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2023.05.29 06:51 holy_fucking_shit400 [OC] “Love” from Maw

[OC] “Love” from Maw
found cd at the thrift
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2023.05.29 06:48 mcalz12 Padi Open Water in Ecuador - Is it supposed to be like this?

Hey guys so we are mid-way through taking a Padi open water diving course in Ecuador.
The whole thing is a bit of a hilarious mess of screwed up equipment and poor training.
I am gonna run through our experience for two reasons:
  1. I genuinely want to know what should be in a Padi Open Water course and what everyone else does in theirs
  2. So you can get a laugh out of how terrible it all is over here
This cost the same as all the other shops selling courses in this area and it was $340 PP (Asked 5 tour shops) so I’m not holding back on them. Their charging full-European rates on this and giving a shit service.
Day 1
We meet our “English Speaking” instructor. Barely any English he just nods at everything. At one point I asked if we were taking a Tuk Tuk to the pool. He responded with yes, thank you I love to teach diving it is my passion.
We watch a 1 hour video on the TV and he says yeah that’s enough the rest is not so important. My partner has a cold so we insist with some debate that she will not do the course (As the video said).
Move on to the pool and do some drills. Take jacket off and replace, swap breathing tool with dive buddy, use reserve breather etc.
Most of the kit was leaking air a lot. Rubber protectors broken off and lots of corrosion. If I removed my breathing tool I has to shake and twist it to stop air flowing out. We did 1 dive for about 45 mins and called it a day.
Day 2
Our first open water dive on an island. Boat barley worked and required 5 mins of playing around with a screw driver each time we set off.
Got to the site went to put together my gear and there was a frayed line on the pressure gauge and a leak. Guides said it’s fine. I pointed out another leak and a jamming breathing tool. Got it changed for a new one.
Assembled the kit and got ready to jump in. After a few seconds in the water I say my breathing tool is a bit hard to draw from (usable but annoying) he said switch to the secondary and use that. It’s missing one of the bite pads which was a real pain. No more extras on the boat and did not want to go all the way back.
Okay so I just hold the mask on my way down. Get to the bottom and my dive buddy floats off a bit. I had just finished an exhale and my mouthpiece fell out of the breathing room (We are around 8 meters deep here). So I had no air in my lungs and also no breathing tool.
I tap the guide and point to my reserve (previously main) and he hands it to me. It was a bit out of my reach and I did not have much time to get it as I had not realised the breathing tool was detached from the mouthpiece and got some water in my mouth on an inhale.
I’m fairly stoic so was not freaking out. Between us someone would have given me air but it was my first time in the ocean (ever). I cleared the tool with the button on the back (As I had 0 air) and managed to get a good breathe.
Anyway so he had a spare mouthpiece for my reserve one that he gave me. All good and breathing again. My dive buddy has floated away at this point and he signals to wait here. I wait for about 3-4 mins alone and they return. Had a little browse around and saw my first school of fish (Total time ever with scuba gear now 50 mins including 40 from the pool). We do 2 dives with my dive buddy repeatedly floating off.
We are on the boat talking to the instructor and we go what’s the deepest you’ve gone diving. He replies “The most was 35M because I have not done my advanced divers course yet” SO HE JUST HAS OPEN WATER TRAINING.
The owner of the dive shop is a dive master I believe but he spoke no English and was not diving with us. He will probably go down on the paperwork as the teacher. BTW my Spanish is decent and in the end we were speaking mainly in Spanish anyway. My hope was his English would be a lot better than my Spanish.
Under the water we did stuff like take off and put on jacket. Clear goggles etc. Total about an hour underwater maybe more. Tomorrow we finish off the course.
I did a bit of looking around and it sounds like other people did exams, lots of studying and way more diving but those were from 6 or so years ago. How different is Ecuadorean diving from the rest of the world?
Dive location: Salango Island
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2023.05.29 06:48 paultakesfalls Give me advice please

I’m currently a prep cook making 22/hr. I was reached out to about Sous position near me that pays 70k a year. I have an interview for the position in 4 days, what should I be on the look out for? What questions should I ask them?
Backstory on me. I’ve worked my way the past few years from a line cook at a coffee shop at 12/hr to 22/hr prep cook at a high end steakhouse. What I lack in skills I show up in work ethic. I’m a hard worker and will do everything in my power to get the job done.
With guidance I can fill the role of Sous, but I’m worried about not having said guidance.
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2023.05.29 06:47 AustinNoelMusic How long to review NBME self assessments?

