How to change roblox oof sound

Modes and Routines (formerly Bixby Routines) & Routines + (Good Lock Module)

2019.03.07 00:02 CandyFTW Modes and Routines (formerly Bixby Routines) & Routines + (Good Lock Module)

Welcome to our community of Modes & Routines with Routines +! Feel free to post and comment on your routines, suggestions, queries etc. Modes & Routines is a service for automatically changing your device features and settings according to the time and place and also recommends useful features. Routines + adds advanced features to Modes & Routines so you can make more powerful routines. You don't have to manually change your settings each time and it can simplify your common tasks.

2020.01.01 21:14 SLWIAY Kreek

Hey! My name is Kreek and welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm a daily livestreamer who plays more mature games on Roblox. If you like Jailbreak, Arsenal, or other games where you rob banks, take out cops, and oof everything with rockets, this is the channel for you! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and consider becoming a MEMBER to support the channel even further!

2013.05.30 20:01 MRguitarguy Young Bands

Where unsigned bands can get feedback and share their music.

2023.06.10 03:11 Training-Self4950 I wont be a disappointment

Today Is the last day I'll play video games and use social media platforms (instagram, facebook, messenger) I'm going dark and wont come back until a month. The sad part about this is that I already made this decision exactly a month ago from today, but because of my procrastination and laziness I have made 0, ZERO!!! Improvements into my life, infact I made it even worst over the past 30 days. My screen tome has sky rocketed to 12HOURS daily, there were multiple times I only showered once every 4 days, ate only about 1500 calories a day and most of it are from chips and ice cream, My pimples are getting worst like I literally look like I have a rice field on my face, and on top of that I've been watching NSFW content non-stop. I really dont want to disappoint my friends, they were really happy for me and even rooted for me to change. It would probably break them if they knew i made absolutely no progress for the entire month.
I already made a workout routine, diet plan, goals to achieve and how to achieve them, sleeping pattern and basically a self improvements program. I'm not really a begginer on self improvement so I'm pretty confident in this program I made. On top of that I made a contingency plan whenever I try to look up NSFW content my phone automatically locks for an hour and this setting can not be removed by rebooting the phone or by simply just "deleting" it.
starting tomorrow, I will post my achievements of the day and I will have you all updated on what's going on in my life. It's currently summer so it's the best time to focus in my self. Today is the last day I'll linger in my sad current state. May God help us all.
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2023.06.10 03:11 cristianoronaldo1224 Camber

Hello all, I currently have a 2015 S4 and am going to be getting some new rims and lowering it on either springs or coils soon. I’m new to the car scene and so not sure how it works when it comes to lowering it. I’m looking to have a completely flush fit ( I assume zero camber ) on the wheels. Are the stock components adjustable or am I going to need to go for new control arms? I read that on coils you can adjust the cambers but I was leaning more in the direction of springs so not sure.
I’m new to all of this and so I hope I don’t sound like an idiot asking 😂.
Thanks all.
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2023.06.10 03:10 dr_spiderfingers Adjusting to daycare

My daughter is 17 months old and she started at an in-home daycare (2 other kids) three weeks ago. The first week went pretty well, she was up to spending a few hours there and seemed fine but since then it’s been very up and down. Some days I get a call after an hour or so to pick her up because she just isn’t settling down, but other days she’s stayed a full half day and been fine other than a few minutes of crying when I drop her off. I was hoping that based on the first week she would adjust pretty quickly, but that’s not happening. How much longer should I give it? Is this an indication that this particular daycare isn’t a good fit, or is it just going to take a while? For what it’s worth she eats and drinks while she’s there, and her behaviour hasn’t changed at home other than being a little bit more clingy, so I don’t know what to think. It probably also hasn’t helped that she’s had a couple of appointments in there and the daycare was closed one day last week because of illness, so she hasn’t really had a lot of consistency with it yet.
I would rather not give up the spot if this is just a case of taking a while to adjust because I do have to go back to work in a month and daycare is ridiculously hard to find around here, but her comfort is obviously my first priority and if it’s not a good fit then I will find something else. Just not sure whether to keep trying or pull her out now and start looking elsewhere - she’s my first child so I don’t really know what is typical for this process.
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2023.06.10 03:09 Such_Rhubarb480 Men’s mental health month overshadowed by LGBTQ

Men all over the world typically have a lot worse mental health than women because of how we are taught and told to keep it all to ourselves. Suicide rates in men are much higher than in women. I find it shitty that there’s one month of the year that is supposedly meant to bring awareness to men’s mental and physical health (June) in an attempt to help men with their mental and physical health yet it is now overshadowed by Pride month and men are once again just left in the shadows and forgotten about. Pride month could easily have been any other month than June (men’s health month) and May (women’s health month) yet it has to be June and have all awareness focused on lgbtq instead of men’s mental health. I have no problem with lgbtq, it’s just the fact that men’s health is a nationwide problem that for a long time has been abandoned and pride month could easily just be on another month. Companies even change their logos to have rainbows in them and men’s health is just left in the dirt. I almost think it was purposely done that way.
Once again, just think pride month could be any other month so they can still get their awareness and men can get the awareness and help they need.
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2023.06.10 03:09 plantasiaa Is this normal behavior? Did I make a smart call?

