Lulu aram build

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A community for links to products that are on sale at various websites. Monitors, cables, processors, video cards, fans, cooling, cases, accessories, anything for a PC build.

2014.07.21 04:46 "nerfs"

A domicile for those fond of shanking foes in the popular cyber environment, DotA 3.5, otherwise known as League of Faker. Produced by Blizzard, this game has an extensive roster of over 6 characters to choose from. Of which, the best character, Talon Du Couteau, is the main topic of this subreddit. Upon entry, you may find yourself wondering why you have yet to sacrifice your support so you may bask in the glory of Talon's assassinations. This is normal. I mean ranked. What were we talkin bout?

2015.03.06 04:05 Redsolace r/VladimirMains

A subreddit for Vladimir resources, strategy, builds, matchup discussion, fanart, etc.

2023.06.09 20:42 ChimoUwU NA LF duo (silver-diamond) or aram norm friends

Hiii, I am looking for either a duo or peeps who want to aram/norm. Any elo welcome as I have a few accounts
I really like playing with enchanters: Nami, Soraka, Lulu, Yuumi, Sera (ordered by fav), but I am open to playing with any support
Me: yucky D2 peaker and a stinky twitch main but I enjoy most adcs so can play whatever you like. Been enjoying jhin a lot recently
Feel free to add me whenever Ign: chimo Discord: chimo
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2023.06.09 17:03 Stonethacrow The Kimahri problem

I've tried Kimarhi down everyone's path as a backup and like most people say he ends up useless or not as good as the originals. For my next run I'm going to send Kimarhi down Lulu's path, Lulu down Yuna's path and Yuna down Auron's path. An MP and magic sphere will boost Kimarhi in the beginning. Lulu being the healer means when I lose Yuna I still have a healer. And Yuna has a job being the summoner and going down Auron's path will give her plenty of HP and strength to build up the aeons. This gives everyone a specific job. Also, I noticed it makes a boy's only killer's team (Tidus for agile enemies, Auron for peircing, Wakka for flyers, Kimahri for elementals) and a girls only stealing team (Kimahri being the backup stealer when Yuna is gone). Am I missing anything or does this seem like an all-around good basic setup?
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2023.06.09 01:09 LoonyLadle [Online][MM3] Text-Based Mutants & Masterminds with Strong Social Themes

Hey; I'm Lulu, thirty-four years old, any pronouns are fine, and I am looking to play Mutanys & Masterminds. I have been roleplaying in some form for my entire life; as early as five years old I was using Lego minifigures and such to play and run stories both original and emulating my favorite video games. I first got into formal tabletop RPGing about fifteen years ago, and Mutants & Masterminds about four years ago. I have built maybe fifty characters but have limited actual play experience, mostly involving games that fell apart after the first few sessions or scenes.
I'm interested in games with strong ties to real socioeconomic and political themes, that use the backdrop of superhuman powers and abilities to explore the depths of the human condition. Because of this I most enjoy well-realized, verisimilar worlds with deep nuanced characters worth interacting with, caring about, and changing their lives for the better -- or worse. I play games to chase the feeling that what I do matters, to pick sides in moral and ethical dilemmas, and to fight for them against difficult but carefully-tuned-to-not-be-insurmountable odds. I like to play weird characters that have no direct counterpart to any existing fiction and prefer to avoid the common trope of "weedy-woodly-woo, now you have superpowers, how mysterious!" so that I can effectively employ my unique characters' backstories and power origins.
I am looking to play on Roll20 but will discuss other venues. Monday and Thursday afternoons are taken, but I am otherwise free throughout the week. I have an erratic sleep schedule that makes my time zone irrelevant, but it is GMT-4 (Eastern). I have a strong gamemastering background and am willing to help prospective GMs build their game, even run the occasional session focused on a B-plot or side antagonist. I only play text games.
I may be contacted here or on Discord; my handle is LoonyLadle#7465 (at least until Discord makes good on its threat to change it).
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2023.06.08 19:05 ReddditOnRedddit Jaksho Kong