Am I just slow or is this everyone?
I take 5-10 minutes on average to go over 1 question as I read all answer options, how they explain the wrong ones, and re-read the question of course as every answer option is testable and needs to be understood thoroughly. — This is the same for UW questions when I review them.
This means I get through 6-12 questions an hour which means it would take 16-32 hours to review 200 questions which is easy 2-4 days reviewing 1 nbme, and for UW, to do 40 questions would take about 8 hours for me, so that’s also all day doing only 40-80 UW questions with no time for anything else.
I wonder if this is a bad use of time vs reading MedBullets/pathoma/FA/Mailman HY documents for something more concise and quick? I have 25 days til Step 1. I feel I need 3-4 months to prepare for this exam with nothing else going on in my life.
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2023.05.29 06:47 TheBobzitto So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Today, I finished deleting my roster. It wasnt a super strong roster but I had 2 characters doing Brel Hard, the other main 4 1520+. Another 7 or 8 lopang slaves. My friends were all caught by surprise and to me honest, so was I at first. I think I just couldn't -not- treat the game like a second job. Waking up a bit earlier to do Una's and Chaos, going to bed a bit later to finish guardians and whatever raid I still had to do that week. As much as I love the combat and the raids, the dedication required to remain in this unending rat race of a game just got to me. To those who stay, have fun but remember to take healthy breaks.
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2023.05.29 06:46 extracrispy17 Overuse of stimulants leading to heart and pec stress?

Hi, 26 year old male. I have started having progressively worse and worse heart stress/pain/warm feeling that has started to feel like a stressed extension to my pec muscle and to up to my shoulder that has led me to start being concerned what is happening as it began only happening for short spurts but is longer lasting now.
For further context, I have had an increasing use of stimulants, I now am taking 60-80 mg of Adderall 3-4 days a week over the course of my work day, typically 10 mg every 2 hours from 7 or 8 am until whenever I stop working. On top of this, I have been drinking 1-2 cups of coffee mixed in with this throughout the day. The heart feelings typically start in the latter part of the day. On the 2 days of the work week I don’t take Adderall in the week, I typically drink 3-4 cups of coffee and take pre workout in the morning before that. On the weekends I also drink energy drinks.
The last couple of weeks is when the heart/pec pain has really picked up which has coincided with an increase in work where I was working 14-16 hours a day 4 days a week, 8 on the fifth day. This has led to obviously less sleep, 3-4 hours a night on the heavy work nights.
Now, I have drank only 1 cup of coffee each of the last 2 days and the symptoms still took place which has me even more concerned this is taking place at lower caffeine amounts now.
Overall, I am concerned on what is happening but I am not sure how much is the caffeine/Adderall, how much is the stress of work and lack of sleep, and how much is in my head.
I appreciate any insights on what I might be having happen and if there is any further details I can provide let me know, thanks!
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2023.05.29 06:45 mentosako My children - meeting the woman that caused our family to broken

I have been separated with my ex husband for almost 8 yrs now. We separated because I caught him cheating with another woman. We have 2 kids back then, our eldest was only 6 and our youngest who is only 2 yrs back then. 6 yrs fast forward - I had another chance for true love. I am now with someone that i love and also filed for annulment as my partner wants to be married with me. My ex on the other hand still is in a relationship with the girl that he chose over me. Today- I just learned that my ex hubby introduced that woman to my children last night. I tried to be neutral abt it but thinking abt it makes me want to vomit. I hate every part of that woman and never want her near my children. Believe it or not - I don't care if ends up forever with my ex. I cannot careless - but the idea of her coming near my children revolts my heart. I don't want her coming near my children. She caused the heartbreak of my children and I cannot bear to tell it to my children. I still hate her. I don't know why. But I still do.
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2023.05.29 06:43 discofizz My Australian Shepherd lunges at the cats when I shout at them to stop scratching the couch

We have a 4 year old Australian shepherd, who we've had since he was 8 weeks old. We already had cats prior to adopting him, so he's been around them his entire life. Both of our cats are 100% cool with him, and they all seem to be good buddies, actually.
Here is really the only issue we have- if one of the cats is doing something I don't want them to, i.e scratching the couch, and I yell at the cat to stop, my dog will lunge at them. It's not like he's trying to hurt them, he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, it's more like he's trying to tell the cat, "Hey, you better listen!" I don't know how else to describe it. The cats will run off and he does not continue chasing them, instead he turns to look at me as if expecting to be rewarded for his behavior.
He's really only starred doing this within the last year, though I can't put a specific time as to when this truly started. I don't know what I have done to teach him this behavior, is it just because my shouting excites him? If anybody has insight onto 1. Why he started behaving this way somewhat randomly when he'd already been around the cats for years without any issue, and 2. What can I do to deter this behavior? Because, again, he only does this when I get after the cats for being naughty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.29 06:42 angelbun402 Hi. I don't know if this will ever get out, but here goes.

