Wellen park golf and country club


2019.10.29 15:01 BlueSkies150 Golf_Logo

Are you looking to identify a golf, school or company/corporate logo, symbol, emblem, shield, insignia or crest? Ask here! If you have a golf/polo shirt or hat, but don't know the golf course, country club, team, company or school logo, this is the place to post a photo and ask!

2023.05.23 02:10 MatoboEstates Private Country Club in Matobo.

MatoboCountryClub - Private Golf , hunting and Fishing -Matobo Province.

2013.09.30 20:43 bpoe13 footgolf: The greatest sport ever invented

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. FootGolf as a game is played throughout the world in many different forms, but as a sport it is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).

2023.05.29 07:04 maallyn Ski To Sea Observations From Zuanich

I feel that I should give you what I have observed as a volunteer at the Ski to Sea's Kayak start point at our beautiful Zuanich Park.
I was assigned to the Kayak launch dock and ramp, helping kayaker's getting into their boats at dockside.
Things went fine at the start, although the wind was very strong and kayakers had to paddel into the wind head on after they round the end of the breakwater adjacent to the public dock (this, by the way, is the dock where the Bellingham Yacht Club has their youth boat program boats stored. It's the only dock without a locked gate at the foot of the ramp).
Then things got real busy at about 3:30 to 4 PM; there were four of us volunteers helping with the kayaks.
Then suddenly I had to help a large power boat into the dock so tht they can off load a kayak that had capsized on the route.
Five minutes later, another power boat came to the dock and I assisted that one as well (getting a good work-out trying to muscle these boats into position to let them unload a kayak.
This went on for about three to four kayaks.
Things got real hectic where I ended up both helping a kayaker into the water as well as trying to manuver the lines for yet another power boat.
After nearly getting myself knocked into the water while trying to cleat down the line of a power boat because two people carrying a kayak back up the ramp bumped into me. I had to lie down on the dock so not to get pushed into the water.
When I was able to get back up, I noticed that kayaks were starting to be carried up the ramp off the dock and back up to the shore.
About five minutes later, no kayaks were being carried down the ramp; only kayaks were being carried up to ramp.
Soon, I had the entire dock to myself and one other volunteer who looked confused. I looked up and noticed one of the officials blocking the ramp. That officiel then waved up to come back up the ramp and get off the dock.
They explained to me that they had decided to stop the event because about 45 kayakers were capsized due to the very strong windes that were getting even stronger (about 4 PM, which is normal for these waters on a southwest wind day).
The event got cut off at about 4 PM; no kayakers being allowed into the water and an automatic team disqualification if anyone tried to launch a kayak after this point in time.
We volunteer were thanked and relieved of duty.
I stayed on to help clean up (as I usually do).
Very interesting. They tell me that the event had never been cut short once it started. Some past events were put onto short route before being started, but never stopped in mid stride.
Every one stayed in hish spirits throughout. Very well behaved!!
I Love You All!
Mark Allyn
Bellingham, Washington
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2023.05.29 07:01 ogreatgames Zoo Tycoon: Immersive Zoo Simulation - Xbox One Game

Zoo Tycoon: Immersive Zoo Simulation - Xbox One Game

![video](60cy45shnd091 " Zoo Tycoon allows you to manage expansive animal parks with plenty of interesting possibilities. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/zoo-tycoon to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xboxone #zoo #simulation --
Zoo Tycoon for Microsoft Xbox One. Survive the wild adventure in Zoo Tycoon, a game that allows players to add to and manage their very own zoo. See the fantastic array of animals such as Ring-tailed Lemurs, African Bush Elephants and more as you progress through this incredible management adventure. Be entranced by the detailed vibrant lively environments. Enjoy the fun modes such as freeform mode and more. Drive through the interesting park with a golf cart type vehicle and feed select animals too. Go to various zoos across different continents, and aim to accomplish your general goal, to build a zoo with a variety of animals, and facilities, while trying to get the most visitors possible, in select modes. Embark on a journey to one of the world's most immersive zoo simulations, and start building your dream safari today! --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.05.29 06:53 DrizzyDoe When you’re trapped on your third double in a row on MDW but the boys are buzzing on Sunday :/

When you’re trapped on your third double in a row on MDW but the boys are buzzing on Sunday :/
Love my weekdays with the retired folk at my home course but damn I wish I had a weekend day with the boys here & there. Cheers to 40 hours in 3 days.
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2023.05.29 06:49 Fiorentina500 Could Philippines develop a sports culture like I. Europe?

I watch soccer or football when I can like 3-4 times a month. I’m stilll more of basketball guy, but watching football leagues like EPL or researching Serie A you just get enamored by the history and culture a sports club/team means. I watched Lutron town get promoted to the premier league but seeing the atmosphere in that games was euphoric. Of course you probably can’t pull off a league or system as massive like this in the Philippines or do something 100% similar, but you think it would be great if sports leagues whether basketball or football can try to promote more local teams and culture. I mean with PBA it seems fans are getting annoyed with the cringe corporate influence of the league and while I am a fil-am speaking, watching highlights it seems many games sometimes are empty or just Bland unless it’s someone like Ginebra. I’m not saying remove teams like Ginebra but having more local teams in cities like Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, etc. Have more teams within areas with strong culture like Illocos, Negros, Visayas, etc. I know it is hard to implement in a sense considering the economic situation and all that, but even if the quality of stadiums aren’t great, having more teams that actually mean something is something this country needs. I know there are more important things in life and issues with this beautiful but I watch sports like football and sometimes feel something like a club can be a a simple way to cherish life when it’s up and down. For example, my parents are from Nueva Ejicia, Cabanatuan, be great to see a team in that region. It’s like in football with even smaller clubs. I think this type of culture fits the Philippines and its culture. I see it in the football league with teams like Kaya but it’s still small and very commercialized in a sense.
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2023.05.29 06:42 ScuderiaRetardi Had my first ever lesson today. Wow... What a remarkable difference from 90 minutes.

I went to my first lesson today.
I must say, it's remarkable how much it can change your golf game. I played a round immediately after at 8:30am to reinforce what I learned across all my clubs and my posture at address.
Wow... Just wow. It felt a little unnatural when I first learned it, but after a single round and seeing the results from the changes it's remarkable how much my game improved. I scored 9 better than my previous best score. My drives and iron shots have always been alright but after some posture changes I'm hitting an extra 15yds and way, way more consistent flight paths. I could usually get in the realm of fairway or what I'll graciously call "fairway adjacent", but occasionally would be further to the right or left when I intended to play the opposite side of the fairway. Postural corrections fixed that issue entirely today. Not once in 18 holes.
Distance control and consistency with wedges was one of my major issues. I still have some issues with that in longer range wedge shots, but the vast majority of my issues with this were fixed.
Definitely excited to get another lesson. I'd absolutely recommend it if you can afford it.
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2023.05.29 06:39 GanacheSelect9945 I am doing a market research on Japan's comic and manga industry need some help guys!!!

I am quite clueless about this industry mainly cause it's almost non existent in my country. I don't know where to start. Any help would be really appreciated
General Questions:
How would you describe the popularity and cultural significance of manga in Japan?
What are some key factors that contribute to the success of manga in Japan?
How has the manga industry evolved over the years?
Are there any recent trends or changes in the manga market that you have observed?
Consumption and Readership:
How do people in Japan typically consume manga? (Print, digital, rental services, etc.)
Who are the primary consumers of manga in Japan? Are there any specific demographics or age groups that are particularly interested in manga?
Are there any notable differences in manga consumption between different regions in Japan?
Are there any popular genres or themes that dominate the manga market?
Publishing and Distribution:
How are manga typically published and distributed in Japan?
Are there any notable publishing companies or platforms?
What are the common formats for manga publications? (Serialized magazines, tankōbon volumes, digital releases, etc.)
How do new manga titles enter the market? Is there a typical process for aspiring manga artists to get their work published?
Are there any challenges or opportunities that manga publishers face in Japan?
Industry and Market Dynamics:
What is the competitive landscape like in the manga industry? Are there any dominant publishers or notable players in the market?
How do manga sales and revenues compare to other forms of entertainment media in Japan?
Are there any notable international influences or collaborations in the manga industry?
What are some key factors that influence the success or failure of a manga title in the Japanese market?
Fan Culture and Events:
How do manga fans in Japan engage with their favorite titles or artists?
Are there fan events, conventions, or fan clubs?
Are there any specific ways that manga fans in Japan interact with each other or express their fandom?
Have you noticed any changes in the fan culture surrounding manga over time?
Impact and Future Outlook:
How does the manga industry impact other industries in Japan, such as merchandise, anime adaptations, or tourism?
What are some emerging trends or innovations in the manga industry that you find interesting?
What do you foresee for the future of the manga industry in Japan?
If anyone can answer any of the above questions or give some useful insights themselves that would be really helpful.
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2023.05.29 06:36 NoGimmiesNL Stealth Bomber Take

Anyone remember the TaylorMade Gapr? No? Most likely because it was TaylorMade’s worst performing club of all time. Briefly used by Tiger himself the Gapr was meant to bridge the “gap” between your irons and woods. Mix in some terrible aesthetics, and confusing marketing, you equate to their worst performing club of all time. Now this time around they took a very, very, different approach, with absolutely stunning aesthetics, limited availability, and clever marketing, the new “Stealth Bomber” was done the right way. Lofted at 17 degrees, this is designed to be used off the tee, a lower flighted option to deal with wind. Now is TaylorMade going to make iron covers cool? Probably not, but they gave it a real shot with the war plane theme. Now if you want one of these I’m sorry to inform you they’re already sold out, maybe look for it in the trade-in section of your local golf shop after 80% of people realize they aren’t good enough to hit this thing.
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2023.05.29 06:13 Longjumping-Record-9 Burning bridges 28M - 25F