Hello everyone! First time poster with a typical alt build post. Here goes.
Obviously DS and TF are the main Wukong mythics, (or DB/Eclipse for lethality troll kong) but I wanted to experiment with his Mythic because I prefer a tankiebruiser kong build, but I find with the recent Maw nerfs that its hard to get magic resist on Wukong, and I typically lose to AP champs (I strictly play ARAM).
I tried building a Jaksho so I could gain MR over time, and honestly the build worked out pretty decently, and I figured some of you may want to try it, or tell me why Im stupid for doing it. And please, do not hesitate to tell me why this may or may not be dumb, Im a bit of a noob. Heres the build: Jaksho, Merc Treads, Black Cleaver. After this I go lethality because Jaksho will still provide you some defensive stats. I’d bought an essence reaver for sheen, a collector and I didnt get to my last item, but I would have gone Rav Hydra or Edge of Night. The build lacks damage early because sheen gets built late, but Mid to late game this build was actually doing pretty well. I was pretty tanky and dealing good damage. Feed back much appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.08 18:46 joaoCDC2020 ADCs are back to Pro Play

The two first days of WRL in the 4.2 patch just ended, and with them we can see the meta changed from APCs bot lane meta to an ADC flex picks meta. The ADCs buff were a sucess in putting them back in pro play and the mages were put aside to the comeback of Adcs in bot lane, but also with them in Mid lane and Jungle Funneling strategy.
You can see the bot lane priority below:
  1. Senna - Fasting Senna with a Bruiser, not really a Carry, more like a roaming support. But even being mostly a support, still remains as the highest priority ADC and bot lane combo.
  2. Kai' Sa - Strongest Carry, Funneling Strategy is very common, most banned bot lane carry.
  3. Corki - Mid Flex pick, seems to lose to Jhin in priority when the team already have a midlaner.
  4. Varus - Mid Flex pick, seems to lose to Jhin in priority when the team already have a midlaner. Note; before the patch he wasn't a flex pick and would go for the AP build. Now, he is using his AD build.
  5. Jhin - First usual pick, presence just in bot lane.
  6. Zeri - Mid Flex pick, seems to lose to Ashe and Ziggs in priority when the team already have a midlaner.
  7. Ashe - Second usual pick, presence just in bot lane.
  8. Ziggs - Only mage to remain meta in bot lane, but with lower presence.
9 and 10.Tristana and Miss Fortune - Appeared only once, hard to say if they will remain in the meta.
Lucian Disappeared - Before the 4.2 patch, he was one of the only ADCs to have a presence in pro play. The funny thing is, he wasn't picked in bot, but in the solo lanes(top and mid). After the patch, He just isn't picked anymore. He looks to have lost priority to Corki, Varus, Zeri and Funneling Kai' Sa.
Support changes - With the new Adc meta, there was a change in support meta too, but contrary to what some people could have guessed, they aren't big. Roaming Tanks, like Nautilus, Gragas, Galio, Braum and Alistar, are still the highest priority supports. However, the enchanters sups come back to the meta and have some good priority, especially when Kai' Sa, Jhin and Zeri are picked. The new faces are Yuumi, Lulu and Karma. Karma is also seen as a mid flex pick.
Swain - Did not seem to enter the meta, picked only once, never banned.
In other lanes - Outside for the Kai' Sa funneling and the Adcs in mid lane, nothing really changed too much. Junglers are the ones that already appeared before, assassins still appear in mid lane (Zed the one with the most presence), and Duelists like Fiora, Camille and Jax still reign in the toplane. Only two thing looks to have changed. 1. Renekton is now the most picked Top laner outside of the duelists. The buff he received looks to have put him as one of the most present champions in the meta right now, he is also a flex pick against assassins in mid lane. 2.Sion started to appear as the only non-support Tank (Nautilus would go AP when jungle). His presence is still shy, but pros seem to understand that he can be a good frontline option against the high damage output of the Adcs.
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2023.06.08 17:02 Jecht-Blade Does Winrate matter in aram?

