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2023.05.29 08:29 RoyalNefariousness95 Making a competitive UM list. I don't play Um I play IF so this is new but I wanna play as UM for Competitive

++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [139 PL, 7CP, 1,995pts] ++
+ Configuration +
***Chapter Selector:* Ultramarines
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Troops
Battle Size [6CP]: 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
+ HQ +
Librarian [6 PL, 100pts]: 5) Fury of the Ancients, Boltgun, Chapter Command: Chief Librarian, Force sword
Primaris Chaplain [6 PL, 95pts]: 2. Catechism of Fire, 5. Recitation of Focus, Chapter Command: Master of Sanctity, Litany of Hate (Aura)
+ Troops +
Infiltrator Squad [12 PL, 120pts]
. 5x Infiltrator: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant
Infiltrator Squad [12 PL, 120pts]
. 5x Infiltrator: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant
Infiltrator Squad [12 PL, 120pts]: Helix gauntlet
. 5x Infiltrator: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant
Infiltrator Squad [12 PL, 120pts]
. 5x Infiltrator: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Marksman bolt carbine
. Infiltrator Sergeant
+ Elites +
Aggressor Squad [6 PL, 90pts]: 2x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant
. Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher
Primaris Apothecary [5 PL, -1CP, 100pts]: Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Selfless Healer, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter
Redemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 185pts]: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Heavy flamer, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod
Terminator Squad [18 PL, 330pts]: Teleport Homer
. Terminator Sergeant
. Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Assault cannon, Power fist
. 8x Terminator w/ Power fist: 8x Power fist, 8x Storm bolter
+ Heavy Support +
Devastator Squad [8 PL, 115pts]: Armorium Cherub
. Devastator Marine Sergeant: Astartes Chainsword, Combi-grav
. Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon
. Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon
. Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon
. Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon
Eliminator Squad [4 PL, 75pts]: Las Fusil
. Eliminator Sergeant: Las Fusil
. 2x Eliminators: 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Camo cloak, 2x Frag & Krak grenades
Gladiator Lancer [9 PL, 125pts]: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Auto Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Ironhail Heavy Stubber
+ Lord of War +
Roboute Guilliman [19 PL, 2CP, 300pts]: Nobility Made Manifest, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord
++ Total: [139 PL, 7CP, 1,995pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
Is there anything that I should change, I'm new to the completive scene and have only played casually as a Fist
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2023.05.29 08:25 ddeboo Found this post from 2008 from another thread on here. The last of that generation left today, but man, I hope this guy enjoyed the era he was talking about :)

Found this post from 2008 from another thread on here. The last of that generation left today, but man, I hope this guy enjoyed the era he was talking about :) submitted by ddeboo to Barca [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 08:21 copydash How an AI Copywriting Assistant Can Revolutionize Your Content Creation

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ai copywriting assistant
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2023.05.29 08:21 Puzzleheaded_Air_136 Amazon flex SEATTLE

I'm new to flex... I haven't gotten any offers. I'm constantly refreshing every hour for past 72 hours. My filter section only shows one location (Renton Mau8) despite my region being 'greater Seattle area". Shouldn't I be seeing multiple stations to choose from in the filter section?
Also, what time of day do Amazon drop new blocks to increase my chance of getting an offer?
Thanks Ryan
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2023.05.29 08:21 jmrkiwi Anyone have experience moving to Germany with a Washington Accord Accredited Degree?

I am completing my fourth year of engineering at the University of Auckland New Zealand and want to move to Germany in the near future; I am a dual NZ-German citizen fluent in both English and German.
This will leave me with a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Mechanical Engineering.
This degree basically qualifies me for most engineering-related jobs in NZ and is accredited by the Washington Accord Internationally through Engineering New Zealand.
From what I understand, there is no direct equivalent degree in Germany.
You either take a 3 Year Bachelor's Degree (First Cycle) or a 3 year Bachelor's plus a 1.5-2 year master's programme (second cycle).
I am looking at working in the field of composites for Aerospace, Automotive or Marine Engineering in R&D and development.
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2023.05.29 08:14 Responsible-Alarm841 erapad

u/erapad_finance #era_pad u/zksync $HIGG
EraPAD is a community-driven DEX integrated launchpad developed on zkSync with a focus on the ecosystem.
EraPAD has been designed to provide a customizable and highly efficient protocol that enables both builders and users to benefit from our specialized infrastructure, promoting deep, resilient, and versatile liquidity. EraPAD goes beyond the conventional DEX design by providing a personalized approach that emphasizes composability.
Our primary objective


EraPAD Airdrop User Guide
Welcome to the EraPAD Airdrop. This guide will help you understand how the airdrop works, how to participate, and what rewards you can expect.

Campaign Overview

The EraPAD Airdrop campaign takes place on the zkSync platform and allows participants to earn rewards through various means, including trunks, bonuses, mining, and the Star Box.

Key Dates

The campaign will start on May 24, 2023 and end on June 8, 2023, at 12:00 UTC.
Snapshot every day at 8:00 am UTC
📣 Please note: Any points you earn today will require a 24-hour period before they can be claimed.

Getting Started

To participate, you’ll need to link your wallets to the zkSync platform.

Total Daily Rewards

The total daily reward for the airdrop is $1,000,000 USDC, with an initial prize pool of $20,000 USDC. Participants can use their points to earn a share of these rewards.

How to Earn Points


Points can be earned by purchasing trunks. There are four types of trunks available:
  1. Bronze Trunk: Costs 0.01 ETH to mint and grants 15 Points.2.
  2. Golden Trunk: Costs 0.05 ETH to mint and grants 400 Points. (Limited)
  3. Diamond Trunk: Costs 0.25 ETH to mint and grants 4000 Points. (Limited)
  4. Era Trunk: Costs 0.02 ETH to mint and grants one of the three types of Trunks (Bronze, Golden, or Diamond) randomly.
These trunks also grant you access to participate in the daily airdrop pool, earn points for the $HIGG airdrop, get an equivalent value in $zHIGG, and possibly participate in the Star Box for top point earners or referrals.


You can also earn points by referring users. When you refer a user, 5% of the Points obtained from their trunk minting will be credited to your account.

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2023.05.29 08:07 DaAli3n My SFFPC History and questions for future builds

