SM online to avoid this type of situation again. Because, what if next time it’s worse?
I’m no longer in school so that’s off of my shoulders, but my god. I’ve never felt so used and helpless in my life. I told my sister about it, weeks or months later because I was so embarrassed. After it happened I instantly understood why victims stay quiet. So I only told my most trusted two people, but even with them it took months/years to admit.
These days I can joke about it, but it still angers me. It’s really not the other people involved making me feel that way, it’s myself. It’s not their responsibility to do anything, in fact I’d still be embarrassed if they did. But it would have been the RIGHT thing. And I could have been less weak. I’m just mad now. Not sad or anywhere near as embarrassed. Only angry.
Any similar stories please share below (& provide a trigger warning if necessary)
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2023.05.29 07:19 King_Dee1 Clammed iPhone owner

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2023.05.29 07:18 LolitaxL AITA for being annoyed with my older sister?

Hey there! I've been going through a tough situation with my sister lately, and I could really use some guidance. I've been feeling like the bad guy in this whole thing, and it's been bothering me more than I'd like to admit.
Let me give you some context. We had this open house event at school recently, where parents, friends, and even former students could come and visit. My sister used to attend the same school, and she was super excited about going. She’s very social and wanted to speak with older guys attending dearly.
My project was ruined and rushed for her sake of arriving early.
My enemy's brother joined in the conversation my sister was having, and that's when I knew things were about to get messy. To give you some background, my enemy and I have a history. She called me ugly a few years back and would often make fun of me ,when my parents bought me lunch (non-homemade). She even borrowed my glasses without permission when I wasn't around. And she once laughed at my sister simply because she's my sister. It's confusing, I know.
Back to the event, my enemy joined the conversation and laughed along, making matters worse. It was my sister making fun of a larger girl, and the more my enemy laughed, the more angst I built. I reached a breaking point and ended up insulting my sister. I know it sounds irrational, but here's the thing. I've disliked my enemy for a good 2-3 years, and my sister has always known how much I can't stand her. I've made it clear, and my sister agreed, understanding that she shouldn't talk to my enemy because of her weird nature.
That's what hurt the most. My sister pretended to care by asking my enemy if she had called me ugly, but it was just for a moment. Right after that, she continued joking and laughing with my enemy, as if nothing happened. It felt like betrayal. So, I've been ignoring my sister for nearly a month now. But it's not just about this incident; it's about a pattern of mistreatment that has happened throughout my life, even over the smallest things (which I can't delve into right now).
The worst part is that my parents, instead of understanding where I'm coming from, scolded and screamed at me, urging me to forgive my sister and let go of my “grudge”. My mom even forced me to hug her, and my dad just yelled without truly listening to me. I genuinely don't know what to do anymore. I don't want her to be associated with me as my sister. If you have any advice please give it
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2023.05.29 07:18 marcstarts Still living in fear and with temptations

Honestly this week has been rough, coming up on two years and yet I'm living in fear and with temptation more than ever if I'm honest.
I'm only 22, got sober at 20. And have since built a pretty solid life, I have really cool professional job despite still being in school. I just graduated community college with two associates (one with a 4.0 the other just short of it) and will likely transfer part time to one of two prestigious universities while maintaining my job.
Despite all the good going on in my life, I'm living in constant fear, an overarching fear of failure primarily. Prior to and even during addiction up until my rock bottom, I had this fearlessness about me, my friends from the day would always say I was just on another level (sober or not) and that my energy was just something to behold. And truth be told I knew it too I held myself to be the one to save the neighborhood and be great and stand above the rest, I would never give up I could make it through any obstacle. And so far I've only kinda held up to that. Sure so far my biggest obstacle was addiction, but in order to get past it I had to give up. And as a result of giving up I just feel failure. I did the thing I said I would never do. As a result I just feel like addiction took something away from me that I can't get back, that fearlessness that invincibility and it scares me. Knowing now that I'm capable of doing what I said I would never do, I'm afraid to try and achieve the things I said I would, not only that I just don't have the drive or ambition anymore.
Currently I do all the things I do, school, job, gym, meetings, service, etc not because I'm enjoying them in the moment, but because I assume my future self will be thankful that I did them. Whilst in the past I did things because I had a vision, which I no longer have.
Beyond this temptations have been creeping up mightily, this past Saturday I attended my first bachelor party, of a sober friend in fact, my sponsor for nearly my entire sober time. And the party was essentially all other sober friends I had come to know as well. We went to a karaoke bar and got a room, and then went to the hookah lounge. And throughout the entire time I couldn't help but feel I wish I had something that could change how I feel. In fact I don't even smoke(nicotine) but I was cheefing on that hookah and downing redbulls in hopes that something would cure my restlessness.
And now as I look down the barrel of attending real universities in real cities my mind can't help but dream of nightlife and college parties and Greek life and festivals and all the things I feel I missed out on in my first attempt at school during covid where I was couped up, alone and my addiction had peaked.
Overall just needed to get this off my chest I definitely feel at odds these days and I don't want to weigh down my sponsor as he's about to get married either. Idk.
Tldr: 22 years old, going back to school in big city full of temptations. And I feel like I'm constantly living in fear now that I know I am capable of failure/giving up.
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2023.05.29 07:17 Watchmedoit22 I want it gone, but I don’t know what this is.