Ask yourself.. does it really matter?
Everyone hovers around 47-60% and it's based on how often they are picked... some of these Champs you guys complain about don't appear much. is the data reliable?
Aram for me is fun playing the champ I got and just focusing on myself and what I can do better.that is my fun. No troll builds none of that, sure I'll experiment within reason but every time I see a "IVERN IS TOO STRONG RIOT NERF". RIOT barely interacts with aram at all and they've mentioned this over the years. Idk what gives you hope that they will.
Playing since season 2 it feels like I've time traveled back to season 4 to see the same complaints flipped on different champions.
You tell me an adc is on 55 % Winrate it needs to be focused on... what were the picks in that game? What picks occurred? Did someone afk and fall behind? Did someone troll? Is it 10 bots just game searching ? You don't know. To an extent it can be accurate but to create these statistic charts you need the full scope and the indepth research of let's say 1000 games where everyone plays smart to finish, seriously the whole time.
Are you just bent up because you lost and your team didn't build correctly to stop this beast from snowballing and you need a way to justify this reason?
It's aram, the matchmaking is awful. The random picks are random. If it isn't fun, play a game that is because riot clearly doesnt and never has given a shit. I havent seen some fun game modes in a while and they have the capacity to do this shit easy not to.mention the money.
I'm open minded to discussion so let's go.
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2023.06.08 14:27 Junior-Respect5564 Hello, everyone I'm the lord mardigo the best illaoi in the world two Challenger 1000lp illaoi account's Euw server. I coach people how to play illaoi, If anyone is interested make sure to join my discord

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2023.06.08 14:24 Junior-Respect5564 Hello, everyone I'm the lord mardigo the best illaoi in the world two Challenger 1000lp illaoi account's Euw server. I coach people how to play illaoi, If anyone is interested make sure to join my discord

Hello, everyone I'm the lord mardigo the best illaoi in the world two Challenger 1000lp illaoi account's Euw server. I coach people how to play illaoi, If anyone is interested make sure to join my discord submitted by Junior-Respect5564 to Illaoi [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:20 CorieD91 Learning more melee sups

Hey guys! I am an enchanter main (Janna, Sona, and Sera) but I really want to learn melee supports. I'm good with amumu (aram) and absolutely love him. I'm really bad at figuring out when to engage though. I play with friends when I'm learning new roles or Champs but I can't fully rely on them because they have their own role to focus on. Any tips? Amumu and pyke are who I love for melee but u also love Braum and Taric. Any pointers are greatly appreciated! I do know hoe to build their items just basic lane tips and engage tips are highly appreciated since enchanter and melee are two totally different worlds. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 20:48 Ashes1984 Where to look for fun aram builds?

I am having a hard time finding fun builds in aram. Most of the usual websites have standard builds. Also browsing through the subreddit, may be it is a good idea to keep a pinned thread where folks can post their fun builds?
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2023.06.07 15:29 ktmos Trying out some off meta syndra support tech in Master elo.

Trying out some off meta syndra support tech in Master elo.
So I've been running Glacial Augment + Font of Life and Echoes of Helia on Syndra support. Getting some pretty damn good results so far 3 wins and 2 losses (afk top in one loss and a 10k damage yasuo in 40 minutes on the other loss), managed to top the damage charts on most games ( ktmos).
Early Game: Level one is really bad but you always get level 2 first (Q the backline minions) I've caught many people off guard because they don't expect syndra's level 2 to be deadly with Q+E+Glacial Augment. If you dont manage to cheese your enemies her disengage and burst after level 2 still feel really good, her level 3 Q+W+E combo guarantees an enemy recall if your adc is playing something like jhin or caitlyn where they can follow up and Glacial Augment ensures the enemy can't trade back/run away.
Mid Game: I feel like her mid game is insane, her pick potential with glacial feels unreal, you kill a target with your adc and you get a free objective, your support items are also insanely cheap so you get fast mid game powerspikes with Imperial Mandate + Echoes of Helia.
Late Game: Mediocre but not bad, you should try finishing the game before people start buying MR items and your support build ultimately falls off.
I'm still testing it out but so far so good, I recommend you ban Milio due to his level 6 which cucks you and your burst combo pretty bad (and generally cause he's broken) or Thresh since he can flash + Flay you (E) level 2 and it's a guaranteed death. I would pick her if the enemy lacks assasins such as Kayn or Kha that will make you and your adc's life hard (I was versing Kha that's why I picked Lulu instead of Syndra in the last game I've played).
So what do you think? Would you try it out? Do you think it has potential?
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2023.06.07 14:15 Nintega94 Struggling to get that 2nd M6 token on Nunu. Anyway I can cheese it?