Hi all!
Apologies in advance for how long this post is going to be as well as how bad the formatting and linking is - first real post.
I've had this idea to catalog my history with SFFPCs for a while now.
I also have a few questions hidden further in regarding a possible future build that i'm looking at maybe attempting in the next few months.
  Lets begin the trip down memory lane: Build #1 - mid 2014 No Pictures for the build on this one sorry - not much worth documenting either, very simple build!
PC Part Picker Link: (
This PC was the first computer I had ever built with basically my first pay check. Realistically I was building it just to prove to myself that I could and that I wasn't going to break any parts. The long term goal for this PC was to become a youtube / facebook machine for my brother and it worked perfectly. lately i've been using it as a slave pc to run minecraft servers for the lads and it still trucks along with no issues!
Summary: This pc was easy to build and still works today very well with basically no maintenance over the course of its life. It was never meant to be a high power machine and works well as an exertainment machine / server for minecraft. Yes I know I should probably repaste it.  
Following this up was my first "gaming" PC: Build #2 - mid 2016 No photos for this build either sorry. But again, the build was pretty simple with nothing particularly worth documenting. The Corsair case was a dream to build in and had heaps of space for parts and mounting. This PC was built when I was going to a lot of LANs hence the 'portable' case choice!
PC Part Picker Link: (
This PC was and still is a beast. Disregarding the issues with gtx 970's not actually having 4GB of VRAM and instead having 3.5GB + 0.5 GB this PC proved to be an amazing 1080p gaming machine. Specifically this was mostly because of two factors:  
  • The i5 6600k was a monster! I heard lots about how only having 4 cores and no hyperthreading meant this little CPU was a weak competitor when compared to the more capable 7700k. But for what I had lined up? This CPU was perfect and never let me down. This CPU was incredibly easy to overclock, ran cool compared to many higher spec'd parts at the time and was a single core performing beast. This CPU was overclocked (easily) to basically 4.9Ghz for its entire life which allowed for it to be competitive with much newer CPU's all the way up to and past a stock i9 9900k (gotta love the 14 nm villain arc intel went on). Yes you read that right, with a hefty overclock my little of i5 6600k was out performing brand new (stock) i9 9900k cpus! (but only in single, duo and quad core workloads, anything more and it would fall over. I also had to seriously adjust memory timings to get up to the 9900k which had them running at unsafe voltages for long term use as well)
  • Super fast SSD for quick load & boot times! I know a 250GB SSD is tiny by todays standards especially as the only drive in the PC but back in 2016? This was manageable and provided a massive performance increase in a market full of PCs still using HHD as boot drives.
In addition to the above there were serval things about this PC that I absolutely loved:
  • The Corsair 380T case was AMAZING. The side panels have a metal cover over the main plastic bulk of the panel, the metal part could be removed by bending the clips holding it on and allowing a thin filter material to be added in. For anyone looking to build in the 380T I 100% recommend doing this! Basically the only maintenance was to run a vacuum over the side panels and no dust ended up inside the case at all.
  • Having the i5 6600k under the 240 AIO allowed the i5 6600k to pull full TDP (plus the rest from the overclock) and stay at about a maximum of 65 degrees C (149 F) well within a safe operational range.
Now days this PC is living out its retirement at a friends place who couldn't afford a PC and still running strong clocked at a solid 4.7GHz. Which is more than enough for the games they are playing. Not suitable for much more than 1080p 60fps in most modern games (medium settings if that), this PC still stands out as the best PC i've built so far. I also did push the CPU as much as physically possible - Upping the voltage, clock and bus clock (a little trick from the generation to squeeze out a few more points in benchmarking) to make the CPU hit about 5.1GHz max. While stable this also bumped up temps to about 95 degrees C (203 F) which was not sustainable long term.
Summary: This PC was a beast for the price and delivered amazing performance - the only regret I had at the time was not getting a 7700k or equivalent for hyperthreading but in hindsight this was not an issue and this PC was still able to deliver years of fun!
This brings us to current day: Build #3 - early 2021
PC Part Picker Link:
This is where the fun begins. This PC was built with the goal of "No compromises" and I like to think I delivered! With a fully custom water cooling loop for both a 5950x and 3090 this PC is able to play basically any modern game at 1440p 240hz while maintaining reasonable temperatures. Originally this PC was built as an air-cooled PC with the goal to be water-cooled later. Most of my comments will focus on the water-cooling process.
But before we move on here are my air-cooled comments:
  • The Asus TUF GAMING OC GeForce RTX 3090 only just fits in the case. This required the front IO panel to be removed and for the case to basically come apart to allow for the 3090 to slide in sideways before wriggling into the PCIE slot. Doable but a tight fit.
  • Everything was so much simpler when everything was air-cooled! This goes without saying but i'd 100% recommend that anyone attempting this seriously consider just leaving everything air-cooled. What follows this is not for the faint of heart.
Now we get serious, and by serious I mean everything gets janky - you have been warned. Firstly, the GPU block didn't fit the case and this caused a lot of headaches. For more clarification please check the photos. Secondly, space was tight inside the case. Again, check the photos to see how little space there was inside the case. This meant that tubes between water cooling components were just jammed wherever I could fit them.
I watched a lot and I mean a lot of videos and tutorials about what would fit and what parts to buy etc. The number 1 source of my information was Optimum Tech on youtube. He has many videos showing in beautiful detail how he builds powerful ITX systems. 100% reccommend. And he's another Aussie lad!
The entire build process is basically documented in the photos that i'm currently trying to upload to imgur. Once I get the upload sorted i'll link to it here so you can follow along my adventures.
Photos Part 1 Photos Part 2
There is a bit of extra information in the photos so please give it a read if you're interested but i'm happy to answer questions if you have them so post away!
Summary: While a pain the ass to build, this no compromises PC destroys every single game I throw at it. It stays at reasonable temps with a mild undervolt on the 3090 and PBO applied to the 5950x.
This brings me to the section where I actually get to ask questions about a possible new build. If you've stuck with me this long, thank you and I hope you've enjoyed my history with ITX PCs.
Possible Future Build: Build #4 - mid 2023?
PC Part Picker Link: (
Please see my below reasoning on why i'm currently looking at these parts: Note: i'm looking to build in a Louqe Ghost S1 case.
Part Reasoning
AMD Ryzen 5 7600 Low power and super efficient CPU to provide amazing CPU performance in a TDP that can be easily cooled by a low profile cooler. Not a fan of how AM5 x series sits at 95 degrees C and no real low power intel option to compete (sub 70W)
Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 Best low profile cooler that can fit in the Louqe Ghost S1 case
Asus ROG STRIX X670E-I GAMING WIFI I was looking at cheaper motherboards but read several reviews that the ones available here in Australia had poor VRM design and cooling implementation. This motherboard also is confirmed to fit with the chosen cooler Noctua Website
G.Skill Flare X5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL32 Good compromise between performance, lowish profile and price
Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB Simple, easy, powerful, reliable and not a bad price here in Aus but might swap if something else comes along
Inno3D Twin X2 GeForce RTX 4070 Based on the case compatibility list on the Louqe subreddit and the 4070 review performed by Value king the Inno3D Twin X2 seems to be one of the best options that both fits the Louqe case and has good build quality
Corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum Pretty standard choice for ITX builds as far as I can tell. I've used it before and love the quality
Now that you've got the background we can get into the meat of my questions for this hypothetical build:
To get the most out of my 7600 should I lap the CPU or delid and direct die cool? I want the CPU to easily sit within its thermal limits while having some headroom to play around with settings and squeeze the most I can out of. A return to the era of the 6600k again, low power with lots of room to tinker and wring out all the performance I can while staying cool. Even going so far as to play with memory timings again.
My thoughts at this stage are as follows:
Direct Die Lapping
Allows for liquid metal to be applied directly to the CPU die for best possible thermal transfer Allows for the IHS to soak the heat from the tiny core on the 7600 into a larger surface before absorbing heat into the cooler.
Liquid metal has shown in the past to provide massive temperature reductions in similar applications Is much less likely to damage the CPU itself and still offer significant improvement to temperature.
The 7600 cores are so small and so off center that i'm concerned only 1 or 2 of the copper heat pipes in the cooler would actually make contact. This combined with the difficulty of balancing a cooler on the CCD & IO Die as they're both small not both centered could lead to insignificant gains. Lapping could be combined with liquid metal if really required to try and get even more performance gains from the 7600.
I've also not seen any videos or posts from people using either the lapping or direct die methods on a 7600 - as the part is so low power this makes sense but I was trying to consider all options before committing to one or the other. I did see one video of someone trying to use the direct die frame and liquid metal with a 7600x unsuccessfully which has also not helped with my trepidation: Actually Hardcore Overclocking
It is also worth noting that Thermal Grizzly and Roman "der8auer" also sell products for both lapping and direct die modifications so both are fairly easily accessible to me.
To be clear, the goal here is to fit super efficient parts into the stock Louqe Ghost S1 without needing a top hat for extra cooling or crazy internal fan placement to get extra airflow. I'd love for both the 4070 and 7600 to both have enough airflow to perform optimally without having to modify the case and add extra fans.
Questions? Comments? Drop them below and i'll try to answer anything I can!
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2023.05.29 07:56 Hewholooksskyward Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth - Chapter 21