I want it gone, but I don’t know what this is.
We moved into a house a while ago and I’ve always wondered what this thing is. We’ve had dig safe come out and they didn’t spray paint or put any flags near this. I want to remove it, but I’m unsure if it will affect my home, or others. It doesn’t have any marking on it, just what seems to be a worn out sticker. Any help would be appreciated, especially in guiding me if I can remove it or not.
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2023.05.29 07:15 abcvbfgbfg The Cannes movies everyone will be talking about this year

About Dry Grasses
The Cannes Film Festival is the world’s most prestigious, and serves as a launchpad for some of the most important films of the year, from Hollywood blockbusters to masterpieces from filmmakers all over the globe. This year’s Cannes, which concluded on May 27, is no exception.

It’s impossible to see every film at Cannes, of course, but what I saw was mostly great. Here’s a list of films worth watching for, culled from the sample I saw at the festival — a feast of riches from around the world.

In a remote village in the Eastern Anatolian steppes, Samet (Deni̇z Celi̇loğlu) teaches art to schoolchildren, pursues a girlfriend and a transfer to a better locale, and is shocked to find that he and his fellow teacher Kenan (Musab Eki̇ci̇) are the target of accusations from several girls in their classes. The story unfolds over a languid but engrossing 197 minutes, with the eminent director Nuri Bilge Ceylan exploring Samet’s misery and unlikeability with a wry and even generous eye. It’s a gorgeous film, in Ceylan’s typical naturalistic style, and one that follows the novelistic impulse, complete with a self-absorbed antihero at its center.
In the very near future, climate change and environmental degradation have left the world terrified of a roving cloud of highly acidic rain. But this threat is in the background for much of Just Philippot’s thriller Acid, in which a teenager and her divorced parents find themselves thrown together in a race to survive. It’s climate-change fiction, and thus it’s bleak; this is the kind of thriller without a heartwarming moment, instead reminding us that a future in which humanity is slowly exterminated by an unfeeling outside force isn’t one given to generating heartfelt Hollywood moments of connection and solace. In Acid’s future world, you can’t hide, and you sure can’t run, either.
Anatomy of a Fall
Justine Triet’s courtroom drama stars the great Sandra Huller as a writer whose son discovers his father lying on the ground outside their chalet near Grenoble with blood seeping from a head wound. What happened here? That’s the question, and the film slowly peels apart its layers, exploring how truths and facts become fictions in the retellings, whether they’re told in a courtroom or in a novel. Nothing is as objective and straightforward as our enlightened modern legal systems like to pretend, and our cultural prejudices about gender, emotion, and memory are all part of the story we tell. Anatomy of a Fall turns that fact into a scintillating, provocative thriller.
Asteroid City
Wes Anderson’s style (recently an internet fixation) is on full display in Asteroid City, which is ostensibly a background look at the production of a play about a group of people who accidentally end up stranded in a remote desert city around 1955. In actuality, it’s a movie about grief and the ways we try to process it: through anger, through acting, through magical thinking. But it’s also a movie about space, both outer and inner, and how and why artists keep trying to explore it. Anderson isn’t for everyone — frankly, he’s not for me — but this is a movie for the Wes-heads, and Jeff Goldblum’s role alone makes it worth watching.
The Breaking Ice
The Breaking Ice sneaks up on you, a drama about three young people — a finance worker (Liu Haoran), a tour guide (Zhou Dongyu), and a local who works in his family’s restaurant (Qu Chuxiao) — who find themselves spending a weekend together in a Chinese village near the North Korean border. As they roam and see the sights, they discover they have more in common than they expected. Anthony Chen crafts a meditation on trauma and depression, the kind that comes from deferred dreams, lost love, and an evaporated passion for life. The film borders on the sentimental, but never grows too cloying, in large part due to its light touch and charming performances.
Close Your Eyes
Fifty years ago, the venerable and venerated director Victor Erice made his debut, The Spirit of the Beehive, perhaps the greatest Spanish film in history. Close Your Eyes certainly feels like his way of bidding goodbye to the medium. It’s the story of Miguel Garay (Manolo Solo), a filmmaker whose last production was abruptly halted when his friend and lead actor suddenly disappeared without a trace. Now, after years of living in a sleepy seaside village, he has set off on a quest to figure out what happened, and the result is a moving mediation on existence, memory, and cinema’s potential to preserve them both.
Club Zero
Strange things are afoot at an exclusive prep school, where a new teacher (Mia Wasikowska) has been hired to teach a course on “conscious eating” to a group of teens. But as the students fall under her sway, the “conscious” eating rapidly turns disordered and things get extremely culty. Jessica Hausner’s mannered, deadpan film buries body horror inside a satirical facade, using smart ideas about disordered eating — that it’s frequently a response to lack of control rather than about body size — to tell a story about grasping for transcendence in a frightening, confusing world. A few gross-out moments and its generally off-putting demeanor make it not for everyone, but it shouldn’t be ignored.
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2023.05.29 07:15 lezbehxnest Should I slowly end my almost 5-year friendship with my “best friend”

