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2023.05.29 07:09 Aar112297 Update: younger siblings dating before me

Update from here: younger siblings dating before me
Well I wish I was a rage filled person because it’s so easy to lack consideration and respect for me in my family, so this situation could only lead to me resenting my brother more.
Revealing he has this gf and asking if she could sleep over the family house while my parents were out of town has escalated. Mind you, he said they’ve been talking for just three months and his dumbass thought we’d want some random girl staying the night in our family home… genius.
Well he also thought this girl who he’s hardly made his girlfriend after three months and also lives about and hour away was great enough to invite to our family outing for my dad’s birthday last week. I think that was super weird but this brother has next to no situationally thinking brain so the family (parents + sisters + s/o’s + niece/nephew + family friends) had to pretend to give af for this girl we know nothing about joining the family gathering. She was nice but it was awkward. Then my loser brother had her drive him home (an hour away and away from where she lives; because his dumbass refuses to get even a learners permit) and so now after everyone’s worked all day and is winding down near midnight this girl decided to lurk around like we were gonna let her sleep over this time. For some reason my brother took her in his nasty ass room (and for some reason her bar is low enough to not have dumped him at the door). After they spent some time in there my dad awkwardly called my brother to talk and likely basically lay down the law, so they left his room and were downstairs and in her car for a while before she finally left.
Also, the high school level of this relationship is: her putting our last name and a ring emoji in her IG bio and pfp of them and a bio quote that is couply 🥴 honestly I hope she is not a high schooler bc my brother (20) could definitely be lame enough to pull a high schooler
Now flash forward to the weekend. It’s only my brother parents and me who live in this family home. My parents are out of town again. This dickhead has a new gf and a bedroom next to mine. Do the math and times it by two. And keep taking my parking spot while you’re at it.
I’m a pretty busy person this days, so when I’m home and in bed, it’s to fall asleep relaxing, not hear another bed moving like I’m back in my first college apartment with a sexually active roomie (who’s room was between me and the others at that). But why would there be consideration for me in my room as a human with ears who doesn’t want to hear her little brother fucking? Why not be thoughtless and bump it in the bed adjacently through the wall as mine while I try to lay down and watch tv yesterday and today when I’m trying to sleep. Why can’t I be so outrageous as to go yell, shut the fuck up and get out my house you inconsiderate fucks? (Bc I’m way too tired to:)
I’ll put this in the “out of my control” section of anxiety, but it sure does get me upset and resentful about the overall denial of consideration and respect for me as a human, sister, exhausted person. Even before, he is always obnoxious and loud in his room and around the house while I try to be at peace at night. It really upsets me to think I deserve what I have and nothing better; The lonely suffering at the hand of family who only put me at face value and nothing deeper. He hasn’t even opened his door to see if my lights on and I’m awake or sleep (neither of which I’d want disturbed). I need to move out and eventually move away because what a cherry on top of being disregarded and misunderstood in this house causing me to further suffer in some sort of Stockholm syndrome loneliness.
And sure I’ve been resentful overall toward this brother and now feel ashamed that I’m still the civilized single lonely loser instead of a modern caveman. But god if I was that girl, I’d never fall for some directionless loser like him. Hell, they might be fruitless enough to burden themselves with a baby and I’ll have to continue being disappointed but not surprised at this pea brain boy who refuses to accept life directing guidance in place of idiotic laziness and zero progression. This BOY with the same parents who historically have held him to far lower standards and strictness than their GIRLS. I may not have love but I’ve had so many more accomplishments and experiences of MY OWN earning and that already got me further when I was 20 than he has. Unfortunately I’ve stayed home too long since graduating and finding my footing as a class of COVID 2020. but what always hurts me most about my family is their selfish lack of consideration of me as a human who deserves respect and daughtesister who deserve love. If they had that in the right way I’d probably be less miserable and have had professional help with myself years ago when I was still a struggling kid. I feel like I can’t fully take care of myself under the shackles of being the same neglected kid at home.
And now I’m grumpy as fuck.
Can’t wait to reach more in life than this. (Just so my family can try to leech off of me even more)✌️
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2023.05.29 07:07 GucaNs Last NEL salary offers

For me its going to be something like:

1 Rin- 321

2 Isagi- 274

3 Shidou- 222

4 Barou- 218

5 Nagi- 170

6 Bachira- 161

7 Kunigami- 150

8 Reo- 130

9 Aiku- 123

10 Chigiri- 104

11 Karasu- 96

12 Aryu- 89

13 Yukimiya- 84

14 Tokumitsu- 78

15 Otoya- 73

16 Gagamaru- 68

17 Kurona- 64

18 Hiyori- 60

19 Nishida- 57

20 Teppei- 55

21 Dalai- 53

22 Niko- 48

23 Raichi- 46

24 Zantetsu- 44

25 Sendou- 42

26 Hayate- 40

Notes: -I think Rin will be the only one to beat Kaiser's current value. His salary (321) is a reference his introduction as part of the top 3 in the second selection. -As for Isagi, I think he will fall short in the his competition against Kaiser. But even tho he might not defeat him, he still proved his value. He will probably get the highest total of assists in the NEL. Also, his salary is a reference to his first ranking in Blue Lock(274) -Bachira's salary is a reference to his ranking in the second selection(16) -Nagi and Reo combined salary is worth 300 milion, which was the value they were aiming for -Both Kunigami's and Chigiri's values are referencing their jerseys -Karasu's Salary is the reverse of his first ranking in second selection (69)
What are your opinions on the topic?
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2023.05.29 07:05 archburn Feeling hopeless after layoff