I (32F) broke up with my BF (34M) after a terrible fight. He was shouting and swearing at me and being so hurtful. He never called me names but it sounded like he hated me and I had enough. Left in secret the next day and broke up with him over the phone because it felt safer and I knew it would be easier for me.
My ex used to seem so temperamental, and when I would express concern at how he handled his anger or how hurtful his tone was, he would often tell me I was exaggerating, that he couldn’t believe I was upset about that, that I wasn’t allowing him to be mad, etc.
He would tell me sometimes that I had ‘ruined the day’ or that HE thought everything was fine and that we were happy, but APPARENTLY I was not. He made a comment once after a discussion that he was GOING to play video games with his friends but that plan got RUINED because of me wanting to talk (the night was still young, and this comment seemed so childish and hurtful to me.
He once blew up at me for trying to respectfully tell him that something he had said to me the night before hurt my feelings. He several times told me that he couldn’t believe I had ‘waited’ to talk to him about something, that I had had ‘all day’ to say something, and NOW I was bringing it up?
He would seem like another person when mad, and it felt sometimes in those moments like he hated me. I made a comment about a guy’s cool jacket with studs in line at a grocery store, and he just turned and looked at me harshly and said ‘STOP’ in a surprising tone, telling me later that the guy looked sketchy and he didn’t want him to start anything, that I was ‘making fun’ of him and he might hear me (we were not that close to him). He would seem to flip, like a switch, and use tones that really damaged me. And when we discussed things, he would get digs at me like, oh yeah right, don’t tell me I can’t swear when I am mad, don’t give me that-you swear too, you knew what you were doing, how did you think this was gonna go, and throw up his hands, say ‘Jesus Christ’, and ask heated questions like ‘did you possibly think that was going to help?’ Or ‘we have been fighting all week and you thought it was a good idea to make other plans?’ Or ‘you just aren’t going to answer me, don’t you realize how hurtful that is’ if I didn’t answer his texts fast enough during a rough patch.
A few times he genuinely worried me. Once he dropped something on his foot and in retaliation slammed it down so hard that it damaged the trim in a room, and when I sort of ‘shut down’ because this behavior scared me a little, he proceeded to get furious at me for not allowing him to be angry and proceeded to scare me further by slamming doors very loudly.
The first time I was supposed to move in, he was grumpy that morning and when I asked him what was wrong he said very angrily ‘I TOLD you I didn’t want to DO this today’ and made me fee like garbage, like I was being such a burden. I later called my family and cancelled their scheduled help, and then he got upset with me saying ‘i WAS getting ready to come over and help’.
I ended up leaving in secret while he was at work, and the relationship dissolved from there. I felt like I had no choice. It was after a particularly bad ‘fight’ where I was crying and speaking calmly and respectfully, and he was shouting and swearing so loud that I honestly wondered if a neighbor would call the police. He leveled accusations at me during this fight that I didn’t like his family, and that, when I said I felt like he was always mad at me, to ‘stop doing dumb f****** sh**!’.
We would often get into this cycle where he would get mad, I would ‘shut down’ and then he would get further mad at me for shutting down. I swear I wasn’t intending this as the silent treatment, but rather as a reaction to feeling hurt or that I couldn’t do anything right, like I was walking on eggshells or just in my head trying to process what happened or how worried it made me for our future. My therapist told me this was more of a trauma response or fawning rather than silent treatment, but I just couldn’t help it-because if I tried talking about stuff he would often respond badly and it would be a thing, so I felt like I was darned if I do, darned if I don’t, so to speak.
One time I was leaving for work in the morning on a day he had off, and I told him I was about to head out. He was making breakfast and I could tell he was irritated At something, as I was very sensitive and aware of when he was upset based on his facial expressions and body language and tone/behavior. He didn’t really seem to respond or say goodbye, so I just sort of stood there awkwardly until he turned to me and said ‘what?’ And I sheepishly (and maybe I behaved badly here by not just going and hugging/kissing/saying goodbye to him first) told him that I was trying to say goodbye and that he seemed upset because he wasn’t stopping and just kept making breakfast. He then blew up at me, saying things like ‘what do you want from me?’ And ‘are you seriously doing this right now’ and ‘you can see I am busy making breakfast, why didn’t you just come and say goodbye to me’ and honestly just seemed to lose it. I felt like absolute shit and my stomach dropped. I said sorry, I wasn’t trying to make a thing I just wanted to say goodbye-and just said sorry and left for work. He said BYE really nasty and I could hear him setting things around in the kitchen really rough as I was walking out the door. I was so flabbergasted because he had just come back from a trip and he was all ‘i missed you so much’ ‘I can’t wait to come home to you’ etc. he apologized later that day and told me it was because he was stressed out about how messy I had left the spare bedroom and how he felt like he was always cleaning up after me. I told him I was sorry and would be better about being cleaner and tidier, but I was also clear about how this kind of stuff was just giving me whiplash. This happened just. A few weeks before I left.
Is this abusive behavior? Can anyone relate to me experiences? He was often kind and we had many wonderful memories and times together, but they never seemed to offset or minimize his vitriol when he did get angry, and I finally had enough and realized that no one else ever saw this behavior and that no one else in my life had ever spoken to me so disrespectfully or had ever shouted and cussed at me.
Thank you for any insight you can provide me, as I try to recover and make sense of this relationship.
TLDR: I (32F) left my BF (34M) abruptly after he pushed me too far, scared me. Is this normal relationship behavior? Is this something most couples go through?
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2023.06.10 03:09 Abandonedpuppy63 Stupid question. For the longest time I didn’t know there was a subreddit. Was there really a Vote?