I have two stories of women who I was friends with who stopped talking to me after I tried to be more than friends.
The first story is about a girl who I'll call B. B was an intern at the company I worked at. She was smart, pretty, and well spoken. I was immediately attracted to her, but I decided not to do anything about it since I was a senior colleague and later her manager.
A year passed and she quit the company to go work somewhere else. I quit to start a job in a new country.
I met up with B a year when I was visiting the city she worked in. We had a wonderful date, drank beers, and just started walking. After an hour of walking and talking, we end up at her place. She invited me in and she started making tea. I'm very nervous at this time, it's been three years since I was in a relationship and I was super anxious. We go to her room and start dancing. A while later she tells me she's poly, but I fail to understand what she means. I just didn't have it in me to make a move. After an hour in her room, I decide to book a cab and go home.
A week later, I try to meet her up again. However, things get weird. She tells me nothing is going to happen between us. I tell her I just want to see her. I go over to her place and take her up to the terrace. We start looking at the stars and I make a move. We're making out on her terrace. We keep chilling for an hour before heading down to her room. I start to kiss her and try to take her shirt off. She stops me and says nothing is happening. We continue to make out and talk for a bit and an hour later I leave.
She says she's going to the park the next morning and I should join her. But I had a flight later in the afternoon so I said I'll think about it. I decide not to show up at the park next day. And I leave the country later that night.
Somehow, she decided to block me and cut me off completely after this happened.
Years layer, I tried reaching out to her via social media, but I never heard back, and later noticed that she blocked me on social media as well. She still held.a grudge. I tried apologizing but I wasn't sure what I should be apologizing for.
The second story was a girl I met through a networking event and became friends. She was in her late 20s and hand been through a divorce. I hung out with her and some friends four times and we got along quite well. Sometime over the few months of meeting her, I saw her on a dating app which made me realize she's open to dating. One day she decided to come hangout with me by herself and I decided to make it a date. We went out and got food. I was very flirty with her. I even bought her a small cactus at a shop. We got dinner and she decided to head home. I thought it went great.
Except, an hour after she reached home, she paid me back for the cactus with the message "friends don't but each other cactii". She also decided to block me with no explanation. I tried messaging her but she's fully blocked me.
I'm left wondering why this happened. In both cases, I tried to go from being friends to more than friends and got blocked with no warning. What is the takeaway from these stories?
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2023.05.29 06:10 AniVaniHere Cops in PB Sunday around 8 pm.

There were lots of cops on Garnett. I saw a couple of cop cars park on Garnett and Mission quickly, then some cops got out and ran towards Shore Club or Ale house. There were more cop cars with lights and sirens on heading towards the area. Anyone know what was going on? I was heading south on Mission, turning left on to Garnett, when I saw all the cops. We had been at Open Bar (eew) right before with some friends. Hoping there wasn’t a shooting or anything.
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2023.05.29 06:05 stompstomp11 Best budget iron set for a beginner

I just recently started getting into golf and I have a set of clubs currently using the TaylorMade 360 XD. Looking to purchase a new set seeing as these are pretty worn. What would you recommend?
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2023.05.29 06:03 Metal_Florida May 29: North/Central Florida concert and festival picks.

Please note that the ticket links are usually for general admission; for VIP tickets, if available, you may have to go to the band's website.
Monday, May 29, 2023
The Dood, Nibiru, The Heavens, Oakflesh High Dive - Gainesville
Fromjoy, Corpse Pile, Manifest in Filth 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Madeline Goldstein, More Ephermal, Donzii Will's Pub - Orlando
Friday, Jun 2, 2023
Attack Attack!, Traitors, Belmont Conduit - Winter Park
Currents, Like Moths To Flames, Foreign Hands Orpheum - Tampa
Summer Salt, The Rare Occasions, Addison Grace The Abbey - Orlando
Saturday, Jun 3, 2023
Attack Attack!, Traitors, Belmont Orpheum - Tampa
Not Promised Tomorrow, Get out of Nashville, Forged with Blood Pegasus - Tampa
Screaming at the Silence, Auditory Armory, Orchestra in Black Conduit - Winter Park
M.99, Shadow the Earth, FILTH O'Malleys Alley - Ocala
Peace Cult, Sistamatic, Deux Visages Stardust Video & Coffee - Orlando
SCHISM, New Divide, Humanity Gone OCC Road House & Museum - Clearwater
Sunday, Jun 4, 2023
Ugly Kid Joe, Fozzy Jannus - St. Petersburg
Monday, Jun 5, 2023
Rhapsody on Fire, Wind Rose, Seven Kingdoms Conduit - Winter Park
Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023
Dying Whale, Dead Register, Moth Bite, The Path Born Free Pub & Grill - Tampa
Heart Attack Man, Super American, Arm's Length The Abbey - Orlando
Wednesday, Jun 7, 2023
Mike's Dead, The Haunt Level 13 - Orlando
Within Chaos, Eyes Sewn Shut, Automatik Fit Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Jameson Tank, Parks & Razz, Outer Edge Band 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Thursday, Jun 8, 2023
Subhumans, UpChuck, gilt Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Friday, Jun 9, 2023
Grass is Dead, The Coppertones Underbelly - Jacksonville
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023
Halo Scars, Mind Virus, Cypher Machine, Re-Birth Brass Mug - Tampa
Maul, Tombstoner, Plasmodulated Conduit - Winter Park
Downswing, Falsifier, Bottomfeeders Manna Tea & Kava Bar - Sarasota
Sunday, Jun 11, 2023
My Children My Bride, Extortionist, No Cure Conduit - Winter Park
Bury Your Dead, Thirst, Edict Tipsy Tiki - Fort Pierce
Monday, Jun 12, 2023
Maul, Tombstoner Brass Mug - Tampa
Spotlights, Skyliner, The Darling Fire Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Hooch & Hive - Tampa
Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023
Drain, Drug Church, Magnitude, Gel Brass Mug - Tampa
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Level 13 - Orlando
The Convalescence, Summoner's Circle Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
pulses., With Sails Ahead, I Met A Yeti Will's Pub - Orlando
Thursday, Jun 15, 2023
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Friday, Jun 16, 2023
Roxx, Re-Birth, Cyber Machine, Haloscars Conduit - Winter Park
Hollow Leg, Clamfight, Moat Cobra Will's Pub - Orlando
Every Avenue, Makeout, Say We Can Fly Orpheum - Tampa
Saturday, Jun 17, 2023
Crossbreed, Cultus Black, Cypher machine, Davey Partain Orpheum - Tampa
Defy the Tyrant, Losing Daylight, Shadow the Earth Kona Skate Park - Jacksonville
Breed, Gillian Carter, Audible Parts Will's Pub - Orlando
Sunday, Jun 18, 2023
Crossbreed, Cultus Black, NoSelf, The Dev Level 13 - Orlando
Bodybox, No Zodiac, High Pressure Conduit - Winter Park
Dikembe, Camp Trash, Glazed Will's Pub - Orlando
Wednesday, Jun 21, 2023
Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater
Thursday, Jun 22, 2023
Garbage, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Metric MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Friday, Jun 23, 2023
Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Saturday, Jun 24, 2023
Misfits, Megadeth, Fear MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater - Tampa
Intoxicated, Vacuous Depths, Ebullition Conduit - Winter Park
black midi, YHWH Nailgun Orpheum - Tampa
Sunday, Jun 25, 2023
No/Mas, Knoll, Shock Conduit - Winter Park
Monday, June 26, 2023
We Are the Union, Kill Lincoln, Catbite The Social - Orlando
No/Mas, Knoll Orpheum - Tampa
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023
Yungblud, The Regrettes, Caspr Jannus - St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023
D.R.I., Metalriser Underbelly - Jacksonville
Peter Frampton St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Thursday, Jun 29, 2023
The Cure Amalie Arena - Tampa
D.R.I., Metalriser Will's Pub - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 1, 2023
D.R.I., Metalriser Brass Mug - Tampa
Liliac, Fortune Child The Twisted Fork - Port Charlotte
Sunday, Jul 2, 2023
Godflesh Conduit - Winter Park
Thursday, Jul 6, 2023
Sad Summer Festival Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Friday, Jul 7, 2023
Sad Summer Festival Coachman Park - Clearwater
Subdivisions, Violence System, The Fallen Sons Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Saturday, Jul 8, 2023
Memphis May Fire, Norma Jean, Secrets The Beacham - Orlando
Sunday, Jul 9, 2023
Memphis May Fire, Norma Jean, Secrets High Dive - Gainesville
Monday, Jul 10, 2023
blink-182, Turnstile Amalie Arena - Tampa
Orthodox, Cell, Chamber Crowbar - Tampa
Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023
Analepsy, Cognitive, Wormhole, Nectoricgorebeast Conduit - Winter Park
Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023
Analepsy, Cognitive, Wormhole, Nectoricgorebeast Crowbar - Tampa
Thursday, Jul 13, 2023
Staind Seminole Hard Rock - Tampa
Friday, Jul 14, 2023
Staind Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 15, 2023
Obituary Brass Mug - Tampa
Monday, Jul 17, 2023
Cenotaph, Horrific Visions, Architectural Genocide Conduit - Winter Park
Tuesday, Jul 18, 2023
Agents of Chaos, Black Clash Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Friday, Jul 21, 2023
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Bryan Adams Amalie Arena - Tampa
Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Gwar, Nonpoint, Butcher Babies MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
The Final Sound, Abbey Death, Layne Lyre New World Music Hall - Tampa
Yosemite In Black, Endbringer, Murder Afloat Orpheum - Tampa
Saturday, Jul 22, 2023
Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story of the Year Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Less Than Jake, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Devon Kay & the Solutions House of Blues - Orlando
Rising Up Angry, Tragic, Legions Blind Kona Skate Park - Jacksonville
Sunday, Jul 23, 2023
Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story of the Year Yuengling Center - Tampa
Endbringer, Yosemite In Black, Heavy Hitter 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Tuesday, Jul 25, 2023
Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Royal & The Serpent MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Thursday, Jul 27, 2023
Havok, Toxic Holocaust, I AM, Hammerhedd Conduit - Winter Park
Friday, Jul 28, 2023
Between the Buried and Me, Rivers of Nihil, Thank you Scientist Jannus - St. Petersburg
Round Eye, No Fraud, Caffiends Will's Pub - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 29, 2023
Between the Buried and Me, Rivers of Nihil, Thank you Scientist Beacham - Orlando
Southpaw, Highest Crown, Fortitude, Dead Mirrors Born Free - Tampa
Sunday, Jul 30, 2023
Crobot, Rickshaw, Billie's Burger Patrol Orpheum - Tampa
Thursday, Aug 3, 2023
Underoath, The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans Yuengling Center - Tampa
Saturday, Aug 5, 2023
Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Underoath, The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Sanguisugabogg, Kruelty, Vomit Forth Conduit - Winter Park
Sunday, Aug 6, 2023
The Queers, The Radio Buzzkills, The Jasons Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023
Pyrexia, Cerebral Incubation, Atoll Conduit - Winter Park
Friday, Aug 11, 2023
The All-American Rejects, New Found Glory, The Starting Line MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Black Flag High Dive - Gainesville
Sunday, Aug 13, 2023
Alesana, Vampires Everywhere, Limbs Level 13 - Orlando
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023
The Offspring, Sum 41, Simple Plan MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
hed p.e., Lydia can't Breathe, Razorz Edge Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Saturday, Aug 19, 2023
Left to Suffer, Distant, Justice for the Damned Conduit - Winter Park
Sunday, Aug 20, 2023
The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Rival Sons MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023
The Mezingers Underbelly - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023
Bless The Fall, Caskets, Kingdom of Giants Orpheum - Tampa
Thursday, Aug 24, 2023
Clutch, Giovanni & The Hired Guns, Mike Dillon Jannus - St. Petersburg
Saturday, Aug 26, 2023
Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ministry MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023
Ghost, Amon Amarth Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Thursday, Aug 31, 2023
Ghost, Amon Amarth MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 2, 2023
Baby Metal, Dethklok, Jason Richardson Orlando Amphitheater
Sunday, Sep 3, 2023
Spitalfield, Rookie of the Year, The Future Perfect Conduit - Winter Park
Tuesday, Sep 5, 2023
Bad Omens, ERRA, I See Stars Jannus - St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2023
Bad Omens, ERRA, I See Stars House of Blues - Orlando
Friday, Sep 8, 2023
The Waning Moon, Palace of Tears, Rux Vendetta Hooch & Hive - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 9, 2023
Kamelot, Battle Beast, Xandria Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Sunday, Sep 10, 2023
Angelmaker, Vulvodynia, Flasifier Conduit - Orlando
Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023
3 Doors Down, Candlebox Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Dance Gavin Dance, SiM, Rain City Drive Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Friday, Sep 15, 2023
3 Doors Down, Candlebox MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Sunday, Sep 17, 2023
Avenged Sevenfold, Falling in Reverse MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Wave to Earth, slchld Orpheum - Tampa
Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023
Scowl, Militarie Gun, MSPAINT Conduit - Winter Park
Thursday, Sep 21, 2023
Scowl, Militarie Gun, MSPAINT 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Friday, Sep 22, 2023
Cavalera Conspiracy, Exhumed, Incite Beacham - Orlando
Sunday, Sep 25, 2023
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus High Dive - Gainesville
Friday, Sep 29, 2023
CIRCLE JERKS, TSOL, Negative Approach Underbelly - Jacksonville
Shinedown, Papa Roach, Spiritbox MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 30, 2023
NOFX Vinoy Park - St. Petersburg
Flogging Molly, The Bronx House of Blues - Orlando
Thursday, Oct 5-7, 2023
Absolution Fest Crowbar - Tampa
Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023
Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Persefone Orpheum - Tampa
Wednesday, Oct 11, 2023
Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Persefone Conduit - Winter Park
Fit For a King, The Devil Wears Prada, Counterparts, Landmvrks The Ritz - Tampa
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023
Beast in Black, Dance with the Dead Orpheum - Tampa
Fame on Fire, Kingdom Collapse The Social - Orlando
Sunday, Oct 15, 2023
Beast in Black, Dance with the Dead Conduit - Winter Park
Motionless In White, Knocked Loose, After the Burial, Alpha Wolf Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023
Atilla, Gideon, Until I Wake, Ten56 Underbelly - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023
Atilla, Gideon, Until I Wake, Ten56 Orpheum - Tampa
Friday, Oct 27-29, 2023
The Fest Gainesville
Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023
Protest the Hero, Moontooth The Abbey - Orlando
Wednesday, Nov 8, 2023
Protest the Hero, Moontooth Orpheum - Tampa
Friday, Jan 24, 2024
Kansas Florida Theatre - Jacksonville
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2023.05.29 06:01 AutoModerator /r/Lisboa Weekly Megathread - Travelling, moving, living, COVID and any other general questions - Ask here, don't create a new thread.

