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Because getting in front of third (fourth, fifth etc) wave feminism means acknowledging women have the agency to make our own decisions.

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Showcase your terrible writing ability and get *praised* for it! Hotdog!

2023.05.29 07:03 Kindly-Push8665 I just left my home my parents are srug addicts I'm fkng done

I'm super upset right now .I need some help. A homeless guy told me to try online help. I'm 20 years old female I loved at home ok , my parents are puppy addicts they get high drink and fight non stop. Police have Ben here many amnytimes. I'm an adult so social services can't do anything for me. I need a hotel and food and help to get to a family members home . Now Im willing to pay it back if I can get a job soon. I'm.not working I was hired a home Depot but my parents constantly fighting I lost my job due to mental health to be straight up. It's cold out here and creepy asf cars keep stopping asking me to get in . I'm done. I can't live like that anymore if I stay there I know for a fact nothing will get tbetter for me there. I can't take it. The hisie is disgusting we never have any food the drug use the nast ppl in and out . I'm just done . My family member has no way to get me there I would walk if it was closer. I did call some places that came up on Google but they are closed. Please I'm begging for anyone to just give me a bump of hope once I get to where I'm trying to go I will be ok I can stay there rent free until I have a job. I can't go back there . Thanks to anyone
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2023.05.29 07:02 spritexero My dad is the kind of guy who’s super obsessed w my mom, but hates (indifferent maybe?) towards his kids?

This sounds a bit unhinged lol, but let me explain. Everything my dad does is literally for his own benefit. Literally. He’s those types of guys that love their wives more than their kids, so everything he does for my siblings and I, is for my mom at the end of the day (And I’m not talking about children love and wife love are different, I’m saying if he could, he would dump all of us on the side of the street to go live on the beach with my mom). To make himself look good. He travels overseas a lot, my mom complained how he rarely talks to us, his children, and suddenly we were getting calls left and right. How sad is that.
But last night, my mom sat him down and asked why he’s so stingy w his money. How he rarely gives my mom (my moms a sahm, it apparently hurts him when she gets a job lol) money for my younger siblings’ expenses; clothes for school, school supplies, money for lunches, sports (my mom actually pays for this w money she gets directly from my dad). He responds on how they need to be responsible. They’re 12 and 14 lmao.
I’m 20 years old and in my culture, you don’t move out until you’re married. All of my siblings are working towards scholarships. My dad is starting to make more money so financial aid is slowly trickling away each semester, but I’m lucky enough that scholarships are covering whatever else. My 4 younger siblings aren’t so lucky, one just graduated high school and is going to community college with financial aid and is paying her way through her generals and saving up to finish later on. I have a sister 16, who’s doing dual enrollment to finish generals right now bc she’s scared she won’t have the money to do so later on. My youngest 2 brothers will likely do the same.
My dad, of course, is not obligated to pay our way through college. But with the way he’s been stressing the importance of focusing on school and how he didn’t allow any of us to have jobs in high school (so we could start saving early), you’d think he would help pay when he could. But nope. He even told us not to worry bc he’d cover for us, but I guess that was just a front for my mom. He’s gotten me and my brother cars that we did not even ask for out of “generosity” in front of my mom only to come behind her back later on to make us pay the monthly payments and insurance. We couldn’t afford the cars that’s why we didn’t want the car but he insisted it was to commute to college, but still forced us to pay regardless. Ive learned to start refusing everything he offers, I know it’s just going to bite me in the butt later, so what’s the point??
My mom is asking us why we have such a crappy relationship with him, but it’s kind of hard to find him any bit likable when this is all he does to us. When he’s not traveling, all he does is complain about how little we do to help out my mom. If we’re not doing school, he complains. If we’re not working, he complains. If he finds a speck of dirt in the house, he complains. The only reason my mom cooks as much as she does is because he has health issues and she works to make him a variety of different meals and I absolutely refuse to cook for him bc all he does is complain when I do. All of us above 16 are working to save, to pay him rent, and for my brother and I, pay off the cars he’s forced onto us. Does anyone have a dad like this?? I honestly kind of despise him. Idk how you can do that to your kids. I’ve tried to move out, but he insists is would make my mom sad, so God forbid I do that. Like, this is insanity. He treats us like we’re some kind of props
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2023.05.29 07:01 borkieebonk Fresh conch piercing

Fresh conch piercing
Hi everyone!
I just got a conch piercing (photo below) and wanted to go over after care. My piercer said to only clean it with water twice a day, and no homemade saline solutions. He also did mention he didn't want too much movement cleaning it as well. He also wants to see me again 3-4 weeks to downsize the post so i dont have it getting caught on things once the swelling goes down. I was just wondering how everyone else cleans theirs and to avoid bumps, and how long your healing process was. Im worried about the bumps.
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2023.05.29 07:01 ral365 I did something awkward tonight, and I feel like my own worst critic again.