I've always been a high achiever and I went to top schools for both my undergrad and master's.
There was a dream company I wanted to work at, it's not quite FAANG but it's a very recognisable tech company and only has one main competitor. I got in only a year ago after 4 years of experience at a previous role.
I got laid off this month and I feel devastated. I'm an immigrant, live alone and I loved the work environment there. I got to work with people all over the world, and it had a real R&D mindset. I was working on niche areas of computer graphics and compilers in C++. I went to school for this and worked really hard to get in and now it's all gone.
I'm in Canada and there's not many opportunities out there for this sort of thing. It's only well recognised tech brands that seem to have them and none of them are hiring much right now and the few roles that exist are super competitive and want more years of experience.
They didn't have to do this layoff for my role, there were some really poor decisions at the executive level and a lot of corruption/ insider trading reasons for this. Now after the layoff they are apparently going back to the original roadmaps engineers wanted. I was a solid contributor and well liked by my team and managers and they had no idea I'd get laid off.
I can't get anything and my job was the one thing I felt I had succeeded at. I don't want to be doing something else and I don't want to go back to doing other jobs like I did in college.
If I can't get anything and run out of cash, I think I wouldn't mind suicide, not many people would even miss me and that way at least overall my life would have been a good one and I could skip the bad parts.
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2023.05.29 07:04 VinnyRochaa Nice pic of a young Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius

Nice pic of a young Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius
I found it in the mission where you go into Martin Li's secret room in F.E.A.S.T
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2023.05.29 07:04 temp_acc101 I (25M) am going to marry my girl (23F) who has BPD in November. Long post but I’ll try to include major things

Hi, sorry for very long post, but I have to tell all the things so here it goes.
I’m 25 years old and live in India. We have arranged marriage scenes here. Last June a girl had called and said my parents that she’s my friend but needs my number. They enquired and I said I don’t have any such friend. What happened is that she wanted to call me ask me to say no. But for some reason she started talking to my parents. Later she said that she found them very open minded. She lives in a remote part. Then in 2 months she started talking to me in July. We talked with each other frequently. Some differences came up but I adjusted - Like since childhood I have sleep at 10 but now she wanted to talk till 1. After talking for an hour, she would call me again in an hour to talk some more. I adjusted.
I have never been in a relationship. She had told me there’s no one but slowly I found out there was a guys. (I found out from her itself). Somehow I came to know about her issues but she said the she handles it. She travels to see doctor 3 hours from her house. She had told me that at her house they didn’t take it seriously. Then one day we had a big argument and she did some self harm. I was scarred but she convinced me not to tell anyone. Then once again same thing happened, at night she took few pills. I immediately alerted mine and her parents . They said everything will be alright but didn’t get her checked. She was fine but I think they should have rushed to hospital. Then 2 or 3 months before engagement she cheated on me. She told me herself. It was with her teacher. She’s still on college. She was on video call with me whole day but yet she did it. She had said that she’s going to a hotel with her friends. I said okay, she had video called me when she was with the teacher. I didn’t see him. She had video called me after cheating wearing his shirt and said that she bought it. I understood. Then I was heart broken by all this when she told it to me but she convinced me that it is only because they were together for 3 years. And I was unknown person and now she knows me and loves me. She had also told me that she was abused as child. Lot of things happened but I forgave her and gave her a therapists number for long distance. When she would come here after marriage she would even visit her physically.
Time passed, I don’t remember a lot but I remember being anxious and sad all time. Prior to meeting her, I don’t know when I had cried last time but since then I always cry. Anyway so after our engagement we had 1 year for marriage. She started saying come visit me immediately after the engagement ended. She would say so daily. Now before moving forward
I’ll address things about me. I’m not a very strong willed person. I was raised in a sheltered background. I’m from well to do family but since childhood I was never given easy access to money. As in India and my home, I grew up thinking that not following my parents instructions would be disrespecting them. Obvious as I grew up things changed they gave me a bit more freedom to visit different places and for money. I mean I obviously earn but I could ask for money from them too for things I wanted. Basically the y started treating me as a grown up (little).
For our 1 year time, we could only meet 2 times as it’s not allowed to meet before marriage. And she knew this, and yet she. Would pressure me for this for 3 months. I had previously cancelled a booked flight cost me. Her engagement dress she made me pay. I had gifted her a phone on engagement and then later on saying her a laptop. I pay for her books. Keep in mind I’m not used to such spending of money. Apart from this I used to give her money to eat out.
Anyway she broke me and being very scared I went to meet her for a day. Because my whole marriage could be called off if my parents come to know about this. Things went fine. Then I convinced my entire family and made them visit her. She was very happy . 1 week later after I came from visiting her, she again started fighting that come again. The reason was that her friends married boyfriend (to a different girl) used to visit. Then I came to know that this is the reason I was so pressurised. Her friends used to say that if he loves he’ll come. Who works at night. Then on my bday we had a major fight. She wanted me to come there.
Then a few days later she asked me for money, I said no . I had already spent more than 40% of my income for that month. Oh also the reason that I had grifted her a phone was because she had broken her previous phone by smashing it because she was angry and she’d also broke my gifted phone because she was angry with her dad an wanted me to get a new phone which was cheap. She fought with me again and she created a WhatsApp group with me and my dad and I was fed up now. I was crying daily and I already have hypertension and she makes me give in to her demands. She messaged to my dad that she had cheated on me. Then a whole fiasco occurre and I blocked her because I was certain that I would call it off. Then she through her various friends contacted me and I being emotional forgave her and she convinced my dad that she just wrote it in anger . Things then went back to normal. There’s still her scams issue which will be too long to right I’m itself. I just want her to happy and ke to be happy and I’m scared of what will happen to her if I leave. I keep going back on my decision because I love her but I don’t think this is worth it. In the long run things will come back to bite me in the ass. What if she harms herself if she comes to know of this. She already says that without you I don’t have a reason to live . I want her to live and live happily. It’s still only June and I have 5 months. I was the one who had suggested to take 1 year between marriage so that I can figure it out if I can handle it. I want to write more things butI don’t have the energy. I just wish someone would take in charge, Call of the marriage and let her live happily as well.
My question is this , how do I navigate through this situation?
tLDR : I don’t think I should get married but I m also scarred that if I call it off and she does something stupid. Also what if people convince me to get married and then there’s issues between us because I told everyone
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2023.05.29 07:03 SportsPicksChat 5/29 Monday MLB Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers Betting Preview

