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2023.05.29 07:50 Elysium94 "Star Wars: The Living Force" Or, how to build a Star Wars Episode IX which ends the original Skywalkers' story on a satisfying note while respectfully passing the torch to their successors (Part 1)

Hello, there.
Continuing from where I left off on the previous post, here's the first main chapter of my revised Episode IX of Star Wars, the third and final part of the revised Legacy Trilogy I've pitched this past year.
As always, here is list of the previous posts in this ongoing rewrite as to help catch up:
Now, before we begin, I figured I'd make one last point.
With the recent finale to a certain Star Trek series, Picard, I thought I'd emphasize a through-line in this whole undertaking. One I neglected in the Prelude:
That being the importance of a legacy sequel actually feature not just a smooth transition from old guard to the new heroes, but active collaboration.
That's what we were looking for in the Sequels. So if you felt like you missed that, I more than recommend the third season of Picard, it really delivered on that front where the Star Wars Sequels failed, in my opinion.
Right, with that out of the way, now let's get a move on!
Voices of the Jedi
With plans made for the rendezvous with the Empire of the Hand, Rey and her fellow Jedi depart for Rhen Var on the Millennium Falcon.
Overseeing the mission via long-distance comms are Lando Calrissian, and now-seasoned Commander Poe Dameron.
Assisting on the Falcon are
  • Chewbacca, now captain in memory of his old friend Han.
  • Rose Tico, engineer and Chewbacca's new copilot.
  • The droid trio of C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB8.
The team review what they know of Rhen Var. It's cold, largely barren, with its most notable feature being an ancient ruined citadel seated on a mountaintop. The ruin dates back to the time of the Old Republic, before a cataclysm caused the once-lush world to freeze over.
  • Rhen Var, narratively, replaces Kijimi in this rewrite.
  • By use of a recognizable and significant planet from Legends, more history and weight is given to what would otherwise be just another setpiece.
In the ruins, the Empire of the Hand has uncovered a tomb containing the second Force-artifact coveted by the First Order. A circular stone dais depicting the Force realm Mortis.
  • Continuing the plot thread started in Episode VII, with three major MacGuffins being key to the lore/climax of this trilogy.
    • The Journal of the Whills
    • The dais
    • An ancient dagger
Finn consults the Journal, taking note of key moments in galactic history it vaguely predicted.
  • The dissolution of the Republic and rise of an Empire.
  • The Jedi and Sith both being brought to the brink of extinction, until the Sith's ultimate undoing and the Jedi's salvation.
Most telling of all is the original text foretelling the Chosen One of Jedi legend.
"A Chosen One shall come, born of no father, and through him will ultimate balance in the Force be restored."
As Rey meditates in the meantime, Finn notices a passage following up the prophecy. That when the Chosen One's legacy is tested, those who follow in his footsteps will be guarded by a warrior called the Sword of the Jedi.
Luke joins Rey in her meditation. For some time, they've been attempting to achieve a lesson taught by the Journal, something Jedi Masters and Padawans practiced in the days of the Old Republic. A state of Oneness with the Force, in which the voices of past Jedi lend their wisdom and strength in the face of the Dark Side.
  • Each of these lore bits are inspired by or lifted from Legends, as a means of fleshing out current Canon while also honoring what came before.
Ben notices Luke growing weary, and talks with him. The two have reconciled enough that they can be civil with each other, Ben even showing glimpses of the young and hopeful Jedi he once was.
Ben hints that he knows his uncle is dying, after his use of Force-projection on Crait. Two years on, he asks Luke how much time he has left. Luke is unsure, saying only that he'll do what he can for his students for as long as he can.
  • Extending the plot thread of Luke's days being numbered, this rewritten plot plays on ideas of age, the inevitability of time, and the heartache of knowing a dear friend or relative won't be around forever.
Alone, Rey's calm reminiscence continues until she reaches a block. The broken memories of her childhood on Jakku, and abandonment.
She almost recoils from it until a calm voice tells her to stay. The voice of a man whose presence reminds Rey of Luke, and Leia. The spirit tells Rey she cannot hide from her pain forever.
  • Fairly obvious who this is. Foreshadowing for later developments, of course.
Rhen Var
On the frigid planet Rhen Var, the Falcon crew land and come face to face with Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Speaking for the Empire of the Hand, Thrawn cordially greets Luke and makes note of his heritage, with Thrawn having fought alongside Anakin Skywalker long ago.
  • Referring to existing Canon novels in which Thrawn not only meets Anakin, but his later identity as Vader as well, deducing they are one and the same.
The legendary soldier and Jedi Master state their terms of an alliance between the Chiss's new empire and the Republic. That the territory controlled by the First Order be granted back to its people first, before any political advances be made by the Chiss. Any power they gain in the event of victory will be taken peacefully, or the Republic will put a stop to it.
  • As Thrawn is first and foremost a cold and calculating schemer, his influence in the Chiss civilization could be a threat if unchecked.
  • The Republic's more proactive stance marks a difference from its placid, inactive behavior in stories leading up to the new trilogy.
Thrawn agrees to the terms, confident his people can prosper without unnecessary war.
Locals take the Jedi to the excavation site. Journeying inside, they pass a mass of hieroglyphs, one of which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Alliance Starbird.
  • Another nugget from Legends.
Finn and Rey stay close to each other. Noticing the symbol, Finn makes small talk about the thousands of years of history which led to this. He and Rey talk about what was, and hopefully what can be once the war is over.
Finn's romantic feelings towards Rey have grown stronger, and though she is more reserved she feels much the same way. But the truth of her past, and the abandonment by her parents on Jakku, keeps her cautious and afraid to let herself take such a significant step.
In a moment alone, Ben encourages Finn not to give up.
  • The central love story in this rewrite of the Sequels is between Finn and Rey, following up the rather blatant setup in the first film which was, unfortunately scrapped.
  • As the new generation of Jedi is thematically aimed at overcoming the flaws of the old, romantic love is accepted.
The dais is recovered from a secluded tomb, depicting the Ones of Mortis.
  • The Daughter, embodiment of the Light Side.
  • The Son, incarnation of the Dark Side.
  • The Father, the neutral and detached patriarch keeping them in balance.
Pondering on legends of Mortis, Luke remarks that the understanding of balance in the Force has been long debated. Is it the absence of the Dark altogether? Simply keeping it in check? How can positive and negative, creation and destruction, exist in harmony when those who can harness the Force have the power to shape worlds?
  • Being a little meta with the idea of balance, and how different characters might perceive it.
But before the Jedi can secure the dais and take it back to Republic space, ships of the First Order arrive, headed by a Xyston-class Destroyer.
The ships launch a swift and brutal attack on Rhen Var, with the allied Chiss and Republic forces barely holding them off as a First Order attack was not expected for days.
The cause of the sudden assault is revealed when the Knights of Sith appear in force. Numbering in a small army by now, the dark force is headed by the Supreme Leader himself. Starkiller, coordinating his forces through a shared link in the Dark Side, directs his knights to seize the dais.
As Luke and Finn hold off several elite knights, Ben and Rey are hounded by visions of Starkiller. As the vengeful Sith menaces the pair, their minds are clouded and they find themselves experiencing visions of Exegol. Then, caught off guard, they are attacked by Starkiller himself.
Luke, sensing their distress, comes to their aid but is also shocked when his mind is briefly transported to the Sith stronghold on Exegol, where the specter of a furious Darth Sidious reaches out to him.
The shock is distraction enough for Starkiller to employ a surprise force technique none of the Jedi anticipate; the power to drain the living Force from other beings. Starkiller attacks all Jedi present with the ability.
  • In addition to losing one's life force, another side effect is frightening and nightmarish visions tied to one's traumas.
    • A psychological weapon which speeds up the process by breaking one's mind.
The group survive when Luke triggers a collapse of rubble, which in turn triggers an avalache.
The team retreat to the Falcon, which drives off any attacking First Order troops. But the dais is taken, with the First Order's Destroyer unleashing a devastating superlaser blast which scorches much of Rhen Var's surface.
As the Falcon flies away, their mission having failed, Thrawn coordinates a defensive strategy among his fleet while they assess the unexpected superweapon among the First Order's arsenal. Meanwhile, Rey and her fellow Jedi recover from the near-fatal use of the Dark Side while reeling from the horrifying extent of Starkiller's newfound power.
As well as its source.
The Countdown
Republic and Chiss fleets mobilize, with the news of the attack on Rhen Var spreading quick.
The tenuous alliance have picked up a signal across all known worlds. A countdown, which will end in only one week's time.
  • Inspiration taken from the Templin Institute on Youtube, and their revision of the First OrdeRepublic war.
As the Republic's leaders scramble for a solution, Luke confers with Grand Admiral Thrawn and interim-Chancellor Lando Calrissian on what he sensed. The presence of Darth Sidious, reaching from beyond the grave.
Even Thrawn, having served the corrupt Emperor long ago, is uncharacteristically nervous.
  • Even if Darth Sidious is dead, the very fact that the First Order is acting on plans laid by him is enough to worry any and all characters involved.
  • Thematically speaking, Darth Sidious remains the overarching antagonist of the Skywalker Saga even when a new villain has taken his place as the active one.
The Dark Path
Meanwhile, Rey's recovery from the Force-drain leaves her rattled as she has experienced the pull of the Dark Side once before, in the cave on Ahch-To. She confesses to Finn that she felt something else besides fear when Starkiller attacked.
She felt rage. Rage towards Starkiller for what he'd done to Ben and Luke's family. Rage for manipulating Ben into murdering his father, and trying to reopen her old, unresolved childhood wounds.
  • Instead of Rey's draw to the Dark Side simply being the result of a lazy retcon tying her to Palpatine, here it's just the natural result of trauma and hard life experiences. Trauma Rey has to come to terms with.
Remembering Ben's encouragement, Finn tells Rey that she doesn't have to guard herself when she's with him. He knows her, knows she's always made the right choice when it counts. So long as they can trust each other, the Dark Side won't claim her.
Return of the Sith
On the reconstructed Eclipse, once again flagship of the First Order, Starkiller holds a council with his elite.
Allegiant Admiral Pryde relays their plan to all in attendance. A wide-scale extermination of worlds loyal to the Republic, set to a countdown. In one week's time, the "Final Order" will be enacted and carve a path from the Outer Rim to the galactic core worlds. Coruscant is their final target, the seat of their enemies' authority and site of a long-buried secret sought by the Knights of Sith.
General Hux, loyal to the cause but skeptical of the Sith as always, demands the Supreme Leader tell them what lies beneath Coruscant's surface that demands their attention.
  • The "Hux as a spy" arc from the Sequels is discarded here. Hux's presence in the First Order is kept as that of the efficient but self-serving contrarian, a grounded figure in an increasingly fanatical regime.
Starkiller attempts to cow him into submission by citing the defeat at Starkiller Base, saying the rebirth of the Sith will correct any hesitance or weakness in the ranks of their new empire. Hux is defiant, firing back by mentioning Starkiller's own failure to destroy the Jedi on Crait.
Starkiller, he claims, owes his followers transparency.
Pryde attempts to silence his nephew, but tensions reach a head when Starkiller demonstrates his use of Force-drain again and brings Hux to the brink of death. The Supreme Leader makes it clear any who challenge him now will suffer the same fate, and the next time he won't stop.
  • As a spiritual successor to the famous scene in which Darth Vader chokes Admiral Motti, this sequence demonstrates a far more gruesome Dark Side power.
  • A point in which the scene runs counter to Vader, however, is that while Vader silenced an impetuous officer disrespecting him out of blind arrogance, Starkiller harms Hux for simply making a reasonable objection and hurting his pride.
After retreating to his quarters, Starkiller is contacted by Sidious, who commends his ruthlessness. Starkiller is then directed to go to the dais and perform a ritual tuning himself to the artifact.
Cutting his palm, Starkiller smears the side of the dais displaying the Son and opens himself to a state of Oneness.
  • An inverse of Rey's earlier attempt, being in the Dark instead of the Light.
Starkiller is granted a clear vision of Mortis. Now faded, grey, and devoid of any sense of life.
And beyond the veil is a series of passages that bridge space and time. This, Sidious instructs, is their goal. The object of their pursuit, beyond any armies or empires, which passage through Mortis will grant Starkiller.
The World Between Worlds
And that's it for this segment of The Living Force. Hope you like it, and as always let me know your thoughts below.
In the meantime, feel free to also look up my recently-completed postings on Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II.
And keep an eye out for this next weekend, in which I follow up recent Marvel fixes of mine by finally examining the MCU proper. Will be doing so phase by phase.
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2023.05.29 07:29 Proletlariet Leo 03