Tonight, my parents and I watched "Saving Mr. Banks;" a live-action movie about how Walt Disney worked with P.L. Travers to make "Mary Poppins."
After the movie, I shared an except for an upcoming Disney fanfiction with my parents. I pitched a line of dialogue Walt would say to Mickey Mouse, and even tried to imitate Tom Hanks' voice from "Saving Mr. Banks." They seemed to like it just fine, and my mom thought it was neat how I try to write characters in their voices. However, almost immediately after, part of me recoiled inside for sharing it. Telling people a story based on lore they aren't aware of just seems weird. It's like telling an inside joke from someone who's not in on it. If the audience isn't in the loop, they won't get it.
I've always been really hard on myself when I say or do something awkward or cringe-worthy. I have Asperger Syndrome (aka "high functioning autism"), so I've always had more trouble socializing and communicating with others. It also means I've embarrassed myself far more than "normal" people, even for a child or teenager. Even today, those memories come back as intrusive thoughts, and I'm just thinking "Why did I do that?" on loop. I've come a long way since then, but I'm so ashamed of my past embarrassments that, if I made a similar mistake as an adult, I still beat myself up.
Now, I'm feeling the same thing about tonight. "Why did you do that?! A story of Mickey Mouse grieving Walt Disney's death?! That's weird to people who don't get it! What were you thinking?!" I'm still going to work on it. The whole purpose of the story is to challenge the idea that Mickey has to be happy all the time; that he can be sad and grieve the loss of a loved one like anyone else.
I feel pretty conflicted. I have ideas I want to share, but then I also feel embarrassed for sharing it. Maybe I just need to keep those ideas to the internet or something. Then again, if there's anyone who's always liked my art and writing, it's my parents. I can't tell if I'm being too hard on myself, or if maybe I did commit some social faux pas.
TL;DR: I'm on the autism spectrum, but I've always been hard on myself for being socially awkward. Tonight, I shared a Disney fanfiction idea with my parents, and I'm beating myself up for it.
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2023.05.29 07:01 acvalenz I think my manager retaliated at me during a meeting that was intended to work things out with someone who was harassing me

I live in Phoenix and work at a large tech company (5 years employeed). The company added some additional people into our group (around a year ago). One of them was assigned to my group. After a few months this individual started doing jabs at me periodically (made fun of me by saying "I have man boobs", laughed at me when i said i was 43, eluding to me looking much older (which is kinda true cause i has kidney, liver, pancrease shut down on me 2 years ago and was in a coma and had to re-learn to walk - it was taxing). There was several other comments, but I had finally had enough recently and told my manager I was experiencing a hostile enviroment (keep in mind my manager us not located locally - in another state). I also sent an email bullitizing the comments that were made to me and that the hostile coworker hadn't contributed to the group in 8 months. He responded by requesting myself, the hostile coworker, and our managers have a meeting to work things out. He said it would help us avoid the "HR" Hammer. I accepted the request. All relevant parties attended (2 boses, 2 subordinates). Management allowed us to talk first. I articulated that I didn't want to experience those inappropriate comments anymore. The hostile coworker had no response and didn't add anything after my comments. Next, my boss decide to take his turn speaking. He went right for the jugular. He said that he reached out to my other coworkers and that I needed to work on my behavior. He specifically said I'm too sarcastic, I don't explain things well enough for people to follow the tasks I delegate, I don't nuture the new hires very well, I don't let other employees know in a timely manner if a meeting is being canceled. There was more than that. However halfway through his reprimand and interrupted my boss and wanted to dispute those claims. He told me to be quiet and listen, and he did raise his vouce to me when he did that and he had NEVER done that to me before. Once he was done, he told me he was going to chalk this up to me having a previous job that had a more professional enviroment and they run "lossy goosy" here. I was at a loss for words. And also, my last job was 5 years ago, so I'm pretty sure I'm acclimated, and it was more hostile than thus one but didnt say anything to defend myself because it seened pretty clear they werent interested. Finally, my coworkers boss spoke. I thought he was going to get something similar, instead he talked a few minutes about being a team. That was it. The meeting was a reprimand for me. I want the readers to know that no one has ever complained about me, and that my hostile coworker has friends in the group and I'm speculating that a couple of those people were probably some of my coworkers my boss spoke too. I would also like to note that the hostile coworker could not say the same about me. I'm not hostile to anyone. If anything, he may of gotten mad at me because I'll disengage if someone is hostile, and walk away. I now don't feel comfortable going to my boss about anything. I had never received a reprimand in the 5 years I had been working there. My boss had never spoken to me like that before. This situation is still fresh (2 weeks), and I'm scared of what else could be coming down the pipe.
So, my question to this thread is:
Is the reprimand given to me during the meeting legal? It sure felt like management retaliation because my boss has never had issues with me.
Should I talk to my boss about it?
Should I call the company's HR?
I don't know what to do, and I feel I can't trust anyone. It's making me paranoid.
The hostile worker is leaving me alone now, so I guess management was successfully on taking care of the problem, but I feel worse than before I filed the complaint
Should I contact a lawyer?
Any suggestions would be appreciated cause I'm hating life right now.
F.Y.I. - I don't know If need to provide this, but I'm an electrical engineering of 15 years, and worked as a contractor for NASA for 10 of them.
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2023.05.29 07:01 highanimalhouse [Multiple Games] Platinum #272 - 287 - Nearing my 300th Platinum...