I know this is probably the dumbest question ever but I’ve only been interacting with fellow fans of threedom on the discord and only recently found out about this subreddit.. so forgive me, but was there really a Vote to name us ‘piss pigs’ or is it a riff?
I can imagine both to be true. Like it does sound like a classic threedom rift, but also…I’ve been on the internet long enough to know that a vote to name ourselves piss pigs is something the internet would 100% do.
So what is the truth? It’s a rift right? That’s what I’m leaning towards, but honestly m, there was a time when Reddit band together to fuck up a Mountain Dew poll to get them to change their name to Hitler did nothing a vite to be called piss pigs isn’t that out of the blue…
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2023.06.10 03:09 Specialist-Prior-759 Narcissistic ex BF (36M) has been hacking and stalking me for 2 years now and won't leave me alone. Please help

I'm a 28F currently dealing with a revenge obsessed ex-boyfriend (36M) who has been stalking me online for at least 2 years now and is hell bent on destroying my life. Basically I was his first GF in 7 years at the time and prior to the girl before me who cheated on him he claimed he never had a GF except girls who thought he looked like Harry Potter in middle school. He is 36 and doesn't have a lot of experience with women so the break up is apparently still difficult for him to process even though its 3 years later and we have not spoken except me asking him profusely to stop doing this stuff.
At the time we were dating a few years ago I was dealing with some identity issues during our relationship which I was honest with him about, (identified as bisexual at the time, but was questioning my sexuality). We had some disagreements about it and he would always ask why he couldn't stay over early on in the relationship (~1 month into it). I ended up breaking things off with him after roughly 4 months because I felt like we weren't compatible and also because I had lost my job at the time and was dealing with personal issues on the side (severely depressed, was in therapy for it).
We were friends for a short time after the breakup until things started getting VERY weird. He began circling the road next to my apartment several times per hour EVERY DAY. At the time I considered it strange but had a limited knowledge of technology other than basic CS classes I had taken in the past. The internet would randomly shut off for 30 mins - 1 hour for no reason. I would later find out in the logs the router was being hit with DOS attacks several times per day.
I would also see my documents on Google Drive opened by strange usernames of fake accounts, and eventually had a remote access trojan on my laptop after he sent me photos of us through Google Photos which I suspect he used to infect my computer. He would backspace while I typed, open and close windows, click random things on the screen, and straight up mess with me for several hours per day every day for MONTHS.
Then eventually the computer crashed and would never start again. It was a $1500 Macbook Pro. My new car also mysteriously got something poured in the fuel tank and after a few weeks and several hundreds of dollars of new parts no mechanic could fix the car. My apartment was broken into repeatedly with subtle signs of forced entry but nothing stolen. Examples: Pry marks on the inside of the front door, side door and back door, personal care items like body wash, underwear or bras stolen or moved, coming home to find personal documents like medical records, tax records, and bank info layed out on my bedroom floor shuffled around. I filed police reports each time it happened but couldn't prove it was him.
My car has also been broken into a few times now with my dashcam broken off the mount, hidden under the passenger seat, stick figures taking a dump drawn on my windshield, and nails in my back tire and spare tire. I believe he put a GPS tracker on the car because I have heard someone outside opening and closing the car door but nothing was stolen. So far no mechanic has been able to find a tracker and I couldn't either.
I had to stop using the wifi at my apartment because every device I use on that network gets hacked (multiple different laptops, 2 kindles, and 3 cell phones). I found a keylogger on my M1 Macbook Pro (~$2000) which he also placed persistent malware on and I can not get rid of despite wiping the hard drive 8 times since this January. He defaced my professional website I was trying to use to get a job twice (first time put a pic of nude child and set his hacker username as my bank account number, added a redirect link which I stupidly clicked on and then it downloaded some sort of spyware or RAT onto my device, 2nd time he put up 2 women doing the deed also nude).
He has had remote access to this computer for an unknown amount of time and I can not afford to replace it. My cell phone also booted up into safe mode the next morning and the background was changed on my work/school email account. I tried taking my computer to a repair shop and they claimed if he does have a RAT on it, it is likely hidden on the recovery partition and they weren't able to find it or get it off my computer. This is a $2000 M1 Mac and he already destroyed my previous Macbook Pro which cost me $1500.
I also had to buy a new cell phone after I kept getting creepy phone calls and phishing texts from unknown numbers. When he put the new keylogger on my computer recently I saw where he made a folder which he named the digits of my new phone number. I had just bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy and he already got the new phone number for it and hacked it. He kept enabled the camera and microphone and while I was eating turned on the camera and started recorded me while I was eating. I factory reset the phone and he was still able to control the camera and mic on it.
I have reported him to the FBI IC3 unit 6 times now in the last year and now he is getting cocky about it and knows he will get away with it so he keeps doing it. He knows I am broke with no money and can't afford a new computer, to move away, or to keep buying a new cell phone every month and he seems to get off on trying to destroy my whole life. I have not spoken to him in 3 years now and we do not talk at all. I sent him a FB message telling him to stop explaining to him I have been going through a lot since my sister died a few years ago and just want to be left alone. He keeps doing it and won't stop.
He also recruited my crush who I never mentioned to him to help him with the hacking (my crush is a system admin) and now my crush won't speak to me at all and hates my guts. I have no idea what he said to my crush or how he got them to come after me but they have been going full on nuclear and won't stop. I caught him staking me out a few days ago at the gas station across from a wifi hotspot I was using where he was just sitting there for an extended period of time watching me. Then when I started drive near him he inched his truck like he was thinking about if he was going to follow me or not. He also knows when I come and go at night and drives by my apartment minutes after I get home at different times.
This guy seems to think I owe him something and has a serious problem. He just keeps doing all this and will not stop. While I am not the type of person to do anything crazy back, the police have done nothing and in terms of the hacking there is not a lot they can do. What can I do to at least expose this guy. I don't think he is ever going to stop until he kills me and this has got to stop.
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2023.06.10 03:09 Individual-Way7927 I (28M) split with my ex (27F) after years of her having affairs on me, but I forgave her at the time. Do I share the evidence publicly or no, when my reputation is being hit?