"Leonardo's always in control"
Leonardo is one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mutant turtles taught the way of the ninja by their rat sensei, Hamato Splinter. Leo is the most skilled and responsible of the turtles, acting as the team's field leader on missions against their enemies, most notably the ninja crime lord known as the Shredder.
Feats will be marked with the season and episode number (i.e. S3E5). Feats from Turtles Forever will be marked with F.







Against Projectiles
Against Melee


Vs Single Opponents
Vs Groups
Cutting Precision
Mechanical/Metalworking Skill
Precision Striking



Fast Forward

When the turtles and Splinter are brought into the year 2105, they are given special gear that provides them with a personal atmosphere, gravity regulators, and a universal translation device as well as futuristic versions of their traditional weapons


When the turtles enter cyberspace, they use special armor and vehicles


After training under the Ninja Tribunal, the turtles gain the ability to tap into their chi to enhance themselves

Enhancing Physicality

Though Leonardo is never seen using his chi to enhance himself physically, he received the same training as the other turtles and by all accounts should be capable of replicating their feats

Dragon Form

By focusing his chi, Leonardo is able to manifest and embody his spirit animal, the dragon, on the physical plane
Fire Breath


Gunshin is a mystical sword and is the weapon that Faraji received from the Dragon Forge. Faraji gifted Gunshin to Leonardo on his deathbed, claiming that the sword was always meant for him
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2023.05.29 07:18 Initial-Fuel4614 What new tribes and central cultural ideas would you like to see in Horizon 3?

Guerilla Games has done a good job in fleshing out the central points that inspire different tribal cultures and worldviews in the Horizon universe. I am curious what kinds of tribes and central ideas of worldview development Reddit members would like to see in Horizon 3.
A review of known tribes starts with the Nora. The Nora's origin mythos came from humanity’s first new generation of young people released from the Cradle facility of Eleuthia-9 and the emphasis on motherhood inspired by the nurturer servitors. The Carja have a religion of Sun worship inspired from an old astronomy book found in Old World ruins. The Tenakth get their militant worldview from an old military museum and a soldier group called the Ten. The Utaru had their life philosophy about cycles of life and death based around farming and the automated farming system found around Plainsong.
The Oseram tribe has no formal religion, but a belief in a World Machine that dictates the seasons, the heavens, and the ways of the tribes. It worked when the Old Ones lived, but became disordered when the world fell. Oseram are known as delvers, master craftsmen, lovers of ale, a patriarchal attitude, and a passion for spirited debates. The Banuk value dreams and visions for guidance and have a mythos around the Blue Light. The blue light that is emitted from the machines in their visual sensors and other body parts is said be a lifeforce and the machines are the "children" and vessels of the Blue Light. This inspired desires to spiritually commune with the machines. Attaching machine cables and other metal parts onto human bodies is reflective of this.
The Quen are from the Great Delta in coastal Asia. Their worldview comes from finding Focuses and studying data from the Old World and the Old Ones. They have a reverence for Old Ones that worked on Zero Dawn before the Time of Ashes. Specific Old Ones called the Ancestors are held up as paragons of moral enlightenment. The tribe sees itself as holding superior knowledge and morality and call all other tribes barbarians. However, there is oppression in Quen society by the Board of Compliance. It is taboo if the existing worldview about the Old Ones, Ted Faro, Elisabet Sobeck, and other Ancestors is questioned.
I am of the opinion there will be at least three or four new tribes in Horizon 3. I would like them to reflect some history of a geographic area: India, Persia, Polynesia, and a separate map area of the eastern coast of Africa that includes Mount Namuli, the home of Elutheia-2 as a Cradle facility.
I can imagine some dialog with an India-inspired tribe. The tribe has no real idea about India’s past or its main religion of Hinduism, but somewhere in the tribe’s past they come across the words and concepts of karma and reincarnation/rebirth. Those two things are key concepts in Hinduism and are very influential in India’s cultures, language idioms, and mannerisms. The basic definition of karma from the Oxford dictionary is “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” In that tribe’s vocabulary the Old Ones are called the Ancients. I can imagine a piece of in-game dialog from a tribesman listening to Aloy speaks about Nemesis:
“What you have said is certain. The Ancients, the people you call the Old Ones, certainly showed that they were prideful. They disappeared leaving only stone and metal. For all the good that did them. I guess they finally received their karma, their fate. After them came the rebirth of the world and in time a reincarnation, symbolically speaking, of Sobeck. You. Now there is a new danger on the horizon. This…Nemesis…is really a threat? What you speak of sounds like a fate destined for us. The Ancients you met doomed their little world out among the stars and now us. How do you propose we defeat such a foe? If we can not do it, than all will fall and continue in their own Spirit Cycles until the world may be reborn again. Perhaps it will be one more humble-minded than we have shown to be.”
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2023.05.29 07:10 IPostInSubs Explain to me how it's possible I follow my trainer's diet and regimen to the letter and I am gaining weight.