Last time I did a post, I ended up getting 2 more Platinums before the end of 2022. Here's where I left it:
#272 - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) - Surprisingly didn't take me long to Platinum & 100% and is a lot of fun (although I hated the online trophies).
#273 - ZJ The Ball (Level 1) (PS4) - It's a game.
#274 - Infamous First Light (PS4) - Did this at the start of the year and found it to be a lot of fun.
#275 - God of War III Remastered (PS4) - Platinum'ed this within days of doing Infamous First Light and it surprisingly is still decent.
#276 - Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS3) - Need to go back for the 100% but also a very quickly done Platinum at the start of the year. Some of the races are a pain to do.
#277 - Far Cry 3 (PS3) - Did the online co-op trophies before the servers were to shut down and went back and finished this for a Platinum.
#278 - Crysis 2 (PS3) - Did the online trophies years ago and finally gotten around to Platinum'ing this. Game is a bit hard even on the easier difficulty.
#279 - Battlefield 1 (PS4) - Boosted the online trophies with some friends and went back for the Platinum. Like I said in another post, I want a standalone Battlefield game with Zara & T.E. Lawrence that's similar to MGSV.
#280 - Knockout City (PS4)
#281 - Knockout City (PS5) - Servers for this game are shutting down in June 2023, so I went ahead and did both. Apparently, crew / daily contracts aren't working two weeks prior to shutdown date.
#282 - Castlevania Lords of Shadow (PS3) - Started on this years ago and finally gotten around to finishing this and Platinum'ing/100% it. The Chapter 13 & 14 Trials are ridiculous.
#283 - Syndicate (PS3) - Servers shutting down in June 2023 and did this in a few weeks. Very fun Platinum to do. Includes Brian Cox and Rosario Dawson as voice acting talents.
#284 - Dreams (PS4) - Not really a server shutdown, but a lot will change as Media Molecule ends support. Hated getting XP for this.
#285 - Fall Guys (PS5) - Decided to do this after being told about an easy mode to get race wins and episode wins very quickly. Ended up Platinum'ing this. Despite the fact that MediaTonic has yet to figure out how to autopop the trophies.
#286 - Ark Survival Evolved (PS4) - Took about 15 hours to Platinum this. I used the console commands to get.
#287 - Rocket Arena (PS4) - I suspect the servers for this will be shutting down after Knockout City shuts down. The game had its previous season in 2021 and hasn't done it since then.
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2023.05.29 07:01 Canadiangodofwar Warzone installation problem on ps4

It worked fine before one of the updates but now it says go to manage files and install the warzone pack and every time i did it up until today it would download about 4GB and then it would ask me to install the 4 GB again, now i downloaded the 4 GB and instead of asking me to download the 4GB again it asked me to download 11 GB, is that progress? Would i be able to play after these 11GB
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2023.05.29 07:01 WillNeighbor Shows like Fargo? S1/S2 specifically... cinematography was insane.