Hi. Please call me Angel. Or Alex, or bun. I don't care. I am 14 years old. This is my petty revenge against my father.
Just tonight, my (37M) father was basically goin off about how I should be on my phone the whole time. However, I was just only watching the new puss in boots movie with my (18M) cousin and (11F) little sister. I thought that was stupid and dumb. But now not only had he unknowingly lit a match, but is now going to burn one last bridge in his life. Me.
Like I said, I thought he was being stupid and shit like that. He said how it's always important to keep communication with family, yet, his family doesn't even keep contact with him. Hmmm... I wonder why (sarcasm).
For a little background info, I grew up in a religious household. It was always me, my sister, my dad and my (36F) mom. I thought things were always great. Until sometime near the summer of 2020, things were off.
My parents would argue a lot. I was always scared. One time when I was little, I said behind closed doors, "if they argue all the time, why don't they divorce?" Well, that part came true.
In 2020, my little sister was fast asleep. I however, was still awake, because of sleep troubles. Then my dad walked in from the side door of the kitchen, late at night. It was weird. Then my mother went up and questioned him. He was trying to play dumb and what not. My mother, however, is the smartest bitch alive. That is why I am my mother's daughter. Anyway, my mother kept saying you cheated on me, you cheated on me. Keep in mind, I was awake the whole time. And that was the first time I have ever had a panic attack. I was 11 years old at the time.
Now, I realized all the narcissistic behavior. He has always put me and my art down. He's always criticized me and how I look. Heck he even body shames my little sister because she has a bigger figure. He called her a busted up biscuit one time because she wore a dress. She's 11.
And he pulls this, "be glad I'm not a deadbeat dad" card a lot.
Oh, also, this man is homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, bigoted, and racist. This is the man I once called my "father"
My (28F) stepmom is married to him and I have my now (M) 8 month old brother. My cousin always chooses his side. So, if my dad, cousin, auntie, and father see this. Fuck you. fuck all of you in fact.
Dad, you have ruined my life. My mom, sister, and me have put up with your abuse for way to damn long, and you've pushed me to the edge. You've put the last straw that broke the camel's back. My only advice for you is to get help. Get therapy. Don't even try to manipulate anyone on your side anymore. My mom did a good thing leaving you.
Fix your broken relationship with your oldest child before you lose them forever.
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2023.05.29 06:42 FastSprinkles391 Comentarios?

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2023.05.29 06:41 rubberduckie666 i made it to the part where you get to building the ship for the first time, is it as bad as the game suggests?

like the title says, after god knows how many attempts iv finally made it to the point of the game i can actually start building the ship with my colony of 8 folks with 4 being capable of fighting on the adventure difficulty with Cassandra.
the message i got after finishing "starflight basics" the game gave me a warning saying its going to get incredibly hard the moment i start. am i gona need to start building tons of defences like turrets and leveraging alliances to even stand a chance?
the game is vanilla for the mostpart. no expansions
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2023.05.29 06:40 theruthisloose Trip report: 6 day work trip in combination mild + tropical weather

Trip report: 6 day work trip in combination mild + tropical weather
Hi all, I travel a lot for work on sketchy airlines. Thus I am always trying to perfect my carry-on only set up! Here is a recent trip itinerary:
  • Day 1> Fly to Australia (mild weather), overnight
  • Day 2> Fly to Vanuatu (tropical weather)
  • Days 3-4> Work
  • Day 5> Fly to Australia (mild weather), overnight
  • Day 6> Fly back home


  • Random coach backpack my MIL got my from the outlets, maybe 25l?
  • Baggu packable tote, black
  • Random woven crossbody purse (stuffed inside the Baggu)
My two bags. The woven purse is inside the black tote, along with my camera equipment and anything I would need easy access to on the plane.


All of this goes into two random hand-me-down packing cubes I've accumulated over the years. Shoes go in a plastic grocery bag.
  • Shirts:
    • Athleta turquoise linen wrap shirt
    • H&M brown wrap shirt
    • Target white button down (great, multipurpose piece) (worn)
    • REI turquoise t-shirt
    • REI crop trop / yoga bra thing
    • Work-issued polo
    • Black Diamond rain jacket (worn)
  • Dress:
    • Amazon floral dress (super cheap, which also means the material is super thin and easy to pack)
  • Bottoms:
    • Calvin Klein jeans (normally I wouldn't bring jeans but Australia was quite chilly so I wanted the thicker pant) (worn)
    • Athleta Brooklyn black pants (very thin, great for packing and for tropical weather)
  • Workout:
    • Workout bra, quick dry t-shirt, quick dry shorts (The most important thing for workout gear is that I can wash it every day in my sink and it be dry by the morning. That way I only have to bring one set)
  • Intimates:
    • 8x underwear, various Target brand (1 worn)
    • 1 underwire bra (worn)
    • 1 soft bralette
    • 3x Icebreaker wool socks (love these) (1 worn)
  • Shoes:
    • Black pointed-toe Rothys (I just got these and I like how thin and light they are)
    • Old navy flip flops (flip flops are a must when traveling in the South Pacific)
    • Vivobarefoot primus trail knit black sneakers (amazing onebag shoe!! super light and can be worn on travel days, to the gym, or on the trail) (worn)
Clothes and shoes - PJs, undergarments, and workout gear not included.