Bem-vindo a Lisboa!

(This thread is work in progress and will be updated with your suggestions.)
Visiting Lisboa? Moving to study or work? Brief layover? Any small questions about life here, if you're new or been here your whole life, this is the place!
We get a lot of posts asking very similar questions so this post aims to address some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, and give you a place to ask for assistance.

Follow /Lisboa rules:

  1. Keep it in Lisboa
  2. Be civil - no hate speech, extremism, or bullying
  3. Ask tourism- or moving-to-Lisboa related questions in the sticky thread
  4. Do not ask for drugs
  5. Respect other people's privacy
  6. No self promotion
  7. Avoid reposts and duplicates
  8. Use the flairs

Frequently Asked Questions


Arriving in Portugal
Measures in force may be reviewed in accordance to the evolution of the pandemic.
Please check here for updated info.
COVID-19 Measures
Mandatory mask:

What to do in Lisboa?

What should I see in Lisboa?
You may love Lisbon for the monuments, ideal conditions for the practice of sport or delicious gastronomy. Even for all these reasons and more. One thing is certain: all the time in the world won’t be enough to enjoy all to do and see in the capital. Make your choice and let Lisbon blow your heart away.
Check: https://www.visitlisboa.com/en/c/sightseeing-and-activities
What should I eat in Lisboa
Sardinhas, Bacalhau, Cozido à portuguesa, Pasteis de Nata, Bifanas, Bifanas, Frango Assado, Bitoque...
Eating and drinking is what make us happy and there are a ton of options for you to try. Lisboa is full of restaurants, from hidden gems to Michelin awarded. We recommend using Zomato or TripAdvisor to check reviews.
How do I get from this place to that place?
Using public transportation? Use Citymapper
Using your own vehicle? Use Waze
Personal consumption is not a criminal offense in Portugal. “Personal consumption” is defined by quantity you carry (i.e. enough for personal use for a few days ). Never smoke indoors or at bars or clubs. DO NOT buy drugs from anyone that approaches you on the streets, especially in the Baixa and Bairro Alto areas.
Is Lisboa Safe?
Lisboa is a fairly safe city but use common sense precautions, especially at train stations, on public transport and when going out at night. For emergencies call 112.
War on Ukraine
Looking to help, need help, etc? Please use this thread.
Please check the other megathreads here.
(More soon)
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2023.05.29 05:56 dog_cult_chronicles Zinged a nutter at a neighborhood park.

At the park today. Dogs are allowed, must be leashed per park rules/signage. Place is busy with people walking the trail loop, playing disc golf, and unfortunately, it's a very popular place for people to walk their dogs. As we're making the loop, I point out to my husband the man & woman that I've seen letting their dogs run loose before; they're back at it again in the usual spot. The spot they're loose at is where the disc golf basket goal is for that hole. There are groups of people that are having to play through with them being in the way, and then have to try and get by these loose dogs to get to the next tee.
The previous times I've seen this couple, I was with my elderly friend and didn't want to make a scene or upset her (she doesn't like confrontation); we also didn't cross paths with the owners. Since I was with my husband, I didn't gaf, and neither does he. We're wrapping up our walk, heading back to the car. The couple has finally leashed their dogs; she's walking in our direction, with the man on his bike way ahead of her. My husband wanted to show me one of the specific signs that said there was a $200 fine for violating the leash-law in the park. As we're reading it, the woman was walking past us, so I pointed to the sign & said (to my husband, but for her to hear): Oh, you mean the sign that says dogs aren't allowed off-leash here? That sign!?! She didn't say anything, but I made it a point to stare right at her, so it was all pretty obvious. I just assume that they're illiterate, or willfully ignorant. Or think they're the exception. She finally speaks up and asks me, Does it bother you? Yes, it does, I say. Mind your own business, is her retort. She gets a Piss off! as I'm getting into the car, leaving the door open. She's still talking at me as she goes by, so to get her attention, I looked directly at her to say: Hey, lady.. f**\* you, and slammed the door closed. Husband got in and we left.
No point to this anecdote other than to share that it felt right to speak up. Don't care if it hurt her feelings, if it was wrong to cuss at her, or if I was rude to say what I did.
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2023.05.29 05:51 Sosojoy Weekly Wrap: The Chainlink BUILD Program Empowers Early-Stage Web3 Startups - May 22 - May 28

Weekly Wrap: The Chainlink BUILD Program Empowers Early-Stage Web3 Startups - May 22 - May 28

Chainlink News and Announcements

If you're a Web3 startup pushing the limits of what's possible with blockchain and oracle technology, the Chainlink BUILD program could be a perfect fit for you. Apply today!
In return, StarkDeFi will make 5% of its total native token supply available to Chainlink service providers, including stakers.
StarkDeFi’s mission is to drive the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by onboarding the next generation of users. By building on Starknet, it's able to offer DeFi services that remain cost-effective, decentralized, and secure as the Web3 economy scales.
Joining BUILD provides StarkDeFi with key benefits, including access to and integration of Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink VRF on Starknet mainnet, access to new Chainlink product alpha and beta releases, and more.
See how the partnership helps support Web3 initiatives from Korean conglomerate Lotte Group across several business use cases.
Chainlink is the primary oracle sponsor for Moonbeam Network's Bear Necessities Hackathon, with $10K in prizes for Chainlinked submissions. If your team is competing for a Chainlink prize, make sure to save your spot at a workshop with Richard Gottleber, Developer Advocate at Chainlink Labs.
AWS, Base, and Chainlink representatives will join the judging panel at QuickNode's fourth QuickPitch competition. With $80,000+ in prizes up for grabs, submit an application to bring your Web3 startup idea to life.
Web3 startups like Krypton Protocol and Struct Finance began their journey at a Chainlink Hackathon.
Now, it's your turn: Two weeks are left to submit your Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon project.
Hacking together a cool dApp is a great way to get involved with Web3. Submit your project today!
  • Unlock the future of Web3 & experience it firsthand
  • Connect with industry giants in finance & tech
  • Unleash your creativity with leading devs at hacker events
Secure your spot for this can't-miss experience!