I'm still blown away by the cinematography, just overall straight QUALITY i found in Fargo S1/S2. The plot of S2 fell apart a little by the end but it was still enough to put it as one of my favorite seasons of TV ever. Mainly due to the overall top notch cinematography, acting, casting, etc. I just loved everything about Fargo so far.

Anyways, I've seen Better Call Saul, and most of the top recommended TV shows... GoT, Severance, SoA, Expanse, The Boys, Watchmen, Mr. Robot, True Detective S1 etc...

I'm really just interested in shows that have the same sort of "vibe" as Fargo.

Didn't like the Leftovers, and I just finished the pilot episode of Barry and idk if it was enough to keep me gripped like Fargo did.

So... any suggestions!?
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2023.05.29 07:00 froggypajamas22 My (23F) boyfriend (25M) is becoming insecure and clingy and its suffocating me

I love my boyfriend and would just like to start with that. He truly is one of my greatest people I've ever met, he supports me in everything, and adores me fully. However, lately he has become extremely clingy and insecure and it is suffocating me.
For example, whenever either of us have free time, we will call each otheFaceTime. We could be 2 hours into a call and if my mother or friends call me and I tell him I'm going to answer and call him back later, he gets very whiney and tells me to hurry up. This in particular bothers me, especially when my mother calls, because it is so inconsiderate. My mother now sends me texts ASKING if she can call me and whether or not he's on the phone because she knows how he gets.
The second thing is that I am "not allowed" to have my phone on DND, despite me adjusting my settings so that his notifications come through anyway. I swear the moment I turn it on, he texts me telling me to turn it off. I've explained to him countless times that I will still see his messages, and still he does that.
In terms of his insecurity, he gets very suspicious of me over small things, such as: me doing my makeup in the middle of the day, me staying up late and sleeping in, me wearing a shirt he "hasn't seen before", taking too long to answer the phone, so much. He will ask me a million questions, probing, and when I point it out, he gets super defensive. If I am walking and just want to listen to music instead of talking on the phone, he gets suspicious and defensive.
I tried to remedy this by suggesting healthy space boundaries. Before, we had access to all of each others things, passwords, etc. This started after I found out he had kind of cheated and though he was always clingy in some ways, it did get worse after this, despite me forgiving him and us moving past it. I gave my information to him too, to be fair, but eventually wanted my privacy again as he was starting to control my social media (setting my accounts to private after I unprivated them) and eventually just deleted my accounts because he was going through my messages with my friends and getting angry at me calling celebs cute. My mom suggested that we change each other passwords and give each other privacy. I brought it up to him and we got into a huge fight.
I seriously just don't know what to do. I love him, but this is starting to be a lot on me. Is there any hope?
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2023.05.29 07:00 alwaysinfodumping I hate job

When I first got hired at my job (server) we had a different managment than we have now. There two Managers C and K that were just horrible. If they spotted you standing still for too long they would give you a task even if it was in your job discription. The other servers would just mention their pay ($2.58/Hr) and walk away. I did the same, I knew I was miserable when I first got hired, I would cry a lot in the walk in cooler because everything just made me feel so worn down and exhausted. One day when I was hiding in the bathroom for a break (we don't get breaks) I overheard the managers talking. C and K where saying how hiring me was a mistake and now they need to find a reason to fire me. That really hurt. After that I just changed I guess. I started to spend all my time in the dinning room, talking to guest or hid in the breakroom until my food was up. Now its been two years, C left to go to a different location and K is now our general manager and we have two new managers. The two knew ones M and H are really nice and they only know me as they bubbly and sweet kid, but K doesn't and she makes sure I know that everyday.
A few days ago my younger brother had attempted to unalive himself. I got the call while I was at work, a nurse had called me because my brother was screaming to talk to me. K yelled at me for being on my phone, I tried to say that my younger brother was in the hospital, but she just yelled at me until I hung up with my brother. After K left I told M that my younger brother was in the hospital and it was serious enough that I need to have my phone at all times. M is a good manager and she left the other managers know what was going on. Manager wise the only person with a problem is K, but theres to floor leaders (supervisors) who have always made it their personal mission to make me quit have a problem.
Today I was taking over the phone orders and I was incredibly busy. However everyone knows that when I am working on a togo order (theres always one person assigned to just togo orders) you don't touch it without asking. The same thing goes for it is in the window because I leave the food there until I am able to grab me. Our supervision L who is also a server knows this. She took it out of the window and purposely used sharpe to cross everything out and didn't even check it, just put it in a bag and told me to run it. I did, but when I came back I saw an order on the table and when I said that it went with that togo she said "oh I know". SHE PURPOSELY MESSED UP AN ORDER TO GET ME IN TROUBLE. Luckily I was able to catch the costumer before they left. Anthor thing she kept doing was telling me to go clean tables even though 1. its not in my job description and 2. I was busy.
I also just can't stand some of my coworkers. Luckily I don't work with a lot of them, but there is this one women and she is just the most homophobic and racist person I have ever met. Our first time meeting she offered to pray over me to protect me from my sinner thoughts. She is also the biggest pen theif, one time my nanny gave me a really nice purple pen and she took it. I asked for it back and she kept claiming it was hers until I got M involved and sobbed in order to get my pen back. She called me a disrespectful child.
I've been thinking about quitting my job and moving on to something different. As much as I would love to say that there are good parts of my job there really isnt. I like a hand full of my coworkers and I really only like them because we dont talk just play music and stand around.
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2023.05.29 07:00 Ropolo- Got fined yesterday 😔