My Patreon page:
Link to the Wiki page, with additional links to Clan information and background Lore.
First I Previous
Chapter 21: Forging The Chains
Thanks to Diggs’ jury-rigged repairs, Mako was just barely able to maneuver and dock with Peacemaker. Given the damage they’d sustained during the brief battle, they decided to take the smaller vessel in tow while the passengers and crew transferred over to the Precursor ship. They gathered at the airlock, as they exchanged nervous glances all around.
Reaching out with a steadying hand, Rúna touched the young Tinker’s shoulder. “Promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” she pressed him.
Diggs grimaced at her words. “... I promise,” he mumbled.
She nodded in satisfaction. “I’ll hold you to that,” she smiled. “This situation is complicated enough without you squaring off against Captain Hadad. Just steer clear of him. I imagine he’ll do the same.”
“I promise, Rúna,” he vowed once more. His crush on the red-headed Valkyrie had mostly faded, but based on how quickly he’d agreed, Genvass was betting there was still a spark.
Captain Taneka was hovering near her wounded XO. “How’s he holding up?” she asked the Knight, her concern regarding his injuries unmistakable.
“His vitals are still stable, but he needs surgery,” Doc Svoboda explained. “I can do it, but not in a vacuum. As soon as we’re aboard, I’ll take him to the infirmary and get to work.”
Before she could respond, the airlock started to cycle, ending any further discussion as the group turned their attention to the hatch. Two figures stood on the other side; Remi Hadad, and Samara. They gazed at the crowd from Mako, eyeing each of them, with the captain’s expression hardening as he spotted Diggs.
Genvass stepped forward, desperate to make this first meeting go as smoothly as possible. “Captain Hadad, Samara,” he said, nodding to each in turn, “we deeply appreciate you rescuing us from the Troika. I realize we have much to discuss, but we have a wounded man who needs immediate attention.” He gestured to Karl Israfil, still unconscious and lying on a stretcher.
The Corsair glanced over at Samara. “I assume you have somebody for that?” he asked her.
“I do,” she nodded, as something shifted in her expression and body language. “Bring the patient,” she ordered, her voice now sounding far different than it had previously.
The Knight looked dubiously at the Protean before Rúna intervened. “It’ll be all right,” she told him. “It must be one of her symbiotes.”
Svoboda slowly nodded. Practically every Terran was aware of Samara’s talents, courtesy of the Precursor artifact linked with her. With a veritable host of stored personalities contained within, there were few tasks she couldn’t master. “You’re a doctor?” he asked.
Physician 2nd Grade Rithir Merkott,” the cognate confirmed. “This vessel has a fully stocked medical bay,” he explained, “and treating your patient’s injuries should pose no difficulty.”
It was obvious the medic still had doubts, but his concern for his patient’s physical well-being superseded everything else. With a nod, he and the other stretcher bearers lifted the wounded man from the deck and carried him aboard Peacemaker, following Samara’s lead.
Genvass stepped forward, with Rúna and the others alongside, only to come to an abrupt halt as Remi held up his hand. “No weapons,” he ordered. “You can leave them here in the airlock.”
“No way in hell we’re letting you disarm us,” the Valkyrie snarled.
“And there’s no way in hell I’ll allow you the means to hijack this ship,” the pirate countered. “Don’t stand there and tell me you don’t already have a plan in the works to do just that.”
Rúna worked her jaw but said nothing. “Your silence speaks volumes,” he said knowingly. “Dump your weapons, or stay on Mako. Your choice.”
Her hand unconsciously went to her sword. “I’m not leaving the Ambassador unprotected,” she fired back. “Besides,” she drawled, “I only see one of you, and four of us. So maybe you should just step aside and drop this, Captain.” The other Valkyries tensed, readying themselves for action.
“If you want to take your chances with Peacemaker’s security safeguards, be my guest,” he smiled thinly, “though I doubt you’ll enjoy the experience.”
Her eyes narrowed. “You’re bluffing,” she decided, her hand twitching on the. sword’s hilt.
Genvass hurriedly stepped between them. “Please, there’s no need for this,” he pled with them both, before turning and addressing Rúna. “I appreciate your concerns, but I’m certain we’ll be safe.” He turned back to face the captain. “Will you give your oath that no harm will come to anyone aboard this ship?”
Hadad chewed on that for a moment, before giving a gruff nod. “As long as they abide by the rules, I give you my word no harm will come to them,” he agreed.
Armed with his promise, Genvass closed ranks with the Valkyrie. “He’s given his word,” he petitioned. “Please, stand down, Rúna,” he beseeched her.
She ground her teeth together so hard that he could hear it from a meter away. “I can’t. Leave you. Unprotected,” she fought to get out, her sense of duty warring with the risk of putting her people in danger.
The ambassador’s eyes darted back and forth between them, desperately searching for a compromise. “What if you allowed her to keep her sword?” he blurted out. “The other weapons would remain here, just as you requested. I’m certain that a single sword would be no match against this ship’s defenses, should it prove necessary.” He silently implored the Corsair to accept his proposal, allowing Rúna to save face. She was a proud young woman, but more importantly, she was a Marine. The word “surrender” simply wasn’t in her vocabulary.
He could see just how badly Remi wanted to dismiss the notion out of hand, but in the end, he was also a pragmatist. If he dug in his heels, it was likely that Rúna would do the same, sending them both on a collision course that could only end in blood.
Fine,” he said at last, “but it damn well better stay sheathed.”
Genvass could tell that even allowing that much cost him, but it was the right decision. Now he just had to sell it to Rúna. “We can’t stay aboard Mako,” he reminded her, “and though I know it cuts against the grain for you, will you accept this arrangement? I’m certain it’s only temporary. I doubt we’ll be here for long.”
She glared at Remi, incensed he’d put her in this position. Thankfully, she was also a pragmatist, all too aware this was the best deal she was likely to get. Genvass held his breath as she weighed her options, before finally giving her team a nod. He sighed in relief as they began clearing and stacking their weapons, collecting quite a pile of hardware before they were done. Once they’d finished disarming themselves under Captain Hadad’s watchful gaze, they moved to join their commander, until Rúna held up her hand and brought her sergeant to a halt.
“Becca… your hideout piece,” she said calmly.
The sergeant’s eyes flashed with something unreadable before slowly removing a concealed pistol from the small of her back. Locking and clearing the sidearm almost as an afterthought, she added it to the pile before giving Rúna a questioning look. A curt nod was her only reply before moving to join the others. Turning back to face the Corsair, she placed her hands on her hips. “Satisfied?” she sneered.
“Completely,” he answered, far more affably than recent events might suggest.
“Go find Doc,” she ordered her team, “and bring him up to speed. I expect I’m going to be busy here for a while.”
“Aye aye, ma’am,” Becca acknowledged as the marines exited the compartment.
“There’s one more passenger,” Genvass informed Remi, “Ess Peon. She’s an Avatar. I hope that won’t be a problem?”
“Considering that even Samara’s friends found it all but impossible to hack into Peacemaker’s systems, I’m not worried,” he answered. “Speaking of which, I imagine they’ll be joining us shortly, once they finish treating your patient.” Jerking his head towards the entrance, Remi prompted them both to follow him aboard. “I believe we’re past due for a conversation,” he said cryptically, leading them into the bowels of the ship, before finally reaching an almost invisible hatchway. The door silently slid open as he stepped inside.
“Make yourselves comfortable,” he told them, before pouring himself a glass and taking a seat. Genvass found a spot opposite of him, while Rúna perched on the edge of a nearby chair, mindful of her sword, while the Corsair touched an icon on the console beside him, bringing a monitor to life.
“We get any electronic passengers, Xuilan?” he asked the pilot.
“We sure did,” she confirmed. “I’ve got her stored in the buffer for now. Just waiting on the word from you.”
“Keep her away from the critical systems and databases, but other than that, I think we’re good,” he instructed her. “Let me know if there are any problems. Hadad, clear.” That accomplished, he blanked the screen and returned his attention to his guests.
“You said we should talk,” the ambassador began, “and I agree. I recently had a conversation with my clan leader, which led me to the conclusion there’s more going on here than any of us realize.”
“There usually is,” Remi observed.
Genvass nodded in agreement. “Before I relay to you the contents of our discussion, I would dearly like to know why you stole this ship and attacked the To’uuk homeworld.” He shook his head dolefully, as the weight of it all settled on his shoulders. “I don’t think you fully grasp what you’ve set in motion.”
“I am well aware of what we’ve begun,” Remi fired back.
“Are you?” the diplomat asked pointedly. “You had to realize how this ship would be seen by the other races. If it was your intent to impress upon them our superiority, there were other ways of accomplishing that. Safer ways, ones that wouldn’t turn even our allies against us.”
“The Alliance was a marriage of convenience, nothing more,” he said derisively. “The only reason it ever existed was because of the Troika. If it hadn’t been for them running roughshod over everyone else, you couldn’t have got those species to agree that water was wet. It was fear that drove them together, nothing more.”
Genvass started to speak, but Rúna beat him to it.
“You arrogant bastard,” she snarled. “You want to know who created the Alliance? I did. Me and Kai. We traded the Oivu the telepathic cure for them spreading the word. And it worked,” she growled. “If it wasn’t for the Alliance, you wouldn’t be sitting in that chair. They fought side by side with us, all the way to the bitter end. Maybe that doesn’t mean much to a pirate,” she said with scorn, “but it damn well meant something to us. And you are pissing all over it.” Rúna glared at him, daring him to make a move.
“... I step out for two minutes, and you’re already at each other’s throats,” Samara said from the doorway. Sighing theatrically, she poured herself a drink before taking a seat beside Remi. “If you kids can’t play nice, I’ll send you both to bed with no supper.” Grinning at her own witticism, she turned her attention to the ambassador. “Nice to see you again, Genvass,” she smiled. “What brings you by?”
“We were in the neighborhood,” he said dryly. “How’s your patient?”
“He should make a complete recovery,” she assured him. “I’ve already informed his captain.”
“That’s good news,” he answered. “But as relieved as I am to learn Karl’s going to be fine, we have much bigger problems.” He paused for a moment, struggling to find a diplomatic way of making his point, before opting for brevity instead. “You’ve declared war on the galaxy in humanity’s name,” he said in quiet horror. “Every species in the Perseus Arm is now aligned against us, and for what?” Genvass shook his head, unable to fathom their actions. “What could you possibly hope to gain?”
Freedom,” Samara answered. “Freedom from exploitation, freedom from tyranny, freedom from slavery. We spent two hundred years dancing to their tune. Never again.”
“We already had that,” he retorted. “Once we claimed New Terra, no one could touch us, and you both knew that. Attacking the To’uuk convinced every other species they could be next, and they’re scared. Scared people do not make rational decisions. Terra knows we certainly don’t,” he said in dismay.
“They’re afraid of us?” Remi smiled. “Good. They should be scared. For two centuries they’ve harried us, tortured us, and even killed us when it suited them. Now it’s our turn.”
“So you plan on punishing the entire galaxy for the actions of a few,” he said in revulsion. “You want to commit mass murder on a scale that not even the Troika ever conceived of? What the hell is wrong with you?” He looked at them each in turn, as consternation filled his mortal soul. “And worst of all? I’ve heard this rant before. We all have.” Leaning forward, he fixed them both with his stare. “You sound exactly like Elder Brother when he unleashed the Yīqún.” The two glanced at one another in surprise before looking back at Genvass, their expressions hardening. “This isn’t about freedom, or security, or even justice,” he hissed. “This is about revenge, nothing more.”
“And what if it is?” Samara demanded. “Do you have any idea what I endured when I was forced to work for the Troika? Do you know how many of my fellow Proteans I saw turned into crippled lumps of flesh, so they could play god?” Her eyes went ice cold as she whispered, “Do you know how many innocents they forced me to murder, just to stay alive?
“You think you’ve got the market cornered with playing executioner?” Rúna spat out. “You killed in… what? Ones and twos and threes? Those are rookie numbers. We killed in dozens and hundreds and thousands, depending on the contract. And as much as I’d like to claim I was fighting on the side of the angels, the truth is most of them were only guilty of having something those in power wanted for themselves.” She snorted in disgust. “So spare me your fucking pity party.”
“This is pointless,” Remi sneered. “It’s obvious we won’t convince one another. Besides, what’s done is done. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. The other races will simply have to accept that things have changed. The Troika ruled over this galaxy for five thousand years. Now, it’s our turn.”
“And so the cycle of vengeance continues,” Genvass said quietly. “Round and round it goes, and no one is safe from it.” He looked up at them both, his eyes wet with emotion. “Is that the future you want for our people? For our children, after all we’ve suffered?” He buried his face in his hands, overcome with sudden emotion, before slowly rising to his feet.
“... I have to believe there’s a better way,” he implored them, giving them both one last look before exiting the compartment.
First I Previous
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2023.05.29 07:46 Olligator01 merch we’ve seen is only for US tour. What do you guys think the European merch will look like??