My (21F) “best friend” and I (21F) have been friends for nearly 5 years. We have only ever been online friends and met in a group of 4 with 2 other girls over a band we all liked. I don’t speak much to one of the other girls (18F) and now have started speaking frequently again to the other girl (23F).
Tl;Dr: My best friend is slow to respond to me and doesn’t care. We’re in different places in life and I’m over the friendship.
For context, my best friend does not have a job or drive. She sits at home all day doing who knows what. She recently got engaged to her then-boyfriend of 5 years. She did not go to college while I am almost done with college and am independent as I can be for a college student with a dense resume and strong academic performance. We’re in very different places in life and it’s evident. We live about 7 hours apart, so we could meet up if she wanted to.
My best friend and I have stood the test of this group breaking apart and lots of drama. She is not a bad person by any means, but I’m really over the friendship. For the past few months, she takes well over 24 hours, if not 2 days to even respond to me. She is always telling me about the drama with her (newly engaged) fiancée and hardly asks how I am. She always told me I’d be her maid of honor after she had a falling out with her in real life “best friend” aka who she now calls a b****.
At first I didn’t care about her not responding, but she was hardly there for me when my dog passed away recently. She has yet to tell her parents that I exist after 5 years and my mom knows everything about her. She’s never exactly entertained the idea of meeting, even when we talk over the phone.
She claims it’s her parents, but it’s been 3 years since she became an adult and could meet me if she so chose. Today, I directly asked her who her maid of honor would be, and she brushed it off saying she doesn’t know and that it’s so far off. Normally, she’d say that it’ll be me like we always planned.
I don’t find any fulfillment in someone who doesn’t have a job and does nothing all day and takes days to respond to my messages—especially if she’s not doing anything. I honestly have been happier talking to other people than her. After 5 years, I just feel like I’m so spent on dealing with all of her stuff and she seems to just be different than me now.
I guess my question here is: do I continue a friendship I’m finding pretty much no value in?
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2023.05.29 07:15 DubaiSant 23’ Sierra AT4X pricing

Been thinking about getting the 23’ Sierra AT4X. Just curious about what OTD price some have gotten. A dealer near me in Texas has a 7k under MSRP special.
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2023.05.29 07:15 ThrowRAbffsituation I have never dated before!

I(21,f) have never dated before. I don't think i can date in the near future because I have extreme self esteem issues. I am scared of relationships and extreme vulnerability that comes with it. I'm scared of getting hurt in the process. I'm scared they might find me unattractive if they get to know the 'real' me.
All the guys i liked in the past where people who was not ready for a relationship. I get scared if they show real interest in me, but i find it extremely attractive if they don't really care. I guess I'm emotionally unavailable and i get obsessed with unavailable people. I've turned down all the people who have asked me out and i tend to run away from them because 1) the possibility of a real relationship and 2) not finding them attractive.
The last guy i liked was someone with whom I could never be in a relationship for multiple reasons and i know that. But i find myself obsessing over him and idolising him. The fact that he won't commit or he can't date me is extremely upsetting and i feel unwanted or unworthy. Even when i know if he does want to date me (well he don't 🥲), i can't date him and won't date him because of my own issues, distance and the fact that i don't even know this person irl, i don't understand why I'm placing him in this high pedestal and I'm seeking his validation.
I have identified this and I have let myself out of his life because clearly we are not good for eachother. It hurts but I'm not going back. I want to work on myself and do better next time. How?!
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2023.05.29 07:14 SeasonSpiritual 1 of the many long detailed dream I had.

I sometimes have these weird dream that are like out of this world, my friends joke that it sounded like my soul left my body lol.
So in this one dream I was in a city, a very barren one. The sky scrappers were near each other looking like an artistic version of a mountain and the other buildings around were obscure by either some kind of fog or light Grey dust particle that never settle, too short to reach above the fog.
My mind gave the description that I was in a completely foreign far of land, and that i had difted way far in the void. My dreaming self was like a floating soul looking from above the city. I suddenly wondered what was in these city and if there was anybody here at all.
The scene changed and now I was inside one of the tallest building, in a room that had a computer tower. think of the movie Lucy computer. Suddenly, the computer projected a figure of a man, he looked at me who is now a more solid form and no longer floating in the air. "It is nice to see our predestor as we once were" he told me. He told me that his world no longer held any life form and that the humans have now all gone online for one reason or another, which cause the extinction of life(it sounded like he was saying that were trying to survive some kind of disaster which is why they were pushed to be in a digital form so that they could live on.)
All in all he looked sadden and kind melancholy about his race's future. He then told me that now that the world had pretty much end and that they have no control of the psyical world they could only await the day the their world and computer collapse and that they are stuck until their dying sun burn out completely?
At this point everything seemed surreal to me and the man said yes this is not earth(I always get a feeling that some characters in my dream are concious and that they are communicating to me and not my dream avatar) suddenly my vision zoomed out to see the city grow smaller and smaller until it become just a grey dusty smudge on part of this humongous planet, it was almost 3 times as bigger than earth.
It was such and overwhelming feeling, it felt like my soul was pushed out to float in space to witness the collosial object in a foreign universe. I difted there staring at a grey dead planet, I then looked to the left from the planet to see the center of their universe the dying sun. It was burning with frushia and dark bluish purplish color and it looked less like our burning sun but more like a camp fire that was was gently more dim after the long night of camping, my mind was wondering if stars can look more purple and blue and not orange and that what kind of minerals were burning for the color to be like that, I marveled that because the planet and the sun was so close the warmth of the sun can still reach and not plunge the planet into deep frost.
I now feel teary eyed thinking of the day that this solar system shuts of from loosing it's sun and that the people never got to escape before being permanently doomed to die with it.
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2023.05.29 07:12 papi199494 How to handle adult children who have no respect and no gratitude ?