So yesterday my father and I were in Chandigarh and my father accidentally put the car on the cycle lane as we were to turn left and he thought it was a car lane to turn left as there were no sign for bicycle lane which used to be at most of them so I immediately told him to back the car and put the car back in the car lane as soon as we did it a policemen came to stop our car and asked my father to pay ₹5000 challan or he can pay him ₹2500 and not get into the court matters so he got panicked and he did pay them ₹1500 so I just wanted to know is it really a ₹5000 fine for just putting the car in the cycle lane I mean he immediately reversed the car and we were in the car lane when the policemen came to us to stop the vehicle plus there were no sign indicating that it was a cycle lane on marks. Plus did he really have to go to court to pay the fine as it is a 5 hour drive from our home to Chandigarh ;-;
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2023.05.29 07:00 Azuron96 Why wait for Tauri when there is Felsong?

I have been following tauri's changelog for a while now, and also playing in Felsong since server launch. The answer to the question is as follows:
  1. Felsong faced massive crashes for the first 5 days. Yes 5 days. Clearly, they did not do load testing or endurance testing properly.
  2. "wE hAvE wOrKiNg lEgIoN" - no they don't. Main quests were bugged for a couple of days, side quests and world quests are bugged even now with missing NPCs, missing portals/mobs, etc. I can also quote the exact quests if needed. Tauri on the other hand, is testing every mob, every quest, every boss and every world quests. (You can see in their changelog)
  3. You start at 98 in Felsong. Old world is fully unscripted. Gunship battle gunship is missing, Mageara's heads disappear on engage, horridon doesnt drop loot, wrong loot for Sartharion, and so on and so on.
  4. Artifact quests are only scripted for 1 out of 3 specs per class. Even there we continue to have occasional glitches. I have to turn off sound in my monk order hall because some lady keeps shouting "Mr. Crane here's a fish, please take me to Uldum" again and again ad nauseum. Sometimes, you see multiple versions of same NPC. Some NPCs has yellow "?" on their head for no reason. It breaks immersion in the world.
  5. WoD questline ends just before garrison, with few parts autocompleting, needing re-do. Tauri, on the other hand is fixing garrisons and WoD content, while the content till MOP is probably going to be ported from their existing cores.
  6. Bad Luck protection doesn't work properly most likely. Some people didn't get it in 40+ mythic runs plus all emissary and rares (this is 2nd hand info so take it with a pinch of salt)
  7. Other players have already mentioned issues with Battle pets, Professions, scaling, xmog glitches, etc. There are mobs in air, mobs underground, players going into void from skills, my spirit falling infinitely underground after dying and so on.
All of this, makes me believe that Tauri is justified in taking time to cater a serviceable if not overly decent EN Legion WOW server, and it's better to wait for, say, a year for them to present it rather than play in this steaming hot pile of... well, you know. After seeing this server, my expectations for legion have lowered significantly.
I would urge all of you complaining about legion to try the server and see why exactly Tauri is taking this long while Felsong gave us the server this fast.
TLDR; Felsong is semi-scripted server with crashes, bugs, script issues and it's worth waiting for tauri even if it takes a while.
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2023.05.29 07:00 tachetezelva I (23F) cheated on my boyfriend (22M) of almost 4 years. Is there any hope in repair?