5/29 Monday MLB Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers Betting Preview
In this Monday MLB matchup, the Texas Rangers will face off against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Both teams have shown promising performances this season, and this game is expected to be a thrilling contest. In this betting preview, we will analyze the odds, trends, and recent form of both teams to provide insights into the potential outcomes of the game.
ATS and OU Records: The Texas Rangers currently have a 33-19 record and have been performing exceptionally well against the spread (ATS), covering the spread in 66.1% of their games. On the other hand, the Detroit Tigers hold a 25-26 record and have been slightly less consistent, covering the spread in 51.9% of their games. Considering the ATS records, the Rangers have the advantage in this matchup.
When it comes to the OveUnder (OU) records, the Texas Rangers have been involved in high-scoring games, with 30 of their matchups going over the total. The Detroit Tigers have also been involved in high-scoring contests, with 28 of their games going over the total. Both teams have shown a tendency to participate in high-scoring affairs, making the over a viable betting option.
Reasons to Cover the Run Line: Texas Rangers: The Rangers have been in excellent form lately, winning seven of their last ten games. With their potent offense, averaging 6.41 runs per game, they have the ability to put up big numbers on the scoreboard. Furthermore, their strong ATS record suggests that they often outperform expectations and cover the run line. With the likelihood of a high-scoring game, the Rangers have a good chance of covering the run line in this matchup.
Reasons to Go Over the Total: Both Teams: The Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers have been involved in games that tend to go over the total. The Rangers have a powerful offense, ranking first in overall scoring with an average of 6.41 runs per game. The Tigers, although not as prolific, have a respectable average of 3.78 runs per game. When these teams have met in the past, the total has gone over in their last five encounters. Given the offensive capabilities of both teams and the trend of high-scoring games, betting on the total going over could be a wise choice.
Prediction: Considering the Rangers' impressive form and their ability to cover the run line, as well as the high-scoring nature of the teams involved, we predict that Texas will cover the run line and the total will go over. As for the final score prediction, the Texas Rangers are expected to come out on top, with a projected score of 7-5 in their favor.
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2023.05.29 07:01 Freehugs0 Still waiting for a special card on my club legend…

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2023.05.29 07:00 AutoModerator Mega Pinsir Competition - Week 22 2023

Mega Pinsir Competition

AUTOMATION INFO: Check the archived AutoModerator-post for more game resources.

Competition basics

This is a Bug type competition. Super Effective types you can use against are Fire, Flying and Rock.
You have 15 (+5) moves to do the highest score you can. Take your time to do the best moves you can! For new players to competitions, it's worth it to do at least one full-item run for getting the Pinsirite! Doing an itemless run to study disruptions is also suggested.
  • Moves +5: Adds 5 moves to the stage
  • Mega Start: Grants Mega Evolution starting the stage
  • Disruption Delay: Delays disruptions for half the duration of the stage
  • Attack Power ↑: Attack power gets doubled


  • Players who already have the Pinsirite will receive 1 Level Up.
Pokémon Type BP RMLs Max AP Skill Swapper Skill(s) Mega Power Icons MSUs
Mega Pinsir Bug 70 10 125 Power of 4 Bug Combo Erases Pokémon and disruptions around two spots you tap 26 20
Class Percentiles Required Rewards
S Top 1% Pinsirite, 5 Mega Speedups and 15 Raise Max Levels
A 1%-2% Pinsirite, 4 Mega Speedups and 10 Raise Max Levels
B 2%-3% Pinsirite, 4 Mega Speedups and 6 Raise Max Levels
C 3%-5% Pinsirite, 3 Mega Speedups and 4 Raise Max Levels
D 5%-10% Pinsirite, 3 Mega Speedups and 2 Raise Max Levels
E 10%-20% Pinsirite, 2 Mega Speedups and 1 Raise Max Level
F 20%-30% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Raise Max Level
G 30%-40% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Mega Start
H 40%-50% Pinsirite, 1 Mega Start and 1 Moves +5
I 50%-60% 1 Attack Power ↑, 1 Moves +5, 3000 coins
J 60%-80% 1 Attack Power ↑ and 3000 coins
K 80%-100% 3000 coins