I have one small random bag I use as a tech pouch for the chargers. The rest goes in the laptop section of my backpack or my tote.
  • Macbook Air
  • Two iPhones (work and personal)
  • Kindle
  • Apple Airpods
  • Canon DSLR (necessary for work) + accessories
  • iPhone charger, mini-USB, Macbook charger
  • Wall block w/plug converter


  • Anko large PVC pencil case (these things are amazing! so durable and cheap. I wish I could find a link for you all):
    • See photo caption below
  • Random small canvas pouch:
    • Hair ties
    • Bobby pins
    • Tweezers
    • Nail clippers
    • Mascara
    • Eyebrow pencil + sharpener
    • Lipstick
    • Concealer + small brush
    • Multi stick (used for blush)
    • Two-in-one hairbrush and comb (foldable)
    • Toothbrush (used for brushing back baby hairs when my hair is up)

Toiletries. Top row: toothpaste, bug spray, conditioner, hair gel, toothbrush. Second row: itch cream, deodorant (decanted), mouth guard and floss, contact solution. Third row: face wash, face sunscreen, and homemade dry shampoo all in 1oz eye dropper bottles from Amazon, day and night lotion in the blue contact case, vitamin c serum and prescription in the green and white case, random pills in an old ear plug case. Bottom row: small slivers of shampoo and body bars in the Matador flatpack soap container, extra set of contacts, contact lens case, razor.
Packed, with makeup case


  • Anko pencil case:
    • Passports
    • Pens
    • Foreign sims (in an old gum container)
    • Foreign currency (held with a paper clip)
    • Boarding passes (this size pencil case is the exactly perfect size to fit a standard boarding pass)
    • Entry slips / customs forms, as needed
  • Anko pencil case:
    • 6 granola bars, tea bags, instant coffee (snacks are a must for travel in places with unpredictable food supply)
    • Fork and spoon
  • Random Walmart wallet w/ cards, currency, coins
  • Lifestraw water bottle (seriously a lifesaver and plastic saver when you are traveling someone the water is not potable)
  • Glasses, prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses
  • Small umbrella
  • Small first aid kit
  • Notebook
  • 10 Lysol wipes
  • 2-3 sheets of laundry detergent + Tide pen in a ziplock bag


Overall, I thought I packed really well! With my camera gear and water bottle in my tote, the backpack weighed 8.5kg, but no one tried to weigh my bag. If I had been doing domestic travel in Vanuatu, I would have to get that down to 7kg.
I was wishing for a warmer jacket or a sweater while on my two overnight transits, so I might try to bring a packable down jacket next time.
I need a new backpack. This one is killing my back!! If you have any recommendations, please drop them here or in my post here.
Any feedback on how I can lighten the load or any feedback at all is welcome. Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.29 06:39 LonelyLittleWolfie My mom and stepdad just argued for 20 minutes

I don't have a lot to say. I recorded the argument on my phone so I could remember exactly what my mom said so I can understand why my family is such a mess.
Essentially, my stepdad is lazy. He hasn't worked an actual job for longer than a week. Since 2018 all he's ever done is beg people in his family for money and then proceed to spend it all on those same people, instead of spending that money on the woman he has a child with.
My aunt died in 2019. And guess what? He was never there to comfort her emotionally. His wife. Never. Not once have I ever seen my stepdad care about my mother. This is quite literally the only man I remember my mother dating in my life. I've known this guy since 2018 and he's never, not once been there for emotional or financial support.
My mother, who was hardly able to stand for a time because she had nerve damage, worked several different jobs to try and pull even the slightest bit of money so she could take care of me and my two younger siblings. For years, this adult, able bodied 20 year old man let my nearly 40 year old mother work instead of getting a fucking job, or doing literally fucking anything.
She got a loan to help him start a trucking company and he never drove the goddamn truck she spent two thousand fucking dollars.
For her own goddamn birthday she used her hard earned money to buy herself a Binze (sorry if I misspelled) and what did he do? He sold his own, fully functioning car and then drove HER car across the city and to the next city over, which was an hour a day. For WEEKS. And then the car blew.
I had to move away from the people I loved back to the city I've always hated. We ended up homeless for 8. Fucking. Months. Over half a year we lived in hotels. We lived with his mother. I stayed with my Godmother for a period of time. We were fucking pennyless for over half a year. And he NEVER tried to apply for a job. He never tried to do anything. He did what he does every day and leaves me and my mother and my siblings alone in a fucking roach infested hotel room. It was horrific.
My stepdad will spend hundreds of dollars on his nieces and nephews. Just TODAY he bought his niece, his 17 year old niece, his 17 year old niece in the 9th grade with TWO GODDAMN KIDS, he bought that niece a smart TV. A smart fucking TV!!! And I've been asking and begging for a goddamn computer desk so I can do my school work more efficiently for MONTHS. and I got absolutely fucking nothing. He'll buy his nieces and nephews everything they could ever want when they're all smoking weed and drinking alcohol before they turn 16. He'll buy them the world for their mediocre report cards and horrific behavior. But I work my ass off all year to get a straight A report card and I get nothing. Nothing. Is stupid fucking father has been promising me ice cream for 3 FUCKING YEARS for my excellent grades and I haven't gotten ANYTHING. You know who does reward me? My mother. She takes me to the movies. She buys me frozen yogurt, she even just slips me a quick 5 or 10 dollars just for looking after my younger siblings. She's the woman who's been raising me since day one. Not even my OWN FATHER can say that he's been raising me.
I don't have anyone to talk to. I don't have any friends. I just want to get this off my chest in hopes that somebody will hear me.
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2023.05.29 06:36 celestial_axolotl00 Are parents supposed to be this way?