merch we’ve seen is only for US tour. What do you guys think the European merch will look like?? submitted by Olligator01 to deathgrips [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 07:32 We_Are_Legion The Choice (A calm, clarifying letter to moderates, containing an overview of the terrain of the question of Islam and our current position on this leg of the journey to truth)

The Choice (A calm, clarifying letter to moderates, containing an overview of the terrain of the question of Islam and our current position on this leg of the journey to truth)
The Choice
The truth is that the Islam we were taught in school and by our parents, teachers and society... is watered down. I am not trying to offend you. It is just that you are not informed on these matters. You are not informed because our various Ulema and governments saw fit to hide it from you. Our rulers are concerned what Muslims become when they find out true islam; they think it leads to violence and social problems that they seek to rid. Our elites and educated simply want to live secular lives and pursue development. So more and more as the muslim world has been entering the modern era (1920s onward), they've been watering down and muzzling islam, and giving people a carefully diluted religion because its convenient. That's what "moderate Islam" is. Though they do re-indoctrinate us on true islam when they need us to fight insurgencies (e.g. mujahideen against soviets) and face problems trying to turn off true islam when they're done (e.g. taliban against pakistan).
In hiding true shariah viewpoints on issues from you, they also hid the core meaning and intent of Islamic philosophy. Which the watered down Islam does not contain. Islam is not some vague spirituality with praying and fasting. It is not sufi-ism. Here's a rule of thumb; if it aint Shariah, it aint Islam. Islam is a total way of life for a citizen of a theocratic religious-supremacist state. Right now, you suspect this but wont fully understand this state's harsh rulings because you are not raised on the key parts of genuine islamic philosophy that underpins all this in "moderate islam". You are raised on modern values.
There are two kinds of people who discover genuine islamic philosophy;
- The ex-muslims; hard to get accurate statistics but estimated 3-6% of Pakistan's population and growing, also reports of 30% of gen Z in Turkey and 40% of Iran's population (according to optimistic surveys, but even if its less, its almost certainly greater than 40% of Iran's youth).
- the fundamentalists; can be anyone that understands the fundamentals ranging from salafists, wahabbists, to hardcore molvis, extremist uncles, taliban to ISIS. Research shows extremist attitudes are really high among people who didnt go to western schools but instead listened to their well-informed and unfiltered rural molvi who got true islam from one of these: I dont like them but atleast they're self-honest so I like them *more* than the moderates.
A moderate muslim may often be found sitting and scratching his or her head about why these two groups exist... as they don't believe their religion is false nor do they believe their religion is violent or extreme or propagates harmful opinions that infringe on rights and freedom of others. They're often crying about islamophobia at the ex-muslims/western islamic scholars that understand islam or decrying that "you ignorant molvis ruined islam" at the fundamentalists who also understand islam. (Not realizing that 95% of molvis on earth are trying their best to push "moderate islam". And its only 5% of molvis choose to go back to fundamentalsm.)
In reality, only the ex-muslims and fundamentalists get it. The moderates are clueless. Their careful state-constructed Islamiat education is shocked when they discover the Islamic religion is violent, is repressive, is extreme, does have self-righteous cult-like tendancies, is not compatible with many modern humanist values and never was. And never tried to be or was intended to be. And that it DOESNT give them the rights and freedoms they've been enjoying as a citizen of a country ruled by secular, humanist values. Examples of this are shariah views on (slavery, forced marriage, child marriage, gender equality, offensive warfare, dhimmi subjugation, and much more)
SO...The Choice we are facing is
  1. whether to stay asleep in "moderate Islam lala-land" (which is represented by the bright happy forest in this photo. But beware that though it appears enticing and attractive... but because its a lie... its a trap. Lies and avoidism are always poison. Especially when they form the foundation of a society. You will always have a fractured, sect-filled, half-modern, half-medieval, hypocritical and doubt-filled country on this path.)OR
  2. to self-honestly examine what Islam really is. (The fundamentalists/extremists and ex-muslims put together their discovieries very well. Choose either and they will guide you to the harsh truths that moderates hid.) This path is represented by the dark forest in the photo and it takes courage to venture into the ugly depths. You are thinking for yourself. This is hard but because its facing the truth, its the correct choice over time.)
IF you choose the dark forest, there is a further fork in this road.
2A) You can choose to accept the actual philosophical tenets of Islam, complete with associated violent, supremacist commands and its contradictions, strange science and become closer and closer to ISIS. In this option, you subordinate your reason to god and say "Oh Allah, though there are things in your Shariah that offend my modern-education trained intellect, heart and conscience, I'm just not smart enough to review your wisdom and so I'll obey unquestioningly."
2B) You think for yourself and examine whether the foundations of what Islam claims is true or not; i.e. whether it truly comes from god or not. No pre-packaged conclusions from me or anyone else. You think for yourself and find the truth.
(i.e. See if the first principles are solid and support the next concept without conjecture or invalid reasoning. Is it possible to have character growth or did Islam reach ultimate of all ideas for all time? Which you can judge by whether each concept in true Islam is actually a stronger alternative to those reached by reason in the world. Examine and understand both and see which is more likely to be true. (for example, i recall comparing Shariah vs Natural Rights under "Why Nations Fail" framework and chose the latter. I recall realizing Islam genuinely didn't predict technology would change mode of life so much. Or comparing Islam vs evolution and chose the latter. Or found peace outside Islam and realizing islam didnt hold any monopoly on spirituality. Or Islam's views on morality. Saw non-muslims could be good and close to god. I ended up rejecting Quran's philosophy that lack of gullibility is worth torture and compulsion in this world and the next.)
I reached 2B.
I'm past it.
I really will not promise you a medal if you get here. There's no prize. It's... nothing.
But its not a lie.
For me, that makes it non-optional.
It is also a path that can lead to many more places and many more truths.The scientific revolution happened here as Europe rejected the Bible's views on reality and sought to think for themselves.Constitutions and human rights happened here as philosophers rejected the Bible's morality and said that humanity can have some character growth.Women's rights happened here too so girls and boys can have equal opportunities and whatnot.And no, there's no new ideology you have to follow (and in fact, if you do, thats a new trap). Because now that you think for yourself, you are in charge of your own destiny. In a mysterious universe that you can discover anew.
Honestly, you can do, be whatever you want. Sing, dress how you want, not fight over religion, not have to worry what your ideology thinks.
You can even learn about the mind and the self, and conquer it. Which is perhaps the ultimate and only thing worth doing in this life.
It probably isn't productive to linger here at 2B once you're past it and pick on a dead, defenseless horse like religion. Except maybe to hold the lantern to guide the next person who comes here (many of us are haunted to do this). But I guess a task even more worthy than that is to unearth the next false and unexamined belief within us. Where Islam hid, many more false beliefs do, including the self. And it is that, not athiesm nor religion, that is the source of the planet's suffering. Knowing that, we can continue onwards in our journey to truth.
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2023.05.29 07:28 RubOk4331 📢🔬 Unveiling the Power of Neural Networks in 🌟 Classifying Emotions in Sentence Text! 🤖💻