Starting board and disruptions

Full information inside the link here

Potential megaevolutions

Full information inside the link here
Pokemon Description
Tyranitar / Aggron 3 tap mega. Best effect for the competition, good for disruptions and combos. Tyranitar is SE
Rayquaza (Shiny) / Pinsir / Charizard X (Shiny) / Camerupt 2 tap mega. Good for disruptions and combos. Rayquaza (Shiny) is SE
Rayquaza Removes 10 icons that are non-dragon types. Great effect for combos because rocks are easily handled
Gyarados (Shiny) / Gengar / Mewtwo X (Shiny) Removes itself. High combo potential
Blaziken Replace 3 Fire types with itself. Acceptable SE mega for beginners, can handle rocks and deal good damage with some luck
Charizard Y Y pattern. Acceptable SE mega for beginners, not great for combos

Potential supports

Pokemon Type BP (RMLs/MaxAP) Skill [SS] Extra info
Ninetales Fire 70 (5/110) Block Smash, [Burn+] SE mandatory offensive Fire status
Typhlosion Fire 70 (20/140) Hyper Punch, [Rock Shot] SE with highest AP, removes 2 rocks
Delphox Fire 70 (15/130) Pyre SE Fire combo dealer
Ho-Oh Fire 80 (5/115) Power of 5+ [Pyre, Nosedive] SE weaker Fire combo dealer
Torchic Fire 50 (10/115) Pyre, [Flash Mob] SE weaker Fire combo dealer
Charizard Fire 60 (20/135) Burn [Unity Power] SE UP
Ho-Oh (Shiny) Fire 80 (5/115) Cross Attack+ SE CA+
Heatran Fire 80 (5/115) Last-Ditch Effort SE LDE
Infernape Fire 70 (10/125) Hitting Streak [Final Effort] SE FE
Lycanrock Rock 60 (20/135) Rock Combo SE Rock combo dealer
Rockruff Rock 40 (15/115) Rockify, [Unity Power] SE UP
Regirock Rock 80 (5/115) Last-Ditch Effort SE LDE
Rufflet Flying 50 (15/120) Flap, [Final Effort] SE FE
Silvally Normal 80 (20/145) Typeless Combo Typeless combo dealer
Zygarde-50% Dragon 80 (10/130) Barrier Bash+, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Hoopa Unbound Dark 90 (5/120) Risk-Taker, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Deoxys (Attack Form) Psychic 80 (5/115) Psychic Combo, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Lele Psychic 70 (6/113) Stabilize++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Fini Water 70 (6/113) Barrier Bash++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer
Tapu Koko Electric 70 (6/113) Eject++, [Typeless Combo] Typeless combo dealer

Previous top scores

Cycle 1 results
Cycle 2 results
Cycle 3 results
Cycle 4 results

Final notes

The preferred choice is of course a 3tapper, with Tyranitar being SE. If you lack one of them, fallback to 2 tapper, otherwise use a SE one.
Ninetales Burn+ and Pyre are too deadly to even consider other options. You can have good scores both with a Typhlosion and a second Pyre, because both skills will trigger during beneficial disruptions. Neutral TC can be used if your Fire team is weak. Unity power and LDE are always an option for beginners.
Using Burn+, could be better to skip Disruption Delay to maximize the damage in the first moves and save some coins.
Rerun until you get a desirable score! Good luck everyone!
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2023.05.29 07:00 BevoBot [5/29/2023] Monday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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  1. Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans
  2. TIL of the Jim twins, separated at birth and reunited at 39: both had married and divorced someone named Linda, were currently married to a Betty, had sons named James Allan, had dogs named Toy, drove the same car, had jobs in security, and regularly vacationed at the same beach in Florida
  3. To do an ATM robbery 'prank' - "It's a prank bro!"
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  5. Just put this guy in jail already
  1. BYU football players say companies underdelivered on promises to pay athletes
  2. How many games have you attended as a fan of college football, where you were not a fan of either team?
  3. Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 89. Ball State
  4. Examining the SEC's eight- or nine-game conference schedule conundrum entering this week's spring meetings
  5. Name a underrated star who hasn’t gotten the right recognition
  1. [5/28/2023] Sunday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  2. [5/28/2023] Sunday's Sports Talk Thread
  3. Texas Football has hired Paul Chryst as an Offensive Analyst, and Joe DeCamillis + Payam Saadat as Special Assistants to the Head Coach.
  4. Can anybody help me identify this vintage longhorns football jersey?
  5. Sarkisian lands longtime NFL special teams coach Joe DeCamillis as special assistant to head coach
  6. [5/27/2023] Saturday's Sports Talk Thread
  7. [5/27/2023] Saturday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
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2023.05.29 06:59 Alm5157 Going for silent assassin suit only on Ambrose island. Why didn’t I get the challenge for this?

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2023.05.29 06:59 Dramatic_Ad_5461 How many games have you attended as a fan of college football, where you were not a fan of either team?