So I (22) live with my parents (67m and 63f), because they want me to until I become married and because I have disabilities that cause me to not be able to be alone. Because of said disabilities, I cannot work, so the help support me (until I am approved for disability that is). I also have a boyfriend (24) who I plan on marrying in the near future.
Living with my parents is agonizing, to say the least. They put my ideas down, always complain that I did something wrong so much so that when they are about to speak I almost expect them to say something about myself and how I am in trouble, and just feel that they are better than everyone else in the way that they live their lives (although they would never openly admit it).
Here are just a few examples of how they are:
-my parents know that I am planning on marrying my boyfriend, and when I talk about my plans they either shoot them down as “that’s too expensive, I’m not helping you monetarily with that” or “there’s no time to be thinking of happy things, remember, your father is dying of cancer” (my dad has had cancer since 2010, his diagnosis isn’t anything new, and he’s been stable with it since then. I also deal with depression myself, so it’s nice to think about a happy event like my wedding, which almost every time is shot down with how bad my dad is doing. They tell me to “be happy” but then actively make me think about depressing things)
-a family member of mine had psychologically and verbally abused me when I was 10 years old over a period of 4 months, which to this day still affects me. When I tell them about my issues, it is met with “here we go again” and “we don’t want to hear about this!”. They want me to get better but don’t want to hear about my issues that are plaguing my mind. Not only that, but sometimes when I tell them stuff it is met with “well, what did you do to deserve this?” Mind you, I was 10 YEARS OLD. At one point when I was being abused, I literally felt like I had to touch my feces, which usually is a sign of abuse. Which my parents have made me out to be the villain in that situation and made me feel even more disgusting than I already do.
-I’m adopted, and my parents let me know at least once every other week how lucky I should feel about being adopted by them. If I feel badly about my predicament, then that means I’m not appreciative of them. Which I don’t know how I should be, when my mom has let me know a couple of times that she “didn’t want me at first” which stings, but stings even more when she tells me how she really wanted to adopt my second cousin (my cousins (who was 14 at the time) daughter). “Such a pretty girl. I really wanted her.”
-absolutely NONE of the issues above or any issue that happens in the household should be shared, either to my boyfriend or my therapist, because that’s throwing them under the bus, and they have threatened to cut cell service to my phone if I share anything.
I’ve told my therapist about these problems, and she says that “that’s just the way normal parents are” and that they really love me, but I don’t know, I don’t think parents act this way. Do normal parents act this way?
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2023.05.29 06:35 ThanksGosling I [31/f] am in love with my best friend [30/m]. What do I do?

Hi Redditors,
I met my current best mate (let's call him S) 2.5 years ago when I dated his friend. We were in a toxic situationship, where his friend led me on for 1.5 years and my best mate hated it as I was getting so hurt by it. I FINALLY ended it 4 months ago. Prior to this, my friends all used to say that I had picked the wrong one and that S is the one for me as he's always there for me and is kind and supportive etc. I had a lowkey feeling that he may have had feelings for me, but I didn't want to pursue it as I wasn't sure how I felt (and was still hung up on the toxic guy). I wasn't really attracted to him in that way also and when I sorta came around to the idea, he had gotten a girlfriend. They then broke up a year on and I realised that I had a chance to see what would happen.
Last year, about 3 months after his break up I attended a party with S and he got quite drunk and kissed me. He then professed is love for me and how I just 'got him' and he realised it right before him and his ex broke up (she broke up with him). I was initially shocked as I've had such rough luck with men that I couldn't believe this one was finally working out with me. However I asked him if we could revisit this when he was sober to ensure this was all for real. 2 days later we got together and he said that although his feelings were real, he wasn't sure that he could get past me having dated his friend (a huge wedge in his prev. relationship was that she had hooked up with another friend of his years before and caused him mass anxiety, so he didn't want to relive it again).
I was completely devastated by the sudden flip and it almost ruined our friendship. We finally moved through it after a few weird months and things returned back to normal. That is, until we attended Mardi Gras with our other friend3 months on and we ended up locking ourselves in the party host's room and hooking up. We then hooked up 2 more times over the next few weeks, once sober and once drunk. After his sudden change of heart the last time, I was doing a great job at keeping my feelings at bay as I felt turned off by the inconsistency, until he admitted he hasn't really been interested in anyone he has met on apps and has paused them for now. It's so stupid, but in line with this, I've felt that my feelings have started to bubble up again.
This past weekend at our mutual friend's 30th, once again, under the influence we hooked up and S told me that I just 'get him', how attracted he is to me when I'm confident and am authentically myself (I have been working really hard on my self worth lately through daily affirmations) and how he feels about me etc. S had called me on the phone in crisis a few days before and said I was the first person he thought to call and how much I'm always able to help him through when he is spiralling. We all slept at an apartment that night near the bars and he was cuddling with me the whole night. I finally admitted to our other best mate how I felt about him and she said she sees so much compatibility between us and also found it interesting that he has had no romantic interest in anyone else over these past few months.
I'm not really sure what to do here, as I subscribe to the 'if he wanted to, he would' mentality, but this is also quite a complicated situation given his friend and our friendship. I'm choosing to just leave it and see if he pursues anything, as I'm too scared to put my feelings out there and get rejected considering the mixed messages I'm getting.
TL;DR: Best mate seems to always profess his feelings for me while drunk/under the influence, but things go back to friendship any other time
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2023.05.29 06:35 chronicalpainpain How safe is frequent travel and flights throughout pregnancy