I got the 1st token by complete accident during an ARAM earlier this season, & ever since then, I've not been able to get the 2nd token no matter what I try (Game mode, build, role, anything). This is mostly due to where Nunu's meta ended up
For Nunu Jungle, his only truly viable mythic now is Jak'Sho (& I hate the 13.10 onward Radiant Virtue with a burning passion so I'm not even gonna bother with it), but the ONLY item I remotely like using on Nunu is Everfrost (Due to the E>Everfrost>R combo), but AP Nunu Jungle in general is definitely on the weaker side ATM from my experience, not just full AP Nunu, but my usual Everfrost>Demonic>Full Tank build. Tank legendary items for Nunu are in such a weird, uncomfortable spot ATM since with maybe the exception of Stoneplate assuming you do build Jak'Sho, EVERYTHING is situational, yes even Sunfire. As in Nunu can only really function against either Full AD or Full AP, or at the very least games where the main threats on the enemy team are Full AD or Full AP, so he can just stack only armor or only m resist. If the enemy Physical/Magic split ever goes more than like 80/20 in either direction, you're f$$$ed, plain & simple, you're legitimately forced to go AP unless you can somehow make use of Anathemas Chains & Warmogs
AP Nunu can sorta work in other roles, but I just suck at Nunu in other roles WAY too much to even try it (I tried Mid once in the past, it went absolutely horrible even with the proper early game wave strats. I recently tried Support, it went almost as bad). So with all that said, WTF can I even do to cheese that other M6 token aside from spamming ARAM & hoping I can actually f$$$ing play Nunu?
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2023.06.07 04:31 Negative-Custard9025 I just don't get it anymore.

This is the sole champion iv one-tricked for around 500k mastery and this new items reworks for me personally is just brutal.

All iv had recently is enchanter support with me, no engage peel or hook suppoer, just millio, lulu, yuumi and such. The funny thing is in 90% of the cases i have an enchanter, enemy team picks an engage/cc/hook champ and just reks us. I would kill for a decent tank support.

Perhaps iv got gotten outskilled, being Gold in Plat-Diamond lobbys FOR SOME REASON, but it just feels like the enemy adc carry, like varus, kogma, lucian, and such always just more dmg than me, and every game is ending before 30 and before 2 items for me.

Im just ranting at that point but this new season just feels so frustrating for me im considering just dropping phel. Any tips for building or playing with enchater support before i lose my mind? Or i may just be bad, do tell me.
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2023.06.07 04:21 SadgeApe ARAM in the other side of the world

Until recently it occurred to me that this is the only active aram community in the west (as far is I know). I have been playing aram and browsing this sub for quite some time now . I have only dived into the rabbit hole of Chinese aram culture recently when I was doing research on LPL . I figure some of you may be interested in how Chinese players play Arams, so I decided to share some interesting finds and I am happy to be corrected. (Note: I will generalize things such as English speaking aram bros as "the west" just for the sake of simplicity)