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2023.05.29 06:58 its_vf Former Collingwood Magpies coach Nathan Buckley praises Walyalup (Fremantle) Dockers star Luke Jackson
Nathan Buckley watched Walyalup’s (Fremantle’s) win over Narrm (Melbourne) on Saturday from a spot most people will never be privy to.
And after a day spent at the back of former colleague Justin Longmuir’s coaches box, it was a resurgent Dockers star that caught his eye.
Buckley was on hand as part of a mutual arrangement with Longmuir, who worked for him as an assistant at Collingwood, and was full of praise for the Dockers’ mid-season rebound after a slow start.
But Buckley’s return to the box will only be fleeting, on Sunday smacking down suggestions he could put his hand up for the newly-vacant job at Richmond.
Jackson starred for the Dockers in the win on Saturday, rucking solo for more than a half against premiership teammate Max Gawn and his gun accomplice Brodie Grundy without a hamstrung Sean Darcy.
“I think it’s a great way to judge a player on how he handles coming up against his old teammates and his performance was excellent,” Buckley told SEN.
“When the game needed Freo to stand up and really challenge, his work in and around stoppages was great, his aerial work was great.
“I thought Luke Jackson really stood up for the Freo Dockers on the weekend.”
The Dockers recruit’s performance also earned him a nine out of 10 in West Coast great Peter Sumich’s player ratings — one of the three Walyalup players to land that score.
The Collingwood legend and highly-regarded former coach pointed to the loss of experience and the increased load of the Dockers’ youngsters as the reason for their alarmingly slow start to the season.
But Buckley was adamant they’ve found the right mix.
“I obviously got to this game in the Walyalup coaches box... they’ve won their last four in a row, they’re now on the positive side of the ledger at 6-5 for the year,” he said.
“They won 15 games of footy last year out of their 22 and they were just shy of a top-four finish — fifth on the ladder.
“We know that their best is pretty good.
“They’ve turned over (Rory) Lobb, they’ve turned over (Griffin) Logue, they’ve turned over (David) Mundy, who they were loathed to lose because experience is hard to replace, but they’re asking a lot of young players now to come in and fill what was a loss of around 20 per cent of their matches played experience on their list.”
The Dockers lost the inside-50 count 58 to 52 despite Andrew Brayshaw and Caleb Serong leading a narrow clearance victory.
“They’ve got a little bit of momentum now, they’ve come up against a Melbourne side that had more inside-50s, they were able to defend that,” Buckley said.
“Fremantle’s efficiency going inside forward-50 has been an issue, but they were kicked 12 goals from limited inside-50s too.
“They’ve got a forward-line that is having a crack. Young Jye Amiss, who kicked two goals in the last quarter, for a tally of three for the game, stood up when he needed to.
“I thought that was a really strong performance.
“There are questions of Narrm, or Melbourne, but Freo going into the bye go in with momentum.”
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2023.05.29 06:55 dirkisgod [OFFER] Vanquis - £37 total - £25 from them and £12 from me (UK only)

Vanquis is an established credit builder credit card. If you have past problems with credit, or you're looking to take on credit for the first time, a credit card for building credit is worth considering. Even if you have a poor credit score, you have high likelihood of getting this card.
£25 reward for opening an account
Must apply by clicking through on referral link and must be accepted for a Vanquis Visa credit card, activate it and make any transaction on the card.
  • type $bid below and I'll DM you
  • You'll first do a quick eligibility check (doesn't affect your credit score)
  • Apply for the card and when you receive it, just make one transaction, can be any amount and can be things like Amazon top up, Paypal transfer
  • The £25 will be added within 30 days per terms (but usually it's two or three days after the transaction --- I will send you my share when they credit)
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2023.05.29 06:54 Tomahawkchop14 25% of the top 12 ERA leaders are named Gray

1) Sonny Gray 1.82
10) Josiah Gray 2.77
12) Jon Gray 2.81
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2023.05.29 06:54 LGN_22 CR-10 Upgrades

I picked up a Comgrow refurb CR-10 for a good price and after printing a few things with it to make sure it worked, I came up with an upgrade plan:
  1. Main board replaced by BTT Manta E3EZ w/ 2209 drivers and CB1 board to run Klipper
  2. Bed replaced by tool plate aluminum 1/4 x 12.25 square (Midwest Steel & Aluminum), will require drilling
  3. Silicone dampers replacing bed springs
  4. PEI sheet for bed
  5. Dual Z drive system, with individual motor control via the BTT board for G34 auto-Z leveling option
  6. Strut braces from a failed Longer LK5 Pro
  7. Sprite Pro direct drive extruder w/ CR-touch
  8. Artillery X1 fanless power supply for AC heated bed
  9. 120V 750W AC bed heater (silicone) with 10A thermal fuse inline
  10. 7" Raspberry Pi compatible touchscreen display
  11. Custom boxes (high volt for power supply and low volt for E3EZ board & bed relay) plus custom screen bracket- will link designs after I'm sure everything works. These mount the components under the frame using raised legs, each box has a cooling fan, the LV box will have the on/off switch up front vs in the rear. Access to components is from above. While the HV box needs a 300x300 bed, I downsized the LV box to where it can be printed on a 200x200 bed.
  12. Relocated filament spool holder to top rail
  13. Adjustable belt tensioners w/ longer Y-belt
So far, one drawback to the low volt box is that the Ethernet port on the E3EZ board is partially blocked by a leg. Since the board uses Wi-fi, this likely won't be an issue. Another issue I found was I mounted the on/off switch too high. Version 2 will have it horizontal towards the bottom.
I'm currently working to decipher the BTT manual as it applies to what I'm planning, and laying out my AC wiring. I'm using automotive grade TXL wire vs the cheap vinyl covered stuff that came with the printer.
submitted by LGN_22 to CR10 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:52 whitneyahn Post-Cannes/Basically April 2023 Predictions