Welcome to the fascinating world where cutting-edge technology meets the intricate realm of human emotions! 🌍✨ In this era of advanced natural language processing, understanding and interpreting the emotions embedded within text has become an increasingly important task.
🔎💭 Join us on an exhilarating journey as we delve into the captivating realm of emotion classification using Neural Networks. 🚀🧠 Combining the power of data-driven algorithms and the complexity of human emotions, we are pushing the boundaries of sentiment analysis to new heights.
✨💡 Our team of experts at Analytics Vidhya has meticulously crafted an informative and hands-on guide that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to master this groundbreaking technique. Through this article, you'll unlock the secrets of training neural networks to comprehend and accurately categorize emotions within sentence text.
🧩📊 Gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in emotion classification and discover how state-of-the-art Neural Networks can be harnessed to unlock valuable insights hidden within text data. From preprocessing techniques to the architecture of the network, we'll provide you with a step-by-step approach to navigate this captivating field.
📚🔍 Whether you're a seasoned data scientist or just beginning your journey in the realm of artificial intelligence, this article will serve as your comprehensive guide. Prepare to harness the power of Neural Networks and revolutionize your understanding of emotions in text data.
✅💪 Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Join us as we unravel the mysteries of emotion classification using Neural Networks. Let's unlock the potential that lies within words and take sentiment analysis to the next level! 🌟🔓
📣🔗 Dive into the article now, exclusively on the Analytics Vidhya blog! 💻📚
Classifying Emotions in Sentence Text Using Neural Networks
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2023.05.29 07:26 CrabBlaster-6 [WTS] Massive AK parts sale w/ a bit of AK/FAL and optics. Furniture, Bayonets & fighting knives, slings, mag pouches, hardware, cleaning rods

Timestamp: Closeup of the timestamp Here:

I am active on CBM2 (75+ flair), migrating my goods here to sell as much as possible here as I get back into selling.
Crossposted - I have every item listed on multiple forums. I will strikethrough everything that sells within 24 hours of selling and as I bump this listing, I will keep it updated with what is SOLD.
More than happy to work out package/bulk pricing.
More pictures available upon request. Tons availiable in the below album Links.
Payment will be via proxy (until I reach the flair requirement) due to my PP being canceled 13 months ago for a gun-related comment by a customer. I am currently able to accept cashapp or zell for digital methods, or USPS Money Order or Personal/certified check for mail payments.
Shipping - First-class shipping is included in all stated prices. Priority upgrade = +$6.
Insurance is at the buyers discretion and will be discussed prior to payment being sent.
Handpick - If there is more than 1x of an item and the buyer desires to handpick the exact one he/she wants add +$10 to the final price. On some sections I have multiple items in the exact same condition, for pictures I only used one or two examples of each.
Tracking - will be provided in chat or PM within 48 hours of Proxy or myself (once appropriate flair (+11 GAFS requirement)) is received. As soon as the Proxy or myself receives payment, I will leave flair for the buyer and request that as soon as the item is received by the buyer they reciprocate with appropriate flair.
Link to Timestamp Closeup Here. Full GAFS pictures with timestamp & user name HERE
MISC / Non AK related parts - AFAL parts Lot, Beretta grips & Scopes -detailed pictures
Parts lot of AR, KSG, and FAL parts (Everything in the AFAL picture- $125 shipped
Beretta M92 buffalo horn grips - Sold to me as SB, but didn't fit, so I think they are for a FS model - $45 shipped
BSA Sweet .223 6-18x40, NIB - $135
Bushnell AR-223 3-9x32 with 1-piece mount -$120
Ruger 4x32 pellet scope - $35
New camo pattern Polish Gn.60 accessory backpackswith full accessory set as pictured. - change up your Gn.60 kit from the old drab green pack. All in very good to excellent condition may have some leather wear or trench art ink - $345 each
AK slings - Left to Right (Full Sling Album Here)
NOS Russian RPK doublehook Slings - $55 each
NOS Russian AKSU slings (Mustard and OD availiable) - $45 each
NOS Russian AEK-971 - Perfect doublehook AKSU sling - $45 each
NOS Russian AKM/AK74 single Hook slings - $35 each
Old Stock Russian T1 slings - $65 each
NOS Russian Navy AK74 Slings - $49 each
NOS Romanian Leather PSL slings - $35 each
Old Stock Romanian web slings - $22 each
Chinese dark OD Type 95 double hook slings - $35 each
NOS Yugo M85/M92 Slings - $65 each
Chinese NOS wide AK/SKS 2x leather strap slings. These are a rarely seen version of CHICOM sling, much more robust than standard 2x tab slings. All NOS with minor age stains, complete with keepers and all have crisp stamps. - $45 each
Polish T2 leather tab fluffy green slings - $45 each
Polish T1 Leather Tab slings (Perfect for the Gn.60 kits) - $65 Each
Polish Fluffy Tantal slings - Missing Keepers - $15 each
Not in bulk picture - NOS Polish Tantal/Beryl (rare Police Grey variant) slings - $39 each
AK Mag Pouches - Left to right (Full Pouch Album Here)
NOS Russian RPK Pouches - $65 each
NOSRussian AK74 4-cell pouched - $35 each
NOS Russian Medical drop bag/pouches - $15 each
NOS Partial Russian SMERSCH harness w/ 2 pouches - $65
NOS Russian Drum pouch - $32 each
NOS East German Vynl drum pouch - $26 each
Egyptian Maadi Drum bag - $30
Worn Maadi Mag Pouches - $22 each
Worn Yugo 4-cell Pouches (OD or Camo) - $25 each
NOS Bulgarian, early first gen 4-cell AK47 Mag pouches - $25 each
NOS Romanian ,early first gen AK47 4 cell mag pouches - $25 each
NOS 4-cell EG Pouches. curved 4-cell, 1x UKN - 4-cell = $25 each / UKN = $20 / Worn Straigt 4-cell Pouches - $15 each
NOS camo Pouches - NOS Polish 3 cell akm $44 & 4 cell beryl $59 Pouches - Priced each
Worn Polish green pouches - $18 each
Vz.58 drop cases & mag pouches -
NOS Desert and Forest camo paratrooper drop cases - $79 each
NOS 3 cell Desert and 2 cell Forest camo mag pouches - 3 cell = $65, 2 cell = $55 each
Russian Med pouches & Khyber pouch/tourniquet packs
Russian Medical pouches & NOS red/pink tourniquet packs, correct for Afghan Era Khyber tourniquet wraps. $55 each
COMBLOC Bayonets & Fighting Knives - Left to Right -Vietnamese Picture here because I forgot to include them in the other proof picture - Full detailed pictures located here
NOS Vietnam Red & Black 6x4s - $185 each
NOS number matching Russian Izzy & Tula 6x4s - $185 each
Good to Excellent Russian 6x3s (Ranging from bright orange to dark plum) - $155 each
Excellent, numbered Russian true black 6x5s - $285 each
NOS, unnumbered Bulgarian black 6x5s - $175 each
NOS, still in Cosmo, Hungarian 6x3s with complete hanger & straps - $135 each
East German 6x2s - $145 each
East German 6x4 - $135
Complete good to excellent Romanian 6x3s (leather & cloth hangers availiable) - $85 each
Polish 6x4 - $135
Polish Wz.55 Paratrooper fighting knife. - $315
Russian Spetznaz fighting knife - $225
Yugo M65 fighting knife - $445
NOS Polish Molle hangers - $25 each
East german Hangers - $15 each
East German straps - $15 each
Polish 6x2 hanger - $25
AK Furniture (Full Sets 1 / Full Sets 2) (RPK sets) (Handguard Sets) (Grips) (MISC) (Saiga Sets) (Uppers & Pallad) (EG BFPU) (VZ58) (AMD65) (Hungarian Blue AKM63 sets) (Underfold Stocks) Right to Left by column -Full detailed pictures here
Full Sets 1
NOS Russian AK100 5.5mm stock sets with railed LHG - $455 each
Russian early AKM set with rare rubber buttpad - $335
Russian AK74 Set - $285
Russian T2 set - $365
NOS, unnumbered Bulgarian T3 set - $455
Romanian BFPU set with Kill hashes - $185
Sanded Polish Hardwood sets - $310
NOS Polish Laminate sets - $225
East German Hardwood set (only made on their first yeat 1964 prototypes) with fat Hungarian grip - $315
NOS Polish PPSH stock - $125
Black Yugo M64 trainer set - Missing metal ferrules - $365
Excellent Yugo M70 set w/ M64 ferruled grip - $235
Romanian ROMAK PSL style sets - $185 each
Custom Vepr clubfoot with purple krackle finish - $35
Full Sets 2
NOS Zastava Yugo M70B1 folding/railed sets - $455 each complete ($225 handguards/Grips combo / $245 Buttstock seperate / $105 grip seperate)
NOS East German MPiK74 sets - $225
RPK Sets
NOS Russian Plum or Laminate 4-piece RPKS sets - $525 each
Have multiple ribbed plum UHGs - $65 each
Handguard Sets - all 3-piece (handguards & Grips)
Bulged Bakelite sets (Tantal LHG, Romanian UHG, either Romy AIMS or Polish Bake grip) - $310 each
Romanian Unvented laminate sets & 1x hardwood SAR set - $105
Chinese BFPU bakelite set with gas tube - $375
Chinese polymer set - $265
NOS Polish laminate sets - $135 each
Russian AK74 set w/ Laminate grip - $205
Russian 74 set with Bakelite grip - $155
NOS Russian Plum set w/ flakes - $185
Polish Tantal sets (dark plum bakelite) - $290 each
East German (brown or black UHGs) w/ Russian bake grips - $155 each
Grips - Left to Right Top to Bottom
UKN US made wood grip - $5 addon / $9 individual
UKN fat wood grip - $45
MD Arms Molot clone - $20
CAA grip - complete - $18
CAA grip - $12
SAW style grip - $12
US Palm black & orange - $15 each
UKN black - $5 add on or $9 individually
UKN Tan - $5 add on or $9 individually
Shiney black over bake - $5 add on or $9 individually
Tapco orange w/ minor damage - $5 add on or $9 individually
Worn Russian black - $10 add on or $15 individually
BFPU Bulgarian - $5 add on or $9 individually
Good to execellent Yugo M70 - $5 add on or $9 individually
UKN OD Green - $5 add on or $9 individually
Hungarian AMD65 Grey - SOLD
Hungarian AMP69 baby blue - $75
Magpul Handguards Plum Zhukov (fit for VEPR) or Grey AKM - $45 each
VEPR w/ smooth upper handguards - $35
UKN 74 style black handguards - $45 each
UKN railed handguards - $35
3x Beryl folding stocks - $310
Metal railed Beryl handguard set - $310
Beryl lower - $65
Bulgarian Arsenal SAM 4-piece set - $75
Tantal wire folder - $80
Galil lightweight folder w/ pad - $185
Black Saiga sets - $45 each
Uppers & Pallad Lowers
Russian 74 scalloped upper handguards - $49 each
Romanian Bakelite upper handguards - $95 each
NOS Polish Pallad Lower Handguards - $150 each
EG BFPU grips & Upper handguards - $7 add on or $12 individually
Beaver barf grip - $28
2x Lower Handguards - $28 each
folding stock butt pad sleeves - $18 each
AMD65 stock/grip sets - $125 each
Hungarian Blue AKM63 sets - Complete w/ all by two unicorn metal parts - $710 each
Individual prices =
NOS Blue stock sets w/ all hardware - more complete than the AOA sets - $150 each
Blue grips with grip nut/screw - $200 each
NOS, unnumbered long gas tube & lower handguard - $180 each
Underfold Stocks
Hungarian set, complete with trunnion & all hardware - $125
Milled Chinese with rear stub and grip nut - $210
4x Bulgarian stocks, with hinge hardware - $55 each
2x Russian, one assembled with hinge hardware, one T2 disassembled - $105 assembled, $85 disassembled.
Cleaning Rods - Detailed pictures here - Bottom to top
NOS Russian SVD 3-piece cleaning rod - $115
NOS Early & late model AKSU cleaning rods - $45 each
NOS Russian RPK74 5.45 Cleaning rods - 22.5" long - $55 each
NOS Russian RPK 7.62 Cleaning rods - 22 3/8" long - $55 each
NOS Russian Cleaning rods, Ribbed T1/early T2 variants - $75 each
NOS Russian AKM cleaning rods - $39 each
NOS Polish Tantal cleaning rods - $45
NOS Repro North Korean T68 cleaning rods - made from OG rod measurements - $75 each
Romanian AKM cleaning rods - $18 each
AK Parts - Multiple items - Detailed pictures here- Listed from left to right off the overall parts picture
Muzzle Devices
Han Solo Blaster aluminum repro cone - $25
26mm Yugo Cone - $35
24mm VISM w/ 14x1LH adapter - $30
24mm Bulgarian 74 device - $45
VEPR 12 thread protectors - $20 each
PKM - Flash Hiders - 18x1.5LH - $65 each
Second & third row are all 14x1LH threads
VEPR barrel protectors - $5 add on or $9 individual
VEPR RSB with pinned 360 degree spike brake = $45
Hungarian flash hiders - $5 add on or $9 individual
2x extended AMD65 brakes - $25 each
UKN parkerized brake - $25
Extended Fishscale brake - $30
2x UKN rigged brakes - $35 each
Custom cheese grater brake - $25
UKN scaled brake - $25
PWS GEN 2 hider - $95
UKN ribbed flash hider - $15
Bulgarian ARM-4 2-slot brake, NOS - $75
R.A.G.E TCS recoil system end cap, rethreaded to 14x1lh to serve as muzzle cap - $10
2x Romanian AMIR long flash hiders - $95 each
Top Covers
Chinese milled - $55
Chinese w/ scope rail - $75
UKN Railed - $15
M92 missing flip sight - $35
2x virgin Yugo M92 barrels - $125 each
Turbo This Russian T1 replica - $175
OG Yugo M92 star piston - $75
MISC US made AKM & 74 pistons w/ 2x AMD65 length - $15 each
Recoil Rods
3x NOS Polish Gn.60 - $70 each
3x Chinese - $40 each
4x Russian AK100 series - $55 each
2x UKN - $20 each
Gas Tubes
NOS Polish AKM - $35 each
NOS Polish AK47 T3 - $45 each
2x UKN - $20 each
1x NOS Russian AKM - 60
1x Yugo M72 - $25
Chinese - $45
Chinese with OG Cheese Grater upper - $125
Hungarian AK63 - $45 each
2x Saiga - $15 each
East German AKM - $35 each
AK12 / SVD parts
New Russian Vector-12 AK12 handguard - $385
2x NOS Russian SVDS covers - $385 each
NOS Russian SDV Bipod - $650
SVD Extractors - $25 each
SVD buttpad extension - $25
SVD buttstock bakelite grip cap - $25
4x NOS SVD safeties - $45 each
Milled Stubs
Yugo Rear milled M64 stubs - Fixed & Underfold - $75 each
2x Front milled stubbs - Hungarian & East German - $75 each
Russian AKSU
2x Gas Tubes - $150 each
3x Piston - $55 each
Virgin FSB.Gas Block - $450
Sight Leafs
NOS Russian RPK - $85
2x NOS Polish T3 - $45 each
2x Russian Tigr - $35 each
2x Chinese - $35
4x Builder special Russian RPK FSBs - $45 each
VEPR 12 FSB/Gas Block combo - $65
MISC trigger guard parts - $10 add on / $15 individually
Romanian PSL Lot (2x carrier, 1x stripped bolt, 1x top cover, 1x piston 2x trigger guard, 2x muzzle brake, 1x FSB, Gas Block & bayonet lug) - $295 for the lot
Yugo M72 handguard retainer - $25
Bottom half Polish night rail - rough shape - $65
Hungarian AMP69 gas wrenches - $25 each
2x single point sling attachments - 1x is E93, other is UKN - $15 each
Safety Leavers
East German AKM leavers, early & late versions - $35 each
East German AK47 T3 - $45 each
1x Bulgarian T3 AKK - $45
North Korean T68 Lot - 2x Underfold Stock, both complete w/ hardware (1x missing sling loop) 1x rear trunnion w/out weldment, 1x front trunnion, 1x Bolt & bolt carrier (SN=3300) Handguard retainer (locking leaver seperated from retainer, but present), RSB (missing leaf), BFPU grip. - Lot = $545
Polish BFPU AKM lot (recoil rod, bolt (complete) FSB, gas block, safety, FCG parts - $125
Yugo M85 .223 Bolt - $125
Leaf springs - $2 add on
Yugo M70 grip screws - $4 add on
Yugo M92 virgin rails - $5/pair add on
Hungarian AMD65 lot - Gas block, FSB & handguard retainer - $65
Saiga/VEPR lot - FSBs, Gas Block, VEPR barrel handguard loops, FCG parts - $65
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2023.05.29 07:26 Sotarnicus If the new search for the sandvich saga video comes out and it's in seattle, the chances of the voice actors doing new lines for tf2 skyrockets