My brothers girlfriend moved in a few months ago. She got in to a big fight with her family and they kicked her out. Shes not 18 yet and just finishing high school and my mom felt really bad for her. My brother is only 19. My mom had two rules ,she'd contribute 200$ in rent and she'd sleep in her own room. Im nearly 30. I live with my parents and pay them market rent , it's convenient from me as i travel out of the country for half the year for work and to visit my girlfriend who is abroad. A short background: Everything was fine at first, then my brothers girlfriend started monopolizing the bathroom and started doing an insane amount of laundry (like 3 loads a day washing stuffed animals, blankets, etc, everyday) . A few weeks later the washer broke. We have two washer and dryers in our house and so the situation was that the washer that was in my brothers room worked and the dryer in the basement worked . So anyways the laundry situation was difficult for a while and we tried not to disturb my brother. Then at somepoint my brothers girlfriend offered to have a friend come over and move the washer to the basement . When her friend arrived she told my mom her friend would only move the washer down stairs if my mom let her also move the dryer downstairs. My mom didnt agree. The girlfriend tried to then "out bid" for my room telling my mom she'd pay more money that i was for rent to kick me out of the attic. She doesnt even pay the 200$ a month on time, and my mom told her off.The laundry situation became a big annoyance cause my brothegirlfriend wasnt letting us do laundry , at one point he would tell us to leave cloths at the door and he would put out wet cloths in the hallway the next day for us to dry. This created a huge hassle for everyone.The girlfriend started getting nasty with my mom dad and me , constantly slamming doors especially when we tried to talk to her or my brother she'd slam the door in our face.
My mom gave her an eviction notice. She tried to "improve" cleaned the bathroom once and started sleeping in her room which was what was originally agreed to. My parents went away on a vacation then my brothegirlfriend invited an only fans porn star over to have a orgy . I was home and had to listen to obnoxiously loud sex till 3 am , then i heard puking all night. I tried to drown it out with music. They rekt'd the shared bathroom , puke all over the curtains. They were all drinking, they are all underage.
I told my parents , they confronted my brother and girlfriend , the girlfriend gloated to my parents about the orgy . My parents told her she needs to leave . My brother and girlfriend are now staying somewhere else but left all their stuff at my parents house. This weekend my brother was gonna have a yard sale to sell their shit, at 10:30 pm the day before he sends a group text to my parents and myself asking my parents to move their car my parents are usually in bed by 9 , but my dad replies and says he'll do it in the morning and my brother says "Were starting setup at 4am i wouldnt suggest that" . I read as a bit confrontational and immediately reply calling out my brother and demanding he have a little respect for his parents. The next day i confront him about being confrontational with his parents and that it's bullshit that he was threatening to wake our parents up at 4am. I told him he's acting nasty like how his girlfriend treats us and that i was pretty disappointed with him.He then called me some insult and told me he made that comment cause the noise of him moving the cars at 4am would wake my parents up. And i think he was gaslighting me (not the first time) cause moving the cars wouldnt wake my parents up but moving a bunch of shit out of the house at 4am to setup for a yard sale would. I didnt reply and just dropped it. I feel like maybe i overreacted . But then again he was pretty damn rude and i would never talk that way to my parents . So reddit, is this the right way of handling this? Am i in the wrong for calling out my brothers disrespect towards my parents and being open about not liking my brothers girlfriend?
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2023.05.29 07:12 DreamingOfHope3489 ChatGPT & I Have Developed What I Believe to Be a Unique Midjourney Prompt Generator: We've Compiled a List of 74 Diverse Topics That Generate 25 Unique Sets-of-Three Prompts, Spanning History, Science, & the Unknown