Hi all. I (28M) am doing my best to keep a level head, and not do anything rash.
The massively condensed story is that: I was engaged to a girl (27F, engagement in 2020, eight year long relationship) whom I thought was absolutely perfect in evert way. Shortly after COVID started, she had an affair on me when I was medically incapacitated (separate medical issue that had me extra depressed due to feeling handicapped for almost eight months) - I had no idea in the moment, and said affair lasted almost a full year until the affair partner dropped her for another woman. The story of how I found out is wild, and it may be possible I never would have known if I didn't connect dots- I'm too frustrated to expand on this for this post. I have never experienced pain like that heartbreak, and my whole world turned upside down, I was devastated, my concept of trust was completely and totally broken, I truly wondered how anyone could be so evil to do what she had done to me.
I was prepared to leave, she begged me for forgiveness, and after two nights of thinking about "whether I respect myself, or if I love her more than I respect myself," I decided to stay. Both of her parents died when she was a child. It isn't an excuse, but I told myself that if I wanted to be "a good man," I could try to make it work. The following year was not very productive. I made her go to therapy, and in hindsight, should have made us do couples therapy. Marriage delayed for this reason.
I had no idea that she was talking badly about me to all of her friends at the time, but lo and behold, about a year later, I discovered that she was cheating on me AGAIN. I know what you are all thinking, and yes, I know- I am an idiot, I am a loser, I am stupid, I know all of those things, I felt humiliated, used, and could have avoided it all if I left the first time.
I spent a month on my own outside of the apartment and convinced myself that: Because I didn't try couples therapy, there was more I could do. I admit that I did work A LOT during COVID, and my ex was lonely, I know that the first year post-affair, instead of being fully accepting, I would make comments out of spite, I would hold it over her head, my hatred was mixing with my attempts to re-establish our relationship. I found every reason why I wasn't a good enough partner, and made a commitment: I knew it was insane, it was crazy, but I wanted to truly be "a good man," and try, this time, to do the rebuilding the right way. Only showing love, never making snide remarks, trying to take initiative with dates and gifts, being super communicative about my needs and everything I personally had done wrong, I got a list from her about the things she felt were insufficient in the relationship, and I worked on every single one of them to have long-term changes.
I honest-to-god feel like I threw my ego, humiliation, and brain out the door, and was the best partner anyone could have asked for in the last year. I rejected a job opportunity that would have put my work-life balance out of schedule; I did 90% of the cooking and cleaning, I went to therapy on my own, and tried to get my ex to communicate with me more, to do couples therapy, I begged her to tell me the truth and come to me openly, that I would have a therapist act as a mediator if she could not, etc. etc. I got new hobbies to spend time with her, I would take her to get constant pedicures and manicures to show initiation, to try and make her feel prettier, I would try constantly to reflect on every mistake I knew I made, and make a reasonable effort to show long-term improvement. I took my fitness super seriously again and always tried to console my partner when she told me how she didn't feel beautiful because of her weight gain.
Recently, I learned that, in my month-long absence, when I was re-evaluating my life, my ex was telling her friends that I was an abuser, that I got mad because "she DM'd a guy," and to this day, it never ended.
Reddit: I know. I am fucking stupid. I am an absolute fucking loser. I have never shared what happened to me to anyone except my brother after the first affair, and after the second instance of cheating that I discovered, I shared it with two friends. I would tell them that I don't believe my ex was a bad person- I know there were things I could do better, etc. No one in my circle would ever dare to speak ill about my ex because I would defend her even in my darkest moments. I failed a suicide attempt in that month-long period.