  1. Popularity Same as the west, aram is getting more and more popular. Most of the playerbase are getting older, and not being able to keep up with metas and investing hours into the games. Increasingly more players would rather play arams. Therefore, the content creation scene of Aram is thriving. There are a lot more serious and aram focused videos compare to the west, such as Champion tier list, Item optimization, troll builds, bugs and op strats etc.
  2. Winrate Teams The popularity of aram is at all time high, however many servers are plagued by premade players called "winrate team, 胜率队". These players, often with >90% winrate will have 4 to 5 premades and queue against normal players. Since these games are not enjoyable at all, some normal players will afk and surrender after spawning in-game. They use a tool called Wegame to check their opponents' winrate. A lot of high ranking players cannot win against winrate teams, causing them to form a winrate teams as well.
  3. Pushback Aram players are very vocal against winrate-premade teams for ruining aram. People will post videos of them winning against winrate teams and pride themselves for breaking their winstreak. A small amount of players even became vigilantes, and began hunting the winrate teams. These players will [email protected] mins if they face normal players, and tryhard to win against winrate-premades. (Tbf I don't think this is very common thing)
  4. Who are these winrate teams? A group of aram veterans that want to make a name for themselves and enjoy stomping others. They often compete with other teams for higher winrate. There are even aram tournaments held for winrate-premades. A lot of them are also provide aram boosting service. Player can pay to be in a member of the premade. There are also players who pay the winrate teams to grind for the aram achievements for their accounts. Sometimes 10 players in-game can reach to an agreement and start farming pentas and what not. There are other tricks to farm for achievements.
  5. How are they so effective? All of them have dozens of accounts, they will dodge in order to get the advantageous comp. The strategy itself is quite simple. A good comp with voice comm will steamroll random players most of the time anyway. They also pick champs that have fast wave clear and that can take towers fast. They like to dive players under tower and adc will hit the tower freely. Coupled with good death timings, they control the pace and rhythms of the game all of the time. Sometimes, they will mess up the death timing of the opponent (deliberately not killing a low health tank etc) in order to have the number advantage all team fights throughout the game.
  6. Interesting meta? I think the meta overall is very similar to the west as well, abusing aram buffed champs with op builds. There's memey build such as First strike nuke build: AP rengar, AP Udyr etc. The aim is to build night harvester asap by using first strike and treasure hunter. You will start to one shot players and become a menace once you have the items. Some aram analysts seem to think that the game state has returned to pre durability patch. It is better to build for full dmg to burst the enemies. Bruisers should not build defense and they should go full dmg instead, or else they will be moving Heath packs for adcs.
  7. Trying to crack the code? Same as the west, the player community has noticed the win streak, lose streak phenomenon. There are many theories around this, some claimed to have cracked the algorithm of aram matching making. They claim that not only the system will try to balance your overall net winrate, it will mostly base the winrate from most recent 20 games. Other than winrate, stats such as kda is also taken into account. Theoretically it is better to win with a bad kda. Some also claim the player activeness is also a factor, if the player has not played for a long time, the player will be awarded with more wins.
This is all I can think of now. Overall, the players there are very similar to the west, with the exeception of their Aram scene much more popular and active.
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2023.06.07 03:25 Woodstock-890 wanted to spread the catalyst gospel

only an aram but this was seriously the most fun ive ever had playing swain. BUILD CATALYST OF AEONS!!!! SOLVE ALL YOUR MANA ISSUES TODAY!!!!! :D
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2023.06.07 01:11 Stormy_Heart45 Is it just me, or did mages get a buff or something?

For context, I’m silver 3, so it could just be the Elo, but I’ve noticed in pretty much all of my recent games that the enemy team has 1 or 2 mages, and they just proceed to stomp the game pretty much from minute 1. I don’t know if it’s just the enemy knowing their characters better and that’s why theyre doing so well but it’s happened in so many games now and it’s getting a little frustrating. Couple that with the fact my team doesn’t build any MR until late game if they even do, or the fact that support doesn’t really have MR items to choose from other than Abyssal and it’s extra annoying (items not counting boots btw). Feels like no matter what I do, or how well I play, there’s a mage on the enemy team that’s 15/1 and has been throwing our mid around all game and then ends up unkillable for the rest pretty much.
If there’s something I can do against this I’d really appreciate the advice, but I also want to know if I’m crazy or if mages really are annoying right now. I mainly play soraka/lulu/thresh (and a bit of milio at the moment)
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2023.06.06 23:55 kalex33 Lux support is GIGA broken