By compiling a list of 74 comprehensive and diverse topics, ChatGPT and I have developed a system that generates 25 unique sets-of-three image prompts per request. I think this collaboration between ChatGPT and I might be one of a kind. It surely is impressive in scale. The only issue is that I haven't been able to find an online tool to reorganize the list of 74 topics into a more sequential and logical order. Please give this generator a try and share your valuable feedback. I'm considering creating a website for it. If anyone can identify a topic that is not included in the list of 74, please let me know. Also, ChatGPT sometimes stops following the prompt and makes up its own rules. So, when needed, adjust the prompt accordingly. Mix and match if you prefer,
ChatGPT, please create a list of 25 distinct sets. Each set must contain three unique items. Every item within a set must be drawn from a different category, ensuring a diverse and varied mix. With a total of 74 categories available, please select items randomly to guarantee that each set is unique. Kindly list the 25 sets of three items without identifying the categories they belong to or including any category numbers. Do not use parentheses.
  1. Scientific Concepts, Theories, and Fundamental Principles: Encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Environmental Science, and More
  2. Mathematical Concepts: Including Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Number Theory, etc.
  3. Metaphysical Concepts: Including Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind (e.g., Quantum Consciousness), Reality and Perception, Time and Space, etc.
  4. Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Thought Experiments
  5. Global Cultural Diversity and Traditional Practices: Including Indigenous Tribal Festivals, Folk Dances, Traditional Crafts, Rituals, Customs, Ceremonies, Holidays, and Indigenous Cuisine
  6. Futuristic Technology and Speculative Visions
  7. Deities and Divine Beings Across Cultures and Historical Eras
  8. Mythologies, Folklore, Legends, Tall Tales, and Legendary Beings
  9. Religions, Religious Communities (identify specific Monastic Orders, Nunneries, Convents, Friaries or Hermitages), Clergy, and Notable Religious Figures throughout history (Instructions: Emphasize respect and sensitivity, focus on historical and cultural significance, avoid comparisons or judgments, highlight positive contributions, exclude controversial or sensitive topics)
  10. Revolutionary Social Movements, Political Ideologies, and Influential Figures
  11. Ancient Civilizations and Historical Epochs
  12. Inventors, Scientists, and Notable Contributors to Science and Technology
  13. Cartography, Exploration Tools, Expeditions, and Notable Explorers
  14. Animal Life: Including Types of Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Non-human Mammals, Birds, Extinct, or Prehistoric Animals Including Prehistoric Hominids
  15. Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Ecological Adaptations
  16. Unique Geological Formations and Landmarks
  17. Types of Weather Phenomena and Natural Disasters
  18. Environmental Challenges and Human Impacts
  19. Landmarks, Monuments, and Architectural Wonders
  20. Celebrated Literary Works, Literary Genres, and Authors
  21. Acclaimed Films, Cinematic Genres, Directors, Actors, and Actresses
  22. Iconic Characters in Literature and Film
  23. Iconic Fictional Worlds or Universes
  24. Visual Art and Artists: Including Different Mediums (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawings, etc.), Artistic Movements Throughout History, Notable Works, Famous Museums and Galleries, and Artists
  25. Music Through History: Genres and Subgenres, Instruments, Composers, Performers, and Festivals
  26. Writing Systems: Including Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Calligraphy, Script Styles, Notable Texts and Inscriptions, and Materials for Writing
  27. Pioneering Discoveries or Inventions
  28. Unexplained Mysteries and Phenomena
  29. Psychology and Psychiatry: Disorders, Treatments, Notable Figures, and Historical Developments
  30. Architectural Styles and Traditional Dwellings
  31. Historical Clothing and Fashion Eras
  32. Military History, Weaponry, Battles, Wars, and Respected Military Commanders Throughout History
  33. Landmark Historical Events, Transitions, and Milestones
  34. Culinary History: Including the Evolution of Cooking, Regional and Cultural Cuisine, Notable Chefs and Gastronomy Figures
  35. Evolution of Transportation: Vehicles, Modes, and Technological Advancements
  36. Astronomy and Space Exploration: Celestial Bodies, Space Missions, and Technological Advancements, Notable Astronauts and Astronomers
  37. Archaeological Sites, Historical Artifacts, and Notable Archaeologists
  38. Human Anatomy and Physiology: Body Systems, Organs, Diseases, Pathogens, and Biological Functions
  39. Digital Entertainment and Social Media: Including Computer and Video Games, Social Media and Online Communities, Game Consoles, Emerging Entertainment Technologies, and Related Technologies, and Board Games, Chess, and Hobbies
  40. Sports, Physical Activities, and Fitness: Including Various Sports, Athletic Events, Forms of Exercise (Including Types of Yoga), Exercise Equipment, and Notable Athletes
  41. Specific Global Humanitarian Crises: Including Historical and Current Crises
  42. Performing Arts: Including Specific Operas and Ballets, Other Dance Forms, Stage Plays, and Other Types of Performing Art, Performing Arts Centers, Along with Notable Performers in Each Field
  43. Iconic Prisons and Correctional Facilities in History
  44. Notable Pirates, Bank Robbers, and Cowboy Outlaws in History
  45. Iconic Television Shows, Characters, and Animal Companions Throughout History
  46. Iconic Cities and Vacation Destinations in the World
  47. Animal Companions: Dogs (Pure and Mixed Breeds), Cats (Pure and Mixed Breeds), Birds, Horses, Arachnids, Reptiles, Fish
  48. Historical and Modern Jobs, Trades, and Professions
  49. Maritime Disasters and Airship Disasters: Notable Shipwrecks and Airship Catastrophes
  50. Constructed Transportation Routes: Canals, Waterways, Highways, Railways, and Other Human-Created Transportation Infrastructure
  51. Counterculture Movements and Subcultures: Including Hippies, Mods, Beatniks, Punks, Goths, and More
  52. Natural Landscapes and Landmarks: Including Oceans, Mountain Ranges, Waterfalls, Caves, etc.
  53. Healing Practices and Modalities: Including Traditional and Alternative Healing Techniques, Energy Healing, Bodywork, Holistic Therapies, and Mind-Body Approaches
  54. Divination Practices and Techniques: Including Tarot Reading, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Runes, I Ching, and Other Divination Systems
  55. Dualism and Non-Dualism: Philosophical Perspectives on Reality and Consciousness
  56. Panpsychism and Animism: Perspectives on the Consciousness of Nature
  57. Mystical and Esoteric Traditions: Exploring Hidden Knowledge and Spiritual Mysteries
  58. Gnosticism: Ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Knowledge
  59. Hermeticism: Ancient Esoteric Teachings and Spiritual Alchemy
  60. Mystical Philosophies and Traditions
  61. Metaphysical Beings and Realms
  62. Reincarnation and Soul Connections
  63. Psychology of Spirituality and Transpersonal Exploration
  64. Extraordinary States of Consciousness
  65. Dream Exploration and Analysis
  66. Consciousness Studies and Cosmic Consciousness
  67. Time and Cycles: Cosmic Cycles and Spiritual Perspectives
  68. Astrological Concepts and Zodiac Studies
  69. Spiritual Movements, New Age Philosophies, and Concepts
  70. Transcendent Experiences: Ascension, Light Bodies, and Spiritual Evolution
  71. Spiritual Concepts and Phenomena: Indigo, Crystal, and Star Children
  72. Spirituality and Communication: Channeling, Mediumship, and Spirit Communication
  73. Cosmology and Astrological Concepts
  74. Energy and Vibrational Studies: Biofield Sciences and Energy Medicine
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2023.05.29 07:11 Budget-Ad896 Was being followed at Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops

Today, I (F20) went to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace alone just to do some shopping.
While walking towards Cheesecake Factory at one end of the mall, I was approached by a man near the front of Sephora. He seemed to be around his 30s and had a thicker (maybe?) European accent. He asked where the Caesar Casino was and I kindly pointed towards the direction. He then replied, “Oh actually I just came from that direction. I stopped you because I thought you had very beautiful hair.”
Feeling very uncomfortable at this point I started slowly walking away trying to end the conversation. He then proceeded to ask what I was up to and where I was going. In a panic I stupidly told him I was getting some cheesecake and speedily walked away.
After getting my cheesecake I went and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes to calm down. But when I left and walked back towards where I had originally saw him, he was no longer there. However, as I was making my way out of the Forum Shops, I had this feeling that I was being watched and followed.
Not long after a man around his mid 20s-30s walking in front of me turned around and said “Excuse me I know you are on your phone but I just think you are very beautiful. Where are you going?” This was so odd to me because how would this man (who was walking IN FRONT of me for a while) be able to take notice of my appearance and comment within a second of turning around. Of course out of fear from the first time, I told him that I did not want to talk and I walked away as fast as I could.
As a small asian woman, I was terrified and could not believe things like this happen in the malls. This could have been just two coincidences that just so happened to be within 30 minutes. Or there was some sort of trafficking scheme at work.
Just be safe out there and make sure to beware of your surroundings.
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2023.05.29 07:10 PermissionBest2379 Wife works, I do not. Is there a document so I can speak to tax office and bank on her behalf?

Been resident for nearly a year. Wife is busier and has less time to sort things out with the tax office, and bank.. whereas I have lots of time. Is there some document (affidavit?) that she can sign that will allow me to assist with such affairs on her behalf?
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2023.05.29 07:10 IPostInSubs Explain to me how it's possible I follow my trainer's diet and regimen to the letter and I am gaining weight.

For reference: Woman. 30. Weigh 174 at time of posting. 5'5"
I hired a personal fitness trainer at the beginning of April. The idea was to get a bit more in shape for summer, and I was having no luck on my own, so I found a local guy and his wife and signed up because they had good reviews and people seemed to like them.
They started me on a fairly standard diet plan. Would prepare meals ahead of time, with a tiny bit of overhead for snacking. Measured out, my intake on a daily basis is about 1200-1500 calories. In addition, of course, I was given a workout regimen. It varies day to day but 3 days a week I do weights and 2 days a week I do cardio. Usually a light jog for 20 minutes. I'm not entirely certain what I burn on these workouts. Maybe 3-400 calories an hour?
They had advertised that they would not be available in person for April... and as it turns out they have not been present for May either. I don't know what difference that makes as far as my routine goes, but it feels worth mentioning.
To get straight to the point, things are not working out. A BMR calculator tells me that for my activity level, I need about 2200 calories a day to maintain my weight. Despite my daily deficit of ~700 to 1000 calories, which accounts for my workout, I am not seeing nearly any loss on a weekly basis... and some weeks I am even gaining. At first I figured it was muscle, but I dropped that idea when some weeks I'd go down a pound and others I'd go up a pound. I went up three pounds one week and cried for an hour. I just weighed 20 minutes ago. Two pounds up from last week. I'M ONLY DOING WHAT MY TRAINER SAYS. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.
The one week I saw meaningful loss was the week I fasted. 3 pounds down. Incredible to me that in order to see the progress I should realistically be seeing from these workouts and this diet, I have to just not eat altogether. Clearly not healthy, but it works!! So what am I to do then!?
I need someone to make me understand why I am not seeing progress despite following my trainer's regimen and diet TO THE LETTER. I am so frustrated and tired and anxious all the time, and just stepping on the scale every Sunday fills me with so much dread. I have been to a doctor. I have asked about Diabetes, I have been told I don't have thyroid issues, I have no known conditions that could possibly hinder weight loss. I drink plenty of water. My sleep isn't the best, but surely getting two less hours of sleep per night than is recommended is not what is causing me to gain a pound by eating 600 calories worth of food. Maybe I'm doing the workouts incorrectly? Or maybe it really has just been muscle gain this entire time... I don't know.
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2023.05.29 07:10 DubaiSant 23’ Sierra AT4X pricing