If the new search for the sandvich saga video comes out and it's in seattle, the chances of the voice actors doing new lines for tf2 skyrockets submitted by Sotarnicus to tf2 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 07:22 FlashMcSuave Do the forgeworld land raider doors fit the Proteus?
I am considering getting a land raider Proteus - does anyone know whether the doors are the same size as other land raiders?
Basically, would the ones shown here fit?
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2023.05.29 07:20 zarreeyuh The Future of BLACKSWAN after “Karma” comeback

So, Blackswan finally came out with a new comeback song, and I can’t help but question how this comeback will impact their future, if it will at all.
First of all, I absolutely love their comeback song! It’s one of my favorites, and I can’t stop listening to it. They honestly did a really good job this time around. However, regardless of how good their comeback song is, I can’t help but feel that their company will somehow screw them over.
As y’all may know, DR Music does not have the best history when it comes to groups and their success. Blackswan started off as a group called Raina, then they rebranded a few times and ended up as Blackswan. They made a lot of headlines, mainly for having the first black K-pop idol in their group (before she left and was switched out, of course), but they haven’t really been promoted much outside of that.
For example, this lineup is perfect in my opinion. They are all very talented girls and have so much potential as a group. But you know how DR loves switching out members, adding new ones, and just playing around with the lineup instead of just creating a new group.
I want to say that they’ve been doing a pretty good job lately promoting their new song, and I’ve seen them on a lot of music shows, and the girls have been doing great! Their performances are amazing. But it makes me sad whenever I'm reminded of the company they're under. :(
So what do you guys think? Do you think this is a new era for the company, meaning that they’ll actually start putting a little more work into the group? Or do you think the cycle is bound to repeat itself?
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2023.05.29 07:13 Proctor-47 I don’t care if no one agrees with me. I feel the need to get this off of my chest:

Fuck this show. Fuck this show for making me get my hopes up that Bill Hader could pull off a crime drama/dark comedy well enough to earn my approval. What a colossal waste of potential. This show could’ve been like a West Coast version of Fargo or Dexter, but that possibility was destroyed so that Bill could make a mediocre comedy and a horrible crime drama. Where do I even start with the mistakes that this show makes?
  1. The miserable and lazy way that Bill did the gunfights. People stand around for 3 seconds, pointing their guns at someone but never pulling the trigger until they randomly get killed. What? Who the Hell stands around for 3 seconds during a fucking gunfight?! If anything, a realistic gunfight would have people shooting their guns much more frequently than just only shooting when the plot calls for them to shoot. This screams “I’m too lazy to edit and block a gunfight scene to look well done” so Bill just depends on his audience having no desire to see realistic and well directed gunfights in a TV show. If I had a dollar for every time someone in this show did something during a gunfight that only a 2-year-old monkey with a gun would do, I’d have enough money to buy myself a steak dinner at Applebee’s.
  2. The extreme over dependence on deus ex machinas to move the plot forward. I understand that comedies often use this trope, but this show is meant to exist in reality, and it’s not meant to be a pure comedy show. When SO MANY PLOT IMPORTANT SITUATIONS THAT I CAN’T EVEN COUNT occur because of random bullcrap that would only occur if you were playing Fallout: New Vegas with the Wild Wasteland park equipped (and then modded to operate at 300% efficiency), your writing does not come across as creative or good, it just comes across as contemptibly lazy. If Bill’s goal was to make me laugh by doing this, then he failed. All it did was make me see him as a writer who isn’t willing to put in the work to write plot threads that have at least a reasonable chance of playing out in real life.
  3. The comedy and drama in this show was NOT balanced well. I don’t care what anyone else says: this show was clearly 2/3 comedy and 1/3 drama, yet had the audacity to call itself part comedy, part crime drama. Also, some of the comedy was just juvenile and cringeworthy: some scenes felt like I was watching The Office, but not in a “Lol that’s hilarious!” way, but a “If someone said something like that or did that in front of me, I’d stare at them for 3 seconds with my eyes full of confusion and contempt before walking away and never speaking to them again” way.
  4. Too many side characters got 0 meaningful conclusions or follow ups; they just popped up, filled a role, and then went “poof” with no explanation as to why we aren’t seeing them again when we know how important they can be to the main characters’ lives and arcs. Characters like Albert, Lily, Sam, and Katie were interesting to watch, but to have Bill just make them suddenly disappear out of thin air and get no realistic or satisfying conclusion to their part in the story was irritating and a bad writing mistake. Where the Hell did Albert go after Barry got arrested? Did he seriously not get AT ALL involved in the trial? It would’ve been nice to see that.
  5. Barry didn’t get enough action in this show. I know that Bill’s intent wasn’t to glamorize murderers, and I support that, but at least show us and remind us semi-frequently that Barry is a skilled and deadly killer. Having him only kill people with IQs of 14, or people who are distracted, or having him get ready for a big fight just to have the potential fight scene be stopped by something, only serves to make us not fear Barry, and leaves any desires to see a good and well written/directed action scene unsatisfied. We know that Barry’s dangerous, but we don’t see him as this very powerful force that we should see him as. A series like this should make you fear Barry, but I found myself only slightly unnerved by him. Just hire good quality stunt coordinators and stunt doubles if you’re unable to do fight scenes. You have the money for it, Bill.
  6. Hank and Fuches had no real backstory, and Barry’s backstory felt insufficient and shallow. No in depth look at his childhood? Not really telling us his reason for joining the Marines? Come on, one vague flashback in Season Four isn’t enough!
For anyone wondering why I stuck with the show for so long, despite disliking it, it’s because I had hope; very large amounts of hope. I had hope that Bill could redeem his writing and directing skills in my eyes by creating an amazing final season and/or episode, but the finale proved my fears that my hopes were being raised for something that would ultimately disappoint me.
That’s all I have to say. Yes, the show did have good messages, cinematography, acting, and symbolisms, but these (for me at least) didn’t make up for the overall poor quality that the show had. I’d rate this show a 4/10. Please do better in the future, Bill.
TL;DR I didn’t like this show because Bill Hader wrote it very lazily and focused too much on trying to make the show funny that its quality suffered
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2023.05.29 07:12 DreamingOfHope3489 ChatGPT & I Have Developed What I Believe to Be a Unique Midjourney Prompt Generator: We've Compiled a List of 74 Diverse Topics That Generate 25 Unique Sets-of-Three Prompts, Spanning History, Science, & the Unknown