61% win rate with Lux support and the fact that she isn't perma banned as much as Kai'sa right now is beyond insane.
There shouldn't be a single champ who can shield 1400 dmg/min while providing CC, mass shields for the entire team, slow with her E and long range damage with her ultimate. Conditioning rune makes her so tanky with her shields that she tanks more than Nautilus.
Just to put it into context: 1400 dmg/min in an average game (17 minutes) is equal to 23.800 damage. This is in average 1 1/4 champions of total damage shielded. You are literally playing 5v4 by playing Lux support.
You win every single teamfight if you have a single brain cell to throw your W between multiple champions. The typical build is Mandate > SoFW > Ardent Censer > Twinguard. The playstyle is quite literally a walking shield bot or what I call it: Lulu on steroids.
Riot, pls nerf.
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2023.06.06 18:50 Difficult_Singer9451 Time For a New Female PF

Just thinking out loud here. This game has been out for a long time now and there's only 2 women that play PF. Lulu isn't necessarily my cup of tea and Fei was literally a better dribble animation away from being bought. Is there anyone in the FS lore that could be brought to the game that would be good? Or is there a certain build for one that you'd like?
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2023.06.06 16:20 FatButAlsoUgly Are tanks considered balanced right now?

Always been an ADC main and never played much ARAM. But in the last few months, I've been spamming ARAM and found that if I picked a tank I've literally never played before, games were incredibly easy and my winrate skyrocketed. So I got curious and checked out ARAMzone champ winrates by build.
Almost every single 55+ WR champ build is either a tank/fighter building tank items, or a champ that does very well against tanks building something like liandries.
From my own experience, if the game goes past 2-3 items, whichever team has more tanks tends to win. I feel invincible playing tanks but I also do SO MUCH DAMAGE without building a single source of damage.
So, in your opinion, do tanks seem fair at the moment?
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2023.06.06 10:30 KickerLicker Need some help with builds

I was an aram assasin and a normal support player untill now, i know how Talon works as i have played him plenty in aram. How do i play him in normals? I liked electrocute for the dmg pre 6 as it did secure me kills there, but i see people running first strike and conq. What items to build and runes to run? For example vs 4 squishies or multiple bruisetanks? Also how do i farm, i seem to get poked out by almost everyone. Had a matchup with Yone and Lisandra, pre six i got bullied vs both. They seemed to always survive on very low with almost perfect combos. I go all in if enemy gets hit with w2 for example. As support my roam timers and conditions were different as well, i know i have to shove and roam but cant seem to do that. And i was thinking of getting tp instead of ignite.
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2023.06.06 05:46 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/5/2023

Date: 06/05/2023
Reading time: 6 minutes, 1249 words

Azerbaijan violates Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire, small arms fire reported in two directions

Azerbaijani military has violated the Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire with small arms fire, the defense ministry says. Small arms fire broke the ceasefire in the central and north-eastern directions of the line of contact.
Armenpress, Azerbaijani forces violate ceasefire – Artsakh MoD, Artsakh reports another ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan in the eastern and southeastern directions

Woman accused of attempting to kidnap Armenian PM’s son to be detained for 1.5 months

Gayane Hakobyan remanded into custody for 1,5 months. Ashot Pashinyan says woman tried to forcefully take him to military cemetery on May 18.

Armenia actively works around visa liberalization with EU – foreign minister

The visa liberalization issue is being actively discussed with the European Union, Foreign Minister Ararat Miroyan said on Monday. The issue is an item on the agenda of Armenia and EU members and Armenia is receiving support in almost all cases.