My bf and I were long distance for 2 years and then he moved states to be with me , get a better job, and get an apartment together. A month after moving to an apartment together things were great , etc etc and a guy who I went to high school with had one fling, and has blocked on everything (so i thought) , found a way to contact me. At the time I was lonely for a friend and stupidly continued a conversation with him. He continued to try and get me to meet up with him which I said I was taken and that I was busy countlesstimes. Out of the blue I decided to take a special photograph for my boyfriend but was reminded he had said he didn't like what I took and that it was always the same thing. So I deleted the image and moved on. The high school guy kept on badgering me and instead of blocking or telling my bf I, without reason, undelete that image and sent it to him and i felt immense regret and immediately deleted the image, and hoped it'd go away but that's idiotic for me to think. I continued to leave the guy on read and continued to say I was busy i never said anything to him or did anything else with him during that time span. My bf finds out about this and I am devastated because our one agreement was that cheating = break up and I resent myself so much for this. I want things to work out but obviously trust is lost and so is everything else. Is there anything to help mend this back together? I have deleted social media and basically grounded myself from my phone aside from family calls and this one post. Any advice or is the relationship done for? TIA
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2023.05.29 06:59 sonobsessthrow how to get over my fear of developing a parasocial relationship?

i had a parasocial relationship with a sort of niche online celebrity, which I will call J. I had found j in a very vulnerable time in my life. I was about 3 months deep in a severe and traumatizing 6 month long dp/dr episode where I was staying up every other day, and the days that I did sleep I was getting at most 4-5 hours.
their videos made me feel a lot less alone. I was in 9th grade at the time and my parents believed that I was lying or exaggerating the way I was feeling (I also had a trigger at school that would make my dp/dr worse) and they made me feel like a spoiled brat when I would beg them not to make me go to school or for them to please give me some time to figure out what the hell was happening to me and to let me process what I experienced.
I would end up going to school crying because I felt even more alone when I was there because everyone felt like sort of holograms and everything felt so flat and fragile, like my own existence could cave in on itself. I had no friends because no one felt real. I would listen to their videos while I was at school because they seemed like they were the only one that could understand what the hell I was experiencing.
and what I think made the parasocial relationship worse is the fact that I started to get better right as they started to "get better". it was honestly a whole lot of weird coincidences where my mental health seemed to sort of lined up with theirs for a while.
well, anyways, I realized how attached I got to this person and I ended up cutting off all media consumption, but now I've noticed that I cannot watch anything without feeling deep dread and uncomfortableness about accidentally forming another parasocial relationship. I still think about J everyday even though I haven't even been on their accounts or seen what they've posted in ~4 months, and I really wish I would stop.
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2023.05.29 06:59 Busy-Entrance-5135 Lived in Denver 6 years and leaving was the best part

It's been three years since I last lived in Denver. I've lived in Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, and rural parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. No place has left me with a hatred before Denver. I'm a pretty chill guy who doesn't take himself seriously. I lived in Cherry Creek all six of the years. Probably my biggest mistake after choosing to relocate there. I've never met more conceited people in my entire life. There is an unfounded arrogance running through that city. Everyone is overly superficial holding onto a "Karen" mentality.
The one thing that sticks with me the most are the men I met. I've never encountered a full grown man who could so enflabble yet so fragile. Never in my life had I seen an adult male stomp their foot down and cry out "But why?" when they weren't getting their way.
I'm also gay and I can honestly say I've never met a more horrible gay community in my whole life and the many places I've lived. Before Denver I've never had a complete stranger come up to me and ask to be my boyfriend. Everytime I just thought "You have to be joking right now" but nope, they were completely serious. It's like every gay man there was stamped from the same plastic mold and were mostly hollow inside. It's like no of them ever learned how to be an actual man. "No one else will treat you any different." is a dead giveaway I was dealing with a POS.
I never understood how someone who has lived there whole life in that city could confidently say "It's like this everywhere" I always told them Denver is an isolated bubble from the rest of the country but it had no effect. I'd never seen so many fake scenes anywhere. Most cities you can go to a concert and see people from all walks of life not afraid to be different from the person standing next to them. I can be eccentric and it did not go over well with the uptight citizens of that city. If you didn't dress the part you weren't welcome.
After the first two years I refused to even try and be friends with a Denver native. I couldn't stomach the company or the sense of entitlement that always came with them.
Denver liberals are worse people than Trump supporters. Always waiting for their trigger words to be said so they could pour and cast their hate onto others.
I'll never go back and I'll never recommend that city to anyone. There's plenty of nicer and more beautiful places to live in this country. In other words I hate Denver, CO.
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2023.05.29 06:58 jelliebeliy Hero Matchup - Puck vs OD (Laning)