By compiling a list of 74 comprehensive and diverse topics, ChatGPT and I have developed a system that generates 25 unique sets-of-three image prompts per request. I think this collaboration between ChatGPT and I might be one of a kind. It surely is impressive in scale. The only issue is that I haven't been able to find an online tool to reorganize the list of 74 topics into a more sequential and logical order. Please give this generator a try and share your valuable feedback. I'm considering creating a website for it. If anyone can identify a topic that is not included in the list of 74, please let me know. Also, ChatGPT sometimes stops following the prompt and makes up its own rules. So, when needed, adjust the prompt accordingly. Mix and match if you prefer,
ChatGPT, please create a list of 25 distinct sets. Each set must contain three unique items. Every item within a set must be drawn from a different category, ensuring a diverse and varied mix. With a total of 74 categories available, please select items randomly to guarantee that each set is unique. Kindly list the 25 sets of three items without identifying the categories they belong to or including any category numbers. Do not use parentheses.
  1. Scientific Concepts, Theories, and Fundamental Principles: Encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Environmental Science, and More
  2. Mathematical Concepts: Including Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Number Theory, etc.
  3. Metaphysical Concepts: Including Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind (e.g., Quantum Consciousness), Reality and Perception, Time and Space, etc.
  4. Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Thought Experiments
  5. Global Cultural Diversity and Traditional Practices: Including Indigenous Tribal Festivals, Folk Dances, Traditional Crafts, Rituals, Customs, Ceremonies, Holidays, and Indigenous Cuisine
  6. Futuristic Technology and Speculative Visions
  7. Deities and Divine Beings Across Cultures and Historical Eras
  8. Mythologies, Folklore, Legends, Tall Tales, and Legendary Beings
  9. Religions, Religious Communities (identify specific Monastic Orders, Nunneries, Convents, Friaries or Hermitages), Clergy, and Notable Religious Figures throughout history (Instructions: Emphasize respect and sensitivity, focus on historical and cultural significance, avoid comparisons or judgments, highlight positive contributions, exclude controversial or sensitive topics)
  10. Revolutionary Social Movements, Political Ideologies, and Influential Figures
  11. Ancient Civilizations and Historical Epochs
  12. Inventors, Scientists, and Notable Contributors to Science and Technology
  13. Cartography, Exploration Tools, Expeditions, and Notable Explorers
  14. Animal Life: Including Types of Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Non-human Mammals, Birds, Extinct, or Prehistoric Animals Including Prehistoric Hominids
  15. Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Ecological Adaptations
  16. Unique Geological Formations and Landmarks
  17. Types of Weather Phenomena and Natural Disasters
  18. Environmental Challenges and Human Impacts
  19. Landmarks, Monuments, and Architectural Wonders
  20. Celebrated Literary Works, Literary Genres, and Authors
  21. Acclaimed Films, Cinematic Genres, Directors, Actors, and Actresses
  22. Iconic Characters in Literature and Film
  23. Iconic Fictional Worlds or Universes
  24. Visual Art and Artists: Including Different Mediums (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawings, etc.), Artistic Movements Throughout History, Notable Works, Famous Museums and Galleries, and Artists
  25. Music Through History: Genres and Subgenres, Instruments, Composers, Performers, and Festivals
  26. Writing Systems: Including Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Calligraphy, Script Styles, Notable Texts and Inscriptions, and Materials for Writing
  27. Pioneering Discoveries or Inventions
  28. Unexplained Mysteries and Phenomena
  29. Psychology and Psychiatry: Disorders, Treatments, Notable Figures, and Historical Developments
  30. Architectural Styles and Traditional Dwellings
  31. Historical Clothing and Fashion Eras
  32. Military History, Weaponry, Battles, Wars, and Respected Military Commanders Throughout History
  33. Landmark Historical Events, Transitions, and Milestones
  34. Culinary History: Including the Evolution of Cooking, Regional and Cultural Cuisine, Notable Chefs and Gastronomy Figures
  35. Evolution of Transportation: Vehicles, Modes, and Technological Advancements
  36. Astronomy and Space Exploration: Celestial Bodies, Space Missions, and Technological Advancements, Notable Astronauts and Astronomers
  37. Archaeological Sites, Historical Artifacts, and Notable Archaeologists
  38. Human Anatomy and Physiology: Body Systems, Organs, Diseases, Pathogens, and Biological Functions
  39. Digital Entertainment and Social Media: Including Computer and Video Games, Social Media and Online Communities, Game Consoles, Emerging Entertainment Technologies, and Related Technologies, and Board Games, Chess, and Hobbies
  40. Sports, Physical Activities, and Fitness: Including Various Sports, Athletic Events, Forms of Exercise (Including Types of Yoga), Exercise Equipment, and Notable Athletes
  41. Specific Global Humanitarian Crises: Including Historical and Current Crises
  42. Performing Arts: Including Specific Operas and Ballets, Other Dance Forms, Stage Plays, and Other Types of Performing Art, Performing Arts Centers, Along with Notable Performers in Each Field
  43. Iconic Prisons and Correctional Facilities in History
  44. Notable Pirates, Bank Robbers, and Cowboy Outlaws in History
  45. Iconic Television Shows, Characters, and Animal Companions Throughout History
  46. Iconic Cities and Vacation Destinations in the World
  47. Animal Companions: Dogs (Pure and Mixed Breeds), Cats (Pure and Mixed Breeds), Birds, Horses, Arachnids, Reptiles, Fish
  48. Historical and Modern Jobs, Trades, and Professions
  49. Maritime Disasters and Airship Disasters: Notable Shipwrecks and Airship Catastrophes
  50. Constructed Transportation Routes: Canals, Waterways, Highways, Railways, and Other Human-Created Transportation Infrastructure
  51. Counterculture Movements and Subcultures: Including Hippies, Mods, Beatniks, Punks, Goths, and More
  52. Natural Landscapes and Landmarks: Including Oceans, Mountain Ranges, Waterfalls, Caves, etc.
  53. Healing Practices and Modalities: Including Traditional and Alternative Healing Techniques, Energy Healing, Bodywork, Holistic Therapies, and Mind-Body Approaches
  54. Divination Practices and Techniques: Including Tarot Reading, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Runes, I Ching, and Other Divination Systems
  55. Dualism and Non-Dualism: Philosophical Perspectives on Reality and Consciousness
  56. Panpsychism and Animism: Perspectives on the Consciousness of Nature
  57. Mystical and Esoteric Traditions: Exploring Hidden Knowledge and Spiritual Mysteries
  58. Gnosticism: Ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Knowledge
  59. Hermeticism: Ancient Esoteric Teachings and Spiritual Alchemy
  60. Mystical Philosophies and Traditions
  61. Metaphysical Beings and Realms
  62. Reincarnation and Soul Connections
  63. Psychology of Spirituality and Transpersonal Exploration
  64. Extraordinary States of Consciousness
  65. Dream Exploration and Analysis
  66. Consciousness Studies and Cosmic Consciousness
  67. Time and Cycles: Cosmic Cycles and Spiritual Perspectives
  68. Astrological Concepts and Zodiac Studies
  69. Spiritual Movements, New Age Philosophies, and Concepts
  70. Transcendent Experiences: Ascension, Light Bodies, and Spiritual Evolution
  71. Spiritual Concepts and Phenomena: Indigo, Crystal, and Star Children
  72. Spirituality and Communication: Channeling, Mediumship, and Spirit Communication
  73. Cosmology and Astrological Concepts
  74. Energy and Vibrational Studies: Biofield Sciences and Energy Medicine
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2023.05.29 07:10 Rangers_Bot Game Chat: 5/29 Rangers (33-19) @ Tigers (25-26) 12:10 PM

Rangers (33-19) @ Tigers (25-26)

First Pitch: 12:10 PM at Comerica Park
Team Starter TV Radio
Rangers Nathan Eovaldi (6-2, 2.60 ERA) BSSW 105.3, KFLC (ES)
Tigers Matthew Boyd (3-3, 5.74 ERA) BSDET 97.1
Join us on Discord!
Game Preview

Line Score - Scheduled

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
TEX 0 0 0 -
DET 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 12:10 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.05.29 07:07 Apprehensive-Act222 Exploring the Benefits of Web Design

In this modern era, a website is essential for a business. It is the way to attract new customers. A well-designed website can make a big difference in your business.
Here are some benefits of having a professional web design:
Microdeft can help to achieve your goals. They offer web design from customizing your existing website to building a new form. They work as your requirements and vision that reflects your brand.
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2023.05.29 07:02 Better_Vanilla_398 Meteorologist with 10+ years of experience in the military

Hey everyone!
New to the page but was wondering if anyone knew of any good resources to look for meteorological jobs. I have served over 10 years in the marine corps and was trying to job search while I’m still in.
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2023.05.29 07:00 AutoModerator Weekly Seattle Discussion Megathread: May 29, 2023

Don't forget to check out our Discord - we have dedicated channels for moving and recommendations questions and lots of locals to help answer them.
This thread is created automatically and stickied weekly for /seattle users to share events, ask for recommendations, and discuss recent and upcoming news and current events.
The following topics are welcomed in this thread:
If you have questions about moving to (or visiting) Seattle:
You can also search previous weekly threads or check the wiki for more info / FAQs
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Interested in helping moderate /seattle? Fill out an application - details here
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2023.05.29 06:49 Zephyrwin "Only mukbangs, traveling, and showing off celebrity homes...", Netizens talk about the decline of variety shows compared to the earlier days

allkpop link
Netizens talked about the decline of variety shows compared to the earlier days.
On May 28, one netizen took to a popular online community forum and wrote, "I'm not from that era, but from what I hear from my sister, the variety shows from long time ago were apparently super entertaining. When I look up variety shows from the past, there are so many fun episodes so I just watch them all on YouTube."
The netizen then critized the variety shows from the recent days, writing, "Nowadays, they're all mukbangs, about traveling, or installing cameras in celebrities' homes so that they can show off just how fancy their lives are, how happy their lives are, how kind they are to their families, or how happily they take care of their children...They only do reactions whereas long time ago, they used to throw their bodies around and become the center of the joke, so viewers would connect with them really well."
Netizens commented:
"I hate 'I Live Alone' and 'Omniscient Point of Interference' the most. I came to the realization that I have no idea why I'm sitting there watching these things, so I stopped watching them."
"Only the panel members are switched out, but if you just look at the VCR you can't even tell the difference between 'I Live Alone' and 'Omniscient Point of Interference'."
"Seriously, all they show nowadays are stuffing themselves with food and laughing amongst themselves."
"For real, they are not genuine at all. They just play, eat, and talk amongst themselves and have a ton of boring."
"Nowadays, I only see celebrities showing off their money. Loll."
" 'Hangout With Yoo' is the most severe. I recently watched if after a while and unknowingly blurted out, 'what the f*ck are they doing?' "
"I stopped watching variety shows after 'Infinite Challenge' ended."
Do you guys agree with what the Korean netizens are saying? I kinda agree, I feel like I'm been losing interest in the recent episodes, and the new shows are mostly travel-oriented, with an all-male cast too.
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