Access secure, reliable, and decentralized price data through the industry-standard Chainlink Price Feeds.

VRF Integrations

MoonDAO focused on creating a self-governing settlement on the Moon, has integrated Chainlink VRF to help select the winner of a zero-gravity flight. Discover why VRF is a must-have for on-chain competitions and giveaways.

What’s New for Developers 🛠

A crowdsourced audit of CCIP has launched on Code4rena with a $300K prize pool. The contest lasts until June 12 and serves to further harden the CCIP codebase, in addition to multiple independent audits, in preparation for the initial mainnet launch.
In this tutorial from Zubin Pratap, the Developer Advocate at Chainlink Labs, you can learn how to use Chainlink Functions to create a smart contract that automatically pays a music artist based on their Spotify streams and triggers an email notification to the artist, informing them of payment.
Now that Chainlink Automation is live on Optimism, developers use Web3’s most reliable automation solution to help power advanced use cases. Explore how and why DeFi projects on Optimism are using Automation.
Unlock the potential of x-chain apps on Moonbeam and compete to win bounty prizes from Chainlink, Multichain (Previously Anyswap), StellaSwap, SubQuery, Biconomy, and the Moonbeam Foundation.
ERC-1155 — the Swiss Army knife of token contracts — blurs the lines between the ERC-20 (fungible) and ERC-721 (non-fungible) token standards. This step-by-step tutorial by Richard Gottleber teaches Web3 devs how to create an ERC-1155 token from scratch.

Featured Videos & Educational Pieces 🎥

Jacquelyn Melinek, Senior Crypto Reporter at TechCrunch, interviewed Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink, a protocol that provides an oracle network to power smart contracts. Listen to the full episode here.
During a recent episode of TechCrunch’s Chain Reaction podcast hosted by Jacquelyn Melinek, Senior Crypto Reporter. Chainlink Co-Founder, Sergey Nazarov, explored how blockchain and AI might interact with each other in ways that benefit society.
In a recent presentation for Chainlink Labs, William Herkelrath explained how Chainlink’s blockchain-agnostic infrastructure could create a shared source of truth that powers a more efficient and secure alternative financial system.
Several projects, including BarnBridge, DefiEdge, Lyra, and Pickle Finance, are already utilizing Chainlink Automation on Optimism to reliably trigger key smart contract functions, which allows dApps to scale securely.
Chainlink Automation improves the speed, efficiency, and reliability of Aave’s governance processes by reducing the manual steps required to move a contract through Aave’s proposal stages in a tamper-proof manner.
Chainlink Labs's William Herkelrath joined the GBBC Virtual Members Forum, highlighting how Chainlink provides a secure gateway to on-chain finance with the ability to connect enterprises to the Web3 economy. Watch the full recording here.
Watch the fireside chat between Kemal El Moujahid, Chainlink Labs CPO
and Marek, cLabs CTO from the ReFi House at Consensus 2023, to learn more about what the Chainlink SCALE Program unlocks for developers in the Celo Ecosystem.
When centralized solutions fail, it’s easy to see why decentralization is a non-negotiable in Web3. Discover the risks of centralized and distributed automation solutions and why Chainlink Automation is a must-have for dApps.
William Reilly from Chainlink Labs said that, as a node operator within the Chainlink Network, Coinbase Cloud “will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of decentralized applications, further propelling the blockchain industry to new heights.”
Q: Where else is blockchain tech unlocking value and changing industries?
A: It's revolutionizing crop insurance with solutions like
Arbol, data storage with Space and Time, and much more.
See 77+ ways Chainlink is powering this transformation.
Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov’s advice for innovating web3’s next big use case: find a societal or technical problem that blockchains can solve through cryptographic guarantees and commit the necessary time to build a solution.
According to a Boston Consulting Group study, the asset tokenization market is set to reach $16T by 2030. Hedge funds, capital markets firms, banks, tech giants, and startup founders are actively building with blockchain technology to realize this multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. In her keynote speech at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, ChainlinkLabs
Chief Ecosystem Growth Officer, Adelyn Zhou, provided a high-level breakdown of why this transformation is real and imminent.
“Chainlink's PoR helps ensure that swETH tokens are fully backed by staked ETH on a 1:1 basis, offering new levels of reassurance to our stakers.” Swell’s team said Chainlink Proof of Reserve ensures transparency and user confidence.
Web3 aims to achieve both transparency and privacy, recognizing the importance of each in different contexts. It strives to create a more open and accountable digital ecosystem while safeguarding the privacy of individuals and weaker parties. Watch the full podcast with Chainlink Labs Advisor, Balajis, and Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin, about the right place to be regarding financial privacy.
This paper from the Bank for International Settlements explores the inception of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the impact that blockchain technology can have on financial markets. Along with the innate programmability capabilities of smart contracts and the opportunity to transfer tokenized real-world assets, it highlights the need for “interconnectivity services from oracle providers.” Read more.

Ecosystem & Community Celebrations 👏

Upcoming Events 📅

Are you interested in hosting your own meetup? Apply to become a Chainlink Community Advocate today: https://events.chain.link/advocate
Chainlink’s Community Grant Program empowers our ecosystem to create valuable resources that help accelerate the adoption of Chainlink-powered smart contracts. Apply for a grant today.
Are there other community content and celebrations that we missed? Please post them in the comments below! ⤵️
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2023.05.29 05:44 puremotives I asked ChatGPT to describe 25 Columbus suburbs and exurbs. Here's what it said:

  1. Asheville: Located in Pickaway County, Ohio, Asheville is a small village with a peaceful rural setting. The village is known for its picturesque landscapes, farmland, and a close-knit community. Asheville offers a small-town atmosphere with a limited number of local businesses and amenities. The surrounding area is characterized by rolling hills, open spaces, and a slower pace of life. It provides residents with a tranquil environment away from the busyness of urban centers.
  2. Bexley: Situated east of downtown Columbus, Bexley is an established suburb known for its stately homes, tree-lined streets, and historic charm. The area is home to prestigious institutions such as Capital University and the Governor's Mansion. Bexley's Main Street offers a mix of boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.
  3. Canal Winchester: Situated southeast of downtown, Canal Winchester is a growing suburb known for its historic district, community events, and proximity to natural areas. The charming downtown area features shops, restaurants, and a community theater. Canal Winchester hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the famous Labor Day Festival. The suburb offers a mix of housing options and easy access to parks and recreational facilities.
  4. Circleville is a historic city located in Pickaway County, Ohio. Known for its circular street pattern and vibrant community, Circleville offers a unique charm. The city features a central public park called "The Circle," which serves as a gathering place and the venue for numerous festivals and events, including the famous Pumpkin Show. Circleville's downtown area boasts local shops, restaurants, and historic architecture, contributing to its appealing small-town ambiance. With its rich agricultural heritage and close-knit community, Circleville offers a welcoming and engaging environment for its residents.
  5. Delaware: Located to the north of Columbus, Delaware is an exurb known for its scenic landscapes, historic downtown area, and the presence of Ohio Wesleyan University. The city offers a blend of small-town charm with modern amenities, including a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural events. Delaware also has a rich history and is home to the Olentangy Indian Caverns, a popular tourist attraction.
  6. Dublin: Located northwest of downtown Columbus, Dublin is known for its upscale neighborhoods, excellent schools, and numerous corporate headquarters. It features a charming historic district, beautiful parks, and a thriving business community. Dublin is also home to the annual Dublin Irish Festival, one of the largest Irish festivals in the United States.
  7. Gahanna: Located east of downtown Columbus, Gahanna is a diverse suburb known for its picturesque neighborhoods, proximity to the Port Columbus International Airport, and the Creekside development. Creekside is a lively entertainment district with restaurants, shops, and a scenic waterfront. Gahanna also features parks, golf courses, and a strong sense of community.
  8. Grandview Heights: Situated west of downtown Columbus, Grandview Heights is a unique suburb known for its walkability, vibrant community, and mix of residential and commercial areas. The suburb offers a blend of historic homes, modern developments, and a bustling commercial district along Grandview Avenue. The area features an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Grandview Heights is also home to the prestigious Grandview Heights High School and offers easy access to downtown Columbus and major highways.
  9. Grove City: Located southwest of downtown Columbus, Grove City is a suburban community known for its affordable housing options, family-friendly environment, and strong community spirit. The area offers a range of recreational facilities, including parks, golf courses, and the popular Grove City Town Center, which hosts various events and festivals.
  10. Groveport: Located southeast of downtown Columbus, Groveport is a historic suburb with a small-town feel. It features a charming downtown area with historic buildings, shops, and restaurants. Groveport is known for its canal history and hosts the annual Groveport Heritage Days festival. The suburb offers a mix of housing options and is situated near scenic natural areas like the Three Creeks Metro Park.
  11. Heath: Situated adjacent to Newark, Heath is a smaller city in Licking County. It is known for its strategic location near major transportation routes, including Interstate 70 and State Route 79. Heath features a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational opportunities. The city is home to the Indian Mound Mall, a popular shopping destination in the area. It also offers several parks and outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy.
  12. Hilliard: Situated to the northwest of downtown, Hilliard is a suburban community known for its family-friendly atmosphere and strong school system. It offers a range of housing options, from established neighborhoods to newer developments. Hilliard features numerous parks, including the popular Heritage Rail Trail, and hosts events such as the annual Franklin County Fair.
  13. Lancaster: Located southeast of Columbus, Lancaster is an exurb with a rich history and a vibrant downtown area. The city is known for its well-preserved architecture, including numerous historic homes and buildings. Lancaster offers a range of recreational opportunities, such as the scenic Hocking Hills region, which is a short drive away. The Ohio Glass Museum and the Fairfield County Fair are popular attractions in the area.
  14. London: Situated to the southwest of Columbus, London is an exurb known for its rural character and close-knit community. The city features a historic downtown area with local businesses and hosts various community events throughout the year. London offers a more relaxed pace of life and is surrounded by farmland and natural beauty, including the Madison County State Nature Preserve.
  15. Marysville: Situated to the northwest of Columbus, Marysville is an exurb that has experienced significant growth in recent years. It offers a mix of suburban and rural living, with a variety of housing options and ample green space. Marysville is known for its Honda manufacturing facility, which is one of the largest employers in the region. The city also hosts the Union County Fair, an annual event showcasing agriculture, entertainment, and local traditions.
  16. Mount Vernon: Located northeast of Columbus, Mount Vernon is an exurb with a small-town feel and a rich history. The city is home to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and features a charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Mount Vernon offers a mix of rural and suburban living, with picturesque countryside, parks, and recreational opportunities nearby.
  17. New Albany: Located northeast of downtown Columbus, New Albany is an affluent suburb known for its planned community, expansive estates, and upscale amenities. It features a charming village center, called Market Square, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and community events. New Albany is also home to a renowned golf club and numerous corporate offices.
  18. Newark: Located about 33 miles east of Columbus, Newark is a city in Licking County. It is known for its rich history and architectural heritage. Newark is home to the Newark Earthworks, a complex of ancient Native American mounds and earthen enclosures designated as a National Historic Landmark. The city also features a charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions like the Midland Theatre. Newark is the county seat of Licking County and offers a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  19. Obetz: Situated in Franklin County, Ohio, Obetz is a suburban community located just south of Columbus. It is known for its convenient location, strong industrial presence, and recreational opportunities. Obetz is home to the Fortress Obetz, a versatile outdoor stadium that hosts various sports events, concerts, and festivals. The community also features parks, walking trails, and recreational facilities. With its proximity to major highways, Obetz offers easy access to the amenities and employment opportunities of both Columbus and nearby suburbs.
  20. Pickerington: Located southeast of Columbus, Pickerington is a suburban community known for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and strong sense of community. The city offers a mix of housing options, from well-established neighborhoods to newer developments. Pickerington boasts numerous parks, recreational facilities, and a charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and community events. The city is also home to Pickerington Ponds Metro Park, which provides opportunities for outdoor activities and wildlife observation.
  21. Powell: Situated in the northern part of the metropolitan area, Powell is a rapidly growing suburb known for its affluent neighborhoods and excellent schools. The Olentangy Liberty High School, one of the top-rated public high schools in Ohio, is located here. Powell offers a mix of residential areas, recreational opportunities, and a charming downtown with shops and restaurants.
  22. Reynoldsburg: Situated east of downtown, Reynoldsburg is a suburban community with a mix of established neighborhoods and newer subdivisions. It offers a range of housing options and is known for its affordable real estate. Reynoldsburg boasts several parks, including the Blacklick Woods Metro Park, and hosts events such as the Tomato Festival.
  23. Upper Arlington: Situated to the northwest of downtown, Upper Arlington is a picturesque suburb known for its well-manicured neighborhoods, tree-lined streets, and strong sense of community. The area boasts excellent schools, recreational facilities, and parks. The Scioto Country Club, one of the oldest golf courses in the region, is located here.
  24. Westerville: Located northeast of downtown Columbus, Westerville is a thriving suburb known for its strong sense of community, excellent schools, and historic charm. It offers a mix of housing options, from historic homes in the Uptown area to newer developments. Westerville boasts several parks, recreational facilities, and a vibrant downtown with shops, restaurants, and community events.
  25. Worthington: Located to the north of downtown, Worthington is a historic suburb with a quaint, small-town atmosphere. It features a charming downtown area known as the "Old Worthington," with boutique shops, restaurants, and the popular Worthington Farmers Market. Worthington is also home to several parks and hosts various community events throughout the year.
I reorganized the list into alphabetical order, but everything else was generated by ChatGPT. I had to prompt it a few times to get all 25, because it only listed about 6 at a time.
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2023.05.29 05:24 sfgirlmary Monday meeting of the Sober People Getting Shit Done Club

When I was drinking, I did shit (meaning, nothing). In contrast, now that I’m a non-drinker, I’m getting shit done. In fact, productivity has become one of my favorite parts of being sober.
Has this been true for you, too? Without the endless cycle of wasting time while drinking followed by recovering from a hangover, do you find yourself with extra hours in the day to do constructive things, such as finally finishing that book you’ve been reading or tackling that mess in the garage? If so, I invite you to join the Sober People Getting Shit Done Club.
In order to be a member of this club, you must do three things:
  1. Get something done.
  2. Be sober while doing it.
  3. Tell us about it.
I’ll go first: Before I quit drinking, I hated being on an airplane, because I couldn’t binge drink as I liked to. I would be hyper-focused on drinking as much as possible before getting onto the plane, and then I’d “white-knuckle” it through the flight by drinking only as much as much as the airline would allow. But now that I’m sober, I don’t mind traveling by plane at all.
This past week, I took a nonstop, overnight flight from San Francisco to Tampa, where I just got on, read for a little bit, sipped some seltzer, and then took a nap. One minute I’m in California, getting my medical issues taken care of, the next minute I’m in Florida, helping my 93-year-old mother take care of hers. I can hop across the country without missing a beat—because I’m a Sober Person Getting Shit Done!
If you are sober and have been getting shit done—whether it’s a big thing like rebuilding the engine of an old motorcycle or a small thing like making that long overdue phone call to your grandmother—I want to hear all about it!
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2023.05.29 05:21 MeowTheRainbowX Cancellation of the planned Jones Valley apartment complex and my (very long) thoughts

For those who haven't heard, the developer of a planned housing project in the Jones Valley area, a version of which was voted on and approved by residents back in 2012, has decided to cancel it due to recent backlash. The residents are mad because the original plans gave them the impression that there would be single-family homes or townhomes, but it turned into 220 apartment units.
The backlash materialized almost 3 months ago when the final version of the plan was approved by a slim majority, well after the public hearing stage. Regardless, a unified group of locals interrupted to make themselves heard. The majority opinion was that the developer was allowed to make changes to their plans as long as they followed the rules agreed upon in 2012, and they apparently did. I can't gather why the other commissioners dissented besides sympathizing with the protestors.
Personally, I don't understand what the developer has to gain from caving to public backlash when their finalized plans had already been approved for months. Can someone more experienced enlighten me on this?
My biggest takeaway is that I'm worried about housing prices in the Huntsville area. We're supposed to be a growing city, yet we let NIMBYs keep housing from being built. Rents and home prices in the Rocket City have been, well, rocketing upward. It could certainly be worse, but I fear that we're going the way of Silicon Valley or Austin, even if we're not as far along.
There are a lot of existing homeowners who would have you believe that increasing house prices are a good thing. This, on its face, is inconsiderate of anyone trying to buy in, making home ownership unattainable for more and more young adults, together with rising rents. The projects like the one canceled could alleviate this.
Even if you're cold and heartless, though, know that not even existing homeowners benefit. If they need to buy new houses, they'll find that virtually everywhere else in the city, even the entire country, has gotten expensive by about the same amount. If anything, the fact that Huntsville is still cheap and commutable by tech hub standards is attracting tech workers, getting them to buy up our single-family homes or rent our upscale apartments. Unless one can find a Huntsville's Huntsville to move to, the added list price only serves to make it harder for others to buy in.
Never mind the cases when the home values don't decrease at all when apartments are added nearby. I wonder if NIMBYs are projecting their classist preferences onto the rest of the market.
Now, I've seen people online echo sentiments like "Don't move here! We're full!" Given that increased traffic was one of the main reasons for the protest (and the most valid one in my opinion), I think the protestors are in a similar mindset. Even though this individual project would be a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of regular users Carl T Jones Dr, traffic has been getting worse all over the Huntsville area as it has grown. Enough similar projects would contribute to this trend.
However, the increase in traffic is due to vehicle miles traveled, not population. Almost all developments in the US since World War II, especially in places like Jones Valley, are built with the expectation that everyone will drive everywhere, so everyone does. They're built to discourage through traffic, but they necessitate that everyone in the neighborhood adds to said traffic, just elsewhere. Here's a great video elaborating on the issue.
Since Huntsville tends to build apartments with ample parking and refuse to connect them to acceptable public transit, every new unit adds to the problem in much the same way. However, the proposed area, on the northeast corner of Garth and Carl T Jones, is right along the #6 bus route. This would be convenient if not for the fact that, like most of Huntsville's other bus lines, it ran only once an hour. This is a level of inconvenience that we would never accept for drivers, not even close.
Still, solving Huntsville's public transit system is a much bigger and more abstract cause than opposing a single housing development. Thus, I understand why the residents in Jones Valley would see the development as their enemy. After all, while there are steps we can take that would lead to ridership very quickly (more frequency, more and longer lines, more transfer nodes, more sidewalks and safer crossings near stops), it won't reach its full potential until development patterns around the bus stops change fairly radically.
However, even if the bus system failed to alleviate the added traffic, I'm not convinced that it would have mattered much. The difference between a denser and less dense development, within the ground rules that residents agreed to, shouldn't be perceived as a threat. The fact is that Huntsville needs housing. If not now, when? If not here, where?
TL;DR We need to build more housing in the Huntsville area so that we can prioritize the finances of folks trying to afford homes over the paranoia and very mild discomfort of current homeowners. The only way to solve traffic is to build viable alternatives to driving, which we don't have.
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2023.05.29 05:15 BrendanG32 I have completely forgot how to swing a golf club. Haven’t hit a pure iron shot in over a year. (Please help)