No final agreement on specific map for delimitation, says FM

There is no final agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan on which specific map will be used for border delimitation. Ararat Mirzoyan said that the 1975 map would be an acceptable solution for Armenia. He added that as far as he knows the Azerbaijani President didn't object to the map during the latest summit.
Armenpress, Azerbaijan needs to publicly confirm recognition of Armenia's 29,800 km2 territorial integrity - FM, Possible peace treaty won’t mention size of territories of Armenia and Azerbaijan - FM

Armenia works intensively with various countries to buy armaments – official

Armenia is in “intensive discussions” with many countries regarding the acquisition of new armaments. Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said Armenia is taking into account the fact that Russia’s capacity is unable to export weapons now given its war with Ukraine.

2 new diplomatic representations opened in Armenia in 2022

Two new representations were established in Armenia in 2022, the foreign minister Ararat Mirzoyan told lawmakers during committee debates of the 2022 budget. Overall, Armenia has diplomatic representations in 90 countries, and has diplomatic relations with 178 states. In 2022 Armenia accredited four new non-resident ambassadors to Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and North Macedonia.

Armenia to exercise full border control on its side in case of unblocking, says Secretary of Security Council

Armenian authorities will be in charge of border control on their territory in case of unblocking. Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan said this has become clear for all partners involved in the regional connections’ unblocking process. Armenia’s position in this issue is very clear, he said in an interview with Public Television.

Customs duties from EEU budget drop, says Armenian finance minister

In 2022 Armenia received 28 billion dram less from the Eurasian Economic Union’s single customs budget compared to 2021, finance minister Vahe Hovhannisyan said. In 2021 that amount stood at 84 billion 839 million drams.

Armenia considers offers from several countries on building new nuclear power plant

The Armenian Government has set up a commission on nuclear energy which studies the global market to find the most appropriate offers. Director of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant Movses Vardanyan said that Armenia should begin considering the construction of a new power plant today.
Armenpress, New nuclear reactor for Metsamor to take 10-12 years and cost $3-5 billion, says expert

Toivo Klaar to visit Armenia

Toivo Klaar, the Special Representative of the European Union for the South Caucasus, is coming to Armenia. "I am leaving for Yerevan to monitor the fulfillment of EU obligations at a high level"

The session of the Committee of Secretaries of the CSTO Security Councils will be held in Minsk

Committee of Secretaries of the Security Councils of the Collective Security Treaty Organization will discuss challenges and threats in its zone of responsibility at the meeting to be held on June 8 in Minsk. Press secretary of CSTO Vladimir Zaynetdinov said the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Alexander Volfovich.

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says maintains close contact with ex-FM Zohrab Mnatsakanyan

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says he maintains close contact with ex-foreign minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan. Member of Parliament Garnik Danielyan asked him whether or not he sought advice from his predecessors over the negotiations process with Azerbaijan.

Iranian national sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for drug trafficking in Armenia

Iranian national sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for being accessory to smuggling of 350kg of heroin. Iranian national was found guilty on all charges and handed over a 9-year sentence. Customs officials discovered heroin in February 2021 during customs control.

Washington to host another round of Armenia-Azerbaijan foreign ministerial talks

Armenia and Azerbaijan will continue negotiations on establishing relations and peace treaty. The next round of foreign ministerial talks is planned to take place in Washington, D.C. The talks will start on June 12.
Armenpress, Peace deal with Azerbaijan possible by year end, says Armenian top security official, Armenia, EU continue dialogue on visa liberalization, Foreign Minister says

Government of Armenia must try to ensure mechanism and platform for talks between Stepanakert and Baku, says FM

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says there are numerous unresolved issues regarding the security and rights of the people of Nagorno Karabakh/Artsakh. He said the authorities of Armenia must try to ensure the start of the dialogue, the mechanism and platform.

Nominations close for the 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

The 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity will be awarded on behalf of survivors of Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors. The nomination period opened on June 1, 2022, with the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative encouraging people all around the world to put forward modern-day heroes. In total, 730 submissions for 676 unique candidates have been received for the Prize.