My ex and I recently split, and it was because I was tipped off from a friend of hers that decided to have a conscience, that my ex was planning on leaving. The leaving is not an issue; I know that anyone can leave for any reason, and I respect it. But I felt fucking even more humiliated because, after a year of me pouring my heart out, pushing my ego aside, to try and pamper a woman who had multiple affairs on me, with belief that only an environment of love could truly fix this relationship, I didn't care that she was leaving, what I cared was how she didn't even have the gall to tell me directly. I confronted her about it on my own.
I want to reiterate that I understand I am the world's stupidest fucking person. I spent thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of my time, years of my life, and I could have ended this the first time, almost two years ago, when I found out the first time.
My ex wants to maintain a friendly relationship, but I truly believe, at this point, it is just because she doesn't want her friends and family, let alone others, to know what she did to me. I have held it in for so long, I went to therapy, there are EXACTLY 3 people who I told, who will carry it to the grave.
I truly believe that unless my ex feels accountable for her actions, she will never change. It is hard to "do nothing and be successful," as the greatest revenge, because I know for a fact that her friends bad mouth me, call me names, and it makes me want to pull my hair out because I did nothing to deserve the slander. This city is relatively small. I have an extensive library of screenshots, texts, photos, the whole nine yards that would absolutely devastate my ex if it was publicized.
I wouldn't need to say a single word- it wouldn't be my word versus hers, it would simply be her words versus the "evidence."
I feel like I need to share the intimate details with her remaining family, and maybe her friends (remember, parents died when she was young). I feel as though if they know, she will feel a fraction of what I felt, knowing that her secret is out.
I could go nuclear revenge, send it to her boss, send it to every friend who talked shit about me, post it to her socials in the middle of the night, but I just don't know if that is what my conscience, despite all of this, would allow me to do.
I will be moving out in a few days, with a new job, into a new area, to start my life anew. I am learning to respect myself and to move on. What should I do, Reddit? Do I keep these humiliating experiences to myself (of course, restart therapy), but do I not publicize it, despite knowing I'm being called an abuser by people who know nothing about what I have been through? Despite knowing her family thinks I am the cause for the lack of movement with said engagement?
It honestly hurts. I feel like I have been stabbed in the back so many times, but every time, I cleaned the blade off and tried to take care of the person who stabbed me.
Throwaway account for obvious reasons. Once again, I know that I am a bitch, a loser, a cuckboy, a fucking idiot, all of those things. I hope no one ever has to go through the pain of what I went through. And for anyone who recently discovered their partner cheating on them- just leave. Don't try to fix it. I don't want you to ever be as much of a mess as I am. Leave, respect yourself, if you don't respect yourself, no one ever will. I didn't respect myself, and I paid the fucking price.
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2023.06.10 03:09 AutoModerator Inter Milan vs Man City Live Stream REDDIT

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who report that the 28-year-old could drop to the bench in favour of Riyad Mahrez on the Cityzens’ right flank against the Nerazzurri in Istanbul.

🔴✅▶ Man City vs Inter Milan Live

Like Inter’s Simone Inzaghi, City coach Pep Guardiola has less than a week in which to make his final decision regarding the starting eleven in Istanbul.