For reference: Woman. 30. Weigh 174 at time of posting. 5'5"
I hired a personal fitness trainer at the beginning of April. The idea was to get a bit more in shape for summer, and I was having no luck on my own, so I found a local guy and his wife and signed up because they had good reviews and people seemed to like them.
They started me on a fairly standard diet plan. Would prepare meals ahead of time, with a tiny bit of overhead for snacking. Measured out, my intake on a daily basis is about 1200-1500 calories. In addition, of course, I was given a workout regimen. It varies day to day but 3 days a week I do weights and 2 days a week I do cardio. Usually a light jog for 20 minutes. I'm not entirely certain what I burn on these workouts. Maybe 3-400 calories an hour?
They had advertised that they would not be available in person for April... and as it turns out they have not been present for May either. I don't know what difference that makes as far as my routine goes, but it feels worth mentioning.
To get straight to the point, things are not working out. A BMR calculator tells me that for my activity level, I need about 2200 calories a day to maintain my weight. Despite my daily deficit of ~700 to 1000 calories, which accounts for my workout, I am not seeing nearly any loss on a weekly basis... and some weeks I am even gaining. At first I figured it was muscle, but I dropped that idea when some weeks I'd go down a pound and others I'd go up a pound. I went up three pounds one week and cried for an hour. I just weighed 20 minutes ago. Two pounds up from last week. I'M ONLY DOING WHAT MY TRAINER SAYS. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.
The one week I saw meaningful loss was the week I fasted. 3 pounds down. Incredible to me that in order to see the progress I should realistically be seeing from these workouts and this diet, I have to just not eat altogether. Clearly not healthy, but it works!! So what am I to do then!?
I need someone to make me understand why I am not seeing progress despite following my trainer's regimen and diet TO THE LETTER. I am so frustrated and tired and anxious all the time, and just stepping on the scale every Sunday fills me with so much dread. I have been to a doctor. I have asked about Diabetes, I have been told I don't have thyroid issues, I have no known conditions that could possibly hinder weight loss. I drink plenty of water. My sleep isn't the best, but surely getting two less hours of sleep per night than is recommended is not what is causing me to gain a pound by eating 600 calories worth of food. Maybe I'm doing the workouts incorrectly? Or maybe it really has just been muscle gain this entire time... I don't know.
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2023.05.29 06:54 BroccoliBowl Returning Player

I stopped playing D2 around season 6 I think around opulence. I’ve always loved destiny but would y’all say it’s worth getting back into now. I’ve seen the lightfall reviews and they are quite bad but what’s the state of the crucible and raids/end game content now. I haven’t been keeping up with the future plans either so does bungie have any plans and do they seem solid?
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2023.05.29 06:14 coltsfan_1004 Struggled daily with suicidal thoughts for the past year or so

I had a few life changing events happen a few years ago. During most of that time, I just went through the motions with a few goals in mind. Now, those changes have settled in and I feel absolutely worthless.
I’ve lost motivation to eat, clean my house, be excited for a lot of upcoming events, start back up on hobbies, etc. I can already tell my social skills and even basic thought processes have begun to slip because of my anxiety, depression, and isolation. I zone out when driving, I get home after work and waste the day away in bed. I never thought I would ever get this low in life.
Thoughts of ending it all come and go as often as any other regular thought now. I wish my family was able to pick up on the signs of my struggles. But even if they did, there is not much they can do to improve my situation. No one can go back and change the past.
I’m just tired of being alone. Feeling worthless, ugly, like an outcast to society, etc. I feel myself edging closer to begin writing things out to family and the few friends I have, then going through with ending everything.
I’ve looked at reviews/comments about calling the hotline or checking myself in somewhere but it doesn’t seem to do much help. I don’t get paid well enough to afford counseling either. I’m just tired of feeling stuck. I don’t know what to do or what to say anymore…
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2023.05.29 06:13 Snoo-28790 Seeing someone with the exact same height and weight as me made me cry

I’m not gonna disclose my height and weight but I’m extremely short. I’ve always thought that even though I am light my height affects too much for me to feel comfortable in my skin.
Last few months I got super into exercising everyday at-least 20 mins along with strict calorie counting. After exam season I fell off and has been feeling extremely tired from it all, and indulged back in my habits. Putting me only a few pounds heavier than before
I can’t bring myself to exercise or count calories so I looked for some motivation from the internet and saw someone enjoying themselves with the perfect body.
The caption wrote my exact height and weight.. I just instantly began to tear up and just couldn’t anymore. “Why is this the case?” I don’t know but im too upset to find out and still sobbing over the fact that I just cant seem to enjoy myself and get rid of this belly that hangs forever…
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2023.05.29 05:42 TheMoistChickenLord Unbreakable tunnel vision

I have unbreakable tunnel vision when I play. I can only focus on what is in front of me. As a result of this I can’t get any better at the game. I could list count less mistakes I make repeatedly but I’m unable to change them because I incapable of thinking about them while a fight is happening. I’m sure this is liked with my ADHD.
I’ve tired a number of different things to break this habit but nothing has worked. - Used a metronome to remind to break focus. - Stopped and planed what to do in the next fight when out of combat. - Picked one thing to work on each game to not overload myself. - Tried to slow down to the point I’m not in a fight till I’ve planed everything. - Played characters that that are more mechanical focused rather then ability focused. - Review game to see if I can find when I loose focus.
All of these failed as soon as the fight start as I just forget whatever I was doing and just start shooting. I’m not sure what else there is to try.
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2023.05.29 05:23 Striking-Objective43 Aristocrat players, I need your keen eyes

Hello friends!
I'm in a slight pickle. This is one of my favorite decks, and I love all the small decisions that come with a single turn. However, I have never won a game with this, and fear that I've tinkered with my list too much and have messed up my ratios as far as;
●Recurrable creatures ●Repeatable/Multiple bodies per card ●Sac outlets and sac payoffs ●Ramp/draw/interaction
The deck started out as [[Sek'Kuar]] until the new [[Xira, the Golden Sting]] came out, and I swapped a couple cards to synergize with her a bit more. I'm hoping the seasoned aristocrats players of Reddit could review my current list and help steer it back to having a decent ratio. I've noticed in games, I tend to not have enough mana to stay in the game, or even get started. I'm already considering cutting Lagomos, Hand of Hatred for another land to help smooth out draws.
Here's my deck list
Budget isn't a real problem as I can just proxy anything I can't afford until I want to actually own it.
Thank you for reading
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2023.05.29 05:12 SlideRuleFan Today, I Really Miss Robin Miller

We need Robin Miller's reporting today of all days. There are questions no one has answered, and I'm not sure who's looking out for us. Robin would have. By now, I think he'd have told us:
  1. Was the White/Green + Checker just made up on the spot while the cars sat on pit row? Is there an actual rule that allows this? Not bringing the tires up to temp before throwing the green was dangerous and stupid. After the the previous three red flags and the tire in the stands, this was just negligent.
  2. Is anyone going to put this into the context of Penske's previous lawyers, guns and money approach to winning Indy 500s [1][2]? This is not the first time a previously unheard-of interpretation of the rules (or a flat-out made-up-on-the-spot) rule benefited Team Penske. Now that he owns the venue, the series, and a team, can we expect this regularly? Yeah I know this is conspiracy nonsense, but it's happened before. Clearly, he didn't call down to race control and demand a Red, followed by a novel and contrived finish, but it does deserve some context. And someone should have addressed his clear conflicts of interest by now.
  3. Are there going to be any consequences for Santino Ferruci's NASCAR-style race-to-the-stripe approach to reclaiming his position? He was still racing as he came upon the emergency crews tending to the accident scene. Probably more dangerous than the flying tire. Again, not a peep from TV or radio, let alone any historical context given for this jackass' behavior, or maybe an examination of why he's still in open-wheel racing at all, since it wasn't the first time. Timing and scoring, which has been improved as a direct result of [1] and [2], put him back where the clock said he belonged, but why didn't the race director put him back in gasoline alley?
  4. If Indy doesn't implement NASCAR's race-to-the-stripe rules, why did they implement their contrived ending rules? NASCAR has a written rule that says the race director has discretion to make things up right on the spot to get the ending they want, and will even add laps to get the Green-White-Checker as many times as they want. F1 has a race-director-discretion rule, which they applied on top of the lucky-dog rule in 2021 (not enough track left to give every lapped car a pass, only gave it to select cars, then threw the green) to set the ending to the F1 championship. Although the race director got fired in the off season, it covered their asses and kept the season out of the courts. What's Indycar's get-out-of-jail-free card? I can't find any reporting on that yet, and no one is putting it in context of other famous (rigged?) endings.
It seems like the current crop of journalists all value their track and paddock access too much, and have become stooges for IMS.
Today's race deserves its place in history, for good or bad reasons. Robin would have given us that.