I learned how to golf during the beginning of the pandemic (Yes I know i’m new). I grew up playing baseball and struggled for the first few weeks learning how to swing a golf club. Once I got the hang of it, I started playing rounds with my family and friends and consistently shot around 100 (good for me). I had no problems hitting all my irons for the most part but have always had a slice in my driver swing. Even with that, I had no problems playing casual rounds of golf. A little over a year ago, I went into a round with my friend and noticed that I could not hit an iron shot for my life. All 18 holes were pure hell and the ball would be duffed to the right on every swing. Ever since that one round, I feel as if I have completely lost all confidence and my swing. Every iron shot I have hit from then is shanked weakly to the right. I have seriously thought about quitting the sport entirely and have no clue what to do. I have listened to a lot of advice from others and even got a lesson to try and fix my issues. To this day, I still cannot figure out how to hit a golf shot. I don’t know if it’s all in my head or I have some sort of fundamental issues with how I learned how to swing but i’m desperate for some help. I feel like i’m going to lose my mind hitting the same shot over and over. I’m running out of options and really don’t want to quit the game. Any advice?
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2023.05.29 05:03 Skwigle Bing vs ChatHPT 3.5 for travel advice

Just for fun, I asked the exact same question to both and was surprised at just how bad Bing's answer was. It was astoundingly bad considering it uses gpt 4.
My question: "what is there to do in Cebu?"
ChatGPT 3.5's answer:
Cebu, a province in the Philippines, offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. Here are some popular things to do in Cebu:
1. Visit historical landmarks: Explore the historical sites in Cebu City, such as Magellan's Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Fort San Pedro, and Colon Street—the oldest street in the Philippines.
2. Island hopping: Cebu is surrounded by beautiful islands. Take a boat tour and visit popular destinations like Mactan Island, Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, and Camotes Islands. Enjoy pristine beaches, snorkeling, diving, and relaxing in these tropical paradises.
3. Swim with whale sharks: Head to Oslob, located in the southern part of Cebu, and experience swimming alongside gentle whale sharks. It's an incredible opportunity to get up close with these majestic creatures.
4. Explore Kawasan Falls: Located in Badian, Kawasan Falls is a breathtaking three-tiered waterfall. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, bamboo rafting, and canyoneering through the nearby rivers and cliffs.
5. Discover Moalboal: Known for its stunning marine life, Moalboal offers fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. Don't miss the famous Sardine Run, where you can witness a massive school of sardines.
6. Take a trip to Sumilon Island: Visit Sumilon Island, known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Snorkel or dive in the marine sanctuary, go kayaking, or simply relax and enjoy the island's beauty.
7. Enjoy local cuisine: Cebu is renowned for its delicious food. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes like lechon (roasted pig), seafood, danggit (dried fish), and sutukil (a local dining experience where you choose fresh seafood, which is then cooked to your preference).
8. Visit Taoist Temple: Situated in the Beverly Hills area of Cebu City, the Taoist Temple is a serene and beautiful place to explore. It offers panoramic views of the city and provides insights into Taoist beliefs.
9. Shop at Carbon Market: Dive into Cebu's bustling local scene at Carbon Market, one of the largest public markets in the city. It's an excellent place to shop for fresh produce, local handicrafts, and souvenirs.
10. Enjoy nightlife in Cebu City: Explore the vibrant nightlife in Cebu City, particularly around Mango Avenue and the IT Park area. Find bars, clubs, live music venues, and a wide variety of entertainment options.
These are just a few of the many things you can do in Cebu. The province has much more to offer, so make sure to explore and discover its hidden gems during your visit.
Bing's answer:
Cebu is a beautiful place with many things to do. You can visit Fort San Pedro which is a military defense structure built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi in 1565². You can also visit the Taoist Temple which is a multi-tiered temple built by Cebu's Chinese community in 1972³. If you're into diving and snorkeling, Moalboal is one of the best places to visit in Cebu for divers and snorkelers. Here you can explore colorful coral and swim with exotic fish in crystal clear turquoise waters⁴.
Nothing about Kawasan Falls or Oslob's whale sharks, and even though it mentioned Moalboal, there's nothing about one of its most popular attraction, the sardine run.
Neither mentioned Bohol nearby, which was a bit surprising, too.
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2023.05.29 04:50 mermaid-bar 23F (she/her) looking for a companion/ human diary.

helloooo still adjusting to life after uni & got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today 🥺 I miss having online friends! and it would be nice to have a friend on the same wavelength so hmu !!! some things I like are classic novels, rock & contemporary pop music, south park, traveling, memes, watching sports, got/hotd, anime (jujutsu kaisen, one piece, case closed, ghibli, attack on titan, sailor moon, cowboy bebop, inuyasha, evangelion), and life discussions in general sense. my top 5 movies are skyfall, the godfather, fight club, kill bill, and rear window. Imk yours! I'm vvvv eclectic hehe & am a good listener pls recommend me anything cool. I hope you stick around thx ! 😊)
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2023.05.29 04:46 scarlet2248 Recommended Wedding Venues by State Part I

Recommended Wedding Venues by State Part I

California Wedding Venues

Carneros Resort and Spa

Located at 4048 Sonoma Hwy, Napa. It has a rustic charm where you can see vineyard views and rolling hills. Also offers a hilltop restaurant with an outdoor venue that can accommodate up to 300 people. Catering, wedding planning, floral arrangements, photography, and other services are available. And the starting price is $200 per person.

Park Winters

Located at 27850 County Road 26, Winters. This is a five-star wedding venue and estate located in the middle of a farmland. There is a historic inn and event barn. This would be perfect for those who love a natural outdoor wedding surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Mountains. Catering, wedding planning, floral arrangements, photography, and more are available. Prices start at $150 per person and can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Montage Laguna Beach

The address is 30801 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. This romantic waterfront venue offers a lush grassy setting looking out over the coastline and blue sky. The largest ballroom has 7,500 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 500 people. Prices start at $250 per person. Services offered include catering, wedding planning, spa, music, and much more.

Oregon Wedding Venues

Sentinel Hotel

Located at 614 SW 11th Ave, Portland. This hotel is housed in a historic downtown building dating back to 1909. There are several exquisite banquet rooms to choose from, ranging from 50 to accommodate up to 900 people. The ballrooms are ornately decorated with elaborate carvings and elegant chandeliers. Prices start at $150 per person. Necessary wedding services are also available.

Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

The location is 68010 East Fairway Avenue, Welches. Which can give you a dream forest wedding surrounded by lush forests and the majestic mountains of Mt. Hood National Forest. Unlike other wedding venues, guided hikes and rafting excursions are available here. There is also a golf course for your use. The largest venue can accommodate up to 400 people. Prices start at $100 per person.

Lakeside Gardens

Located at 16211 SE Foster Rd Portland, Lakeside Gardens offers essential vendors for photography, videography, flowers, DJs, and hair and makeup services. It is surrounded by a lake and offers a natural view of the garden. The largest hospitality venue can accommodate up to 300 people. Prices start at $100 per person.

Washington Wedding Venues

The Edgewater Hotel

The luxury hotel at 2411 Alaskan Way, Seattle, was named "Best Classic Hospitality Venue in the Seattle Area" by Seattle Bride magazine. With views of Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and the Seattle skyline. The ballroom can accommodate up to 220 guests and prices start at around $200 per person.

Sodo Park

Located at 3200 1st Avenue South, Suite 100 in Seattle. This is a century-old building factory with a different style that makes it very popular in Seattle. The high beams and steamy ceilings make it unique. The entire venue can accommodate up to 300 guests and costs around $150 per person.

Cedarbrook Lodge

The address is 18525 36th Ave S, Seattle. Here you will find a lush garden setting and luxurious accommodations. Indoor and outdoor hospitality venues are available to choose from, starting at $150 per person.

Arizona Wedding Venues

Boulders Resort & Spa

The address is 34631 N Tom Darlington Dr, Scottsdale. This resort has a fantastic desert and rocky landscape. With open views and the vibrant colors of the desert sky at sunset. Offers a luxurious spa, and outdoor ceremony space. Prices start at $200 per person and can accommodate up to 300 guests.

The Phoenician

Located at 6000 East Camelback Road Scottsdale. There are various styles of venues to choose from, whether it be lush green gardens, sparkling waterfalls, or breathtaking valley views. There are also several sizes of banquet rooms to choose from. Prices start at $250 per person.

Arizona Biltmore

The resort is located at 2400 E. Missouri Ave Phoenix. Nestled among palm trees and mountains. A magical oasis forms at the base of the Phoenix Mountain Reserve, enjoying a tranquil desert setting. There are also two pools available and a total of six wedding venue options for up to 400 people. Starting at $150 per person.

Nevada Wedding Venues

The Venetian

An old-school luxury hotel located at 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard, it can bring you the most traditional and unique Las Vegas-style wedding. Here you can admire the Italian style of architecture. Featuring indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, and luxury accommodations. Starting at $200 per person.

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Located at 11011 W Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas. Unlike other luxury hotels, here you have a view of the Red Rock Canyon. The hotel offers five ballrooms and wedding venues that can accommodate up to 300 people. Prices start at $150 per person.