Recently I played a game where I (Puck) was up against OD mid. I reached a point where OD had a kill advantage over me and he was level 7 when I just hit 5. He built 3 nulls and completely zoned me out of the lane at that point. I could only attempt to orb to get last hits while he would deny the rest of them. As I attempted to go closer to lane at the start (lvl 1-5) he would harass with arcane orb before the prison hurt just as much. I also realised that I did not harass OD as much during the early levels where I may have been able to keep him low enough so that I was also a threat and not vice versa. Apart from this, is Puck just a bad matchup against OD or was there more I could have done?

TL:DR: At one point of the laning stage, I was completely zoned out from the lane as Puck against OD. In general, how does Puck fair against OD in Mid?
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2023.05.29 06:58 Medical_Ad2241 Bunny won't explore anymore?

Hello all. I recently got a new bunny rabbit (9 wks, M) and things were going OK at first. He would come out of his area to explore his room. I live in a pretty big house but I have 2 cats so he pretty mcuh gets his own room to explore. I've only had him for a week so once we warm up to each other more I'd like to let him run around the house. Right now he's alone but I should be getting a female soon around his age. He should be neutered by then but they'll still be separated for a while obviously for the bonding process.
Anyway, recently our ac broke. So I came home on Thursday night and let him do his thing. He was running around at first but I could tell he was getting a little bit hot. Long story short, I stayed up with him basically all night to ensure his ears were getting gently dabbed, his water and water bottles were cold, and the wet shirts I had in there were cold as well. And I seriously mean all night. He did come out of his area at one point but that was to hide in a corner and since the room was hot, I did urge him out and picked him up to go back in his area. I did feel bad and I didn't want him in there all night, I wanted him to run around and get his exercise which is why I let him out when he was feeling better and obviously wanted to come out.
Since then, he hasn't come out to explore the room anymore. We got the ac fixed that morning and on Friday I pretty much left him alone since he was with me from like 10 in the morning and during most of the day Friday. I believe during the day he ran out to explore at one point but I was pretty much just laying on the floor, sleeping on the couch just exhausted. So I didnt interact with him as much is basically what I mean. Just slept and let him do his thing.
He hasn't come out since then and I was wondering if anyone knew why? He's still eating, drinking and grooming himself just fine. He just lays down and watches us and I'm not sure what to do. I want him to run around and get his exercise and yesterday I just let him be but he's still doing it tonight so I was wondering if anyone had any advice?
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2023.05.29 06:58 nuts_in_yo_mouf i don’t know what to title this lol

i’ve felt so empty for the past year or so. i don’t know what’s wrong. i love myself, i have great friends, a caring family, and i’m going to college soon; a fresh start. but something just feels so empty. i haven’t felt real in so long. i got diagnosed with ptsd recently so my thinking was it could be that, but this emptiness was happening long before i was ever diagnosed. and i’m scared it’ll be there forever. it feels like i’m missing something?but what in god’s name am i missing? as i said before, my life is genuinely great. i can’t think of any complaints other than maybe a sucky history with love. i’m okay being alone though, so that can’t be the empty feeling right? i’ve also recently-ish gained many hobbies, new and old. i go to the gym, watch hockey, i paint again; i listen to my usual music, tag, i’m even trying to learn how to skate. but it’s still so goddamn empty. i don’t know how to fix it. i’ll be happy and laughing and then suddenly it’s just there. the empty feeling (sick of the word empty yet? oops) it keeps me up at night and wakes me up unnaturally early in the morning. i used to wake up relatively around 10 am, now it’s 7 am, even 6 am just because i feel gutted. maybe it’ll pass and i’m being dramatic but this feeling has been here for a little over a year. did i lose something i wasn’t supposed to? did something happen to me that i just block out of my mind out of reflex? i should be more than joyful with my life as it is, so why do i miss something i can’t name? i push this feeling away as much as possible and pretty much fake smile through it. nobody knows that i feel this way. but i’d sound stupid as fuck explaining it, “young girl with a bright life ahead of her complains for no reason” so i’m doing this to an account that can’t really be traced back to me by anyone i know. that’s all, sorry if i sound like a pussy lol
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2023.05.29 06:57 DraftPuzzleheaded677 My letter to the world. Farewell.