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2023.05.29 05:04 gamerboybsha How Clannad made me rethink my life

I came across Clannad (first season) for the first time somewhere in the first half of 2020 on Netflix. I remember watching like two or three episodes and thinking: “man, this is dull.” I’ve stopped watching it and pretty much forgot about it for a short while. That was until I came across a scene from episode 16 of Clannad After Story on YouTube (we all know what scene I’m talking about). Now even though I have seen just a few episodes of the first season and thus, of course, knew absolutely nothing about the plot, but that was enough for me to at least recognize the characters. Seeing that clip made me think something like: “Wait, this is what happens later in that ‘boring’ show?! What in the world happened that led to that?!” Now I know that this was a HUGE spoiler, but to me that was important because it gave me the sudden huge strive to watch the show entirely. And I did, in just two days. And oh man was that an experience! I have come to actually like and appreciate this anime.
Now what exactly was my train of thought? I am honestly still trying to stock everything up in the right order, but here’s a few fragments of what I’ve been thinking about.
Not only did this show cause me to have a serious emotional reaction, but it also caused me to have an inner crisis. I pretty much started rethinking everything, from physical to spiritual. The biggest question that I have had could be summarized as: “Why do terrible things happen to people who seem good?” What happened to Tomoya, or pretty much the entire Okazaki/Furukawa families is just terrifying. These characters are nothing but simple and humble people who don’t spend their lives reaching for the stars. Their only wish was to be together as a little happy family, which is natural, good, and is in no way selfish. They don’t seem to be like people who would deserve to have such terrible things happen to them. Without going into detail, I’ll dare say that as much as I am afraid to admit it, I think that I am a person who deserves bad things to happen to. I would somewhat understand that, but why did these people have to go through such horrors?! Is that just? Now I know that this anime is nothing more than just a cartoon/game/manga with fictional characters which are not even based on real life events (at least I hope they are not). But even so, this is technically a slice of life story after all, and situations like the ones described in Clannad seem somewhat realistic, in fact, I’m pretty sure that such suffering in real life does happen, has happened, and will continue to happen. Is it fair for such tragedies of life and more to happen to people who already have difficult lives? Prove to me that such people do not exist. These type of thoughts made me look at this world in a slightly more melancholic light, which made think more deeply about how and why to live on a planet that is pretty much drenched in human tears, sweat, and blood.
Also, situations like these are depicted in other movies and literature on more than one occasion. For example: A Christmas Carol, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, War and Peace, the Bible (Genesis 35:16-22), just to name a few. Speaking of the Bible, honestly, Tomoya’s story more or less reminds me of the story of Job, the main character in the Book of Job, which, to those who don’t know, is a biblical text in the Old Testament. Seriously, try this: after watching Clannad After Story, try reading the Book of Job, or at least it’s third chapter, and while listening to Snowfield. I have read this book for the first time about one and a half months after watching Clannad, and it turned out to be one of the most amazing reading experience I’ve had at the time. Looking at these things from a religious perspective made me question whether God is just or not, basically, the Problem of Theodicy.
To cut it short, all this, plus some other things, have caused me to review my life and views. I am still in the process of reviewing them. This anime has opened up more similar anime shows to me. Also, I wrote an application essay to one of the best colleges in the city where I live, the topic of which was my experience of watching this show, and have got accepted (though I later dropped out of it, LOL). Anyway, quoting the show: “It’s been a while since I have seen a performance with so much impact.”
If you have made it this far, you have my outmost gratitude. Please share your own experiences of watching this show.
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2023.05.29 05:04 annap1763 I want a SD but losing hope

I’ve been on and off seeking arrangements looking for a sd for about 8 months. I’ve gone on quite a few dates but every guy has either tired to lowball me, is a John or ends up wanting me as an actual gf! I’ve done a profile review on this forum and got a lot of positive feedback, many saying I’d do very well in the bowl but I’ve experienced the complete opposite. I love the idea of spending time with an older wealthy gentleman and would love to experience something fun and genuine, but I’m really losing all hope. Should I give up? Start free styling? Is there a Reddit forum I could post on? I’d love to give it one last go.
TLDR: sb having trouble finding reliable sd wondering what to do next.
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2023.05.29 05:00 yellowumbrella Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man Shares Workout at Nearly 50 Years Old

Cliff Smith grunts as he wraps his hands around the barbell, bends his knees, and lowers his six-foot-three frame toward the floor. He tenses his entire body, exhales twice, and starts pulling 455 pounds upward. His legs shake as he stands fully upright, and then he lowers the weight, breathes deeply, and does it all over again. He does five total reps, then drops the bar and smiles. "Ain't even winded," he says. "Holla at me. "
The five reps are a personal best for Smith (better known as Method Man), who loves starting his day by chasing PRs.
On this morning, he's in a Staten Island gym pondering his next milestone birthday (he turns 50 in March) and crushing sets of deadlifts, pullups, and barbell rows. "I gotta get my roses now," he says,"because I'm almost 50 fucking years old. Damn near 50 years old, bruh. "The Grammy Award-winning rap veteran has focused creativity into a host of projects lately. He appears in Starz's drama Power Book II: Ghost (returning for the second half of its first season in December); he voiced the character Ben Urich in Marvels, a narrative-fiction podcast; and he's working on new music.
His morning workout has readied him for all that-and it's kept him from predawn video-game marathons. In 2018, Smith says, he was battling insomnia, frequently waking at 2:00 and playing NBA2K. Realizing he was "just wasting time," Smith searched for a more productive use of his early-morning hours. "So at 4:00 , I find myself in the gym working out," he says. "Two days turned into three days. Three days turned into five days, and I've been consistent ever since. " Bonus: His insomnia is gone.
Smith now weighs 219, 12 pounds less than he weighed when he first started training. He hits legs Mondays, shoulders Tuesdays, back Wednesdays, chest Thursdays, and arms Fridays. "He's a beast," says his workout partner, Joey Crespo. "Our routine has only been heavy, heavy, all year round. "
At the moment, that means gritting out three sets of seated lat pulldowns, followed by a core exercise that has him on his knees, rolling a wheel forward, challenging his abs. He finishes the session by sitting on a bench with a harness connected to his forehead, a weight hanging in front of his chest. He lowers his head to look at the ground, then flexes his neck muscles to raise his head and look straight ahead, an old-school neck exercise that few gym-goers will do. Smith does it regularly. "Regardless of how tired I get, no matter what the workout is, I at least will try it," he says between deep breaths. "I'm not going to say no to anything. "
You may not have Method Man's fancy neck-training gear or his deadlift weight. But if you have a resistance band, you can try his favorite at-home regimen.
Do 25 to 30 reps. Aim for 5 sets.
Banded Curl
Stand on a resistance band, its ends held at your sides, your core tight. Curl up, squeezing your biceps; then lower. That's 1 rep; do 15 to Do 5 sets.
Banded Shoulder Press
Stand on a resistance band, its ends held at your shoulders, your core tight. Tighten your shoulder blades and press the band overhead. Pause, then return to the start. That's 1 rep; do 15 to Do 5 sets.
A version of this story originally appears in the November 2020 issue of Men's Health, with the title "The 6 Workout w/ Method Man".
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2023.05.29 04:33 lbirealestate LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 05/21/2023-05/28/2023

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 05/21/2023-05/28/2023

Long Beach Island Real Estate

LBI Real Estate Weekly Sales Update 05/21/2023-05/28/2023: There were a total of 45 changes in the week to kick off the Summer 2023 season on LBI, and, much to the relief of buyers, there were a higher number of new listings! To help understand the dynamics of the LBI real estate market for buyers, sellers and investors I publish a weekly sales update for the Long Beach Island real estate market in addition to my monthly analysis of home sales on Long Beach Island NJ. You can review all the active, pending, sold, and withdrawn listings that are or were for sale on Long Beach Island in the given time frame. To give a quick summary:
By : Nathan Colmer LBI Real Estate Agent The Van Dyk Group
Cell: 609-290-4293 Office: 800-222-0131 [email protected]
Click here to search all homes for sale in the Long Beach Island NJ real estate market

More LBI Real Estate Information:

Long Beach Island New Jersey Water Color
Buying LBI Real Estate is a Smart Investment
Pricing is Key to Selling in the LBI Real Estate Market Spring 2023
What is a First Mortgage in the Long Beach Island NJ Real Estate Market
A Recession Does Not Mean the LBI Real Estate Market Will Drop
LBI Real Estate Seller’s Market Pricing Spring 2023
LBI Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Update May 2023
LBI Real Estate Active Listing Volume and Number of Listings May 2023
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2023.05.29 04:26 Yaa_buddy My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review