Neon Museum

Want to try something different for your wedding venue? Choose the Neon Museum at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Las Vegas, with its vintage neon signage, outdoor ceremony space, and unique atmosphere. You can take very vintage and fun photos. Prices are $2,500 for a two-hour rental, perfect for smaller weddings.

Idaho Wedding Venues

Boise Depot

Located at 2603 W Eastover Terrace, Boise. This is a historic Spanish-style building that was once used as a waiting room with the building. 8-hour rental is $1,455 and can accommodate a minimum of 165 people. It is important to note that government-owned venues like this have strict rules of use. So it is best to check carefully before renting.

Chateau des Fleur

The French-style building at 176 S. Rosebud Ln, Eagle. The largest ballroom features ivory walls, beautiful windows, an outdoor exit to the garden, gold chandeliers, and delicate gold wall sconces. Seating for up to 240 guests starts at $100 per person.

Still Water Hollow

Located at 18120 Dean Ln, Nampa. Has a rustic style and offers brand new indoor barn facilities. Tables and chairs for 150 people, pond with waterfall, fountain, and bridge. Rustic and elegant style venues can be designed for different styles of weddings. 12-hour rentals start at $5,500.

Utah Wedding Venues

Castle Park

A full-service event venue located at 110 South Main Street Lindon. Featuring an old castle-style building with outdoor ceremony space. Starting at $5,500 for a 12-hour rental. Catering, wedding planning, and other services are also available.

Red Butte Garden

Magnificent gardens at 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City. With expansive views of mountains, valleys, and gardens, offering a beautiful backdrop of plants. There are also waterfalls, ponds, and many more beautiful spaces. We recommend coming during the growing season of the plants which is the warmer months. This allows for a ceremony to be held in the stunning rose garden. Four-hour rentals from $2,500.

Log Haven

Located at 6451 E. Millcreek Canyon Road Salt Lake City has a spectacular mountain wedding and reception venue. With countless natural features and waterfalls, the area also offers activities including skiing, hiking, biking, and golfing. Prices are affordable, with menu pricing starting at $32 per person.

Montana Wedding Venues

Chico Hot Springs

Located at 163 Chico Road Pray, Montana, this is a great year-round destination for weddings in Montana. Offering a variety of natural beauty and architectural features. Besides the historic stone houses, there are also mountain views. You can also soak in the hot springs to relieve the fatigue from the ceremony after a long day. Four-hour rentals start at $2,000.

Rockin' TJ Ranch

The address is 651 Lynx Ln, Bozeman, with unparalleled views of the Bridger Mountains and open meadows. This wedding venue has been a professional wedding service for 20 years and offers full-service planning. Basic venue packages start at $9,495.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Located at 79 Carriage House Ln, Philipsburg, this large ranch allows the exploration of five mountain peaks. Find nature's rest and inspiration in the peaceful, storied West. It is also the world's first Forbes Travel Guide 5-star ranch. With ten square miles of rivers, forests, valleys, and vistas.
Of course, this luxury experience comes with a hefty price tag. Charters start at $90,000 per night for groups of 21 or more, plus 23% of the ranch fee.

Wyoming Wedding Venues

Jackson Lake Lodge

Located in Moran, Grand Teton National Park, this is a beautiful lodge less than five minutes from Jackson Lake. Known for its iconic views of the Teton Mountains. It is a must-see venue for couples who love nature. Because of its location within the National Park, Jackson Lake Lodge is open seasonally from mid-May to early October. Rates start at $150 per person.

Shooting Star Jackson Hole Golf Club

The address is Shooting Star, 6765 Crystal Springs Rd, Teton Village. In addition to the golf course view, a pond, lake, or stream is one of the beautiful views. Starting price is $200 per person.

Wyoming Stargazing

Are you an astronomy enthusiast? Check out the Stargazing Agency located at 1135 Maple Way G1, Jackson. Their wedding packages include the opportunity to learn about the constellations, planets, and the fascinating stories behind them. Stargazing tour leaders will guide the group through the night sky, answering questions and gaining insight into the beauty of the stars. This will be one of the most unique themed weddings guests have ever attended. Prices start at $175 a person.

Colorado Wedding Venues

Boettcher Mansion

Located at 900 Colorow Rd, Golden's premier historic event venue, the Boettcher Mansion offers unparalleled service in a meticulously maintained estate. Along with the beautiful mansion, there are mountain views for you to enjoy. The ballroom can accommodate up to 150 people with six-hour rentals starting at $3,500.

Butterfly Pavilion

The Butterfly Pavilion at 6252 W 104th Ave, Westminster can turn your wedding into a fairy tale. Offering outdoor venues such as gazebos, gardens, and a theater. There is also a popular and unique butterfly release ceremony. It is important to note that there are a variety of butterflies and plants, so please treat them with care. The minimum venue rental is $1,800.

Great Divide Brewing Company

Great Divide Brewing Company, located at 1812 35th St, Denver, allows you to host a beer wedding. Up to 75 guests can be accommodated so they will be in the middle of a keg. The atmosphere will be more relaxed and enjoyable, and a bar and drinks, planning, equipment, and servers will be provided. Rentals are for 6 hours and start at $3000.

New Mexico Wedding Venues

La Fonda on the Plaza

The hotel at 100 E San Francisco St, Santa Fe has a long history as well as a cultural background. It can provide an elegant atmosphere for your wedding, with unique hand-carved furniture in each room. There are four ballrooms to choose from, with authentic New Mexican décor. This includes charming fireplaces, hand-punched pewter chandeliers, and traditional terracotta tiles. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $4,000.

Loretto Chapel

Located at 207 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe's Museum of Historic Places is perfect for weddings. Accommodating 139 guests, the interior of the chapel features original stained glass windows and an ornate altar. In particular, the church's famous spiral staircase is the star of many articles and is worth a look. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $2,500 and services include the use of the church and wedding coordinator.

Albuquerque Balloon Museum

This is the hot air balloon museum located at 9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE, Albuquerque. It offers soaring spaces and panoramic views of the Rio Grande Valley and the Sandia Mountains. The museum features displays of hot air balloons of all colors and eras, including a weather lab. The price to rent the entire museum and North Plaza for six hours is $6,000.

North Dakota Wedding Venues

Red River Zoo

The Zoo at 4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo will be the most interesting wedding venue. The zoo is home to animals such as red pandas, gray wolves, and Pallas cats. There is plenty of space for outdoor weddings as well as indoor receptions, and a carousel is available in one of the venues. Saturday weddings start at $1,500 and services include tables, chairs, and access to the zoo exhibits.

The North Dakota Heritage Center

The address is 612 E Boulevard Ave, Bismarck. The museum showcases the state's rich history from its earliest geological formations to the present day. Offering a variety of indoor spaces, including galleries and a theater, it provides a unique and educational wedding experience. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $1,500.

Avalon Events Center

Prefer a more modern style wedding? The Event Center at 2525 9th Ave S, Fargo, while historic, offers five function rooms and new audio technology. Five ballrooms offer seating for up to 700 people and a full bar. Saturday weddings start at $2,000.

South Dakota Wedding Venues

Chapel in the Hills

The church at 3788 Chapel Ln, Rapid City is a place of beauty and inspiration. There are museums, trails, and hillsides to host services. Weddings are performed by the Chapel's pastor and it is open for weddings from May 1 to September 30 each year. The price is $400 for the use of the chapel and courtyard area. This includes a $100 minister's fee.

The Lodge at Deadwood

The address is 100 Pine Crest Lane, Deadwood and the backdrop will be the beautiful Black Hills. With four adjoining event rooms and the main ballroom, it provides the perfect space for weddings of any size. Wedding packages are available at a variety of prices, with the least expensive buffet package starting at $65 per person for a minimum of 100 people.

Buffalo Ridge Resort

A rustic resort located at 1312 Coteau St, Gary. Offers charming and historic wedding venues including a restored barn and beautiful chapel. The venue can accommodate up to 300 people and prices start at $4,500 for a Saturday wedding.

Nebraska Wedding Venues

Scoular Ballroom

The Ballroom at 2027 Dodge St, Omaha, is located just minutes from downtown. Located in the historic Scoular building, from the grand Italian marble floors of the atrium to the romantic balcony overlooking the spacious and inviting ballroom. Offering a modern and elegant wedding venue with a grand ballroom and beautiful outdoor terrace. Accommodates up to 300 guests and starts at $4,000 for a Saturday wedding.

Rococo Theatre

The theater at 140 N 13th St, Lincoln can give you a movie-like wedding. The theater has seating for up to 500 guests. The bride and groom can get married on stage while the guests sit in the first few rows of seats. Saturday weddings start at $2,500.

The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm

Located at 15220 Military Rd, Bennington, this is an Omaha landmark and a historic site in the area. This wedding venue can accommodate up to 450 guests and includes an outdoor ceremony space and a large terrace with a fireplace. Off-season wedding rental rates start at $2,500.

Kansas Wedding Venues

Madison Avenue Central Park

Central Park at 512 E Madison Ave, Derby features a lawn, theater, and playground. And in the southwest corner, there is an event center including an indoor reception and outdoor patio. Accommodating up to 370 people, rates start at $800 for an 8-hour rental.

Petroleum Club of Wichita

The address is 100 N Broadway St 900, Wichita. this is a rooftop wedding venue located on top of the iconic Ruffin Building. With views of the skyline and city, it offers personalized service and beautiful décor. Wedding venue fees start at $4500.

The Oread Hotel

Located at 1200 Oread Ave, Lawrence, the hotel has two large outdoor patios. The patio overlooks the city and the Kansas River. There are nine different banquet rooms to choose from, the largest of which can seat up to 275 people. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $4,000.