  1. The Color Purple, Warner Bros. Pictures
  2. Saltburn, Amazon Studios and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  3. Dune: Part Two, Warner Bros. Pictures
  4. Killers of the Flower Moon, Apple TV+ and Paramount Pictures
  5. May/December, Netflix
  6. Oppenheimer, Universal Pictures
  7. Past Lives, A24
  8. La Chimera, NEON
  9. Anatomy of a Fall, NEON
  10. The Zone of Interest, A24
  11. The Supremes at Earl's All You Can Eat, Searchlight
  12. Asteroid City, Focus Features
  13. Firebrand, STX Films
  14. The Bikeriders, 20th Century Studios
  15. Problemista, A24
Major Winners:
  1. Anatomy of a Fall (Palme d'Or - Cannes)
  2. The Zone of Interest (Grand Prix - Cannes)
  3. Fallen Leaves (Jury Prize - Cannes)
  4. How to Have Sex (Un Certain Regard - Cannes)
  5. Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (Caméra d'Or - Cannes)
  6. A Thousand and One (Sundance U.S.)
  7. Scrapper (Sundance World)
  1. Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon
  2. Emerald Fennell, Saltburn
  3. Jonathan Glazer, The Zone of Interest
  4. Todd Haynes, May/December
  5. Alice Rohrwacher, La Chimera
  6. Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer
  7. Denis Villenueve, Dune: Part Two
  8. Justine Triet, Anatomy of a Fall
  9. Karim Aïnouz, Firebrand
  10. Wes Anderson, Asteroid City
Major Winners:
  1. Tran Anh Hung, The Pot-au-Feu (Cannes)
  1. Barry Keoghan, Saltburn
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio, Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Bradley Cooper, Maestro
  4. Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer
  5. Josh O'Connor, La Chimera
  6. Paul Mescal, Foe
  7. Gael García Bernal, Cassandro
  8. Julio Torres, Problemista
  9. Matt Damon, Air
  10. Harris Dickinson, Scrapper
Major Winners:
  1. Kōji Yakusho, Perfect Days
  1. Fantasia, The Color Purple
  2. Uzo Aduba, The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
  3. Natalie Portman, May/December
  4. Greta Lee, Past Lives
  5. Sandra Hüller, Anatomy of a Fall
  6. Alicia Vikander, Firebrand
  7. Teyana Taylor, A Thousand and One
  8. Jessica Lange, Long Day's Journey Into Night
  9. Zendaya, Challengers
  10. Sandra Hüller, The Zone of Interest
Major Winners:
  1. Merve Dizdar, About Dry Grasses (Cannes)
Supporting Actor
  1. Richard E. Grant, Saltburn
  2. Robert DeNiro, Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Jude Law, Firebrand
  4. Charles Melton, May/December
  5. Jacob Elordi, Saltburn
  6. Ryan Gosling, Barbie
  7. Austin Butler, The Bikeriders
  8. John Magaro, Past Lives
  9. Tom Hardy, The Bikeriders
  10. Teo Yoo, Past Lives
Supporting Actress
  1. Lily Gladstone, Killers of the Flower Moon
  2. Taraji P. Henson, The Color Purple
  3. Danielle Brooks, The Color Purple
  4. Julianne Moore, May/December
  5. Aunjanue Ellis, The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
  6. Rosamund Pike, Saltburn
  7. Isabella Rossellini, La Chimera
  8. Tantoo Cardinal, Killers of the Flower Moon
  9. Carey Mulligan, Maestro
  10. Tilda Swinton, Problemista
Original Screenplay
  1. Emerald Fennell, Saltburn
  2. Greta Lee, Past Lives
  3. Julio Torres, Problemista
  4. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, Asteroid City
  5. Alice Rohrwacher, La Chimera
  6. Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, Anatomy of a Fall
  7. A.V. Rockwell, A Thousand and One
  8. Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, Anatomy of a Fall
  9. Alex Convery, Air
  10. David Teague and Roger Ross Williams, Cassandro
Major Winners:
  1. Maryam Keshavarz, The Persian Version (Sundance Jury)
  2. Yuji Sakamoto, Monster (Cannes)
Adapted Screenplay
  1. Marcus Gardley and Marsha Norman, The Color Purple
  2. Eric Roth and Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Jonathan Glazer, The Zone of Interest
  4. Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve, and Eric Roth, Dune: Part Two
  5. Jessica Ashworth and Henrietta Ashworth, Firebrand
  6. Jeff Nichols, The Bikeriders
  7. Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, Barbie
  8. Tony McNamara, Poor Things
  9. Sofia Coppola, Priscilla
  10. Tina Mabry and Gina Prince-Bythewood, The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
Animated Feature
  1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Sony Pictures Releasing
  2. Wish, Walt Disney Studios
  3. How Do You Live?, Toho and GKIDS
  4. Elemental, Walt Disney Studios
  5. Robot Dreams, Neon
  6. The Peasants, New Europe Film Sales
  7. They Shot the Piano Player, Sony Pictures Classics
  8. The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Universal Pictures and Illumination
  9. The Magician's Elephant, Netflix
  10. Spellbound, Apple TV+
Notes: I've heard many extreme reactions to Elemental, and I'm interested to see which ones take hold. I do think this will sell well, at the very least, and will be probably the second best selling nominee stateside.
  1. 20 Days in Mariupol
  2. They Shot the Piano Player
  3. Beyond Utopia
  4. Four Daughters
  5. The Mother of All Lies
  6. Stamped from the Beginning
  7. The Eternal Memory
  8. Little Richard: I Am Everything
  9. Orwell
  10. The Echo
Major Winners:
  1. Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project(Sundance U.S.)
  2. The Eternal Memory (Sundance World)
  3. Four Daughters (Cannes L'Œil d'or)
  4. The Mother of All Lies (Cannes L'Œil d'or)
Upon the discovery that Four Daughters and The Mother of All Lies count as documentaries and that they are two of the only films on the board so far, they both shot straight up the list into the top 5. Occupied City fell all the way off the list because a 4 hour movie about a very bleak subject needed a stronger reception than 64% to get anyone to watch it, even with Steve McQueen attached.
International Feature
  1. Zone of Interest, Poland/UK
  2. Monster, Japan
  3. The Pot-au-Feu, France
  4. Elegies, Hong Kong
  5. Fallen Leaves, Finland
  6. Four Daughters, Tunisia
  7. El Conde, Argentina
  8. About Dry Grasses, Turkey
  9. The Mother of All Lies, Morocco
  10. Mama Wati, Nigeria
  11. Perfect Days, Germany
  12. Youth, China
  13. Creatura, Spain
Notes: Luckily, I didn't have to change many of my international films outside of the surprising English-forward Anatomy of a Fall from France, which gives a chance for The Pot-au-Feu to compete instead. Otherwise, the only new entry on the top 10 is actually a Sundance film from Nigeria, Mami Wata.
Costume Design
  1. Jacqueline Durran, Barbie
  2. Michael O'Connor, Firebrand
  3. Sophie Canale, Saltburn
  4. Francine Jamison-Tanchuck, The Color Purple
  5. Jacqueline West, Dune: Part Two
  6. Jacqueline West, Killers of the Flower Moon
  7. Holly Waddington, Poor Things
  8. Anna B. Sheppard, Untitled Bob Marley Biopic
  9. Stacey Battat, Priscilla
  10. Mariestela Fernández, Cassandro
  1. Dan Lausten, The Color Purple
  2. Rodrigo Prieto, Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Linus Sandgren, Saltburn
  4. Hoyte Van Hoytema, Oppenheimer
  5. Robert Yeoman, Asteroid City
  6. Grieg Fraser, Dune Part: Two
  7. Hélène Louvart, La Chimera
  8. Philippe Le Sourd, Priscilla
  9. Robbie Ryan, Poor Things
  10. Hélène Louvart, Firebrand
Major Winners:
  1. Lílias Soares, Mami Wata (Sundance Jury)
  1. John Poll, The Color Purple
  2. Joe Walker, Dune: Part Two
  3. Affonso Gonçalves, May/December
  4. Thelma Schoonmaker, Killers of the Flower Moon
  5. Victoria Boydell, Saltburn
  6. Julie Monroe, The Bikeriders
  7. Keith Fraase, Past Lives
  8. Barney Pilling, Asteroid City
  9. Paul Watts, The Zone of Interest
  10. Michelle Tesoro, Maestro
Hair and Make-Up
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  2. Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Maestro
  4. Saltburn
  5. Firebrand
  6. Dune: Part Two
  7. The Color Purple
  8. Priscilla
  9. Cassandro
  10. Oppenheimer
Production Design
  1. Paul D. Austerberry and Larry Dias, The Color Purple
  2. Suzie Davies and Charlotte Dirickx, Saltburn
  3. Patrice Vermette and Shane Vieau, Dune: Part Two
  4. Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer, Barbie
  5. Adam Stockhausen and Kris Moran, Asteroid City
  6. Helen Scott and Hannah Spice, Firebrand
  7. Jack Fisk and Adam Willis, Killers of the Flower Moon
  8. Yong Ok Lee and Nancy Haigh, Drive-Away Dolls
  9. Helen Scott and Pilar Foy, Firebrand
  10. Tamara Deverell, Priscilla
  1. The Color Purple
  2. Dune: Part Two
  3. The Supreme's at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
  4. The Zone of Interest
  5. The Bikeriders
  6. Oppenheimer
  7. Maestro
  8. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  9. Priscilla
  10. Rebel Moon
Major Winners:
  1. The Zone of Interest (CST Artist-Technician Award)
  1. Hans Zimmer, Dune: Part Two
  2. Ludwig Göransson, Oppenheimer
  3. Alexandre Desplat, Asteroid City
  4. Mica Levi, The Zone of Interest
  5. James Newton Howard, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  6. Thomas Newton, Elemental
  7. Kathryn Bostic, The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
  8. Marcelo Zarvos, May/December
  9. Carter Burwell, Drive-Away Dolls
  10. Alan Menken, Spellbound
Major Winners:
  1. Mica Levi, The Zone of Interest (Cannes Soundtrack Award)
  1. "Dance the Night" by Dua Lipa, from Barbie
  2. "Found" by Nicky Youre, The Magician's Elephant (Diane Warren)
  3. "Gonna Be You" by Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan and Debbie Harry, 80 For Brady (Diane Warren)
  4. "Wild Uncharted Waters" by Jonah Hauer-King, from The Little Mermaid
  5. "Eye for an Eye" by Rina Sawayama, from John Wick: Chapter 4
  6. TBD by TBD, from Wish
  7. TBD by TBD, from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  8. TBD by TBD, from Untitled Diane Warren Documentary
  9. "For the First Time" by Halle, from The Little Mermaid
  10. "Peaches" by Jack Black, from The Super Mario Bros Movie
  11. TBD by TBD, from Flora and Son
Visual Effects
  1. Dune: Part Two
  2. Oppenheimer
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  4. The Flash
  5. The Marvels
  6. Rebel Moon
  7. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
  8. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
  9. Barbie
  10. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
submitted by whitneyahn to oscarrace [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:51 Pineapple_Empty How do I use my time in college most wisely to be the best, most setup version of myself post-college?