My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review
I've had this exceptional bike for about 8 months now and I wanted to do a review because there's so little real-world information out there. Paid $3250 with tax from a local shop that came with a factory 3-year warranty.
I was surprised how small the frame sizes run. I'm 5'10 and don't think anyone over 6' would like the large. No XL's. The medium seemed like a 5'6 and under bike. The cross bar also seems quite high.
Motor. It rips, seriously. Quite, powerful, smooth, predictable and a piece of cake to use. The torque sensor is excellent and gives you the perfect multiple of petal power. There are 4 modes, Auto will (very effectively) conserve battery life, then automatically jump to a more powerful mode if you really crank the pedal. I believe this is unique to Yamaha bikes (not their motors) and an awesome feature. The bike really takes off if you want it to, tons of torque on demand.
Range. Depending on the mode, you'll probably run out of desire to ride before you run out of juice. In ECO mode, my range reads around 84 miles left. Unfortunately, eco mode is basically like pedaling a regular 35lb bike. You'll probably spend most of your time in standard, which gives a healthy 42-43 miles of completely stress-free pedaling. Even high mode will net around 34 miles. This bike pulled me up the Mt Evans road in Colorado like nothing, the highest paved road in the country at 14,130ft. When I got back down I still had half my battery left. Though admittedly, I was taking it pretty easy and also only weigh 160.
Quality. I have a couple Low-end e-bikes as well, and although not completely necessary, more expensive bikes are just plain nicer to ride. Fast food vs steakhouse; both are good in different ways. Yamaha seems a step below the big three, but they have good products all around. The paint is also beautiful and of high quality.
Frame and Brakes. One word: Solid. When you're getting up there in poundage (62lbs) you start to notice how important it is to be able to stop quickly and not deal with flex when you don't want it. Handling gives good confidence, even with the stock fork or whatever they call that thing. Legend has it there might be a spring or something inside. (More on that later)
Components/Battery. The earlier Yamahas had a front derailleur and 2 rings. They've done away with that and rest is just middle of the road stuff, as you'd expect, they get the job done. The display is minimal but effective and you can see it in direct sunlight. There's 10 dots of battery life, each one is worth 10%. There's no battery sag and the % doesn't go up and down. What you see is what you get, very reliable and reduces range anxiety. Battery charges in 3 hours and takes about 30 seconds to remove, more in the beginning since you'll want to do it so carefully. it also has a walk mode and well-functioning headlight.
Looks. Personally I love it, the battery is well concealed and the way the top tube looks when you're riding it is way cool.
The SR Sun tour Fork. Shame on Yamaha for fitting this pile of hot trash to such fantastic bike. It's flimsy, weak, spongy, lacks almost all rebound dampening and knocks annoyingly over ever little bump. Given the fact that I had to spend $370 to fit a real fork, (on top of the $3250) it's almost enough for me to not recommend this bike, almost. But the knocking really is that bad, and Sun Tour told me that's just how their low-end forks work. I sold it for $15 dollars on Craigslist.
No throttle. For this kind of bike I don't miss the throttle at all. You get power right away since there's no cadence sensor, plus the bike isn't all that heavy so it gets moving no problem. I don't miss it, especially since it feels so much like a regular bicycle.
Class 1 limited to 20mph. For me I could care less, 20 is plenty fast but if speed is your thing and you don't have a motorcycle, or a faster e-bike, this might be a deal breaker.
Limited Dealer Support. People aren't buying very many of these and I have a bad feeling if anything goes wrong, I'll be screwed. It feels like a niche bike, there just aren't enough being sold to find forum help. The dealer I bought it from is good, but who knows if they'll be in business when I need them to be. It's been rock solid and trust it completely, but it would be much easier to get solid warranty work done on a Specialized/Giant/Trek.
Note: Changing these tires. Holy crap the side walls are insanely stiff. I don't think it would be possible to get them off the rim by hand. You'll need those plastic prybars and even those feel like they're about break. They feel like motorcycle tires.
I also ride Yamaha motorcycles so I just love seeing the logo when I look down. For me, that makes owning this bike really fun. I would buy it again, but I do think the fork and limited dealer support and lack of fellow riders are enough for me to not recommend it. However, if you don't mind dropping another $350-$370 on a real fork and the dealer thing isn't a problem, I'd say go for it. Love this thing.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 04:19 omicronthrow Should I put my project source code on GitHub

Hello, I'm currently building a web-based music-sharing site (think a Spotify clone) that utilizes microservices as a programming project for the next application season. Would it be good to upload my source code on GitHub with sensitive data removed after coding it up? Or would it make more sense to put a link to it on my portfolio site and resume? I feel putting it on GitHub doesn't make sense as it gives employers more time to review my code and grill me more during interviews, and nobody can run the code quickly since it requires them to set up all the microservices lol. What do you all think/any suggestions?
Background: Rising Senior at T100 State School, 3x faang intern aiming to land a job at faang+, unicorn, or hft firm
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2023.05.29 04:04 diegoloquillo How is the state of the game??

Hi!! I've played all expansions of D1 and D2 except this one because my PC broke a couple weeks before being released, after all the negative reviews I am still skeptical to buy it (planning on getting bundle with annual pass). I am okay with story not being the best I mean I am used it with all the other expansions except WQ being so good, but how is the endgame doing? Gameplay wise, is it better or more fun overall?? Do you still feel like absolutely behind because I missed S1 of lightfall? Or is there like a nice catch up to not feel so far behind in the new season? PvP still broken af? Gambit any better?? Do you guys think overall would be worth to come back and play from time to time? Specially with Diablo 4 right around the corner
Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day.
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2023.05.29 03:47 DeathReaper130 Dallas Wings Game #3 Analysis

In this post as the title states, I'll be recapping and giving my analysis on what I noticed with the Dallas Wing's 3rd game today which was against the Chicago Sky.

Part #1 - Offense:
Arike Ogunbowale: Arike single handedly lost the came for the Wings today. If we take a look at her stats, she scored 27 points which was a team high, got 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. However, these stats greatly inflate her performance on the court today. Arike scored 27 points on 25 shot attempts, went 9 - 25 (36%) from the field, and 4 - 12 (33.33%) from beyond the arc. This was a very inefficient performance from the Wings' leading scorer. I know Arike has never really been known to be an efficient shooter and that she's known for being a volume shooter but this game was just another level of inefficient. She was taking the worst shot opportunities starting from the get go in the 1st quarter, which was a foreshadowing of things to come. Pretty much every time that she got the ball, Arike was chucking it up. It didn't matter to her whether there were 3 defenders in the paint waiting for her to come in or whether there was a defender draped over her while taking a jumper. Don't get me wrong, Arike is a fantastic offensive player but her inefficiency and unwillingness to take better looking shots is what's dragging her down as well as her team and it was very evident from this game. There were multiple shots which she took this game were I honestly if I was the head coach, I would have pulled her from the game. One example off the top of my head was about mid to late 4th quarter when the Sky were only up by around 5 to 7 points. Arike brings the ball up the court, gets a screen from Sabally and while the defenders switch and are still near Arike, she ends up taking a one legged contested three and missing everything but backboard. There were many other examples such as rushing transition shots just to get to shot of and taking heavily contested jumpers. I've mentioned before in some of my previous Wings' game analysis posts that Arike just seems to have a constant itch to shoot the ball. Furthermore when she either misses or doesn't get the opportunity to shoot the ball, she gets very upset, which brings me to my next point about her mental game. Arike's mental game is weak. If things aren't going her way or her shots aren't falling, she fails to ever stop and think why that's so. Instead, she'd rather continue taking bad looking shots, which leads to her getting mad at herself and the cycle starts all over again. Honestly, I'm fine with Arike taking 20 - 30 shots per game if she wants to since I know her offensive capabilities. My only thing I wished she'd do if she's taking that many shots per game is to take good looking shots and not force shots just because she can. Furthermore, I wished she also realized when enough is enough. If her shots aren't falling, either stop taking shots for a little, recompose, and shoot again or pass to your teammates. Compared to last game, Arike was a downgrade for the Wings and you'd only know by watching the game since, as mentioned before, her box stats inflate how good she may have looked this game. Overall, she was the primary reason the Wings lost today and I just hope down the stretch that she wakes up and uses her team to its full potential than thinking that she's the only person on the team and that she should do it all by herself.

Satou Sabally: Sabally was most definitely the MVP of the Wings today. She had the best game overall in terms of both offense and defense. She ended the game with 24 points on 9-16 shooting (56.25%) and had 8 rebounds. Unlike Arike, Sabally has a great well-rounded offense. She can take the three when necessary and hit the mid rangers jumpers efficiently. Furthermore, she is great in taking the ball into the paint and getting an easy bucket with her footwork and size. On the defensive end, Sabally also did quite nice. While she didn't really have the stats to back it up, she always provided great pressure against whoever she was defending and secured the defensive rebounds for the team when Natasha Howard was occupied. The offense should run through Sabally more often as she has great IQ in terms of what to do with the ball when it gets in her hands.

Natasha Howard: Howard did decent this game, ending with 14 points on 6-16 (37.5%). Her efficiency, like Arike, wasn't the best but atleast her shot quality was much better than that of Arike's. Furthermore as I've mentioned in my previous 2 Wings' game analysis posts, Howard is being limited in her production as she is using her energy to play high energy roles both on the offense and defense. In a general WNBA, most shots come from within the paint. Therefore for Howard, she's in charge of both guarding the paint and preventing shots from making in that range as well as offensively taking shots in the paint to score. She doesn't really have much other help defensive wise in the paint asides from Sabally sometimes so Howard gets tired easily as she's constantly playing high-level offense and high-level defense. Teaira McCowan still being out is a big blow to the Wings but most importantly to Howard as she is the sole person being relied to do work in the paint for both offense and defense. I definitely think once McCowan comes back that Howard's offense will take a rise as she doesn't have to put that much energy and focus on the defense as McCowans can help her out then. The only issue is however that McCowans hasn't played in the past two games and is expected to miss the month of June to play overseas. If that still pans out, then Howard is going to be in for a very rough month.