Armenian, Azerbaijani FMs to hold new round of talks in Washington

Foreign Ministers Ararat Mirzoyan and Jeyhun Bayramov will hold another round of talks in Washington. New round of negotiations on peace treaty and establishment of diplomatic relation will start on June 12. The Foreign Ministers of the two countries last met in Moscow on May 19.

FLYONE ARMENIA achieves 400,000 passenger count in five months of 2023

FLYONE ARMENIA transported 400,000 passengers in the five months of 2023, the airline’s Chairman of the Board Aram Ananyan said. The airline is approaching the threshold of having a passenger count of 1,000,000 per year.
Armenpress, FLYONE ARMENIA to name aircraft in honor of composer Aram Khachatryan
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Armenian Wounded Heroes
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2023.06.06 03:59 DuckinDuck_ From actual Noob to Master

From actual Noob to Master
Hello everyone! I'm new to teamfight tactics, I started playing on 21/5/2023. This post will be the first of many (hopefuly) about my road from noob to master in TFT.
I will be mostly sharing my thoughts on interesting games, the ones I perform well or poorly, and I'll try and analyze them and uncover mistakes that I look forward to hopefully not repeating on future games.
I'm really dedicated to learning and mastering this game. I've watched already hours and hours of videos and streams and I'm pretty confident that the learning curve won't be extremely steep! :)
Current Rank: Silver 3
Final Team
The Game: Kingslayer Sylas (1st Place)
Today I played a really interesting game. I had a decent Anima Squad start with Jinx, Nasus and Sylas. The first augment was King Slayer. This would allow me to hit Sylas 2 really early and since I had a Giant's belt on my bench I thought why not play Sylas Carry. Also before picking it I noticed NO ONE was playing anima squad so I felt really confident on taking it.
I was really ahead of everyone after hitting a Nasus 3 and a Jinx 2. (Noob luck). I started building around my Sylas and my backline after getting decent Jinx items. (Shojin and Last Whisper). Since I was playing to win every round to get the win streak I was confronted with a difficult decision:
- Level Up to play with comp and number advantage
- Roll down early to try and get an early Sylas 3.
- Try to stack up on money and then roll it down on 6.

Since I had a really strong board with not many units I decided that I would just let my XP come in naturally for the time being and I'd save my money to get increment.
(I believe this was risky and greedy and probably not the best decision but I wasn't punished for it so I'll take it)

The second augment was Thrill of The Hunt 2 and I thought it was really interesting to use in combination with Sylas since his ability scales with HP.
(I am not sure If it was the correct decision but I assumed I really didn't have any better option.)

I was getting concerned for not hitting Sylas 3 on the early stages and it really wasn't trivial why because Sylas (and actually Anima Squad itself) was still fully uncontested. Everyone was just playing for oneshot lulu carry (3 lulu high-rolls in one game). I started saving money so I could hit 7 and just rolldown for miss fortune, vayne and even riven. At the final augment I got really lucky with my Anima Squad Crest which allowed me to hit the 7 anima squad by fielding a viego 2 with the anima squad heart.
The game closed out by after finally hitting Sylas 3, Jinx 3 and Vayne 3. I gave a lot of Mana and AP items (Manazane, Blue Buff and Statik Shiv) to Miss Fortune and gave Bloodthirster to Jinx (which Im not sure if it was the best option) I also fielded an Alistar 2 for the Oxforce and Mascot traits.
(I was hoping to find another Aegis for the magic resist on level 9)

Important Notes:
- During the game I highly focused on HP and Magic Resist items for Sylas. Lulu with Heart and Supers really kicked me some times so I really had to get a lot of MR.
- There were some times I wasn't really sure what I was doing and I was just hoping for the best. The final matchup was so close I felt forced to get level 8 and do some praying with placement.
- Indecision on itemization led to a mistake. I believe that the Infinity Edge that was put on Viego should have been put on Vayne. She was doing very decent damage and surviving very late into most of the fights. Viego was getting clapped sometimes really fast and wasn't really of use.
This was the game I hope you enjoyed the small amateur analyse of it. Criticism is accepted, share your thoughts and ask any question!
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