I’ve been living and working abroad with my boyfriend (home base is in Canada) and we recently got unplanned pregnancy (36 years old, 13+4 weeks as of now), but ever since first trimester I had to fly and travel nearly every week, plus being on the road and crossing borders …
Now that I’m nearly 14 weeks my bf wants to travel to Singapore … and we recently went to Australia and South East Asia …
The biggest concern for me is stress and cortisol levels … will it affect my baby?
Another problem is I don’t even know where exactly I’ll give birth… is it best to do it in home country or abroad … I’m afraid Canadian embassy will take forever with baby passport …
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2023.05.29 06:33 eyedoctodd Advice and opinions on first gear purchases

Hi all!
TL/DR: Should this FPV beginner be choosing differently?
Thanks for having me. I am hoping you can share some of your experience and wisdom to help me get off the ground in FPV. I’ve been flying camera drones for some time, and I have found that I keep gravitating to FPV-style video shooting. As I began to research FPV flying, I realize that my main goal is cinematic flying, with some lesser degree of freestyle and exploration flying, like with abandoned places. (At this time I don’t really have interest in racing.) That said, I would like to avoid gear purchases which would be limiting or restrictive where possible in that they would require repurchasing gear later on.
I realize that everything comes with tradeoffs - weight, maneuverability, battery life, latency, cost etc., but my priorities are: -Video quality: resolution, frame rate options, dynamic range, and goggle view being as lifelike as possible -ability to fly sub-250g to skip registration - mainly to avoid RID Karens, I’m not one of those people who draws negative attention to the hobby. I do have my part 107 cert., and I know that part 107 flights still require RID regardless of weight starting in September, but most of my flying is recreational and so I would prefer to not deal with RID as much as possible. -durability (as a new flyer, I need some crash resistance. I’m planning to fly exclusively in sims to start with, but we know crashes WILL happen). -Range and battery life: for landscapes and scenery shooting this seems evident.
While I am not in a position where money is no object, startup cost is not as important as gear that I can grow with.
So after doing a lot of reading, a lot of YouTube watching (Josh Bardwell, Nick Burns, Ivan Efimov, etc.), I am leaning toward the following component technologies and gear:
-ELRS Tx/Rx for controlling the quad. Leaning toward the Radiomaster TX16S MkII with built-in ELRS. -DJI O3 air unit for video transmission, Goggles 2 for viewing (again, video is a huge priority). -For the quads, I definitely understand that one quad can’t be all things, so I am looking at flying a couple of different styles. I am thinking of going with a whoop-style quad with its ducted props to help flying “through stuff” (like between tree trunks, through windows and gaps and near action sports participants that are in on the shooting), as well as a micro long-range quad for flying “over stuff” like lakes, trees, mountain ridges, along creeks etc.). Later on I may look at 5” Freestyle quad depending on where my skills take me?
Hopefully this doesn’t all sound too presumptive but I have been obsessed with learning about FPV and starting to fly FPV once I got an idea of how deep the rabbit hole goes.
I really want to get started with quads that will meet my divergent needs — and am definitely interested in eventually building my own quads — but to get started and gain some stick time and figure out my likes and dislikes, I am thinking it would be best to start with BNF quads.
The sub-250g quads I am focusing on to start are:
-iFlight Defender 25 https://shop.iflight-rc.com/Defender-25-O3-4S-HD-Pro1923
-Flywoo Explorer LR 4 - this has the upgraded M10 GPS chip. https://flywoo.net/products/explorer-lr-4-hd-dji-o3-sub250-4k-1080p-micro-long-range?sku=18057623761712128292972494
I would truly appreciate your input on these choices, both the quads and the other gear listed above. I know I am not even close to scratching the surface, and that is so exciting to know there is so much more to learn here.
I want to thank you all so much for your input!
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2023.05.29 06:32 Inspired_By_God Psalm 2 – A Messianic Psalm