Rest Of The Team: I thought the rest of the team offensively did just ok. Dangerfield stepped up this game as well and provided 11 points on 4-8 (50%) from the field. Besides her and the starters however, nobody else scored more than a few buckets here and there. Burton did poor today offensively going 0-5 (0%) from the field and having only 2 points, both of which were from free throws. Then again to be fair, the bench really didn't play many meaningful minutes and Arike was chucking shots so there wasn't really many opportunities to shoot for everyone else. The one thing that I did like was that Maddy Siegriest got a little more playing time today. She score 6 points on 2-2 (100%) from beyond the arc in only 7 minutes. She's definitely a dangerous scorer when she gets the minutes so I'm curious to be seeing how that goes on throughout the season. I thought Siegrist should have been the #1 overall pick in this year's rookie draft going into the draft so I do think the Wings got a steal with her at #3. As she gets more minutes and develops more, I could definitely see her becoming a reliable scoring option off the bench for the Wings.

Part #2 - Defense:
Natasha Howard: Once again, I thought Howard did decent on defense. She was getting outplayed a bit against Elizabeth Williams as she was able to use her height and size to her advantage against Howard in the paint. Howard ended up with 2 blocks and 1 steal in the game. As mentioned previously however, we won't be able to see the full capabilities of Natasha Howard until Teaira McCowans is back in the starting lineup. Howard has to conserve her energy as she's expected to play a primary role in both the team's offense and defense with very little help on the defensive end in the paint with McCowans not there. Especially in this game, Howard looked very tired and the Sky were able to capitalize on this in the second half as they pounded away in the paint on the offense.

Rest Of The Team: I thought the team did alright once again. The Wings' defense was able to lock up Courtney Williams for most of the game which was good. Furthermore, I loved how the defense kept moving around and switching on plays. There were moments in the game where the Wings got help defense in the paint and left an open person for the Sky. As the ball moved around to that open person, the Wings' players all shifted over to the open player until the defense was set up back to normal again. This was a good sign because it felt that the team was playing defense together rather than individual players playing defense at times. Furthermore after allowing Mabrey to go off from beyond the arc in the first quarter, the Wings' perimeter defense tightened up very nice in the second half which is a good sign as well. Help for Howard in the paint is the main issue for the Wings defense so hopefully someone can step up in that regard.

Dallas Wing's Defensive Shot Breakdown: I've mentioned this in a couple of posts but I've noticed a pattern in the WNBA which I call the 50-30-20 rule. Essentially, this means that 50% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are in the paint, 30% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are in the mid-range, and 20% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are from behind the arc. Therefore, I'll be listing how the Dallas Wings' defense affected from where the Storm were forced to take their shots and score their points from just like in my previous game analysis.

Paint: 20 - 39 - 52% of all shots taken and 54.05% of all points scored (not with free throws)
Mid Range: 8 - 17 - 22.66% of all shots taken and 21.62% of all points scored (not with free throws)
3 Point: 6 - 19 - 25.33% of all shots taken and 24.32% of all points scored (not with free throws)

By looking at these breakdowns, we can see tat the Wings' defense wasn't all that great. They managed to allow the Sky to reach the 50-30-20 goals for nearly all the zones, especially the paint zone. There was a slight difference in the mid range and beyond the arc as the Wings forced the Sky to take a little more shots from beyond the arc than mid range shots. However, that's wasn't really that big of a difference. Allowing 52% of all shots taken and 54.05% of all points scored (aside from free throws) in the paint was the biggest downside of the Wings' defense, even if it was a small percent change. Whenever these percents go higher than 50% for the area inside the zone, the defense has for the most part lost. Paint defense is always the most important defensive zone to be taken care of. In this game however, the Sky were able to do better and take advantage of the Wings defense in the paint, leading to the win for them.

Final Recap: Overall, the Wings played just average today. I know there's a lot more potential for this team and it just depends on whether they can make the necessary adjustments and changes. The Sky was also the first "good team" I'd say that the Wings played so far this season so this was a good indication to see how the future games look for the Wings as a whole. The most important takeaways from this game in my opinion are that Arike needs to be much smarter when the ball is in her hands and the Wings need to figure out some help for Howard on the defensive end while Teaira McCowan is injured. The Wings didn't get blown out this game and only lost by 6 points, which is two possessions. Maybe if a couple of Arike's chucked shots were thought through better, the outcome could have been different but we'll never know. After today's loss to the Sky, the Wings are now 2-1 in the season. They play the Minnesota Lynx in two days so hopefully changes can be made accordingly.
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2023.05.29 03:46 Ice-Koko I finally sought professional help and picked up my first antidepressant prescription today…but I’m scared

I’m lost and even more desperate for a life of normalcy and “bliss.” Any advice or reassurance is welcome and appreciated.
I (26F) took the big step in seeking help for my debilitating mental health and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I also got blood work done which resulted in extreme vitamin D deficiency. My doctor prescribed me 50mg of Sertralin Bluefish and 4000 units of vitamin D daily for 6 weeks. She wants me to pair the meds with consistent therapy and intends to monitor me for the first few months in case I need a higher dosage or a different cocktail. Both my doctor and mother agree that it’s in my best interest to try the meds due to my history and symptoms because it really might be a chemical imbalance that can’t be fixed with just exercise, healthy diet and sunshine.
However, I can’t help but fear the unknown and potential side effects (especially the long term and even fatal ones) and I wonder if starting off on psychiatric drugs before exploring other options like micro-dosing 🍄, sea moss, vitamins and other natural/holistic remedies, is the best thing for me.
I admit that this anxiety is mostly induced by the research I’ve done and a bit from reading other posts in this sub because it seems as though more people experience negative outcomes than positive ones; and most of the positive reviews are along the lines of “antidepressants saved my life, but I’m numb, have no libido, gained 50lbs, lost my personality, etc.” I also understand that a lot of trial and error is to be done in this journey until you find what works best for you, it just seems so mentally, emotionally and physically taxing.
My concerns mostly revolve around the topics of sexual disfunction (high libido and regular orgasms are important to me), heightened suicidal thoughts/intentions, excessive weight gain (I already struggle with low metabolism and self esteem), emotional numbness/inability to cry, insomnia, alcohol intake and other physical side effects like headaches because I suffer from chronic migraines that are easily triggered and paralyzing.
I so desperately want a better quality of life. I want to reach my full potential, have the desire and motivation to do the things I love and have the energy to enjoy my youth. I want to live for myself again and not just for the sake of sparing my loved ones the heartbreak. I’m willing to give the meds a fair shot if it means I get to have these things, I’m just curious if any of you have had better experiences with other options or tried other remedies before resulting to drugs. And if you’ve had a good experience with ADs, PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY.
My history/symptoms for context: I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and it only gets worse with age. Suicidal thoughts began as a preteen and worsened throughout teen and adulthood. From previous therapy sessions, it is believed that most of those depressive years of adolescence was due to PTSD from childhood trauma. I can’t remember the last time I felt truly joyful, excited or passionate; it’s like I’m on autopilot just coasting and trying to get through every day. I try to book trips and such to give myself something to look forward to but even then I procrastinate packing and would rather chill in the hotel all day. I have little to no sense of time and my memory loss has increased.
I have zero motivation or desire for anything and this has caused me to lose a really good job, drop out of college twice and lose all ambition to work towards anything. My anxiety affects my ability to properly sleep and rest. I’ve lost romantic interest, most days I can’t get out of bed, I don’t always have the energy to maintain my hygiene or complete chores, I either binge eat or don’t eat at all…it’s been at least 7 years since I’ve engaged with any of my hobbies and it feels so exhausting to simply exist. I feel like I’ve lost basic function and it takes 10x the energy and effort to do simple tasks and even then, I’m usually unable to complete them. It’s like I’m a prisoner in my own body. There’s so much more but ultimately, I’m miserable. It also doesn’t help that I live in a country that causes severe seasonal depression from long, dark winters; I’m talking only 3 hours of sunshine and shitty weather 3/4 of the time.
I no longer trust myself which is why I’m open to ADs and as bad as I wan’t to give up, my loved ones and I deserve a fair chance at working towards a cure.
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2023.05.29 03:45 serospermic Don't Let Investment Scammers Get Away With Your Money - Learn How to File a Report with

Don't Let Investment Scammers Get Away With Your Money - Learn How to File a Report with
Are you tired of being a victim to investment scammers? Do you want to take action and make sure they can't get away with your hard-earned money? Look no further than! In this blog post, we'll show you how easy it is to file a report with our platform and put those scammers on notice. Don't let them continue their fraudulent schemes – learn how to fight back today!

Introduction to Investment Scams

When it comes to investment scams, there are a lot of different ways that they can happen. One common way is for someone to promise you a high return on investment, but then they never deliver on that promise. Another way is for someone to try to get you to invest in something that doesn't exist, or that is not going to be profitable. has a lot of information on different types of investment scams and how to file a report if you have been scammed. They also have a forum where you can talk to others who have been scammed and share your story.

How Does Help? is a website that provides a platform for users to report scams and fraudulent activity related to Bitcoin investments. The site also offers advice and resources on how to avoid becoming a victim of these scams.
The site was created in response to the growing problem of investment scams in the Bitcoin space. There have been many reports of people being scammed out of their hard-earned money by unscrupulous individuals and organizations posing as legitimate businesses. provides a way for users to share their experiences and warn others about potential scams. The site also serves as a resource for information on how to avoid being scammed.
If you have been a victim of a Bitcoin-related scam, we encourage you to file a report with us. By doing so, you can help prevent others from falling victim to these scams.