To cut to the chase, I am a poor first generation student attending college out of state as a music composition major on a scholarship to play an instrument. I also work in the music building in order to cover my various costs. I was initially a music business major, but I was told by an overwhelming amount of peers and professors that I have what it takes to make it as a composer.
So far, my life has been music music music, which I really enjoy, but it is starting to scare me that I have trapped myself too far into the music bubble. With music, in order to make good money and thrive, you have to be the best of the best. You are either the best or a hobbyist, and I just have not seen enough money (no more than $3k a year so far) coming my way in my undergrad to see how this pans out for me long term. I have started to question if I really want to live my entire life as a freelancer juggling 8 different odd jobs just to scrape by. It feels like I want something that can get me the money I need to save, splurge, travel, and continue investing into my music passion.
I want to know how I can build myself up to be marketable in the job world so I have more options than just within music. However, because I have 3 major time commitments (major = composition, scholarship requirements = performance, job = managing in the school of music) on top of classes and socializing, I find it incredibly hard to add more to my plate. I am recognized within my school for my efforts and am constantly pushing myself as far as I can go (sometimes working 18 hour days) to admin my own non profit (not officially licensed, but maybe getting there?), practicing to be a top performer, composing music and finding performers / making my own opportunities, leading a small group ensemble, fundraising, performing, learning A/V stuff like lighting soundboard and setting up live sound shows, networking, putting together events, scheduling...
But even within this and my upward projection, I cannot help but feel a sense of doom coming my way. I feel like I am missing a bonus 15 hours in a day to learn more. I feel like I want to contribute more to the world than just being the music guy, but I don't know what to do. I am stuck in the music situation because I have a full ride tied to everything, but I am unable to use the time to learn about things I do not know already.
I want to say I have other interests or can explore things that pique my interest, but all of my projects and music-related things suck those opportunities from me. I wish I could be excelling in areas that will actually lead to a decent amount of money in the future instead of feeling like I need an explosion of super luck in order to break into an already extremely oversaturated field. Something like learning Excel is really the only thing I can see myself doing to try to gain some skills outside of music. I have the next two months of summer that I was planning to have time to learn more, but all of my projects have stolen my time again and I just do not know what I even want to try and divulge more time into.
submitted by Pineapple_Empty to selfimprovement [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:50 According-Cable-9704 Add me JeanChoy - 4vs4 friendly private matches