It was 28 January 2023
Much of the Old Testament was not fully understood as having Messianic content until the time of the New Testament. So, it is wonderful to read the New Testament and find where it enlightens us to the Messianic content in the Old Testament. In so many ways, the saying is true that: The Old has the New concealed and the New is the Old revealed.
As such, it was a wonderful blessing to follow the rabbit trail to various scriptures that all link-up to showcase the beauty of the Messianic tapestry in Psalm 2, which is just one of many such Messianic Psalms.
The bold type emphasis below, has been added in order to guide the reader to spot the key elements, that highlight such Messianic content.
[Note: When the quotes below from the New Testament are read in their full context, it becomes evident that they are describing Jesus Christ in all His gospel glory. However, in order to make the post not too long, only the applicable verses from the New Testament are mentioned.]
Psalm 2:
His Anointed One:
Old Testament:
New Testament:
Hence, His Anointed One in Psalm 2 is clearly identified by the context of Acts Chapter 4 as referring to Jesus Christ our Messiah!
You are My Son:
Old Testament:
New Testament:
Furthermore, let’s follow some rabbit trails that link with “You are My Son.”
Old Testament:
New Testament:
Moreover, let’s follow some rabbit trails on the rest of 2 Samuel 7:14
Old Testament:
(2 Sam 7:14b at a higher level identifies with our Messiah; for He took upon Himself all the “iniquities” that we committed and “by His stripes we were healed” (Is 53:5, 1 Pet 2:24)
Hence, “You are My Son” in Psalm 2 is clearly identified as referring to Jesus Christ our Messiah!
The Messiah and His Kingdom:
Old Testament:
New Testament:
Old Testament:
New Testament:
So, Psalm 2:8-9, clearly also carry Messianic content!
Kiss the Son:
Old Testament:
(The phrase, “Kiss the Son” in Psalm 2:12a links up with, “You are My Son” in Psalm 2:7b; which in turn links to various Messianic links in the New Testament, as cited earlier under the heading, You are My Son)
All Praise and Glory to our Messiah, for: “when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.” – 2 Corinthians 3:16 ESV
Therefore, wonderfully we can declare: Psalm 2 – A Messianic Psalm
Christian E. van der Westhuizen
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2023.05.29 06:32 aniltk Upgrading PHP 7.4 to 8.0

Hi there, we are using Php 7.4 in our application and we now have a requirement to upgrade PHP to 8. When I looked at PHP upgrade page, I see this line
This RFC was postponed to PHP8.1, see Deprecations for PHP 8.1
My question is what does it mean by postponed here ? If I want to look at deprecated functions for PHP 8.0, should I look at PHP8.1 page ? Or there are no deprecated functions from Php 7.4 to Php 8 (for example, 8.0.2)
Can someone advise me on where should I begin for upgrading to PHP 8.0.2?
Thanks In advance.
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2023.05.29 06:32 Ol_Dewberry As Promised: Teverun Fighter 11+ review - 200 mile update

As Promised: Teverun Fighter 11+ review - 200 mile update
I posted my initial impressions a couple of weeks ago, and said I'd post another review after a couple hundred miles. From my research, there is not nearly as much information out there on Teverun scooters as most other brands. With that being said, I will do my part and try my best to come back with an update every couple hundred miles to add to the pool of limited information out there, and hopefully help some people come to a decision on a scooter purchase.
  • More than adequate top speed. It has an advertised 52 MPH top speed, and I've hit 50 MPH so far. It definitely had a little juice left in her, even if only a little. I'll try to max it out completely at some point in the near future
  • Insane acceleration. I've never accurately measured it, but the 0 - 30 MPH has to be no more than 4.5 seconds, probably even less. Obviously there are scooters on the market with faster acceleration, but not many. This is definitely one of the faster scooters on the market. The acceleration really is great. Never disappoints.
  • Fantastic range. My initial assessment still holds. You can easily get high 40s - low 50s miles on a single charge keeping it at 35 MPH and under. Even riding aggressively most of the time, I can still get low 30s out of it no problem. Zero range anxiety with this scooter.
  • Build quality is fantastic. Everything was super solid right out of the box, and has remained that way. It's a tank. The stem is pretty solid as well; very little stem movement. But I wouldn't even call it stem movement, the joints and where the stem folds is a super solid setup, it's more a very minute "flex, if that makes sense. Overall, the scooter is very solid. No issues, no loose parts/nuts/bolts, nothin'.
  • The adjustable suspension works very well. No sure how many setting there are, but it's quite a bit, and I've tested them through the entire range. It's a pretty comfortable riding experience.
  • Deck size is massive. I'm 6' 1" with size 12 shoes, and I have no issues finding comfortable placement for my feet. Scooter is definitely big guy approved.
  • The display works very well. I have no problem reading it, even during the day.
  • Adjustable steering dampener works incredibly well. Scooter feels incredibly stable at near max speed.
  • The accent lighting works very well. They're all bright, and there's lots of them, making me feel incredibly safe during night riding; scooter is extremely visible from a far distance.
There's probably some other things I'm missing, but that's about it for the majorly important stuff.
  • Zoom brakes catch a lot of hate, but they have actually been extremely good so far. They work incredibly well, fantastic stopping power. My only gripe with them is that the initial "bite" is a little too strong. There's really not much easing into the brakes. There's definitely more stopping power the harder you squeeze, but there's really no way to "gently" brake, if that makes sense. Now, I understand that I'm 6' 1" and my height probably plays a factor in the brakes maybe feeling stronger than they actually are, but there definitely is an initial strong "bite" to the brakes that I wished was dialed back just a little bit. Not the end of the world, though; just being conscious of bracing your front leg before touching the front brake at all is an easy enough fix. But if anyone knows if it's possible to dial back the initial "bite", and if so, how to do it properly, please let me know.
  • The front headlight is a little lacking. It works fairly well, just not nearly as strong as you'd want it to be for night riding. Also, the lighting area is vary narrow; I definitely wish it had a much wider angle to the area it lights up. It would be a good idea to invest in a secondary light just to help with the visibility a bit. The headlight isn't useless, but it definitely leaves much to be desired.
  • My thoughts and feelings on the app remain the same. It's just so pointless. I honestly don't get why they couldn't have just added all of that into the display. Also, the accent lighting is controlled via the app, and it doesn't save your customized light settings. Everytime you turn the scooter off, you have to redo that shit. It's so damn annoying. With that being said, though, that is something Teverun could definitely address via a firmware update. I'm definitely going to contact them and see if they will release a fix to that, cause it's something so minor yet so damn annoying.
That's about all I can think of at the moment in regards to negative aspects about the scooter, but I may be forgetting one or two things. And in all honesty, those are very minor issues. There is nothing about this scooter that I can bring up where someone could say, "OK. That's an absolute deal-breaker. This scooter isn't even an option anymore." They really are minor.
That's all I have for this 200 mile update. As a whole, this scooter kicks ass. It's an absolute beast, and the build quality is fantastic. Mechanically wise, I have had zero issues with the scooter so far. I've done tons of research over the past few months, and on paper this is one the best bang-for-your-bucks options on the market; and after purchasing and putting 200 miles on it so far, I can confidently say it is one of the best options on the market right now. It holds up to what it says it will do, and then some. I highly recommend this scooter. 10/10 would buy again.
If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them as best as I can.
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2023.05.29 06:30 Kefla282 FT: Shiny pogo stamped Mew (ENG, lvl 15, payed research) LF: Shiny in Pokemon go or stamped GBL Normal and attack form deoxys Only! (Can do 1:1)