Types of Investment Scams

There are many different types of investment scams, but they all have one thing in common: they all promise high returns with little or no risk. Here are some of the most common types of investment scams: 1. Crypto Scam: You can report any kind of bitcoin or any other crypto scam to (RSB) by filing a report. You stand a good chance of recovering bitcoin, ethereum, USDT or any other type of cryptocurrency lost to any kind of crypto investment scam or any other form of crypto scam. You can be rest assured you stand a good chance of recovering your scammed crypto by making a report to
2. Ponzi Schemes: A Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud where investments are made in a company or project that doesn't exist. Investors are promised high returns, but the money is actually being used to pay other investors their "profits", instead of being invested in anything real. Eventually, the scheme collapses when there's not enough money to pay everyone, and the people who've lost money can't get it back.
3. Pyramid Schemes: Similar to Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes involve investing in a company or project that doesn't exist. However, instead of promising high returns, pyramid schemes require you to recruit other people into the scheme in order to make money. Like Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes eventually collapse when there's not enough money to pay everyone, and the people who've lost money can't get it back.
4. Fake Investments: There are many scam artists who will try to sell you fake investments, such as "rare" coins or artworks that don't exist. They may also try to sell you investments that are worth far less than what they're claiming. Be very careful before investing any money - make sure you do your research and only invest in something if you're confident

How to File a Report at RSB

If you've been a victim of an investment scam, it's important to file a report with RSB. Here's how:
Click on the "Submit a Report" button.
Fill out the form, being sure to include as many details as possible about the scam and the people involved.
Click "Submit."
Your report will be reviewed by the RSB team and, if appropriate, published on the site. This will help warn others about the scam and help bring the perpetrators to justice.
Steps Users Can Take if They Have Been Scammed
Step 1: If you have been a victim of an investment scam, the first thing you should do is file a report with This will help to warn other users and give law enforcement a better chance of catching the scammers.
Step 2: Be sure to include as much information as possible in your report. This includes the name of the company or individual that scammed you, how much money you lost, and any other relevant details.
Step 3: Once your report has been filed, take some time to share your experience with others. You can do this by writing a review on a site like TrustPilot or by posting in online forums.
By taking these steps, you can help protect yourself and others from becoming victims of investment scams.

Reporting Guidelines

If you have been the victim of an investment scam, it is important to report the incident to the proper authorities. Doing so can help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam, and it can also help lead to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. provides a simple way to report investment scams. Our reporting system allows victims to share their experiences with others, while remaining anonymous if they so choose. We also provide guidance on what information to include in a report, as well as how to file a police report and where to send it.
If you have been scammed, we encourage you to visit our website and file a report today. By working together, we can make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Common Responses From Reports Filed

When filing a report with, there are common responses that you may receive from the site. These responses can help you better understand what is happening with your reports and how to proceed.
The most common response is "This report has been filed." This means that your report has been successfully submitted and is now in our system. We will review your report and take appropriate action.
Another common response is "Thank you for filing this report." This lets you know that we have received your report and appreciate your help in keeping our site scam-free. We will review your report and take appropriate action.
If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please contact [[email protected] ](mailto:[email protected])for follow up on your reports.

Don't Let Investment Scammers Get Away With Your Money; Get Help With

Investing in crypto and other digital assets has the potential to be very rewarding, but you need to take the necessary precautions. As with any investment field, scammers try to make a quick buck by taking advantage of inexperienced investors.
Fortunately, there are initiatives like that have been set up specifically for reporting these cases so they can be investigated further and perpetrators brought to justice. Protect yourself from investment scams by learning how to spot the warning signs of fraud and always remember: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!
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2023.05.29 03:24 SpaceGhostBurp Anthony Fantano x Playboi Carti fanfiction (r/hiphopcirclejerk)

"Hey guys, Anthony Fantano here, internet's...." no. Something was wrong this time. I just couldn't put this review together. Not after what happened.
Let me take you back. It was spring a few years ago, when I had just started becoming vegan, and there was this cute guy I saw at the salad restaurant. The place is pretty shit to be honest, I'd give it a DAMN/10. Anyways he walks up to the guy at the counter and is paying for his salad.
"I got a arugula with water chestnuts" he said, meanacingly. DAMN, even his salad order was cute. I had to see what was up, so I went to say hi. I was so shy XD but his beautiful ebony skin gave me courage.
"You know, they say I'm the internets busiest music nerd, but I am also the internet's horniest music nerd". Not the smoothest line, I know, but it seemed to have worked
"My names Boi. Playboi. I am a rapper." Ughh. Another rapper who's out trying to fuck bitches and doesn't have feelings. Why can't I find myself a Frank Ocean. Obviously he wasn't gay, and I was about to walk away defeated.
"where are you taking that cute yellow flannel?" He says. Could it be? "Want to go back to my mansion, for dessert" he said and winked at the same time.
"uM... uhh.. uhh yea sure" was all I could whimper out. We go back to his mansion, it was fucking huge. "Damn, that's a thick ass boy" was all I could think as I followed him and watched his ass sway back and forth. We reach his bedroom, where he says to me "Let me get ready." as he walks into the bathroom. I wait, curious for a few minutes when he comes out again. And yea, he was ready. Throbbing hard on and completely naked, he walked towards me and said "Let's fuck for a Long Time". For hours and hours, he pounds my asshole until it slowly started to look like a 12 inch subwoofer speaker. We took turns 69ing and trying things my wife had never done before.
After we were tired and done, cum coverering every inch of the bed, he rolls over and stops cuddling me, and reaches into a drawer. I thought he was grabbing condoms, which seemed weird as he was perfectly fine rawdogging all this time.
It was the cock back of a pistol. He pointed it at the back of my freshly shaved head and said "I'm about to make you a broke boy, give me everything you brought"
I was scared shitless. My wife was already probably wondering what I was doing out so late, and if I came home with no money she would think I was out cutting holes in melons and fucking them again. Despite my fear, I reach towards my Ridge Minimalistic Wallet and pull out the cash and cards I had. I was planning on hitting the club after lunch so I was carrying a few hundred dollars, all of which I surrendered to him.
To make a long story short, he robbed me and then kicked me out with nothing but my Cal Chuchesta graphic shirt, leaving me to find my way home by any means possible. I didn't have cash, so I had to suck and fuck my way across town until I could finally open the door. My wife divoreced me after telling me she was pregnant with another man's child, and I have been slowly falling into a pit of depression ever since.
Back to modern times...
I try again for another take "Hey everybody Screamthony Shriektano here, the internets busiest music nerd." I had to go through the effort of putting the review out for the fans. I muster my way through the magnum opus that was Die Lit, and slowly I come to a close. I thought this album was perfect, a masterpiece of modern trap. But I knew now it was my chance for revenge. I couldn't give too low of a score or something would seem wrong.
"7/10" I end the video, the last video I will ever make. For the last time, I play with the shotgun and slowly build up the courage to place it in my mouth. I sit there for what seems like hours before finally pulling the trigger.
It's been 5 years since my suicide attempt. The doctors managed to scrape together the bits and pieces of my brain, but it has left me severely handicapped, as some of my viewers seem to notice. I must keep pushing forward though. For the fans. It's always been for the fans.
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2023.05.29 03:23 shaggydrama Legacies RP [18+] Serious RP Realistic Economy Player-Owned Businesses Community Events Whitelisted Jobs Customized QB Core Framework