Both Inzaghi and Guardiola have developed fairly settled starting elevens throughout their sides’ strong respective finishes to the season.

However, according to the Corriere, Guardiola could make a few changes to the team for the final against Inter.

The newspaper report that, compared to the team that beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final, Guardiola is thinking of three changes.

Man City Star Bernardo Silva Could Be Dropped For Inter Showdown
Perhaps the most eye-catching change that Guardiola could make would be on the right flank.

Former Monaco midfielder and Portguese star Bernardo Silva has been a key player for City over the last few seasons. The 28-year-old certainly underlined this with his decisive brace against Real Madrid in a semifinal second leg.

Bernardo also started for City in the FA Cup final against their city rivals United.

According to the Corriere, however, Guardiola is seriously considering dropping Bernardo to the bench against Inter.

The newspaper reports that former Leicester City man Riyad Mahrez could take his place in the starting eleven.

Meanwhile, the newspaper report that goalkeeper Ederson will regain his starting place. Stefan Ortega had been the man to start in the FA Cup final against United.

How to watch and odds
Date: Saturday, June 10 Time: 3 p.m. ET
Location: Ataturk Olympic Stadium -- Istanbul, Turkey
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2023.06.10 03:08 Full-Contest-1942 Summer strikes at Heathrow?

So, what are the odds we will actually have flights vrs getting them cancelled??
"It's important to prepare for disruptions the strikes may cause." How do you prepare for this?? How do these strikes actually impact people?? Checked bag issues, coming in ot leaving the airport???
When will BA offer a change of flight to go through somewhere other than Heathrow?
submitted by Full-Contest-1942 to BritishAirways [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:08 Frequent_Solution_84 frustrated

to preface this, trans people don’t need cis approval there’s gonna be hate anyways, but to represent it as a revolutionary gender ideology and equate us to politics over a medical issue has had devastating consequences. in the same vain depression has been delegitimized and taken less seriously because of the way the words used, i think being trans has been delegitimized because of the way the identity has been assumed by people who just aren’t, by people whose transitions soley lay in their hair dye and pronoun box in their bio. i don’t believe in fancy concepts i believe i was born in the wrong body, i didn’t transition to have long hair, i transitioned because i have terrible gender dysphoria. it makes it a phase when people are claiming being trans is an expression, when the “🏳️‍⚧️” is constantly washing in and out of alt peoples bios, when a bunch of people are making fun of their neopronouns from 2020, when all of these people are now no longer trans and you’d think people would stop assuming the label like it’s candy that gives you cool points on the internet. the label trans should be narrow, it shouldnt be as weak and bendable if it’s to stand in such a harsh society. if someone’s trans and they don’t desire to change their physical traits to that of the opposite sex, then they’re just not trans, thats not how the word trans works.
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2023.06.10 03:08 Full-Muffin-26 Am I overthinking it??

Me (24F) and this guy (28M) stopped talking 10 months ago because of my friend. I spoke to him 7 months ago and explained everything to him and he said there’s no bad blood between me and him. Anyways so he made a new Instagram account a couple of months ago and I’ve been wanting to follow him, but never had the courage because after that call 7 months ago we never really spoke, only sent a couple of snaps here and there.
I have kept an eye on his insta account (this might sounds crazy) but I noticed for awhile his followers and following never didn’t increase or decrease so he’s not actively following people or whatever. The other day he changed his profile picture on Instagram and sent a friend request that same day.
The people he follows are also his close friends mostly, like he doesn’t even follow his friends from college so it’s just his family and people he’s close with.
I also noticed he’s been watching my stories on Snapchat very quickly recently…
Idk if I am overthinking, but does this mean anything?
Thank you:)
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2023.06.10 03:08 Sweaty-Tart-3198 Recently diagnosed and rushed into surgery... what does the information I have so far mean