My name is M. I’m just leaving a final note here and going to write some personal letters before taking my own life tomorrow.
I believe I have the method I want to do it with and I’m sure I’ll be successful. I’ve flirted with the idea of suicide for 10 years and never did. It’s time to be happy now.
A big part of this is my narcissist soon to be ex wife. She got pregnant and screwed many people while married to me and blamed me and said I was abusive. She got pregnant by a drug dealer and chose him over me. Threw me in the trash can. Laughs at my pain and suffering. Humiliated me as a man and a father. Triangulates. Says I abused her. All lies. I hope she goes to hell and her pregnancy fails. I don’t give a shit. She did me horribly after my dad died.
I’ve been living in a fucked up house since she left as I lost my mind and mental health. I have no running water in my house. Haven’t showered in days. Barely ate. Today I had a McDouble.
I have a job offer for 60k but can’t make it to the finish line because I’m depressed, starving, and they just repo’d my car. How can you even focus when you’re hungry and can’t even shower. I’ve showered for a month with a sink at the park.
I just wanna say thanks to you dad in Heaven for always guiding me. I wanna see you tomorrow. So I will spare this cause we shall meet soon and catch up.
Mom: Love hate relationship with you. You are a good lady and piss me off at the same time. I wish you would calm the hell down.
Son: You are my Angel and you don’t know how much you mean to me. You will not be okay with your narcissist mother but I hope when you grow up you follow Islam properly and be a good Muslim and God will help you have a good life. I wish I could withstand poverty and these living conditions more but I can’t. And I can’t stand your mom. She did so much evil and damage to our family and has paid no consequences for it. She’s living as though nothing happened. A complete psychopath. You deserve way better baby. I love you and always will. I will watch you from Heaven. As I am meeting my dad you know we will see each other one day and when we do I am gonna give you a big hug and kiss as usual.
As for the rest of humanity: fuck you. You were cruel to me and 99% bastards from hell. As for the good people in the 1%, thank you. May God bless you.
To confirm my faith I died as a Muslim. I believe Allah is God and Muhammad is his messenger and Jesus was just a Messenger. He was not divine in any way. Allah is divine alone and worthy of all worship. I am a Muslim and would like to be buried as one.
I don’t wanna leave but my conditions forced me. There’s no help. There’s nothing but suffering. And I choose not to suffer with this shit anymore.
Goodbye and salaam from a random person to you.
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2023.05.29 06:57 Iamhaumea This email from support 👿

This email from support 👿
Deliver to an woman who wanted me to come onto her property deep inside past the front doors. I did so but then told her that we are not required to go that far in, She began to yell at me saying she had a hurt wrist and couldn’t get her packages from the front area. I recently was almost bitten by a dog, I told her this and she said she didn’t care. She called support and said I was harassing her for tip. Luckily I called right after the interaction and filed a report. Instacart needs to can these pos people.
She was the 2nd in a 3 batch order, lol I couldn’t even see her tip till the end. Of course it was $2.
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2023.05.29 06:56 LivingCHICKENnuggrt I don’t understand how people see James as a heartless monster

I just beat Silent Hill 2 for the first time and got the “in water” ending. From what I caught through the game is that Mary became sick, was in the hospital for 3 years with James consistently visiting her bringing her flowers, only for her to lash out at him and her tell him how she wants to die. She also says how she can tell how distressed he is and it really seems to me like he really did care about her, even if he felt robbed of his life due to needing to visit her. I feel like him killing her was mostly out of mercy instead of rage. You don’t hear her scream in the recording so i believe he did it in her sleep. She did also say how she didn’t want to die and I’m sure that made James conflicted with killing her but I feel as if he decided he didn’t want her to go on like this anymore, knowing she’d most likely die anyways. If there is something I’m missing please let me know because I really don’t understand how the SH community views James almost the same as the RDR community views Micah
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