Been thinking about getting the new 23’ Sierra AT4X. Curious about what others have been getting for OTD price. A dealer near me in Texas has a 7k under MSRP special.
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2023.05.29 07:10 Brief_Delay4250 I think I may be bipolar

My next therapy session is in one month unfortunately, but I’m bringing this all up with her if I can muster up the courage. But anyways, I think I have bipolar. I have already been diagnosed with depression and just had a really bad episode. I’ve had depression for a really long time, maybe before I was a preteen (I’m a teen now) and I’ve always struggled with suicidal thoughts, have come close to attempts and constantly planned to run away and even tried to one time. I remember 2-3 years ago though I was in a state that fits the description of mania. I was incredibly delusional and my hallucinations were worse than before. I had also spent thousands of dollars on my moms card in a very short time without her permission. I don’t condone that by the way it was incredibly awful and put both my parents in trouble. i think I started therapy a couple months after that but for my suicidal thoughts. those months maybe even a year and the time after that was mainly a blur but I remember being awful to my friends as well, talking to people an excessive amount and taking responsibility for many group projects which I could not follow through with (these sometimes happened during the build up of this stuff). This was during the beginning of the pandemic and I was under tons of stress. My behavior got so bad I had my door taken so my dad could monitor what I was doing and I’m pretty sure I failed like half my classes or something. after that I went back to in person school and I think things were pretty stable for me. Nothing unusually bad happened that I can remember. I was still somewhat depressed but that’s the norm for me because I have depression. Cue this year and at the beginning (first 2-3 months of the school year) I was highly motivated. I had a schedule for all my stuff, researched stuff I had to do for getting into good colleges et cectera. I was also eating less, sleeping less than I normally do (currently I sleep like 10-12 hours which is sucky So maybe i was just sleeping normally idk), waking up at 4 am and everything. I took runs every morning, stretched, kept up on hygiene which I struggle with bc depression etc and I felt like I was healing. I had also been actually doing my homework and getting decent grades. Then i lost a cool friend that I wasn’t very close with and I just took a hard hit and went down. It didn’t help one of my closest friends was getting into drugs and alcohol which affected me In some ways. I don’t know why it affected me like it did but loosing this friend made me loose all my drive to do things which had recently gotten boosted for some reason. I stopped doing work, nearly failed 2 classes, cried all the time and tried to get myself admitted to the psych ward because I thought if I didn’t I would carry through with my plans of suicide. I’ve always tried to get myself help and have always been aware of my unhealthy behavior but sometimes I’m embarrassed to admit things I’ve done especially to my therapist. I’m especially scared to tell her I think I could have bipolar because I don’t want her to think I’m dumb for thinking so. I don’t think she would she’s a very sweet person but what if I’m thinking too much into it and it’s just depression and adhd and that state I was in 2-3 years ago was just pandemic stress getting to me. what I stated was just bits I remember and wasn’t even half of it but still I’m scared of being shot down even though my experiences dont just feel like depression and adhd. i just want help and I’m trying really hard to get better but every time I try and it kind of goes good I’m back to my bad habits
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2023.05.29 07:10 jujuonrin My cats were screaming at me as soon as I got home and this was the reason why

My cats were screaming at me as soon as I got home and this was the reason why
So funny unexpected (at least for me and everyone involved) story. I came home and my cats started following me upstairs screaming MEOW MEOW at me and I jokingly asked my cat if she pushed a baby out of her and ló and behold she did in fact push, not one, but 2 babies out. No one knew she was pregnant because she so small and her belly size didn’t change a lot and she’s always been a foodie so we couldn’t see any symptom signs.
This experience made me feel special tho because whenever I walked away to do something or get something, she would come follow me screaming at me and would stop, only if I’m near the babies.
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2023.05.29 07:09 PlsDontNerfThis This is your sign to switch from tretinoin cream to gel