On Sunday this week I was in the ER due to a lot of discomfort and swelling in my testicle. I had an ultrasound and blood tests done. After about 13 hours in the ER I was told they were waiting for a urology specialist who was on call to arrive and talk to me.
He told me the following info: "Your blood tests show tumour markers slightly elevated. The swelling in the testicle has the appearance of a tumor which could be cancerous. It cannot be confirmed without removal and testing. Standard treatment is to remove the testicle since a biopsy cannot be safely performed without a high risk of spreading thr cancer cells."
Before leaving the ER I also had a full body CT scan done.
I agreed to the proposed treatment and received a radical orchiectomy surgery 2 days later.
After the surgery I was told a bit about the results of my CT scan. They said they see 1 or 2 lymph nodes in the area that appear slightly enlarged and that I will have follow up blood work done and meet with a urology oncologist in 3 to 4 weeks.
When I was getting this information I wasn't really asking about how concerning any of this is because I was just struggling to take in the information and not be overwhelmed with how quickly this had all happened.
Now I have a 3 to 4 week wait before I talk to a doctor about this again and now that the initial surgical pain is going away I'm now starting to get some anxiety about what happens next and what the outcome looks like.
From what I've read online if it's in the lymph nodes that is worse than if it is not and changes it from stage 1 to stage 2.
Does the fact they see enlargement of lymph nodes mean it likely has spread? Is it common for them to see enlargement in lymph nodes but then still turn out to be stage 1? Is this not necessarily indicative of anything? Does the fact that the next step is 4 weeks away mean they aren't super concerned? Would they have to wait 4 weeks either way?
Just looking for anyone who maybe got similar information who can help me process some of this and share their own experience around this.
submitted by Sweaty-Tart-3198 to testicularcancer [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:07 Historical-Clock2834 Cuts below 1k on a LOT of modern pop/rnb?

I've been mixing, and even producing pop music as of recently, which is very new for me coming from doing mostly alternative rock projects for people.
I've noticed when cross referencing different songs over the last decade that there is a LOT of elements (like... most of them) that are cut below 1k when it comes to music from the last decade or so. Pads are an obvious one to me but it feels like almost every synth element is low passed with a little bit of peak resonance unless it's incredibly high pitched and meant to be up there.
Other than synths, I notice it on sooo many tracks that are guitar based, sample based, even drums in some songs. etc. It does sound pretty cool! But it just feels so unnatural putting a high cut on almost everything in a song! The Daniel Caesar track for example has low passed almost every element besides drums and vocals!
some songs where i've noticed it is a lot of daniel caesar's stuff like Always, SZA - Kill Bill, even older stuff like Charli XCX's 2nd record like Boom Clap!! when you go to replicate most of the elements in the track, they're cut below 1k or even deeper!
How do you guys feel about this?! When you do pop mixes do you make stylistic choices like this? How easy is it for you to redact that high end just for the 'vibe'?! It feels like I'm doing the wrong thing when I do it! Is the principal idea to leave lots of room in the high end for vocals?
Figured it's an interesting topic because I feel that mixing vibe is very prominent and has been for the last 10 years, yet when i tried to find other people talking about this i only found discussions where people are saying that pop music is too bright and lacks too much in the low mids....... yet on so many prominent pop songs most of the elements only exist in the low mids and mids!!!
submitted by Historical-Clock2834 to WeAreTheMusicMakers [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:06 Fit_Communication937 Master List of Book Recommendations for Autistic Adults (some specific to women)

I’ve been reading a ton of books lately and wanted to share my curated list. These are all focused mostly on late diagnosis, masking, women, and queer autistic people. It is great to feel heard and represented by media.
Sincerely, Your Autistic Child
Unmasking Autism
Taking off the Mask
Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder (updated second edition will be published in 2024!)
Divergent Mind
Autism and Masking: How and Why People Do It, and the Impact It Can Have
Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism
Letters to My Weird Sisters: On Autism and Feminism
Neuroqueer Heresies
We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation
Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism
Different, Not Less
Autistic State of Mind: The Chaotic Symphony of a Late-Diagnosed Woman’s Mind
Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking
All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism
Odd Girl Out: My Extraordinary Autistic Life
Hidden Brilliance: Unlocking the Intelligence of Autism
Camouflage: The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women
Knowing Why: Adult-Diagnosed Autistic People on Life and Autism
On the Spectrum: Autism, Faith, and the Gifts of Neurodiversity
The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain
But You Don’t Look Autistic At All
Spectrums: Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words
Authoring Autism: on Rhetoric and Neurological Queerness
War on Autism: On the Cultural Logic of Normative Violence
Understanding the Lived Experiences of Autistic Adults
Helping You to Identify and Understand Autism Masking
Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed
The Autism and Neurodiversity Self-Advocacy Handbook
The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy
What to Say Next
Late Bloomer: How an Autism Diagnosis Changed My Life
What I Mean When I Say I’m Autistic: Unpuzzling a Life on the Autism Spectrum
Women on the Spectrum: A Handbook for Life
Un-Typical: How the World Isn’t Built for Autistic People and What We Should All Do About It
Drama Queen
What I Want to Talk About: How Autistic Special Interests Shape A Life
Workplace Neurodiversity Rising
submitted by Fit_Communication937 to AutismInWomen [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:06 LightChaotic Fire/Lightning Hybrid Sorc build questions