Legacies RP is a growing community with the main goal of making our server a place where everyone can be whoever and whatever they want to be.
We wouldn’t be where we are without our dedicated staff and development team who are working non-stop to ensure you have the best possible content we can offer you.
We pride ourselves in listening to our community feedback to help the server move forward. Our staff team is engaged with the community and very dedicated to the server to ensure we offer the best content possible.
So… you want to see what it’s all about? Then jump on over to our Discord to begin your new journey!
Our city offers activities of all types for all of our citizens. Whether you are looking to answer the call of duty, or find your next “family”, we have many jobs to help you make your dreams come true!
While we will not reveal all that the city has to offer, here are some of the activities and jobs you can expect to experience
As most other communities, we have our fair share of whitelisted jobs! Whether you are looking to fight crime, save lives, or defend those innocent (until proven guilty), Legacies RP has plenty to offer!
All of our departments are fully functional with a full structure and chain of command, Standard Operating Procedures, and the chance to advance through ranks to develop your career!
Law Enforcement
Are you interested in a career in law enforcement?
We have two departments available for you to pursue a career as a law enforcement officer within the great state of San Andreas!
Both departments have opportunities to progress up the ranks for those wishing to make a proper career for themselves. There are also specialism opportunities in both departments for those wishing to hone their skills in certain areas such as high performance vehicles, SWAT, Aviation Policing and other avenues.
Do you have what it takes? Sign up today!
We have the Los Santos Police Department whose main responsibility is to police the city of Los Santos and protect its lawful citizens. Based out of the Mission Row station, your duties will see you patrol all aspects of the city from the lights and dazzle of Vinewood, the beaches of Vespucci and the mean streets of Southside.
We also have the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office who patrol the North of the state. Although a slower pace of life in the north, it’s certainly not quiet! The deputies of the BCSO patrol the entire county from the sleepy shores of Sandy to the busy industrial industry of Paleto Bay.
Department of Justice
Defend the innocent, prosecute the guilty or preside as a judge. At the San Andreas Department of Justice, we are always fully invested in any cases whether criminal or civil. You will be treated with the most respect and will be given a fair chance to win your case.
Our team is dedicated to providing you with full support from the moment you are hired onboard. Whether you have done DOJ roleplay before or not, there is a place for you! You can start as a paralegal for the defense or the prosecution and work your way to become a private lawyer or a prosecutor.
While there may be times where you will have to face your peers on the bench, we like to end all trials with drinks at a local bar to celebrate the wins (whether big or small).
So, what are you waiting for? Ready to fight for justice?
San Andreas Medical Administration
San Andreas Medical Administration (SAMA) is a governing body that oversees both the San Andreas Fire & Rescue and the Healthcare Network in San Andreas. SAMA is responsible for ensuring the delivery of top-quality fire and rescue services, as well as healthcare services, to the citizens of San Andreas.
The administration works closely with both organizations to ensure that the necessary resources and personnel are in place to handle emergencies and provide medical care to those in need. The administration also sets standards for training, equipment, and response procedures, and ensures that these standards are met and upheld.
In addition to its operational responsibilities, SAMA also plays a key role in the development of new programs and initiatives aimed at improving the fire and rescue and healthcare services offered in San Andreas. With a focus on collaboration and continuous improvement, SAMA is dedicated to providing the citizens of San Andreas with the highest quality fire and rescue and healthcare services possible.
Come see if you have what it takes to rescue the citizens of San Andreas!
We get it… fighting crime or defending others is not your cup of tea. You’d rather be your own boss, make your own hours, and tell others what to do. Well, you are in luck. The San Andreas Business Bureau is currently accepting applications for businesses of all types, from mechanics to taxi companies, and everything in between.
All business applications are reviewed by a trusted member of staff on a monthly basis and are accepted based on server demands.
And, hey, even if you don’t want to own your own business (too much paperwork, am I right?!), the player owned businesses below will be open on launch and may have something for you!
Benny's Original Motorworks
Benny’s Original Motorworks are specialists in vehicle performance, tuning and bodywork. Whether it’s a new engine or new set of rims, this is THE place for you!
They offer a seamless experience, and you can leave their garage confident that you were serviced by some of the best in the business!
Come on down to the Southside of Los Santos on Innocence Blvd, and show off your ride today!
Have the munchies for some artery-clogging, food coma giving food? Come down to BurgerShot! Located at Vespucci Canals in Los Santos, they offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and side dishes. With new specials every 48 hours ranging from flash meal deals to discounts, you will always find something to satisfy your hunger!
Come see what the fuss is all about!
Redline Customs
Here at Redline Customs, we offer you the best auto repair service in the industry and are known for providing the best quality and the most personalized service. Using the most up-to-date tools and techniques along with our state-of-the-art workshop, no idea or project is too big!
It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest OG on Southside or the Sheriff of the BCSO. We strive to make YOUR experience with us memorable. Currently offering everything from automotive repairs to a full workover inside and… out.
Look out for our membership packages coming out very soon, as they will offer a range of discounts and offers that are only available to Phreakyest customers who walk into our shop. Located on Carcer Way in Burton Los Santos, you cannot miss us. You don’t want to! We are currently looking to hire mechanics with excellent customer service to join our team.
Vanilla Unicorn
Welcome to The Vanilla Unicorn, The Next generation of VIP entertainment & Los Santos’ most elite exotic dancing club. The venue boasts a platinum experience, with beautiful women to cater for all your entertainment needs.
Set in luxurious surroundings, with our prestigious stage and bar area and lavish private dancing areas, visit us on Elgin Avenue next to the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry.
The Sandwich Bar
The Sandwich Bar is a small, unassuming sandwich shop located on West Eclipse Blvd in Los Santos.
Inside, the Sandwich Bar is quite cozy and features a counter where customers can order sandwiches and other food items. The menu includes a variety of sandwiches, salads, and other fast food items, all of which are made to order. The shop is staffed by friendly employees who take pride in their work and are happy to make recommendations or answer questions.
While the Sandwich Bar may not be the fanciest or most high-end eatery in Los Santos, it is a popular spot among locals who appreciate its affordable prices, tasty food, and laid-back atmosphere.
MacLerie's Irish Pub
Welcome to MacLerie's Irish Pub, a cozy and authentic Irish pub located in the heart of LosSantos. Our pub offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, traditional Irish food and drinks, good music, and a friendly staff. Whether you're a local looking for a place to unwind after work or a tourist searching for an authentic Irish experience, MacLerie's Irish Pub has something for everyone.
​At MacLerie's Irish Pub, we believe that a pub is more than just a place to eat and drink. It's a place to connect with others, to share stories and laughs, and to feel at home. That's why we make sure that our staff is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about all things Irish. We want our customers to feel like they're part of the MacLerie's Irish Pub family.
So whether you're looking for a pint of Guinness, a hearty meal, or a fun night out with friends, come visit us at MacLerie's Irish Pub.
Legacies Treasures
Legacies Treasures a little boutique selling all of your flower and gift needs. Owned and operated by Willow Barrett. You can find everything you might need to remind that special someone, a family member, or a friend, just how much you care about them!
Pretty Baked
Pretty Baked is where Everly Fairbanks has combined her passion for baking and progressive views on cannabis. Our made-from-scratch pastries are infused with premium cannabis butter, and our freshly brewed hot teas are the perfect accompaniment. Come visit us and explore the wonderful world of cannabis-infused treats in a safe and welcoming environment.
Los Santos Accounting Firm
Los Santos Accounting Firm is a leading financial services provider in Los Santos, owned and operated by Teresa White, a talented defense attorney and experienced accountant. With her degree in business relations and accounting, Teresa brings a unique perspective to the financial industry, providing clients with customized solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. As a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Teresa is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and value to her clients, utilizing the latest technology and innovative solutions to streamline financial processes and provide real-time access to financial data and reports. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of working with a top-tier financial services provider.
San Andreas offers a unique opportunity for its citizens to experience the traditional yet innovative world of farming. With endless fields of fruits and vegetables waiting to be picked, individuals can engage in the rewarding work of harvesting crops. For those interested in the more technical side of farming, opportunities for crop dusting and animal husbandry are abundant in the countryside.
Come discover the beauty and bounty of this thriving agricultural community!
Los Santos is a bustling city with a thriving economy, and as such, there is always a high demand for reliable delivery services. GoPostal and Trucking are two of the leading delivery companies in the city, offering a wide range of employment opportunities for those looking for a fast-paced and challenging work environment.
Whether you’re driving a delivery truck across the city, or navigating the streets in a GoPostal van, there’s never a dull moment in these delivery jobs.
With competitive pay, a somewhat supportive team culture, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping keep the city running smoothly, a career in delivery with GoPostal or Trucking might be just the right fit for you.
City Maintenance
City maintenance is an essential part of keeping Los Santos running smoothly, and there are a variety of jobs available in this field. From ensuring the city has access to clean and reliable water and electricity through Water & Power, to keeping the streets clean and tidy through garbage collection, these jobs play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of life for Los Santos residents.
These positions offer competitive pay and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a tangible impact on the community. Whether you’re interested in working with cutting-edge technology or getting your hands dirty, there’s a city maintenance job in Los Santos that’s right for you.
Los Santos offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to turn their hobbies into jobs. From the rugged beauty of the mountains and forests, where lumberjacking, hunting, and fishing reign supreme, to the streams and rivers teeming with gold waiting to be panned, to the mines filled with precious minerals waiting to be extracted, there’s something for everyone in this diverse and exciting city.
These jobs offer the chance to work in some of the most breathtaking environments in the world, and to turn a passion for the outdoors into a fulfilling career. Whether you’re an experienced woodsman or a beginner looking to try something new, there’s a hobby job in Los Santos that’s perfect for you.
Legacies RP has a strong focus on player interaction and collaboration, and as such, we hold several events each month to encourage participation and bring the community together.
Community Meetings
The monthly community meetings provide an opportunity for players to hear updates from the staff and voice their opinions on the direction of the community. These meetings are also a great chance for players to connect and get to know one another.
In Game Holiday Events
Holiday events are also a staple of the Legacies RP community. These events range from holiday-themed activities and contests to special in-game events that allow players to celebrate the holiday season together.
Player Led Events
Special player-led events are also a big part of the community. These events are organized and run by players and can be anything from birthday parties to weddings.
Business Grand Opening Events
Finally, grand openings are a special type of event that mark the opening of new areas within the virtual world. These events often feature special contests, games, and activities, and provide players with an opportunity to explore the new areas and meet other players.
Overall, the events and activities in Legacies RP are designed to bring the community together and foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among its members.
This is only a small taste of what Legacies has to offer.
We know that people like to know the ins and outs of the server, below are some other items you can expect:
If you are looking for a community that listens to its members in order to build a stronger server, then Legacies RP is the place to be!
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