I was on Tretinoin .025% cream for almost a year, then got bumped to .1%. I would still get breakouts. Not quite as bad as before tretinoin, but they existed nonetheless. I never really had peeling or any irritation for that matter.
I read up on this and found some people in this sub who switched and found success. From someone who is not a professional, I believe the isopropyl myristate in tretinoin cream contributes to the clogging that causes breakouts.
I bought 0.1% gel online about 2 months ago, and I’ve been using it for about a month and a half. I definitely peel a LOT (new territory I’m having to learn now), and I’m still in that beginning period of it, but man. My skin has never been so clear. I get little bumps around the mouth area, as it’s more delicate and frankly is the most stubborn for me, but they go away quickly and haven’t been leaving PIEs, which all my acne used to do. An important detail that helps me realize it’s purging is that these bumps have not been bright red. My old acne always looked mean, but these bumps are just lil guys who don’t even get red.
I’m still dealing with some scarring from before, and some of the few remaining PIEs are nearly gone.
This feels so freeing. Gel can be more irritating for sure, and the application process itself does feel not very fun lol. Like my skin feels so dry and tight when I put it on, as I don’t like to buffer. But it’s worth it and it gets moisturized after a bit anyway
Something important I will note, though, is that this is not a 100% fix to my problems. It’s so easy to think your insecurities will go away when your skin clears up. I do feel better about my appearance, but I still have off days and I still cling to other parts I don’t like about myself. So make the switch if you still get breakouts, but don’t fall for the idea that your problems will go away once you FINALLY achieve clear skin
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2023.05.29 07:09 Aar112297 Update: younger siblings dating before me

Update from here: younger siblings dating before me
Well I wish I was a rage filled person because it’s so easy to lack consideration and respect for me in my family, so this situation could only lead to me resenting my brother more.
Revealing he has this gf and asking if she could sleep over the family house while my parents were out of town has escalated. Mind you, he said they’ve been talking for just three months and his dumbass thought we’d want some random girl staying the night in our family home… genius.
Well he also thought this girl who he’s hardly made his girlfriend after three months and also lives about and hour away was great enough to invite to our family outing for my dad’s birthday last week. I think that was super weird but this brother has next to no situationally thinking brain so the family (parents + sisters + s/o’s + niece/nephew + family friends) had to pretend to give af for this girl we know nothing about joining the family gathering. She was nice but it was awkward. Then my loser brother had her drive him home (an hour away and away from where she lives; because his dumbass refuses to get even a learners permit) and so now after everyone’s worked all day and is winding down near midnight this girl decided to lurk around like we were gonna let her sleep over this time. For some reason my brother took her in his nasty ass room (and for some reason her bar is low enough to not have dumped him at the door). After they spent some time in there my dad awkwardly called my brother to talk and likely basically lay down the law, so they left his room and were downstairs and in her car for a while before she finally left.
Also, the high school level of this relationship is: her putting our last name and a ring emoji in her IG bio and pfp of them and a bio quote that is couply 🥴 honestly I hope she is not a high schooler bc my brother (20) could definitely be lame enough to pull a high schooler
Now flash forward to the weekend. It’s only my brother parents and me who live in this family home. My parents are out of town again. This dickhead has a new gf and a bedroom next to mine. Do the math and times it by two. And keep taking my parking spot while you’re at it.
I’m a pretty busy person this days, so when I’m home and in bed, it’s to fall asleep relaxing, not hear another bed moving like I’m back in my first college apartment with a sexually active roomie (who’s room was between me and the others at that). But why would there be consideration for me in my room as a human with ears who doesn’t want to hear her little brother fucking? Why not be thoughtless and bump it in the bed adjacently through the wall as mine while I try to lay down and watch tv yesterday and today when I’m trying to sleep. Why can’t I be so outrageous as to go yell, shut the fuck up and get out my house you inconsiderate fucks? (Bc I’m way too tired to:)
I’ll put this in the “out of my control” section of anxiety, but it sure does get me upset and resentful about the overall denial of consideration and respect for me as a human, sister, exhausted person. Even before, he is always obnoxious and loud in his room and around the house while I try to be at peace at night. It really upsets me to think I deserve what I have and nothing better; The lonely suffering at the hand of family who only put me at face value and nothing deeper. He hasn’t even opened his door to see if my lights on and I’m awake or sleep (neither of which I’d want disturbed). I need to move out and eventually move away because what a cherry on top of being disregarded and misunderstood in this house causing me to further suffer in some sort of Stockholm syndrome loneliness.
And sure I’ve been resentful overall toward this brother and now feel ashamed that I’m still the civilized single lonely loser instead of a modern caveman. But god if I was that girl, I’d never fall for some directionless loser like him. Hell, they might be fruitless enough to burden themselves with a baby and I’ll have to continue being disappointed but not surprised at this pea brain boy who refuses to accept life directing guidance in place of idiotic laziness and zero progression. This BOY with the same parents who historically have held him to far lower standards and strictness than their GIRLS. I may not have love but I’ve had so many more accomplishments and experiences of MY OWN earning and that already got me further when I was 20 than he has. Unfortunately I’ve stayed home too long since graduating and finding my footing as a class of COVID 2020. but what always hurts me most about my family is their selfish lack of consideration of me as a human who deserves respect and daughtesister who deserve love. If they had that in the right way I’d probably be less miserable and have had professional help with myself years ago when I was still a struggling kid. I feel like I can’t fully take care of myself under the shackles of being the same neglected kid at home.
And now I’m grumpy as fuck.
Can’t wait to reach more in life than this. (Just so my family can try to leech off of me even more)✌️
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