This (Firebolt and Fireball enchantments) is where my build is at right now. I'm really enjoying it at the moment even without having legendaries and affixes that compliment it well. I do have some nerdy and specific questions though for anyone that is running a similar build...
  1. Fireball Vs. Firewall. Which one works better as a secondary attack/enchantment? Visually, I love the look of the Firewall enchantment. But the explosions from the Fireball enchantment seem to be working really well and I imagine that they would put out more reliable damage since the walls are stationary. Fireball is a good alternative to Chain Lightning when a boss has adds or obstacles that direct Chain Lightning away from them. But Firewall would probably work out okay in the same situations.
  2. Assuming I stick with Fireball... Destructive Fireball or Greater Fireball? I'm running destructive now since my build is generally going to have some focus on critical hit chance and damage. But Greater sounds like it could work really well if it affects the Fireballs that occur from the Fireball enchantment.
  3. Is Vyr's Mastery the best key passive? It seems like an insane defensive buff even without focusing on criticals. The only other key passive that I'm looking at for my build is Combustion. But I'm not sure what counts as a unique source of burning when I'm mainly relying on the Firebolt enchantment to burn enemies. Like... does hitting an enemy with Chain Lightning, Teleport, and Spark count as three unique instances of burning when the burning is all coming from the Firebolt Enchantment?
  4. Spark or Firebolt? I've been using Spark because I like the look of lightning (this is more of a lightning build that is enchanted by fire) and the increased critical chance. But is that critical chance better than the resource gain that you can get from Firebolt? It would also free up some points to simply focus on Firebolt.
  5. Would it be worthwhile to try and incorporate crackling energy into this build or would it just not fit with everything else going on? I'm not a fan of running around to collect them but I wouldn't mind changing the perks of Spark or Chain Lightning to generate some crackling energy and then using the last few points I have on the fifth tier Lightning perks.
  6. Are Glass Canon and Precision Magic worth looking into? for my last few points?
  7. What about maxing out Firebolt for the enchantment effect for my last few points?
I'd also love some suggestions for some affixes that I should be hunting for once I beat the story!
submitted by LightChaotic to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:06 helpmeimstrugglin how to cope with being The Disappointment?

Hi. I'm sorta new to this, so I apologize if this is too long.
Recently diagnosed ADHD. I was dismissed from my university for failure in attending and submitting work (I was an online student). I work full time in a stressful job and really couldn't manage everything. I know that I should have withdrawn, and I'm sure I can attempt to petition them to reverse their decision, but to be honest, I don't know that I want to.
My whole life my parents have always expected the very best from me. Perfection. Somehow this expectation completely missed my older sister, and landed squarely on me.
The problem is, that I've never really wanted school. I've never wanted the ambition or academic success, never really wanted to become an attorney, never wanted the millions of dollars. Quite frankly, I don't see the value for me in being a corporate anything. All I really want with my life is a nice job that pays the bills (which I've already achieved for now), a house someday (good luck to anyone attempting to do that in this economy), and a man that loves me for who I am, not what I can produce or be shown off as.
I really just want to be loved for who I am, by my parents too. And every day I'm working on understanding who that person is. I just don't know how to cope with the disappointment of parents who have expected everything from you, and you've delivered exactly nothing.
I feel guilty for not telling my parents about how unsuccessful I am with school. And I feel that they'll be really disappointed that I kept that from them and that I have thrown away two years of school and tons of money on not even having a degree.
I know that I shouldn't be consumed with this, but the pressure to be exactly who they want me to be is immense, and I am struggling under the weight of it.
My friend suggested that I move away, or travel around and get some distance while I figure things out. As nice as that sounds, I try to be practical, and have student loans to pay on and traveling feels irresponsible when I have debt.
I'm just not sure how to proceed. Whether my parents really need to know that I've been dismissed from school, or if I should even try to fix this problem of being such a disappointment. Any thoughts and advice is welcome.
submitted by helpmeimstrugglin to therapy [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:06 BellaLorn I have what seems to be an unbelievably low testosterone count.

I'm 24, been overweight/obese my whole life. I was diagnosed with diabetes last year, thankfully it's not gotten too high, and I only was diagnosed with it for being in prediabetic ranged twice in a row.
I just had my yearly physical and asked my doctor to test my testosterone. I've felt like how I feel currently my whole life, not really seeing any difference from my teenage years to now, and I feel as though I never really had the same symptoms as others during puberty. Little no acne, my desire for sex or sexual pleasure being basically non-existent, I assumed it was normal, cause I wasn't told otherwise.
I've had two testosterone tests done now, and I am in the low 80's. That's not a typo. I've seen comments where others say 450 isn't even ideal, and I can't even fathom the change I may see when starting trt.
I'm just looking for some info of what I may see change when I start, hair loss? I assume my acne will be crazy, my main goal for going through with trt is weight loss, so I'm very excited but it's dampened by this cloud of fear.
I have a week till my doctor is back in office and the anxiety has really gotten to me.
submitted by BellaLorn to trt [link] [comments]