Add me JeanChoy - 4vs4 friendly private matches submitted by According-Cable-9704 to thelastofusfactions [link] [comments]


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2023.05.29 06:44 Designer-Vast-8154 New relationship finances post fire

Looking for advice. TLDR: we both have enough for ourselves, but together how do we split things? I have income and small savings, and she has no income and a large savings. I have monthly passive income, which covers all my expenses including rent, car, health, and all insurances with 60% of gross income remaining. The only thing I owe on is the car, which interest rate is 1%, which I use to continue building credit and maintain more in my savings. This was more than what I needed on my own, and I was building my savings aside from my passive income. Over the past 5 months I’ve met and grown in relationship with my partner. We come from different backgrounds and have different financial views. She does not have income, but rather a large savings from her parents, who are some of the kindest and most giving people I’ve ever met. She insists this is enough money to cover all of her desires for the rest of her life. She also has a paid for house in her home country. Where we differ is I prefer to save more and spend less, and she wants to make more and spend more. We both say we don’t care about money, which is only true when we follow our own spending habits. We have been traveling nonstop for 3 months, and splitting things more or less halfway without keeping a score. I have spent all of my monthly income each month and my savings is down to 7 months personal living expenses, from 14. This lifestyle isn’t sustainable for my income, but we are settling down in my country as college students in a week so I expect expenses to go down (both of our college tuitions are paid for). She wants to start her own business but we both want to finish school first, so financial situation won’t change yet. So far our difference in spending has come between us. My question is how do we split our money in a healthy way? If we split rent at our new apartment my monthly expenses would leave 50% gross. Do we combine accounts? Does she contribute an equal amount monthly as my income? Any ideas? If not allowed lmk.
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2023.05.29 06:42 anotherstockusername Somebody changed Bill Wambsganss Wikipedia 😂😂🤣
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