Oklahoma Wedding Venues

The Dominion House

The main house is located at 602 E. College, Guthrie. The boutique hotel offers both intimate and grand wedding packages, including romantic indoor and outdoor venues. The outdoors includes a wedding garden and a four-season chapel, while the grand ballroom is designed in the opulent style of the 1920s. Wedding packages start at $2,000.

Glass Chapel

This is an intimate wedding venue located at 1401 West Washington St S, Broken Arrow. This chapel offers a unique and romantic wedding venue with a beautiful glass chapel and outdoor garden. The triangular roof and all-glass walls will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale world. Outside, the gardens and woods complement the modern design. The church can accommodate up to 100 guests and wedding packages start from $2450.

The Springs Event Venue

This is a wedding planning company that offers multiple venues. Event venues are located in various cities throughout Oklahoma, including Edmond, Norman, and Tulsa. Versatile and affordable wedding venues are available with a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $3,950.

Texas Wedding Venues

Grand Galvez

This is a historic hotel located at 2024 Seawall Blvd, Galveston. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens, expansive green spaces, and sparkling beaches. An indoor ballroom and terrace are included, and the ballroom features floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the bay. Up to 200 guests can be accommodated for a great wedding service. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $10,000.

The Bell Tower on 34th

This beautiful clock tower is located at 901 W 34th St, Houston, and has a castle-like interior with a magnificent grand staircase, arches, and marble floors. Every aspect of the building is luxurious. Wedding packages are available on an all-inclusive basis, with prices starting at $10,000 for a Saturday wedding.

The Oasis on Lake Travis

This restaurant is located at 6550 Comanche Trail, Austin.Along with an event center located 450 feet above Lake Travis, offering unparalleled views. An outdoor patio overlooking the lake is available. Up to 400 guests can be accommodated and prices start at $5,000 for Saturday weddings.

Minnesota Wedding Venues

The Gale Mansion

This mansion at 2115 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis is also a very popular wedding venue. With a warm atmosphere and inviting decor, it offers an elegant and convenient space to host the wedding of your choice. 12 hours of rental costs a total of $5,700 including the rental of the mansion and ballroom.

The Outpost Center

The address is 6053 US-212, Chaska. Built on 32 acres of rolling hills and woodlands, it is a beautiful and peaceful venue close to the city. The main venue's red facade and green roof create an oil painting-like backdrop. It has the ambiance of a barn wedding with all the amenities and gorgeous rustic grounds. Wedding packages start at $4675 for 50 guests.

Nicollet Island Pavilion

The event venue at 40 Power Street, Minneapolis is full of unique charm and style. Exposed brick walls and tall industrial ceilings create an open atmosphere full of character. You can have the best views of the Minneapolis bridges and skyline at this venue. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $3,500.

Iowa Wedding Venues

Brenton Arboretum

This is a botanical garden located at 25141 260th St, Dallas Center. It has approximately 2,500 plants representing more than 500 different species, cultivars, and hybrids. Offers great outdoor views and can accommodate up to 300 people. Saturday weddings start at $2,500 and services include access to the gardens and a wedding coordinator.

The Temple for Performing Arts

Located at 1011 Locust Street, Des Moines, it offers a large auditorium, recital hall, and suites for weddings. The Grand Hall can accommodate up to 450 people and features a tinted glass skylight and a magnificent original light fixture and a sculpted ceiling. High-season wedding receptions start at $4000 for the venue.

Figge Art Museum

The Art Museum at 225 W 2nd St, Davenport. The museum's lobby can accommodate 200 guests and has a modern design with high ceilings and terrazzo floors. The striking river view offers countless possibilities. The outdoor terrace provided also offers a magnificent view of the Mississippi River. The rental fee for the lobby is $2,500.

Missouri Wedding Venues

Lemp Mansion

Located at 3322 Demenil Pl, St. Louis, this mansion was once the home of a beer magnate but was the site of three suicides. It has since been turned into a restaurant and hotel, offering historical and ghost tours. The mansion has four sites, including a mansion, terrace, auditorium, and loft. Ceremony fees range from $950-$1900 and meals start at roughly $47 per person.

Jewel Box

The public gardening facility in Saint Louis is made of glass plates and copper frames. It has a variety of flowers and plants and is filled with bright sunlight perfect for wedding photography. It can accommodate up to 250 people as a ceremony venue and costs $1,000.

Wild Carrot

Located at 3901 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, with indoor hospitality space and loft and terrace. Includes renovated industrial building and outdoor patio. Prices for Saturday weddings start at $4,000 and can accommodate up to 200 people.

Arkansas Wedding Venues

Castle on Stagecoach

This is an old castle located at 6601 Stagecoach Rd, Little Rock. Offering intimate indoor spaces, the castle's unique architecture and décor provide an elegant and luxurious setting. The venue includes a lawn, barn, and stables. Prices start at $6,673 for 50 guests.

The Brick Ballroom

The event space at 119 B S Broadway St, Siloam Springs, was formerly a Chevrolet dealership. The building is 100 years old. Inside are black walls and original tin ceilings, vintage glass chandeliers, blue benches, and a built-in bar with a sink. There are also 5,000 square feet of covered balconies and gardens. The starting venue fee for a high-season wedding is $3,000.

Osage House

Located at 243 Pace Ln, Cave Springs, offers a beautiful and modern wedding venue. The venue is suitable for couples seeking minimalism, with architectural designs mostly in black and white. A chapel will be located a short distance from the lobby and included in the wedding package. With a maximum capacity of 428 people, wedding venue rentals start at $2800 in high season.

Louisiana Wedding Venues

The Elms Mansion

Located at 3029 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, the mansion is a typical Italianate-style building. It features an imported hand-carved marble mantel, decorative cornices, 24-carat gold sconces, and a 48-foot ballroom. Accommodates up to 400 people and starts at $4,500 for a Saturday wedding.

The Presbytère

This museum is located at 751 Chartres St, New Orleans, and has a rich history. A collection of elaborate carnival artifacts and memorabilia. You can hold a ceremony among the beautiful exhibits and rich artifacts and enjoy a fun evening with your family. Accommodates up to 500 guests, starting at $6,590 for 50 guests.

Race + Religious

It is located at 510 Race Street, New Orleans, and has three buildings with brick courtyards filled with greenery. The hotel has 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space on the ground floor. Dinner parties can accommodate up to 90 people, and prices start at $7,500 for Saturday weddings.

Alaska Wedding Venues

Alyeska Resort

This is a leisurely resort located at 1000 Arlberg Ave, Girdwood. is Alaska's premier year-round destination. Featuring more than 300 guest rooms, many fine dining experiences, a saltwater pool, a ski hill, and bike park, and a brand-new Nordic Spa. The ballroom can accommodate up to 220 guests. Reception rentals range from $500 to $1,000 and include five hours of event time.

The Alaska Zoo

The Alaska Zoo is located at 4731 O'Malley Rd, Anchorage. Inside are animals such as polar bears, wolves, snow leopards, and other rare species. The zoo has very spacious halls and lawns and a bright greenhouse. Hospitality hall rentals start at $800. Lawn rentals start at $1,450. Greenhouse rentals start at $675.

Hotel Captain Cook

Old fashioned hotel located at 939 W 5th Ave, Anchorage. One of the meeting and function rooms has a stunning panoramic view and fireplace. Panoramic views of the Chugach Mountains and Cook Inlet. Accommodates up to 600 guests and Saturday weddings start at approximately $5,000.

Hawaii Wedding Venues

Haiku Mill

The address is 250 Haiku Rd, Haiku, a unique European-style building amid Maui's lush surroundings. With over 150 years of history, it is an important landmark. A quaint and beautiful ceremony can be created. The venue can accommodate up to 100 people and prices start at $6,500 for a Saturday wedding.

Kauapea Beach

Also known as Secret Beach, has a 3,000-foot-long North Shore beach. Enjoy a sparsely populated stretch of beach with breathtaking views of Moquawe Island and Kilauea Lighthouse. Perfect for your seaside wedding venue. You can look for the right wedding contractor to prepare everything for you and prices will probably range from $800 to $1500.

Moana Surfrider

The resort is located at 2365 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu. First opened in 1901, it is just steps from the perfect shores of legendary Waikiki Beach and within walking distance of Honolulu's most popular shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions. There are seven event rooms in total, and the ballroom can accommodate up to 300 people. Wedding packages range in price from $3,500 to $9,500.

To be continued

After introducing the most popular and unique wedding venues in the western and central states, we will continue to cover the wedding venues in the eastern states. Stay tuned for part two of our wedding venue recommendations. In the meantime, if you choose an outdoor wedding venue, check out our multi-sized, stylized wedding tent. it will ensure that your outdoor wedding is not disturbed by the weather.
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2023.05.29 04:41 therealpoltic Durban, South Africa Security Officers arrest three knife-armed-subjects attempting to burgle businesses, hands over subjects to local police

Durban, South Africa Security Officers arrest three knife-armed-subjects attempting to burgle businesses, hands over subjects to local police
Max Naicker, operations manager of Blue Security, said that while patrolling the Doonside area, their armed response officer spotted a suspicious vehicle parked in a pathway between shopping centres.
“The officer noticed a lot of movement from a distance and called for backup from Blue’s Community Crime Prevention Unit and other armed response officers while keeping a close eye on the vehicle.
Naicker said the suspects exited the vehicle and jumped over a gate into one of the businesses.
He said Blue Security’s tactical and armed response teams moved in and apprehended the three suspects.
Their vehicle was found to have false registration plates and was handed over to eManzimtoti SAPS (South African Police Service) for further investigation, while the three suspects were taken in on various charges related to vehicle fraud, possession of state property and investigation into previous housebreakings.
Naicker said that the incident was a testament to their commitment to pro-actively ensuring the safety of communities.
Note: To those who are not good at geography, South Africa 🇿🇦 is an actual nation-state, in which this even took place. Africa itself is not a whole country, it is a continent, but not a whole nation.
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