FT: Shiny pogo stamped Mew (ENG, lvl 15, payed research) LF: Shiny in Pokemon go or stamped GBL Normal and attack form deoxys Only! (Can do 1:1) submitted by Kefla282 to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:29 Severe_Mango_966 Sensor Error on days 8-9, not user error production/design flaw

I go through this issue quite a bit. I’ve been a G6 user for 5 years, I had not used a G5 or ever used another CGM device prior. Dexcom will replace a sensor w/ almost zero hassle so it isn’t the biggest deal in the world. I just wanted to provide so insight for people that have the same issue. A Dexcom sensor is supposed to last 10 days, sometimes on day 7 but usually for me and many others I’ve seen post on social media, on days 8 and/or 9 we see the dreaded “Sensor Error wait up to three hours” message. This will be intermittent , you will usually get a sensor reading again several times 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours later. Although those readings Vs a finger prick test will sometimes show that the blood sugar your sensor is showing after the error recovery is wildly incorrect. I’ve seen a lot of response of people saying this is a “user error” due to the possible placement of the sensor, laying on it, movement etc. these are all entirely incorrect, these errors are 20% a manufacture production error & don’t have anything to do with you. If it was a case of some error you were making when applying the sensor, it would happen randomly, day 2, day 5, day 6. Not every single time post day 7. You don’t need to change anything in what you were doing if for 7 days your Dexcom was working perfectly, then your sensors all stop working on day 8 & 9, nothing you’ve done has anything to do with it. Dexcom has multiple production facilities for their sensors and they sub contract to a few different medical equipment manufacturers for the parts for the sensors before Dexcom puts it all together. There is an inherent technological flaw in the design of the sensors and the way they communicate with the transmitter, they should really have a 6-7 day life span. The way the sensor sends your interstitial glucose to the transmitter via a small wire. After 6-7 days the wire, still being in perfect shape inside your body, has residue of the same blood cells that first touched it when it went into your body on day 1. The longer a wire is in your body, the more of the wire has older blood cells along with new interstitial blood making contact with it. This is what ends up happening to the signal as the transmitter is getting several different readings from incremental amounts of blood in your body, a lot right then and some from the past several days. This doesn’t allow for the sensor to provide an accurate reading. If your like I was at first let me offer some advice. As soon as you see the sensor error, don’t wait for it give you a reading 3-4 times over 6-8 hours. Just call m, get a replacement, don’t be sitting at 1 a.m. finally deciding to change the sensor, then feeling like your have to wait 2 hours to be able to go to bed so it can warm up properly. If your getting these errors randomly, then you may need to make sure your following all steps correctly during application. But when it’s specific every time as to when they fail and it’s always the same time frame. It’s not you, it’s them. Hope this helps any1
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